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Everything has a spring and spring of the Qur’an is the month of Ramadan.”

guide from which we can reach AlBorhan. Al Borhan is the clearest and the strongest way of reasoning and the Qur’an is the path to reach that point of clarity and strength in understanding.

There are many ideas about the Qur’an, one of them is the idea that the Holy Qur’an is always ‘fresh’. The Qur’an is the living speech of God and an on-going river of knowledge and wisdom. The Qur’an is not just about the events that have happened in the past. The Qur’an is present, and it is for all of us as it was for the people at the time of the Prophet and also the people in the future. No generation has more or less access to the Qur’an than another generation.

In the Qur’anic commentary of Al Ayashi, there is a beautiful hadith with a story attached to it. One day a man called Abdulrahim Alghassi, was in the company of Imam Al Sadegh (a). The Imam asked him what his understanding was of the verse in which God says to the Prophet, “you are the warner, and for every nation there is a guide. “The Imam asked Abdulrahim who he thought was the guide of their time? The Prophet Muhammad(s) said, “I am the munzir

Qur’an: an on-go ing p h enomenon Dr Shomali ’s address at the

closing session of the Third International Conference on Shi’i Studies


June 2017

We have a hadith from Imam Sadiq(a) [The sixth Imam] saying that no matter how much the Qur’an is studied, or referred to, it never gets outdated, and in fact it becomes fresher. Here, the Imam is saying that God Almighty has not made Qur’an for a specific time or for specific people. The Qur’an is for all nations and all ages, and it should be looked at afresh, as if we have just received it. Every nation receives the Qur’an in its own way and every generation can be guided by it. The Qur’an can answer the questions of every generation, regardless of how and what the other generations have understood of it, and for every person the Qur’an stays fresh until the Day of Judgment. In another hadith Imam Reda(a) says, the Qur’an would not be affected by time nor repetition via people’s tongues. Instead the Imam says we should have this understanding that the Qur’an is the

(warner) and Ali is the guide”. Here the Imam wanted to extract a practical instruction from the verse about who the guide of the time should be. If we say the Qur’an was something for previous generations then the Qur’an would have not spoken directly about it, so perhaps we ought to make an analogy to find out what would the case be in our time, but the Imam emphasises that the Qur’an talks about the present time. Abdulrahim, after a long pause said, “This [guide] is someone among you [the progeny of the Prophet], one inherits it from another. Now it has reached you. That means you are the guide today”. Then Imam said: “Yes Abdulrahim, you have come to the correct conclusion.”

The living Qur’an Unfortunately we think of the words of God as we think about the words of humans. The words of humans are

Islam today issue 48 June 2017  
Islam today issue 48 June 2017