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FAST PORTUGUESE ENGLISH GUIDE The guide was designed for your vacation or business trip. And it will be useful if you work in a hotel or tour industry and related.

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Welcome aboard to the Unit I of Fast Portuguese English Guide. Here we are going to look at some greetings and addressing people expressions, how to introduce yourself and someone else in both situations: in a friendly or an informal way, and in a business or a formal situation.



Hello! / Hi!

Olá! / Oi!* (informal)

Good morning!

Bom dia!

Good afternoon!

Boa tarde!

Good evening!

Boa noite!* (ao chegar)

Good night!

Boa noite!* (antes de dormir)

Good night!

Boa noite!* (ao se retirar / formal)


Até logo!* (formal)

Saying good-bye


Bye, bye! (Bye!)


See you!

Até breve!

See you around!

Nos vemos!

See you later!

Até mais!

Catch you later.

Até depois.

I´ll be off.

Estarei fora.

Talk to you later, bye!

Depois nos falamos, tchau!

Have a nice (great) day!

Tenha um belo (ótimo) dia!

Take care!






Informal Introduction Miss Addressing People

Apresentação Informal Senhorita Formas de Tratamento

To introduce yourself in an informal situation is very nice and simple. Hi, I am...

Oi, sou...



And to improve the dialogue you can say: How are you? Formal Introduction How are you doing?

Como vai? Apresentação Formal Como tem passado?

To introduce yourself in an formal situation requires a little bit long sentences and more advanced structures.

Hello! I don´t think we´ve met. Let me introduce myself. My name is…

Olá! Acredito que não nos conhecemos. Deixame apresentar-me. Meu nome é…

Good morning. Allow me to Bom dia. Permita-me introduce myself. My name apresentar-me. Meu is... nome é... Introducing Someone

Apresentando Alguém

First, let´s see how to introduce someone in an informal situation. Then, let´s see the most common informal answer. And finally, the most common informal response. Mike, this is my friend Peter.

Mike, este é o meu amigo Peter.

Hi, Peter. Nice to meet you. Oi, Peter. Prazer em conhecê-lo.

Nice to meet you, too.

O prazer é todo meu.

You can also use other friendly expressions that mean “nice” such as: happy, lovely, pleased. Hello, Lucy. It´s lovely to meet you.

Olá, Lucy. Encantado em conhecê-la.

I´m pleased to meet you, too.

Fico feliz/contente em conhecer você, também.

Apresentação Formal Introducing Someone you may Let´s see some expressions use in a formal / business situation when introducing someone else. May I introduce my colleague, Lucy Lee?

Posso lhe apresentar minha colega, Lucy Lee?

Allow me to introduce my colleague Lucy Lee?

Permita-me apresentar minha colega Lucy Lee?

I would like you to meet my Gostaria que conhecesse colleague Lucy Lee. minha colega Lucy Lee.

A common formal expression in introduction is: How do you do? And the answer to that is: How do you do? How do you do, sir?

Como vai, senhor?

How do you do?

Como vai?

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