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November, 26 2008

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The Bi-Monthly International School of Krakow Newsletter

Winter’s on its way ! ... and a whole load of fun events coming up to Year-End at ISK. We’ve gotten our first taste of winter weather this week, and no one enjoyed it more than ISK students! Even though our calendars still show autumn, everyone is gearing up for the upcoming winter events.

ing items to sell, setting up the shop, assisting students as they buy, and wrapping the gifts.

The Holiday Market will be held in our newly opened spacious library, so that we can take full The PTA is preparing the advantage of our latest Holiday Market, which will building development. be held on Dec. 1 and 2 at ISK. This is the perfect opportunity for students, even the youngest, to do some cont’d page 2 holiday shopping for their families and friends. Students can come with their shopping lists, get help in buying the gifts, and get their purchases gift-wrapped and ready for giving! Lots of help is needed to make this annual event a success.

coming up December 1 & 2 Holiday Market December 2 PTA Coffee Morning December 11 Winternational Show at Solvay December 12 Bake Sale December 19 Winternational Food Fest

Parents can help by donat-

The International School of Krakow - ul. sw. Floriana 57 - Lusina - 30-698 Krakow - Poland -

school-wide Winternational Food Fest on Friday, Dec. 19 in the afternoon, during the school day.

cont’d from front page Our Winternational Show is just around the corner. The performance will take place on Thursday, Dec. 11 at 6:30 pm at the Modern Arts Center “Solvay”, ul. Zakopianska 62 (situated in the Carrefour mall parking lot, directly across the street from Solvay Park Shopping Center). Students should arrive there by 6:00 pm. This will be an international showcase of drama, music and dance of students from the Early Years, Elementary, Middle and High School. All are invited to attend this unique event. It’s hard to imagine the holidays without food… In celebration of all upcoming winter holidays, students will be planning and enjoying a

They’ll be preparing and sampling foods from many lands. Looking ahead to the New Year, plans are in the works for the Ski Camp. Grades 4-12 will be skiing in Austria: Kaprun, Zell Am See and the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier. This year’s ski camp proves to be the best one yet!

Sue Mleczko Deputy Director

Announcements - Announcements - Announ Many thanks to Mr. Haberberg and Mrs. Pietrzak, for graciously hosting the sixth graders in their restaurants for lunch last Wednesday. It was a highlight of the Kazimierz field trip. Your generosity is very much appreciated!

For a sneak peek at how your upcoming School Photo Portfolios will look, please visit The portfolios are expected by December 15th. Page 2

ISK Holiday Market ISK Holiday Market will be open on Dec. 1st and 2nd. We are extremely excited for this year’s market as we have received many generous donations, thanks to our sponsors and families. We are sure that the children will have a great time looking for presents for their loved ones! We are also pleased to announce that we will be selling lovely handmade Christmas cards to benefit “Fundacja Wyjdz Naprzeciw”. This foundation brings children mainly from Belarus to Poland for medical treatment. The majority come for life-saving heart surgery and are treated at the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow. Over 300 children have given a second chance at life through this program. We are still accepting donations and if you would like to work at the Market, please contact Agda Cartolano or Jeremy Moon .

ncements - Announcements - Announcements December 11 is a half day. Students depart school at 13:00 due to the Winternational Day performance later in the evening.

Corrections to the ISK parent directory Mrs Chris Ladd’s mobile is listed as 709 475 442, but it should be 790 475 442 if you too have realised a mistake, please let us know and we will publish it in the coming ISKvoice.

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Grade 0’s are having a ton of fun! These last few weeks have been quite adventurous for Grade 0. We have already had the opportunity to go on three different field trips together. 1. Our first one was to the theater with our Nursery and Preschool friends to see Puss in Boots.  2. The next was to the Krakow Zoo where we learned more about animals and their features, needs, and environment. 3. The last and most recent was to see  Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia in 3-D! 

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Inside the classroom we have been learning more about our letters, numbers, the seven continents, and the 4 seasons. Although we loved watching the leaves change colors and fall off the trees, Grade 0 has eagerly been awaiting the arrival of the snow.   We are all having so much fun playing in it. Ms. Sabatasso

Snow Day Notifications In the event of a snow day (school cancellation due to inclement weather/poor road conditions), the following procedure will be followed: Notification will be posted to the website by 06:30 Notification will be e-mailed to all ISK Families and Teachers by 06:30 from the Director In the event of a power outage at the School, notification will be sent from the PTA to all ISK Families and Teachers. If you do not have access the Internet and are uncertain, please call the after hours number +48/ (0) 603.187.110

Primary French is like a Christmas Tree A sentence is like a Christmas tree ! Imagine first a Christmas tree that you want to buy. There is only a stem and green leaves. Then you bring it home and start putting up Christmas decorations like glass balls,  tinsel, cookies, garlands, candies and sweets, chocolates, stars, candles, small presents, fairy lights, etc… At the end, you get a beautiful Christmas tree full of ornaments. According to a member of the famous  Academie Française, a French sentence can be compared to a Christmas tree : first there is only a subject and a verb, a very simple sentence. Then we start decorating it with adjectives, articles, adverbs, complements, prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, other verbs at different tenses, etc… At the end you get a long and beautiful sentence from your students, the dream of each teacher. But be careful : if there are too many decorations on a tree, it will fall. If the sentence has too  much decoration, in other words, too many propositions or parts, too many complements, adjectives, etc… it will be difficult to read it, understand it and will lose its meaning. I hope that this comparison will help native speakers of French when they write their essays…. Catherine Humnicki French teacher Page Page 55

Grade 3 Explore the Animal Kingdom Towards the end of October, Grade 3 had a fantastic field trip to the Krakow Zoo.

There was an unlabeled map of the world by each animal species depicting in red the origin of the given animal. Having completed the unit in social studies that focused on the world continents and oceans made it much easier for students to identify where each animal came from.

Students came prepared with their science notebooks and mechanical pencils in hand. This visit to the zoo was unlike the others as the students were asked to investigate the habitats and special needs of various animals. As it turned out, the students’ knowledge of the geographical location of the seven continents came in very handy.

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tionships of living things.

As they continue to learn more in depth about the habitats and needs of various animals around Students noted that, the world, students will sadly, some of the animals be able to reference their living at the Krakow Zoo notes from the zoo. are already endangered in Great work third grade their natural habitats. zoologists! Samanta CerusiciRubik

Over the next few weeks, in science, the third graders will be focusing on the rela-

News from ESL Grade 0 &1 ESL students have been studying about different animals: their habitats and their physical features. The students were very knowledgeable about some of the animals. They really enjoyed drawing them in their notebooks and describing them, for example: “This is an elephant. It is very big and grey and I would like to have one in my room.”

Grade 2&3 ESL students have been learning about the seasons of the year and the types of clothes we wear during each of them. On the completion of this unit, students have made mini – project on “Celebrity Fashion”. So, why don’t we have a look at it …………

Grade 6 & 7 ESL students have been recently “ Swinging on a star.” We have been looking at different personality traits such as : stubbornness, dirtiness, weakness, rudeness, laziness, foolishness and how they are presented in a song “Would you like to swing on a star? ”

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News from the We’ve had a busy time in the Science Dept.! Grade 7 dissected various flowers to see what makes them tick. We discovered a whole new universe of pistils, ovaries, pollen grains and nectar glands. Some of us regretted having taken the flower apart and desperately attempted to put them back together using a dissecting needle (see the photo). The AP Biology students visited the Jagiellonian University twice recently. First we went to see a presentation of two types of electron microscopes and were able to play with the controls to view samples of animal tissues. The second trip took us to the electrophoresis lab. Electrophoresis is a process which allows us to see what kind of genes are there in the DNA. This method can be used to tell whether two people are related or not (if they are, many genes will be the same). What we were looking at was DNA of some little birds which live in marshlands. Scientists check the DNA of those birds to see which ones are related to each other. On Thursday, November 20th High School students attended a lecture by George Zamka, an American astronaut (see Greg Smolianinov’s article on the opposite page). On Friday some of us met Mr. Zamka in person at the Consul General’s residence. We had a chance to ask him the questions that had been bugging us for a long time: What do you eat up there? (…regular food, except anything that produces crumbs) What was your first impression of Space? (…magical tranquility) Did you know that Robert Garan’s niece is a student at our school? (Really? Great! Pass my regards to her.) How do you sleep in weightlessness? (I try not to sleep upside-down, it gives me nightmares.) Mr. Radek Science

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e Science Dept ISK students fly to the moon and mars! On November 21st the School had a chance to go on a field trip to Krakow University of Technology, right across from Galeria Krakowska, to meet the American astronaut, George Zamka. George Zamka talked about NASA’s future plans of flying to the moon and later on to Mars. He also introduced NASA’s new rocket project, the Orion. The Orion, as Mr. Zamka explained, is going to replace the space shuttle currently used by NASA. It is going to be a combination of the Apollo and the Russian sphere-shaped Soyuz and it will be able to carry a large amount of materials to the moon. Orion will re-enter the earth’s atmosphere just like The Orion rocket will be able to carry six astronauts any other space craft and then parachute down into space when the space shuttle can only carry into the ocean just like the Apollo did. Mr. Zamka said that NASA is basically building the Orion by up to four astronauts at a time. copying parts from other previous rockets and The new Orion rocket will also be able to stay in combining them into this one big one because space a lot longer (up to 295 days) due to solar it makes sense to build from something that has panels that will generate power directly from the already been proven to be reliable and to work sun and some additional new technologies. like the Apollo and the Soyuz. The Orion is being designed to be able to make This way it is also much cheaper and less risky trips to the moon so that NASA can build their since NASA already knows these other rockets future space station there to be able to travel to worked before with no problems. Mars afterwards. Mr. Zamka did a great job explaining the The Orion is built to be able to make easy landings future plans of NASA and also sharing his own on the moon and this time the space craft can experiences in space and the students of ISK land anywhere on the moon instead of only the really enjoyed his presentation. side that the sunlight is on. Once the space station is ready, two of the astronauts stay there and the other four will make a trip to Mars, which Greg Smolianinov will be another giant step into the future of space.

more information at

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A Landscape of Letters Over the last few weeks, ISK’s Middle and High School students have been discovering the CorelDRAW X4 graphics program. We started off by drawing a seascape picture, complete with a glowing moon, a grassy cliff, a lighthouse and a sailboat.   The next step was drawing a desert landscape, with dunes, pyramids and an oasis.  

Now that we’ve gotten to know most of the basic tools the program has to offer, Middle School students are using it to recreate landscape images they found online. Meanwhile, grade 9 students also created an iStudent poster.

We are also working on the history of font and type. We learned last week that the majority of letters we use today originate from early Phoenician pictographs.   The letter M, for instance, once stood for the Phoenician word “mem”, which meant “water” - that’s where the waves come from!  

We decided that the English alphabet is missing a few letters for sounds that aren’t currently represented, so we designed our own letters for the sounds “th”, “oo”, “ch”, “sh”, “ow” and “ee”, all stemming originally from words that start with or contain those sounds. Of course, a thorough history of the letter must accompany such an invention, so we included that, too. Miss Alice Information Technology, Grade 4-12

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Remembrance Day Remembrance Day is celebrated in the countries of the common wealth to remember all the soldiers that have died in current and past conflicts. We arrived at the Rakowicki Cemetery around 11:00 and met with the representatives from the British Consulate. Shortly after, the South African Ambassador came with her son. While we were waiting for the ceremony to start, we saw many soldiers march by. The ceremony started by them giving us a poppy, which is a symbol of Remembrance Day. The students from all the different schools

that had come to the ceremony, lined up by the Remembrance Day monument. To officially start the ceremony, the British and the Polish National anthems were played by the soldiers. During the ceremony, passages from the Bible were read and the consulate representatives gave speeches in English and Polish. Two girls from a Polish school read a poem in English and Polish about the death of a solider. They impressed everyone with their fluency and confidence. After the speeches, each school walked up and placed their wreath or bouquet of flowers beneath the monument.

Ms. Benedict was amazed at how in sync we walked up together. Once all the wreaths had been put down, the schools had the opportunity to take pictures with the South African Ambassador. We were honored to be able to take a picture with her. Following the ceremony, we were invited to lunch at the Holiday Inn. The meal was very nice, and elegant. After we had finished eating our food, we played for a while with the South African Ambassador’s son. On the way back to school, we talked about how the ceremony really impacted us. Joelle, a ninth grade student,

felt really connected to the people that have lost their family because of war. Jacob, the only 11th grade student that came on this trip, was amazed at the young ages of the soldiers that have died in battle. We were really honored by the opportunity presented to us by the school to go to this event. We’re sure that all of the students that attended this event felt the same. We will always remember this experience, and hope we get the chance to go again next year. Jayne Christie and Paulina Garan

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ISKvoice - the international school of Krakow's bi-monthly newsletter - Edition 26 november 2008  

ISKvoice - the international school of Krakow's bi-monthly newsletter

ISKvoice - the international school of Krakow's bi-monthly newsletter - Edition 26 november 2008  

ISKvoice - the international school of Krakow's bi-monthly newsletter