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Prophet Muhammad(s) and his love for children Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum


ne of the most memorable characteristics of the Prophet(s) was his love and affection for young children. Prophet Muhammad(s) believed that when looking after children one should act as if being one of them. According to the Prophet, we should not feel ashamed of playing and talking to children in the way they do. The Prophet Muhammad(s) always lived by example. As you know Prophet Muhammad(s) had a daughter from lady Khadija(a) called Fatima al Zahra(sa). He loved her so much that titled her “the mother of her father".

Fatima(sa) was blessed with three children; Hassan (a), Husayn (a) and Zeinab(sa). There are many accounts about the Prophet’s relationship with Hassan (a) and Husayn (a) showing us how parents and grandparents should behave around children and how to treat young people. Ghazaleh Kamrani our illustrator, has drawn images reminding us of some of these stories. There are many more…, perhaps you can find them and share them with your friends. Enjoy! Illustrator Ghazaleh Kamrani

One day Imam Husayn (a) was seated in the lap of his grandfather, while he was caressing him and smiling.” Seeing this Ayesha said, “O Prophet of Allah! How much do you love this child?” He replied,“... How should I not cherish him and not be pleased with him? He is the fruit of my heart and the light of my eyes. ... whoever visits his grave after his death, God will write down one of my Hajj in his account...”.


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