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Prolem of Cell Phones in School

In early days, children went to school without mobile and of course, they did quite good. In the current era, as the cell phone is becoming an essential part of the life, a discussion on whether or not should a student…more 2.

How to Adapt Teaching to a New Generation

This summer, like many teachers, I put in some long hours reflecting on my teaching practice and looking for ways to improve it. One part of my learning involved reading 21st Century Skills…more 3.

Education Agencies: Are They Worth It?

Many parent’s worries are the admin and all the different processes that need to be taken when they apply at a UK school. This is where the Agencies come in, especially for overseas students…more 4.

Presentation: “Creative Commons: What every Educator needs to know”

From my observations of some student presentations I invigilated recently I know there are clearly issues with students knowing and understanding what is legal and what is not when you use and…more 5.

Post-GCSE results: The Breakdown

I guess the 27th August 2009 was a very memorable day for many teenagers in the UK. It was a day for celebrating all the hard work that students put in. The UK government expects a minimum of …more 6.

The link between British Prime Ministers and Public Schools

From 1964 to 1997, all Prime Ministers had been educated at an independent school. This figure rises even more when we look at the Conservative Party. Almost a half of Conservative Party MPs in Parliament …more 7.

Public School Interview – Tips!

It is nowadays very common for any candidate for a public school such as eton college, Harrow, Westminster, Tonbridge to undergo an interview. This is mainly due to the fact that it is hard for schools…more 8.

UK Student Visa – Tier 4 PBS – Advice

Please note: The rules and process of the UK immigration system is continuously changing and this advice may not be valid in the future if/when the rules change again…more 9.

The Future of eBooks … my vision

I’ve been pondering whether or not to get a Kindle since I heard about the latest wifi or 3G version … so long in fact that both my parents have now passed me and got one each! I may not have such a device…more 10.

Should schools ban nose studs?

They’re against uniform policy, insists a headteacher. It’s a human rights issue, retorts an enraged mum. Just how strict do we want school rules to be?...more

Top 10 Blog post of the week (Jan, 3rd Week) - iSilkRoute  

Top 10 Blog post of the week (Jan, 3rd Week) - iSilkRoute