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New ISKL Campus Anticipated Opening - August 2018



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UNEARTHING THE BEST IN EACH CHILD For over 50 years, the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), a non-profit, parent-owned, parent-governed institution, has championed a holistic approach to education. We provide an education that emphasizes personal growth as much as academic performance with equal development of spirit and substance. We believe that each child has the capacity to blossom and succeed once individual uniqueness is identified and tapped; that there is no challenge a human being rich in knowledge and of strong character cannot overcome. At ISKL, we provide an education that is more than just academics. Students are furnished with endless opportunities to harness their latent passions and talents. We hone students’ confidence in themselves, which translates into better performance across other spheres of learning; imbuing them with an inspiring attitude and the spirit to succeed.

MISSION The International School of Kuala Lumpur provides an exceptional education that challenges each student to develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to become a highly successful, spirited, socially responsible global citizen.

VISION To walk in a harmonious environment where care follows closely behind; learning is stimulated, curiosity is sparked, vision is cultivated and action is inspired.

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MORE THAN JUST ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Guiding students through the prestigious International Baccalaureate program, Advanced Placement courses and the various classes offered in Elementary, Middle and High School is our experienced teaching staff. With most teachers holding advanced master or doctoral degrees, students will find lessons to be interesting, immersive experiences; no doubt instilling in them a lifelong passion for learning. Our students have opportunity aplenty to explore their budding interests and to discover themselves. On-campus, they’ll train their inner athletes at swimming pools, tracks, fields, and pitches. At the same time, students are making the most of art, theater, dance, and music facilities as they get in touch with their artistic sides. Students will get up close and personal with global issues by participating in our Global Action Program (GAP) and Malaysia Week. They will discover a world greater than themselves through exchange programs and athletic tournaments in Southeast Asia. All of these are invaluable opportunities to develop empathy, enrich character and further inspire personal growth.

We teach students how to fit into a isn’t made to fit. Come, let us open yo the possibility of you being you, too.

world that our eyes to

Dr. Norma J. Hudson Head of School

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THRIVING TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY With students coming from over 60 countries, our campus is a melting pot of culture, united by a common goal to be all they can be. By embracing similarities as well as differences, students develop a rich appreciation and respect for human diversity; all-important qualities that will surely mold them into progressive global citizens. As practitioners of the ISKL philosophy, our teachers go the extra mile to understand and get to know each of their students as individuals. They provide guidance to students both in and out of the classroom, giving them the positivity and self-belief needed on this journey of growth and learning. Parents are integral to students’ sense of belonging at ISKL, supporting and participating in various school programs. Furthermore, our active Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) provides a platform for everyone to collaborate and make sure all student needs are met. As a result, students receive the support they need both in school and at home.

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READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD Blossoming into fully capable, well-rounded human beings, our students are equipped with the essential tools and life skills to confidently take on any challenge and make the most of every opportunity life brings them. Although good grades are important, we know more is expected of graduates today. Our Schoolwide Learning Results (SLRs) encompass not just knowledge but know-how; the ability to communicate, collaborate, be creative, think critically, and a global perspective coupled with cultural adaptation and sensitivity. Simply put, our students are coached not just to survive, but to thrive in any situation. With many of our alumni going on to attend some of the world’s most prestigious universities and others travelling the world and improving the lives of communities in no small way, ISKL continues to deliver excellence in education both locally and globally.

We furnish students with spirit enough to walk life’s path with pride and values to ensure they have a strong foundation. ISKL Teacher

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SCHOOLWIDE LEARNING RESULTS (SLRs) 1 / THINK CREATIVELY Provoke new ideas and enjoy the challenge of exploring possibilities through varied approaches. 2 / REASON CRITICALLY Process and apply information from a variety of sources in a convergent fashion in order to develop, evaluate and modify ideas. 3 / COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY Listen, reflect and respect different ideas. Understands their medium of choice and uses it to enhance understanding. 4 / COLLABORATE CONSTRUCTIVELY Work effectively with others in achieving mutual goals whilst maintaining and growing positive relationships. 5 / LEARN ENTHUSIASTICALLY Self-reliant, intellectually curious and persistent individuals who embrace challenges. 6 / LIVE ETHICALLY Confident, well-adjusted human beings who care for and respect themselves, others and the environment.

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02 Become creative, innovative and critical thinkers

01 Gain a global worldview through exposure to a variety of cultures and perspectives


06 Tap into your maximum potential through co-curricular activities

05 Achieve academic excellence

03 Collaborate effectively with others and learn to step up as leaders

04 Gain emotional wellbeing and become confident, welladjusted human beings

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The school teaches your child not who the world wants her to be, but rather who she really is. ISKL Parent

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We value partnerships with parents and the connection between school and home, which nurtures a strong foundation for lifelong learning experiences.


Play is essential to children’s learning and development. It helps spark creativity and encourages imagination. Our students practice developmentally appropriate skills, make choices on individual learning, build healthy relationships with peers and adults, and learn to communicate their understandings. These experiences align with our guided-inquiry approach to learning which allows students to investigate and solve problems while developing their own ideas.


The early years of education are pivotal as children embark on their lifelong journey of learning. This is when they begin to process and discover the world for themselves. Our Early Childhood Program supports this journey by developing students’ cognitive, creative, emotional, physical and social skills.



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ELEMENTARY SCHOOL The Elementary School years prepare students to be successful in a rapidly changing, technological and global environment. Our students take part in active and collaborative learning, using a range of technology tools to explore, problem solve and create as they study a curriculum of foundational subjects: mathematics, science, social studies and language arts. In parallel, students are engaged in a broad range of classes including music, visual arts, world languages and physical education. A broad spectrum of sports and clubs encourage students to explore and expand their interests. After-school activities invite discovery of the natural environment and service opportunities allow students to make positive contributions to society. Cultural learning events celebrate the traditions of Malaysia and the diversity of the many cultures of their friends. All these opportunities and more allow students to make the most of their time at ISKL, and to be prepared for their next learning environment.

In addition to expansive classroom spaces, the learning environment of the Elementary School includes: • Extensive library and Informational Literacy Suite • Maker’s Space Technology Workshop • Studio Theater • Swimming Pool • Environmental Green Space


I really feel that the teachers understand my kids ISKL Parent and tailor their approach accordingly.



A long-standing tradition and highlight of the school year is “Malaysia Week.” For one week every April, students are assigned to one site in Malaysia for a week of school without walls; from beautiful coral reefs to lush rainforests, students will engage in outdoor interdisciplinary education and no doubt create memories that will last a lifetime. A full list of available courses can be found online at:

We help students develop the skills needed to transition smoothly into High School. ISKL Teacher


Students’ core subjects employ thematic learning and an interdisciplinary teaming approach, ensuring a link between subjects and allowing them to meet our high academic standards. Elective subjects further provide a rich and varied academic program. A huge variety of co-curricular activities, including sports, service learning, special interest clubs and the performing arts allow the development of new skills, and the exploration of existing passions as well as new interests.


Each day begins with a multi-grade homegroup where one teacher meets with 8 - 10 students to build relationships and create connections. The friendships formed here, combined with lessons and activities, will help students deal with the social and emotional changes of adolescence.


Middle School bridges the Elementary and High School years. By creating a safe, supportive environment furnished with joy and enthusiasm, our bridge provides students with an amazing three years of growth and change. Our goal for each day is tired bodies, tired brains, happy faces.

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HIGH SCHOOL High School brings about a monumental change to the life of the young adolescent. Students enter Grade 9 seeking independence from parents, close bonds with their peer group, and increased responsibility. Grade 12 students leave demonstrating independence, increased ability to reason, a strong sense of right and wrong, and the ability to make conscientious decisions. They develop into the best versions of themselves. The core subjects of our curriculum include English, Math, Social Studies, Science and World Language. Students choose from a wide variety of elective courses in visual arts, music, theatre, technology, and physical education. With over 110 courses from which to choose, the selected program is tailored to suit students’ growing talents and maturing interests. Our advisory program promotes well-being, growth and healthy positive relationships through interactive lessons that meet the prosocial needs of each student. The full curriculum guide can be found online at: THE INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) DIPLOMA PROGRAM The IB Diploma Program is a cornerstone of the academic experience at ISKL, providing a challenging two-year pre-university curriculum that leads to a qualification recognized by the world’s leading universities. It is the longest running IB program in Malaysia, with authorization granted in 1989. By completing a 4000-word research paper, a 15-minute oral discussion on comparative literature, publicly displaying a work of art, or crafting an original laboratory experiment, IB students are absorbed in authentic and challenging academic work. Historical investigations, mathematical explorations, geographic fieldwork, economic commentaries, orals in world languages, theatre research –such learning cannot be done by memorizing facts and figures. It is accomplished by being inquisitive and taking intellectual risks; the hallmarks of a 21st century education.

THE COLLEGE BOARD ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) PROGRAM Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer students the opportunity to do collegelevel work while having the support of a high school environment. AP exam scores can earn credits or advanced placement, or both, at the majority of colleges and universities in the USA and Canada. Courses include Calculus AB, Computer Science A, U.S. History and Statistics.

OPPORTUNITIES To balance the academics and broaden the high school experience, students explore robust pursuits that may be novel or unfamiliar. Grade 9, 10 and 11 students are challenged yearly by our Global Action Program (GAP) to develop individual strengths in the face of challenge and adventure, connect with the magnificent geography and culture of this region, and extend leadership skills through addressing economic and environmental issues. Closer to home, students engage in service learning to make connections with and contribute to positive change in the communities around them. As a member of the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS), our students participate in cultural, athletic, and academic exchanges with international schools in Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila and Taipei. Athletic tournaments, musical and theatre productions, AMIS Festivals, Jazz nights, Artist in Residence programs, personal fitness regimens, student leadership organizations and dozens of clubs and activities enhance learning beyond the classroom. Throughout High School, students are challenged, supported, and nurtured by experienced, highly qualified educators to achieve their full potential as young adults and future global leaders.


I remember how I became a different person at this school. ISKL Alumni

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CANADA • Carleton University • McGill University • Queens University • Trent University • Simon Fraser University • University of British Columbia • University of Toronto • University of Victoria • University of Waterloo

GRADUATES Our graduates attend some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

We help students find the university that best fits their interests and talents. ISKL Counselor

USA • Bard College (NY) • Baylor University (TX) • Boston College (MA) • Boston University (MA) • Bowdoin College (ME) • Brown University (RI) • Bucknell University (PA) • Carnegie Mellon University (PA) • Clark University (MA) • Columbia University (NY) • Colby College (ME) • Colorado College (CO) • Cornell University (NY) • Dartmouth College (NH) • DePaul University (IL) • DePauw University (IN) • Denison University (OH) • Dickinson College (PA) • Duke University (NC) • Elon University (NC) • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (FL) • Emory University (GA) • Emerson College (MA) • Franklin & Marshall College (PA) • George Mason University (VA) • George Washington University (DC) • Georgia Institute of Technology • Harvard University (MA) • Illinois Institute of Technology • Indiana University Bloomington • Ithaca College (NY) • James Madison University (VA)

• Johns Hopkins University (MD) • Lehigh University (PA) • Lewis & Clark College (OR) • Macalester College (MN) • Michigan State University • New York University • Northwestern University (IL) • Ohio State University • Ohio Wesleyan University • Pace University (NY) • Pennsylvania State University • Princeton University (NJ) • Purdue University (IN) • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) • Rice University (TX) • Rhode Island School of Design • Sarah Lawrence College (NY) • Savannah College of Art & Design (GA) • Southern Methodist University (TX) • Syracuse University (NY) • Temple University (PA) • Texas A&M University • Texas Christian University • Tufts University (MA) • University of California at Berkeley • University of California at Los Angeles • University of California at San Diego • University of Chicago (IL)

• University of Colorado at Boulder • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill • University of Notre Dame (IN) • University of Pennsylvania • University of San Diego (CA) • University of San Francisco (CA) • University of Southern California • University of Texas – Austin • University of Virginia • University of Washington • University of Wisconsin - Madison • Vanderbilt University (TN) • Vassar College (NY) • Virginia Institute of Technology • Wake Forest University (NC) • Washington & Lee University (VA) • Washington University in St. Louis (MO) • Wellesley College (MA) • Wesleyan University (CT) • Whitman College (WA) • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)

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UNITED KINGDOM • Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine • Kings College London • London School of Economics • Oxford University • Richmond American International University in London • Royal Holloway, University of London • University College London • University of Edinburgh • University of Leeds • University of Liverpool • University of Manchester • University of Sussex • University of Warwick • University of York

• Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology • Nanyang Technical University • Seoul National University • Yonsei University

JAPAN • International Christian University • Keio University • Ritsumeikan Pacific Asia University • Sophia University • Waseda University

OTHER COUNTRIES • National University of Singapore • Sciences Po University (France) • Singapore Management University • University of Hong Kong • Hong Kong University of Science & Technology • University of Taiwan

MALAYSIA • International Islamic University • Limkokwing University • Universiti Putra Malaysia • University of Nottingham

AUSTRALIA • Australian National University • Monash University • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology • University of Adelaide • University of Melbourne • University of New South Wales • University of Queensland • University of Sydney • University of Western Australia

NEW ZEALAND • Massey University • Victoria University of Wellington • Wanganui School of Design

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SCHOOLWIDE SUPPORT We welcome students with learning differences whose needs can be met with minor adjustments to the curriculum’s instructional methods. Students with intensive needs other than learning differences are also considered for admission. Applicants are considered on the following criteria: • Current and previous academic performance • Intellectual and achievement levels • Current social and emotional state • Oral and written communication skills • Health history and significant health needs • Additional services currently provided as stated in an Individual Education Plan • Space availability

STUDENT RESOURCE TEAMS (SRT) Student Resource Teams (SRT) are made up of faculty, counselors and administrators who meet regularly and determine how to best meet the educational goals of students with learning needs. Compensatory support services are provided to students referred through the SRT. This ensures they meet academic expectations by gaining academic and organizational skills. Due to the increased expectations of Middle and High School, the ability to modify a program at one level does not ensure program modifications, special services, or continued enrolment from one year to the next.

LEARNING RESOURCE Learning Resource is a program that supports students in their content-area courses, providing students assistance with time management, work completion and organization.

ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES Enrichment opportunities address the needs of students with exceptional academic talents. We provide students with choices and opportunities for in-depth study in order to challenge and realize their highest potential. In Middle and High School, the intensity of programs are tailored to students talents and interests through a wide selection of course offerings.

SPEECH-LANGUAGE SPECIALIST The Speech-Language Specialist screens, evaluates and provides a continuum of services for elementary school students with language needs. The specialist collaborates with other faculty members to help students become effective communicators.

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The school helped me fit in without changing the essence of who I am. ISKL Student

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School psychologists provide counseling and special needs assessments. Students with special academic or behavioral concerns are referred to the Student Resource Team. Upon consultation with teachers and parents, appropriate support is provided.

High School counselors help students select university programs that meet their interests and abilities. Counselors routinely raise the profile of the High School with university outreach initiatives by visiting universities in countries which regularly draw strong interest from our graduates, staying current on international admissions policies, and maintaining relationships with university admission representatives.

HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELING OFFICE Counselors provide academic guidance to help each student achieve maximum social, emotional and academic success. They assist families through a smooth transition into the ISKL community, and later support the family in the transition to their next location.

HEALTH SERVICES There are four full-time nurses (three in Ampang and one in Melawati campus) on duty in a well-equipped clinics to deal with emergencies, administer prescription medicine, and treat minor ailments. Services are also available on-site during sporting events and after-school activities. ISKL health services also serve as a resource for health and lifestyle-related issues for students.

Workshops on the university selection process for various countries are held each year and comprehensive reference materials on universities, financial aid, and career choice are available. Support is provided to students who are interested in taking American university entrance exams. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is offered several times a year off-site and the American College Test (ACT) is offered three times a year on-campus.

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The counselors worked closely with us in helping our child be the best they could be. ISKL Parent

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If required, a student’s English proficiency is evaluated and he or she is placed in an appropriate level of English as an Additional Language (EAL) program. Students receive EAL support as they move toward full inclusion in the regular academic programs. Periodic evaluations monitor progress to determine a student’s successful exit out of the EAL program. The department scaffolds content and academic concepts to support students so they can access the mainstream curriculum.

EAL students are assessed prior to acceptance. There is no minimum level of English proficiency required, but only a limited number of EAL students at each level of proficiency are accepted. Once accepted, students are placed in their appropriate grade level class and the necessary support is provided in class with English speaking peers and small group support lessons, as needed.

ADMISSION GUIDELINES FOR EAL EAL helps students become academically proficient in English and successful in mainstream classes. There is an entrance and exit assessment for this program. All EAL students must meet minimum academic requirements and have average to above-average grades in their first language.

MIDDLE SCHOOL Students in Middle School are expected to have some proficiency in English. EAL students are required to take an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) class. They receive in-class support from the classroom teacher and, often, from an EAL specialist assigned to each grade.

HIGH SCHOOL Students must have a proficiency in English to be able to join the High School. Depending upon their proficiency level, EAL students are placed in the appropriate class. The EAL department endeavors to develop English language competency to meet grade level, subject specific, and school expectations.

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SCHOOLWIDE ACTIVITIES & ATHLETICS PROGRAM After-school programs support our mission to develop wellrounded students. Diverse clubs and activities offer invaluable opportunities for individuals to hone their budding talents and discover new passions, encouraging interaction outside of the classroom. Each year will bring different activities as teachers, parents, and professionals from the community share their experience and enthusiasm to create unique opportunities for students. A wide range of sports are available to all students, including the opportunity to compete locally and regionally with their school teams.

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OTHER SCHOOLWIDE PROGRAMS SERVICE LEARNING Service learning engages students to make positive changes in the world. It allows the broadening of ideas and concepts through inquisitive efforts to make an authentic community impact. Service learning can refer to actual content covered in classes, one of our Schoolwide Learning Results (SLRs) or Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Students are involved in an on-going investigation of community needs, solution planning and the taking of action. Service learning enriches students through consistent use of reflection and demonstration. We have an ever-increasing list of service learning opportunities that address school, local and global needs: development projects (GAP and Habitat for Humanity), environmental projects (Malaysia Week and Eco-Schools), and curricular projects.

EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (ESD) ISKL has a strong environmental ethos that fosters student awareness, responsibility, leadership, and action as stewards of sustainable practices. The initial step in our green direction was the UNESCO-inspired schoolwide standards for ESD, focusing on knowledge and skill acquisition across many disciplines. Experiential education offers students the opportunity to explore the natural environment and tackle sustainable development issues. We actively participate in the Eco-Schools program and were awarded the first Eco-School Green Flag in Malaysia. Our ESD curriculum is continuously growing and is a necessary foundation on which to tackle important global issues. With this, we give our students the tools to be ethical agents of change in an increasingly turbulent world.

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As a non-profit, parent owned and parent governed school, our only shareholders are the students we are here to serve. As such, parents are critical partners in providing strategic direction and governance through our elected Board of Directors, through volunteer engagement on our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), or as partners in the education of young people. Furthermore, the PTA sponsors annual school photos, new parent receptions, and International Festival. Members also volunteer to support athletics, arts and classroom teachers as needed. Proceeds from the PTA’s annual fundraising are donated to continue supporting the school’s mission. Most impressively, the PTA is composed entirely of volunteers, donating their valuable time and support to fellow parents and students.

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Our commitment to recruit and retain passionate, committed professionals, provides students with a rich schooling experience. With 75% of our faculty holding master or doctoral degrees, students have access to deep wells of knowledge to quench their thirst for learning. Moreover, students are ensured a world-class education as our faculty members represent nearly 20 different countries including Australia, Canada, UK, Malaysia and the United States. The school’s Administrative Council, which oversees school policy and day-to-day management, consists of the Head of School, Elementary, Middle and High School Principals and Assistant Principals, the Assistant Head of School for Operations, and Directors of Learning, Technology, Development, and Admissions.

We can be sure that funds raised are well managed and invested in quality. PTA Member


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View from new Ampang Hilir Campus

WELCOME TO MALAYSIA Malaysia is home to multiple ethnicities, cultures and religions. While Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and other religions are freely practiced. Living in Kuala Lumpur provides students and their families the opportunity to experience first-hand, a broad range of ethnicities, religions, foods, and culture. Malaysia and its capital, Kuala Lumpur, have long been known as safe, comfortable, and diverse places for expatriates from around the world. Living here is easy, transportation links abundant, and infrastructure strong.

We weren’t here all that long before Malaysia already felt like a second-home. ISKL Parent

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ADMISSIONS Choosing a school is an important decision. We invite you to contact us and learn more about what makes ISKL a hub for exceptional education. Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES In addition to being academically qualified, all enrolled students must reside in Malaysia full-time, with at least one resident parent or legal guardian. Acceptance is based on a review of past academic performance and the applicant’s personal history, provided that space is available in the grade level. Applicants with limited English exposure will be invited to take a proficiency test prior to admission. Admission forms are available on our website or from our Admissions Office. If you have any questions about admission requirements or necessary documentation, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help. School visits are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 3:00pm. Please contact the Admissions Office to arrange for a visit. We hope that you will come and see for yourself just what makes ISKL such a special place!






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