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International Student Identity Card (ISIC) 60 years logo ISIC 60th Anniversary

Explanation of the 60 years logo The logo represents the goal upon which the ISIC was founded, which is working together for peace and intercultural understanding throughout the world. The ISIC logo has been incorporated into the 60 years numbering, where it is transformed into a world globe to show the international aspect of the ISIC organisation. The colours in the background of the logo merge together to create the iconic ISIC green, representing ISIC's goal of creating unity. Download the 60 years logo You can download the 60 years logo in eps, Jpeg and png format from the ISIC Artwork website to use in your local marketing materials: Login to the Artwork section on the ISIC Extranet to get the login in and password details for the ISIC Artwork website.


Join us in celebrating the 60 Anniversary of the ISIC card 60 years of ISIC, 1953-2013

ISIC 60th Anniversary logo  

Information about the special ISIC 60th Anniversary logo.

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