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Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010 For admissions to the pharmacy colleges affiliated to the Uttar Pradesh Technical University

If You Have

A Scientific bent of mind An Interest in medicine Ability to work Methodically, Carefully & Accurately

Be a Pharmacist

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Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Dedicated to the Unabated Spirit of Uttar Pradesh India’s Heartland

The Team Behind Raghav Mittal, B.Tech + M.Tech (IIT Kharagpur) Sachin Jain, B.Tech (UPTU), M.Tech (IIT Roorkee) Anuj Goyal, MBA (Amity University) Ishvinder Singh, B.Tech (UPTU) Nitin Shekhar Pandey, BFA (BHU Varanasi) Shivam Singh, B.Tech (UPTU), MBA (ICFAI Bangalore) Gaurav Srivastava, B.Tech (UPTU) Gaurav Mittal, B.Tech (IIT Roorkee) Shruti Goyal, PG Communication Design (MIT, Pune) Thakur Lal Arya, B.Com Amit Pandey, MCA (RGPV, Bhopal) Dwarikadheesh Mishra, B.Tech (Gurukul Kangri) Shilpa Maheswari, MBA (UPTU) Sachin Jaiswal, MBA (UPTU)

Price: Rs 100/Disclaimer : Due care and diligence has been taken while editing and printing this book, neither the publisher nor the printer of the book hold any responsibility for any mistake that may have crept in inadvertently. Extra Edge Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. will be free from any liability for damages and losses of any nature arising from or related to the content. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of competent courts in New Delhi.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


Editor’s Note Hon’ble Vice Chancellor’s Message Hon’ble Registrar’s Message About UPTU Part A Introduction to Pharmacy ...9 Part B All About Counselling ...21 Part C Snapshot of Pharmacy Colleges ...37 Part D Featured Pharmacy Colleges ...79


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Editor’s Note “Engineers of UPTU are significantly better than the national average” MeritTrac-UPTU WATCH Dipstick Study Established in the year 2000, Uttar Pradesh Technical University has come a long way by becoming the world’s largest techno-managerial university with over 600 affiliated colleges. While there were a mere 92,000 students who appeared for the UPSEE in 2005, the number has risen to 2,72,000 in 2010. The socio-economic impact made by the UPTU has been phenomenal and unforeseen in any other part of the country.

Excellence of UPTU System

The University has an excellent techno-managerial curriculum backed up by an unimpeachable examination system - the hallmarks of any academic institution of excellence. A recently concluded dipstick study conducted by UPTU WATCH in collaboration with MeritTrac has revealed that the engineering talent pool from UPTU is significantly better than the national average. This certainly validates the quality of education imparted by UPTU Colleges.

UPTU WATCH Admission Guides: Filling in the Information Gap

A great need was being felt for a product which could give a snapshot information about the UPTU affiliated Colleges for the prospective students seeking admissions in the various Engineering-Management-Pharmacy Courses at various colleges. Team UPTU WATCH decided to come out with a set of 3 unique admission guides, one each for the Engineering, Management & Pharmacy domains. This maiden attempt is the humble hard work of a set of dedicated team which envisions to empower the techno-managerial students from the state of Uttar Pradesh to stand apart and create an exclusive identity for themselves through their sheer merit. An introduction to the various cities & towns of Uttar Pradesh would certainly make you nostalgic. How successful we are in this initiative of ours, is for the readers of these guides to judge & comment upon. We are all eager to improve upon in future editions. Raghav Mittal, Editor - UPTU WATCH,


We do regret in advance for the various erros which might have crept into despite our best efforts.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010 Message of

Prof. Kripa Shanker Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, UPTU


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010 Message of

Sri U. S Tomer Hon’ble Registrar, UPTU


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

ABOUT UPTU Established in the year 2000 the Uttar Pradesh Technical University is a Universe in itself. Spreading from Ghazipur in the East to Noida adjacent of Delhi in the West, from Jhansi in south to Saharanpur in the North, the University spans the entire state of Uttar Pradesh covering an area of around five thousand square kilometers. The Uttar Pradesh Technical University not only conducts the biggest examination in the field of Technical Education, it also declares in each semester the result of around 2.5 lakh students in various disciplines in a record time of approximately one and a half months. In a recently conducted study by UPTU WATCH in association with MeritTrac - India’s biggest skill assessment company - the UPTU engineers have been found to be significantly better than the national average. In a span of 10 years, the University has grown to be the biggest techno - managerial university in the entire world. For the sake of administrative efficiency and academic excellence the University has been bifurcated into two halves. However, the spirit of excellence & aspiration to make a mark ingrained by the University in the youth of Uttar Pradesh would continue to flourish in times to come.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Part A Introduction to Pharmacy


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

What is Pharmacy ? The word Pharmacy has been derived from the Greek word 'pharmakon’ which means drug. It is the health profession that links the health sciences with the chemical sciences, and it is charged with ensuring the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Disciplines of Pharmacy


The boundaries between these disciplines and with other sciences, such as biochemistry, are not always clear-cut; and often, collaborative teams from various disciplines research together.

The scope of pharmacy practice includes more traditional roles such as compounding and dispensing medications, and it also includes more modern services related to health care, including clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, and providing drug information. Pharmacists, therefore, are the experts on drug therapy and are the primary health professionals who optimize medication use to provide patients with positive health outcomes. An establishment in which pharmacy (in the first sense) is practiced is called a pharmacy, chemist’s or drug store. These stores commonly sell not only medicines, but also miscellaneous items such as candy (sweets), cosmetics, and magazines, as well as light refreshments or groceries. The word pharmacy is derived from its root word pharma which was a term used since the 1400– 1600s. In addition to pharma responsibilities, the pharma offered general medical advice and a range of services that are now performed solely by other specialist practitioners, such as surgery and midwifery. The pharma (as it was referred to) often operated through a retail shop which, in addition to ingredients for medicines, sold tobacco and patent medicines. The pharmas also used many other herbs not listed. In its investigation of herbal and chemical ingredients, the work of the pharma may be regarded as a precursor of the modern sciences of chemistry and pharmacology, prior to the formulation of the scientific method.

The field of Pharmacy can generally be divided into three primary disciplines: * Pharmaceutics * Medicinal chemistry and Pharmacognosy * Pharmacy practice

Pharmacology is sometimes considered a fourth discipline of pharmacy. Although pharmacology is essential to the study of pharmacy, it is not specific to pharmacy. Therefore it is usually considered to be a field of the broader sciences. Other specializations in pharmacy practice recognized by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties include: cardiovascular, infectious disease, oncology, pharmacotherapy, nuclear, nutrition, and psychiatry. The Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy certifies pharmacists in geriatric pharmacy practice. The American Board of Applied Toxicology certifies pharmacists and other medical professionals in applied toxicology.


Pharmacists are highly-trained and skilled healthcare professionals who perform various roles to ensure optimal health outcomes for their patients. Many pharmacists are also small-business owners, owning the pharmacy in which they practice. Pharmacists are represented internationally by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). They are represented at the national level by professional organisations such as the Dutch Pharmacists Association (VNA) Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB), the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA), the Pakistan Pharmacists Society (PPS) and the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry India currently represents just U.S. $ 6 billion of the $550 billion global pharmaceutical industry but its share is increasing at 10 percent a year, compared to 7 percent annual growth for the world market overall. Also, while the Indian sector represents just 8 percent of the global industry total by volume, putting it in fourth place worldwide, it accounts for 13 percent by value, and its drug exports have been growing 30 percent annually

The "organized"sector of India’s pharmaceutical industry consists of 250 to 300 companies, which account for 70 percent of products on the market, with the top 10 firms representing 30 percent. However, the total sector is estimated at nearly 20,000 businesses, some of which are extremely small. Approximately 75 percent of India’s demand for medicines is met by local manufacturing Indian-owned firms currently account for 70 percent of the domestic market, up from less than 20 percent in 1970. In 2005, nine of the top 10 companies in India were domestically owned, compared with just four in 1994. India’s potential to further boost its alreadyleading role in global generics production, as well as an offshore location of choice for multinational drug manufacturers seeking to curb the increasing costs of their manufacturing, R&D and other support services, presents an opportunity worth an estimated $48 billion in 2007.

Over-the-Counter Medicines

The Indian market for over-the-counter medicines (OTCs) is worth about $940 million and is growing 20 percent a year, or double the rate for prescription medicines.The government is

keen to widen the availability of OTCs to outlets other than pharmacies, and the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) has called for them to be sold in post offices. Developing an innovative new drug, from discovery to worldwide marketing, now involves investments of around $1 billion, and the global industry’s profitability is under constant attack as costs continue to rise and prices come under pressure. Pharmaceutical production costs are almost 50 percent lower in India than in Western nations, while overall R&D costs are about one-eighth and clinical trial expenses around one-tenth of Western levels. India’s long-established manufa-cturing base also offers a large, well-educated, English-speaking workforce, with 700,000 scientists and engineers graduating every year, including 122,000 chemists and chemical engineers, with 1,500 PhDs. The industry provides the highest intellectual capital per dollar worldwide, says OPPI. The industry’s exports were worth more than $3.75 billion in 2004-05 and they have been growing at a compound annual rate of 22.7 percent over the last few years, according to the government’s draft National Pharmac-euticals Policy for 2006, published in January 2006. The Policy estimates that, by the year 2010, the industry has the potential to achieve $22.40 billion in formulations, with bulk drug production going up from $1.79 billion to $5.60 billion.

India’s rich human capital is believed to be the strongest asset for this knowledge-led industry. Various studies show that the scientific talent pool of 4 million Indians is the second-largest English-speaking group worldwide, after the USA.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Important Advisory for Students Pharmacy Council of India Combined Councils’ Building Kotla Road, Aiwan-E-Ghalib Marg New Delhi – 110 002

TELEPHONE: 011-23231348, FAX No.: 011-23239184 E-MAIL:, WEBSITE:

The Pharmacy Council of India is a statutory body constituted under the Pharmacy Act 1948, a Central Act passed by the Parliament to regulate the profession and practice of pharmacy in the country. It has come to the notice of the Pharmacy Council of India that a number of Pharmacy Institutions are functioning in the country without seeking/obtaining recognition/approval from the Pharmacy Council India. The qualifications obtained by students from such institutions which are not approved/recognised by the Pharmacy Council, will not entitle such students to register themselves as Pharmacists under Pharmacy Act 1948. The approved pharmacy qualifications for registration as Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act 1948 are Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) Pharm.D & Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate) In view of this, all students aspiring to pursue any course in Pharmacy for the purpose of registration as a Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act, 1948 should first ensure that the particular institution which they intend to join has been recognised/approved by the Pharmacy Council of India for the conduct of the course of study/approved u/s 12 of the Pharmacy Act, 1948. The lists of such institutions is displayed on the official website of the Council ( Registrar-cum-Secretary Pharmacy Council of India


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Indian Pharma Industry Turnover $6.02 billion

Exports $3.72 billion

Imports $985.3 million Bulk drug production $2.10 billion, with over 400 bulk drugs produced. Over 60,000 formulations produced, in 60 therapeutic categories

Capital investment up 14.8 percent to $1.16 billion

Employment 5 million direct, 24 million indirect


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Part B All About

Counselling What is Counselling? Selecting the right course Selecting the appropriate college The Superstition of College Ranking The Counselling Process


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

What is Counselling ? The word counselling literally means direction or helpful suggestions regarding a decision or future course of action. In the context of engineering entrance examinations, the process of counselling involves the selection of the course of study and college depending on the rank secured.

Select the right course of study according to your interests, inclinations & career aspirations

Select the college suiting your personal socioeconomiclocational constraints

After having qualified in the Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination [UPSEE] and secured a respectable rank in the same, the next course of action is to select an appropriate course of study meeting your career aspirations & selecting the right college suiting your personal socio-economic parameters. During counselling one has to fill in a number of options (course, college) which are subsequently allotted as per one’s rank. The higher the rank, the higher is the possibility of landing up at your very first chosen options. The selection of an appropriate course of study always poses a dilemma to the students and even more to their parents. Whenever called upon, everyone wants to make the best choice. Interestingly, what is best for me may not be best for others. This age-old wisdom has somehow got lost in the modern day myths, stereotypes & superstitions which have little bearing on the successful advancement of one’s career.

Suggestive Process The following is a suggestive process through which one can make an optimal use of one’s rank and land

up at the right course & college. In the context of UPTU system, the affiliated colleges are more or less of the same genre. Almost all the major courses of study are available in all colleges. Therefore choosing the right course of study is of primary importance. Eventually, colleges are merely a platform for learning. The onus of reaping optimal dividends from the same certainly lies on the students to a great extent. Once the course of study has been selected, one can choose the right college from the list of colleges offering that course. The profiles of all UPTU Colleges is compiled in PART C of this guide. Part D carries extensive featured profiles of some select colleges on the parameters of Governance, Infrastructure, Intellectual Capital and Interface of the institution. While selecting a college, a consideration should be given to the city of its location. It’s advisable to choose a college closer to your hometown as it bring in many indirect advantages and easens the burden on the purse of your parents.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Utilizing your UPTU RANK The rank in any entrance examination is the ticket for a preferred entry. The better the rank, the more options and choices you have to choose from. A good rank is also a symbol of your academic profoundness. In the bygone era, when the avenues for higher technical education were meagre and limited, ranking in the entrance examination made a lot of difference. However, with the wider expanse of the higher educational system, rank is just one of the many criteria for selection of a particular course or college of study.

What does a rank in UPTU means? What is the meaning of rank in various categories like General, Girls etc. ? The concept of rank in an entrance examination is fairly simple. The examination body, in our case the UPTU makes a single list of all students who have appeared in the examination and depending on their performance provides a merit list. For example: An OBC girl having a rank in general (open) list as 20,000 and in OBC list as 4000 means that out of 20,000 general candidates 4000 are OBC and her rank in OBC category is 4000. Now, applying the girls quota, if her rank is 700, it means that out of 4000 OBC candidates there are 700 girls and her rank in OBC girls category is 700.

How rank is used for admissions during counselling.

The Categories OP - Open - General Category - In this all categories fit in FF - Dependents of Freedom Fighters from UP GL - Girl Category AF - Sons / Daughters of ‘defence personnel of UPeither retired (superannuated) or killed / disabled in action’ or ‘defence personnel posted in UP’ SC - Schedule Caste BC - OBC Category ST - ST Category PH - Physically Challenged * To know more about the categories, the benefits available to them, refer to the UPSEE-2010 Brochure and also to the Counselling Process Section in the subsequent pages.

Opening & Closing Ranks The opening & closing ranks in a particular stream of engineering/management/pharmacy, under various categories at a particular college is a mere indication of the preferences & choices of the candidates within the confines of the opening & closing ranks in the past counsellings. Preferences of the past are largely indicative & suggestive in nature and should not become your sole criteria is opting for a particular course or college just because someone else of similar ranks did so in the past.

Every college participating in the counselling process for the intake of students divides its available seats for each quota as per state government rules. Now, these seats are filled as per the rank & preference of the candidates in that particular quota.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

The Counselling Procedure The counselling procedure is divided in two phases: Phase-I: Off-Campus On-Line Counselling [Schedule would be declared by UPTU] Phase-II: On-Campus On-line Counselling [Schedule would be declared by UPTU] Through computer screen, the counselees will have access to category-wise information regarding: (a) Number of candidates with higher merit who would have already exercised their choices. (b) Number of higher merit holders yet to exercise their choices. (c) Current status of course-wise and institution-wise available seats. The detailed procedure is described below.

Phase-I : Off-Campus On-Line Counselling 1. Soon after declaration of SEE- UPTU- 2010 results, candidates found eligible for counselling are required to exercise their initial choices of branches and institutions through Internet ( from places of their convenience. The candidates may contact the nearby Counselling Centres (CC) for availing the Internet facility free of charge. 2. A candidate has to log on to the website and click ‘off-campus’ counselling button on the home page. 3. Login and password prompts will appear on the computer screen. Using the instructions given on the screen, candidates are to enter the login ID and password for which admit card would be required. 4. The procedure for exercising choices or seeking other information is menu driven. It guides the candidates through appropriate messages on the computer screen. 5. Information relating to institutions, disciplines (Engineering / Technology, Pharmacy, Architecture, Hotel Management, MBA and MCA, Bio-Tech, BFAD), branches (e.g. Electronics Engineering or Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering etc.) and categories (UPGE or UPSC or UPBC or UPST etc.) will be available through each relevant drop-down menu for the purpose of exercising choices as well as for a feel of their competitive standing for their preferred choices among the logged-in candidates. 6. The name of counselling centre will be displayed on computer screen during Phase-I. 7. The candidates are permitted, if they so desire, to change their choices, delete earlier choices and add new choices any number of times, based on the information which will appear on the computer screen. The candidates are free to consult their parents, teachers, friends and others for advice during Phase-I. The off-campus counselling will facilitate the selection of the most appropriate discipline, institution and branches / programme at candidates’ rank and in their categories for submitting their final choices during on-campus counselling. 8. Choices will be processed and indicative seat allocation will be put on the website at frequent intervals. The dates of next update of indicative seat allocation will be specified on the website. 9. OFF CAMPUS COUNSELLING IS ONLY A REHEARSAL.

Phase- II : Part I - On-Campus On-Line Counselling- First Counselling Eligible candidates will be required to report at only one counselling centre, which will be displayed on computer screen during Phase-I. They will have to stay there for two days. A list of counselling centres is also given in this section in the following pages.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


Status During Counselling


Candidate withdraws before locking the Rs. 5000/-refundable choice

Refund Policy


Candidate is not allotted any seat as per the Rs. 5000/-refundable choices filled


A seat is allotted as per option of the candi- No refund admissible date, but even if candidate does not take allotment letter/does not join the allotted college / is not interested in taking admission for any reason whatsoever.


Counselling fee of Rs. 500/- be non-refundable and no claim will be entertained for its refund at any stage.


No Refund of Counselling or Part of College/Institute fee (Rs. 10000/ Rs. 4000) deposited at Counselling Centre will be admissible, if the candidate does not take admission in allotted College/Institute for any reason whatsover, and no claim will be entertained for its refund..

IMPORTANT FEATURES of Counselling 2010 (a) A candidate can exercise choices for branch along with institution several times during off-campus on-line counselling. (b) This facility is provided to enable the candidates to assess institution and branches likely to be available at their merit. (c) During the on-campus counselling, on-line submission of choices is to be made on Choice Submission Form. (d) There exist provisions for candidates to claim refunds of initial fees, if seats as per his options is not available. (e) Number of counselling centres has been increased upto 11 for the convenience of candidates and economy of their expenses.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010




Name of the Contact Person


Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sitapur Road, Lucknow

Lucknow (I)

Prof. S.K.Srivastava, Director 0522-2361692


Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sitapur Road, Lucknow

Lucknow (II)

Prof. S. K. Srivastava, Director 0522-2361692


Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Nawabganj, Kanpur

Kanpur (I)

Prof. R. K. Khitoliya, Director 0512-2534000


Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Nawabganj, Kanpur

Kanpur (II)

Prof. R. K. Khitoliya, Director 0512-2534000


Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College, Deoria Road, Gorakhpur


Prof. B.B. Singh, Principal 0551-2273958


R.S.M.T., (U.P. Autonomous College Campus), Bhojubeer, Varanasi


Sri Aman Gupta, Director 0542-2280641


G.L.A. Institute of Technology & Management, 17 K.M. Stone, Delhi-Mathura Highway, NH # 2, Post - Chaumuha, Mathura


Prof. Jai Prakash, Director General 05662-250908-9


Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology, 5th Km., Delhi-Meerut Road, Opposite Jain Tube Company Ltd., Ghaziabad


Prof. M .P. Jakhanwal, Director 0120-2788409, 2788273


Bharat Institute of Technology, Partapur By Pass Road, Meerut


Prof. A. K. Vasishtha, Director General 0121-2440460


Institute of Engineering & Rural Technology, 26 Chatham Lines, Near Prayag Rly. Station, Allahabad


Dr. S. C. Rohatagi, Director 0532-2425206


Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology, 13 Km., Bareilly- Nainital Road, Vill- GhanghoraGhanghori, Post- Bhojipura, Bareilly- 243202


Prof. S. P. Gupta, Director 0581-2582555, 2582246


Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kanpur Road, Jhansi


Prof. Harvinder Singh, Director 0510-2320349, 2320321


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

32 Cities 106 Colleges 6500 Seats


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Part C Snapshot of

Pharmacy Colleges


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

UPTU Colleges City Wise Index S.No. Name of the City

Page No.


Agra ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 40


Aligarh -------------------------------------------------------------------- 41


Allahabad ---------------------------------------------------------------- 42


Azamgarh ---------------------------------------------------------------- 43


Baghpat ------------------------------------------------------------------ 44


Bahraich ----------------------------------------------------------------- 45


Balrampur ---------------------------------------------------------------- 46


Barabanki ---------------------------------------------------------------- 47


Bareilly ------------------------------------------------------------------- 48

10. Bijnor --------------------------------------------------------------------- 49 11. Etawah ------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 12. Ghaziabad ---------------------------------------------------------------- 51 - 52 13. Gonda --------------------------------------------------------------------- 53 14. Gorakhpur ---------------------------------------------------------------- 54 15. Greater Noida ------------------------------------------------------------- 55 - 57 16. Hardoi --------------------------------------------------------------------- 58 17.

Jaunpur ------------------------------------------------------------------- 59


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

18. Jhansi --------------------------------------------------------------------- 60 19. Kanpur -------------------------------------------------------------------- 61 - 62 20.

Kaushambi --------------------------------------------------------------- 63

21. Lucknow ------------------------------------------------------------------ 64 - 65 22. Maharajganj -------------------------------------------------------------- 66 23. Mathura ------------------------------------------------------------------ 67 24. Meerut -------------------------------------------------------------------- 68 - 69 25. Modinagar ---------------------------------------------------------------- 70 26. Moradabad --------------------------------------------------------------- 71 27. Muzzafarnagar ------------------------------------------------------------ 72 28. Saharanpur --------------------------------------------------------------- 73 29. Sitapur -------------------------------------------------------------------- 74 30. Sultanpur ----------------------------------------------------------------- 75 31. Unnao -------------------------------------------------------------------- 76 32. Varanasi ------------------------------------------------------------------ 77


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


AGRA Founded in 1504 by Sikandar Lodi Most populous city in Uttar Pradesh,19th most populous city in India

Known as Akbarabad in the reign of Mughals and remained the capital of the Mughal Empire under the Emperors Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan. Tourism contributes to a large extent in the economy of Agra. Agra has a good number of apparel manufacturers and exporters. Agra has also an important market for the automobile industry. Over 7200 Small Scale Industrial Units are spared all over the district. Agra city is fa-

Agra Public Institute of Technology & Computer Education


A: Agra- Mathura Road, Near Hira Lal Piaya, Artoni, Agra T: (0562)- 2854181, 2520040, 2852757, F: (0562)- 2855668 W:, E:, Programmes : B.Pharma Courses Offered Bachelor of Pharmacy (BP)

College of Pharmacy Agra


A: Agra-Mathura Road, NH-2 Keetham, Agra-282007 T: (05613) - 271024/26/27, F: (05613)-272027 W:, E: Programmes : B.Pharma Courses Offered Bachelor of Pharmacy (BP)


: Sharda Educational Trust : Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta : Dr. Umakant Bajaj (Principal)

{ 243

A: Gwalior Road, Rohta Ki Neher, Jakhoda,Agra T: 9837035985, 9927082702, F: 0562-2400879 W:, E: Programmes : B.Pharma Courses Offered Bachelor of Pharmacy (BP)



A: Etmadpur, Agra. T: (0562)- 6526249, 9411201458, F: (011)- 26121328 (Delhi Office) W:, E: Programmes : B.Pharma Courses Offered Bachelor of Pharmacy (BP)

Society/Trust Chairman Director


: Dr. R. N.Gupta Technical Education Society : Mr. D. K. Gupta : ----------------


: Agra Society of Professional Education : Mr Ashish Tripathi : Dr. Umesh Jain

Anjali College of Pharmacy and Science


Society/Trust Chairman Director

Anand College of Pharmacy

Society/Trust Chairman Director

: ------------------------: Mr. M.C. Sharma : (Prof) Dr. M. C. Binda


Society/Trust Chairman Director


mous for the Leather Goods, Handicrafts, Zari Zardozi, Marvel and Stone carving & inlay work. Agra is also wellknown for its sweets (Petha & Gajak) and Snacks (Dalmoth). Sanjay Place is the Trade center of Agra.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


VARANASI The Capital of Knowledge “Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together” -Mark Twain “From the looms of Benaras went forth the most delicate silks that adorned the halls of St. James and of Versailles. In wealth, population, dignity and sanctity Varanasi is amongst the foremost in Asia” -Macaulay. Institute of Pharmacy, Harish Chandra P.G. College


A: Bawan Beegha, Post-Cantt, Varanasi-221002 T: 0542-5537074, F: 0542-2360025 W:, E: Programmes : B.Pharma Courses Offered Bachelor of Pharmacy (BP)


: Harishchandra Vidyalaya Samiti : ----------------------: Dr Deepak Prakash

Saraswati Higher Education & Technical College of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy (BP)

Society/Trust Chairman Director

: ---------------------: ----------------------: Prof Vir Anjali Kumar Saxena

: Saraswati Trust : Sri Virendra Singh : Mr. Rajeev Shukla

Kashi Institute of Pharmacy


A: MS-23, Varanasi-Allahabad Highway, Mirjamurad, Varanasi - 221307 T: (0542)-2637777, 2637778, 9415103168, F:(0542)-2637681 , E: Programmes : B.Pharma Courses Offered 60

Bachelor of Pharmacy (BP)


: Jain Education Trust

Chairman Director

: Mr. Vipul Jain : Prof Ramveer Kapoor




Society/Trust Chairman Director


{ 300

A: Village-Gahni, P.O. Ayer, Varanasi T: -----------------------, F: ----------------------W: , E: Programmes : B.Pharma Courses Offered Bachelor of Pharmacy (BP)


A: Saraitakki, Babatpur, Varansi-221006 T: 0542- 2623447, F: 0542- 2623447 W: -----------------------, E: Programmes : B.Pharma Courses Offered


Society/Trust Chairman Director

Varanasi College of Pharmacy


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Parameters Defining an Ideal Institution Institutional Governance * Eminent Governing Body * Academic Advisory Council * Experienced & Well Qualified Executives

Educational Infrastructure * Well Equipped Laboratories * Seminar Halls & Auditoriums * Sprawling & Well Managed Campus

Intellectual Capital * Well stacked Library * Internet Connectivity * Avenues for Higher Studies

Multi-pronged Interface * Training & Placement Activities * Tie-ups with Industry * Academia-Industry Interactions


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Part D Featured

Pharmacy Colleges


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010

Featured Pharmacy Colleges Exclusive Profiles Aligarh Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology & Management , Om Sai College of Pharmacy

Allahabad United Institute of Pharmacy U.C.E.R

Bijnor Vivek College of Technical Education

Ghaziabad Sunderdeep College of Pharmacy

Greater Noida

IEC College of Engineering & Technology, Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational & Technical Education Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Innovative College of Pharmacy


Smt. Vidyavati College of Pharmacy , College of Pharmacy (CSE Group)


Advanced Institute of Bio-Tech & Paramedical Sciences, Advanced Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research


Saroj Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow Institute of Pharmacy


Bharat Institute of Technology, IIMT College of Medical Sciences LTR Institute of Technology

Modinagar DJ College of Pharmacy


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


Featured Pharmacy Colleges Index Name of the College

Page No.

1. Advance Group of Pharmacy Colleges, Kanpur


2. Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut


3. College of Pharmacy (CSE Group), Jhansi


4. DJ College of Pharmacy, Modinagar


5. IEC College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida


6. Innovative College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida


7. IIMT College of Medical Sciences, Meerut


8. LTR Institute of Technology, Meerut


9. Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida


10. Om Sri Sai College of Pharmacy, Aligarh


11. Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational & Technical Education, Greater Noida


12. Saroj Educational Group, Lucknow - Aligarh


13. Smt. Vidyawati College of Pharmacy, Jhansi


14. Sunderdeep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad


15. United Group of Institutions, Allahabad - Greater Noida


16. Vivek College of Management & Technology, Bijnor



Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


Advance Group of Pharmacy Colleges [188] Advance Institute of Bio-tech & Pharmedical Sciences


[462] Advance Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

SMS to 2 6 7 56

SMS to 88 UPTU 1 67 567

6 UPTU 4 7

CONTACT DETAILS : 355 & 366, Naramau, G.T. Road, (Opp. ALIMCO), Kanpur- 209217 Phone: 0512-3277222, 2770099, 09336651555, 09336101647,,

Approved from Pharmacy Council of India Organization of “PHARMA JOB FAIRS” on a regular basis Unique mix of campus & industry based learning, Powered by Ideal Chemical Works & Sigma Pharma Inspired by the life & thoughts of Pt. H S Bhargava, Governed by Passionated Pharmacists

Bold & Open Annoucement of Placement Results

About Society/Trust

Course Offered

“Pt. H.S. Bhargava Charitable Society” registered under the society act came into existence in the year 2003 with the inspiration from the life and thoughts of great philosopher Pt. H.S. Bhargava, a person gifted with a kind of unquenchable thirst for introducing innovativeness for the up-liftment of social service and promotion of Pharmacy Education which was inadequate to the people of Uttar Pradesh. These thoughts have now taken shape in the form of “Advance Group of Pharmacy Colleges.


“Advance Group of Pharmacy Colleges is an entrepreneurial venture with primary emphasis on providing students the best and highest quality of knowledge in our campus & training in our pharmaceutical industries. It is with this kind of training only, we can fulfill the present deficiency of highly skilled manpower needed to run Pharmaceutical Industries and R&D institutions.” K. S. Bhargava (B.Pharm - BHU) Managing Director, Ideal Chemical Works Ltd. Chairman, Advance Group of Pharmacy Colleges


PHARMA JOB FAIR-2010 Advance Group of Pharmacy Colleges Organized a job fair for Pharma students on 30 May 2010 in its Kanpur campus. This fair provided immense opportunity for students to meet with the industry experts and look the job possibilities available in Pharma Industry. This event brought the Industry Recruiters and Job-Seeker under one roof and helped them to get a chance to start a rewarding career.

“Advance Group produces students who emerge as men and women with devotion in their chosen fields of study. Faculty & Senior team travels all over the globe to learn & imbibe the best practices so that we can give a solid foundation for learning. Besides Academics, students are continuously exposed with various extracurricular activities, workshops, seminars & industrial visits. Collaboration with International Labs & establishment of Advance Phytochemical Research Center (APRC) for focused research in the field of medicinal plants is on cards.” C. S. Bhargava (M.Pharm - BHU), Managing Director Signa Pharma (P) Ltd., Vice-Chairman Advance Group of Pharmacy Colleges.



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EDUCATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE The various laboratories are :

About Campus The five acre campus of the College is located in Kanpur City at a distance of 2 Km. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kanpur) on National Highway-2. The lush green campus with sprawling lawn is aesthetically planned and designed with exquisite facilities to develop congenial environment for the students pursuing their studies away from the daily hustle & bustle of city life.. Lecture Theatres The Lecture Theaters of the Institute are a delight for the students. They are airy, illuminated and adorned with ergonomic seats, white boards and latest audio-visual aids like LCD/Slide projectors, OHPs etc. Laboratories Education concerning to pharmacy is highly of practical side. In order to perform practicals and related activities fully equipped laboratories are provided.The institute has 12 laboratories as per the curriculum. These are developed so as to give a real time insight into the budding pharmacist’s professional life. Education is incomplete without proper and adequate practical activities. Recognising the importance of practical activities and training, fully equipped laboratories have been provided to each discipline in the campus. Each laboratory is developed as per the guidelines and norms of AICTE and PCI, New Delhi. Experiments are designed so that the basic concepts are well understood by the students.

1. Pharmaceutics I 2. Pharmaceutics II 3. Pharmaceutics III 4. Pharmaceutics IV 5. Pharmaceutical Chemistry I 6. Pharmaceutical Chemistry II 7. Pharmacognosy 8. Pharmacology 9. Pharmaceutical Analysis 10. Instrumental Analysis 11. Microbiology 12. Machine Room Instrument Centre The instrument center is the heart of pharmacy education system. In the institute instrument center is equipped with various machines normally used in the pharmaceutical industries at different stages of production, quality control and packaging. Equipments and instruments existing in the center are: Tabletting Machines, Coating and polishing pans, Bottle filling machine, Friability tester, Dissolution test apparatus, UV-visible spectrophotometer, Titrimeter, BOD incubator, Colorimeter Single pan Balance, pH meters, Laminar air flow unit Medicinal Garden There is a blossoming Medicinal garden having the medicinal plants with their rare species.The garden is of paramount importance in order to impart a basic knowledge of these medicinal plants in the subject of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010 Conference Halls A conference hall with the accommodation of 150 persons is the hub of diverse activities of the Institute. This is having state of art multimedia devices like LCD projector, Slide-projector, OHP, VCR, DVD/VCD/AUDIO CD player, cassette-recorder, microphones, and speakers etc. The hall is used for conferences, seminars, work-shops, group-discussions, panel-discussions and corporate presentations. Computer Centre Keeping in mind the immense importance of computer based practical knowledge, fully equipped separate computer lab is provided in the institute where computer to student ratio is maintained to 1:2. Some in-house programmes are also being developed for the benefit of students and staff. We have fully functional 24 hrs internet facility via broadband.


Hostel The residential life of students is marked by peace, fun and comfort. Realising the importance of the “other two-thirds” of student life away from lecture-room, the institute provides comfortable residential living for boys and girls so that the “critical one-third” is not prejudiced. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. It is equipped with 24 hrs electric facility. Special care is taken to ensure that the food is hygienic and delicious. Transportation The institute has Bus, Sumo and Van facility for the students to carry them in groups from various parts of the city to campus. Use of vehicle type is based on the size of the group of students. The philosophy is to collect the students before the institute timing & to drop the students after the institute without wastage of time in transportation.

The growing scope in Pharmacy Library A rich library is one of the indispensable needs of the progressive institute and education systems. It provides services and facilities to meet the requirements of the Institute’s teaching and consulting programmes. The library subscribes various national/international periodicals (journal and magazines) of repute, besides all leading national newspapers in English and Hindi. Library also serves a rich reference section of necessary books.

From ancient times Pharmacy is known as a branch associated with healthcare services. The word Pharmacy has been derived from the greek word "Pharmakon", meaning drug. Today the discipline of pharmacy has made enormous progress and has matured as a distinctly independent branch as pharmaceutical sciences, mainly through the acquisition of the wealth of knowledge, research and vast array of drugs and therapeutic remedies. Unlike other curricula, pharmacy is a product as well as service related discipline increasing its scope two fold. The drugs and pharma industry is multibillion dollar business. In the rapidly changing global scenario and the implementation of GATT and TRIPS in India, the pharmaceutical industry and professionals will play a vital role in shaping up our national economy. This new decade is, thus, bound to have an ever growing demand of pharmacy professionals not only in the country but even worldwide.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


INTERFACE Training & Placement Activities

Students Placed in Companies

Company for Recruitments •Cyper Pharma Ltd. •Gracure Pharmaceuticals ltd. •Signa Pharma Pvt ltd •Ideal Chemical works ltd. •XL Laboratories Ltd. •Cooper Pharma Ltd. •Doctors Pharmaceuticals Ltd •Dr R.S Bhargava Pharmacy (p) Ltd.

Ved Praksah Mishra Cadila Pharma

Ashutosh Bajpai Torrent Pharmaceuticals

Praveen Singh Torrent Pharma.Ltd

Dinesh Kumar Suncare Pharmaceuticals

Vivek Kumar Yada Wockhardt Pvt.Ltd

Pankaj Choudhary R.P.G Life Sciences

Mahendra Nath Mishra (Lewis Pharma)

Dinesh Pratap Singh Alkem Labs

Ashish Kumar Srivastava Prolab Pharmaceuticals

Amit Patel Panacea Biotech

Goldy Kumar Cipla Pharma

Singh Senapati Nirala Suncare Pharma


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[128] Bharat Institute of Technology Meerut


28 to CONTACT DETAILS : Bypass Road, Partapur, Meerut UPTU 7167 6 5 Phone: (0121) 6531892,6533991,2326372, Fax : 0121-2967001 Email : , Web :

52 Companies visited BIT for campus placement in 2009-2010 Training Department - Communication Skills - Soft skills - Aptitude skills - Technical skills

Education relevant to both local & global needs Faculty-student ratio as 1:13 and teacher retention ratio almost 100% Compulsory summer training, research projects, industrial & educational tours



• •

• •

Highly experienced & enlightened Faculty members. Fully furnished accommodation equipped with 24x7 electricity, water supply, telephone, water coolers, refrigerators, and recreational facilities. Corporate & Industry interface Dedicated teams of Training & Placement Department to address issue related to communication skills, soft skills, aptitude & technical skills. Round the year literary, cultural & sports events facilitating expressions of budding talents. Regular seminars, workshops & symposia on multifarious subjects. “The students from BIT, Meerut are adaptable to any working conditions making them EMPLOYABLE. Here, the students receive education relevant to the needs of the local and global industries.” Mr. Sharad Jain , Chairman

Prof. A. K. Vashishtha Director General Ex-Director, HBTI Kanpur


The School of Pharmacy, Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut came into existence in the year 2005 with a four years B. Pharm degree course approved by AICTE and PCI (New Delhi). The Institute is fully equipped with as per norms of AICTE, with faculty-student ratio as 1:13 and teacher retention ratio almost 100% since last three years. The high standard in teaching has resulted in capturing by our students, over all University Ranks. The Students of B. Pharm are well placed in various multinational Pharmaceutical companies. The institute is in the process of getting M. Pharm, course in two specializations, viz. Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Phamacognosy for the academic session 2010-2011.


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[387] College of Pharmacy Jhansi

CONTACT DETAILS : 16 Km, Gwalior Road, Jhansi - 284002 Phone: +91-510-6532847, 6452650, 2730195 ,Mob:-9935597721, 9889032621 Email :, Web :

SMS to 87 T P U U 7367 56

Seminars, Conferences & Symposiums on Pharmaceutical Industries Growing avenues for Higher Studies, Herbal Gardens Emphasis on transferable as well as specialized skills equipping the graduates to enter a range of other professions.



World Class Education This ISO certified institute, not only ensures academic excellence, but also assures a fulfilling and enjoyable quality of life to its students. Experienced Faculty CSE’s 100-plus faculty - tap an ocean of experience and years of research which have created a vast reservoir of knowledge for you to learn and leverage. Interactive Methodology Series of guest lectures, conferences and seminars are organized, where a common platform is given to students to interact with industry leaders. Corporate Academic Tie-ups CSE has joined hands with some of the industry leaders to keep students well-versed with current business trends and practices in their domain, apart from imparting specialized academic knowledge. Training and Placement Training & Placement Cell makes constant efforts to get our students the best training, summer internship and the final placement, that are in line with their skill set. Over the years, CSE has made strong association with industry, which has resulted into quality placements. Scholarship Scheme “Prayas” - Scholarships & Financial Assistance which brings smiles on many faces. CSE is very pleased to offer generous scholarships to students with strong academic background. Scholarship awards are based on academic merit. All courses fall within the scheme and all students are, therefore, eligible to apply.

B-Pharma The 4 year curriculum has been divided into 8 semesters and includes lectures, tutorials, practicals, seminars and projects etc. in addition to industrial training and educational tour etc. as defined in the schemes of instructions and examinations and executive instructions issued by the University from time to time. The curriculum also includes such other curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities as prescribed by the University from time to time.

Prof. Manohar A. Potdar M.Pharma, Ph.D. Director

“A unique programme designed by highly competent and foresighted members of CSE’s board of studies to meet out the priorities and challenges facing pharmacy and health care industry.”


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010 INFRASTRUCTURE


Hostel Facility Home away from home, CSE believes that proper living arrangement is an important part of academic success. CSE has five separate, spacious and aesthetically designed hostels for boys and girls.

Pharmaceutical Laboratories * Pharmaceutics * Pharmaceutical Chemistry * Pharmaceutical Analysis * Pharmacognosy * Human Anatomy and Physiology * Computer Lab

Training & Placements

Lecture Halls The institute has two state-of-the-art centrally cooled seminar halls with a seating capacity of three hundred people. The Seminar hall is equipped with the latest acoustic technology and sound systems. The seminar hall is the venue for various seminars, symposia and lectures by eminent personalities sharing their knowledge and views with the students of the Institute. Computer Labs Computer center/labs fitted with state-of-the-art computing facilities are prized possession of CSE. Computer Laboratories are equipped with more than 500 Intel Pentium - 4, HCL branded computers. The labs are spacious and well maintained to give students a valuable learning experience. In addition, the Computer Labs are equipped with high speed internet access, so that students can maintain a constant link with the world’s online academic and research related knowledge. Language Lab Equipped with the latest language software, audio-video clips, recorders and headphones, the lab also enriches itself with a wide screen television to run constant inspirational videos that leave effective impact on our students.

The institute has provided complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the T&P cell. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the students for the campus selection programmes. The cell keeps on inviting various industries and reputed firms for campus recruitment. It modules the engineering & management grades to young corporals. The cell is sensitized to function all through the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the students. Growing Vistas of Pharmacy @CSE Seminars & Conferences The institute is providing even better opportunity and environment for exchange of views and updating knowledge by organizing the Guest lectures/ seminars/ symposium/conferences in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Higher Studies The institute is engaged in creating opportunities for higher studies and research in various disciplines of pharmaceutical interests which are oriented to create new knowledge in the field. Herbal Garden The institute is emerging as a center of excellence providing advanced facilities including herbal garden. Range of Career avenues The infrastructure and facilities are designed to produce graduates in development, production, discovery and research related areas. The emphasis on transferable as well as specialized skills will also equip the graduates with qualities to enter a range of other professions.

Student Committees Placements, Alumni, R&D, Cultural, Sports, Magazine


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[217] DJ College of Pharmacy Modi Nagar SMS to 17 T P U U 7267 56

CONTACT DETAILS :-Ajit Mahal, Niwari Road, Modinagar-201204 Phone: 01232-325056, 250884, 09358226922, 08126273371, 09368564763 Fax : -01232-220287 Email : Web : Admission Helpline: 09358226922

More then 50 Research Papers from Institute in just last 5 years. Aesthetically designed pollution free self-contained academic township - DJ Universe

Reputed, Experienced, & Seasoned faculty of great repute & caliber

HIGHLIGHTS • Ragging free campus • Well furnished hostel for boys and girls • Computer lab • Various educational and sports clubs • Lush green campus • Spacious campus with high speed internet connection •Digital library lashed with thousand of ebooks •Time to time charity work like blood donation camp •Proper medical assitance for all students •Have collaboration with various NGOs

dents have also encased the opportunity they got and have shown excellent results in the university examinations begging top positions in the university merit list.

Courses Offered B-Pharma

GOVERNANCE About Society

ABOUT INSTITUTE DJCOP is affiliated to the Uttar Pradesh Technical University and runs graduate level professional degree programme (B.Pharm) which is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Mr Ajit Singh Jassar Chairman

Dr U.V. Singh Sara Director

D.J College of Engineering & Technology and D.J College of Pharmacy were established by Jassar Dental Medical Education Health Foundation ; a registered public charitable society whose main objectives is to become a beacon of hope and self reliance for the poor, needy and deserving sections of the society alongwith commitment to provide technical as well as medical education. In this endeavour, it has established the D.J College of Dental Sciences DJCOP provides the quality of education and the & Research in the year 1999 and now it is regarded facilities to the students in the college. The stu- as a centre of Excellence in dental studies. 89

Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010



INFRASTRUCTURE LABORATORY FACILITY he college has well furnished labs for day to day experiments and research activities. * Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab * Pharmaceutical Analysis lab * Anatomy & Physiology Lab * Pharmacology Lab * Pharmacognosy Lab * Museum * Pharmaceutics Lab * Unit Operation Lab * Microbiology Lab * Industrial Pharmacy Lab * Computer Lab * Central Analytical Instrument Lab * Herbal Garden * Animal House

Class Rooms At DJCET, Lecture halls are logistically designed to impart high quality education and to have a dynamic learning process. These lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids. Aesthetically designed semi-circular classrooms are spacious, airy, well lit and echo- proof to facilitate the teaching-learning process. Special emphasis has been laid on acoustics. Classrooms are designed for conventional lectures and group discussions.

The library at DJCOP is not only the heart of the Institute, but a source of inspiration. The library has a large reading room to accommodate 100 students and an office-cum-stock room. The college subscribes to all leading national dailies, local newspapers, weeklies and magazines. Newspapers are available at separate newspaper stands and magazines are available against production of Identity Cards. Books are purchased as per recommendation of the Director and the teachers. Hostels D.J. provides excellent facilities to the students in hostels to ensure that their minds are always at peace and is free to concentrate on learning process., The hostel rooms are spacious, well ventilated and are fully furnished with necessary requirements to provide environment for comfortable staying and learning outside the classrooms. Placement The College has a placement cell that arranges summer trainning ,projects studies and placements of Pharmacy students by establishing links with reputed industries ,corporate houses, etc. A dedicated team of faculty members and students are engaged in pursing placement activities under the following thematic areas: Job Avenues after B-Pharma Pharmaceutical Iindustry Registered Pharmacist (both private & public sectors) Academic Field as a Lecturer State Government Analytical Laboratories agencies like W.H.O., U.N.E.S.C.O., U.N.I.C.E.F and various NGOs


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[090] I.E.C. College of Engineering & Technology Greater Noida SMS to 90 T UP U 7067 56

CONTACT DETAILS : 4, Knowledge Park 1, Greater Noida, Phone:0120-2326665, 2326537/2321943, Fax : 0120-2326529 Email :,, Web :

Venture of IEC Education Ltd. An exhaustive and intensive educational audit system which ensures sequentially progressive assessment More than 50% of faculty members are Ph.Ds and M.Techs. Faculty to student ratio at 1:15 ensures genuine personal attention. Problem-Based pedagogical Learning (CAL)

ABOUT INSTITUTE About Society In keeping with its philanthronic outlook, Vocational Education Foundation (VEF), which was founded as far back as 1989 in the loving memory of Late Sh. S.K.S. Gupta and Smt. P.D. Gupta, respected and affectionate parents of Shri R.L. Gupta and Late Shri S.L. Gupta, has come a long way striving hard to establish a way of life that contributes to the development of the nation and its people through quality education. “We, at IEC, have been blessed to evidence the success of our philosophy of equipping young minds with creative leadership and competitive intelligence; our students are capable of taking on the challenges of the future with vigour and competence.” Mr R L Gupta, Chairman

Courses Offered B.Pharma At IEC-CET, B. Pharmacy programme is an approach to reach new horizons in pharmacy profession. The programme started with the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) to provide the right ambience for professional education.

Learning training, & ethics

(PBL), adequate Computer-Aided management etc.

As per the requirements of AICTE and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) all laboratories are well equipped with ultra- modern scientific instruments and equipments for analysis and research. Library also contains wide range of digital information. Department has introduced in its curriculum new innovative experiments based on technical research methodologies used in Industries. Research Activity High quality, good value courses backed by a solid reputation for research are essential. IEC-CET is a researchactive institution where students enjoy the benefits of working with research experts who are also teaching, thus ensuring that the latest developments enrich our postgraduate programme. Research is a vital part of our mission and enables us to build partnerships with other institutions in the public sector, industry and commerce. Placement Areas • Retail Pharmacy/Chemists and Druggist • Hospital Pharmacy • Industrial Pharmacy • Government Services • Pharmaceutical Education • Nuclear Pharmacy • Marketing and medical detailing/Medical Transcription • Quality Control & analysis • Community and Hospital Pharmacists • Research and Development • Clinical Research • Research & Development • Nanotechnology


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[227] Innovative College of Pharmacy Greater Noida SMS to 27 UPTU 7267 6 5

CONTACT DETAILS : Plot No. 6, Knowledge Park – II, Greater Noida Phone: 0120-6524033, 6524035, 9311637878 Fax : 0120-2328255 Email, Web

Knowledge - Conduct - Service Founded by a dynamic academician

About Institute

Courses Offered

The institute is located in the institutional area of Greater Noida and has a magnificent building. The campus is spread over 5.75 acres of land with lush green lawns and trees. The institute has multi storey building with a build up area of 5330 sq. mtr including basement and 3 acres of land for landscaping and playground. The institute is having good infrastructure of Thirteen Laboratories, Computer Lab, Instrumentation Room, Machine Room, Seminar Hall, Museum etc.

B. Pharma, D. Pharma About Society The Innovative Welfare and Educational Society is established as premier Institutions in the field of information Technology, Education, Pharmacy and Computer Science, wherein focused learning system shall be recognized as the base for a quality education. Computer Labs

The computer center is well equipped with sufficient number of computers with the latest conDr. K. R. Sharma, Chairman, figuration. The institute has RF link and is providing Innovative Welfare and Educational Sociinternet facility. It has about 60 computer termiety nals, 60 terminals of LAN/WAN, 1.8 GHz dual core A dynamic academician. He is processor, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB hard disc, 17 inch the author of several books of LCDs, 6 printers, seven legal softwares (5 applicaBiology meant for the students tion, and 2 system) and 1 Mbps 24 hours internet of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th accessibility. classes covering the curriculum Seminar Hall of CBSE, Delhi. He is known for his best teaching in Delhi University, Delhi and has The College has well fura vast knowledge of Biology. He is the professor of nished seminar Hall. The Botany, Hindu College, University of Delhi. Hall is equipped with audio visual equipments like slide and film projectors, OHPs, Dr. (Mrs.) J. Joanofarc, Principal Video projectors and CamMember of Governing Body eras, TVs, VCRs, LCD etc. She is responsible for establishment Regular guest lecturers by of Pharmacy labs and also for plan- dignitaries are conducted. ning and establishment of Innova- Personality development and communication skill tive College of Pharmacy. workshops are arranged regularly. We believe in overall development of our students. 92

Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010 Animal House Animal House is well planned and spacious. The Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) has been framed which comprises eminent scientists and veterinarian as per the requirements of CPCSEA. Separate Rooms for Rats, mice, Gunea pigs and rabbits are provided along with working area, store room & wash area. Herbal Garden Herbal garden is well maintained with various medicinal plants. This helps the students to see and learn about the plants in their natural habitat. This provides plant material for conducting the practicals of B. Pharma & D. Pharma students. Machine Room The College has spacious machine room for industrial practice. It is equipped with all necessary pharmaceutical industry oriented machines for the preparation of different types of dosage forms which will facilitate the students to learn various methods of preparation of formulations like liquid orals, tablets, capsules, injections, ointments pastes etc and their filling and packing to the final stage to become future challenging industrial pharmacist. Linkage of Project Work Students are engaged in various activities which will help them to socialize with each other. Orientation programme and fresher party are conducted to welcome the freshers. 48th National Pharmacy week was celebrated by inviting eminent personalities from industry and academics. Industrial tour was arranged to visit reputed pharmaceutical companies like Alembic and Zydus Cadilla to provide opportunity for the students to learn the industrial scenario. Personality Development Programs are also conducted which will enable the student to gain self confidence which is essential for achievement of their goal in life.

Machine Room

Pharmacognosy Lab

Machine Room


Interface The college is in contact with different pharmaceutical companies for training and placement for its final year students. Besides these the college also plans to undertake government sponsored projects. Scientific, sports, cultural programmes are conducted in campus which includes poster & quiz competition, chess, carom, volley ball, group dance; fancy dress show etc. Seminars and workshops are conducted frequently by eminent personality from industry and academic. Industrial tour is assigned for final year students to visit various pharmaceutical companies like Alembic Pharma pvt ltd, Zydus Cadila and Samson Laboratories Pvt Ltd. Library The library is spacious, more than 600 square meters area with a seating capacity of more than 200 students. It has around 400 titles & around 5000 books on various subjects along with national and international journals. Students are also provided with book bank facility from the library. It also provides various English and Hindi news papers. Library facility is available for students from 9:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m including weekends. PDP Programs The college organizes group discussions, presentation, seminars among the students which helps to develop communication with other students and helpful throughout their life. Other Interventions The college plans to start a pilot plant for production of pharmaceuticals and also, to start pre clinical animal testing facility for the pharmaceuticals & herbal based medicines.

HIGHLIGHTS The college organizes seminars,symposium and lectures of eminent corporate executives and academicians from time to time on current topics for the benefit of students. Professional Communication training is also given in the college to the final year students to make them fit, efficient and fluent in to expressing their views and knowledge gained, freely and confidently which is the prime factor needed to face the competitive world, which will ultimately help them for better placement. Students are trained to follow Professional Ethics which will help them to become successful pharmacists & future scientists with human values.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


IIMT Group of Institutions Greater Noida

Meerut SMS to 98 T P U U 7167 56

[198] IIMT College of Medical Sciences IIMT Nagar, ‘O’ Pocket, Ganga Nagar Colony, Mawana Road, Meerut(U.P.) Phone: (0121) 2620353, 2620287 Fax.: 4029802 Email:

[247] IIMT College of Pharmacy 20-A Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida Phone: (0120) 2931880, 2323860, 09911009144, Email : Web :

17 years of excellence in professional education. North India Largest Educational Group Five Education Campus, 15 Colleges and 1 school under the IIMT Flagship Best Academics amongst Engineering Colleges in Noida Award-2010



Seven Rotarians in the Year 1994, formed a registered society called “Association of Management Studies”, with Rotarian Yogesh Mohanji Gupta, as its chairman, with on aim of imparting quality Management and Technical Education. The society since inception has played a pioneer role in catering the requirement of 21st Century. It’s strong ties with the Business Community makes it an effective mechanism for the promotion of Professional Management and Technical Practices in Indian Organisations. The society laid the foundation of “IIMT Management College” in the year 1994, offering Management Programmes, which became the first AICTE, approved college of Meerut. The main thrust of imparting Management Education is to imbibe a sense of strategic outlook in the students towards management problems.

IIMT Group of Colleges has a cluster of : Administrative Staff, Faculty, Office Blocks, Fully Equipped Classrooms, Computer Labs, Central and Departmental Libraries, Seminar Conference Halls, Residential Accommodation for Students and Staff, Bank facility etc. The biggest strength of the Institute is in its renowned faculty members having distinguished academic achievements in different areas of management and the related basic disciplines.

PROGRAMMES OFFERED B.Pharma Sri Yogesh Mohan Gupta Chairman

Sri Mayank Agarwal Managing Director


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010



About Campus The lush green pollution free beautiful campuses of IIMT are one of the most fascinating element that gives an environment for free thoughts and creative spirit. The architectural beauty of these campuses are at par with any educational campuses of the World. The spiritual atmosphere of these campuses is matchless, in comparison to any other educational campus of India.

Boarding facilities at IIMT, for students of residential programmes consists of the five Hostel Blocks available for boys and girls - separately in twin sharing formats, with more than 350 rooms in total having the capacity of 700 students. These rooms are spacious, hygienic, well - ventilated and full furnished for its residents. Round the clock LAN connectivity is available in each room for the student comfort, providing access the resources like the local Network and the Internet. The facility of physician is also available for 24 hrs will the availability of ambulance. Internship

Computer Labs The Institute is equipped with state-of-the-art computing facility with Pentium Class Computers connected through the Local Area Network having 8 servers with more than 2000 in numbers to beverage the power of Information Technology to make learning more informative and entertaining. Pharmacy Lab

The Training Cell of the Institute is responsible for arranging training of the students to meet their degree requirement to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Great rapport is maintained with most of the reputed companies, which facilitates in the industrial training of students. Also, continuous efforts are made to stay in touch with the industry and be aware of the latest trends and demands of different fields. The practical training to our students during summer vacation is very much relevant for inculcating the professional culture and exposing the students to the work environment of Indian industries. Placement Our candidates are provided practical inputs and simulations that facilitates an actual understanding about the dynamics of business environment. We are committed towards maintaining an optimum level of relationships with quality corporates so as to visualize and achieve our objectives.

Library Library is always known as the heat of any Institution and acts as the centre for the well balanced collection of Books, Journals, Research Papers and Periodicals in various fields of Management and Technology.Each library is housed in spacious hall comprising of the reference hall and stack area with spacious reading room. The library of IIMT have total strength of more than 2,00,000 of publications and more than 300 Nationals & International Journals in Computer, Engineering, Management, Law, Education and Pharma etc. The Libraries also contain audio - visual facilities.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


[266] LTR Institute of Technology Meerut

Campus : LTRIT Kurali Dharamshala, Bagpat Road, Meerut Phone: 9897551137, 09975722332, Fax : 0121-2880086,, Web:

SMS to 66 UPTU 7267 56

LTR Education Society : Working in the field of education for four decades HIGHLIGHTS

Course Offered

• Computer Lab and Pharma Labs • Classroom & Library • Hostal Facilities for Boys and Girls • Library & Reading Room • Open Green Area and Big Campus Area The Institute has excellent senior faculty keeping in view the latest trends especially to meet the challenges posed by globalization and job opportunities in the corporate sector, which invariably insists on high caliber personnel. “We firmly believe in the dictum that education should provide an integrated personality and help the students imbibe human values. This would help them to become not only good professionals, but also conscientious human beings and responsible citizens.” Mr. Anil Kansal, Chairman

About Society LTR Education Society (LES) has been working in the field of education for almost four decades, and has established schools and other professional institutions of higher learning that reflect its efforts to provide modern education through the latest techniques and methodologies.

B-Pharma Pharmaceutical Laboratories

In the first year itself, the following full-fledged laboratories have been established to facilitate the students to experiment with the knowledge being acquired :1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2. Pharmaceutics 3. Anatomy and Physiology Lab. 4. Microbiology 5. Pharmacentics-II 6. Pharmacognosy 7. Pharmaceutical Analysis 8. Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II Library A separate library having 3618 Books, several National and International Journals, has been established for the exclusive benefit of Pharmacy students who are to play an important role in field of Health of Mankind.

Placements in Top Pharma Companies


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


[133]Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology Greater Noida

CONTACT DETAILS :19, Knowledge Park-II, Greater Noida Phone: 0120-2320062,2320132 Fax : 0120-2320062 Email, Web : Admissions Cell: 09358438588, 09412225853

SMS to 33 UPTU 7167 56

B-Pharma Approved by PCI NIET has organized more than 54 pool campus An exclusive Career Management Centre (CMC) is developed to have an Institute-Industries Interface



NIET is a self-financed Institute offering high standard quality education is situated in Greater Noida (a hub of global MNCs). The Institute has a sprawling area of 13.90 acres and lush green ambience all around. It has developed as the Centre of Excellence imparting technical education and generating competent professionals with a high degree of credibility, integrity and ethical standards. Here, all fraternity aim at recognizing, respecting and nurturing the creative potential of each student. The institute excels in all the parameters earmarked by AICTE and UP Technical University, Lucknow. All courses offered by the Institute are approved by AICTE. Dr. O.P. Agrawal Managing Director

Dr. Pande B.B. Lal Ex-Director M.M.M. EC Gorakhpur Director General Dr. S P Basu M.Pharm, PhD, FIC, Chartered Chemist Director







Career & Placement NIET has gained distinct image as an educational colossal among technical institutes because of its placement commitments. In this centre mentorship programmes are arranged to provide most creative brains to the industries. These programmes are conducted by highly experienced people from industries to develop students’ functional capabilities, leadership skills and strategic and cognitive thinking. CMC centrally handles campus placement of the graduating students of all departments. Because of these efforts NIETians are working with top companies in India and abroad. Today, NIET has changed the means of Campus selections not only for NIETians but also for the students of nearby Institutes & Colleges. It has arranged more than 54 pool campus events so far.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


[325] Om Sri Sai College of Pharmacy Aligarh

SMS to 25 UPTU 7367 56

CONTACT DETAILS : (Opp. Phal Mandi) Sarsol, G.T.Road, Aligarh (U.P.) INDIA Phone: (0571) 2404970, 3292602, 9927066456 Fax : (0571)-2402188 Email :, Web:

Residential family/single flats for teachers have been built inside the college campus. Individual counseling is providing to students for psychological problems. Sri Sai Group of Institutions Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Om Sri Sai College of Pharmacy Sri Sai Institute of Pharmacy College Sai Institute of Paramedical Studies & Research Sri Sai College of Nursing About Society/Trust

Om Sri Sai Shiksha Samiti Key Executives Managing Director Sri Ankur Gupta Director Sri Rakesh Gupta Sri Rajeev Karwayun Chairman

University, Kanpur in UP, to award the degree program in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. Courses Offered B.Pharma About Institute Om Sri Sai College of Pharmacy is situated at Laxman Gari, on the by pass road in Khair. Khair is an important Tahsil of Aligarh, situated just 15 Km. away from Aligarh on Aligarh-Tappal Road. Om Sri Sai College of Pharmacy is affiliated to U.P. Technical University, Lucknow. It holds N.O.C. and Essentiality certificate from the Govt. of U.P., thereby fulfilling primary conditions for the A.I.C.T.E. New Delhi, which granted 60 seats in the first year admission to the degree course of B. Pharma and 60 seats in B. Pharma. AIM

In April 2002 Om Sri Sai Shiksha Samiti was formed and registered under Societies registration Act 1860 . The founder transferred his rich herbal estate and grove spread over a large area of more than 10 acres on the outskirts of Aligarh to the Society for successfully operations of an Ayurvedic College - Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital and one paramedical college, Sai Institute of Paramedical Studies & Research (SIPS). SAMS was the first to obtain permanent affiliation to Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj

To impart Solid Foundation in Pharmaceutical Education Stimulate Learning by sound delivery of curriculum and teaching Assessment by Better Evaluation Systems Building Professional Identity and Interdependence Continuous interaction with Industry and research organizations


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010 Commitment ISSCP aim is to meet the need of students by providing them with concerted high qualitative training programs that will have a balance between theory and practical applications, thus allowing them to apply this knowledge and skills effectively in the allied health field. OSSCP is committed to provide its students, staff and alumni with a superior and elite educational experience including the finest facility, the most comprehensive curriculum, the highest standard of professional and experienced staff, and the opportunity for advanced job placement upon graduation. Laboratories All the Laboratories relating to their respective subjects namely Anatomy &Physiology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry,Pharmacology, pharmacognosy, microbiology , analysis etc are well equipped. Herbal Garden Well maintained with about fifty medicinal plants. This helps the students to see and learn about the plants in their natural habitat. This provides plant material for conducting the practicals of B.Pharma & D. Pharma students. Herbal garden provides herbs on a large scale for imparting knowledge about their identification and pharmacopoeia. Clinical Facility All the Laboratories relating to their respective subjects namely Anatomy &Physiology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry,Pharmacology, pharmacognosy, microbiology , analysis etc are well equipped. Library


Amenities 1.Class Room The class rooms are well furnished and highly ventilated with spacious seating arrangement, raised platform for the lecturer and with audio visual aids to strengthen effect of lecture. 2.Library Room The spacious hall of the college has accommodated the library of the college with a collection of 5000 books and many CDs. There are several copies of each textbook. Many journals (National and International), news papers, magazines are subscribed. 3.Hostel Hostel facility is available separately for boys and girls. There is 24 hours light and water facility. Residential flats are available for teachers. Mess provides nutritious, hygienic and balanced food to hostlers. Canteen is available for providing fast food, tea, coffee etc. 4.Transport Transport services are available to carry students from city to the college and back. Residential Flats Residential family/single flats for teachers have been built inside the college campus. Career Counselling Counseling services are available for students on subjects like career planning, employment, job information etc. Individual counseling is providing to students for psychological problems. Students Activity This is a significant regular feature of the college and students are actively encouraged to take part in various cultural events, sports and game. Outdoor and Indoor games are organized in the campus and students are encouraged to take part in the internal tournaments and their efforts are recognized and awarded suitably.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


[093] Ram Eesh Institute of Vocational & Technical Education (RIT) Greater Noida SMS 093 to UPTU 56767 CONTACT DETAILS : Plot No. 3, Knowledge Park –I,Kasna Road,Greater Noida Phone: 0120 -2322657, 2322658, 2322659, Fax : 0120- 2322656 Email : Web : Contact Person: Prof. R.A.Malik [M:9810306614]

Focus on Discipline, Academic Excellence and Human Values UPTU Excellence award for the year 2007,2008 COURSES OFFERED

ABOUT RIT The Department of Pharmacy of Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational & Technical Education (RIT) is providing 4 years B.Pharm course and 2 years M.Pharm (Pharmacognosy) which is affiliated to U. P. Technical University, Lucknow and approved by AICTE and Pharmacy Council of India. Pharmacy as a profession has been gaining increasing popularity with the growing awareness of health and medicine. Excellent employment opportunities exist in Industrial practice, Drug control and Administration, Research and Development, and Teaching. Pharmacy is a highly promising course and it places heavy and exacting demands on students in the areas of discipline, academics and diligence.

B.Pharma M.Pharma ( Pharmacognosy)

Awards & Recognitions

Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational and Technical Education has been awarded the Star Performer Award for Academic Excellence by UPTU for 2007 and 2008 by Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

About Chairman Dr. R C Sharma Born on 21st June, 1937 in a village in Himachal Pradesh Dr. Sharma did his undergraduation from Punjab University, M.Sc. (Botany) from B.R. College, Agra, M.Ed. and Ph.D. in education from Vikram University, Ujjain and ED.D. (Doctorate in Education) from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A. He worked as Senior Advisor in UNESCO for over 20 years.

HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • •

Founded by educationist Dr. R. C. Sharma Set up on a 14 acres lush green campus with beautiful landscape. Excellent infrastructure and labs. Experienced and well qualified faculty. Hostel facility in campus. Fee concession/scholarship for meritorious students. No Donation Accepted.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


Saroj Educational Group Lucknow

Aligarh SMS 007 to UPTU 56767

[123] Saroj Institute of Technology & Management [572] Lucknow Institute of Pharmacy

[007] Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology & Management

12th KM Stone, Lucknow–Sultanpur Road, Lucknow Phone: 0522 - 6460723 Email Web :

10th KM Stone, Aligarh – Mathura Road, Aligarh Phone: 05722-257280 Fax : 05722-257280 Email : Web :

13 Years & 3 Generations of Academic Excellence Three Generation in Education

Courses Offered

B.Pharma Late Thakur Shivdan Singh

Late Shri Rajendra Singh

Sunil Singh Chairman

ABOUT GROUP Saroj Educational Group (SEG) is self financed educational group offering highest standard of quality education of students across India. It was established in 1997 as a single engineering college, and today it has converted into group (SEG), running in institutes at Aligarh (Shivdan Singh institute of technology & management, Aligarh established-1997) at Aligarh Mathura road, Aligarh. Later the group establised two institutes by the name of (Saroj Institute of technology & management, Lucknow established -2001 & Lucknow institute of technology & management, Lucknow established-2009) at sultanpur road lucknow.







Procedure of Admission Admission is taken through a common entrance test SEE UPTU: 2010 conducted by UP Technical University, Lucknow. Management/NRI quota seats are directly filled by the Management Purely on the basis of merit. Laboratories • Ph a rm a c eu t i ca l chemistry Lab •Medicinal chemistry Lab •Medicinal chemistry Lab •Pharmaceutics Lab •HAOHE Lab •Pharmacognosy Lab •Microbiology Lab •Microbiology Lab


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010 Why Join SEG N.B.A Accreditation-rewarding Excellence: Today at SEG 7 of our Courses are N.B.A Accreditedassure evidence of the quality of professional Education for all those who study at SEG enhances their capabilities. Accreditation of courses means International Stamp of Approval and recognition of our commitment to impart quality education. Strategic Locations: All Colleges of SEG are located at glorious locations of cities Aligarh & Lucknow respectively have holistic approach too. Serene Academic Eco-friendly campuses are away from all the distractions of modern city culture. Reputed faculty Core Faculty:-comprises distinct which academicians from the best institutions/leading Professionals and cooperate with which industry experience. Most of the faculty is M.Tech or P.hD’s. The faculties have been drawn from all over country to usher in a cosmopolitan culture.Visiting Faculty:-In Addition to permanent faulty leading professional with which industry Experience & courage the Students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with Experimental Learning. Excellenct Infrastructure Spread across 3 Campuses, Aggregating over.. Acres of lands, the Institute have state of the art infrastructure including specious class rooms, Computer labs, Workshops and laboratories, libraries with hug collection of books and latest general 24x7 internets connectivity. Lecture Halls At SITM, lecture halls are thoughtfully designed to induce high quality learning atmosphere. These lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like overhead projectors, multimedia aids, LCD, etc.


ter supply, necessary furniture, telephone, water coolers, refrigerators, recreational facilities like TV and indoor games such as table tennis, gymnasium, chess, carom board, etc. Wi-fi internet connectivity in hostel rooms is also available. Other Amenities •Hostel Facility •Cafeteria •Sports •Computer Centre •Transport Facility •24*7 Internet Facility Students Activities Fresher party is an introductory function of the first yearites of UG and PG level. This function is one of the cultural activities being pursued by SITM. This function serves as a platform through which the first yearites get to know about the department, its faculty members and their work field. New comers also introduce themselves. It is the first cultural activity for welcoming 1st yearites.

Placements SEG has gained distinct image as an educational colossal among technical institute because office placement committees. An Exclusive Career management centre is developed to have an interface between the institute and industries. Leading companies across various discipline come for campus placement at SEG. In Technical Courses nearly all students are given fully assessment for placement after completion their courses.

Hostels At SITM. boarding facilities are available for boys and girls separately. Each of these hostels offers a unique experience in community living. The hostels are will-equipped with 24 hours electricity/


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


[168] Smt. Vidyawati College of Pharmacy Jhansi

CONTACT DETAILS : Goramachhiya, Post-Baragaon, Kanpur Road, Jhansi Phone: (0510) - 2320104, 2322095,9935828955 Fax : (0510) - 2322028 Email :, Web :

PCI approved, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

SMS168 to UPTU 56767

Focus on new ideas and skills of pharmaceutical education Management Body

HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • • • • •

3rd batch is in final stage of graduating 29th rank in UPTU More than 80% placement M.Pharm is in process to start this very session Hostel with home like facilities Library enriched with more than 5200 books with arious national and international journals Regular classes for English and personality development Safe drinking water Ragging free campus . Book Bank Facility

Chairman: Dr. D.N.Mishra Renowned physician of Bundelkhand Region, At present running largest private superspeciality hospital in Bundelkhand Region, of 250 bedded. Worked as Sr. Professor in Medicine in various medical colleges of UP.

Vice-Chairman: Dr. S.D. Pathak, M.D. (Ayurved). Teaching faculty at Ayurvedic College Jhansi since 18 years in Panchkarma Therapy. Only practicioner of Panchkarma Therapy in Jhansi. Ex-President, National Integrated Medical Association. President, Ayurvedic College Teaching Association.

Secretary: Mr. Vidya Nidhi Mishra,

Renowned Businessman of the city. Managing director of 250 bed hospital.


Vice- Secretary: Smt. Sandhya Mishra

About Society/Trust

Renowned social worker.

Smt. Vidyawati Educational Society was founded in the year 2001 in the name of mother of the Dr. D. N. Mishra and Secretary Sh. Vidya Nidhi Mishra, through an inspiration from his father Late Sh. Daya Nidhi Mishra who was an educationist with a view that “Education is the foundation for development of any society, and that should be in the reach of every Indian”, This society aims to fullfill his inspirational thought.


Prof. M.B Mehta, Principal Dr. Praveen Gupta, Registrar

Treasurer: Mr. Ravindra Kumar Chaturvedi, Member: Smt. Vijay Laxmi Pathak, President, Women social association.

Member: Smt. M. L. Chaturvedi, Active social worker

Board of Advisors • • •

Prof. (Dr.) S.K.Awasthi, HBTI Kanpur Prof. (Dr.) J. P.Saini, Director, MMMIET Gorakhpur Dr. Devender Pathak, Director, Rajiv Academy for Pharmacy, Mathura


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


INFRASTRUCTURE About Campus 7-acre Gora Machhiya campus has been designed by keeping the need of student and future expansion in mind .State-of- art classroom ,labs ,library resources ,computer services and dedicated faculty are the specialgem on the shoulder of the campus. Campus is situated in the lap of local mountain and also have the hilly touch that count a lot for the student during their leisuretime .College has also an initiative for the student support services for the regular student feedback. Pharmacylabs, animal house and the museum are the specialattraction for the students

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab Pharmaceutical Lab has adequate number of sophisticated instruments like melting point apparatus, water bath, magnetic stirrer refractrometer, polarimeter, Conductivity Meter, Karl Fischer Apparatus, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, water sterilization unit, photoelectric colorimeter, pH meter, centrifuge, atomic model sets, analytical and chemical balances, etc. with a wide range of chemicals.

Library Library the brain of an institution, the centre of knowledge of SVCP has a meticulously chosen selection of more than 4500 books Indian and foreign origin. Every student is free to choose any book of his interest in Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Computer, Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic chemistry, Microbiology, HAP and other reading material from the reference and issue sections. SVCP library is also the regular subscriber of more than 25 Journals of National and International repute in the field of Pharmacy. SVCP also provides Book Bank, photocopying, Internet and other associated facility.

Pharmaceutics Lab has modern and ultra modern equipments like hand operated tablet machine, capsule filling machine, injection filling and sealing machine, distillation water plant, continuous hot extraction equipments, conical percolator, tincture press, disintegrator, magnetic stirrer, tablet hardness tester (Pfizer type), tablet hardness tester (Monsanto type), friability test apparatus, collapsible tube filling & sealing equipment, prescription balance torsion type with removable glass pan sensitivity, 30mgm, distillation equipment for distilled water, etc Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab This lab shelves hemoglobin meter, haemocytometer, ECG machine, histological slides, sphygmomanometer (B P Apparatus), stethoscope, first aid equipment, contraceptive devices, human skeleton, anatomical specimens of heart, brain, eye, ear, reproductive system, etc., microscope with oil immersion, compound microscope, etc.

Computer Labs This lab has 40 computer terminals with high speed internet connection ,student can use the internet as per their requirement .

Pharmaceutics Lab

Pharmacology and Micro Biology Lab Micro Biology Lab This lab has modern and ultra modern equipments like Incubator, Modern laminar flow, Sterilizer, different types of bacterial and viral culture, pathological slides, microscope and chemicals etc. Pharmacology Lab This lab having student organ bath with rotating drum, Pole climbing chamber, Analgesiometer, Convulsiometer, Histamine Chamber, Ordinary Thermometer, Rectal Thermometer, Dissecting plates with dissecting instruments, Automatic plethysmometer, Refrigerator.


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Pharmacognosy Lab Herbal Garden


Pharmacognosy Lab shelves dissecting microscope, permanent slide, different types of microscope with oil immer-

Course Offered B.Pharma

sion charts, models, compound microscope and continuous hot extraction equipments, Clavenger Apparatus, Microtome etc. This lab is also backuped by a lavish green Medicinal Garden providing all sorts of medicinal plants for the better understanding of the subject. Machine & Instrument Room

Other Facility

Animal House Fully AC with all the required facilities for the experimental animals like rats, mices, rabbits etc. Museum Museum Room has different type of charts, models, slides, contraceptive devices, Specimen of different types of cosmetics, tablets, capsules, syrup, emulsion, suspension, elixir and tincture etc. Machine Room This room having modern Tablet punching machine, Tablet Coating machine, Capsule filling machine, Ointment Filling and Sealing machine, Hydraulic bench, Reynold’s Apparatus, Ampoule Filling and Sealing machine, Ampoule sterility testing machine and Sieve Shaker. Instrument Room This room has UV spectrophotometer, Centrifuge, Karl Fischer apparatus, Disintegrator apparatus, Dissolution apparatus, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, pH meter, Flame Photo meter, Colorimeter, Nitrogen Analyzer, Hydrogen Analyzer etc. Hostels Separate Hostel for Boys and Girls Available

Duration of Course -B. Pharm. is a four years degree course, divided in 8 Semesters. Eligibility:- 50% for gen/OBC & 45% for SC/ST, 50% in D.Pharm. Library SVCP has a meticulously chosen selection of more than 5200 books Indian and foreign origin .Every student is free to choose any book of his interest in Pharmacology ,Pharmacognosy ,computer medicinal ,medical chemistry ,analytical chemistry ,organic and inorganic chemistry ,microbiology ,HAP and other reading material from the refrence and issue sections. SVCP Library is also the regular subscriber of the more than 31 journals of National and International repute in the field of Pharmacy .SVCP also provides book bank ,photocopying, internet and other associated facilities. Personality and Skill Development Workshops Regular personality development classes are organised for the enrolled student along with the regular English classes Other Initiatives College authority is also inducting new courses like B.A.M.S., MBA, B.Ed., B.Sc. (N), M.Ed very shortly Co-curricular Activities Students of SVCP are achieving excellence not only in their curricular activities but also in co-curricular activities organized from time to time in the form of sports’ week, Annual day celebration, Foundation day, Pharmacy week, National festivals and so on. To provide an interesting and healthy environment for education we are providing all types of indoor and outdoor game facilities for the refreshment of our future Pharmacists.


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INTERFACE Training & Placement Activities

Scope & Job Opportunity

Training & Placement cell is the life of any Institute and life of our college is guided by several experts in the field of placement as well as top officials of the Pharma industry. The students are exposed to some of the renounced companies for placement as Modi-Mundi, Ranbaxy, Glenmark, Glaxo, E-Merck, Albert-David, Cipla, Macleods, Zydus Cadila and many more.TP cell is always in practice of finding out ways to have enhanced personality development to the students. Time to time personality development workshops are also conducted, so as to have better personality for the challenging world.

The options open to graduates in pharmacy include production and quality control areas, Administration and Management, Marketing, Research and developmentand medical detailing departments of Pharmaceuticalindustry, hospitals and academics. In Government Sector Food & Drug Administration Hospital Pharmacists Higher Education Research & Development Drug Inspectors In PRIVATE Sector Sales & Marketing Production Quality Control Research & Development Pharmacy Week

List of Placed Student(2008) VINOD KUMAR

















STUDENT ACTIVITIES Students of SVCP are not only gaining excellence in the academics but also in other curriculum activities like 1. Sports 2. Annual week 3. Foundation day 4. National Festivals


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


Sunder Deep Group of Institutions [259] Sunderdeep College of Pharmacy


CONTACT DETAILS : NH-24, Sunder Deep Nagar Delhi-Hapur Road, Dasna, Ghaziabad Phone: 0120- 2768492, 2766554,9717395330 Fax : 0120-2765254 SMS 259 Email :,, UPTU 767 to 56 Web : Outstanding education based on

Experiential learning, Emphasizing values, Leadership skills and Decision-making abilities The institute has highly sophisticated labs, well equipped machine rooms; central instrumentation facility which satifies the practical and research need of the students. Courses offered

HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • • • •



Separate Hostel facility available for Boys & Girls. Transport Facility available throughout Ghaziabad. Seminars and workshop. Foreign Language at no extra cost Faculty development program Rich Library Support Hi-Tech Computer Lab English Development Classes A/C Class Rooms with LCD & OHP Projectors

The institute has highly sophisticated labs, well equipped machine rooms; central instrumentation facility which satifies the practical and research need of the students. Pharmaceutical Labs Pharmaceutical Chemistry Labs Pharmacology Labs Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry

Key Executives Chairman: Mr. S. C. Gupta Vice Chairman : Mr. Manoj Gupta Director Sunderdeep College of Pharmacy: Prof. S. K. Sharma Sunder Deep Group of Institutioans (SDGI) was established in 2004 with a vision of becoming center of excellence for professional education in all its realms. A group of noted academicians and eminent industrialists with high social acceptance had joined hands to establish SDGI. Within a short span of time, SDGI has assumed a credible position among most progressing professional education institutions of National Capital Region. This exponential growth itself is a testimony of sincere efforts being put in by faculty and staff members of SDGI.

Top Recruiters Mitsubishi Airconditioning, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Country Club India Ltd, Systopic Pharma Ltd., AEGIC Logistics, Zuventes Healtcare Ltd., Hero Honda, Torrent Pharma, India Bulls, Aviva Life Insurance Ltd.,Lupin Ltd., Advent Infosoft, Zydus Cadila Health Care Ltd., Effect Media, E-Merck Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Reliance Infocom, Cipla, Knight Queen, Max Life Insurance, Sharekhan.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


United Group of Institutions [315] Institute of Pharmacy, United College of Engineering & Research


A-31, UPSIDC Industrial Area, Naini, Allahabad Phone:-0532-2686070, Fax : 0532-2687142 Email :, Web :

SMS 5 31 UPTU 767 to 56

“I am amazed to see the college and also charmed to see the objectives of the institute.” Swami (Dr.) Parthasarathy Member, Prime Minister’s National Advisory Council on Education Chairman, RKV International Foundation

“Our batch is indebted to United for the excellent placement opportunities provided in 2006-07“ Richa Pandey, Satyam “The training and placement cell at UCER is excellent. The motivated placement officers have been a constant source of inspiration for me.” Gagan Deep Singh, Computer Science & Engineering, HCL Technologies

ABOUT UNITED GROUP The United Group, founded by late Shri Shiv Ram Das Gulati in 1951 emerged from a transport business to the giants in the fields of education, services, transportation and journalism. The group made a mammoth leap in the educational arena in the mid 80s by being the pioneers in computer education. This further led to the establishment of United Institute of Management and United College of Engineering & Research in Allahabad. Key Executives Chairman: Mr. G.G. Gulati Vice-Chairman: Mr. Satpal Gulati

HIGHLIGHTS Fastest Growing Educational Groups Strategic Industry Tie-ups Well Recognized Courses Excellent Student -Teacher Relations Impressive Infrastructure Experienced Faculty Scholarships for the needy Multifarious Development Programmes “We at United Group of Institutions, aim at creating a workforce of professionals with analytical skills who can dream a better world and transform the dream into reality.” Mr. G.G. Gulati, Chairman, United Group of Institutions Courses offered B-Pharma


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• Internet facilities- 2 MBPS dedicated leased line by Airtel. • Generator backup in case of power failure. • Mess and dining services for a nominal charge. Food Courts Library An enviable collection of nationally and internationally acclaimed books of over 65,000 volumes are shelved at the library of Allahabad campuses and the Greater Noida campuses, although in the initial years, already has more than 30,000 books. Students are also given Book Bank facility in which one book of each subject is lent for a whole semester. This helps in having regular availability of books for student perusal. Moreover, the college library is a member of INDEST, DELNET (Developing Library Network) through which the students have access to & can issue books, articles, periodicals, etc from premier institutes of the country including all IITs. These libraries subscribe to over 200 journals and magazines of national and international origin. Nearly all the available newspapers are within the easy reach of the students. Sports A massive sports arena is built within the united campus. Spacious and sophisticated courts have been designed keeping in mind the benefits students can obtain from sporting activities. There are ample basketball, tennis, badminton, and volleyball courts to suit the precise interest of the student. United also takes pride in the fact that its students have proved to be athletes and won accolades for the institute with their sheer caliber.

This is one area of the campus which never seems to be deserted. A popular hang out for the students, the food court offers a wide choice of items to cater to the student’s tastes. A high standard of hygiene is maintained, ensuring the satisfaction and contentment of students. Placement At United, our endeavor for perfection does not end at the completion of student’s course. We strive to ensure that a student is well settled once he/she is out of the institute. Hence placement process is given paramount importance. The constituent of successful placements is not only the scholastic achievements but also auxiliary factors like communication skill, diction, vocabulary and aptitude. Therefore, to groom our students, we facilitate them with: • Mock Interview • Group discussions with both general and technical topics • Mock Aptitude Tests • Special monitoring for the summer training programs • Industrial tours in order to understand the real requirements of the industry. Over the years, we have not only managed to get our students placed through campus, but we have also gained reputation as the nodal centr e for group campus by inviting students from neighboring institutions like KNIT Sultanpur, MMMEC Gorakhpur, MNNIT to our premises for campus placements. Students Activities

Hostels The United institutes house a capacity of over 1200 students. Separate hostels accommodation for girls & boys are available at both Allahabad & Greater Noida Campuses. The accommodations are complete with all the amenities for the residents. The facilities include: • Gyms •T.V. Room •Telephone facilities

Foundation Day Celebration 109

Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


[438] Vivek College of Management & Technology BIJNOR

SMS 38 to 4 UPTU 767 56

CONTACT DETAILS: Muja Garhwala, Post Agri, Moradabad Road, Bijnor Phone: 01342-252200, 01342-2522003, 09219416417, Fax : 1342-252200 Email :, Web :

Professors like Drona creating Professionals like Arjuna

Academically, Socially and Culturally enriching learning environment situated amidst the natural surroundings of Ganges Individual & Group Counselling Sessions

Strong partnership amongst students, alumni, faculty members, industry and other stakeholders Courses offered



Vivek College of Education, Bijnor was established in August 2003. Located on the Moradabad Bijnor state highway within the natural greenery of the holy river Ganges. The lush green campus with sprawling lawns and playgrounds is aesthetically planned and designed with exquisite facilities (library, class rooms, computer labs, Wi-Fi campus, counseling, placement cell) to develop congenial environment for the students pursuing their studies far from the daily hustle-bustle of city life.

Admission Procedure The admissions to B-Pharma programme is through State Entrance Examinations conducted by UPTU Lucknow based on merit list. Placement Cell A dedicated Training & Placement department continuously strives to help students to pursue their career goals by imparting employment-seeking skills and ultimately to attain desired employment. This is accomplished through building a strong partnership amongst students, alumni, faculty members, industry and other stakeholders. The cell strives to achieve the following objectives:

Mr. Amit Goel Chairman “The foundation of the present so called Vivek College was laid down three years ago by my sibling Shri Vivek Goel under the hunch inspiration in the name of Dronacharya College Bijnor. In fact Bijnor laid under the lappet of old domain of Hastinapur during Mahabharat era where Acharya Dron taught the princes of the Kuru Dynasty. Arjun had gained more expertise knowledge than his Guru Dron. My younger must have visualised for such Institutions where Drona like professionals may produce Arjun like pupils to be remembered by the coming generations.”

Assist students to develop their academic and career interests, and their short and long-term goals through individual counseling and group sessions.

Assist students to develop and implement successful job search strategies.

Work with faculty members, department heads and administration to integrate career planning with academic curriculum.

Provide resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process.


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010



Scholarships Bringing Means to the Needy Meritorious Students


Pharmacy Admission Guide 2010


UPTU WATCH SCHOLARSHIPS Bringing Means to the Needy Meritorious students

* The soft copy of the form can be downloaded from

To apply for the limited scholarships available, Fill the form given below and send to UPTU WATCH, Post Box No. 9107, New Delhi - 110091 latest by 31.7.2010 Email: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Full name : SEE 2010 Roll No: Mother’s name: Father’s/husband’s name: Domicile State: Address for correspondence:


Permanent address:

8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

E-mail ID: Mobile No.: Landline No: Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY): Whether Male or Female: Details of educational qualifications from matriculation/SSLC/SSC onwards (Please enclose self- attested certificates)

Examination passed

University/ Board/Institution/Council of Examination

Main subjects

Year of Passing

Percentage of marks

Division/ Class/Grade


Name of course for which scholarship is being sought (B.Tech MBA, MCA, B.Pharma):

14. 15.

Annual Income of parent/guardian of the student: Rs Documents enclosed with the application: * High School Certificate, * Class 12th Marksheet * UPSEE/AIEEE Rank Card

Declaration: I do hereby agree that the discretion of UPTU WATCH would be final and binding in the awarding of these scholarships.