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Trustees OPEN Meeting INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF KRAKOW 5:30p.m. April 10, 2012 Present: Chairman Allen Greenberg, Anne Braghetta, Max Dudhia, John Lynch, Barbara Myrczek, Elysa Sicard, Joerg von Weiler, Allen Haberberg, Eric van der Steen. Ex Officio: Mamie Heard, Piotr Buczkowicz, and Barbara Kotarba (note taker), Jeff Gaskill (future ISK Board Chairman representative), Brett Elkei, Erik Lutley, Sarah Wadiak, Magda Brzeska VOTING: The Chairman motioned to accept the agenda as written. Motion passed. The Chairman introduced Jeff Gaskill of the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow who will be sitting in at Board meetings next year. According to by-laws the new Board Chairman has the power to decide whether he/she will chair the meetings personally or will assign her representative from among ConGen staff. The Chairman administered the second reading of the by-laws. The Chairman made made a motion to accept changes in the Board by-laws as written with paragraph #5 approving of two standing Board’s committees Financial and Governance and deleting the Marketing Committee which from now on will be in the Director’s portfolio. Motion passed.

The Chairman made a motion to approve the March minutes. Joerg von Weiler noted that the motion on teacher salaries in the last minutes was unclear and confused. The Chairman stressed the importance to refer motions to the Board earlier. The minutes will be corrected. The Board agreed that for the sake of better accuracy, all policies for motion should be prepared ahead of time in writing. DIRECTOR’S REPORT TO THE BOARD ISK has indeed experienced a very busy and successful few weeks with outreach for marketing, inspections in Abbott House, Middle School Knowledge Bowl trip to Kiev, submission of application for IBDP Candidate School status and receipt of approval, and Science Fair. Marketing update: * The Spring Gala Committee has sold approximately 70 tickets for the event to be held at the Stary Hotel on April 21st. Approximately 40 items have been donated from the ISK and Krakow community to the Silent Auction. * Scholarship deadline was April 2nd and 7 applications were submitted: 6 for grade 10 and 1 for grade 9. The Scholarship Committee (Director, Admissions IB Coordinator, University Placement Counselor, and two Polish national teachers) will complete testing, interviews, and submit final decision at the May Board meeting. * Article on a two page layout for May issue of HSBC’s Outsourcing and More (no charge) * Advertisements appeared in March issue of Biuletyn Informacyjny Mogliany (no charge), April/May issue Top Magazine, and April issue Miasto Pociech. * ISK Summer Camps Brochure published and information placed on ISK website for Summer Language Institute, Summer Fun Camp, Windsurfing Camp, and Adventure Camp.

* Billboards and signs currently being designed. John Lynch suggested that since the increased enrollment will be achieved mostly through the Polish community to a greater extent, it is important to go back to the idea of billboard advertising and he strongly recommended to follow this idea. * Very active PTA and School Board members served on the admission welcoming committee. Students * CEESA Middle School Knowledge Bowl: Brett Elkei and Susan Oswald traveled to Kiev with 9 students and 3 ISK teams returning with 2nd, 5th and 13th place trophies. * Mid Quarter Reports: Students in Grades 0-12 received Mid-Quarter Reports on March 16th. * 3rd Quarter Reports: Students in Grades 0-12 will receive 3rd Quarter Reports on April 20th. * Enrollment: Malgosia Gonet-Mroczka, Director of Admissions, prepared the attached up-to-date admissions information. (See Attachment # 3 – Admissions). * Science Fair: Every student from grade 0-12 presented science experiments ranging from magnetic imagining, to catapulting, to measuring caffeine, to parachuting---a most impressive 2 day event. Facilities * Mr. Charles Stukes, Assistant Superintendent for Facilities and Operations for Arlington Public Schools, Virginia, USA met with Board members, administration, parents, students and faculty from April 2-4 to evaluate current ISK facilities. A brief oral overview of the exit conversation with Allen Greenberg and Director will be presented in the Open Session. The Board discussed Mr. Stukes recommendations on the safety issues at the school and other valuable advice he gave the administration. * Successful completion of Fire and SANEPID inspection of Abbott House. A huge thank you goes to the faculty and teaching assistants in the Abbott House, maintenance staff, and Piotr Buczkowicz for their work on the preparation of this facility for these inspections. * No issues with full day of electricity cut on Wednesday, March for Lusina area because of the use of the newly installed generator. Curriculum/Professional Development/Faculty * Implementation of International Baccalaureate Program: Email was received on Friday, March 30 accepting ISK as a Candidate School for IBDP putting us on track for the authorization process for the first cohort in September 2013. (see Attachment #4). IBO requires several school wide policies to be implemented. * Academic Honesty Policy has been completed by faculty. Language teachers are drafting a language policy, which will involve the whole faculty later this spring. Coordinators are working on revision of the SENCO (Special Education Needs) to include specifics for the Diploma Program. Two teachers have completed IB online training, six others are in training, and four others are waiting to start at the end of the school year. The courses require a LOT of extra hours-- 8- 12 per week-- and teachers are completing these without any time off. * Faculty in-service: On March 19, faculty gathered for a day devoted to analyzing our assessment practices and developing a draft of an assessment policy. The purpose of this is to better measure how well students are meeting the goals in our mission and philosophy, and also to meet one of the requirements for IB authorization. * Elementary teachers have identified and improved areas of the curriculum where writing skills had not previously been measured clearly, and have created writing prompts to use at all elementary levels. This will help to fill a crucial gap in the MAP tests, which measure language use and reading, but not writing skills. * Director and 5 faculty members attended the CEESA Annual Conference in Warsaw on March 15 – 18. Erik Lutley (MAP Coordinator) and Lisa Lucas (Literacy Coordinator) attended the CEESA sponsored MAP Workshop in Warsaw on March 19th. * Faculties are completing resource and book orders for next school year. * Six parents attended a workshop on speech therapy presented by Izabela Malicka and organized by SENCO Coordinator Lilianna Lutely. Upcoming Events for April and May April 6 – 9 Spring Weekend – NO SCHOOL April 10 School Board Meeting

April 20 Children’s Gallery Opening – Kids Get Creative (grades 0-8) 3rd Quarter Reports go home April 21 Spring Gala April 23 Parent Workshop – Moving? But what about my friends? A Workshop for Parents by Joanna SatulaMcGirr, Psychologist and Counselor April 25 Portfolio Evening (grades 0 -9) April 30 – May 4 Spring Break – NO SCHOOL May 5 SAT Exam at ISK May 8 International Baccalaureate Parent Information Session May 9 – 17 AP exams for grades 11-12 May 15 School Board Meeting May 26 – Summer jamboree May 29,30, 31 and June 5,6 Middle and HS Exams Two important dates for Board calendars: 1. June 3 – 11:00 am and 1:00 pm the ISK Choir and Art Exhibition (grades 2-8) perform in the Filharmonia. 2. June 6th – 6:00 pm ISK Graduation FINANCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT TO THE BOARD Joerg von Weiler spoke on behalf of the Financial Committee. He informed the Board that the school has started to build reserves again. The school needs to be more sustainable. He was also of the opinion that motions need to be prepared in writing before the Board sessions. He spoke very favorably of Mr. Stukes from the State Department who met with almost all Board members and advised on the best use of facilities, which is the focus of administration at this moment. Mr. Stukes can still be consulted in many issues. PTA REPORT PTA’s report was sent to the Board ahead of time. Here is the text as prepared by Anita Strachota for reference: In Attendance at PTA Meeting: Mamie Heard, Malgosia Gonet-Mroczka, Malin Blomqvist, Magda FigasBrzeski, Heidi Difazzo, BJ Kent, Lilianna Lutley, Erik Lutley, Anita Strachota, Ida Novotna, Carin Halling, Taija Nykanen, Alena Jenikova, Liz Ausdenmoore, Vickie Etoga, Basia Kotarba, Marketa Le Bries, Monika Zaraska, Jolanta Paluch Next PTA Steering Committee Meeting: To Be Determined Next General PTA Meeting: Tuesday, April 17, 8:45 am, ISK MRP GENERAL UPDATES: 1. Meeting began with a short social with coffee, cake, muffins and donuts. 2. Magda opened meeting. Stated she wants to create a sense of community with General PTA meetings. She presented the agenda and mentioned that flowers on the table were going to be raffled at the end of the meeting. 3. Directors report, Mamie Heard: a. Thanked Steering Committee for flowers and refreshments for PTA meeting. b. New calendar is out. Brochure with calendar was presented. It is also used as a marketing tool. c. Merit scholarships: 4 for grade 9 and 4 for grade 10 (1 full and three partial tuitions). ISK School Board has approved. IB diploma will be helpful to attract HS students. d. Thanks to PTA for help regarding knowledge bowl. e. Working on IB diploma program. A conference in Belgium was attended. There are 8 teachers involved in training and training over summer for rest of teachers. It has implications for languages, math and research skills taught. Academic honesty must be reviewed, even as low as 3 and 4 year olds. f. During Directors report, Malgosia gave a report regarding admissions. Admissions for 2012/2013: 167 students currently– 7 students will be moving on, 160 for next year – 34 inquires already. Admissions will definitely increase for next year. High school numbers are increasing. It looks very promising.

g. Social studies curriculum is being re-evaluated. h. Offered positions to 4 new teachers to fill vacancies for 2012/2013 school year; 3 have already accepted. i. ISK Spring Gala – April 21st. Social setting to raise funds for library and ES playground equipment. Tickets are printed and being sold for 250 zloty each. Space is limited. 4. Lilianna Lutley invited everyone to a speech therapy workshop for parents on Monday, March 26 at 14:15. We can invite individuals who are not part of the school community, but are interested in this topic. 5. PTA Presidents’s Report: Magda Figas-Brzeski – a. Taija Nykanen is considering coordinating rest of bake sales for the year (only two left). Regarding bake sales, we will keep to calendar for the rest of the year. b. Thanks to PTA SC for cleaning PTA storage room. c. Thanks to PTA SC for assistance with CEESA Knowledge Bowl event. 6. PTA Secretary’s Report - BJ Kent– a. Passed out volunteer sign up sheets for bake sales, Mother’s Day flower sale, and Summer Jamboree. b. If we have a conflict with a date regarding other events, please let PTA Steering Committee know. c. Discussed dates for Summer Jamboree, on May 26 or June 16. We are leaning toward weekend of May 26 – 27. It is usually on a Sunday. Biggest event for PTA. Co-team leaders are Malin Blomqvist and Vicky Etoga. d. Mother’s Day flower sale Team Leader, Vicky Etoga. Presale the flowers and then Friday, May 25 flowers are given. e. The idea of a formal opening and closing ceremony was brought up. f. BJ also stated how important a teacher appreciation lunch is. Could have a pot luck lunch, or catered lunch. Need to pick a date. 7. Sunday June 3 – ISK chorus singing with philharmonic in Krakow 1 pm. 8. Flowers were presented to raffle winners. TAKE AWAY TASKS / “TO DO LIST” Please note: this is a continuous running “to do list”. Items will continue from previous minutes if they still have an “Open” status: • Status Bake Sales Taiji thinking about coordinating for rest of year OPEN STATUS • Mother’s Day OPEN STATUS • Flower Sale Vicky OPEN STATUS • Summer Jamboree Malin and Vicky OPEN STATUS • Staff Appreciation OPEN STATUS • Lunch BJ OPEN STATUS TEACHERS’ REPORT TO THE BOARD Sarah Wadiak spoke on behalf of teachers. There were no pending issues. She also spoke of the June 3 performance by ISK and will be asking for assistance in spreading the word about it. Air quality in Lusina The result of testing which was done thanks to parent Tomasz Smolarski have arrived. They showed that the air in Lusina is much better than in Krakow and suburbs. The results will be put on the ISK website. The meeting adjourned at 18:30


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