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Summer Reading List For students entering 2nd Grade Please choose 8 non-fiction books and 4 fiction books. At this level it is very important that the child understand what they are reading. We suggest reading with your child in English and discussing what's been read in English, if possible. On a different day, it would be good to discuss the same book in your child's native language (especially if he/she is stronger in the native language). Non-fiction topics to select from: • Animals: Spiders, Mammals, Reptiles, Insects, Birds • Plants • Water • Erosion • Deserts • Human body • Personal safety • Air • Simple experiments (it is good to actually do the experiments with the child) • Community helpers • Work • Simple maps • Books about your own country • Books about different cultures • Biography • Autobiography Fiction topics to select from Please select a variety of books that your child can read alone as well as others you can read to them. To include: • Adventure • Poetry


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