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he 2nd National Congress of Interreligious Dialogue, with the motto of ‘The Culture of Interreligious Dialogue Building peace, was held in San Juan, Argentina for three days on October 9-11, 2017. The Interreligious congress, which

Building Peace:

The congress aimed at the development of a permanent space promoting the culture of dialogue between the representatives of the different religions professed in Argentina, on a national, provincial and local base. The themes of the Congress were: ‘Religious communities as participants in the dialogue’, ’Freedom of worship and interreligious dialogue’ and ‘Interreligious dialogue, the tool of the culture of peace’. Over a period of three days, the members of the Congress toured different places in the province where presentations as well as cultural activities and different religious expressions took place. The opening ceremony on 9th October 2017 was held at the Auditorium of the Franklin Rawson Museum whereas the Tuesday 10th morning activities were moved to the Eloy Camus Auditorium of the Civic Centre. After prayers and supplications by some religious representatives, discussions on the central topic, ‘Interreligious dialogue, the tool of the culture of peace’, took place. Activities lasted throughout the day and in the afternoon continued in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The central theme of the discussion was, ‘Freedom of worship and interreligious dialogue’.

The Culture of Interreligious Dialogue Sheikh Feisal and Sister Sumeia report on the second

National Congress of Interreligious Dialogue-San Juan, Argentina, 9-1 1 October 201 7 was sponsored and supported by the Secretariat of Worship, was attended by more than 250 people from different faith backgrounds. The participants included the members of Ministry of Government, the Department of Religious Affairs, NGOs, the Provincial Interfaith consul of San Juan together with representatives of different religious groups and political factions from all over Argentina. The congress aimed at generating a space for dialogue and constructive reflection, where peace-oriented actions were proposed through the exchange between the various religious communities of Argentina. Throughout this Congress, it was demonstrated that dialogue, coexistence, respect and mutual appreciation are the fundamental pillars in the construction of peace in the world, based on the permanent search for common values and unity without anyone losing their individual identity.


December 2017

On the closing day the conclusions of the discussions were presented in the historical Cell of José de San Martín. Prayers were made by the representatives of the different religions, and topics for discussion in future congresses, such as environmental care, world

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