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by Louis SACHAR

“There’s a boy in the Girls’ Bathroom” is an authentic novel used in the English course for Grade 7. We have been using this book with our students for 5 years because there are so many things to discuss, think, learn and share about it. A lot of laughs and tears at the same time... Things to learn from it, things to change about ourselves and things to hope for the future... This year’s grade 7 students put so much effort into preparing the wall display that we wanted it to be shared with more people and not to be forgotten. Here is a collection of our students’ work. Hope you enjoy it... Teachers of English P.S: All the work in the following booklet is students’ own work and has not been editted.

This book is a great book for learning life. It’s fun and emotional at the same time. The book teaches you a great lesson; people can change for good, they just need some love and respect. MELIS SARP 7/A

a hard-to-put-down book Esin MenceloÄ&#x;lu 7A


BARTHOLOMEW Ömercan Akçit 7B When Bradley had his selfconfidence, his life changed. He began to get good grades and made good friends. This part of the story has stuck in my mind, because I realised that it is important to like myself and have selfconfidence. EKIN GÖKAY 7/G TBGB is an engrossing story and it makes you think. It is about a boy who thinks that he is a monster. He needs to believe in himself. But If you are the most hated kid in the school, believing yourself can be the hardest thing in the world. UTKU DINDAR 7B


It’s a very important book because it teaches you a lot. If you believe in yourself, you can change. If you don’t believe, everything goes wrong. DOĞA CAN ŞİMŞEK 7/E


CARLA Tuna Özkaragöz 7E

Carla told Bradley that even monsters (bad people) have hearts inside their scary bodies. It’s a true thing. Bad people weren’t born bad. The things which happened to them made them become bad. They all have hearts full of sadness and sorrow. SELİN TOPRAKKIRAN 7/E

COLLEEN Mehmet Küçük 7C

I think Bradley has to realize for himself that he isn’t a monster. That is the first step. Until he knows he isn’t monster, how is anybody else supposed to know? YIGIT ÖKTEN 7/G

memorable Defne Başbuğoğlu 7C

We should read this book because it is all about friendship. We can learn how to build and keep friendship. This book is also fun. There are fun dialogues. In the dialogues we learn a lot of things about friendship and characters. I enjoyed this book a lot because everything that happens this book also happen in real life. You can find something about yourself in this book. DENİZ ERTUNA 7/E

It’s funny. It’s actually a book you can read and think at the same time. And the most important thing is: It’s a book from the heart! TAMER KABO 7B

TBGB is enjoyable and it helps you to relax. It reminds you that you are not alone. The book is about a bully and being bullied. Carla the counselor helps magical Bradley to be nice but it’s not so easy. DEFNE ÇAKIM 7G

JEFF Onat Gökmen 7C

stunning I think this book should be read because it appeals to your feelings and you feel sorry for Bradley. It makes you think a lot and it is definitely very touching. It’s a great book and it’s one of the rare books that makes you cry. From the end to the beginning to the very end you cry, laugh and you even feel like dying from laughing or crying too much... DıLARA KARAGÖL 7/A


I think this book is full of philosophy and psychology. It makes you think. I have gained so many things from the book. ARTUN DALYAN 7/F

MELINDA Ceylan-İrem-Aleyna 7 G

You can feel the “essense” of the book. It’s about real school friendships. Everybody can find something in this book. Everybody can change if they want, if they believe it from the “heart”. ZEYNEP VANLI 7/B

MR CHALKERS Tuna Özkaragöz 7E

MRS CHALKERS Selin Öncel-Badesim Kubak 7D

This book should be read because it

made me like reading English

books. It’s a really nice book. It’s exciting too. Everytime I closed that book, I wanted to go on reading. This book makes people understand rude and unfriendly people.

I can still remember that Bradley loved Carla a lot but he was so angry when he learned Carla was going. BADESİM JULIA KUBAK 7/D

MRS EBBEL Lara Öncel / Yasemin Kurt 7F Deniz Erkılınç 7E



Selin Sarp 7 C

This book is very funny and enjoyable. If you start reading this book, you can’t stop reading. It’s wierd and the things are happening so quickly. ELIF EKIN GÜNAL 7/G

It’s a very meaningful book. We are learning many things. We understand the importance of friendship. We also learn the reality of life. It is a very good book. NAZ BASOGLU 7/F

This book has a lot of inspirational sentences and words. The story is down to earth, a typical bully’s school life which gets better everyday. Finally, it should be read for having fun, having a sweet time... DILARA ZENEL 7/F

I think this book is perfect. Because we learn how we can build friendship. If you are honest, you can make friends. MERVE DEMİRCİ 7/C

I think TBGB is an amazing book. You should read it. Because its about a student like us. It teaches us that seeing a counsellor isn’t a bad thing. Moreover it teaches that self confidence is the most important thing. DEFNE BAŞBUGOGLU 7/C

This book should be read because it teaches an important lesson. Sometimes at most hopeless situations you still have a chance. MEHMET CAN CAVAS 7/B

This book is very brilliant and funny. If you read this book you can learn lots of thing about friendships that you’ll never forget. İDİL KARABULUT 7/B

It’s a really good and funny book. It teaches us ways of solving problems. I learned that every problem in the world can be solved. It describes friendship very well. I learned how to make a good friendship too. If you want to learn those good things and have fun, read this book. LARA KOHEN 7/F

This book is really perfect. It’s about friendship. This novel taught me not to fight for anything and always be happy. AHMET METE ERDEM 7/G

prepared by Grade 7 students compiled by Grade 7 English Teachers Hande Koç Sema Özdemir Çiğdem Aygün Nil Kohen

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