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The name Solenta is derived from the English words “Solo” and “Adventure”, befitting the company’s creation early in the new millennium and its venture into providing flexible, individualized turboprop aircraft leasing solutions to African aviation. The company logo features the Acacia tree, common to much of East Africa. Passengers and crew disembarking from their aircraft at a remote African location may experience the sight of a lone Acacia tree against the background of a dusty, sun filled horizon; the basis for Solenta’s logo. This provides a very appropriate icon in a continent of countless adventures. With its main base in Johannesburg, South Africa and satellite operations throughout Africa and into the Middle East, Solenta Aviation’s aircraft transit a considerable amount of the regions’ vast geography. The company was formed in October 2000, specializing in providing customized value-added aviation leasing solutions throughout Africa and the Middle East, across a selected spectrum of turbo-prop aircraft under Part 121 and Part 135 operations, and a multi-functional maintenance facility based at Lanseria International Airport. Solenta Aviation currently operates more than 35 fixed wing turbo-prop aircraft for various customers all over Africa and the Middle East. Solenta Aviation has numerous fully autonomous offices located all over Africa and the Middle East, with varying levels of Operational and Maintenance capability deployed in support of the business. Solenta Aviation regularly undertakes challenging operations and projects for its clients within a broad range of industries, supplying the specific fixed wing service required by

the client. Over and above the conventional routes and destinations, the Airline has many years of experience flying in some of the most challenging conditions in Africa and the Middle East. Its operations have taken the company from the sands of the Sahara desert to the jungle and tropical forests in West and Central Africa to the harsh snow-capped mountains of Afghanistan. Solenta crew and aircraft are suitably equipped for flying into short, remote airstrips for its clients in what is considered war-torn countries. Each aircraft is monitored by means of satellite tracking and its operational staff are qualified to manage these distant operations and empowered to make quick decisions. Much of Solenta’s success lies in the dedication of its staff and and our commitment towards our clients. We believe that aviation is a fast moving, rapidly changing industry where speed of thought and speed of action is essential. We believe in total transparency with our clients who are treated as partners in the delivery of the finest aviation service. All departments within Solenta continuously strive to attain the highest levels of safety, security, quality and health in the work environment. The complete environment is subjected to both internal and external audits from Airworthiness Authorities as well as from internationally recognized auditory bodies to ensure compliance with the highest standards, typically found in the OGP (Oil & Gas Producing) industries. The training department ensures that all Solenta employees are trained and qualified in accordance with the most stringent aviation standards applied worldwide. Its HR department ensures that permanent crews are selected and appointed according to the strictest international quality and standards after a thorough induction and training process. Thereafter, the crew are

subjected to a continuous program of training flights, simulator sessions and classroom briefings. With its own approved Aviation Training Organisation under Part 41, Solenta training personnel manage and present crew training to the finest detail. For many years Solenta Aviation has been regarded as the regional leader in fixed wing operational services on the African continent. To maintain these high levels the aircraft are regularly upgraded and enhanced with the latest Avionic and Navigation systems, ensuring compliance with both current and future statutory requirements. Solenta offers the following services to fixed wing customers: • Operations on a long term contract basis, • Unscheduled Cargo & Passenger • Aviation support to Aid Operations in Remote Areas, • Aviation support to Oil and Gas Industries, • Scheduled Airline Operations on conventional routes into existing Hubs, • Ad Hoc Charter Operations, • Dry Leasing of Aircraft.

Our aircraft can on request be easily adapted to the client’s particular needs in a short period of time, either in passenger, cargo or specialised combi configurations. Solenta Aviation’s fleet are maintained by its own AMO (Aircraft Maintenance Organization) under Part 145. It has the approval and capability to perform line and heavy base or scheduled maintenance on its own aircraft as well as third party fleets up to and inclusive of C-check level. The establishment and approval of either line station or full AMO capability in support of its aircraft at the outstations, ensures the continuous airworthiness of the fleet. This maintenance capability is further supported by an excellent maintenance tracking department, as well as the correct parts inventories. Engineering staff are trained and experienced on each aircraft type, with a comprehensive recurrent training program. Considering the depth and reach of Solenta Aviation, the company prides itself in setting and achieving high levels of operations, aircraft availability (in excess of 98%), with on time delivery of services to clients, without any compromise in safety or quality, within the clients prescribed schedules, so simply summed up the company tag line: Delivering Excellence together in Aviation, anywhere in Africa and the Middle East …

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