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Recommendations for the future

Bilston Woods – Have YOUR say

Coming out of your views and ideas the following overall recommendations have been made to the Bilston Woods Management Group: • • • •

Broaden membership of Bilston Wood Management Group to be more inclusive of local communities Raise profile of Bilston Wood Management Group and woodlands Link Bilston Wood Management Group with neighbouring areas Encourage dialogue with key groups including horse riders, motorbikers, young people, disabled users etc, with the aim of reaching consensus.

“Perhaps events or publicity to get members of the public actively interested in the woods – especially some clean-up events”

What Happens Next? The thoughts and ideas of the community will be drawn on for the creation of new management and recreation plan for the woods. Woodland management is a slow process but keep your eye out for any changes! If you’d like to get more involved in the woods or would like some more information please feel free to contact us at the address opposite. → “I just love it!”

Community Feedback April/May 2006

What happened? Between 26th and 27th April the community of Loanhead was asked for their views on their local woods (the Viaduct end), known as Bilston Woods, Polton Woods, Dryden Woods or simply the Woods.

Above are a summary of the key issues raised by the community – some are positive and some negative and these need to be improved

THANK YOU… Thank you to all the people who took part so enthusiastically, giving your time to share your knowledge, ideas and opinions. We’d also like to thank Loanhead Miners New Community Centre, Loanhead After School Club and Roslin After School Club. Also thanks to the PA team and to Mel and Sam for assisting with this report. Maps reproduced by kind permission of Ordnance Survey.

The aim of this was to feed their thoughts and ideas into a new management and recreation plan for the wood which is currently being written by the woodland owners, the University of Edinburgh. The University wants to create a wood that everyone can enjoy and to gradually change it from a plantation to a more natural woodland.

What were people asked? What they do In the woods

Where did people take part?

People were asked…

What they dislike about the woods

What changes they want

Contact details: Vikki Hilton or Dr John Blyth

Where they would like to go in the future

Are they interested in getting involved?

The Woods! The Miners New Community Centre Library Leisure Centre The Loan

School of GeoSciences University of Edinburgh Kings Building Campus EH9 3JN Phone: Vikki :0131 650 6439

Contributions from Roslin (above) and Loanhead (below) After School Club

Where they go in the woods

What they like about the woods

Copper Wood The Viaduct John: 01896 850314

Bowling Club

E-mail: John:

Polton Road

Copies of this report also available at:

Roslin After School Club Bilston Woods below the viaduct

Loanhead After School Club

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Who took part?

Newsletter Title In total 160 people shared their ideas. The dots on the map below show where they live and the table shows the mix of men, women, young and old.

People from Loanhead sharing their ideas at the Miners New Community Centre

The Communities Views continued… GENERAL • Police involvement to combat anti-social behaviours • Keep it rural • Discourage anti social behaviour and vandalism. • Discourage motorbikes from close proximity to houses • Coordinate with other groups, landowners and stakeholders Point of contact Keep it peaceful • •

“I would like more accessible paths within the woods for walks. They get too muddy. Too narrow for buggies.”

PATHS • • •

The Communities Views The walking routes shown below in blue are those used at the moment by the members of the community. Those in red are ones you’d like to see created.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Signs in the woods showing the way to Roslin – it was thought that more signs are needed though.

Maps of cycle and horseriding routes and detailed comments are available – see contact details.

Separate paths/routes for different user groups More paths especially in dense areas Signage/interpretation boards of paths/routes Make signage discreet No theme boards More accessible paths for buggies Circular paths Path maintenance and drainage Maps of paths Keep paths natural Improve drainage Signpost designated bridle ways More provision for horses Improve cycle routes Sign posts made of steel No change No more tarmac

No more development

AMENITY & RECREATION • Guided walks • Educational activities • Decrease litter • Litter bins • Provision of picnic areas and seating • Walkers guide • Maps • Lighting • No lighting • Guided walks • Car parking areas for those out with the vicinity Manage horse use •

EDUCATIONAL & COMMUNITY • Community activity walks • Local information • Regular meetings with public and interested groups • More community involvement • Litter clean ups • Involve young people • Features for children • Increase awareness of history and biodiversity of the area • Cut undergrowth to highlight geological features

• •

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Use geological features for educational purposes Make information available about geological features Events to get the public actively interested and involved Get local people involved in nature

WOODLAND MANAGEMENT • Consider wildlife and the value of the woodlands as a wildlife corridor • Plant more native trees • Increase management for biodiversity • Open up denser areas • Encourage wildlife • Increase woodland area • Under planting and fringe planting native trees like rowan and gean • Re-vegetate verges • Keep woodland wild • Keep area natural • More hedgerows • Structural improvements Fence perimeter

What a child at the Roslin After School club would like to see in the woods in the future

Bilston bWoods: Have your say  
Bilston bWoods: Have your say  

A community appraisal about a pice of woodland aimed at encouraging people to have a say about how teh area should be managed and opportunit...