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Spring 2011 Volume 6

Issue 23

...brought to you by a proud mommy of an Island Child... on the cover

Keaton 2 yrs, Kienna 10 months

Photo by Rosanne Korteland, Pink & Blue l baby portrait art Feature Stories Pg 3 Bubble Baths ‘n Baby Powder Pg 4 Infant Eye Examinations Pg 5 Interviewing a Daycare for your Child Pg 8 Overprogramming Your Four-Year-Old Pg 11 Moms in Business: Stories from the Den & the Oscars Pg 14 Baby’s Best Smile Pg 16 Help Put Cloth Diapers in the Record Books! Pg 16 An Easier Connection Pg 17 Urinary Tract Infections Pg 20 Cowichan Maternity Clinic EDITOR Lisa Reda ADVERTISING SALES Lisa Reda / Melissa Moore DESIGN Lisa Reda / Lindsey-Lea Mercer COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Pink & Blue I baby portrait art WEBMASTER Alisha Baker, Innnersight Multimedia 250-932-1116

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CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Carla Clarke, Alison Gunn, Lara Leontowich, Meghan McPhee, Tami Main, Dr. Bill Nielsen, Megan Olsen, Carmen Scott, Amy VandenDungen, Dr. Maggie Watt, Erica Wells

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am not sure about you, but Ella and I are getting pretty darn tired of the wet, cold Cowichan Valley weather we have been having! I thought that groundhog called for an early Spring?


L Ella &

We decided to help it along a bit with the early launch of our Spring 2011 issue. Inside, you will read about the launch of the Cowichan Maternity Clinic, all about those painful urinary tract infections in our kids, how to read bath product labels, and a fun little story about over-programming your child with activities and sports groups. As always, our wonderful Moms in Business fill our pages with tempting advertising and shopping deals, so throw on your gumboots or flip flops if you dare, and hit the streets shopping locally this spring. Support our advertisers, they are all moms (& dads) working on building their businesses for you. Happy Spring! 2 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

Bubble Baths ‘n Baby Powder: Are your Child’s Toiletries Safe? Tami Main


ith the vast array of baby products on the market today, do you really know what you are lathering and slathering your child with? As a parent, you expect children’s products to be safe. This is not always the case. Children are less likely to detoxify chemicals from their system than adults. Their developing organs are more vulnerable to damage from chemical exposure. Many bubble bath products on the market contain sodium lauryl or laureth sulphates, which is a foaming agent that can cause skin irritants, allergic reactions and liver toxicity. Directly stated on most product bottles is ‘Not to use on children under 3’ due to the urinary tract infections that can be caused by the synthetic fragrance these products contain. Any product containing an ingredient listed as parfum or fragrance is a mixture of several different chemicals. That soft, fresh scent of baby powder present in lotion is actually a chemically made fragrance. If you love a scented product, choose a product that uses an essential oil for the scent. If your child has skin sensitivities, check with your physician before using a new product, even if it states the product is natural and gentle. A natural alternative to baby powder is cornstarch mixed with some essential oil in a shaker jar. Cornstarch fibers are more coarse and do not remain airborne such as talc. Mineral oil or baby oil, which is a petroleum byproduct, usually has a toxic fragrance added to it. Coconut oil can be a wonderful alternative to mineral or baby oil.

Lanolin, used by many nursing mothers, can contain pesticides which are absorbed into the skin. This fatty substance is obtained from sheep’s wool and is also used in cosmetics. Hand wash and sanitizers used to keep your children clean and germ-free can often contain an ingredient called triclosan, which is an antibacterial and antifungal and can cause resistance to antibiotic bacteria. This ingredient has been associated with environmental concerns. Several of those cute little nail polishes and make-up products available for young girls contain parabens, which is a preservative, and can interfere with hormone function. Moms, take note of this ingredient in your deodorant. Be aware of formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates in nail polish. Toluene has been shown to cause human reproductive toxicity and phthalates can cause adverse affects on children’s developing hormone systems. As parents, we make an effort to keep our children safe; we also need to be aware and limit our children’s exposure to chemicals. We have the knowledge that personal care products can be made without hazardous ingredients. Don’t always trust the claims of the label. Research your product ingredients. Less is more when it comes to your children’s personal care products. _________________________________________________ Tami Main is Mom to a 5 1/2 yr old girl with allergies. She takes great care in providing fantastic alternative children’s skincare products to other parents as the director of a skincare company based in Langley BC. Contact her at

Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 3

Infant Eye Examinations:


hy should my infant have an eye examination? Many parents are surprised to learn children do not have to be verbal or able to read to participate in a complete eye health examination. Infants can, and should, have a full eye assessment by the age of 6 months. There are certain symptoms that should prompt an earlier examination. These include any concerns that you have as a parent, an eye turn (one eye that wanders in, out, up or down), red eyes, crusty eyelids, frequent infections, excessive tearing, a droopy eyelid, pupil abnormalities, an unusual head posture, lack of response to faces or objects, or a family history of ocular health issues. Visual health is more than simply seeing well; at 6 months of age an infant’s visual system has already undergone tremendous development, and the external and internal structures of the eye can all be viewed with special instruments. Eye movement patterns and alignment can be checked, along with how accurately each of your baby’s eyes is focusing simply by having them sit on your lap and look at lights and toys. Most parents are curious about what their infant sees, and how quickly their visual system develops as the baby ages. The first several months of life result in the greatest changes in your baby’s vision. Newborns have limited eye coordination and focusing skills and they see a blurred world of light and dark patterns.

Dr. Carla Clarke

Color vision begins to develop at about 3 months of age and is quite well developed by the age of 6 months. Gradually, your infant’s focusing distance increases and within the first 2 to 4 months your baby should begin following moving objects with their eyes and reaching for things; the accuracy increases as eye movement control and hand-eye co-ordination and depth perception develop and improve. In order to develop connections between their eyes and their brain, babies need plenty of visual stimulation. Here are some suggestions to promote visual development. • If your baby’s room allows for it, change the crib position in the room and baby’s position in the crib to allow for varied visual stimulation. • Keep reach and touch toys (large enough to avoid choking hazards) within your baby’s focus (15 to 30cm). Allow for toys baby can touch and see at the same time; use toys of varying shapes and textures and toys with plenty of detail. • Talk to your infant as you move around the room to give them a target to follow. • Hang a mobile above the crib. • Encourage crawling to allow your baby to explore their world while developing eye-hand-foot co-ordination. • If you have older children, encourage playtime with baby as your baby will learn to imitate them. Your local optometrist would love to meet you and your baby, and introduce you both to comprehensive eye health examinations and the beginning of a lifetime of visual health. ________________________________________________ Dr. Carla Clarke is an Optometrist at South Cowichan Eyecare in the Valleyview Centre and Chemainus Family Eyecare.

Kids Clothing & Toy Sale 10am - 2pm, Sunday 10th April Parksville Community Centre, 132 East Jensen Ave Over 40 tables offering: gently used clothing and toys, baby essentials & equipment, diaper services, local support groups and information booths. To reserve your table, or for additional event details, please contact: joinus@ocean

4 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

Interviewing a Daycare for Your Child:


Carmen Scott

eaving your child in someone else’s care can be a very stressful time for both you and your child. As we all know, not all daycares are created equal, and with children spending up to 8 hours away from us, it is important to find the right environment. Start with asking your friends and family where their children went to daycare; this will give you some great insider information.

3. Atmosphere Is the overall atmosphere pleasant and welcoming? Check to see if there are different areas for the children to play actively and quietly. Where will the children nap, and is there supervision during that time? Make sure that you visit the facility on several different days to get a true picture of how they operate.

Here are some questions that will help you make the right decision for you and your child.

4. Safe and Clean Are the furnishings and rooms safe and clean and in good general repair? Are there enough toys, books and play materials for all children? Ask to see a class plan that includes what activities and outings happen during a typical week. Are the activities developmentally appropriate for each age group? Do the children have choices in their activities?

1. Location Location can play an important part in your choice. What will be easier, having a daycare that is close to your home or one that is close to your work? How easy will it be for you or a caregiver to get to the daycare if your child becomes sick and needs to come home? 2. Licensing and Complaints Is the facility licensed and does the center have a record of complaints? Check with your local health authorities. Are caregivers trained in CPR and first aid? Do all the caregivers have training in child development and/or early childhood education?

Seadance Photography For a touch of surreal just add water!

5. Illness What are the guidelines regarding illness and staying home? Do you agree with their discipline practices? What is their attitude toward toilet training, meals and snacks etc? 6. Communication How will they be communicating with you on a regular basis? Will they tell you what your child is doing every day? Are you encouraged to drop in at any time? How flexible is the pick-up/drop-off time? Just like there are no two children alike, there are no two daycare facilities that are the same. Remember to listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts. Nobody knows your child and their needs better than you! _________________________________________________ Carmen Scott is a wife and mother to a pre-teen daughter. She has a Bachelors degree in psychology and is the Founder of two community service websites, & Carmen can be seen weekly on CHEK News - Island30 “PG Parental Guidance”.


Underwater Maternity, Tot & Family Portraits t: 250.941.7774


SEPTEMBER 2011 PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION Our program recognizes the uniqueness of each child and provides a nurturing, creative learning environment. We strive to meet your child’s developmental needs and build a foundation for early learning skills to help prepare for their educational journey. ECE qualified staff - morning and afternoon classes Also offering Group Care and Out-of-School Care REGISTER NOW Qualicum Beach T: 250.752.4343 space is limited E: Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 5

Today’s Must Haves Helping To FEED Our Kids & Their Families

...a sampling of some of the many fantastic new products and services in our marketplace these days... Taslie Skin Care - bath & body


hemical-free, natural and organic skincare for babies; baby soap, head to toe body wash, moisturing lotion, natural cheeky bum wash, moisturizing conditioner, and more! Produced locally and packaged in cute, fun, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Want a free product? Visit and tell us which of her products is made with goat’s milk. Email for our random draw:

For More Info or to Make Donation Visit Or Contact: Joyce Behnsen 250-715-6044

Every Little Bit Helps! “Dignified Access to Food For All” CFC Has Been a Registered Charity Since 1997

Mally Designs - change purses


ell known for their staple product, the leather bib, we are now shown the leather change purse. Cleverly designed, these little change purses use the circular neck cut-out from the leather bibs. Lots of fun colors and designs. Also available are bookmarks, passport covers, wall art and more, all hand made in Canada, and all uniquely made of leather.

Harvest Hats - baby boots


ld is new again! What started as a simple idea to make a pair of baby boots from old jeans and fabric has really taken off. Each pair of boots is constructed from previously loved clothing, linen and other materials; repurposed and upcycled into unique pieces. Custom orders welcome.

Available from our friends at Hard Candy in Qualicum or

6 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

Today’s Must Haves Wardrobe in a Box - maternity clothing start-up kit


maternity Wardrobe-in-a-Box (WIAB) is the perfect start-up kit for growing bellies. With all the essentials you’ll need for the next 9-months, the kit includes three popular maternity pieces by BOOB - a Marilyn Wrap Top that makes the most of growing curves and is great for nursing as well, a versatile two-in-one Flared Skirttop, plus a pair of best selling Once-On-Never-Off Pants that are a great choice for the office, but comfortable enough for yoga class. This WIAB also includes a ruched Singlet Tank as a bonus that is designed to suit a growing belly and works for the nursing mom as well. Not only does this kit take the worry out of getting dressed, but it also makes the perfect gift for your favourite mom-to-be. Retail Price $299 : Island Child promotion $269!

Starfish Kidz - bamboo and organic cotton babywear


ort Moody based Starfish Kidz sports the motto, ‘simply unique, simply affordable’ and we couldn’t agree more! Baby will love her luxuriously soft and comfortable eco-friendly fabric onesies, tees and applique beanies. All products made in Canada, most made locally in their hometown. Shop our friends at Hard Candy in Qualicum or Firefly : New Beginnings in Courtney, or visit Once you feel the bamboo, you’ll never buy cotton again!

Spark Story Starters - story cards


om-made, kid tested ... Packed like a deck of cards, each card is written to inspire kids to think, use their imagination, problem solve, and be creative! This tester uses them as dream ideas. ‘Mamma, what should I dream about tonight?’ We pull out a card, read it together, and she drifts off to sleep. In the morning, she has an amazingly creative story to tell me that she dreamed about! Visit the App Store to purchase Spark! for iPhone ($0.99) and Spark! HD ($1.99) for iPad and iPod. Cards are available online at

A princess whispers in your ear that there is a giant sapphire at the top of a 300-foot Redwood tree. How will you get to it?

Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 7


The Fine Art of Over-Programming Your four-year-old: Alison Gunn

t began with the Nutcracker: bright colours, lively music and ballerinas who came to life, dancing with gingerbread men, beautiful pink roses, and giant rats. Quinn was hooked. “I’m going to be on stage every night,” she informed me. “And when you watch me you will relax in your seat and enjoy my dancing.”

“I’ll be there,” I said. “But what happens if I start weeping with pride?” Quinn shook her head. “If you weep with pride, then you have to stay home and Daddy can show you my dance on the TV later.” Like most parents, my husband and I are trying to give our four-year-old a sampling of activities now, before she is forced to specialize because of school commitments, time commitments, or pure enjoyment. The plan looks good on paper. Acting upon it? Completely different story. Tae Kwon Do, yoga, soccer, violin, hockey and dance leap off the pages of every activity guide, every flyer stuffed in display cases around town. When you’re four, there are more activities than minutes in a year. Quinn wants to do everything. “First I’ll do ballet, gymnastics and soccer. Then when I’m done, I’ll try field hockey.” Yes, field hockey.

“We love our blankets and bibs and want you to love yours too!”

unique handmade baby blankets and bibs

“Where’s her kid time?” I ask my husband. “We still need to play.” With every opportunity, a piece of her playtime disappears. But if she honestly enjoys the activity, is it taking away from her childhood or enhancing it? Currently, we put value in swimming, because it’s a life skill. I do not want Quinn going near water with her teenaged friends only knowing the doggie paddle. So, Quinn is in swimming lessons once a week. She’s also in preschool. Again, planning for the future - with kindergarten on the horizon, it was important for us to have her experience a classroom setting, and interact with children her own age. With three of the seven days in a week filled, my husband and I were hesitant to add anything else; but her sudden love for ballet won us over. We are under no pretense that she’s going to end up a prima ballerina, but the child wants to dance. My dreams of introducing her to music lessons, skating, and 4H club are on hold ... at least for another season. “There’s always Scarlett,” my husband comments, as I finish writing Quinn’s activities on the calendar. “Who?” I almost say, but catch myself as our 18-month-old runs into my legs. In true second child syndrome, Scarlett’s had to be content with being my faithful wingman as we shuttle her big sister from activity to activity. “What do you want to do?” She snuggles into my shoulder. That’s when the looming reality of two children with activities hits me. Different times, different days, my head spins. I’ll be chained to my steering wheel; sewing costumes at midnight; cross-referencing my coded calendars with a map of the city; robbing a bank. Thankfully, at least for the latter, there’s the Child Tax Benefit. _________________________________________________ Alison Gunn is a writer living in Victoria with her two daughters, Quinn and Scarlett, and her husband Mike.


   

 

 8 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

Mortgages for Mommies: Erica Wells


ew Canadian mortgage rules implemented by the Canadian Government that took effect in March of 2011 will make it more restrictive for residential real estate mortgages. Fear not, knowledge is power and I am here to demystify these recently announced changes and work with you on a mortgage strategy that is right for your situation. Change #1: Amortization period reduction The Government has reduced the maximum amortization period from 35 years to 30 years. What this means to you: You need to ensure you are not buying more house than you can afford. Your monthly payments will be higher with a shorter amortization period. Change # 2: The maximum amount in terms of home value to debt has been lowered The Government has lowered the maximum amount Canadians can borrow in refinancing their mortgages to 85 per cent from 90 per cent of the value of their homes. What this means to you: It will be more difficult to use your home equity as a revolving line of credit. Change #3: The Government is getting out of the business of backing homeowner loans The Government is withdrawing insurance on backing lines of credit secured by homes, such as home equity lines of credit.

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Specializing In Supervised Access Visits

What this means to you: Do not plan on having your home equity to shop with. Lines of credit will be granted at more traditional (higher) interest rates and you will need to shop around for a good deal. _________________________________________________ Erica Wells is a mortgage broker and published author. You can visit Erica’s new blog, “Ask Erica – Mortgages Made Easy” at where you will find fun and interesting financial information for moms. For information on current mortgage rates and products, visit

Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 9

Come on Baby, Let’s Exercise:


aving a baby has its challenges: coping with less sleep, learning how to nurse and feed baby correctly, as well as managing weight gained during your pregnancy. As you adapt to baby’s new routine, exercising may seem like a daunting task, however postpartum exercising has excellent benefits. Besides the obvious goal of gaining back a prepregnancy weight, new moms often feel better both mentally and physically, which in turn aids them in meeting all the demands of motherhood. For new moms, staring down at the jelly belly that was once a lean stomach, or looking longingly at a favorite pair of jeans, there can be a sense of urgency. Medical experts generally agree you will need to wait about six weeks or more to heal before you begin. When you’re ready, start slowly with light forms of exercise. Walking allows you to activate your muscles gradually and getting some fresh air has superb benefits for both mom and baby. A good weight-bearing exercise is dancing with your baby. It can uplift your spirits and the movement and music can be soothing to your infant. Remember to incorporate stretching into your routine as well. Easy Tips to Get You Started • Try walking 20-30 minutes three to four times a week and gradually work up to 45 minutes. To tell if you’re working out at a proper intensity, use the Talk Test while you exercise. Your workout should be intense enough to make you breathe deeply and to make you feel a little winded. Just remember you should still be able to carry on a conversation while you exercise.

Lara Leontowich

• If possible, do 20 Kegel exercises twice a day. Such exercises are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. They are often recommended for women who are experiencing incontinence due to childbirth, medical treatment, or changes/stress on the body. Check with your health care provider to ensure this exercise is right for you. • You need not stick to just three meals a day anymore. Many health professionals recommend eating five to six small meals a day. Eating more often can prevent hunger pangs and curb over-eating. Typically by keeping your metabolism working quickly you can burn more calories efficiently throughout your day. • Maintain a healthy diet as part of your weight loss goals. Indulge in fruits and vegetables and have some protein at every meal such as fish, chicken and lean meats. Grill, bake or broil your food rather than frying. Avoid empty calories, such as high sugary snack, soda and chips. A healthy diet includes milk and yogurt two or three times a day. • Consider partnering with another new mom who is also motivated to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Chances are you will get better results if you exercise together and keep each other motivated especially on those days when you are feeling rather sleep deprived. According to Health Canada, women need about 350 to 400 extra calories each day for the first year of breastfeeding.

_________________________________________________ Lara Leontowich is a BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instuctor and Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist. She is the owner of Runners and Booties Fitness specializing in the ever popular Shop ‘n Stroll Fitness Program offered for new moms in Victoria and Nanaimo. Contact Lara at

R.A.D. Ballet and I.S.T.D. Modern and Tap syllabus work in preparation for examinations, with our annual showcase

“Performing @ Home”, May 27th and 28th T. Gil Bunch Centre for the Performing Arts Mill Bay

250.701.0203 10 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

Moms in Business:

Stories from the Den & the Oscars


ith the recent Dragon’s Den interviews on Vancouver Island, we decided to track down a couple local MomPreneurs who pitched their businesses to the producers of the hit show. We did a little Q&A with Carmen Scott, the founder of and (and Island Child column contributor!), as well as Theresa Kauffman and Sabrina Pacheco, the moms behind Rockbebe in Mayfair Mall. We wanted to know what it is like taking steps to move your business to the next level, and seek investment dollars to help further your product line.

T&S: Take baby steps! Make sure your idea/invention is well thought out, doing lots of market research on who is using your product. We really believe in paying it forward, so connect and network with other moms and local businesses. Believe in your idea and at some point, just leap!

Carmen Scott, has a searchable directory that lists over 5000 current activities, camps, lessons, events and programs year round for children between the ages of 3 and 16. has a searchable directory that lists over 1300 current activities, programs, workshops, community events and resources year round for seniors.

ICM: How did your business get noticed in Hollywood? AD: The coordinator of the event found me on twitter, checked out my product, and I received the official invitation to attend!

Theresa and Sabrina, Rockbebe Designer Clothes for Kids Rockbebe is a kids boutique carrying over 20 surf, skate, urban, and rock collections and brands for babies to youth. Founded in 2009 by two westcoast moms looking to provide the best and coolest designer kids clothes, shoes and accessories. ICM: Why did you decide to pitch to the Dragons Den producers? CS: My goal is to have these community websites in every city in Canada. To achieve this goal in a much shorter time frame, the partnership and business knowledge that I would receive from the Dragons would make this reality happen quicker and on a much larger scale. T&S: It’s so important for us to continue to grow and learn and any suggestions or feedback from the Dragons would be phenomenal. ICM: What are you looking to gain from the Dragons should your pitch be accepted to the show? CS: I am looking for their expertise, money, and guidance as to how to “roll out” these sites across Canada, and to have the immense exposure that this show brings. ICM: What advice to you have for mom entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level? CS: Make sure the timing is right for the next level or expansion. Make sure that you have a great support system in place, because whatever the next level is, it’s going to mean more work.

We then chatted with my old Elementary school friend, Aly Dahl, from Aly Dahl Designs, who was recently invited to the Pre-Oscar’s event, the Baby Boom Boom Room to showcase her very unique silver finger print jewellry.

Aly Dahl

ICM: What did you gain from this experience? AD: Confidence! Being an artist, and one that is still fairly new to the business scene, I lacked confidence in myself. Showcasing my products to Hollywood parents, and having them order items on the spot made me feel so good! ICM: Did you sell products there or was it simply for brand recognition? AD: Both; I went for brand recognition along with 250 impression kits and order forms, and there wasn’t a celebrity Dad that didn’t order a dog tag on the spot! The celeb moms all loved the fingerprint pendants, charm bracelets and the heart shaped pendants. ICM: What feedback, if any, did celebrities have for you? AD: They LOVED the product! The icing on the cake was when Miss Jay from American Idol came by at the end of day one and said my line is not only ingenious but beautiful and classic. He became an instant fan! ICM: What advice to you have for mom entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level? AD: Social media pays off, even if you think no one is reading, you’ll be surprised. There is no better network than the Mom Network. We are powerful and supportive of one another. Support other Momprenuers and you will be supported back.

Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 11

Spotlight on Business

cupcakes: by heather & lori


REGISTER NOW 250-732-4049


ounded in 2002 by best friends Heather and Lori, who grew up together in Victoria, the Cupcakes logo is now globally recognized as the original cupcakes bakery. With six lower mainland locations under their belt, they have recently franchised over here, opening their first Victoria location in the new Uptown Mall. Franchise partner and Mom, Kelsi Stolz has been looking forward to this opportunity since 2004, when on a fateful drive down Denman Street, she passed this store pouring with pink and brown. As she approached the store, she was overwhelmed with the decor ... pink, cream, and brown from top to bottom! A bakery ... and they were selling pastel-colored, perfectly-iced cupcakes! When Kelsi learned Cupcakes were opening a location in Victoria, she just knew it would be a match made in heaven. Cupckaes Uptown will be opening in April of this year and Kelsi is determined to quickly become one of Victoria’s leading bakeries with Cupcakes signature products like the “Sweet 16” Vanilla cake with pink vanilla butter cream finished with pastel sprinkles, “Mint Condition” Chocolate cake with mint butter cream finished with mini chocolate chips, and “Koo Koo” Coconut cake with cream cheese frosting sprinkled with shredded coconut, among many others. One visit to Cupcakes and you will come to love the consistent and exceptional quality product, amazing customer service, and fun environment! The Victoria Cupcakes location is in the new Uptown Mall at 3351 Uptown Blvd. You can call in your cupcake or cake orders to 250-590-2131.

12 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

Spotlight on Business


Green Bean Baby ....

ancouver Mom Lynn Stapleford saw a need in the children’s market for quality, Canadian-made organic baby clothing and launched her online store, Green Bean Baby. Her designs are made from 100% certified organic cotton to address growing concerns about the environment, health and safety in the textile and apparel industries. Green Bean Baby incorporates environmental and socially responsible values to its business practices, and Lynn

was just named one of the Top 50 Mompreneurs in Canada in the Green Business category. Green Bean Baby offers a beautiful collection of designs which are simple, sweet and gender neutral. Green Bean Baby has donated a dress (pictured) for our random pick giveaway! Visit her site and then email us something you learned about Organic Cotton! with contest’ in the subject line.

Are you a kids consignment store? Do you make or manufacture cloth diapers?

Do you need help increasing your business? Contact us today. Advertising works.

We are black and white and read all over. ~ 250.597.3552 ~ 6/((3,1*%$%,(6 $5(+$33<%$%,(6 If your baby or child isn't getting the sleep they need, help is available.

Call Sukkie Sandhu 250.857.1408 private consultations group seminars practical solutions Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 13

Baby’s Best Smile:

Amy VandenDungen & Meghan McPhee

Preventing Early Childhood Caries


lthough teeth can become out of sight and out of mind during our busy daily schedules, it is so important for every member of the family to have a clean and healthy mouth, especially children. Primary teeth are needed for smiling, chewing, facial growth, and learning to speak. An untreated cavity or concern of the mouth may not only cause infection and pain for the child but also result in low selfesteem and difficulty learning. In order to maintain a healthy smile, it is important to consider the following factors: diet, at-home dental hygiene, regular dental visits, the use of fluoride, protective mouth gear while playing sports, and parental support. What are caries? Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or a cavity, is a bacterial disease. Acids from the bacteria damage the hard tooth structure and create holes in the teeth. If left untreated, caries can lead to pain, tooth loss, and infection. There are three components needed to create a cavity: bacteria, time, and sugar. If you are lacking any of these three components, you will not develop dental caries.

What are incipient caries? Incipent caries is the beginning stage of a cavity which can be reversed. They can look like opaque white spots that are located most commonly on the top front teeth close to the gum line. If incipient caries progress, they become tooth decay and will require dental fillings or other dental treatment. It is important to visit your dentist if you see signs of incipient caries in order to help reverse the cavity process. Simple tips to maintaining your baby’s best smile: DIET Limit the frequency of sugary drinks and snacks during the day. Sticky foods, such as fruit leather, raisins, and soda crackers can cause dental caries as they stick to the teeth for prolonged periods of time. It is best to eat sticky sweet foods at meal times with crunchy foods, such as apples and carrots. Encourage your child to drink water after eating snacks to dislodge any sticky food particles. If your child is accustomed to being put to bed with a bottle, water is the best option. Prolonged sipping of juice, milk, or formula can also promote tooth decay.

Cowichan Maternity Clinic Now Open and Accepting Patients We are a new full-service, family-friendly maternity clinic located in the Cowichan District Hospital. We are open to serve pregnant women living in the Cowichan region. If you don’t have a family doctor, or if your regular doctor does not offer maternity care, contact us today or ask your doctor to refer you.

Contact us: Phone: 250-737-2066 Text Message: 250-709-8833 Drop in: Cowichan District Hospital 2nd Floor, North Wing 3045 Gibbins Road Duncan, British Columbia

With support from:

Cowichan Valley

Division of Family Practice

14 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

AT HOME CARE Infants: Massage your infant’s gums, tongue and insides of the cheeks with a warm wet cloth after every meal. Baby’s First tooth: Start brushing when the first tooth erupts. Be sure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small brush head that will fit in your child’s mouth. If it has been determined by a dental health professional that your child’s teeth are at risk to tooth decay, it may be advised to use a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste that is the portion size of a single grain of rice. If it has not been advised to use fluoride then brush using only warm water. Children 3 to 8 years old: Use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste (a portion the size of a green pea). Children should be assisted at this age and encouraged to spit out the toothpaste after use. Monitor the child brushing on their own first and then brush their teeth again to ensure that it is done thoroughly. Brush along the gum line and ensure that all sides of the teeth are clean. Children will need help with brushing until they are about 8-years-old. Start flossing for your child when there are two adjacent teeth and encourage them to floss themselves as they develop the hand co-ordination to do so.

Due to the fact that toothbrush bristles cannot reach between the teeth, flossing is the ideal way to prevent cavities from occurring in these areas. REGULAR DENTAL VISITS The Canadian Dental Association encourages infants to begin visiting the dentist within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth or by one year of age. Primary teeth are at risk to cavities and prevention at an early age is best. Creating positive dental experiences at an early age will more often than less remain with the child into their adult years. BECOME A ROLE MODEL Allow your child to see you brush and floss your teeth and they will naturally want to follow you. _______________________ Amy VandenDungen & Meghan McPhee are dental hygienists with Dr. Eric Meiner’s family dental practice in Duncan. For more information on oral health contact the Vancouver Island Health Authority Dental Health Program at 250-519-5100.

Expecting a Baby?

Attend an upcoming BABY SHOWER

April 3rd, 2011 DUNCAN 11am - 1pm Quw’utsun’ Cultural Centre Phone for your INVITE 1.866.518.7287 Important...relevant...interesting... useful information relating to your changing life, along with gifts and some very special offers for you from local sponsors.




call for a FREE visit! (866) 518-7287

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Help Put Cloth Diapers in the Record Books!

An Easier Connection:

The Great Cloth Diaper Change


loth diapers have come a long way in the past ten years and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to stand up and be noticed! Parents around the world will recognize Earth Day by taking part in The Great Cloth Diaper Change. On April 23rd, 2011 at 9am PDT, organizers of this event are hoping to break the Guiness Book of World Records for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. There are many ways to participate so please visit for more information. We have found the following Vancouver Island businesses participating: Nanaimo Huckleberry Baby Shop 8:30am register, change and count takes place at 9am sharp Beban Park Social Centre, Room 1 - 2300 Bowen Road, Nanaimo Parksville Cushy Tushy Bum 8:30am register, change and count takes place at 9am sharp The Bradley Centre, facing Hwy 4 on your way to Old Country Market in Coombs, 975 Shearme Road, Parksville Victoria Abby Sprouts & Baby Bellhop 8:30am register, change and count takes place at 9am sharp Oaklands Community Centre, 1 - 2827 Belmont Avenue, Victoria Most of the events will also have great giveaways, prizes, refreshments and take-home goodies. Visit individual websites for more details! 16 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

new website pairs childcare providers with the parents

P is a Victoria-based interactive website designed to help connect parents with available childcare providers in the Greater Victoria area. As a new mom, Jamie found it increasingly difficult and frustrating to find a daycare for her daughter; most had long wait lists, or were full and not accepting at all. The basis of the site allows parents to create a free membership and view a current, up-to-date database of childcare providers with availability; you can also list your own personal needs, and chat with other parents in forums. The Childcare Provider section allows you to post your centre, licensed or unlicensed, post your preschool, promote nannies, or advertise hourly babysitting. A great perk is the Coupon page, where local businesses and services are offering discounts on products and services for members. is an introduction service only. They do not screen childcare providers listed on their site. It is for information only and you are responsible to make your own checks. (see page 5 in this issue for tips on interviewing a childcare provider).

The ultimate interactive guide for kids activities in Victoria and beyond.

Understanding Urinary Tract Infections:

Dr. Bill Nielsen, our resident urologist makes sense of the problem


urinary tract infection is a very general term. All it means is that there are bacteria multiplying somewhere in the urinary tract, which could be the kidneys or the bladder. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) in girls are fairly common however they are quite rare in boys. BOYS About 90% of urinary tract infections in boys start with a colony of bacteria multiplying under the foreskin and then moving into the bladder. These infections are uncommon and when a little boy is diagnosed with a UTI, the doctor will try to distinguish whether or not the bladder or kidneys are involved. Most boys who have a UTI should be treated with antibiotics for 7 to 10 days and undergo a renal ultrasound to be sure that the kidneys are formed properly and are draining properly. Symptoms are usually urinary frequency, pain with urination, sometimes a swollen foreskin, and occasionally fever. All UTIs should be seen by a doctor and a urine culture should be obtained with a fresh sample kept refrigerated from the time it is collected to the time it goes to the lab the same day.

Urine cultures will often show bacteria when there is no true infection because of difficulties obtaining a very pure sample from a young child. The urinalysis has to be interpreted in the context of the child’s other symptoms. GIRLS Bladder infections are fairly common in girls. A simple bladder infection, which means there is no bleeding and no fever, can be treated with antibiotics after a urine culture has been obtained. If UTIs recur, or if there is a fever, it would then be important to obtain an ultrasound of the kidneys as well. The symptoms in girls can be the frequency and discomfort peeing, and sometimes moms will notice that the little girl is just acting a bit different and looks sick. If someone starts wetting the bed again after being toilet trained, this might be a symptom of an infection. The valve system, where the kidneys drain into the bladder, is very important at preventing infection and a test called a VCUG (voiding cysto urethrogram) is an important test to check the valve system. Though most children have a normal urinary tract, occasionally a weak valve that leaks urine back from the bladder up to the kidney will be the cause of recurrent infections. There are multiple types of treatment for that. A pediatrician or a pediatric urologist is usually asked to see the child at this stage. An ultrasound done prenatally may show dilatation of the kidney. Only about 1 in 20 of these babies will actually need any kind of treatment. Oftentimes it is just a phase of kidney development where there is dilatation in the first two years of life, but a dilated kidney can sometimes mean that there is an increased risk for infections in childhood. Rarely a virus can infect the urinary tract which could cause bleeding in the urine of children but most UTIs are caused by bacteria and respond to antibiotics. It is important to treat bladder infections promptly so that they do not spread up to the kidneys are cause kidney damage. _________________________________________________ Dr. Bill Nielsen is a father of three and is the Cowichan Valley’s only Urologist. He has an amazing sense of humor and really puts some fun in childrens doctor’s appointments. Urology is a specialty and you need to be referred by your family physician.

Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 17

How do I Decide?

Cloth Diapering in 2011

Join In...


or many new moms, the thought of cloth diapering is very overwhelming; so many brands and styles, where do you start? We have broken down the popular styles here as well as the pros and cons for each to give you a start.

...why just watch your children's activities? Island Kung Fu, The Cowichan Valleys leader In Family Martial Arts. Call us today for a FREE, no-obligation trial.

750 Jubilee Street Duncan BC V9L 1X8


POCKET DIAPERS (most popular) These are diapers with an opening in back or front to allow an insert to be placed between a layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and an inner layer of microfleece or suede. Pros: Unstuff so dries very quickly can even be hung to dry indoors. Absorbency can be adjusted by adding extra inserts. Cons: Not the best design for overnight use. Some donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like stuffing or unstuffing soiled diapers. ALL IN ONE Simple, wash and wear diaper. No extra work! Waterproof outer layer with multiple layers of absorbent material inside and inner layer (against baby). Pros: Wash & wear, simple and convenient. Cons: Can take longer to dry then other styles. FITTED Number one choice for overnight. Require a cover. Fitteds are multi-layer diapers, which are usually made from natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo or hemp. Pros: Great for overnight and heavy wetters. These diapers are SUPER absorbers. They can take quite a beating so this diaper is a good choice for families planning on having more than one child in cloth. Cons: Can take longer to dry. Require a waterproof cover.

18 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

Cloth Diapering in 2011 ... continued from page 18 PREFOLDS This is the diaper for families on a budget. Basic rectangle shaped diaper, made from natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo or hemp. YouTube is a great resource for learning folds at home or ask your local cloth diaper expert. They are easier to use than you think! Pros: Easy on your wallet, good option for overnight use. Cons: Hard to place with wiggly baby. Most require fasteners. Requires cover. Keep in mind what one might find a pro might be a con for you and your family. Most cloth diapering families purchase more then one style of diaper and love them all for different reasons. _________________________________________________ Megan Olsen is mom to 4-year-old Kyrstin and 1-year-old Quinn. Her passion for cloth diapering led her to become a Mom-Entrepreneur and founded Cushy Tushy Bum Apparel & more. One of her favourite moments is when her 1-year-old

Nowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the time to go organic! John Close

250-597-0408 Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 19

Cowichan Maternity Clinic:

Dr. Maggie Watt

A new model of care for moms and babies in the Cowichan region


n March 1st, the Cowichan Valley Division of Family Practice opened the new Cowichan Maternity Clinic in the Cowichan District Hospital. We are a team of nine family physicians and two registered nurses with obstetrics experience, supported by caring office staff. This is a place that is all about babies, and we are very excited about the clinic’s potential to help women at such an important time in their lives. The clinic fills an important need in our community: there were more than 550 babies born in the region last year, and each mom and baby deserves to have access to comprehensive pre- and post-natal care. Our maternity practice is full-service and very family-oriented, and we are accepting new patients now. That includes women whose GPs don’t offer maternity care, as well as those who don’t currently have a regular family physician. From my perspective as both a mother and a family doctor, I view pregnancy as a turning point in women’s lives. It is a time of transition from being focused only on oneself, to caring for others, and from being part of a couple, to being a family. It is also a time of tremendous changes in women’s bodies and emotions, and a time when they start to seek out relationships with a doctor and other health care professionals who will be their support system through pregnancy, the birth of their babies and beyond. Everyone on our team believes strongly that the pre-natal care women receive sets the stage for the rest of their child’s life, and that choices made early in pregnancy have lifelong effects. We are here to provide the very best care in a supportive, family-focused environment. As GPs, we can help women manage all their medical needs during pregnancy, even those not directly related to their pregnancies. We have established connections with community health and health care professionals including dieticians and family counsellors. We are also working in close partnership with Aboriginal health service providers throughout the Hul’qumi’num’ territory. Our goal is to help connect women to these resources early in their pregnancies so that they are well-supported after their babies are born. And because of our convenient location right beside the maternity ward in Cowichan District Hospital, we’re also central to ultrasound and lab facilities, and to services like breastfeeding support. We realize transportation can be a challenge, and we’re exploring ways to help women get into the clinic more easily.

20 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

All clinic patients will have a relationship with one of our physicians for their pre- and post-natal care, and will also have continuous care from our staff RNs. If patients need us outside office hours, we have a physician on-call 24-hours a day. The nurses on our team will enable us to offer truly full-service care including pre-natal education, connections to community health providers, breastfeeding support and more. About six weeks after the baby’s birth, we’ll assist in transferring the patient’s care back to their regular GP, which will be seamless thanks to the Electronic Medical Records system in place in the region. For women who have come to us without a regular family doctor, we’ll help find someone to provide long-term, ongoing care for them and their babies. Our clinic team includes Dr. Susan Barr, Dr. Lorna Cutt, Dr. Karen Mcintyre, Dr. Nicolette Pearce, Dr. Tom Rimmer, Dr. Deana Robertson, Dr. Angie Szabo, Dr. Ann Thompson, Dr. Maggie Watt, Kathryn Coopsie, RN, Denise MacDonald, MOA, Kathleen Shore, RN, and Sadie Thomas, MOA. We are a teaching clinic, affiliated with UBC Medical School’s Island Medical Program. Already, the opportunity to work as part of the clinic team has helped bring some local family doctors back to practising obstetrics when they had previously had to give it up. As my colleague Dr. Angie Szabo says, “Practising obstetrics is so rewarding, but we all know that babies don’t arrive when we expect them to. The long hours and the unpredictable schedules involved in maternity care can make it hard on doctors, especially given that we’re all parents too. We have more than 25 school-aged children between us. I’d had to give up my obstetrics practice, but the chance to be part of the Cowichan Maternity team has made it possible for me to work with expectant moms again.” Women can refer themselves, or be referred by their family doctor. Call 250-737-2066, text us at 250-709-8833 or simply stop in and see us in person. We are located on the 2nd floor, North Wing of Cowichan District Hospital, at 3045 Gibbins Road in Duncan and we offer flexible, often same-day appointments. The Cowichan Maternity Clinic is an initiative of the Cowichan Valley Division of Family Practice, made possible with the support of the Vancouver Island Health Authority and the Cowichan District Hospital Foundation.

resource directory Adoption _____________________________________

Breastfeeding Clinics & Support _____________________________________

Choices Adoption & Counselling Services T: 888-479-9811 Licensed non-profit adoption agency in BC.

Nanaimo Breastfeeding Centre T: 250-755-3388 Individual breastfeeding counselling and support.

Sunrise Family Services Society T: 888-984-2488 Creating the joy of family by adopting.

PARKSVILLE Parksville Health Unit T: 250-248-2044

The Adoption Centre T: 800-935-4237 Art Therapy _____________________________________ Liz McKnight, Registered Art Therapist T: 250-713-8857 Creative counselling for children and families. Beauty for Kids _____________________________________ Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids Country Club Centre 39A - 3200 North Island Hwy, Nanaimo T: 250-758-2444 Where kids can be kids and Moms can take a load off! Lizzy Lee & Me Shelbourne Plaza 3655 Shelbourne Street, Victoria T: 250-590-5568 Birth Announcements _____________________________________ Animal Cracker Announcements Custom made birth announcements. Breastfeeding Clinics & Support _____________________________________ VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Happy Tribe Consulting T: 250-739-3146 Karyn-grace Clarke is a registered lactation consultant offering in-home and clinicbased consultations for breastfeeding, parenting and relationship issues. DUNCAN Cowichan Maternity Clinic in Cowichan District Hospital T: 250-737-2066 Public Health Unit T: 250-709-3050 La Leche League Support T: 250-746-1601, Christy E: NANAIMO La Leche League Support T: 250-754-5853, Bridget

La Leche League T: 250-390-5184, Lesley Kathy Dutton Certified Lactation Consultant T: 250-951-9886 VICTORIA La Leche League Support T: 250-727-4384 Child Care Daycares, Preschools, Nannies _____________________________________ International Nannies T: 800-820-8308 Free instant access to 100s of nanny profiles Supreme Nannies Canada T: 250-483-5222 Your one-stop source for nannies and caregivers across Canada. CHEMAINUS St. Joseph’s Early Learning and Child Care Centre T: 250-246-3191 W: We believe that all children have the right to a healthy spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual environment, that respects and plans for their individual interests and needs. COWICHAN BAY Treetops Daycare T: 250-748-5716 Daycare full and part time, preschool program in the morning, after school care. DUNCAN Arcadian Day Care Centre T: 250-748-3922 Happy, safe and caring environment. Ages birth to 5. Early Childhood Educators. New infant & toddler centre.

Child Care Daycares, Preschools, Nannies _____________________________________ QUALICUM Children’s Discovery Centre T: 250-752-4343 E: Our program recognizes the uniqueness of each child and provides a nurturing, safe and creative learning environment. Preschool, Groupcare, Out of School care. ECE qualified staff. **See ad page 5 Little Star Children’s Centre T: 250-752-4554 Earth friendly philosophy with an inspired, academic curriculum. Morning Glory Childcare Centre T: 250-752-6777 E: Warm and caring Waldorf based programs in a lovely rural setting minutes from Qualicum Beach. Oceanside Montessori School Hoylake Road W, Qualicum Beach T: 250-738-0305 Providing your child with a beautiful Montessori environment, both inside and out, so as to generate a curiosity and zest for life! Self-paced learning to build confidence and independence. Ages 3 to 5. SALTSPRING ISLAND Saltspring Daycare and Preschool T: 250-537-2114 Tree Frog Daycare T: 250-653-4998 SHAWNIGAN LAKE Precious Beginnings Early Childcare Centre T: 250-743-4477 VICTORIA Goldstream Co-op Preschool T: 250-474-3011 E: A parent-participation preschool with programs for 3 & 4 year olds. Miles of Smiles T: 250-298-7374 Nightingale Preschool and Jr Kindergarten T: 250-595-7544 Taking children’s learning forward, balanced approach to play and education.

Kidzco Learning Centre T: 250-746-4027 Stimulating environment that includes each child’s uniqueness. 30 months to 5 years.

Chiropractic _____________________________________

Kingdom Treasures Christian Preschool T: 250-746-0110

Discover Chiropractic Family Wellness Cntr Dr. Erin Anderson 16 - 1594 Fairfield Road, Victoria T: 250-386-9355

Sunrise Waldorf School T: 250-743-7253 Parent & Child, Nursery and K to 8. LAKE COWICHAN Kaatza Child Care T: 250-749-6422

Valleyview Family Chiropractic Dr. Vanessa White 11 - 1400 Cowichan Bay Road, Cobble Hill T: 250-743-3775

Cloth Diapering _____________________________________ Cushy Tushy Bum T: 250-586-0809 Cloth diapers and accessories. **See ad page 19 Huckleberry Baby Shop T: 250-585-5552 12A-4376 Boban Drive, Nanaimo Counselling _____________________________________ INSITE T: 250-751-0111 INSITE at Edgewood is a six-day, therapeutic process that integrates mind, body and spirit to help you achieve the life of wholeness and authenticity you seek. Shore Counselling Society T: 250-716-1888 Professional counselling for individuals, couples and families. TS Consulting T: 250-590-4114 Helping families adjust to new family structures. **See ad page9 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder _____________________________________ Nanaimo FASD Society T: 250-758-6317 E: Charitable organization providing information sessions and workshops and community events aimed at sharing education and awareness for the prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in the mid island region. Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization T: 250-753-1133 Autism and FASD. Foster Parent Support __________________________________ Foster Parent Support Services Society T: 1-888-922-8437, 250-598-1500 Information for those interested in becoming foster parents. Health and Wellness _____________________________________ Apples to Oranges Consulting T: 250-516-4234, Lori Difference through diet for autistic kids USANA Health Sciences T: 250-709-9086, Tara Exceptional, science-based nutritional and personal-care products.

NANAIMO Four Seasons Montessori T: 250-758-8979

Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011 / 21

Health and Wellness _____________________________________

Midwives _____________________________________

Music, Dance & Exercise _____________________________________

Photography _____________________________________

Cowichan Maternity Clinic T: 737-2066 Full service maternity clinic within the Cowichan District Hospital **See ad page 14

VICTORIA Access Midwifery T: 250-380-6329 Serving Esquimalt, Western Communities & Victoria

Victoria Suzuki Piano School T: 250-385-8355 Montessori-styled music environment for young children.

Pink and Blue l baby portrait art Contact Rosanne: 250-701-9546 Maternity, birth, newborn. **See ad page 7 **Cover Photographer

Home Schooling / Tutoring _____________________________________

Music, Dance & Exercise _____________________________________

Online Resources _____________________________________

Wondertree Homelearners’ Network T: 250-754-1227, Suzanne Providing homeschooling registration across BC; supporting self-directed learning.

Adage Studio T: 250-709-4048 Classes for children and adults **See ad page 12

Academic Advantage Tutoring T: 250-483-5496 (Victoria and Western Communities) T: 877-787-5854 (Comox Valley and Campbell River) Help your child get a head start! Certified teachers can help your child excel at reading, writing and math in the convenience of your own home. **See ad page 18

BC Boys Choir T: 1-888-909-8282 **See ad page 16

Seadance Contact Lisa: 250-941-7774 Underwater maternity, tot and family portraits. **See ad page 5

House Cleaning & Maintenance _____________________________________ Clean Choice Cleaners T: 250-929-8381, Tracey Giving you back the luxury of time and a naturally clean home to enjoy it in! **See ad page 3 Lush Eco Lawns T: 250-597-0408, John E: Gas-free lawn mowing, seasonal organic soil treatments, and environmentally friendly lawn maintenance. **See ad page 19 Lifestyle & Wellness _____________________________________ Renee Lindstrom, GCFP Integrating body, emotions and behaviour Midwives _____________________________________ Midwives Association of BC/ College of Midwives will provide a list of midwives in your community T: 604-736-5976 VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Mid-Island Midwifery T: 250-246-4083, Laurie Untereiner Providing holistic care during the childbearing year. Serving communities from Crofton to Nanaimo. COWICHAN VALLEY Cowichan Midwifery Group T: 250-709-2040 SALTSPRING ISLAND Community Midwifery Care T: 250-537-2243 Offering experienced care for low-risk local moms. Will consider clients from communities with no Midwives.

Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics T: 250-746-0193 Island Kung Fu T: 250-701-0222 The Cowichan Valley’s leader in family martial arts. **See ad page 18 Music for Young Children T: 250-749-3356 MoonDance Dynamic Arts School T: 250-743-5846 West African Dance & Drumming, Dance from India, Hip Hop & more! Nanaimo Conservatory of Music T: 250-754-4611 Kindermusik, a good beginning never ends.

Optometry _____________________________________ South Cowichan Eyecare Chemainus Family Eyecare T: 250-743-8899, 250-246-3405 Salt Spring Eyecare Dr. Andrea N. Varju, Optometrist 158A Fulford-Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Isl T: 250-537-4356

A Piece of Cake! Children’s Parties T: 250-715-0286, Nicole Children’s party planning consultant. **See ad page 7 Giggle Box Party Rentals T: 250-882-1865, Kim Specializing in children’s party theme rentals.

Salsa Babies and Salsa Tots T: 604-461-7827 Dance back into shape with baby as partner!

Goodies Galore T: 250-510-1522, Johanna Goodie bags - birthdays, holidays, baby showers, incentive for students / children.

Steps Ahead Dance T: 250-701-0203 Quality dance instruction for children, RAD ballet, ISTD Modern, ISTD Tap **See ad page 10

Twisted Sifters Cupcakes T: 250-709-9095 Cakes, cupcakes and cookies for all occasions! **See ad page 4

Victoria Conservatory of Music T: 250-386-5311 Fresh new music programs with musical fun for the very young!

22 / Island Child Magazine / / spring 2011

Twiggy Photography Contact Kim: 250-324-6028 Maternity, newborn, little ones, family, children. **See ad page 3 Poison Centre _____________________________________ Your Poison Centre T: 800-567-8911 The BC Poison Control Centre provides accurate up to date information about potential hazards and recommends treatment as needed.

Party Planning _____________________________________

Peninsula Academy of Music Arts T: 778-426-1800 Music lessons for all ages, all instruments. Accredited teachers, instrument rentals & sales, lots of parking.

Vancouver Island Symphony Noteworthy Kids: A free community outreach program sponsored by the Vancouver Island Symphony, Nanaimo.

Sheri Jackson Photography Contact Sheri: 250-740-5904 Artistic, babies, kids, families, maternity, weddings. **See ad page 19

Photography _____________________________________ Fisheye Photography Contact Martine: 250-743-0564 Maternity, children, family, intimates, weddings. **See ad page 15 Nicole Williams Contact Nicole: 250-954-8209 **See ad page 17

Prenatal Classes _____________________________________ Beautiful Birth Birthing From Within classes and Certified Doula Care T: 250-597-2770, Catherine Quaglia Victoria HypnoBirthing T: 250-888-5995 E: Hypnobirthing is based on the belief that severe discomfort does not have to be a natural accompaniment of birthing. Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Massage and Fitness _____________________________________ COWICHAN VALLEY T: 250-746-0327, Lilian Bianchi Prenatal and Postnatal (moms and babies) yoga classes. VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Belly Love T: 250-748-6080, Kris Lang Prenatal & Postpartum massage and yoga instruction. Fit 4 Two Pre and Post Natal Fitness Mambo Moms: Fitness Fun For Baby & Mom

T: 250-754-7090, Susan Classes in Nanaimo, DVD for fitness fun at home or a unique baby shower gift.

Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Massage and Fitness _____________________________________ Shop ‘n Stroll T: 877-479-9429 Classes run year round - Mayfair Mall and Woodgrove Centre. **See ad page 9 VICTORIA Mothering Touch 975 Fort Street, Victoria T: 250-595-4905 The place for new & expectant parents. **See ad page 12

Retail ~ MATERNITY: Clothing & Accessories ____________________________________ VICTORIA Bellies in Bloom Maternity 104 - 4489 Viewmont Ave, Victoria T: 250-479-0803 La Mama Maternity 1010 Broad Street, Victoria T: 250-388-3977 Maternity wear, nursing wear, diaper bags & more!

Retail ~ CONSIGNMENT: Clothing & Accessories _____________________________________

Mothering Touch 975 Fort Street, Victoria T: 250-595-4905 The place for new & expectant parents. **See ad page 12

CUMBERLAND Polka Dot Pants 2720 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland Very cool consignment clothing for women and children.

Retail ~ ONLINE: Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________

DUNCAN Indigo Childrens Consignment 131 Station Street, Duncan T: 250-709-2042 Toys, clothes, car seats, furniture, maternity Kinderbeez Children’s Consignment 2755 Beverly Street, Duncan T: 250-748-2345

Aly Dahl Designs Handcrafted bespoken jewelry created from reclaimed pure silver. Bella and Charlie Designs Handmade baby blankets and bibs for your little ones! **See ad page 8

LADYSMITH Indigo Childrens Consignment 436 First Avenue, Ladysmith T: 250-245-2042

Continuum Family Your source for natural parenting essentials

NANAIMO Kit n’ Caboodle Childrens Consignment 36 - 1925 Bowen Road, Nanaimo T: 250-585-KIDS (5437)

Kissed Baby Canada’s fashionable, comfortable, unpadded baby slings (and more!)


Lalabee Bathworks **See ad page 8

PARKSVILLE And Tiger ... Two! 138 Middleton Avenue, Parksville T: 250-954-0051 VICTORIA A to Z Kids 801 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria T: 250-474-7769 Clothesline Clothing Royal Oak Shopping Centre T: 250-479-0800 Little Treasures Children’s Consignment 1606 Stanley Avenue, Victoria T: 250-590-4228 Retail ~ MATERNITY: Clothing & Accessories ____________________________________ ONLINE Haute Mama T: 866-615-3800 Try the new Wardrobe in a Box! **See ad page 13

Little Sweetie Clips Unique and fun hair accessories and more for the ‘little sweeite’ in your life! Momo Design House Durable linen baby slings, silky bamboo bedding, organic cotton onesies. Free shipping offer. Oma Gosh! Designs Custom products, blankets, superhero capes, storybook pillows and more! Po Po’s Ponchos Jackets your kids WILL wear! Pretty Frilly Things Hats, headbands, tutus, hair clips and more! **See ad page 19 RuffaLily Unique, eye-catching girls fashions - dresses, skirts, kimonos, and more! **See ad page 12

Retail ~ ONLINE: Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________

Retail ~ STORES: Children’s Clothing, Furniture, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________

Tail Wags Helmet Covers **See ad page 19

QUALICUM BEACH Hard Candy Baby Boutique 12 - 221 Second Ave W, Qualicum Beach T: 250-752-4769 Cool kicks and clothes for kids! **See ad page 6

Water’s Edge Organics T: 250-947-5362 Eco lux for baby, child and mom. Retail ~ ONLINE: Products and Services for Mom and Baby _____________________________________ Cards by Kids One-of-a-kind greeting cards by your favorite artists ... your KIDS! Craft Caravan New crafts every month, fun mail for kids! Easy Daysies Magnetic schedules for kids. Happy Island Diaper Service T: 866-922-7377 or 250-591-7000 The ‘BEST’ way to cloth diaper your child. **See ad page 18

SALT SPRING ISLAND Gecko Green Living 364 Lower Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island T: 250-537-1151 Organic and eco-friendly clothes, bottles, bibs, and more! VICTORIA Bellies in Bloom Maternity 104 - 4489 Viewmont Ave, Victoria T: 250-479-0803 Dreamland Kids 3194 Douglas Street, Victoria T: 250-381-5437 Furniture, room decor, toys and more! Rockbebe 3147 Douglas Street, Mayfair Mall T: 250-477-ROCK Good style and designer trend fashions, clothing, shoes & accessories. Safety _____________________________________

Retail ~ STORES: Children’s Clothing, Furniture, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________ COURTENAY firefly : new beginnings 435 5th Street, Courtenay T: 250-703-2848 DUNCAN Indigo Childrens Consignment 131 Station Street, Duncan T: 250-709-2042 Kinderbeez Children’s Consignment 2755 Beverly Street, Duncan T: 250-748-2345 LADYSMITH Indigo Childrens Consignment 436 First Avenue, Ladysmith T: 250-245-2042 NANAIMO Kool & Child 2517 Bowen Road, Nanaimo T: 250-716-1777 Educational toys for children. Maliah Magoo 115 Chapel Street, Nanaimo T: 250-591.5678 Hip clothes for kids. Pumpkin Pie Kids Wear 411A Fitzwilliam Street T: 250-754-3933 Quality items for baby and older; clothes, toys, shoes, layette. **See ad page 8

Babyproofit T: 250-514-2265 E: Local Island company providing high quality safety gates / devices along with professional child-proofing services. **See ad page 9 Scrapbooking _____________________________________ Creative Memories Consultant T: 250-591-3672, Dawn Portman E: Offering solutions for everyone’s style of celebrating photos and memories. Single Parents & Step Families _____________________________________ Single Parent Resource Centre of Victoria T: 250-385-1114 E: Sleep Consultants _____________________________________ Sleep Sense Contact Sukkie: 250-857-1408 Private consultations, groups, practical solutions. **See ad page 13

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