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April 2, 2009

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ISKVOICE The Bi-Monthly International School of Krakow Newsletter

Here comes the sun!

coming up April 12 - 17 Spring Break April 22 Parent-Teacher meeting & portfolio evening April 28 Science Fair

Spring has sprung and we have beautiful sunshine!

can’t wait to welcome everyone back this weekend. The skiers have had The blanket of snow has fantastic weather and have been traded for a draping been able to ski the glaof sun and, here in Krakow, cier. Enormous thanks to we’re moving outside. our ski instructors and our teachers who have ensured Our seasonal sidewalk chalk art creations are tak- the success of the camp! ing shape, the tricycles are Thanks as well to our out, there’s pick-up basket- campers for their respectful ball and lunch time outside representation of the ISK community! Your enduron the new benches. ance is amazing. Ski Camp Austria 2009 is We have one week of wrapping up with equally school before Spring Break. beautiful weather and we

This is an excellent opportunity to recharge your batteries before an eventful quarter 4 which will include AP exams, Science Fair, Song Quest, Parent-Teacher Conferences/ Portfolio Evening, Summer Jamboree and much much more!

Erica Mazzeo Director

The International School of Krakow - ul. sw. Floriana 57 - Lusina - 30-698 Krakow - Poland -

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Grade 3 Spreads Sadako’s Message Over the past several weeks the third graders have been reading and reflecting on the life of Sadako Sasaki, as told in Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, a book by Eleanor Coerr. It is a true story of a Japanese girl who died from leukemia, which was caused by radiation poisoning, one of the outcomes of the Hiroshima bombing. Even though Sadako died at the young age of 12, her legacy of hope,

courage, and peace has continued to live on for decades. Over the years people all over the world have taken it upon themselves to fold one thousand paper cranes in Sadako’s memory, in order to give hope to, and recognize, those who might be suffering from the aftermath of war or terminal illness. The ISK third graders have also launched their own thousand paper cranes folding project.

“ I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world” They are well on their way to reaching their goal, having folded close to 800 paper cranes already. Students have reflected on Sadako’s story in a variety of ways. They wrote letters to Sadako and letters from Sadako with her message to the world. They created their own, adapted versions of Eleanor Coerr’s book. Students also identified possible problems that they might encounter at school and provided a set of peaceful solutions for each problem. The class is in the process of creating a conflict resolution manual where each student will create his or her own page of advice.

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In the coming weeks the third grade will brainstorm ways to continue to spread Sadako’s message to the rest of the school and the larger community. “I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world” Sadako said, while looking at her special golden paper crane sometime before dying. Come see the third grade bulletin board in the common room to learn more about Sadako’s message.

Samanta Cerusici-Rubik Grade 3 Teacher

Sweet Dogs in German Class Our German students did research about dog breeds. We chose 3 breeds: Siberian Husky, Labrador Retriever and Beagle. Dorothea, Lisa and Hannah learned about reading informative texts and making papers. Then we discussed how to read our papers in front of the class without having stage fright.

We learned a lot about dog breeds too. Did you know that: The gentle, intelligent and family-friendly Labrador Retriever continues to be the most popular breed in the United States.

ers”. I apologize if your student is constantly hounding you at home about getting a new dog as a pet! Katarzyna Pieszczek- Janas German teacher

The Beagle is an all-around happy dog who makes a wonderful companion for many different families with children and other dogs and pets. Siberian Huskies are still used as “Sled dog rac-

From the Arty Side ! Student’s Gallery Opening Our young artists have been working hard,on andVacation! it’s almost “ Grade Seven is going time for our annual children’s art exhibition at ISK.

This year we will not have an official gallery opening , but will open the gallery to coincide with our student-led conference night. The exhibition will open on April 22 at 3:00 p.m. Artists exhibiting will include students from grades 0-8 Parents and students are kindly asked not to touch or remove any artwork from the walls. Thank you! Ms. Ata Ms. Lidert

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CAREteam Messages for your children’s health & safety! Hello! Greetings from the Care Team! We would like to share with you some important information in the newsletter from time to time. Today we have two items for you:

COUNSELLORS We would like to recommend to our international community two counsellors/ psychologists with a private practice in Krakow who would be able to help you with any issues or concerns you might experience. We would like to recommend a clinical psychologist Dr Hennel-Brzozowska who may diagnose, consult and provide therapy in English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Polish. You may contact her to make an appointment by phone or email: Agnieszka Hennel-Brzozowska Ph.D. Office: Centrum Konsultacji Psychologicznych ul. Górna 10C 30-094 Kraków mobile. 603 750783 tel. 012 6377662 e-mail: Dr Igor Pietkiewicz is a therapist and a counsellor fluent in English and Polish. You may contact him directly and read about him on the following website: Igor Pietkiewicz Ph.D. Office: ul. Raciborskiego 6/3 31-643 Kraków tel. 012 4125843 mobile. 0602 648 713 e-mail:

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HEALTHY SNACKS PLEASE!!! We would like to draw your attention to a very important matter, especially for younger students, but concerning older students as well: nutrition during snacktime. We know for a fact that the snacks you provide for your children every day are crucial to their well-being and performance at school. We highly recommend healthy products without sugar. See the inset for examples of recommended snacks. We do not recommend: • Sweets • Chocolates • Drinks with Sugar • Drinks with Caffeine We encourage parents to send low or no-sugar foods for snacks and lunches, as high levels of sugar can negatively affect academic performance and behaviour in school. Another concern we have is that the youngest students are not hungry during lunch time after having had products with sugar for snack. Very often lunches are left untouched. Studies show that children who consume large amounts of chocolate and sugary snacks are almost never hungry for vegetables. They suffer from unstable emotional peaks and lows which alter their moods in school. We feel that sugary items may be consumed in small amounts for dessert after a balanced meal that contains a variety of food groups.

Healthy Snacks PLEASE Fruit both fresh and dried (ideally without chemical additives) Fresh carrot sticks Crackers and pretzels without sugar Water and natural juices without added sugar (you may find a large selection of juices without added sugar in supermarkets) Natural rice cakes and popcorn cakes Sandwiches

We want your children to be balanced students who have the proper tools to get the most out their school day. Please help us make ISK a healthy, happy and sugar free school.

Feel free to contact us with any questions: Lilianna Niemiec-Lutley Jean-Pierre Młodynia Zink

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Writing away in ESL Middle School & High School ESL students have been working on their writing skills lately. They have not only focused on liking words, but also on compound nouns and participles. Furthermore, students have been working on a description of a person through using as many linking words as possible. Elementary students, on the other hand, had a chance to study English in a more interactive way, which helped them to stay focused and motivated as they learn English. Katarzyna Kuzniar ESL Teacher

Wrapping up Career Weeks Many ISK parents took advantage of achieve his goal of becoming a pilot. the invitation to talk to students about Terry Humphrey of AirLiquide their own careers. showed us what liquid nitrogen can In the last few weeks, we were visited do to various objects, and explained by David Hunt, a commercial airline the uses of liquid gases in the medipilot with Ryanair. He fascinated us cal, machinery and construction with his tales of his travels around fields. the world, and of the path he took to ISK students and teachers were very impressed by these visits, and send a big “thank you� to all who have visited so far! Sue Mleczko

ISK Deputy Director Head of Early Years and Elementary School

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Math month celebration ISK celebrated Math Month through joint math & art festivities, find their ratio. projects and competitions. Discover how our amazing students Find out how close it excelled in all these subjects! is to number π (3.14). 03/04 - WORLD MATHS DAY 5 + 0= 27 – 18 = 75 ÷ 5= 11 × 8= Students of all ages helped “Unite the World in Numbers” by solving mental math problems.

The fastest: Krzys and Michal from Grade 6 managed to solve 57 problems in a minute, which is almost one question per second! All students improved their mental math skills--the best was Lina from Grade 0, with improvement of 4700% !

The older the students the more advanced problems they solved. They competed on-line against students from all over the world in being the fastest in correct solving of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

03/13 - PI DAY 3.14159265358979323846264338 32795028841…

Not only did they practice math but they also learned about different countries, where they are and what flags they have.

Write three words beginning with two letters pi… .

Gabriela from Grade 4 solved more than 7000 problems!

Measure the circumference and the diameter of a round object and

Find three round objects in the school.

A whole school celebration of Pi Day was not only about solving cross-curricular problems in a Scavenger Hunt. We also wore very imaginative Pi Hats, created beautiful works of Art, tasted delicious Pi Pies, sang funny Pi Songs, tried to draw perfect circles by hand, translated “circle” into other languages, solved puzzles, copied digits of π onto a long strip of paper… Some of us trained our memorizing skills by learning digits of the irrational number π. <cont’d page 10>

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Beth from Grade 8 broke her own record from last year by memorizing 258 digits! How did you do it, Beth?

03/19 - KANGAROO COMPETITION An island is inhabited by two types of people: truth-tellers and liars. The truth-tellers always tell the truth and the liars always lie. 25 of the island’s inhabitants stood in a line. Each of them with the exception of the first person said, “The person directly in front of me is a liar”, while the person standing first in line said, “Everyone standing behind me is a liar”.

Congratulations to all students who took their time and effort to work extensively on Mathematics throughout the whole month of March. Good luck in your studying throughout the whole year! ******* A huge Thank You to the PTA, Parents, Teachers, Grade 8 and High School Students for helping us organize and run the events! *******

How many liars stood in the line? (A) 0 (B)12 (C) 13 (E) impossible to determine

(D) 24

(from level 9/10) Students from grades 2 through 11 gathered in the Cafeteria to participate in the International Math Competition “Kangaroo”. They spent more than an hour solving interesting and challenging problems. Some of the problems were so intriguing, that we can’t stop thinking of what the correct solution was! We are now waiting patiently for the results, which will be sent back to us in May.

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Anna Tokarz

On behalf of the ISK Math Department

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Classifieds To Let

Apartments for rent Cracow-Debniki-Praska Street Located in a very quiet, secure and green residential area (near a park and the banks of the Vistula) !5 minutes on foot / 5 minutes by car to the town center, easy access to the south of Cracow 2 apartments for rent in a traditional house

A first-floor apartment located in an Art Deco tenement building in the Old Town, five minutes walk to Rynek Glowny and yet situated in a quiet location. Well laid out accommodation totalling 130m2 and consisting of four spacious rooms (each approximately 20m2), large dining room with a kitchen annex and balcony, utility room, bathroom, another WC and an entrance hall. The apartment was completely renovated just over a year ago and benefits from all modern appliances. Due to its convenient location, the apartment can be used as family accommodation or as an office. Available for rent fully furnished (if required) from 1 June at a price of 6500 PLN plus bills. Please contact Mariola on 66 00 79 619 or 012 421 31 40

First apartment: Apartment on the ground floor, 88 m 3 rooms, big kitchen, terrace with access to the garden, south exposition Second apartment: Apartment on the first floor, 118 m 4 rooms, big kitchen, terrace with view to the garden, south exposition Contact: Benedicte Rousseaux at the ISK Or Tel: + 48 791 606 909 Mail:

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