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May 2016

Volume 1, Issue 1


O . C O . U K


It’s finally here!!!

Colour of the Month


I know you’ve been waiting for this so I’m delighted to present you here with the first of many isiko

New isiko Pendants



What’s New 3 in Your isiko Top Tips From isiko




Your isiko Style


About isiko 5 100th isiko 5 Follower

We’ve a super first edition in store packed with lots of exciting articles about what we’ve been up to and who we’ve been partnering and working with. We’ve a special feature about our isiko Colour of the Month. We’ve decided that we are setting our own colour trends, look inside to see what we have in store for you this month. Each edition will feature Top Tips from fashion know how's’ to jewellery cleaning pointers. We’ve planned a competition which everyone can take part in, so watch this space to see what you can win.

May 2016

Volume 1, Issue 1

O u r


o f

T h e

M o n t h

Each month we’ll introduce our colour of the month. It will be based on our new pieces and our very own research of what’s on trend. Whether matching or contrasting and maybe even clashing we’ll present you with ways to wear your isiko jewellery. It’s a bold statement from isiko but we believe we have what it takes to start setting the trends rather than following what’s out there already. If you know anything about isiko you’ll know how important it is for us to remain individual and true to ourselves. Why not start here and now? Accessorise with something ruby.



Volume 1, Issue 1



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means isiko will feature in the April edition and very pleased we are too! Many isiko clients have been asking for our story So what a perfect opportunity to tell you about us.




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F r o m


i s i ko

So this special little section here in all future editions will feature our isiko top tips. What makes it special is that it’s designed solely with you in mind, that’s right, this is based on you. In the next edition you’ll have our top tips on how to wear your isiko pendants. But for now let me tell you how this works. Email, tweet, message or call isiko to ask us a question. Better still tell us who you are and you’ll get a special mention. It’s a real pleasure to be able to share our tips with you so do read all about it here and on our blog. Keep posted for our first top tip which provides hints about how to wear multiple necklaces and still look amazing...

Volume 1, Issue 1




We’re on the move! We have just recently fortunately, come into contact with writer, journo and award winning blogger, Kate L. Portman of Pouting In Heels. We are really looking forward to this work with Kate! We’ll keep you posted…

Claire of @_xclaireabella who describes herself as a fashion, beauty blogger and coffee enthusiast, is to be one of the lucky recipients of an isiko piece, hoping to hear lots about us from Claire and definitely one to watch.

Recently we did some work with the South Cave PTA and Sue Altass. It was our absolute please to donate a voucher to the Spring Ball raffle for an especially commissioned piece.

Our partners This Pampered Life, have isiko 25% off vouchers to give away to some lucky individuals.

Watch this space for our collaborative work with Peter Beresford of Red Sky, a new and exciting venture for isiko so follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Y o u r This month we have pulled out some saucy examples of how to wear your isiko pendant. With these colours you can wear this for any occasion. With these styles you’ll be turning lots of heads!


S t y l e

“New Pendants available this month on the website. Keep checking on Facebook, Twitter and the website


Volume 1, Issue 1

April and May have seen a lot of firsts for isiko. Last month saw our first blog and now our first isiko newsletter. We have so much to shout about our newsletter will have all our latest news. I started my working career in Fashion probably more clothing- A wonderful manager at the time and now friend gave me an opportunity to teach and I took it. A lot has happened since then including an array of jobs... A day trip to Wales and a visit to an art gallery, would be the first steps I would take towards the dream of owning my own business. My inspiration to work with glass came from a beautifully framed, glass picture of a house on a hill, with grass and fields and somewhere in the distance a setting sun, nothing like anything I had ever seen before. I simply couldn’t afford it... and that was it, that was my moment of clarity, I knew at that point that I would learn how to do that myself and that I would have a glass picture hanging on my wall made by my own fair hand.

2 Park Cross Street Leeds West Yorkshire LS1 2QH

Phone: 0113 868 0860

A short course 8 months later in 2014, practicing every weekend in a makeshift workshop, and lots of disasters whilst I learnt, about the explosive properties of melting glass and the rest as they say really is history...


To find out more on my recent venture please click onto the links below:

C o u l d

Y o u

B e

O u r

N e x t

W i n n e r ?

Here at isiko we have some amazing opportunities in order to win yourself an isiko product worth £60. If you like our page and you happen to be the lucky chosen one you will have the chance to win one of our unique isiko bespoke, necklaces pictured here. i s i k o

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F o r y o u r c h a n c e t o w i n . F o l l o w u s o n F a c e b o o k a n d t w i t t e r f o r a d o u b l e c h a n c e o f w i n n i n g .