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* The VID Application is a digital communications interface that allows you to present information as a double-page document optimized for the most widely used reading device: the computer screen. * VID Application give the reader a media-rich electronic experience unlike that offered by traditional print.

Electronic detailing can provide pharmaceutical companies with an elegant and cost-effective means of supplementing product details traditionally carried out by pharmaceutical Med. Reps.

Communications Technologies that accelerate business are comes to be first in our priorities in this hyper dynamic market. LANDMARK provides a suite of software platforms and services to produce deliver and manage interactive VID application across a wide range of usage. Selling in pharmaceuticals is about education transforming knowledge to the physician to take the right decision, we one just giving him ( doctor ) the capability to act, and this is our role to communicate better, faster , and more frequent than traditional detailing detail aid, which can help you to gain more market share.

VID APPLICATION is a multipurpose solution to help you display your content to users in the most professional appearance.