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May 2014

Issue #5

May 2014 Issue #5

Chebeague Island Council Calendar

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Contents: Chedemption




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This cottage, which was probably originally built as a boat house, has withstood many years of stormy winds and water as it sits on the eastern end of Hamilton beach. It has no land. It has had various names and owners. Once referred to as “The Little Dandelion” it is more commonly known as “Seventh Heaven.” Former owners include Al Hopkins, the Wests, and Helen Cronin, who deeded the property to Philip Bruley. His son Roger has owned it since 1997 and it is used by the Bruley siblings annually. The monthly House Histories are selected and written by Martha Hamilton. It is presented on behalf of the Chebeague Historical Society and Island Library to provide additional

Burn Permits & Parking

information and correct what had originally been documented in the 1977 House History


Survey. Martha welcomes further clarification or detail about any house she reports on: 846-4078. Martha has been doing the Calendar cover since 1965!

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Chebeague Island Council Gin Ballard, President, 207-653-5651, Tom Schutte, Editor-in-Chief / Elizabeth Schutte, Editor / Kay-Kay Hill, Associate Editor / PO Box 12, Chebeague Island, ME 04017 Ariette Scott, 207-846-9324,

Also available for comments/questions, Board members: Deb Bowman 846-0609, Donna Colbeth 846-3097, Louise Doughty 846-3128, Deb Hall 846-9034, Nancy Hill 846-4126, Mary Holman 846-1072, Ester Knight 846-4178, Mac Passano 846-7829, Gail Miller 846-4369, Carol Lynn Davis 846-8859, and Lola Armstrong 846-4737. The Calendar is a monthly publication of the Chebeague Island Council, delivered to every occupied residence on the island. Members of the Island Council who are off-island at the time of publication may choose to view it online or, for a few dollars more, receive it by first class mail. Payment is required at the time of submission. Please mail your payment to the Chebeague Island Council at P.O. Box 12 or place your addressed envelope in the Library Drop Box. Always welcome: news, stories, art, photos or anything else you would like to share with our community!


The deadline for the June issue #6 is noon on the third Friday after the first Thursday of the month, May 23th.

Preferred delivery method is via email attachment (ads: .jpeg or .jpg or .pdf submissions: .doc). If email is not possible, you can also drop off or mail your submission to the Hill Residence, 13 South Road.

May 2014 | events 5 •

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5:30 PM

tuesday School Committee


6:00 PM

July 4 Parade and picnic

saturday Dinner & Trivia Night


6:00 PM

July 5 GCGC Swatfest

wednesday Board of Selectman


6:00 PM

Thursday Planning Board

July 12 SustainME Entrepreneurship GCGC Family Day Scramble

7:15 PM

July 13 Tri/Quadathon Event

Monday Cemetary Committee Sunset Committee

4:30 PM 5:30 PM

July 25-26 GCGC Member-Guest Tournament


3:30 PM 6:00 PM

July 28 CIHS Annual Meeting

6:00 PM

August 2 Commons - Yard sale


Tuesday • Road Plan Committee • School Committee 22 Thursday • Coastal Waters Commission

24 • •

26 •

28 •

June 29 Commons Wine tasting & silent auction

Monday Sunset Committee

saturday Bake Sale & Plant Sale Talent Show


10:00AM-1:00PM 7:00-9:00 PM

Monday Memorial Day Services



Wednesday Tick presentation



If you have any important upcoming dates you want to have listed in the calendar, please send an email to with: title of the event, location and time. Thank you.

• Church services are every sunday at 10:00 AM • Ladies’ Aid meets every Thursday • Coffee and soup every Wednesday at the Hall

August 9 The Summer Frolic Returns! August 23 GCGC Lobster Bake Scramble August 12 CIHS House Tour August 30 GCGC Swatfest October 11 GCGC Blanchard Invitational and Frost Tournament

Chebeague Island Council Calendar

Island Council Calendar Notes From the editors


The Chebeague  Island  Council  wishes  to   remind  you  that  it  is  time  to  renew  your   annual  membership  and  should  you  wish  to   continue  receiving  a  mailed  Calendar  off  of   the  island,  it  is  time  to  renew  your  First  Class   Mail  Subscription  as  well.    

This is  the  final  issue  of  last  year’s   First  Class  Mail  Subscription.    

Please fill  out  this  year’s  renewal  form  and   return  it  as  soon  as  possible  to  avoid   interruption  of  your  subscription.  Please   contact  Ariette  at  or   207-­‐846-­‐9324  should  you  have  any   questions.    

We are so happy to help with the Island Calendar every month. It is also interesting to see the increase in submissions as the summer months approach. We have heard from a few people that it is sometimes a little unclear when the deadline for next month’s calendar is. Past editors have made the deadline a certain day of every month. Because of our work schedules, we have decided to make the deadline noon on the third Friday after the first Thursday of the month. This gives us the weekend to do the neccesary work, and gives us enough time to get it to the printers. For those who are not aware, we are doing all the Calendar work from our home in The Netherlands. For the most part, there are no difficulties with the long-distance editing, but you may notice us responding to emails at odd hours of the night. Do not be alarmed, we do sleep sometimes, too. Enjoy reading this month’s Calendar and don’t forget your mother on Mother’s Day! Tom & Elizabeth Schutte

Many thanks  in  advance!  

The Chebeague Island Council Calendar will no longer be sent via bulk mail off the island. Instead, you may: Request first class mailing, or view the Calendar online at And, yes! The Calendar WILL CONTINUE TO BE MAILED TO ALL ACTIVE ON-ISLAND MAILBOXES


MAY 2014

Chedemption Volunteers, headed by master volunteer Laura Summa and under the direction of the Island Council, have kept Chedemption going. The number of returnables has increased every year as more people have become aware of what Chedemption does and who it benefits. Chedemption collects returnable bottles and cans at the shed on the south west corner of the Transfer Station. Thirteen organizations are assigned weeks in the summer to be responsible and provide volunteers to do the sorting and labeling. Laura Summa, with the help of other volunteers, does it all the rest of the year. The East End Redemption Center in Portland picks up the returnables at the Casco Bay Lines who generously ships them from Chebeague at no cost to us.

$ Please do not throw away money: give it to Chedemption.

The money collected is divided amongst the thirteen participating organizations. It is expected that checks will be distributed before June of this year. By using Chedemption we also decrease our property taxes by decreasing the amount of solid waste, which requires expensive removal.


Chedemption committee members are: Nancy Hill, Mary Holman, Gail Miller, Ariette Scott, and Laura Summa

Chebeague Island Council Calendar


MAY 2014


Chebeague Island Council Calendar


May 2014

What’s New at CTC?

Credit Card Update

Maintenance at Blanchard Summer Ferry Fare Increase Lot...

Effective May 1st, summer ferry fares will increase according to the schedule During the week of May Credit cards are now below. CTC will accept credit cards as a payment method on the ferry. Cus- 12th we will be doing being accepted on the tomers who pay for their tickets with cash or checks will receive a discount . maintenance on the ferry. We will Blanchard Lot. phase in credit Our plan is to card processing at improve the area the Route One along the back satellite lot in May. fence and to reWhile there is a pair the roadpricing change on ways. The imthe ferry, prices provements we will not be changed have made on the at the Route One lot over the last lot. Daily parking few years have fees will remain been beneficial to $15. We have not our customers scheduled a date for converting the and have aided Blanchard lot. For us in maintethe time being, nance efforts (for cash and check will example, snow be the only payr e m o v a l ) . ments accepted at To complete this the Blanchard lot. project, we will need to clear the Barge Service spaces along the will be back fence. We Interrupted will start blockMay 4th Meeting with CTC Congratulations to the Due to necessary ing off spaces the week Barging Customers of May 5th. In order Chebeague Library! maintenance on the I n t eres t ed ba rgin g cu s t om ers to accomplish our Dovekie, barging (especially commercial customers) are A number of island organiza- goals, we need your service will be inter- invited to a meeting with our captain tions entered our contest for a help. We are asking rupted for a few days and office manager to discuss our free two hour Pied Piper cruise our customers to beginning May 7th. service and ideas for improvement. this summer. We are pleased move to the Route We will post the date The meeting will be May 4th at 2PM to announce that the Library One Lot if at all possiat the Public Safety Building. Please the barge will be was this year’s winner! We ble during the week join us! The first two people who call back in service as of May 5th. Thank will repeat the contest annualthe CTC office and say “Free Rides for you in advance for your soon as we can after Me” will receive a guest book of ferry ly. We’re sure the Library will help. Your cooperation the 7th. tickets. Be sure to leave your name plan a great event! is appreciated!! and number if no one answers! Business Office: (207) 846-5227/846-3700 8 Soule Road, PO Box 27 Chebeague Island, ME 04017

Having an Event? Please let the CTC Office know if you are having a group (more than 15 people) travel on our ferry or bus service.

Summer Office Hours Start May 1st Monday - Friday 9am-4pm

The annual CTC Stockholder Meeting will be held on July 19th at 9AM at the Island Hall.


MAY 2014

Click it or ticket

It has recently come to light that the Maine state seatbelt laws are just as applicable on the Island as on the mainland. This should come as a shock to nobody.  There has always been an unspoken rule that those rules and regulations don’t apply to our corner of the world.  The fact that island vehicles do not need to pass inspection, only make it that much more complicated.  “How can we enforce seatbelt laws when our cars aren’t required to pass inspection?” has been the logic many of us have been using.  Let’s be honest here, though.  With the exception of the back of a pickup truck, there are very few, if any, island vehicles not equipped with seatbelts left in use these days.  While the logic is almost understandable, it is a moot point.  Inspection or not, nearly every car on the island has functioning seatbelts.  Let’s use them! Furthermore, state law still requires that our cars be safe for the road despite not needing inspection stickers. On the mainland we are mostly accustomed to always buckling up as soon as we get in the car.  


It shouldn’t be much of a transition to get into the same good habits here on the island. Our relaxed seatbelt regulations have endangered us to be more relaxed on the mainland as well.  How many times have you been on the Cousins Island bridge before you realized you hadn’t fastened your seatbelt?  (Did you realize if after getting funny looks from cars or pedestrians who didn’t wave back to you?) We would all be safer, everywhere, if we always put our seatbelts on - everytime, everywhere. The chances of getting into a motor accident are not only higher at speeds lower than 40 mph, but the rates of injury prevented by a seatbelt are also higher at lower speeds.  There is no logical reason not to buckle up on the island.  It is a simple act that has been put into law for safety reasons.  Fasten your seat belt to prevent unnecessary injury and unnecessary fines.  Whatever ethical objection you have to the “new” laws, it is not worth the risk. Of course, the decision to buckle up or not, remains a personal decision, and nobody can

force a decision onto you. Just don’t go complaining if you suffer the consequences. Our beautiful island will remain the same, with or without enforced seat belt laws. Enforcing a law that has been on the books for decades is not an attack on our island, and it would serve the community if people would stop seeing it in that light. To hear some people speak, you would think it was a malicious attack on the integrity of our island.  Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill. We have cars, we have seatbelts in cars, why not just use them. As much as we like to think our island community is immune to any harms and dangers, deep down we know that is not true. Would tragedies in our past have been prevented by wearing a seatbelt? Perhaps; we will never know. My opinion on this matter seems to be unpopular on the island at the moment, though I know I am not the only one who feels this way. The simple fact of the matter is, it is a law. Click it or ticket. Submitted anonymously

Chebeague Island Chebeague Island Council Calendar

846-4351 Chebeague Islandphone Library 846

cheblib@hotmail. http://chebeague.chebeag winnebago/search/se

phone: 846-4351 fax: 846-4358

Hours through Memorial Day Remember! SU M M E R U RS LIBR ARY HO r e ft a begin l a ri o M em Day



Monday                   CLOSED

4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Tuesday                   4 pm – 8 pm

10 am - 4:00 & 6 pm – 8 pm

Wednesday             10 am – 1 pm

10 am – 4:00 pm

Thursday                  4 pm – 8 pm

10 am - 4:00 & 6 pm – 8 pm

Friday                     10 am – 1 pm

10 am – 4:00 pm

The Library’s Board of Trustees has approved changes in through late May. The new schedule is: BOOKS Monday really thisNEW CLOSED time, these are available! Tuesday 4 pm – 8 pm Ghost of the Mary Celeste by Valerie Martin Wednesday 10 am – 1 pm Thirty Girls by Susan Minott Thursday Sixth Extinction by4Elizabeth pm –Kolbert 8 pm Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen Friday Museum of Ordinary10 am – 1Hoffman pm Things by Alice Saturday Gods of Guilt by10Michael amConnelly – 1 pm NEW FILMS Sunday CLOSED The Grand Master

Horatio Hornblower

The Desolation of Smaug

Avoid the wait for public use computers, bring your own device! Suggestions accepted for book discussion group, what have you read or would like to read?

The 2014 Island Directory is underway! We need your corrected information, so please check your listing and send any changes to

These changes reflect a thorough analysis of the actual use will, we hope, have impact onareLibrary users. We Afterminimal the long winter, make sure batteries replaced in all smoke/ heat and Carbon Monoxide detectors. (This should be done once a year). preserving the Library’s accessibility to the Chebeague com Then test all detectors for proper operation. Also remember that a life span of 10 yrs or less... Call me if you have with an operatingmost detectors budgethave that is sustainable over time. questions, or need your detectors checked.....Isl and Electric is offering this potentially lifesaving service at no cost.

The Board extends its deep appreciation to Deb Bowman 7 new schedule. We encourage you to call Virginia Tatakis-C

MAY 2014

Burn Permits and Parking A Burning Permit is an absolute must if you are planning any type of outside burning. The permit is FREE. The permit lists the items that can and cannot be burned. Please read the permit PRIOR to starting the fire.

ALL fires must be attended at ALL TIMES To get a burning permit, contact: Dianne Calder 846 4176 281 South Road Anytime Tom Calder 846 8758 108 North Road Anytime Town Office 846 3148 192 North Road During business hours.

You do NOT need a permit to cook on your Outdoor Grill or Outdoor Fireplace.

Fire/Rescue needs your help. Please be sure to pull off the road as much as you can when visiting a friend’s house. If you have a meeting or party, have everyone park on the same side of the road. This will allow Fire/Rescue vehicles to respond to a call quickly.


Important resource numbers Death announcements 04/01/14 Nancy Chamberlin, 83 04/13/14 Phyllis R. Bogle, 91


AA 24hr hotline ............................................ 774-4335/800-737-6237 Al Anon/Alateen to help family/friends of alcoholics.......................... 284-1844/800-498-1844 NA hotline..................................................... 800-974-0062 24 hr Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Hotline........................... 888-568-1112 Statewide Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline....... 800-871-7741 Family Crisis Services..................................... 800-537-6066

A c t i v i t ie s Find the differences

Chebeague Island Council Calendar





MAY 2014

Classified ads

Your Ad here for $5 Up to 4 lines

TOP SH ELF CLEANING AND SERV ICE S CLEANING, MOVING CARS TO AND FROM THE STONE PIER OR CHANDLER’S, SNOW PLOWING AND SNOW BLOWING, TRASH PICKUP, PET CARE AND WINTER HOUSE WATCH – DAILY, WEEKLY OR MONTHLY AND LAWN MOWING. LIGHT TRACTOR WORK. FOR MORE IN FORMATION CALL CINDY AT 8 46 -1055 Rental – Great East End location! Fully equipped year-round home. 2 Bedrooms/1 Large Bath.Each bedroom has a queen bed. Pull-down stairs in 2nd bedroom accesses a 4-bed loft for kids. $700/ week, plus cleaning or $165/night (3-night minimum) Contact: Annette Kincaid at (207) 846-3583 or e-mail:, for more information and reservations.

Charming, ocean view cottage, located on John Small Road, near boatyard, beaches. Wrap around deck, very convenient location. 2 bedrooms, appropriate for 2-3 max. Modern bath, Maine Cottage furniture décor. Cable TV. Gas grill. Security deposit/References required. No pets/No smoking. Weeks available: August 2-9, 9-16. 207-829-8283 or

Proj ect H elp Bu i ldi ng const ruct ion; ca r pen t ry r epa i rs; back hoe a n d loa der si t e wor k; excavat ion a n d fou n dat ion r epa i r; t r ee r emova l/ pru n i ng..... mor e Con tact Specs Eaton 2 0 7- 491-5150 For Sa le – Dry er ( W h i r lpool). W h i t e. BRAND NEW! N ev er been used. $50 0.0 0. Ca ll: 8 46 -3583.

R en ta l - 13 Isla n d V i ew R d. seasona l r en ta l. 3 bedroom. 2 f u ll bat hs. Pr i vat e r igh t away to t h e wat er, F u lly equ i pped su m m er hom e. $9 0 0 per w k. a n d $30 0 secu r i t y deposi t. CONTACT R ich a r d Bow en AT r hbow en3@gm a i or 831- 614 8

The Journal Workshop The Journal Workshop offers a time and place to recall and write about moments that tell of who we are or where we have been or maybe even where we might be going. Journaling can also help us see the familiar through different lenses. The Journal Workshop is tailored to provide resources for the beginner and the continuing journal writer.



Four sessions ($40) beginning Wednesday, June 11th at 7pm. For more information and/or to sign up, please email Donna Colbeth.

Births 3/19/14 - Anne and Peter Hahn welcomed Olivia Watters Hahn. 2/22/14 - Heather and Kevin Coogan welcomed Felix James Coogan.

Chebeague Island Council Calendar


Chebeague United Methodist Church News

Featured Property

Mary Jane O’Connor-Ropp, Pastor Ariette Scott, Secretary 846-4106

Worship at 10am Sunday morning Nursery Care is available every Sunday during worship

Sunday School Begins

this month for children K-3. Please contact Polly Wentworth for more information.

A Reminder

that both the Food Pantry and the Samaritan Fund are available to assist your family with food and other necessities and all inquiries are confidential. For the Food Pantry, call Lola Armstrong at 846-4737 For the Samaritan Fund call Ginny Ballard at 653-5651

water Views of casco Bay & Steps from Sand Beach

Waterfront lot, Tier one permit in place, soils tested, building window cleared, beautiful views toward inner bay islands overlooking sandy beach. A rare find at $195,000. mls# 1085669


207-831-9951 RE/MAX By The Bay 207-553-7385



A machine to CRUSH discarded wire lobster traps – so they can be easily removed from the island and recycled! We will do this for FREE!! (donations gratefully accepted to offset expenses) Drop off traps by the pickup load. Or, for a fee, we’ll come get them. Call to get on the list. • Traps must have trash, cement, bricks, plastic runners removed (wooden runners and metal weights are okay) • Traps not properly prepared will either be rejected or processed for a fee

For more information, please call Kim Boehm, 846-2468 or email

Peter Carleton Reiki Practitioner Friday and Saturday For an appointment (207) 846-6129


MAY 2014

Chebeague Health Center News Know Ticks, No Lyme. From Jan –Nov 2013 (latest data available) there were over 1,125 cases of Lyme Disease in the State of Maine. This year there have already been over 30 reported cases. So it’s important for you and your family to check for ticks EVERY DAY, preferably twice a day. So what do you do if you find a dreaded tick? • Determine if you have a DOG tick or a DEER tick (see photo on next page or posters around the Island). • If the tick is a DOG tick, no harm done. You might get an allergic reaction to the tick’s salvia – this will cause a rash to develop within hours or a day or two after the bite. The rash generally does not get bigger than a dime. It goes away in a few days or a week or so. You can use hydrocortisone cream i.e. Cortaid, etc, if it’s itchy. If it doesn’t go away, see your healthcare provider. • If the tick is a DEER tick do not panic. Remember, the tick has to be infected with Lyme Disease AND be attached for 36 hrs to get a “blood meal” from you. If the tick is flat and/or you picked it off before the mouthparts even got into you, no harm done. If you found an engorged tick (the tick is swelled up like a balloon) look at the fully engorged tick picture below to figure out how long it may have been attached. Put the tick in scotch tape then tape it to a piece of paper or you can immerse it in 70% alcohol so it can be examined by your healthcare provider if needed. If you have been bitten by an infected deer tick a rash will usually start within 3-21 days of the bite. A “Lyme” rash will EXPAND a number of inches. You may develop flu-like symptoms, e.g. fever, achy joints, etc. See your healthcare provider. • Many people think that they need to get a Lyme test/titre to determine if they have the disease. Yes, they can be done (usually at 2 weeks & 6 weeks after the bite), BUT the test isn’t always helpful. Bottom line if your healthcare provider is clinically suspicious for Lyme Disease, they will treat you. • Yes, there is a single dose treatment with either


doxycycline or amoxicillin given within 3 days of finding the tick IF, and ONLY if, the tick can be identified as a deer tick, IF it was attached for at least 36 hours, AND the deer tick population has a 20% infection rate with Lyme. (Note: Maine CDC can not specifically state that Chebeague has this rate BUT Cumberland County does have one of the highest infection rates in the state, so discuss this with your healthcare provider) For more information, go to the Maine CDC website. There is a nifty tick ID game to play on the site too! What you can do to avoid tick bites: • Wear light-colored clothing and tuck pant legs into socks. Check yourself when you come inside and again in a few hours. Ticks love to hide in skin folds, go in your hair, and behind your ears. Remember, it takes a tick at least 36 hours to take their blood meal and infect you - so if you check yourself 1-2 times a day you should be ok. • If you can, shower once you are inside for the day. Heat will kill the ticks so throw your clothes in the dryer for a while. • Use DEET based spray on clothing. DO NOT USE ON YOUR FACE. Avoid putting DEET on your skin-go for the long sleeve shirt so you can spray that rather than your whole arm. • If you find a tick, use tweezers to remove it. Go behind the neck and gently pull backwards - so the tick will relax their pinchers so you can remove ALL of the tick. Using this technique offers the best chance of getting the whole tick - otherwise there is a chance of one or both pinchers being stuck in the skin. (Vaseline, nail polish remover, scorching with a match are NOT recommended as they may actually cause the infected bodily fluids to be expelled into your skin. • Apply tick repellants to your animals. • If you own a dog, consider giving them the Lyme vaccination.

Chebeague Island Council Calendar

Tick-proofing your yard: • Keep the grass trimmed. • Trim your paths so you don’t hit the bushes as you walk down the path. Ticks love to hang on a branch then “hitch” a ride and a potential meal with someone/some animal.

Know your Ticks

Top Row: Black-legged DEER Ticks. Left to Right: nymph, adult male, adult female. Fully engorged female. Infected DEER ticks transmit Lyme Disease. Bottom Row: DOG ticks. NOT associated with Lyme Disease. Left to Right: adult male, adult female, fully engorged female.

Presentation on Lyme Disease, & other tick borne illness & Prevention by Mary Holman Maine Medical Center Research Institute Vector Borne Disease Lab (retired)

Tuesday Lab work & more Congratulations to Claire Ross for getting a Nurse Practitioners job! Unfortunately that means she can no longer draw blood at the Clinic. Thank you, Claire, for a job well done. Good luck in your new endeavors. Nancy Hill RN will continue to draw blood, do blood pressure checks and other nursing duties at the Health Center office on Tuesday mornings. If you have any questions please call Nancy at her home at 846-4126, otherwise JUST WALK IN. Please remember to thank Nancy & Joan as they volunteer their time. LAB HOURS: 7:30am to 9:30am (so the lab work can get on the 10am boat) If you need to be seen for an office visit: • You can contact your own Primary Care Provider. • You can also go to Mercy Express Care Route 1 in Yarmouth. They are open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Health Screening Day was a success. 16 Islanders went through the USM student nurse health screening, 2 got tetanus shots, and a record 18 residents were seen by

Wednesday 28th May, 7pm at the Hall

Dr. Helge Riemann, the skin doctor. Dr. Riemann had so much fun on the Island he is considering coming to not only see patients but also to do biopsies & other small procedures on the Island 3-4 times a year. If you are interested in seeing him, please contact Nancy Hill at 846-4126 or Gin Ballard at 653-5651. Don’t forget, you can still pick up your 911 Fridge Magnet at the Health Center or the Library.

If you need Emergency Fuel Assistance or know someone who does, please ring Gin Ballard at 653-5651. All calls are confidential. The Emergency Fuel Assistance program is to help get you through a rough financial spot. The program will put money towards WHATEVER your heat source is. If you want to send a donation to the program make the check payable to: Chebeague Island Council. Put “Fuel Assistance” in the memo section. Mail to: Island Council Treasurer, PO Box 12 Chebeague Island ME 04017. Your donation will help a neighbor get through the winter.

Food Assistance is available from the Church’s year around Food Pantry. It supplies food/household items/ personal hygiene items. Contact Lola Armstrong at 846-4106 or 846-4737. Additional Food Assistance can be obtained through the Samaritan Fund. Please ring Gin Ballard at 653-5651.


MAY 2014

Did you know? The birthstone for May is the emerald, which represents success or love. According to the early Roman calendar, May was the third month. Later, the ancient Romans used January as the first month and it therefore became the fifth month. It has always had 31 days. The month May was named for Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility.

Island Electric In my quest to rid the island of junk cars and unsightly scrap, I am again collecting any and all metals, including old outboards, lawnmowers, etc. Junk or unwanted vehicles will be removed for free, even if they need to be towed. All proceeds are donated to Island organisations. Thank you for your kind words and support!

Help keep the island clean and green! Please call Kim Boehm, 846-2468 or email

On the first Saturday in May, the Kentucky Derby takes place. According to old Cornish superstition, it is unlucky to buy a broom during the month of May. On May 20, 1932, the first solo flight by a woman across the Atlantic Ocean was made by Amelia Earhart. May in the Northern Hemisphere is similar to November in the Southern Hemisphere. May was once considered a bad luck month to get married. There is a poem that says “Marry in May and you’ll rue the day”. In the 1990 USA census May was the 264th most common surname. The United Kingdom celebrates May as the National Smile Month. On May 1, 1931, the Empire State Building was officially opened. On May 15, 1918, the first regular airmail service began in the United States.


Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act on May 20, 1862.

Please call Kim Boehm, 846-2468 or email


Chebeague Island Council Calendar

Chebeague Recreation Center News * * (207) 846-5068 Up Coming Events

Due to a date conflict we are changing our Quad/Tri event to July 13... Same time same place.


Check our website for fun summer programs and sign up sheets.

Rippleffect Program August 14-15

Kids Place Welcome the arrival of new baby girl to Carrie Matt and Morgan. Check Kids Place Website for upcoming events and programs

*Running grades 1-6, Mon, Wed and Fri after school until 4:15 *Community Garden Series 10:30-noon at the Rec Center May 3 Veggie Gardening Basics May 17 Perennial Success May 31 Soil, Sun, Water

Open Crafts -    Ages: grade 3 and up. $10 drop in fee. Tuesdays after school until 5:00 Come and be creative, we have wonderful craft and art supplies waiting in our closet.




Join like-minded business professionals and innovators on Chebeague Island for a packed day of opportunity to explore your own creative business solutions. Network with emerging Maine entrepreneurs who are turning ideas into economic success. Learn from business leaders across diverse economic sectors, from new takes on traditional seafood to technology, tourism, the arts and more. Share business ideas and challenges in smaller group discussions with proven entrepreneurs and technical experts there to support you. Scholarships are available, first-come first-served, for unbridged year-round Maine island residents. Online registration opens June 1st at noon: sustain– Register early as space is limited.

Arr ive by

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Pete Nelson ”The Treehouse Guy” The host and inspiration of the Treehouse Masters television series on Animal Planet will share how he transformed his childhood passion into a sustainable global business. Pete is the co-founder of the TreeHouse Workshop, which teaches hands-on treehouse design and construction.

ave with a p e l , n o lan i t a . boat, get inspir LEARN MORE AT

Chebeague Island Council Calendar

Thank you notes We would like to thank everyone who contributed to make the 6th Annual Community Dinner and Trivia Night another huge success. Over $2,500 went into the Stephen Ross Scholarship Fund to help island students fund their college educations. More than a hundred people came to the dinner, and many people contributed food, paper products, items for the raffles, time, and talent. Genny, Brennah, Jerry, Beverly, and Herb did a fabulous and entertaining job with the trivia. Â Sarah McKinnon honored retiring board members Mabel Doughty and Ken Hamilton, who both served for forty-nine years on the scholarship board. Ken served all forty-nine years as Board President and his granddaughter Sarah took over for him. This year marks 50 years since the fund was established. Jerry read a moving note about its namesake, Stephen Ross. Once again, this event was made possible by islanders too numerous to name but who all made it a successful and heartwarming event. Thank you all!

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day Services will be at the Chebeague Island Methodist Church on Monday, May 26, at 1:00PM. This year our Island students, as well as many of the folks from our community, will be participating to honor our Veterans. Please join us !


May 2014