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Winter 2009

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Winter 2009/10

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Lisa d n a a l l E

2010, twenty-ten, two thousand and ten .... a new decade

s we enter this new year, I look forward to what’s in store, both personally and professionally. This is my fifth year of publication of Island Child, and my first year of publication of Mamma Mia’s Coupon Book. A very exciting time for me and my daughter as we celebrate our successes: myself in being a working single parent, and being a Mom in business, and Ella in her first year of Kindergarten, and her third year in dance. My inspiration behind the launch of the coupon book is three fold, the declining economy making us stretch each dollar further, the financial struggles of increasing costs involved in parenting, and the desire to showcase fellow Mom-run businesses and services, both on Vancouver Island and Canada-wide. Mamma Mia’s Coupon Book has an accumulated value of over $2,000 in discounts and coupons that were generously passed on to us, the consumer, by some fantastic businesses who share in our desire to keep costs down and parenting affordable. Visit our site, to purchase, or visit local retailers on the Island for a copy. At press time, our retailers include (Duncan) Pancia Bella, Crave Beauty, Indigo Children Consignment and Kinderbeez, (Victoria) Bellies in Bloom Maternity and Mothering Touch, (Cobble Hill) Indulge Body Boutique, (Ladysmith) Indigo Children Consignment, (Salt Spring Island) Gecko Green Living and the Fulford Inn. More stores coming soon!

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The $120 Swim Lesson:

Judy Arnall

Should you push children to go to lessons they hate or let them drop them?


his was the year my son was going to learn how to swim! He was seven years old and old enough to agree to the lessons when I asked him. I signed him up and paid the $120.00. Come session start, four months later, he was feeling more anxious about it and resisted going the first day. Once again, I am faced with the age-old parenting question: “Should I make him go, or let him stay home?” As a parent, we want to provide our children with a taste of the many wonderful experiences that life can offer. We flip through pages of booklets of the many offerings of classes, daycamps and preschools, and envision our child loving the sports, art, music, science lessons, camps and activities. We take time to sign him up, write checks, arrange transportation, and prepare him for the first day. The first day arrives and he doesn’t want to go. What to do now? Should we drag him to the activity kicking and screaming, or give in and let him miss? It depends on your child and your goals for the activity. Does your child usually complain until he gets there and then loves it? Or does your child complain loudly the whole time he is there and all the way home? Did you sign up your child to acquire skills, socialize a bit more, or for a little down time for you? I would suggest the “Nudge, but don’t Force” approach. Encourage him to go the first day and try it out. One day, that’s it. This is giving the child informed consent. He needs to experience what he is going to make a decision about and if he goes the first day and hates it, then let him drop the activity. Most venues will give you the majority of your fees back, if you drop it immediately after the first day. If he loves it, then he will be glad you nudged him. Like getting kids to try new foods, one bite is enough to know if it will work for them or not at that time. If you can’t get a refund, don’t worry about wasting the money. It’s better to build trust with your child in that he will try new things if you don’t force him to attend the whole way through in the name of “committing to the agenda.” Many adults get second chances and can drop out of things they don’t like. As children get older, you can teach the importance of commitment with chores, friends and homework, rather than with activities. If you force them to attend the activity the whole course, you risk teaching them to hate the very activity you were hoping they would love.

If it’s skills, socialization or time to yourself that is the goal, is there another way to achieve it? Is it the right time to work on that now? If you have a quiet, shy or anxious child, promise to stay with him and leave in baby steps as per his comfort level. Again, building trust is important. Ignore complaints from staff that will recite their “No Parents Allowed” policy. You know your child best and need to act in his best interests. Research supports a gradual leaving of your child and building trust in your relationship that you will fulfill your promises of staying until he no longer needs you. Child program professionals should understand the importance of your child’s comfort level and it should supercede any perceived concerns that “ it will show favoritism to one child” if their parents are allowed to stay. If the venue or staff will not let you stay, consider a more parent-friendly program or venue and also consider if your child is really ready. Sometimes a few months or weeks of further emotional or social development is all your child needs to push his independence further. In the end, my son didn’t go back after the first day of swimming lessons. However, he trusts that if he tries something new, he has the power to trust his instincts about whether the choice is right for him or not and have those instincts respected by his parents. That is worth more than $120.00. _________________________________________________ Judy Arnall is a professional international award-winning Parenting Speaker and Trainer, Mom of five children, and author of the best-selling,

Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery.

Visit her website

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Successful Single Parenting: Lara Leontowich

Ukee Baby Boutique ukee


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aising a child is not easy, as most parents will tell you. There are demands that need to be met, plus a lot of stress and worries until they grow up to an age when you can be sure they can take care of themselves. Unfortunately, nowadays not more than half of Canadian families manage to stay together, and parents oftentime divorce, separate, or grow apart when children are still young. Whenever one of the parents departs, the other one is usually left in charge of bringing the kids up all by himself/herself, a task that can be overwhelming at times. The number of single parents in Canada has risen dramatically in the last 20 years, up 70% from 1981 to 2001, Statistics Canada reports. Struggles of balancing work, childcare, housework, children’s activities, and visitation schedules. You’d also like some free time for your own needs. Financial struggles are usually among the biggest of concerns, particularly for a custodial parent. All the while, in the midst of each of these struggles, the children and their needs for attention, quality time, guidance, and day-to-day care seem overwhelming. It seems every facet of single parenting is a juggling act. So you’re on your own raising your kids. How are you going to do it? You can wallow in self-pity, stay angry or hurt, put up walls and prove you don’t need anyone, lay down and let others run your life, or just survive day to day. But maybe, you can not only “suck it up” and survive, you can be a successful single parent. I have made more than my share of mistakes since becoming a single parent over three years ago, but I have done a couple things right too. Create a Support Group: Finding Help One of the best things a single parent can do is seek out a good support system. If you do not have the nearby support of a loving family, develop special relationships with others. These relationships can be with other parents who are in the same situation who share babysitting, outings, and other services. Letting Go and Moving On Let go of grudges you may hold against your child’s other parent who is absent from both of your lives. Holding on to feelings of anger will not change your situation and will probably consume a great deal of your energy - energy you need to devote to creating a positive environment for your child. If you dwell on your disappointment with, and/or dislike of, the father or mother of your child, chances are your child will sense your feelings and suffer in some way from your negative attitude.

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Being Thankful Even if you do not have a lot of money, you do have your child and your love and your time to give to him or her. Try to remember that monetary wealth and material possessions are not the most important items in your child’s life. Your love, support and time together mean much more to them. You can have fun for free. Activities such as going for a walk or a bike ride, playing at the park, coloring, painting, singing, or dancing, will thrill your child just as much as spending money to go to an amusement park, an arcade or a toy store. Set up Regular Routines Your child needs stability and security. One way to provide this is by developing a daily routine. Simple things like going to the park every Sunday afternoon, eating dinner together each night, sharing a treat before nap time or reading a book together before bed every night will become activities that your child looks forward to and can count on to occur with regularity.

Brenda L. Newton Director

Be Dependable Create realistic rules and a standard of discipline that you stick to all the time. If you are consistent with your child, he or she will learn what acceptable behavior is and what is not. They will also learn what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. If you are dependable, they will know that they can always count on you to help them with their homework, be there for dinner or tuck them in bed at night.

(250) 384-0229 Vancouver Island, BC

Being a single parent probably wasn’t in the fairy tale dream you had as a child. Remember that you can use your single parent experience to strengthen the bonds between you and your children. _________________________________________________ Lara Leontowich is a successful single parent of an energetic five year old boy. She is the co-founder of the WestCoast Moms Network. Local Single Parent Resources: Single Parenting Resource Centre of Victoria The Centre offers a wide selection of programs and free services that assist custodial and non-custodial parents in meeting the needs of their families. or 250-385-1114 BC Families in Transitions Helps more than 10,000 people per year through family changes, including separations and divorces, remarriages, blended family arrangements and other complex family situations. or 250-386-4331


Dynamic Arts School Dance - Celebrate Life! Classes for adults and children West African Dance & Drumming Creative Dance, Modern Dance & more!

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Can I Get The Recipe?: Cari Snell

Can I get the Recipe? is a free site providing weekly recipes complete with shopping lists, cookbook features, product giveaways and more. Subscribe today to start getting your weekly updates at

Turkey Pot Pie

Recipe from Damion of The Urban Spork Prep Time: 20 min ~ Total Time: 45 min, serves 4 Can I Get the Recipe Tip: A fabulous way to use up leftover turkey, this dish is tasty and convenient as you can throw in a variety of leftover vegetables and make the topping with either prepared puff pastry or pie crust.

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Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter 1/2 small onion, chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped 3 carrots, chopped 3 tablespoons flour 4 cups stock (turkey or chicken) 2 potatoes, peeled and diced 2 cups shredded cooked turkey 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 cup frozen peas, thawed 1 prepared puff pastry or pie crust egg wash – 1 egg, lightly beaten with 1 teaspoon of water Directions: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Melt the butter in a saucepan and cook the chopped onion until tender. Stir in celery and carrots and cook for 2 minutes. Stir in flour and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Add stock and bring to a simmer. Add potatoes and simmer until tender. Stir in turkey, parsley and peas. Pour mixture into baking dish. Top mixture with puff pastry (or pie crust) and brush with egg wash. Bake for 20-30 minutes, until crust is golden. If your puff pastry looks nicely browned and puffed, but collapses when removed from the oven, it hasn’t been baked long enough – either raise the temperature and/or bake longer.

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Snow Babies: Melanie Osmack


ow that winter has arrived, here are some important safety tips for keeping your snow baby safe and warm.

Layers Layers are perfect for you and your baby. Simply remove a layer if the temperature climbs or you head indoors. When active, dress your baby in 1 to 2 more layers than you are wearing as you might be working up a sweat, but baby is just along for the ride. Do not forget that blankets and stroller covers count as layers. Heads & Fingers About 30% of body heat is lost from the head so don’t forget a nice warm hat for baby. Look for something with ear flaps. Fingers are also very sensitive to the cold so we recommend thumbless mitts for as long as your baby will wear them. Trying to get little thumbs in little thumb holes is frustrating for mom AND baby. Cheeks & Lips Baby’s skin can be sensitive to the cold. We love Dimpleskins Kiss Me Baby for keeping baby’s cheeks and mom’s lips naturally safe & soft. Sun Protection Don’t forget the sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen. It may be cold, but it can still be bright. Stay Dry Stroller rain covers are a great way to keep baby warm and dry without blocking their view of the world. Some babies just don’t do rain covers so Mountain Equipment Co-Op’s Newt Rain Suit is a great alternative. We recommend saving some money by going a size up as the elastic on the cuffs keeps sleeves and legs in place. ________________________________________________ Melanie Osmack is the Founder of Fit 4 Two®. For information on Fit 4 Two classes on Vancouver Island, visit or email Hayley Picard at

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Keeping Your Child Safe:

t’s perhaps every parent’s worst fear - the attempted abduction of their child. Though we rationally understand that crimes of violence (such as child abduction) are far more likely to be committed by someone known to the victim, as opposed to a complete stranger, it is sometimes surprising how children define and perceive “a stranger” or “someone who is trustworthy.” For the past twenty years I have conducted the SHAKU 8 Tips to Street Safety for Children program to thousands of elementary-aged children on Vancouver Island. The program has also been adopted in public and independent schools and martial arts academies across Canada. On countless occasions while teaching children the lessons in the program, I have watched parents stand aghast as their child confidently states that “a bad stranger always wears black clothing” or that “only men are dangerous strangers.” There are a lot of tips out there and also a lot of misleading stereotypes portrayed in children’s television programming. Listed below are the non-physical lessons taken from our program that you can review with your child. Communication with your child is the best defense. SHAKU Family Martial Arts 8 Tips to Street Safety for Children 1. Be Aware. Look, listen, and feel. Know what is happening around you. 2. Walk With Confidence. Portray positive body language by standing and walking tall. Avoid looking down, slumping forward, or dragging feet. 3. Play With A Buddy. There is safety in numbers. Avoid playing alone. Invite others to join in games.

Sifu Cathal Walsh

4. Don’t Talk To Strangers. Once engaged in conversation, manipulation and confusion can happen. It is not impolite to ignore a stranger’s request to converse. If you use a code word system, remind your child that code words are only for use with people known to your child (friends & family). Code words are never to be asked from a stranger (see tip 3). Assure your child that you would never send a complete stranger to pick up your child. 5. A Stranger Can Look Like Anyone. Man, woman, big, small, well dressed or scruffy. Dispel stereotypes. 6. Don’t Fall For Tricks. Predators may use distractions such as money, gifts, candy, or animals (lost or injured) to distract and gain trust with your child. Sometimes the ego is used rather than gifts (“you’re so strong, pretty, etc…”) 7. Run To A Safe Place. If lost or in trouble go to a place where there are others. Avoid isolated places (hiding places that no one knows about). 8. Scream. If a stranger grabs your child, they should try to gain the attention and help of other adults by screaming loud and clear, “No, Stop, You’re not my mom, you’re not my dad.” This should be repeated until help is received. If you have any questions about these tips or would like more information about personal safety lessons for your child or yourself, please visit our website We have locations in Duncan, Ladysmith and Langford. _________________________________________________ Sifu Cathal Walsh is a school teacher and administrator. He is also a former Education Standards Coordinator for the BC Ministry of Education. He conducts workshops for parents and educators on topics of school safety and bullying prevention. He is the founder of SHAKU Family Martial Arts. Got A Question? You can contact Sifu Cathal at 1-888-SHAKU-10 (742-5810) or by email at

Next issue Spring 2010 Book by March 5th Street date April 1st

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Craft Caravan:


Keri Zingle

he Olympics are always exciting to watch with the kids, but even more so when they are just a hop, skip and a jump (or a ferry ride!) away. Catch the spirit of the games this winter by trying some of these sports inspired crafts.

Finger Skis My Kids cannot get enough of the finger skis they made with their big cousin! If your child is all about the snowboarding events, make a single snowboard in the same fashion as skis.

Lace Up Skate Cut heavy cardstock or construction paper into the shape of a skate. Punch holes in a zig zag pattern along the edge where the laces would be. Your child can practice fine motor skills by cutting out the skate and lacing from bottom to top.

Cut two ‘skis’ from light cardboard or heavy cardstock. Skis should be approximately 1.5 times longer than your child’s index finger, and slightly wider than finger. Alternately, use two craft sticks for your skis.

Go Canada Pom Poms Cheering is much more exciting when you have something to wave around in the air! Stretch an arms length of masking tape out on a table, sticky side up. Cut several pieces of red and white crepe paper into 20cm lengths. Stick the short sides of paper across the tape, alternating between red and white, and ensuring that the long sides all hang down in the same direction. Position a dowel or craft stick at one end of the tape, pointing in the opposite direction of the crepe paper strips. Starting at the end where the dowel is, roll the tape up around the craft stick. Once it’s completely rolled, secure with additional tape. Now you’re ready to cheer! Medal for Canada Punch a hole in a frozen juice can lid, near the edge of the lid (this should be done by an adult). Cover the lid with paper: silver tinfoil, yellow construction paper, or white paper covered in gold sparkles or gold crayon. Carefully poke a pen or pencil through the paper where you made the hole in the lid. Tie a ribbon through the hole so your child can stand on the podium and be awarded their medal!







Measure your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s boot size: wrap a strip of construction paper around the tip of their finger, tall enough to go beyond first joint by 1cm, and ensuring that they can easily insert and remove finger. Tape paper to make a cylinder â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;bootâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. To position boots on skis carefully cut 4 slits (.5 cm long) into one end of boot at even increments. Bend slitted portion of paper towards rest of cylinder, then bend back and position boots on skis by taping folded part to ski form. Watching the Olympics becomes even more exciting for kids when they can participate with their own handmade props. Do some Olympic inspired crafts this season to move the games from watching, to participating! _________________________________________________ Keri Zingle is mother of two and owner of Craft Caravan which sends crafts to kids in the mail. Like our ideas but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the time to prepare? Enroll in the Kids Craft Club for monthly projects at your door!


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m s s i k


Island Child


Crib Safety:

ith Stork Craft coming out with another crib recall in 2009, parents are naturally worrying about the cribs they own, and are wondering what to do about new crib purchases. In Canada, 968,841 of the recalled cribs were distributed through Sears Canada, Wal-Mart Canada and various other stores. If you previously purchased a Stork Craft drop-side crib between January 1993 and October 2009,or a Stork Craft crib with a Fisher-Price logo between October 1997 and December 2004, you should contact Stork Craft at their toll-free number at 1-877-274-0277 for a repair kit. HOWEVER, you should first examine the plastic drop-side hardware for signs of damage and make sure the drop-side was correctly installed to begin with. If the drop-side is installed upside down, or the drop-side hardware is broken, loose, missing or deformed, you should immediately stop using the crib and find a safe place for your baby to sleep. What factors should you consider when buying a new crib? Crib safety is paramount. The crib is the one place where your baby will regularly be left alone. At night, a parent may not be able to hear their baby or child in the crib. You should avoid buying used cribs that may no longer meet crib guidelines, such as used cribs sold at garage sales or flea markets. Make sure the crib you buy is solid and has less than 6.1cm of space between the slats. There should be no cutout designs where baby’s head, arms, legs or hands can get stuck. Do not buy a crib that has corner posts where baby’s clothing can get caught, as these can injure or strangle a child. Give the gift of

FUN to your loved ones!

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Linda Sheppard Even when you have purchased a solid crib, check and tighten screws and bolts regularly as these parts can become loose, especially if an older baby or toddler is in the crib and is very active. Crib safety requires parents to keep the crib away from windows. Use a mattress that fits. No more than two fingers should fit between the crib and mattress. Remove mobiles by the time your baby is five months old. Keep large plush animals and bulky blankets out of the crib. While it seems there are so many rules to follow, once you have purchased a safe crib, and if the Canadian government has it’s way, this will mean ONLY a fixed-side crib, you can easily keep you baby protected from danger by following a few simple and commonsense rules. Once you have done that, everyone will sleep well. For more information on crib safety go to Health Canada and look up their Crib Safety (Fact Sheet). ________________________________________________ Linda Sheppard owns Dreamland Kids in Victoria and loves to help parents find the best furniture for their child’s bedroom. Visit Dreamland Kids at 3194 Douglas Street.

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Berle Zwaan

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Performing Arts: Olivia Boudreau


s parents, we strive to help our children build selfesteem and to equip them with the skills required to face the challenges of life. Some of the most important skills we can teach are those that help kids develop into self-assured adults. One of the best ways to cultivate self-esteem is through participation in the performing arts. Critical life skills are learned in simple dance, music or acting classes. Performance helps all kids, no matter what their personal style.


ALL7ELCOME7AGONTO Shy children gradually open up and feel more confident. Expressive children find an outlet for creativity and energy. Students gain selfconfidence, learn to think on their feet, expand creativity, improve social skills, and become more comfortable with handling new situations and transitions in their lives. Children develop creative thinking skills and hone the ability to push themselves to higher achievements. These skills often enhance a child’s academic performance, and the benefits of a sense of physical well-being can establish healthy patterns for life.

Through dance, self-esteem develops as students conquer new movements and grow more certain of their abilities. Selfassuredness grows, and the realization that they can master tasks through practice and goal-setting strengthens character. Acting teaches children how to work as team members, take direction, deal with the unexpected, and improvise when necessary. Building discipline, developing strength and stamina, achieving grace in movement and developing a sense of pride in accomplishments are some of the rewards for involvement in the performing arts. Growing through this artistic process helps a child on the path to becoming a successful adult while maintaining the high standards established in performing arts training. Whether classes are taken for fun, fitness or for the pure love of the arts, every student will be exposed to lessons that will assist them along whatever path they may choose. ________________________________________________ Olivia Boudreau first began teaching dance in 1992 and now teaches at her own performing arts school with her 3 year old daughter at her side.

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Expecting a Baby?

Attend an upcoming BABY SHOWER February 7th, 2010 DUNCAN February 21st, 2010 VICTORIA

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5)&6-5*."5&)"*34"-0/ 4)011&1"35:1-"$&



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New Business Venture:

Waters Edge Organics Q

darlene warren

ualicum Beach is now home to a brand new e-commerce business, Waterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Edge Organics. Stay at home Mom Darlene Warren, is the creator of this great online store, which proudly carries products that come from small businesses where they are handmade and people are paid a fair wage. Armed with years of research into the benefits of organically grown cotton and other organic products, Darlene has compiled a product inventory of goods; from stunning and unique organic clothing and bedding, to skin care products, to Waldorf-inspired dolls and more!

Caring Learning Diversity Guidance Fun


The benefits from organic and fairly made goods goes beyond a healthier personal choice. Darlene provides organic and eco-friendly products and helps educate the consumer. The power of purchase is far reaching. With Waterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Edge Oranics, you can effect change with your purchase. How great is that?


34!4)/.342%%4 $5.#!.

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Waterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Edge Organics, eco lux for baby, child and mom. Visit Darleneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s site at or contact her at 250-947-5362.

Available online or from: (Duncan) Pancia Bella Maternity, Crave Beauty, Indigo Children Consignment & Kinderbeez Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Consignment, as well as (Victoria) Bellies in Bloom Maternity and Mothering Touch ... more stores coming!

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Book Review:


Sandra Sander

arents … we are an imaginative bunch. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are our magical friends. In my house ‘when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall ...’ finishes with ‘... and Mommy will catch you, cradle and all.’ The three little pigs make friends with the big bad wolf ... you get my drift. Happy, happy, happy. World events, violent media - I feel that I need to protect everything magical for my children. Then we experience Death. The book ‘The Next Place’ by Warren Hanson brings with it hope, encouragement, and magic. An agnostic book about the next place we go; a simple place full of light and wonder. ‘My skin will not be dark or light. I won’t be fat or tall. The body I once lived in won’t be part of me at all.’ This book is beautiful; everything about it. Illustrations, language, typesetting, even the paper. Multi-layered, this book is short enough to read to a preschooler, its message deep and soothing to older children and teens. A friend read this book at her father’s funeral. Death is a devastating event in life. This book convinces the reader that ‘ ... light will shine forever in the next place that I go.’ This is not a book about death; rather a book celebrating life. The Next Place, Warren Hanson, Waldman House Press _________________________________________________ FISHEYEPHOTO.NET 250 383 0564 VICTORIA, BC

Sandra Sander is a mother, an advocate of women and children, and book lover.


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Spotlight on Business Journey of Birth: Sarah Segal


ourney of Birth is a dynamic new business serving childbearing women and their families in the Nanaimo area. It is the culmination of a long-held vision of creator, Sarah Segal, to provide professional support and education throughout the childbearing years. Sarah’s own journey into birth work began years ago while attending the birth of a friend. Sarah is certified as a birth and postpartum doula through DONA International and has trained to offer Birthing From Within prenatal classes and breastfeeding support. Sarah is also the mother of a four year old daughter. Describing her business as progressive, Sarah explains that she provides continuity through her various services from pregnancy through to new parenthood. In a profession full of passionate people, Sarah feels that the highest virtue in working with new families is to bring a non-judgmental, non-outcome focused approach to her work. Beginning her own practice is Sarah’s offering to families in her community seeking the opportunity to fully prepare themselves for birth and parenthood. Sarah aims to initiate parents, helping them thoroughly prepare for labor, birth and parenthood. In Sarah’s classes, parents are immersed in opportunities to cultivate their inner resources. “How birth and parenthood unfolds is always somewhat unknown beforehand - in my classes parents have the opportunity to discover how to commit to doing whatever it takes to birth and parent their baby,” says Sarah. Sarah currently offers Birthing From Within prenatal classes, birth and postpartum doula support, breastfeeding support and new mothers’ groups. She can be contacted by telephone at 250.802.5005, email at or visit her website

mamma mia’s coupon book

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The Mommy Consultant: Sarah Burnham


arah Burnham is the arms and legs of expectant mothers who experience unexpected complications during their pregnancy. Envisions of being pregnant and of motherhood are instinctive and exciting, but what happens when you experience an unexpected complication? All energy and attention goes to your health and the baby’s well being, as it should. As a Mommy Consultant, Sarah offers her resources and knowledge to continue the preparations for baby’s arrival so that there is a smooth transition into motherhood. You are not alone, you will get through this, and with your Mommy Consultant you will be prepared for motherhood. Spouses and families can devote time to supporting you while assisting with the preparations to bring baby home.

Sarah herself went through a lot during her pregnancies. Severe morning sickness, bleeding, complicated births and, after baby #1, stress urinary incontinence (to name a few). She never understood why there were Career Consultants, Wedding Consultants, Psychologists, Realtors, Physical Trainers and so on and so forth, but there was no “Mommy Consultant”. She was about to have the most career altering, financially draining, spatially modifying and psychologically moving event to ever happen and wondered why there was no professional out there to help guide her through this process. It was the desire to provide this information to others that led to her writing The Mommy Consultant: Guide and Checklists to Make You the Most Prepared Mom You Can Be and eventually to the conception of this business. Being an expectant and new mom twice over, Sarah does know how to navigate the sea of books and info-bites. She helps moms stay organized during their pregnancy, provides information and resources, and assists with such things as product searches. This will save expectant moms, with unexpected complications, time and energy that can best be spent on growing a family. Visit Sarah’s website,, or email her at

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Your Top 10 Pregnancy Sex Questions Answered: Ann Douglas


here’s no need to spend the next nine months fumbling around in the dark, looking for answers to all your pregnancy-related sex questions. Here are the answers to those questions that you’ve been waiting for someone else in prenatal class to ask. 1. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? In most cases, yes. You’ll only be advised to extinguish the flames of passion if there’s a medical problem that would make intercourse or orgasm a risky venture, such as vaginal bleeding or leaking amniotic fluid, or if you’re threatening to go into premature labor. 2. What about oral sex? Oral sex is considered safe during pregnancy provided that your partner doesn’t blow air into your vagina. That could result in a potentially fatal air embolism. 3. Speaking of oral sex, my partner says I taste different. What’s that about? The hormonal changes of pregnancy can give your vaginal secretions a stronger taste and odor that can turn some people off. 4. Does an orgasm feel different when you’re pregnant? It depends. For some women, it’s business as usual; for others, it’s a whole new world - literally. While some women say that orgasms are more intense during pregnancy, others describe them as far less satisfying. And some women who’ve never had an orgasm in their lives report having them for the first time ever during pregnancy. So pretty much anything goes…



bellies 250-748-8006



births babes w w w. n g d e s i g n s . c a

5. Is it normal to feel crampy after sex? Yes, that’s your body’s response to the oxytocin that is released while you’re having an orgasm. 6. I can’t believe how lubricated I become when I’m sexually aroused. Does this go along with being pregnant? Yes, you can blame - or thank - your body’s increased estrogen levels for the extra lubrication. 7. Do I need to pack my sex toys away during pregnancy? According to Anne Semans and Cathy Winks, authors of The Mother’s Guide to Sex (Three Rivers Press, 2001, $22), there’s no need to pack your sex toys away just because you’re having a baby. Just keep them clean and well-lubricated, and be sure to adjust the angle and depth of insertion to avoid bruising your cervix. 8. My sex drive seems to come and go. Is this normal? While fatigue, nausea, hemorrhoids, and the other aches-andpains of pregnancy may knock the wind out of your libido at various points in your pregnancy, things ain’t over in the bedroom until the fat lady sings. (Or gets hit with the first pushing contraction). 9. My partner has been avoiding sex since the pregnancy test came back positive three weeks ago. He’s totally freaking me out! Is this a typical guy reaction? Your partner’s reaction is not at all unusual, believe it or not.

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Sex Questions Answered ... continued from page 16 Whether it’s concern about hurting the baby or an irrational feeling that the baby could somehow be “watching” you that’s motivating this bedroom boycott, try to be patient with his feelings. After all, he must be pretty concerned if he’s voluntarily going without sex! 10. Is there sex after baby? Eventually, yes. In the immediate shortrun? Well, maybe. An often-cited study on postpartum sex found that only one in five couples managed to find the time and energy for sexual intercourse during the month following childbirth. And if you think that dodging that episiotomy site or cesarean incision is the trickiest part of getting your sex life back on track, I’ve got news for you: the biggest obstacle between you and a night of passion is a tiny eight-pound bundle of joy. Oh, baby! The Pregnant Kama Sutra: The Big Three Wondering what positions work best while you’ve got a baby on board? Here’s a sneak peak at what’s going on inside the bedrooms of the nation. Position: Woman on top (‘female superior’) Why it’s HOT: Allows you to control the depth and angle of penetration and keeps you from lying flat on your back (a position that may cause you to faint after your fifth month). Position: Side-by-side (‘spoons’) Why it’s HOT: Gets your tummy out front and out of the way, and allows for lots of foreplay and cuddling. Position: Rear entry (‘doggy style) Why it’s HOT: Gets your tummy out of the way, but allows for greater ease of movement than with the side-by-side position. ___________________________________________________ Ann Douglas is an award-winning writer and the author of 27 books, including the bestselling: The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, The Mother of All Baby Books, The Mother of All Toddler Books, The Mother of All Parenting Books, and The Mother of All Pregnancy Organizers. You can find book excerpts, articles, tip sheets, and more by visiting Ann’s website at

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Diva for a Day

ntroducing a new concept to photography. This is a day celebrating you ... the woman, the mother, the girlfriend, the wife. Victoria photographer Mary Jane Howland has created the ultimate package for us ~ Diva for a Day. The photo shoot is all about having fun and taking photos that make you feel glamourous and sexy. It is a great way to celebrate getting to that goal weight after having kids. Before your photos, treat yourself to a day of pampering; get your hair and make-up done, buy some pretty lingerie, and then head to the Langford-based studio for a glamour shoot! Mary Jane has all the props and accessories you will need, from jewelry provided by Taraxca Silver, to fun hats and wraps. Mary Jane is sure to let your inner Diva shine through! A recent Diva Mary Jane worked with is Nicki. Victoria Mom of two boys, Nicki has strived to get back to the body she had before kids, and to date, she has shed over 40lbs! What better way to celebrate that amazing goal? Nicki and her husband just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary and the Diva portraits made a wonderful gift for him. The Diva for a Day package consists of the above, as well as you will receive a CD with the high resolution images edited and ready for printing. All images will be supplied in colour and black & white, as well as a selection in a natural effect that looks great with your skin tone. You also get a small book that you can give to that special someone as a gift. And as an added bonus, you will receive 20% off at the Taraxca Silver online jewelry store! Contact Mary Jane Howland for more info on her Diva packages. She can be reached at

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Today’s Must Haves: Piggy Paint - non toxic nail polish for girls


hy wouldn’t any Mom choose Piggy Paint™ Nail Polish as the safe nail polish choice for their little girl!? Created by a Mom, we love that Piggy Paint™ is non-toxic, is almost odor-free, and is made of a water-based formula. This kid-friendly Mom-approved polish comes in a wide array of fun and funky colors. Piggy Paint™ dries to a hard, durable finish in just about 60 seconds. There are no toxic chemicals; it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone.

CleanChoice eco-friendly cleaning services

Giving you back the luxury of time and a naturally clean home to enjoy it in! Simple maintenance cleaning or Complete deep cleaning, regular and occasional service .....a great gift idea for new moms and busy households Providing professional, eco-friendly cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in the South Cowichan Valley - free in-home estimates or 250-929-8381 insured ~ licensed ~ bonded

Clothesline Clothing Casual... Fashionable...Affordable! _________________________________ Ladies • Babies • Kids • Teens • Maternity

Now accepting Spring consignment Call to book your appointment. Come see us for a great selection of Canadian products including Booties in a Box & Little Soles Shoes Royal Oak Shopping Centre

(250) 479-0800

Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint™… it’s as Natural as Mud! Piggy Paint™ is available online from our friends on the Mainland at

Mamma Mia’s Coupon Book coupons for Mom (& Dad)


ver $2,000 in coupons and deals for parents in everyday shopping for their families for only $10. This book has compiled the best in Canadian shopping and services, from prenatal massages, to baby photographers, to clothing boutiques, to house cleaning, to spa services for Mom ... nothing but the best for my fellow Moms! $1 from each book sold is being donated to BC Children’s Hospital. Proudly made in Duncan BC by parents, for parents. Mamma Mia’s Coupon Book is available online at with free shipping, or from a variety of our retail supporters, all listed on our site as well.

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...a sampling of some of the many fantastic new products and services in our marketplace these days... Cookie Safe - cookie protector


ookie Safe is a cookie container specifically designed to hold pre-wrapped single serving cookies, crackers, Mum-Mums etc. This convenient, handy little invention eliminates the frustration of going to get a snack for your little one only to find it crushed in your bag. Created to take up as little space as possible in your bag, while helping to ensure that when you want to offer your little one a snack, you can actually give them one and not crumbs. Available in purple, green and orange. Cookie Safe are available from our friends at Pancia Bella Maternity on Station Street in Duncan.

Mamma Miaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Coupon Book is here!

available at Pancia Bella Maternity, Crave Beauty and Indigo Children Consignment, all on Station Street in Duncan, as well as Kinderbeez at Beverly Corners, Duncan

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resource directory


EgdiZXindjg[Vb^an#6h`bZ]dl# 8dgn7Zio 7jh '*%",'.",*))Zmi'')* 8Zaa'*%"''-"&--. Xdgn#WZio5hjca^[Z#Xdb lll#hjca^[Z#XV$Xdgn#WZio *-%%IjgcZgGdVY!Hj^iZ'%' CVcV^bd!78K.I+?) HjcA^[Z6hhjgVcXZ8dbeVcnd[8VcVYV!'%%.#

Nancy McDougall, RN CPT Certified Play Therapist

supporting children and their families to reach their potential by addressing issues of separation, divorce, low self-esteem, self management, grief, Autism


Adoption _____________________________________

Breastfeeding Clinics & Support _____________________________________

Sunrise Family Services Society T: 888-984-2488 Creating the joy of family by adopting.

Kathy Dutton Certified Lactation Consultant T: 250-951-9886

Art Therapy _____________________________________ Liz McKnight, Reg Art Therapist T: 250-713-8857 Creative counselling for children and families. Beauty for Kids _____________________________________ Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids Country Club Centre 39A - 3200 North Island Hwy, Nanaimo T: 250-758-2444 Where kids can be kids and Moms can take a load off! Lizzy Lee & Me Shelbourne Plaza 3655 Shelbourne Street, Victoria T: 250-590-5568 **See ad page 12 Breastfeeding Clinics & Support _____________________________________

You are invited to Family Time Connections FREE

Premiere Event!


 Place: John Barsby Community School Day and Time: February 13, 2010 12:30 — 4:30 pm What you will find there: - 30 Minute Interactive and Informational Workshops created to help enhance daily family life - Live entertainment - Local community resource information and representatives *Refreshments will be served!

Come one, and come all, if you are any part of a family you will find something for you! For further info please call: 250-716-8888 or email


VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Happy Tribe Consulting T: 250-739-3146 Karyn-grace Clarke is a registered lactation consultant offering in-home and clinicbased consultations for breastfeeding, parenting and relationship issues. DUNCAN Public Health Unit T: 250-709-3050 La Leche League Support T: 250-746-1601, Christy E: NANAIMO La Leche League Support T: 250-754-5853, Bridget Nanaimo Breastfeeding Centre T: 250-755-3388 Individual breastfeeding counselling and support. The Nanaimo Mother and Baby Society T: 250-754-5090 PARKSVILLE Parksville Health Unit T: 250-248-2044 La Leche League T: 250-390-5184, Lesley

VICTORIA La Leche League Support T: 250-727-4384 Child Care Daycares, Preschools, Nannies _____________________________________ International Nannies T: 800-820-8308 Free instant access to hundreds of nanny profiles Supreme Nannies Canada T: 250-483-5222 Your one-stop source for nannies and caregivers across Canada. COWICHAN BAY Treetops Daycare T: 250-748-5716 Daycare full and part time, preschool program in the morning, after school care. DUNCAN Arcadian Day Care Centre T: 250-748-3922 Happy, safe and caring environment. Ages 3 to 5. Early Childhood Educators. Kidzco Learning Centre T: 250-746-4027 Stimulating environment that includes each child’s uniqueness. 30 months to 5 years. Kingdom Treasures Christian Preschool T: 250-746-0110 Maureen’s Angels T: 250-715-1946 Infant and toddler group care. Sunrise Waldorf School T: 250-743-7253 Parent & Child, Nursery and K to 8. LAKE COWICHAN Kaatza Child Care T: 250-749-6422 NANAIMO Four Seasons Montessori Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo T: 250-758-8979 Full day and half day programs plus enrichment and French. Nanaimo Montessori School Waddington Road, Nanaimo T: 753-0649 Empowered children who model behaviours that contribute to better communities. QUALICUM Little Star Children’s Centre T: 250-752-4554 Earth friendly philosophy with an inspired, academic curriculum.

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resource directory Child Care Daycares, Preschools, Nannies _____________________________________ Morning Glory Childcare Centre T: 250-752-6777 E: Warm and caring Waldorf based programs in a lovely rural setting minutes from Qualicum Beach. Oceanside Montessori School Hoylake Road W, Qualicum Beach T: 250-738-0305 Providing your child with a beautiful Montessori environment, both inside and out, so as to generate a curiosity and zest for life! Self-paced learning to build confidence and independence. Ages 3 to 5. SALTSPRING ISLAND Saltspring Daycare and Preschool T: 250-537-2114 Tree Frog Daycare T: 250-653-4998 SHAWNIGAN LAKE Precious Beginnings Early Childcare Centre T: 250-743-4477 VICTORIA Goldstream Co-op Preschool T: 250-474-3011 E: A parent-participation preschool with programs for 3 & 4 year olds. Miles of Smiles T: 250-298-7374 **See ad page 13 Nightingale Preschool and Jr Kindergarten T: 250-595-7544 Taking children’s learning forward, balanced approach to play and education. Ross Bay Preschool T: 250-383-7445 E: Chiropractic _____________________________________ Valleyview Family Chiropractic Dr. Vanessa White 11 - 1400 Cowichan Bay Road, Cobble Hill T: 250-743-3775 **See ad page 5 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder _____________________________________ Nanaimo FASD Society T: 250-758-6317 E: Charitable organization providing information sessions and workshops and community events aimed at sharing education and awareness for the prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in the mid island region.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder _____________________________________ Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization T: 250-753-1133 Autism and FASD. Foster Parent Support __________________________________ Foster Parent Support Services Society T: 1-888-922-8437, 250-598-1500 Information for those interested in becoming foster parents. Health and Wellness _____________________________________ USANA Health Sciences T: 250-709-9086 Exceptional, science-based nutritional and personal-care products. **See ad page 7 Home Schooling _____________________________________ Wondertree Homelearners’ Network T: 250-754-1227, Suzanne Providing homeschooling registration across BC; supporting self-directed learning. House Cleaning & Maintenance _____________________________________ Clean Choice Cleaners T: 250-929-8381, Tracey Giving you back the luxury of time and a naturally clean home to enjoy it in! **See ad page 18 Lush Eco Lawns T: 250-597-0408, John E: Gas-free lawn mowing, seasonal organic soil treatments, and environmentally friendly lawn maintenance. Midwives _____________________________________ Midwives Association of BC/ College of Midwives will provide a list of midwives in your community T: 604-736-5976 VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Mid-Island Midwifery T: 250-246-4083, Laurie Untereiner Providing holistic care during the childbearing year. Serving communities from Crofton to Nanaimo. COWICHAN VALLEY Cowichan Midwifery Group T: 250-709-2040 SALTSPRING ISLAND Community Midwifery Care T: 250-537-2243 Offering experienced care for low-risk local moms. Will consider clients from communities with no Midwives.

Page 21 Music and Dance _____________________________________

Optometry _____________________________________

Adage Studio T: 250-709-4048 Offering Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acting, Adult Dance Fit, Adult Pilates, Salsa and African Contemporary **See ad page 4

South Cowichan Eyecare Chemainus Family Eyecare T: 250-743-8899, 250-246-3405 **See ad page 11

BC Boys Choir T: 1-888-909-8282 For boys aged 7 to 13, in Nanaimo Monday evenings. MoonDance Dynamic Arts School T: 250-743-5846 West African Dance & Drumming, Dance from India, Hip Hop & more! **See ad page 5 Nanaimo Conservatory of Music T: 250-754-4611 Kindermusik, a good beginning never ends. Peninsula Academy of Music Arts 1662 Mills Road, North Saanich T: 778-426-1800 Music lessons for all ages, all instruments. Accredited teachers, instrument rentals & sales, lots of parking. Salsa Babies and Salsa Tots T: 604-461-7827 Dance back into shape with baby as partner! **See ad page 18 Steps Ahead Dance T: 250-701-0203 Quality dance instruction for children, RAD ballet, ISTD Modern, ISTD Tap **See ad page 16 Vancouver Island Symphony Noteworthy Kids: A free community outreach program sponsored by the Vancouver Island Symphony, Nanaimo. Victoria Suzuki Piano School T: 250-385-8355 Montessori-styled music environment for young children. Online Resources _____________________________________ **See ad page 8

Salt Spring Eyecare Dr. Andrea N. Varju, Optometrist 158A Fulford-Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Isl T: 250-537-4356 **See ad page 14 Party Planning _____________________________________ 99 in the Shade Balloons & More Over 70 kids party themes, party favours and pinatas, online ordering available A Perfect Party by Cody T: 250-384-6266, Kris Party supplies for all occasions delivered to your door. A Piece of Cake! Children’s Parties T: 250-715-0286, Nicole Children’s party planning consultant. Giggle Box Party Rentals T: 250-882-1865, Kim Specializing in children’s party theme rentals. Goodies Galore T: 250-510-1522, Johanna Goodie bags - birthdays, holidays, baby showers, incentive for students / children. Photography _____________________________________ Donna Budd Photography T: 250-248-4985, Donna E: Newborn, Baby, Family, Headshots. See proofs first...Love what you see. **See ad page 5 Fisheye Photography T: 250-383-0564, Martine **See ad page 14 Mary Jane Howland Photography Contact: Mary Jane Babies, bellies, family & wedding photography; all photos provided on CD. Nancy George Photography, NG Designs T: 250-748-8006, Nancy E: Mother and creative portrait Photographer serving southern Vancouver Island. **See ad page 16 Natural Moments Photography T: 250-818-5708, Berle Portraits, landscapes, special occasions captured in a session designed for you! **See ad page 10

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resource directory

Retail ~ CONSIGNMENT: Clothing & Accessories _____________________________________

Photography _____________________________________

DUNCAN Indigo Childrens Consignment 131 Station Street, Duncan T: 250-709-2042 Toys, clothes, car seats, furniture, maternity **See ad page Back Page

Aly Dahl Designs Handcrafted bespoken jewelry created from reclaimed pure silver. **See ad page 12

Kinderbeez Children’s Consignment 2755 Beverly Street, Duncan T: 250-748-2345

Apples ‘n’ Oranges Your online shop for childresnwear 0 - 5.

LADYSMITH Indigo Childrens Consignment 436 First Avenue, Ladysmith T: 250-245-2042 Melissa & Doug, Robeez, Bumbo, Padraigs **See ad Back Page

Baby ‘n Me Hip unique gear and natural care.

Rebecca Joy Studios T: 250-727-1453, Rebecca Specializing in capturing the fleeting moments of childhood and families with a fresh look, creating images that are forever. Her photo sessions are relaxed and fun, just as memorable as the portraits she creates. **See ad page 14 Sheri Jackson Photography T: 250-740-5904, Sheri Artistic, babies, kids, families, maternity, weddings. **Cover Photo Photographer **See ad page 6 Play Therapy _____________________________________ VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Nancy McDougall, RN, CPT T: 250-744-8879, Nancy Supporting children and their families. **See ad page 20 Poison Centre _____________________________________ Your Poison Centre T: 800-567-8911 The BC Poison Control Centre provides accurate up to date information about potential hazards and recommends treatment as needed. Prenatal Classes _____________________________________ Beautiful Birth Birthing From Within classes and Certified Doula Care T: 250-597-2770, Catherine Quaglia CD(DONA) Victoria HypnoBirthing T: 250-888-5995 E: Hypnobirthing is based on the belief that severe discomfort does not have to be a natural accompaniment of birthing. Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Massage and Fitness _____________________________________ COWICHAN VALLEY T: 250-746-0327, Lilian Bianchi Prenatal and Postnatal (moms and babies) yoga classes. VARIOUS COMMUNITIES Belly Love T: 250-748-6080, Kris Lang Prenatal & Postpartum massage and yoga instruction.

Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Massage and Fitness _____________________________________ Fit 4 Two Pre and Post Natal Fitness **See article page 7 Mambo Moms: Fitness Fun For Baby & Mom

T: 250-754-7090, Susan Classes in Nanaimo, DVD for fitness fun at home or a unique baby shower gift. Shop ‘n Stroll T: 877-479-9429 Classes run year round - Mayfair Mall and Woodgrove Centre. **See ad page 13 VICTORIA Jane Podmore Massage Therapy Mosaic Wellness Clinic Suite 314 - 1061 Fort Street, Victoria T: 250-388-0111 ext 2 E: Prenatal, postnatal, family health and wellness massage therapy for your growing family. Mothering Touch Prenatal Yoga taught by specialized perinatal yoga teachers. Monday and Thursdays from 5:30-7 Sundays from 2:30-4

LAKE COWICHAN Izzy & Ollie’z Children’s Consignment 104 South Shore Road, Lake Cowichan T: 250-749-3229 VICTORIA Clothesline Clothing Royal Oak Shopping Centre T: 250-479-0800 Casual, fashionable, affordable! **See ad page 18 Little Treasures Children’s Consignment 1606 Stanley Avenue, Victoria T: 250-590-4228 Victoria’s newest children’s consignment clothing shop. Offering a great selection of quality brand name kids clothing.

Mommy-and-Baby Yoga Thursdays from 1:15-2:15 Mommy and Toddler Yoga Mondays from 10:30-11:30 Prenatal Fitness Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30 Baby-Bootie Camp - postnatal fintess Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30 Real Estate _____________________________________ Sarah Binab, Binab Strasser T: 250-360-1929 E: Helping families find the perfect neighborhood! Reiki _____________________________________ Crystal Clear Reiki T: 250-743-9259, Cathy Simons E: Reiki for everyone, kids love it! Healing & Training, wonderful for Pregnancy and Birthing.

Retail ~ MATERNITY: Clothing & Accessories ____________________________________ DUNCAN Pancia Bella Maternity 53 Station Street, Duncan T: 250-748-1143 Maternity/nursing wear and accessories, diaper bags, nursing bras, nursing covers, specialty lotions and much more! **See ad page 13 VICTORIA Bellies in Bloom Maternity 104 - 4489 Viewmont Ave, Victoria T: 250-479-0803 Catering to casual, fashionable moms. **See ad page 19 La Mama Maternity 620 Broughton Street, Victoria T: 250-388-3977 Maternity wear, nursing wear, diaper bags & more! **See ad page 11 Mothering Touch 975 Fort Street, Victoria T: 250-595-4905 The place for new & expectant parents. **See ad page 9

Retail ~ ONLINE: Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________

Bare Organics Organic skin care products for mama and baby, new baby and new parent gift baskets. Bealoo Kid’s Decor Fun and funky art decor for babies and kids Bermuda Babies Baby Gear Big Fat Hen Booties in a Box Genuine leather baby booties, 0-2 years. Doodlebaby Affordable, handmade baby gifts, custom orders welcome. Dragonfly Distributing Tip Toey Joey Baby Footwear Eco Bambini Planet Organic, fair trade products: pregnancy & beyond, gifts, baby carriers. Eco-Chic Baby Quality toys, cloth diapers & more! Hip Melon Funky, stylish, exclusive SLINGS. Kissed Baby Canada’s fashionable, comfortable, unpadded baby slings (and more!) **See ad page 9 Mega Mood Baby Boutique Milk Factory Mommy’s Yelling Girl No-Slip Clips Accessories for baby boys & girls, big girls and Mommies too! Momo Design House Durable linen baby slings, silky bamboo bedding, organic cotton onesies. Free shipping offer.

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resource directory Retail ~ ONLINE: Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________ my Kidsquarters My Life Storybooks Personalized children’s storybooks Oma Gosh! Designs Custom products, blankets, superhero capes, storybook pillows and more! PerryWinkles Kids Specializing in hand-smocked dresses for girls. Po Po’s Ponchos Jackets your kids WILL wear! R Little Babe Trendy and funky baby gifts with unique flair! Saltspring Island’s online boutique Sacred Baby Designer baby gear for the modern parent. Saplings Sustainable Kids Decor Creating ‘green’ spaces where children play, sleep & dream. **See ad page 3 Snug Bug Clothing SOXY Fabulous, affordable sox for women and children. Tot-To-Go T: 604-523-9339 E: Baby slings, nursing covers and essentials. Water’s Edge Organics T: 250-947-5362 Eco lux for baby, child and mom. **See ad page 10 YOU Pillows A must-have for mom, baby and the whole family! Retail ~ ONLINE: Products and Services for Mom and Baby _____________________________________ AB Corp The Identakey - create custom ID cards, all stored on a USB flash drive. Cards by Kids One-of-a-kind greeting cards by your favorite artists ... your KIDS!

Retail ~ ONLINE: Products and Services for Mom and Baby _____________________________________ Craft Caravan New crafts every month, fun mail for kids! **See ad page 4 Easy Daysies Magnetic schedules for kids. Fun Pass Silly stuff, smiles and giggles online. **See ad page 10 Happy Island Diaper Service T: 866-922-7377 or 250-591-7000 Changing the world one bottom at a time! Mabel’s Labels Labels for the stuff kids lose. Mamma Mia’s Coupon Book T: 250-597-3552 Coupons and discounts for expectant and new parents. Partial proceeds to BC Children’s Hospital. **See ad page 12 Our Baby Impressions no web T: 250-724-6881 E: Preserve the actual size, shape and lines of your baby’s tiny hands and feet in a 3-dimensional casting, mounted on a classic antique-style frame. Tupperware T: 250-384-0229, Brenda E: **See ad page 5 Retail ~ STORES: Children’s Clothing, Furniture, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________ DUNCAN Indigo Childrens Consignment 131 Station Street, Duncan T: 250-709-2042 Toys, clothes, car seats, furniture, maternity **See ad page Back Page Kinderbeez Children’s Consignment 2755 Beverly Street, Duncan T: 250-748-2345 LADYSMITH Indigo Childrens Consignment 436 First Avenue, Ladysmith T: 250-245-2042 Toys, clothes, car seats, furniture, maternity **See ad page Back Page NANAIMO Kool & Child 208 Wallace Street, Nanaimo T: 250-716-1777 Educational toys for children.

Page 23 Retail ~ STORES: Children’s Clothing, Furniture, Shoes, Toys & Accessories _____________________________________ Pumpkin Pie Kids Wear 411A Fitzwilliam Street T: 250-754-3933 Quality items for baby and older; clothes, toys, shoes, layette. QUALICUM BEACH Hard Candy Baby Boutique 12 - 221 Second Ave W, Qualicum Beach T: 250-752-4769 Cool kicks and clothes for kids! **See ad page 13

Scrapbooking _____________________________________ Ella Bella Designs Nanaimo’s Scrapbook Studio E: Specializing in workshops, project kits, Elly Kids Programs & Crops. **See ad page 14 Sleep Consultants _____________________________________ Cheeky Chops T: 778-552-0069, Dawnn Whittaker Baby Contentment and Sleep Consultant

SALT SPRING ISLAND Gecko Green Living 364 Lower Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island T: 250-537-1151 Organic and eco-friendly clothes, bottles, bibs, and more! **See ad page 6 UCLUELET Ukee Baby Boutique 250 Main Street, Ucluelet T: 250-726-4242 Funky fashions and toys, NB to 14. **See ad page 4 VICTORIA Bellies in Bloom Maternity 104 - 4489 Viewmont Ave, Victoria T: 250-479-0803 Catering to casual, fashionable moms. **See ad page 19 Clothesline Clothing Royal Oak Shopping Centre T: 250-479-0800 Casual, fashionable, affordable! **See ad page 18 Dreamland Kids 3194 Douglas Street, Victoria T: 250-381-5437 Furniture, room decor, toys and more! **See ad page 18 JamTots Baby & More Store 748 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria T: 250-478-1737, 1-888-703-8687

g out n i g n a h r thanks fo s issue ... hi with us t Spring! the see ya in

Sprouts Kids 202 - 536 Herald Street, Victoria T: 250-388-9525 Everything you need to get started off right. **See ad page 7

Scrapbooking _____________________________________ Creative Memories Consultant Traditional, Digital Photo Books & Decorative Displays T: 250-591-3672, Dawn Portman E: Offering solutions for everyone’s style of celebrating photos and memories.




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