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Prophets as Lessons from the Nahj ul Balagheh series

Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum


s we said in our previous issues we are going to tell stories related to Imam Ali(a) and his words of advice given to the people of his time which are also valuable for us today. The sayings of Imam Ali(a) are recorded in a book called Nahj ul Balagheh. In one of his sermons (sermon 160) Imam Ali(a), speaking to those in charge of governing people encourages them to be hopeful and have faith in God, and not fear anything or anyone except God. We should remember to be good towards other people and obedient towards God. He says we should understand that God is the All-Powerful and we should have trust in Him and no one else. It is important that we give more importance to God than anyone or anything else. Imam Ali(a) reminds people that a simple life is better than having a desire for everything and to be good to others is the best thing to do. The Imam gives some examples from the lives of the Prophets. He says by knowing how prophets lived, we can recognise what is bad or evil and what God likes or dislikes us to do. He suggests to people, especially those in power, to use the Prophets of God as role models. He gives the example of the Prophet Muhammad(s), who had a difficult life as a child but remained thankful to God and was always 24

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May 2018

ready in serving and helping people without the desire of getting rich and powerful. The second example he talks about is the Prophet Musa(a). Even though Musa was given a very important role to lead his people, we would only ask God to give him simple food [bread]. The Prophet Musa(a) kept himself slim by eating simple food, possibly only vegetables. Another example of a prophet living a simple life is the Prophet (a) Dawood [David]. Imam Ali(a) says: “if you want to make Dawood(a) your role model let me tell you that he used to make baskets with dry leaves from date trees with his own hands and would say to his friends and companions, ‘which of you would help me to sell these baskets’, and the income of such sales would have been sufficient for him. He ate bread made of barley bought with that money.” The other example is that of the Prophet Isa(a) [Jesus] son of Maryam(a) [Mary]. Imam says:

Islam today issue 59 may 2018  
Islam today issue 59 may 2018