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Imam of the Lessons from the Nahj ul-Balagha series

s we mentioned before Imam Ali’s(a) words of advice given to the people of his time are equally relevant today. That is why here, in Children’s Corner, we have randomly selected sermons from the collection of his words for you to become familiar with. In sermon 100, Imam says: “Be attentive that the example of the Household of the Prophet Muhammad’s(s) -Ahl ul Bayt-is like the stars of the heaven; when one star sets (or dies) another one rises”. Here, the Imam is referring to the continuity of true Islamic teachings provided by the Prophet Muhammad(s) through his family, even after the


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June 2018

occultation of Imam -Al Mahdi (atf), by the will of God Almighty. The following extract from sermon 224 is one of the most remarkable. He says: “Was I given all the seven heavens with all that they contain in order that I may disobey God by depriving an ant of the husk of a grain of barley, I would not do it.” An ant can be considered one of the smallest creatures of God. Imam Ali(a) who was known for his fairness, generosity and kindness, summarises how good it is not to deprive even an ant of its sustenance, even so little as a tiny grain. This brings us to think: Who

Islam today issue 60 june 2018  
Islam today issue 60 june 2018