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In the Shi‘a tradition, Lady Zeinab(s) is known as the nurse of Karbala as she took care of the ill and wounded during and after the event of Ashura with a selfless courage. In Iran her birthday is marked as a special day dedicated to all nurses, known as Nursing Day.


In this issue our Illustrator Ghazaleh Kamrani has drawn some images to remind us of this great lady and the noble work of nurses. In image 1, she has pictured Lady Zeinab looking after Imam Sajjad(a). Images, 2, 3 and 4 shows the work of nurses today who look after ill children as well as adults.

Remember that nurses are not only women, there are many very good and caring male nurses too. Nursing is a very important and God pleasing job which takes a lot of patience and kindness. For us Muslims Lady Zeinab(s) is a great role model.l

4 January 2018

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Islam today issue 55 january 2018 web ready  

Islam today issue 55 january 2018 web ready