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Fall 2011

island nutrition A fresh look at school lunches

save money with these easy couponing tricks Before you Become a blended family

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resources for pregnancy & parenting


Fall 2011 Volume 6

Issue 25

...brought to you by a proud mommy of an Island Child... on the cover

Madison 7 yrs

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L Ella &

There are some pretty great events happening around the Island in the coming months, one of them being Christmas in Sidneyland, a wonderful collaboration of your favorite Disney characters all under one magical roof in Sidney, just outside of Victoria (see pg 15). Happy Fall issue reading fellow Mammas (& Dads!) Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 3

Before you Become a Blended Family:

Jennifer Wolf

making His and Hers ... Ours


ecoming a blended family is a huge adjustment. While there is much to celebrate, it is also important to prepare for the many challenges you are going to face as you transform what was ‘his’ and ‘hers’ into ‘ours.’ Before you take your relationship to the next level by getting married or moving in together, explore the following questions: How Will We Make Our Relationship a Priority? Especially if you are used to being alone on dates or at one another’s homes, living together with your children is going to be an adjustment. Make plans to continue dating one another or schedule an occasional weekend getaway so that you can have some time alone. How Will We Help the Kids Adjust? Your kids may have very mixed feelings about living together. Even if they are excited, they will probably have some serious concerns about sharing your love and affection. Talk with your partner about how both of you can work together to help the kids adjust. This may mean that you will need to minimize the PDA, even in your own home, for the kids’ sake, or that you need to schedule one-on-one time with each child to reassure them of your love while minimizing jealously.

How Will We Handle Our Finances? It is likely that remarrying or moving in together will result in a larger sum of total income for you and your children. However, it is important to determine right from the start how you plan to share your money with your new partner. Will you have a joint checking account? Will all of the bills be shared, or will some expenses be kept separate? In addition, how will decisions about spending money be made? Will you have autonomy to make decisions on behalf of yourself and your children, or will all financial decisions need to be discussed together? It would be wise to hash out these issues ahead of time and work together to stick to a monthly spending budget that will force both of you to be intentional in your approach to spending money. Where Will We Live? This is one of the first questions your kids will ask, and it is an important consideration, especially if you and your partner currently live far apart. If being together will require either of you to move, discuss all of the pros and cons surrounding the decision, and come to an agreement together, so that neither of you will resent the other over the decision later. Be sure to explore schools in the new location, as well, and consider how moving may impact your children’s ongoing relationship with the other parent. In some cases, you may need to have a move approved by the courts, and you may be expected to cover any additional transportation costs associated with your child’s visits to see the other parent.

Looking for a way to ease the stress of being Separated or Divorced with Children? We help families avoid unnecessary conflict and tension while family members adapt to new family structures.

We provide services such as: • arranging the visits • a welcoming place to exchange children without the face-to-face contact and conflict with the other parent • supervised access visits • counseling and support • flexible hours (including weekends) • referrals and community resources

Phone 250-590-4114 Email or find us online at 4 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

TIME OUT! Surviving the Season Tuesday November 15th

7pm to 9:30pm

Ambrosia Conference Centre, 638 Fisgard Street, Victoria

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as stress free as possible! Join us for appies, loot bags, door prizes, speakers, shopping & more! For more information or to register: 250-480-4849

What Kind of Family Do We Want to Be? You may have a clear picture in your mind of how you hope your children and your partner’s children will interact, and, unfortunately, that image may be much rosier than the real-life version. Decide up front how you are going to be intentional about cultivating positive sibling relationships among your children. This may involve scheduling regular family outings, game nights, or movie nights together. At the same time, though, try not to put too much pressure on your children. Healthy step-sibling relationships take time to develop, and allowing your children to get to know one another on their own time may result in deeper, more lasting relationships than trying to force them to get along from the get-go. How Will We Handle Discipline? Work together to decide ahead of time how much each of you will intervene in the discipline of one another’s children. In addition, create a set of house rules that you will be stick to and enforce. Be mindful of not disagreeing with your new partner about discipline in front of the kids. It may get you on the kids’ good side, but it is also a sure-fire way to breed resentment in your relationship with your partner. How Will We Handle Our Relationships With Our Exes? Maintaining clear boundaries with your exes will be more important now than ever before. However, many newly blended families make the well-intentioned mistake of trying to solve one another’s past relationship problems. Rather than trying to intervene with your new partner’s ex, or expecting him or her to do the same for you, discuss how you plan to handle conflicts with each of your children’s other parents. Ideally, you should help one another stay focused on what’s really important and be a sounding board for one another when frustrating events take place, but neither of you should be taking responsibility for how the other communicates with his or her ex.

Who Will Be Our Support System? You are going to face many challenges as a blended family and having a solid support system to refer to can make all the difference in whether the two of you will grow together or grow apart through the ups and downs that lie ahead. How Will We Make Time for Extended Family Members? It is important to remember that your children’s relationships with extended family members - including their relationships with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins from your ex’s side of the family - will still need to be maintained. Decide together how you will each make time for these relationships, and how much you want to include extended family members in your new family life. Is Adoption an Option We Want to Explore? Many parents in blended families would prefer to adopt their partner’s children, in part so that that the new family can remain in tact if anything were to happen to either parent. Before you talk with the children about any adoption plans, make sure that you explore the laws in British Columbia and speak to a family law attorney. _________________________________________________ Jennifer Wolf is a Certified Parent Coach and advocate of single parents. Jennifer aims to provide ongoing support and encouragement to solo parents around the most pressing challenges of single parenting.

1010 Broad Street, Victoria 250.388.3977

Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 5

Making Your Christmas Baby Feel Special:


o you have a birthday party to plan during the Christmas holidays? Need some tips to ensure you are serving birthday care to your December baby, rather than plum pudding? 1. Make the birthday unique. Set aside a clear time to celebrate your child’s birthday rather than a ‘shared day’ just because it is December. If your child’s birthday is in early December, hold off on putting up the Christmas decorations until after her special day. Be sure to wrap gifts in birthday wrap. If you have a birthday to celebrate on December 24 or 25th, decorate a special portion of the house for her, such as her bedroom door or her chair at the table. 2. Establish birthday traditions for Christmas birthdays. Before diving into the Christmas spirit, start a new tradition to make her day special. Allot part of the day just for birthday celebrations. Decorate part of the Christmas tree with birthday cards, balloons or streamers. Have a birthday present hunt around the house (not under the tree). 3. Go with a summer theme. Turn winter upside down by hosting an indoor luau. Have your guests arrive in beachwear and greet them with leis at the door. Play some summertime music and put on a limbo contest. Have relays such as crab and flipper walks. For the girls, try mermaid dress-ups, beach tattoos and hair braiding. For the boys, add some pirate fun to the party with a treasure hunt and pirate hats. Send the children home with large shells or a sand bucket with goodies as loot bags.

Kristina Quinn

4. Embrace the holiday theme. Some children with December birthdays like the Christmas theme. If they are fans of the holiday and all its trimmings, go all out! Ask guests to come in elf costumes, make Christmas decorations such as Gingerbread men or a house, or make a sugar cube castle. Play games like pin the nose on Rudolph and pass the parcel. Give them mini stockings filled with goodies as the loot bags. You can also add on activities such as skating or go out to play in the snow. 5. Celebrate off -season Have a small family dinner on your child’s birthday but host a bigger birthday in January once things calm down and school is back in session. Organize a larger party in November before the rush starts. Celebrate a bigger half-birthday in the summer to enjoy an outdoor party at the park, beach or back yard. As with any party, always plan ahead; especially if you are taking your child and her friends to a party outside of the home as many locations book early for December and have limited availability. Give your invitations out a bit earlier so as many guests can attend your party ... and enjoy the day and the special time with the birthday child. _________________________________________________ Kristina Quinn moved to Victoria in 2003 to start the Victoria franchise of Par-T-Perfect after assisting with the start up of the first franchise in 2001. She also enjoys time in the garden and walks with the family dog.

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The Challenge for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 7

Today’s Must Haves ...a sampling of some of the many fantastic new products and services in our marketplace these days...


hese uber popular books in the Scratch & Sketch™ series are fun for kids, tweens, teens, and even adults! Use the wooden stylus to scratch away the black coating on each page and reveal patterns, swirls, and holographic colors, making images appear like magic. Each 64-page book includes 20 scratch-off, 20 illustrated, 20 sketch pages. Available from our friends at Rainy Day Play, University Heights Mall, Victoria


EW to market, Ollie’s Happy Hand Sudz is specially formulated to gently cleanse, moisturize and kill harmful bacteria on your little one’s hands. Mild enough for frequent use, it will leave your hands super soft and smooth. Kids will love the fresh, fruity scent of pink grapefruit essential oil. Available online from our friends at

Personalized hand stamped stainless steel jewellry, hypo-allergenic, will not rust, change color or tarnish. Each pendant comes on either a 24” stainless steel ball chain or an 18” black suede cord. All birthstones are Swarovski Austrian Crystal and you can choose channel set stones or bicone beads. Perfect gifts for the kids, Mommy or Daddy, and especially Grandparents! Visit Jada’s Facebook or Etsy pages to shop: Etsy : 3littlegems or email her at

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8 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

Today’s Must Haves


ustom-made decorative letters are 100% free-hand and hand-painted with acrylic and non-toxic paint. Can be ordered in a variety of sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 inches, and all are half an inch thick. Baltic birch letters are available in an assortment of fonts and can be done in any color combination and/or theme. Letters come with the option of metal hangers or color accented ribbons to hang. Starting at just $10 a letter, these initials will look fabulous on the outside of your child’s bedroom door. Visit Michelle’s Facebook page or website to shop: or


et the glow of a flashlight shine shadow illustrations on your child’s wall or ceiling as you read the story. Cozy up and enjoy this particular Christmas classic in a delightful new way. Flashlight shadow books bring the story to life on the wall with the shadow of your flashlight. Five great titles to collect, ‘Whoo’s There’ .. ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ .. ‘Nighttime Nursery Rhymes’ .. ‘Up Up and Away’ .. and as pictured, ‘The Night Before Christmas’. Some titles due in stock mid Fall. Check back often! Available from our friends at Rainy Day Play, University Heights Mall, Victoria


art of the SugarBooger mealtime family, these adorable stainless-steel children’s drink containers come sporting colorful graphics and cute designs. Features include an easy screw-top lid and a simple flip-top straw with cover to help prevent spills. The soft silicone handles are removable for cleaning, or for use by older children, even adults. The best thing about this great find? It is free of all those yucky chemicals like BPA, lead, phthalate and PVC. Available from our friends at Mothering Touch, Fort Street, Victoria

6/((3,1*%$%,(6 $5(+$33<%$%,(6 If your baby or child isn't getting the sleep they need, help is available.

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n a nc y . g photography


w w w. n g d e s i g n s . ca 10 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

East Meets West:

Stephanie Curran A Chinese Medicine Approach to Fertility


he desire to have a child is a deep and powerful instinct. If there is a struggle to conceive, it can often create an inordinate amount of stress and emotional turmoil for both women and men. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or are using assisted reproductive techniques, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help you prepare not only for conception, but for a healthy and successful pregnancy. The ancient system of TCM has been used to successfully treat infertility with acupuncture and herbal medicine for over 2000 years. TCM can be used to successfully treat a wide range of reproductive disorders including: unexplained infertility, endometriosis, menstrual irregularities and discomfort, absence of ovulation, luteal phase defect, polycystic ovarian syndrome, recurrent miscarriage and male factor infertility. Planning for Conception If you are in the fortunate position of planning a pregnancy, it is important to ensure the optimal health of both partners in the period leading up to conception. TCM believes it is wise to ‘cultivate and nourish the soil before you plant the seed’ as the health of both parents has a direct influence on fetal growth and development. In fact, western science has shown that the recruitment process for a woman’s follicles begins three to five months prior to ovulation, and for men the process for sperm development takes 90 to 100 days. For this reason, it is ideal to begin implementing preconception advice and TCM treatment at least three months before trying to conceive.

For those who are trying to conceive naturally, it is helpful to learn how to observe, chart and interpret your body’s fertility signs. Understanding and following your body’s own natural cues will help you maximize your chances of conceiving. A great book to help you tune in to your body’s fertility signs is called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. If Assisted Reproductive Techniques are planned or currently being used, the partnering of TCM and western medicine is proving to be an effective combination. Recent medical studies have shown that acupuncture can enhance the outcome by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, improving a woman’s ovarian response and enhancing uterine receptivity. How TCM can help While special attention will be focused on your reproductive health, a skilled TCM practitioner will also carefully examine the symptoms and functioning of all the systems in your body. This holistic approach is fundamental to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is important to create a solid foundation of optimal health throughout the body in order to enhance your own natural fertility potential. TCM can help increase your chances of successfully conceiving by: • • • • • • • • •

regulating hormones and menstrual cycles improving blood flow to the ovaries and uterus improving response to hormonal stimulation alleviating possible side effects of fertility medications improving uterine thickness and blood profusion calming the uterus to help support implantation decreasing the rate of miscarriage reducing stress and promoting relaxation improving sperm parameters

As with any health care provider you consult with for fertility and pregnancy support, be sure that your TCM practitioner has completed specialized training in these areas. _________________________________________________ Stephanie Curran is a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and founder of the Elements of Health Centre. Visit for more details.

Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 11

Top 5 Tips for Making School Lunches Easier

Help me! Making school lunches is the bain of my existence.”

We could almost feel the desperation radiating from this email we received from a local mom. We know that she is not alone on this. We have heard from numerous other parents that they too dread opening up the cupboards and feeling so frustrated when they just do not know what to make. Did you know that it is often not the actual making of a school lunch that makes a parent anxious, but rather being overwhelmed by the coordination of it. This means one needs to be organized ... so we bring you our top five tips to making school lunches easier. 1. Plan a weekly, rotating school lunch schedule Make a list of all the lunch entrees, fruits, veggies, treats and drinks that your child likes. Next, using this list create at least five balanced meal combinations that include: • A snack for recess that contains protein (ie yogurt cup, cheese and crackers) • For lunch: � an entrée that includes meat or a meat-alternative � ½ cup raw veggies (with yogurt-base dip, if your child likes to dip) � fruit (fresh and one that’s in season is best) � a wholesome treat � a drink of water, white milk or 100% juice (packed in a reusable container, of course!)

Now that you have several meals to choose from, assign one to each weekday and create a weekly school lunch cycle. Children like the routine of knowing what’s for lunch that day, while also getting variety. This will also make grocery shopping easier, as you will know what to keep stocked in your fridge or pantry for packing your planned lunches. Remember to not pack any item that contains nuts. Most schools have a no-nut or nut-aware policy to help protect students with this life-threatening allergy. 2. Store all snacks together in one location For pre-packaged items, such as granola bars, remove them from their cardboard packaging and place them in one plastic container. Not only does this save space in your cupboard, it makes it easier to quickly grab the one you want to pack. 3. Store all re-usable containers in one location, and lids! There is nothing more frustrating than searching for a missing lid to the only clean container you can find. Choose containers that you can mix-and-match lids to, so you don`t have a million odd containers with no matching lids! 4. Make the most of your time Try out these tried-and-true time (and frustration) saving hints: • Make too much for dinner so that you will have leftovers to pack in a thermos for school lunch the next day. • While cutting veggies for dinner, slice a few more and put them in individual reusable containers that will be easy to grab when you are ready later to make school lunch.

Continued on page 20

The local guide devoted to the finest ways to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley. 12 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011


Number Three:

Alison Gunn ~ Blog Writer

hen you’re pregnant with your third child, the statement following: “Congratulations” shouldn’t be: “Where are you going to put everyone?” But it is. Suddenly I’m Kramer on Seinfeld, passing dresser drawers off as beds. How pregnancy has changed since the days leading up to our first child, Quinn’s birth. Back then, every milestone was a moment to gossip with friends about ... OMG, you wouldn’t believe how big my boobs are. We bought a crib! I have the worst heartburn ever. When you’re pregnant with your first child, the world is alive with the sound of babies. You scan the Internet for people discussing pregnancy, and what each week you’re checking off looks and feels like. You scour chat rooms for people suffering from the same ailments as you, and take tests to see if your baby will be a boy or a girl, hoping against hope the Internet will be able to see into your uterus. With your second, there isn’t much time for computers, but then again, you’ve learned how evil some chat rooms can be with dark talk over periods arriving, infertility, and everything else that comes with not being in a motherly way. Still, you wade cautiously into sites to search for baby names, after declaring the books you bought for your first born are boring and repetitive. This, your second child, needs a unique name not found in a paperback. And now, with your third, you stumble into statements of overpopulation, Jenny Craig, and your children’s sleeping arrangements, from both friends and strangers alike.

Slivers of free time find you back on the Internet, hoping against hope a new name exists that your husband hasn’t blacklisted because it sounds like a stripper, a hooker, or rhymes with Chlamydia. With number three on the way, people look at you as though you have two heads when you answer, “Quinn (4) and Scarlett (2) are going to have to share a room with this new little one.” Are you and Mike moving downstairs? Is Quinn? Are you renovating? Selling? Tenting in the backyard? When did sharing a room become unfashionable? My husband and I share ... though sometimes I wish we had separate rooms ... like when he eats too much garlic, or worse. But for the most part, it is nice to know he is close enough to poke if I hear a strange sound, or if one of the girls needs him. As for ‘poor Quinn and Scarlett’ sentenced to a life of being roomies? It seems to be comforting. 98% of the time they slip off to dreamland like angels. The other 2% finds them dressed up as old ladies complete with shawls, lacy dresses, and hats, knowing they should have been asleep hours ago. I can only imagine what midnight fun another sibling will add. With this our last pregnancy, the excitement level is palpable, exactly as it was before Quinn and Scarlett were born. There is absolutely nothing like the promise of new adventure to erase all naysayers. __________________________________________________ Alison Gunn is a writer living in Victoria with her two daughters, Quinn and Scarlett, and her husband Mike.



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Ready, Set, Save:

Kate Langridge Couponing Tips to Save Your Family Money


s a parent, I’m constantly buying things. Diapers, groceries, clothes, shoes - the list never ends. After my son was born, I started looking for ways to stretch the family budget while staying home with my kids.

A coupon binder, one of those small coupon files, a recipe card box or your own unique system coupon filing system will help you keep organized and make it more likely that you’ll actually use those fantastic coupons.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your own couponing adventure.

When I am making my list, I put a star beside the items I am using a coupon for. Then I pull out the coupons I plan to use and paperclip them to my shopping list. When I put the items up at the till, I put the coupon on top of the item. It helps get through the line-ups faster and also helps remember to actually use the coupons.

1. Start a ‘Coupon Stash’ ∙ You know that tearpad of coupons by the cereal at the store? If you will use four boxes before the coupon expires, grab four coupons to use later. ∙ Join a coupon train. ∙ Check out the many websites that offer coupons in the mail (,, and ∙ Keep an eye out in your local papers for the Red Plum, Brandsaver and SmartSource inserts. ∙ Look on Facebook for your favorite products - many pages offer coupons or freebies from time to time in order to increase their followers. ∙ Check out many of the couponing and bargain hunting websites (like for information. 2. Get Organized This might seem like a no-brainer, but I constantly hear people say that they found a fantastic coupon at the bottom of their purse several months past its expiry. Coupons are like money, until they expire; then they are for the recycling bin.

14 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

3. Watch Sales A coupon is a great way to “make your own sale” if there is an item you need at the moment. A better way to get more bang for your buck is to use your coupons in combination with store sale prices, and if possible, buy enough to get you through til the item is on sale again. I love the one-day-only sales at places like Shoppers Drug Mart - you often get items for less than half price if you go armed with your coupons. 4. Let The Deal Go Sometimes you need to stop and look critically at a ‘deal’ to see if it really is worth it. Saving $3 on dish soap is great, but not if you have to drive across town and spend $10 on gas. There are always other coupons and other sales. Pass on the good coupons to friends - its good coupon karma. _________________________________________________ Kate Langridge is a busy mom of two who is always looking for creative ways to stretch the family budget.

Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 15

16 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

New Rooster Syndrome:

Dr. Bill Nielsen exploring vasectomy reversal


ife is full of ups and downs. And reversals. Where the ups and downs and reversals really come together however, is in the New Rooster Syndrome. Say a man had a family before and then had himself ‘fixed.’ His life goes thru some ups and downs and reversals and now it is time for him to get ‘unfixed.’ He is the new rooster of a new family. And if his cock-a-doodle-do doesn’t, a reversal is in order. The official term for a vasectomy reversal is a vaso-vasostomy. The tiny tubules that have been snipped in a vasectomy can be re-attached. This is usually done with microsurgery under an hur and a half anesthetic. It takes about three weeks to recover from the procedure before the rooster’s cock-a-doodle-do should do anything.

Promoting Quality Child Care PacificCARE assists parents in finding child care for children (newborn to 12 years of age) at no cost. Based on the parents’ specific needs, the computerized registry selects a list of providers for parents to choose from. In addition, parents have access to: • information and brochures pertinent to child development and child care selection • education opportunities such as workshops and printed information • information on child care subsidy and application forms • access to the Internet for child care-related business

Online access:

Phone: (250) 756-2022 1-888-480-CARE (2273)

It may be as little as three months, or as many as twelve months, before substantial fertility recurs. Success rates depend upon how long he had had the vasectomy prior to reversal. If it was only two years or less, rates are better than 75% of having a baby. If it has been more than five years, results are lower. In either case, 95% of the time sperm will be in the semen but it will not be as active if the testicles have been blocked off for a long time. The procedure is not covered by MSP. Is it painful? Not really. It hurts more to think about than to have done. Remember, he’s asleep when the surgery occurs. Once the reversal has been carried out and a new nest of chicks has been hatched, a second vasectomy can be safely performed. Most urologists on the island will be happy to carry out this procedure and you can inquire through their office ahead of time to be sure that they do.

__________________________________________ Dr. Bill Nielsen is a urologist in Duncan. He has performed over 2,500 vasectomies and 100 reversals in the fifteen years he has been practicing.

Funded by the government of BC

The BEST way to cloth diaper your child! serving Victoria to Comox


We will provide you with everything you need to be successful with cloth diapering. With our service, there is no rinsing or soaking. Our diapers are pre-shaped with elasticized waist and legs and adjustable snap closures to ensure a great fit. They are made with micro fleece and micro fiber so they wick moisture away from baby’s skin and they are super soft and cozy! Call today to ensure a green, happy future for all. Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 17


HOURS: Monday - Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Suite 119, 1595 McKenzie Avenue Victoria BC V8N 1A4

We’re Parents Too!

We believe a healthy smile starts early!

250-477-7321 • •



for a touch of surreal, just add water!

We Capursrs,y:

Sour cks and My Baby RoOrganics. Kate Quinn underwater maternity & children portraits

Call today to book your portrait experience! t: 250-941-7774 e: 18 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

Check us out for the best gifts, like die cast cars, tin tea sets and fun activity books, as the holidays approach we want to be your one stop shop.

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Postpartum Exercise Tips for C-Section Mothers: Lara Leontowich


ne of the biggest concerns that new mothers have is weight gain after pregnancy. While it is normal and healthy to gain weight during pregnancy, many new mothers want to shed the baby weight as soon as possible after baby is born. How soon you can begin to exercise after giving birth will largely depend on what kind of shape you were in prior to your pregnancy and your fitness during pregnancy. Most people will say that you can resume activity and exercise ‘when you feel better’ but new mothers recovering from a c-section should wait until their 6-week check-up with their doctor or midwife before starting an exercise program. Weight gain not only includes weight from your baby but from body fluids and tissues to support the growth of your baby. During the first few days postpartum, you should not push yourself to exercise too hard or too soon. Your body needs time to rest, relax, and heal. It is recommended that until you are cleared by your doctor or midwife, that your first two weeks at home limited to daily movement walking around your home and carrying nothing more than your new baby. Delivering a baby by c-section can strain abdominal muscles causing the muscles to weaken and are less able to provide support for the back so care must be taken when lifting objects. The hormone relaxin, which is responsible for relaxing the joints in the pelvis so baby has room to pass through the birth canal, is still is present in the body. It can cause muscle joints to feel loose, which can lead to inflammation and discomfort of the joints. It has been known to take approximately four months for relaxin levels to return to normal after baby is born, so new mothers should avoid quick or explosive movements. Once given clearance from a doctor or midwife to resume an exercise program, program design should include exercises that include core strength, proper posture techniques, muscle strength and joint stabilization. For easing back into an exercise program, walking is the best cardiovascular exercise for new mothers. Try to incorporate walking two to three times a week for 5 to 10 minutes. Increase by adding 3 to 5 minutes per session, aiming for 20 minutes by week four. The primary focus at this stage should be on health, energy and the well being of mother and baby.

Guidelines for exercising postpartum: • Exercise should be regular and around 2 to 3 times per week • Exercise should not cause pain or heavy bleeding • Drink water regularly to keep the body hydrated • Adequate rest along with proper caloric intake • Breastfeeding mothers need an extra 500 calories • Stop exercising if breast infection or abscess appears One exercise that new mothers can perform from day one of recovery are Kegels. Kegel exercises, when done regularly, strengthen the pelvic floor. Even though c-section mothers did not have a vaginal birth, pregnancy has an effect on the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor supports all organs that sit between the tailbone and pubic bone. Kegel exercises help to maintain strength in the pelvic floor and reduce the chances of urinary incontinence. The steps to completing a proper Kegel exercise: • Sitting or lying down, contract the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine • If your buttocks muscles tighten, you are not exercising the right muscle • Contract your pelvic muscles for three seconds and then relax for three seconds • Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times per session. Try to do this at least three times a day. Do not rush the healing process after a c-section and return to fitness too soon. Remember, it took you about 40 weeks to carry your baby to term, and most doctors and midwives say that it will take about 40 weeks or up to one year to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight. Helpful Resources Essential C-Section Guide, Maureen Connolly and Dana Sullivan Strategies for the C-Section Moms, by Mary Beth Knight Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan, by Bonnie Beck Cesarean Recovery, Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy Befit Mom, ________________________________________________________

Lara Leontowich is a BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist. She is the owner of Runners and Booties Fitness specializing in the ever popular Shop ‘n Stroll Fitness Program offered for new moms. Visit Lara’s website at

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The Best Dressed Business:

Victoria Costumes

usiness owner Charlotte Rennison has been collecting costumes for half of her life and only dreamed of one day going into business for herself. The seemingly more responsible and grounded approach was to get a University degree and find a steady job working in her other forte, the field of Psychiatry.

Victoria Costumes also branched its costume rentals into services such as singing telegrams, door greeters and popular character appearances at parties such as Mickey Mouse, Elmo and Darth Vader. Charlotte herself is also a celebrity look-alike who is hired to impersonate Cinderella, Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga for high profile events all over the Island.

It was shortly after having baby Isis, and faced with the prospect of returning to her full-time job, that Charlotte questioned what she could do to keep her creativity inspired and at the same time stay home to raise her child. The decision to pursue her passion went from a small home-based business three years ago to now owning Victoria Costumes, a fully staffed store containing over 3,000 costumes!

Having organized several theme events and fundraisers, the Mary Winspear Centre hired Charlotte to co-ordinate their annual Youth Arts & Cultural Festival. She thought a great way to cap off the event would be to have 30 Disney characters dressed up at an indoor fantasyland, which she appropriately named ‘Sidneyland.’ Having two successful sold out events, which turned hundreds away, Charlotte booked the Mary Winspear on Sunday, December 4th for ‘A Sidneyland Christmas.’ In addition to Santa and his friends, other popular childrens characters, bouncy castles and face painters, this next event will offer private party rooms which can be rented out. With the popularity of the initial Sidneyland event, coupled with the approaching holiday season, A Sidneyland Christmas is sure to be another sold out event!

Awarded ‘New Business of the Year’ in 2008 and ‘Business of the Year’ in 2009 by the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte herself was recently awarded Halo Networking groups’ ‘Entrepreneur of the Year,’ which she graciously accepted dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

For information on renting a room with the characters of your choice please email Charlotte at

Continued from page 12 • Make/bake homemade wholesome treats on the weekend and freeze in individual re-usable containers. You’ll have control over the ingredients, save money by not purchasing overpriced and over-processed junk food marketed to kids and have treats made with love that are ready to tuck into lunch boxes. 5. Make school lunches the night before Reduce your morning stress by knowing that all you or your child will have to do is simply pull the fully packed lunch kit out of the fridge since it`s ready to go! Most schools also have special food days each month, which many parents look forward to as they don’t have to make a lunch! Unfortunately, these ‘fun foods’ offered to our children while in the school environment are often not nutritionally balanced and do not include healthier options. It is because of this that we created Lunchalicious Food Services - where nutritious and fun lunches are delivered to elementary schools for their special food days.

20 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

Our boxed lunches are specially designed to appeal to kids and include organic and/local ingredients. It is a full meal deal that consists of a cold entrée (meat or vegetarian), a full serving of veggies with dip, fruit, and a wholesome treat. Our lunches are specially designed to be fun for kids, such as our ever popular dinosaur-theme lunch, sandwiches cut into fun shapes, build-your-own pizza package, fruit lollies, and many more yummy ideas. We currently offer our service to School Districts 61 (Victoria), 62 (Sooke) and 63 (Saanich), as well as the independent schools on lower Vancouver Island. ___________________________________________________ Carrol Pedersen and Leanna Young are moms, wives, friends, and owners/operators of Lunchalicious Food Services. They enjoy being active in their children’s schools and participating in the wonderful world of social-media.

To find out more about Lunchalicious Food Services, visit

The Daily 15:


Laurie Davala

ast summer, my husband and I combined our preschoolers’ two bedrooms into a joint bedroom to make the unused room a fun-filled play center. Although our children adored sharing a room (and I adored designing my dream playroom), my husband and I felt something missing after only a day. We quickly realized the source of our discontent - less one-on-one time with our children.

Increase self-esteem They say actions speak louder than words. We can tell our children how important they are to us and how much we like them, but do our actions confirm our message? Planning time with your child alone when nothing short of a house fire can pull you away gives him a chance to fully experience being your top priority and proves you genuinely enjoy his company.

Before the new sleeping arrangements, we spent time alone with each child reading stories, talking, singing, and cuddling at bedtime, naptime, and in the morning. Although we still engaged in the same activities after combining the rooms, the quality of our time when shared with both children left us feeling disconnected. In less than a week, we said good-bye to the new room arrangement, but all our work was not in vain. We came out with a newfound appreciation of one-on-one time, which lead to the development of a new tradition: 15 minutes of daily ‘special time’ with each child.

Reduce misbehavior Children behave better when they feel better about themselves and they feel better about themselves when they receive positive feedback from their parents. Hence, the positive interactions and feelings of importance resulting from one-onone time create a cycle, leading to improved conduct at other times as well. Attention-seeking behavior and clinginess also decrease when children know they can count on undivided attention.

Here’s what a mere 15 minutes a day can do for a family. Create balance Parents of more than one child often get very little alone time with them, and unlike parents of onlies, interactions about their children’s interactions often dominate their time together. Unfortunately, many of these interactions arise from disputes. Spending one-on-one time with your children ensures they receive plenty of positive interactions with you to balance the negative. Encourage bonding Even when children allow their parents to engage in personal discussions with their siblings, the discussions take on a different quality with siblings interrupting, listening in, changing the subject, making requests, getting bored, etc. Without the competing interests of other children, you can move at a relaxed pace, explore individual topics of interest, and follow conversations to much deeper levels. Knowing a child only as she is in the presence of siblings means knowing only one (and not necessarily the most favorable) side of her.


   

 

Make the most of reading Unless you have twins, and often even if you do, it’s unlikely both or all your children enjoy or get the most out of the same books. Last week, my husband found a rare treasure - a book about a truck (my three-year-old son’s favorite), and a dog (my five-year-old daughter’s favorite). However, the vast majority of books we get fall somewhere in between the two kids’ interests and levels. Further, the act of reading often becomes yet another lesson in turn-taking and sharing as they argue over who chooses the book, who answers the questions, who points to the something spied in an I Spy book, etc. While this constant compromising provides great social skill practice, it detracts from the full interactive and thoughtprovoking experience that comes from sharing a book alone with a parent. ‘Special time’ can take many different forms, from discussing daily highlights at bedtime to taking weekly trips to the bakery. During my daily two 15-minute shifts, I do whatever each child wants, paying no heed to the telephone, e-mail, or even my husband. Whenever I turn down an invitation to play, I remind my children of that wonderful time we’ll have together in the evening, giving them something to look forward to the whole day. This brief 15 minutes conveys how important they are to me, and how much I enjoy them each individually, in a way words alone simply can’t. __________________________________________________ Laurie Davala is a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator, Early Intervention Specialist, and mother of two young children.

 Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 21

From Sticker Charts to Potty Parties:

Cassi Denari

the adventures of potty training


t’s so inappropriate, but I’m staring at butts. It’s the first day of preschool. I do a quick scan around the classroom and realize my son is the only kid wearing Pull-Ups. Instead of an elastic waistband peeking out of his jeans, he’s got the telltale bulky “diaper butt.” Thankfully he’s blissfully unaware, but a wave of guilt immediately washes over me. I’m sure his failure to be potty trained is somehow my fault. Jack was well on his way to being ready when he was about two years old. The daycare he was attending was diligent about potty training; lining all the kids up for a potty break every hour or so. But with our second child on the way, I had heard there might be some regression. I did not want to have to start all over again once the new baby arrived. It didn’t help any that I was the size of a hot air balloon and was having difficulty moving around, let alone finding the patience for potty training. We would wait until things were a little more settled and then we would focus on potty training. Ha, if I had only known! As we ‘settled’ into life with a new baby and a still-notpotty-trained toddler, I armed myself with knowledge. I read magazine articles, I skimmed potty training books, I asked friends what they had done ... I even had an awkward conversation with my mother-in-law asking what her trick had been with all five of her children. I believed I was well informed on the subject of potty training. I included Jack in the process too. We read fun books about going potty (‘Everyone Poops’ was a favorite). When Jack opened his brand-new ‘big boy potty,’ he clapped his hands with excitement. He was very proud of his new potty. “This is going to be easy,” I smugly thought to myself.

22 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

At first we tried the usual techniques, starting with praise and simple sticker charts, then on to rewards of small toys and even the dreaded candy. Then we resorted to the not-so-usual offering him money for his ‘potty jar,’ or allowing him to wear a ‘potty crown’ that he had decorated himself. We even had a ‘Bye Bye, Diapers ... Hello, Underwear’ party (complete with cupcakes and brand new Lightning McQueen underwear!). There were special toys he could play with while he was on the potty (for obvious reasons this one may not have been the best idea - soggy trucks). I even made an elaborate piratethemed chart with stick-on compasses for each potty trip. I tried them all. And Jack seemed right on board with each new venture. His sweet little face always lit up at my enthusiasm. But soon it was clear his interest had waned. When I would ask if he needed to use the potty, he would politely reply, “No, thanks. I’m fine.” And really, how can you argue with someone so sure of himself? Until of course, he pees on the floor. Then looking at me with those big chocolate brown eyes he would say, “Oh, that’s okay.” Over the course of two years (yes, two years!), I tried every technique I could think of and then some, all the while exhibiting much more patience than I thought humanly possible. But it still was not clicking. Where, oh, where had I gone wrong? Then one day I realized I had been a fool. My son is a smart kid. Why would he ever want to be potty trained if it meant the end of his charts, his presents, and the enthusiastic responses he got from everyone he cared about. I had an epiphany. I knew it was going to be messy, not to mention slightly frustrating and laundry generating, but it was time to go cold turkey. No more diapers. And you know what? The process went better than I had expected. Sure, we had some accidents and had to do some quick changes in the parking lot. We even had a time or two when I wasn’t so prepared and didn’t think to bring a change of clothes (Mother-of-the-Year material, right?). I do still have to remind him to use the potty, but I’m thrilled to say by Jack’s 4th birthday he was potty trained. Finally. And I have one less child with ‘diaper butt.’


whether you love it or hate, in all likelihood you will give it a try and you will want to succeed; let me help you succeed with a private in-home consultation geared towards your individual needs. Call me today, and let's chat!

Karyn-grace Clarke, IBCLC

Registered Lactation Consultant

250-739-3146 •

Great Haircuts, Great Fun, Great Prices! Did you know we also offer: • Ear Piercing • Birthday Parties • French Braids/ and Up Dos • Bling Strands • Feathers NEW • Hair Carving

Country Club Centre


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Spotlight on Business

Foxy Mamma Maternity


ceanside Mom, Emma Sanderson, moved to beautiful Vancouver Island from the UK nine years ago. Settling in the small town of Errington, just outside of Parksville, she noticed a big whole in the marketplace : someplace local for expectant moms to shop. Foxy Mamma Maternity opened earlier this year on her family property in Errington. Emma’s shop gives pregnant mammas a place to shop where she makes you feel completely comfortable on arrival, and looking like a Foxy Mamma on departure!


Nanaimo Fairy Cakes

riginally from England, Sarah Dafoe relocated to Nanaimo in 2008 and brought with her a passion for cake decorating and a desire to create a dessert that did not contain artificial ingredients and other unknown descriptions. Faced with a peanut allergy in both herself and her daughter, Sarah prides herself in baking in a nut-free kitchen, and offering cakes to accomodate other food allergies. Sara has created many masterpieces in her career but the one creation that ‘took the cake’ for her was one she made for a Sweet 16. It had five tiers shaped into a castle with turrets and fairies. The turrets were hollow, made from gum paste, and the stonework was done using a fun decorating gadget. Sarah can accomodate your requests from weddings and birthdays, to corporate cakes and hen nights! Check out Sarah’s portfolio of cakes online at

With a large selection of the best maternity lines, Foxy Mamma carries a number of popular, well-known brands without the long drive to the nearest mall. With brands like Ocean Lilly activewear, Chotobaby hoodies, Nummies bra’s, Bella Bands, Milkstars nursing shirts, Undercover Mama nursing tank tops, Cantaloop pregnancy shirts and panties, and Juliet Dream (smart/casual clothing), you are sure to find something for each stage of your none-months. Foxy Mamma Maternity is located at 1860 Grafton Avenue in Errington. You can shop in person by appointment (until November 19) and then regular hours will be Tues to Sat from 10am til 4pm. Shopping online is 24/7 at

Mon to Fri, licensed family childcare, 0 to 12yrs, Maple Bay area 24 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

Spotlight on Business

Seadance Photography

Maternity Portraits with a Splash!


isa Graham, a retired scuba diving instructor and mom of two kids, explains that water creates a fun and dynamic atmosphere for maternity and family portraits, where everyday elements take on new forms. She collaborates with moms-to-be on what to wear in the pool. Free-flowing fabrics in an array of textures, colours and patterns, for example, will billow and bloom in the water. This adds an element of mystique to the expectant mother’s blossoming and beautiful baby bump. And before you even get your toes wet, Lisa will demonstrate how to hold your breath and sink in the water, to avoid puffy cheeks and too many bubbles. Then, both photographer and expectant mom will make short dips under the surface. “I love to explore artistic possibilities in my photography and I especially love how water lends a new element to portraits of all kinds,” concludes Lisa. “Whether it is simply the reflection of a bride and groom in a pond, the blurred waves on a beach, or people in a pool, water adds originality.” To view more of Lisa’s photos visit: For more information on underwater maternity portraits, contact Lisa Graham, Seadance Photography: email or call 1-250-941-7774.

I want to be able to give you a place to shop where you are not only completely comfortable, but you also leave knowing you feel as special as you really are, with clothes that make you look like a Foxy Mamma.

Everyone deserves to look their best, especially if you’re growing an amazing life.

1860 Grafton Avenue, Errington B.C. V0R 1V0 • Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 25

  

What’s New in Business


he rumors are no longer rumors about Mall Monkeys coming to Nanaimo! It’s true! ... the hourly drop-in child minding fun centre, with tons of exciting activities for 3 to 11 year olds, will open its first Nanaimo store in Woodgrove Centre at the beginning of December, just in time for stressfree, child-free holiday shopping! Ahhh! Mall Monkeys is located in 1,650-square-feet, next to Tip Top Tailers and across from RW & Co. Mall Monkeys entertains children with exciting age-appropriate activities and the newest popular toys, games, dolls, trains, lego sets and puzzles. Kids can do crafts, paint, colour, or even read a book in the quiet circle. The X-Box 360 Kinect and the trampoline bouncer are sure to be a hit with all the children. A large area is reserved to burn off some energy with dancersize and various movement activities. To ensure safety and peace of mind, parents or caregivers can check-in on their mall monkeys anytime using the latest technology. A smart phone app is downloadable that allows you to watch from the security monitors set inside the centre. You will receive a pager upon check-in and return it on checkout, an hour or two later.


Affordable at only $9 per child per hour, parents have a onehour minimum and a two-hour maximum time frame to do their shopping, catch a movie, grab a bite, or just relax without  the kiddo for a short while. Visit for  more information and updates on when the much anticipated opening day will be. Happy Shopping! 

  


Fall is the best time to:

 Renovate your lawn   Lime and fertilize   Power rake    Over seed Book your free consultation!  250-597-0408   Aerate  Topdress 



     

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Walk This Way:

Safe Kids Canada curbing cell phone use while crossing the street


Safe Kids Canada/FedEx Express Canada survey of Canadian parents of school aged children five to 14 years old revealed that 9 / 10 parents have discussed basic pedestrian safety practices with their children, but only 28% of parents have discussed the risks of cell phone use while crossing the street. Crossing the street while talking or texting using cell phones is dangerous for all ages but particularly for children. Research has shown that children who talk on cell phones while crossing the street are one-third more likely to be hit or nearly hit by a car (University of Alabama at Birmingham study, journal of Pediatrics in 2009). Child pedestrian incidents are a leading cause of death for Canadian children under the age of 14. Every year more than 30 children are killed and 2,400 are seriously injured. Most incidents happen between 3 to 6pm, when drivers are coming home from work, and children may be walking home from school or activities. According to the Safe Kids Canada/FedEx Express Canada survey, while almost all of the parents surveyed believe it is not safe for their child to use their cell phone or send texts while crossing the street (97%), more than one-third of

parents admit to using their own cell phone or texting while crossing the street (34%). Fifty-one per cent of parents also admitted to not always following the speed limits while driving. Parents are their children’s best role model. You can tell your kids what to do but showing them, by modeling safe behaviour, is a very effective way to teach your children good safety habits. The next time you are driving in a residential area, slow down – for the safety of all children. The Safe Kids Canada Walk This Way program recommends the following tips for back to school safety: • Teach your child to stop at the curb, look left, right and left again, and to listen for oncoming traffic. • Children under the age of nine lack the developmental skills to cross the street on their own and should be accompanied by an adult or responsible older child. • Be a role model by walking with your children to school and demonstrating safe pedestrian practices.

(250) 756-4755

• Drivers need to slow down. The higher the speed, the higher the risk of injury / death to a child pedestrian. If you hit a child at 50km/hr, there is an 80% chance that child will die. If you hit a child at 30 km/hr, there is a 95% chance that child will live! • Distractions are dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. Remind your children to put away their cell phones and take off ear buds before crossing the street. For more information on child pedestrian safety, including fact sheets and parent tip sheets for the Walk This Way program, visit __________________________________________________ Safe Kids Canada provides the Walk This Way pedestrian safety program year-round, providing education, resources and support for parents and community groups to increase the safety of their streets. Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 27

resource directory Adoption _____________________________________

Breastfeeding Clinics & Support _____________________________________

Choices Adoption & Counselling Services T: 888-479-9811 Licensed non-profit adoption agency in BC.

La Leche League T: 250-390-5184, Lesley

Sunrise Family Services Society T: 888-984-2488 Creating the joy of family by adopting. The Adoption Centre T: 800-935-4237 Beauty for Kids _____________________________________ Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids Country Club Centre 39A - 3200 North Island Hwy, Nanaimo T: 250-758-2444 Where kids can be kids and Moms can take a load off! **See ad page 23 Lizzy Lee & Me Shelbourne Plaza 3655 Shelbourne Street, Victoria T: 250-590-5568 Birth Announcements _____________________________________ Animal Cracker Announcements Custom made birth announcements. Breastfeeding Clinics & Support _____________________________________ VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Happy Tribe Consulting T: 250-739-3146 For milk makers, drinkers and those who love them. **See ad page 23 DUNCAN Cowichan Maternity Clinic in Cowichan District Hospital T: 250-737-2066 Public Health Unit T: 250-709-3050 La Leche League Support T: 250-746-1601, Christy E: NANAIMO La Leche League Support T: 250-754-5853, Bridget Nanaimo Breastfeeding Centre T: 250-755-3388 Individual breastfeeding counselling and support. PARKSVILLE Parksville Health Unit T: 250-248-2044

Kathy Dutton Certified Lactation Consultant T: 250-951-9886 VICTORIA La Leche League Support T: 250-727-4384 Child Care Daycares, Preschools, Nannies _____________________________________ PacificCARE T: 1-888-480-2273 or 250-756-2022 Assisting parents in finding child care (newborn - 12yrs) **See ad page 17 International Nannies T: 800-820-8308 Free instant access to 100s of nanny profiles Registered Nanny Canada T: 250-667-0565 or 250-585-8890 W: The most cost effective solution for busy families. **See ad page 17 CHEMAINUS St. Joseph’s Early Learning/Child Care Centre T: 250-246-3191 W: We believe that all children have the right to a healthy spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual environment, that respects and plans for their individual interests and needs. COWICHAN BAY Treetops Daycare T: 250-748-5716 Daycare full and part time, preschool program in the morning, after school care. DUNCAN Arcadian Day Care Centre T: 250-748-3922 Kidzco Learning Centre T: 250-746-4027 Stimulating environment that includes each child’s uniqueness. 30 months to 5 years. Kingdom Treasures Christian Preschool T: 250-746-0110 Maple Bay Bunnies T: 250-597-3015 Licensed family childcare, Maple Bay area **See ad page 24 Queen Margaret’s School T: 250-746-4185 Welcoming co-ed ECE Program (full & part time) and co-ed Junior School K - Gr. 8. Sunrise Waldorf School T: 250-743-7253 Parent & Child, Nursery and K to 8.

28 / Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011

Child Care Daycares, Preschools, Nannies _____________________________________ LAKE COWICHAN Kaatza Child Care T: 250-749-6422 NANAIMO Four Seasons Montessori T: 250-758-8979 Mall Monkeys Woodgrove Mall, Nanaimo Opening soon! **See ad page 6 QUALICUM Children’s Discovery Centre T: 250-752-4343 E: Our program recognizes the uniqueness of each child and provides a nurturing, safe and creative learning environment. Preschool, Groupcare, Out of School care. ECE qualified staff. Little Star Children’s Centre T: 250-752-4554

Counselling _____________________________________ INSITE T: 250-751-0111 E: INSITE at Edgewood is a six-day, therapeutic process that integrates mind, body and spirit to help you achieve the life of wholeness and authenticity you seek. Shore Counselling Society T: 250-716-1888 Professional counselling for individuals, couples and families. TS Consulting T: 250-590-4114 Helping families adjust to new family structures. **See ad page 4 Dental Care _____________________________________

Morning Glory Childcare Centre T: 250-752-6777 E:

Saanich Dental Group T: 250-477-7321 We believe a healthy smile starts early! **See ad page 18

Oceanside Montessori School Hoylake Road W, Qualicum Beach T: 250-738-0305

Foster Parent Support __________________________________

SALTSPRING ISLAND Saltspring Daycare and Preschool T: 250-537-2114 Tree Frog Daycare T: 250-653-4998 SHAWNIGAN LAKE Precious Beginnings Early Childcare Centre T: 250-743-4477 VICTORIA Goldstream Co-op Preschool T: 250-474-3011 E: Miles of Smiles T: 250-298-7374 Nightingale Preschool and Jr Kindergarten T: 250-595-7544 Cloth Diapering _____________________________________ Cushy Tushy Bum T: 250-586-0809 Cloth diapers and accessories. **See ad page 26

Foster Parent Support Services Society T: 1-888-922-8437, 250-598-1500 Information for those interested in becoming foster parents. Health and Wellness _____________________________________ Body by Vi Challenge Lose weight and get fit! **See ad page 7 Cowichan Maternity Clinic T: 737-2066 Full service maternity clinic within the Cowichan District Hospital Home Schooling / Tutoring _____________________________________ Academic Advantage Tutoring T: 250-483-5496 (Victoria and Western Communities) T: 877-787-5854 (Comox Valley and Campbell River) House Cleaning & Maintenance _____________________________________

Happy Island Diaper Service T: 866-922-7377 or 250-591-7000 The ‘BEST’ way to cloth diaper your child. **See ad page 17

Clean Choice Cleaners T: 250-929-8381, Tracey Giving you back the luxury of time and a naturally clean home to enjoy it in! **See ad page 11

Huckleberry Baby Shop T: 250-585-5552 12A-4376 Boban Drive, Nanaimo

Lush Eco Lawns T: 250-597-0408, John E: Environmentally friendly lawn maintenance. **See ad page 26

Lifestyle & Wellness _____________________________________

Music, Dance & Exercise _____________________________________

Party Planning _____________________________________

Renee Lindstrom, GCFP Integrating body, emotions and behaviour

Peninsula Academy of Music Arts T: 778-426-1800 Music lessons for all ages, all instruments. Accredited teachers, instrument rentals & sales, lots of parking.

Goodies Galore T: 250-510-1522, Johanna Goodie bags - birthdays, holidays, baby showers, incentive for students / children.

Midwives _____________________________________ Midwives Association of BC/ College of Midwives will provide a list of midwives in your community T: 604-736-5976 VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Mid-Island Midwifery T: 250-246-4083, Laurie Untereiner Providing holistic care during the childbearing year. Serving communities from Crofton to Nanaimo. COWICHAN VALLEY Cowichan Midwifery Group T: 250-709-2040 SALTSPRING ISLAND Community Midwifery Care T: 250-537-2243 Offering experienced care for low-risk local moms. Will consider clients from communities with no Midwives. VICTORIA Access Midwifery T: 250-380-6329 Serving Esquimalt, Western Communities & Victoria Music, Dance & Exercise _____________________________________ Adage Studio T: 250-709-4048 Classes for children and adults Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics T: 250-746-0193 Island Kung Fu T: 250-701-0222 The Cowichan Valley’s leader in family martial arts. Music for Young Children T: 250-749-3356 Music For Young Children, North Nanaimo Melissa Hill T: 250-585-6085 E: Offering Music For Young Children in a class environment, and private piano and vocal lessons.

MoonDance Dynamic Arts School T: 250-743-5846 West African Dance & Drumming, Dance from India, Hip Hop & more! Nanaimo Conservatory of Music T: 250-754-4611 Kindermusik, a good beginning never ends.

Rhythm Dance Academy T: 250-756-4755 **See ad page 27 Salsa Babies and Salsa Tots T: 604-461-7827 Dance back into shape with baby as partner! Steps Ahead Dance T: 250-701-0203 Quality dance instruction for children, RAD ballet, ISTD Modern, ISTD Tap **See ad page 5 Vancouver Island Symphony Noteworthy Kids: A free community outreach program sponsored by the Vancouver Island Symphony, Nanaimo. Victoria Conservatory of Music T: 250-386-5311 Fresh new music programs with musical fun for the very young! Victoria Suzuki Piano School T: 250-385-8355 Montessori-styled music environment for young children. Online Resources _____________________________________ Optometry _____________________________________ South Cowichan Eyecare Chemainus Family Eyecare T: 250-743-8899, 250-246-3405 Salt Spring Eyecare Dr. Andrea N. Varju, Optometrist 158A Fulford-Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Isl T: 250-537-4356 Party Planning _____________________________________ Fairy Cakes T: 250-619-2728, Sarah Custom created cakes for every occasion. **See ad page 26

Par-T-Perfect T: 250-386-5867, Kristina E: Bouncy castles, face painters, balloon twisters, costumed leaders, theme parties & more! **See ad page 12 Twisted Sifters Cupcakes T: 250-709-9095 Cakes, cupcakes and cookies for all occasions! Photography _____________________________________ Nancy George Photography Contact Nancy: 250-748-8006 Mother and creative portrait Photographer serving southern Vancouver Island. **See ad page 10 Nicole Williams Contact Nicole: 250-954-8209 **See ad page 4 Pink and Blue l baby portrait art Contact Rosanne: 250-701-9546 Seadance Photography Contact Lisa: 250-941-7774 Underwater maternity, tot and family portraits. **Cover Photo Photographer **See ad page 18 Twiggy Photography Contact Kim: 250-324-6028 Maternity, newborn, little ones, family, children. **See ad page 16 Prenatal Classes _____________________________________ Beautiful Birth Birthing From Within classes and Certified Doula Care T: 250-597-2770, Catherine Quaglia Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Massage and Fitness _____________________________________ VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Fit 4 Two Pre and Post Natal Fitness Shop ‘n Stroll T: 877-479-9429 Classes run year round - Mayfair Mall and Woodgrove Centre. **See ad page 22

Retail ~ CONSIGNMENT: Clothing & Accessories _____________________________________ CUMBERLAND Polka Dot Pants 2720 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland Very cool consignment clothing for women and children. DUNCAN Indigo Childrens Consignment 131 Station Street, Duncan T: 250-709-2042 Toys, clothes, car seats, furniture, maternity Kinderbeez Children’s Consignment 2755 Beverly Street, Duncan T: 250-748-2345 LADYSMITH Indigo Childrens Consignment 436 First Avenue, Ladysmith T: 250-245-2042 NANAIMO Kit n’ Caboodle Childrens Consignment 36 - 1925 Bowen Road, Nanaimo T: 250-585-KIDS (5437) ONLINE Comfortable, affordable, wearable clothing for babies and toddlers. **See ad page 12 PARKSVILLE And Tiger ... Two! 138 Middleton Avenue, Parksville T: 250-954-0051 VICTORIA A to Z Kids 801 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria T: 250-474-7769 Clothesline Clothing Royal Oak Shopping Centre T: 250-479-0800 Little Treasures Children’s Consignment 1606 Stanley Avenue, Victoria T: 250-590-4228 Retail ~ MATERNITY: Clothing & Accessories ____________________________________ ERRINGTON Foxy Mamma Maternity 1860 Grafton Avenue, Errington T: 250-927-6182 **See ad page 25 ONLINE Haute Mama T: 866-615-3800 Your online Maternity and Nursing wear specialists. **See ad page 16 VICTORIA Bellies in Bloom Maternity 104 - 4489 Viewmont Ave, Victoria T: 250-479-0803 **See ad back page

Island Child Magazine / / fall 2011 / 29

Retail ~ MATERNITY: Clothing & Accessories ____________________________________ La Mama Maternity 1010 Broad Street, Victoria T: 250-388-3977 Maternity wear, nursing wear, diaper bags & more! **See ad page 5 Mothering Touch 975 Fort Street, Victoria T: 250-595-4905 The place for new & expectant parents. **See ad page 26 Retail ~ ONLINE: Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________ Aly Dahl Designs Handcrafted bespoken jewelry created from reclaimed pure silver. Baby ‘n Me Hip unique gear and natural care. Bare Organics Organic skin care products for mama and baby, new baby and new parent gift baskets. Bealoo Kid’s Decor Fun and funky art decor for babies and kids Bella and Charlie Designs Handmade baby blankets and bibs for your little ones! **See ad page 8

Retail ~ ONLINE: Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________

Retail ~ STORES: Children’s Clothing, Furniture, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________

Retail ~ STORES: Children’s Clothing, Furniture, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________

Pretty Frilly Things Hats, headbands, tutus, hair clips and more!

Kinderbeez Children’s Consignment 2755 Beverly Street, Duncan T: 250-748-2345

RuffaLily Unique, eye-catching girls fashions - dresses, skirts, kimonos, and more!

LADYSMITH Indigo Childrens Consignment 436 First Avenue, Ladysmith T: 250-245-2042

Rainy Day Play 320 - 3980 Shelbourne Street, Victoria T: 250-590-5639 Organic clothing, unique tin toys, non-toxic toys, lunch bags & more! **See ad page 18

Shroompers Handmade mushroom felties for imaginative play! **See ad page 8

NANAIMO Kool & Child 2517 Bowen Road, Nanaimo T: 250-716-1777 Educational toys for children.

Water’s Edge Organics T: 250-947-5362 Eco lux for baby, child and mom. **See ad page 9

Maliah Magoo 115 Chapel Street, Nanaimo T: 250-591.5678 Hip clothes for kids.

Retail ~ ONLINE: Products and Services for Mom and Baby _____________________________________ Cards by Kids One-of-a-kind greeting cards by your favorite artists ... your KIDS! Happy Island Diaper Service T: 866-922-7377 or 250-591-7000 The ‘BEST’ way to cloth diaper your child. **See ad page 17 Oops! Sheet Protective fitted sheet, waterproof and breathable! **See ad inside front cover

Island Kid Stuff Some organic, mostly local, all cute! **See ad page 13

Retail ~ STORES: Children’s Clothing, Furniture, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________

Lalabee Bathworks Petroleum free, paraben free, cruelty free **See ad page 21

COURTENAY firefly : new beginnings 435 5th Street, Courtenay T: 250-703-2848

Oma Gosh! Designs Custom products, blankets, superhero capes, storybook pillows and more!

DUNCAN Indigo Childrens Consignment 131 Station Street, Duncan T: 250-709-2042

Pumpkin Pie Kids Wear 411A Fitzwilliam Street T: 250-754-3933 Quality items for baby and older; clothes, toys, shoes, layette. **See ad page 14 QUALICUM BEACH Hard Candy Baby Boutique 12 - 221 Second Ave W, Qualicum Beach T: 250-752-4769 Cool kicks and clothes for kids! SALT SPRING ISLAND Gecko Green Living 364 Lower Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island T: 250-537-1151 Organic and eco-friendly clothes, bottles, bibs, and more! VICTORIA Bellies in Bloom Maternity 104 - 4489 Viewmont Ave, Victoria T: 250-479-0803 **See ad back page Dreamland Kids 3194 Douglas Street, Victoria T: 250-381-5437 Furniture, room decor, toys and more! **See ad inside back cover

Rockbebe 3147 Douglas Street, Mayfair Mall T: 250-477-ROCK Good style and designer trend fashions, clothing, shoes & accessories. Safety _____________________________________ Babyproofit T: 250-514-2265 E: Local Island company providing high quality safety gates / devices along with professional child-proofing services. Scrapbooking _____________________________________ Creative Memories Consultant Traditional, Digital Photo Books & Decorative Displays T: 250-591-3672, Dawn Portman E: Offering solutions for everyone’s style of celebrating photos and memories. Single Parents & Step Families _____________________________________ Single Parent Resource Centre of Victoria T: 250-385-1114 E: Sleep Consultants _____________________________________ Sleep Sense Contact Sukkie: 250-857-1408 Private consultations, groups, practical solutions. **See ad page 9

Signing off ... Ella Do you operate a daycare in your home? Do you manufacture or sell bamboo baby clothes?

Are you a kids consignment store?

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Island Child Magazine, Issue: Fall 2011  

Free parenting magazine on Vancouver Island for young, modern parents.

Island Child Magazine, Issue: Fall 2011  

Free parenting magazine on Vancouver Island for young, modern parents.