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Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Engineering Admission Guide 2010 For admissions to the engineering colleges affiliated to the Uttar Pradesh Technical University

Solve problems Deal with change Make things better

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Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Dedicated to the Unabated Spirit of Uttar Pradesh India’s Heartland

The Team Behind Raghav Mittal, B.Tech + M.Tech (IIT Kharagpur) Sachin Jain, B.Tech (UPTU), M.Tech (IIT Roorkee) Anuj Goyal, MBA (Amity University) Ishvinder Singh, B.Tech (UPTU) Nitin Shekhar Pandey, BFA (BHU Varanasi) Shivam Singh, B.Tech (UPTU), MBA (ICFAI Bangalore) Gaurav Srivastava, B.Tech (UPTU) Gaurav Mittal, B.Tech (IIT Roorkee) Shruti Goyal, PG Communcation Design (MIT, Pune) Thakur Lal Arya, B.Com Amit Pandey, MCA (RGPV, Bhopal) Dwarikadheesh Mishra, B.Tech (Gurukul Kangri) Shilpa Maheswari, MBA (UPTU) Sachin Jaiswal, MBA (UPTU)

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Engineering Admission Guide 2010


Editor’s Note Hon’ble Vice Chancellor’s Message Hon’ble Registrar’s Message About UPTU Part A Introduction to Engineering ...9 Part B All About Counselling ...81 Part C Snapshot of Engineering Colleges ...97 Part D Featured Engineering Colleges...189


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Editor’s Note “Engineers of UPTU are significantly better than the national average” MeritTrac-UPTU WATCH Dipstick Study Established in the year 2000, Uttar Pradesh Technical University has come a long way by becoming the world’s largest techno-managerial university with over 600 affiliated colleges. While there were a mere 92,000 students who appeared for the UPSEE in 2005, the number has risen to 2,72,000 in 2010. The socio-economic impact made by the UPTU has been phenomenal and unforeseen in any other part of the country.

Excellence of UPTU System

The University has an excellent techno-managerial curriculum backed up by an unimpeachable examination system - the hallmarks of any academic institution of excellence. A recently concluded dipstick study conducted by UPTU WATCH in collaboration with MeritTrac has revealed that the engineering talent pool from UPTU is significantly better than the national average. This certainly validates the quality of education imparted by UPTU Colleges.

UPTU WATCH Admission Guides: Filling in the Information Gap

A great need was being felt for a product which could give a snapshot information about the UPTU affiliated Colleges for the prospective students seeking admissions in the various Engineering-Management-Pharmacy Courses at the various colleges. Team UPTU WATCH decided to come out with a set of 3 unique admission guides, one each for the Engineering, Management & Pharmacy domains. This maiden attempt is the humble hard work of a set of a dedicated team which envisions to empower the techno-managerial students from the state of Uttar Pradesh to stand apart and create an exclusive identity for themselves through their sheer merit. An introduction to the various cities & towns of Uttar Pradesh would certainly make you nostalgic. How successful we are in this initiative of ours, is for the readers of these guides to judge & comment upon. We are all eager to improve upon in future editions. Raghav Mittal, Editor - UPTU WATCH,


We do regret in advance for the various erros which might have crept into despite our best efforts.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 Message of

Prof. Kripa Shanker Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, UPTU


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 Message of

Sri U S Tomer Hon’ble Registrar, UPTU


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

ABOUT UPTU Established in the year 2000 the Uttar Pradesh Technical University is a Universe in itself. Spreading from Ghazipur in the East to Noida adjacent of Delhi in the West, from Jhansi in south to Saharanpur in the North, the University spans the entire state of Uttar Pradesh covering an area of around five thousand square kilometers. The Uttar Pradesh Technical University not only conducts the biggest examination in the field of Technical Education, it also declares in each semester the result of around 2.5 lakh students in various disciplines in a record time of approximately one and a half months. In a recently conducted study by UPTU WATCH in association with MeritTrac - India’s biggest skill assessment company - the UPTU engineers have been found to be significantly better than the national average. In a span of 10 years, the University has grown to be the biggest techno - managerial university in the entire world. For the sake of administrative efficiency and academic excellence the University has been bifurcated into two halves. However, the spirit of excellence & aspiration to make a mark ingrained by the University in the youth of Uttar Pradesh would continue to flourish in times to come.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Part A Introduction to Engineering What is Engineering? Careers after Engineering Engineering Education Different Types of Engineering Branches of Engineering offered by UPTU Colleges


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

What is Engineering What images come to mind when you hear the words engineer or engineering? Who is an engineer? What does an engineer do? How does engineering work affect my life? What Does An Engineer Do? • • • • • • • •

Solve Problems Makes things work more efficiently Uses mathematics, sciences and engineering principles Makes a difference Addresses global problems like Food Shorages Design products Ensure quality Design, plan and supervise construction

Engineers design products They design the machinery to build those products, as well as the factories in which those products are made. They also invent ways to ensure the quality of the products as well as the efficiency of the workforce and manufacturing processes. Engineers design, plan and supervise the construction of such things as buildings, highways and transit systems.

Engineers practice a speciality

Engineers Solve Problems Engineering is problem solving. The field of engineering is dedicated to solving the problems of our ever-changing world. Their work is the link between a need or problem and a solution. Engineers focus on making things work more efficiently. They do this by using advanced mathematics, the sciences and engineering principles. Food shortages are a worldwide problem, and engineers are working to develop ways to address this issue. Biologists documented the lifecycle of various fruits and vegetables. Using this information, engineers invented ways to genetically engineer certain types of fruits and vegetables. Their efforts increase crop yields so more food is available for people to eat. Engineers also use their knowledge to address other agriculture-related issues like proper irrigation, effective pesticides and efficient farm machinery.

Like many scientists or physicians, engineers typically practice a specialty. Often, an engineers’ education determines their specialty. A specialty may also come from on-the job training and experience. A student’s interest will guide them towards the appropriate specialty. For example, an undergraduate who is trained as a civil engineer may receive on-the-job training to become a surveying engineer.

Engineers help keep us healthy Let’s take a look at another example. Before doctors can prescribe and pharmacists can sell a prescription, engineers must research, design and develop the drug. They design the chemical compound necessary to make a drug effective. Engineers run tests and file the appropriate forms with the Food and Drug Administration to assure safety regulations are followed. They also determine how to manufacture


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 large-scale batches of a drug. Pharmaceuticals are just one of the many fields where engineers have input in research, design and production.

signed the manufacturing plant where the automobile was assembled. Quite an impressive team!

Engineers help us get around

As long as we have problems to solve and needs to meet, there is a real need for engineers. Engineering students are being trained for jobs that don’t even exist yet. The engineering profession continues to grow and grow! In fact, engineering appears on virtually every Career of the future list – talk about job security!

Engineering is a growing profession

Engineers play an important role in the design of automobiles. Mechanical engineers design the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes. A material science engineer may have designed the body of the automobile out of materials that can withstand deep impact. An environmental engineer may have aided in the design of the hybrid engine or recycled material used in constructing the car seats. An electrical engineer designs the wiring, sensors and gauges. A computer engineer designs the onboard computers that make everything run. An industrial engineer may have de-

Engineering addresses human needs Engineering is very dependent upon human need, and human need is ever changing. The profession changes as people and their needs change – that is why engineering is so fascinating.

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Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Careers after Engineering ENGINEERS HAVE MULTIPLE OPTIONS Traditional Career Non-traditional Career Terrific choices A degree in engineering opens many doors. An engineering graduate may work for a corporation, non-profit organization or government agency. On the other hand, they may take a non-traditional career path and become a manager, patent attorney, teach, work in the financial sector or pursue any other life dream! Opportunities are bright for young engineers!

ENGINEERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED To solve problems To help deal with change To make things better

a new critical problem arose: too many accidents and collisions! In the late 17th century, an engineer named Granville T. Woods revolutionized communication in the railway system. His most noted invention was an electric system that warned train conductors of nearby trains. Engineers are the driving force behind the transportation evolution!

ENGINEERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Today’s engineers are faced with huge issues like pollution, the energy crisis and global warming. Many engineers are trying to address these issues by looking at transportation. Specifically, driving cars. In an effort to reduce pollution and reliance on fossil fuels, engineers have designed electric and hybrid vehicles. These vehicles are fuel efficient and reduce polluting emissions. Engineers are brilliant!


Throughout history, engineers have solved problems. In fact, some historic challenges still exist today and will, no doubt, last into the future. For example, transportation needs will continue to evolve as our needs evolve…that’s an engineering opportunity!

ENGINEERS ADDRESS EMERGING NEEDS As early as the 14th century, railways called ‘wagon ways’ were being used in Europe as a means of transporting goods. Horses were still used as the main source of power. As shipments became heavier, a need for a mechanized source of power emerged. An engineer named George Stephenson is credited as the first inventor of the steam engine. His invention built the foundation for our modern day railway system.

ENGINEERS SHARE & BUILD UPON GOOD IDEAS With the popularization of railway transportation,

Have you gotten lost driving lately? Engineers play an integral role in the Global Positioning Systems that provide directions. Some systems can unlock the car doors when you’ve locked yourself out. Other systems are so advanced they notify help centers if you breakdown or police when you are in an accident. This emerging technology is an example of evolving engineering.

ENGINEERS NEED TECHNICAL SKILLS PLUS Presentation skills Writing skills Knowledge of business issues Management skills Creativity One thing is certain – our future holds amazing advances in technology. As technology advances and our global economy changes, the work of engineers will shift to help manage these advances. This shift will require engineers to work in diverse teams with


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Engineering Education First Year & Beyond When considering engineering as a career, it is vital to know which courses to select, and the appropriate order in which to take them. When selecting introductory courses, it is important to note that some engineering programs may differ in the order of introductory class offerings. To acquire an engineering job, a four-year college degree is required. Typically, an engineering student will be required to take courses in the subjects like Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Engineering, Ethics. Engineering courses may differ based upon the engineering discipline. However, many courses will apply to multiple branches of engineering. For example, chemical engineering students take courses mostly offered by the chemical engineering department. However, students may also take electrical engineering courses to familiarize themselves with basic electrical engineering principles. After graduation, students may receive a bachelor’s of science degree in engineering, or a bachelor’s of engineering degree. Graduate degrees in engineering are also available.


Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, an engineer may choose to take a series of exams in order to be recognized as a professional engineer. This certification is not required of all types of engineers, but is especially useful for civil engineers and those who wish to move to private practice.


To complement theoretical knowledge acquired through first year coursework, student should seek practical experience. This experience can be gained through undergraduate research assistantships or summer internships. Internships can be found with corporations, non-

profit organizations or government agencies.


In order to successfully integrate into the engineering and university community, students need to get involved outside the classroom. They can do this by participating in student organizations, living/ learning communities in dormitories or by volunteering. With so many opportunities available, the traditional four-year engineering undergraduate program is becoming, on average, a five-year program. This extension allows students opportunities such as cooperative learning programs, extended internships or even studies abroad.


First year primarily foundation courses & theory Many first year courses are considered ‘core courses’. As mentioned earlier, most are theorybased classes, which lay a solid foundation for future engineering study. Often, first year courses are theory-based and don’t offer ‘real life’ engineering situations or experiences. In the second year of study, engineering students start experiencing ‘hands on’ courses in their chosen field of engineering. For example, a student who decides to enroll in a biomedical engineering program will not take a course offered by the biomedical engineering department until the second year.


The experience of a first year engineering student includes: • Calculus courses ranging from Introductory 17

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE Salary Benefits Continuing education Stability of the company Cost of living Job satisfaction Remember that money is an important factor in career planning, but it is by no means the only important factor. When comparing job offers from large and small companies, salaries can differ. Think about growth potential, support for your continuing education, technical resources, and always consider the stability of the hiring division or company. Also don’t forget to factor in the cost of living in the local area.

In the long run, many engineers plan their career around the type of work that they find most satisfying.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Different Types of Engineering • Aerospace Engineers: Design and build aircraft. Whether it’s for commercial airlines or for ISRO, Indian Airforce they take care of our flying needs.

• Agricultural Engineers: Concern themselves with our nutrition. They design agricultural machinery, equipment and agricultural structures.

• Architectural Engineers: Design buildings to be strong and stand up against the forces of nature. • Biomedical Engineers: Work closely with doctors to research and design medical equipment and materials.

• Ceramic Engineers: Convert materials into ceramic products. One of their most famous and frequently used inventions is the toilet bowl.

• Chemical Engineers: Use chemistry to create and improve materials like plastics. • Civil Engineers: Design and build structures such as bridges and dams that are used by the public. • Computer Engineers: Design and create computer hardware such as microprocessors and the software that makes them run.

• Construction Engineers: Oversee large construction operations such as airports, malls, factories, high-rise structures and water treatment facilities.

• Electrical Engineers: Design electronic systems and the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment and devices.

• Engineering Managers: Lead teams of engineers and other specialists that are working on a project. They also focus on research and development operations.

• Engineering Physicists: Apply math and physics to research engineering. • Environmental Engineers: Design solutions relating to environmental issues such as alternative fuel resources, water and air quality.

• Geological Engineers: Study the composition and structure of the earth and the history of past plant and animal life. They apply scientific knowledge and experience to design and analyze systems for the benefit of mankind.

• Geotechnical Engineers: A branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials.

• Industrial Engineers: Refine processes and equipment so they operate efficiently. They work to


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 eliminate wastes of time, money, materials, energy and other resources.

• Manufacturing Engineers: Design manufacturing operations and equipment to produce products such as the equipment that mixes cookie dough and forms it into cookies.

• Marine/Ocean Engineers: Design structures for use in and around the water. • Material Engineers: Investigate the relationship between the structure and property of materials in order to improve existing products.

• Mechanical Engineers: Design and develop all things mechanical, such as automobiles, engines, motorcycles, dishwashers, and toasters.

• Metallurgical Engineers: Focus on the using the earth’s minerals and how the can be used by other types of engineering.

• Mining Engineers: Find deposits of coal, metals and minerals in the earth. Theyalso design mines and mining equipment.

• Nuclear Engineers: Focus on the harnessing nuclear power and the managment of nuclear power plants.

• Petroleum Engineers: Find oil and gas deposits and design the processes associated with extracting and refining them into products.

• Software Engineers: Design and create software applications for computers, such as presentation, word processing, accounting and database products.

• Surveying Engineers: Determine the correct locations for projects such as a highway expansion project, a bridge or a dam.

• Systems Engineers: Design and improves the operation of integrated system involving people, materials, equipment and energy. For example, they may design the flight patterns for commercial airlines.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Branches of Engineering offered at UPTU

Engineering Clusters Electrical, Electronics & Computers


Bio Medical Engineering



Electronics & Communication Engineering


Agricultural Engineering


Electronics Engineering


Food Technology


Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering


Hotel Management


Electronics Instrumentation & Control


Marine Engineering


Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering


Environmental Engineering


Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Applied Electronics & Instrumentation


Instrumentation & Control


Instrumentation Engineering


Computer Science


Computer Science & Engineering


Computer Science & Information Technology


Information Technology


Chemical - Textile BioTech - Food [CA]

Chemical & Alcohol Technology

[CH ]

Chemical Engineering


Plastic Technology


Paint Technology


Oil Technology


Leather Technology


Man Made Fiber Technology


Textile Chemistry


Textile Technology


Textile Engineering


Bio Chemical Engineering

Mechanical [ME]

Mechanical Engineering


Manufacturing Technology


Production & Industrial Engineering


Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Production Engineering


Industrial Production Engineering


Automobile Engineering


Aeronautical Engineering


Material & Metallurgical Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering

Design, Architecture & Civil [PA]

Planning (Architecture)




Interior Design (Architecture )


Fashion & Apparel Design


Building Engineering & Construction Technology (Architecture)

[CE ]

Civil Engineering


Course Structure &

Colleges Offering Courses of

All Branches at Page 23 are

Available from Page 24 to Page 81

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Electrical Electronics Computers Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The field first became an identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century after commercialization of the electric telegraph and electrical power supply. It now covers a range of sub-topics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications.

Difference between Electrical & Electronics Engineering Electrical engineering may or may not include electronic engineering.

Where a distinction is made, usually outside of the United States, electrical engineering is considered to deal with the problems associated with large-scale electrical systems such as power transmission and motor control, whereas electronic engineering deals with the study of smallscale electronic systems including computers and integrated circuits. Alternatively, electrical engineers are usually concerned with using electricity to transmit energy, while electronic engineers are concerned with using electricity to transmit information. More recently, the distinction has become blurred by the growth of power electronics.

Tools and Work From the Global Positioning System to electric pow-

er generation, electrical engineers contribute to the development of a wide range of technologies. They design, develop, test and supervise the deployment of electrical systems and electronic devices. For example, they may work on the design of telecommunication systems, the operation of electric power stations, the lighting and wiring of buildings, the design of household appliances or the electrical control of industrial machinery. Fundamental to the discipline are the sciences of physics and mathematics as these help to obtain both a qualitative and quantitative description of how such systems will work. Today most engineering work involves the use of computers and it is commonplace to use computer-aided design programs when designing electrical systems. Nevertheless, the ability to sketch ideas is still invaluable for quickly communicating with others. Although most electrical engineers will understand basic circuit theory (that is the interactions of elements such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors and inductors in a circuit), the theories employed by engineers generally depend upon the work they do. For example, quantum mechanics and solid state physics might be relevant to an engineer working on VLSI (the design of integrated circuits), but are largely irrelevant to engineers working with macroscopic electrical systems. Even circuit theory may not be relevant to a person designing telecommunication systems that use off-the-shelf components. Perhaps the most important technical skills for electrical engineers are reflected in university programs, which emphasize strong numerical skills, computer literacy and the ability to understand the technical language and concepts that relate to electrical engineering. For many engineers, technical work accounts for only a fraction of the work they do. A lot of time may also be spent on tasks such as discussing proposals with clients, preparing budgets and determining project


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 schedules. Many senior engineers manage a team of technicians or other engineers and for this reason project management skills are important. Most engineering projects involve some form of documentation and strong written communication skills are therefore very important. The workplaces of electrical engineers are just as varied as the types of work they do. Electrical engineers may be found in the pristine lab environment of a fabrication plant, the offices of a consulting firm or on site at a mine. During their working life, electrical engineers may find themselves supervising a wide range of individuals including scientists, electricians, computer programmers and other engineers.

Sub-disciplines Electrical engineering has many sub-disciplines, the most popular of which are listed below. Although there are electrical engineers who focus exclusively on one of these sub-disciplines, many deal with a combination of them. Sometimes certain fields, such as electronic engineering and computer engineering, are considered separate disciplines in their own right.

Power Power engineering deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity as well as the design of a range of related devices. These include transformers, electric generators, electric motors, high voltage engineering and power electronics. In many regions of the world, governments maintain an electrical network called a power grid that connects a variety of generators together with users of their energy. Users purchase electrical energy from the grid, avoiding the costly exercise of having to generate their own. Power engineers may work on the design and maintenance of the power grid as well as the power systems that connect to it. Such systems are called on-grid power systems and may supply the grid with additional power, draw power from the grid or do both. Power engineers

may also work on systems that do not connect to the grid, called off-grid power systems, which in some cases are preferable to on-grid systems. The future includes Satellite controlled power systems, with feedback in real time to prevent power surges and prevent blackouts.

Control Control engineering focuses on the modeling of a diverse range of dynamic systems and the design of controllers that will cause these systems to behave in the desired manner. To implement such controllers electrical engineers may use electrical circuits, digital signal processors, microcontrollers and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). Control engineering has a wide range of applications from the flight and propulsion systems of commercial airliners to the cruise control present in many modern automobiles. It also plays an important role in industrial automation. Control engineers often utilize feedback when designing control systems. For example, in an automobile with cruise control the vehicle’s speed is continuously monitored and fed back to the system which adjusts the motor’s power output accordingly. Where there is regular feedback, control theory can be used to determine how the system responds to such feedback.

Electronics Electronic Engineering involves the design and testing of electronic circuits that use the properties of components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors to achieve a particular functionality. The tuned circuit, which allows the user of a radio to filter out all but a single station, is just one example of such a circuit. Another example (of a pneumatic signal conditioner) is shown in the adjacent photograph. Prior to the second world war, the subject was commonly known as radio engineering and basically was restricted to aspects of communications and radar,


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 commercial radio and early television. Later, in post war years, as consumer devices began to be developed, the field grew to include modern television, audio systems, computers and microprocessors. In the mid to late 1950s, the term radio engineering gradually gave way to the name electronic engineering. Before the invention of the integrated circuit in 1959, electronic circuits were constructed from discrete components that could be manipulated by humans. These discrete circuits consumed much space and power and were limited in speed, although they are still common in some applications. By contrast, integrated circuits packed a large number—often millions—of tiny electrical components, mainly transistors, into a small chip around the size of a coin. This allowed for the powerful computers and other electronic devices we see today.

Microelectronics Microelectronics engineering deals with the design and micro-fabrication of very small electronic circuit components for use in an integrated circuit or sometimes for use on their own as a general electronic component. The most common microelectronic components are semiconductor transistors, although all main electronic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors) can be created at a microscopic level. Nanoelectronics is the further scaling of devices down to nanometer levels. Microelectronic components are created by chemically fabricating wafers of semiconductors such as silicon (at higher frequencies, compound semiconductors like gallium arsenide and indium phosphide) to obtain the desired transport of electronic charge and control of current. The field of microelectronics involves a significant amount of chemistry and material science and requires the electronic engineer working in the field to have a very good working knowledge of the effects of quantum mechanics.

Signal processing

Signal processing deals with the analysis and manipulation of signals. Signals can be either analog, in which case the signal varies continuously according to the information, or digital, in which case the signal varies according to a series of discrete values representing the information. For analog signals, signal processing may involve the amplification and filtering of audio signals for audio equipment or the modulation and demodulation of signals for telecommunications. For digital signals, signal processing may involve the compression, error detection and error correction of digitally sampled signals.

Signal Processing is a very mathematically oriented and intensive area forming the core of digital signal processing and it is rapidly expanding with new applications in every field of electrical engineering such as communications, control, radar, TV/Audio/Video engineering, power electronics and bio-medical engineering as many already existing analog systems are replaced with their digital counterparts. Although in the classical era, analog signal processing only provided a mathematical description of a system to be designed, which is actually implemented by the analog hardware engineers, Digital Signal Processing both provides a mathematical description of the systems to be designed and also actually implements them (either by software programming or by hardware embedding) without much dependency on hardware issues, which exponentiates the importance and success of DSP engineering. The deep and strong relations between signals and the information they carry makes signal processing equivalent of information processing. This is the reason why the field finds so many diversified applications. DSP processor ICs are found in every type of modern electronic systems and products including, SDTV | HDTV sets, radios and mobile communication devices, Hi-Fi audio equipments, Dolby noise reduction algorithms, GSM mobile phones, mp3 multimedia players, camcorders and digital cameras, automobile control systems, noise cancelling headphones, digital spectrum analyzers, intelligent missile guidance, radar, GPS based cruise control systems and all kinds of image processing, video processing, audio processing and speech processing


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 this reason, instrumentation engineering is often viewed as the counterpart of control engineering.


Telecommunications Telecommunications engineering focuses on the transmission of information across a channel such as a coax cable, optical fiber or free space. Transmissions across free space require information to be encoded in a carrier wave in order to shift the information to a carrier frequency suitable for transmission, this is known as modulation. Popular analog modulation techniques include amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. The choice of modulation affects the cost and performance of a system and these two factors must be balanced carefully by the engineer. Once the transmission characteristics of a system are determined, telecommunication engineers design the transmitters and receivers needed for such systems. These two are sometimes combined to form a two-way communication device known as a transceiver. A key consideration in the design of transmitters is their power consumption as this is closely related to their signal strength. If the signal strength of a transmitter is insufficient the signal’s information will be corrupted by noise.

Instrumentation Instrumentation engineering deals with the design of devices to measure physical quantities such as pressure, flow and temperature. The design of such instrumentation requires a good understanding of physics that often extends beyond electromagnetic theory. For example, radar guns use the Doppler effect to measure the speed of oncoming vehicles. Similarly, thermocouples use the Peltier-Seebeck effect to measure the temperature difference between two points. Often instrumentation is not used by itself, but instead as the sensors of larger electrical systems. For example, a thermocouple might be used to help ensure a furnace’s temperature remains constant. For

Computers Computer engineering deals with the design of computers and computer systems. This may involve the design of new hardware, the design of PDAs or the use of computers to control an industrial plant. Computer engineers may also work on a system’s software. However, the design of complex software systems is often the domain of software engineering, which is usually considered a separate discipline. Desktop computers represent a tiny fraction of the devices a computer engineer might work on, as computer-like architectures are now found in a range of devices including video game consoles and DVD players.

Related disciplines Mechatronics is an engineering discipline which deals with the convergence of electrical and mechanical systems. Such combined systems are known as electromechanical systems and have widespread adoption. Examples include automated manufacturing systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems and various subsystems of aircraft and automobiles. The term mechatronics is typically used to refer to macroscopic systems but futurists have predicted the emergence of very small electromechanical devices. Already such small devices, known as Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), are used in automobiles to tell airbags when to deploy, in digital projectors to create sharper images and in inkjet printers to create nozzles for high definition printing. In the future it is hoped the devices will help build tiny implantable medical devices and improve optical communication. Biomedical engineering is another related discipline, concerned with the design of medical equipment. This includes fixed equipment such as ventilators, MRI scanners and electrocardiograph monitors as well as mobile equipment such as cochlear implants, artificial pacemakers and artificial hearts.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Electrical Engineering [EE] Colleges Offering Electrical Engineering [EE] [Agra]


338 K. P. Engineering College , Agra 460 Anupama College of Engineering, Agra

045 Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur 046 Maharana Pratap Engineering College, Kanpur 418 Vidya Bhawan College for Engineering Technology , Kanpur

[Allahabad] 010 United College of Engineering & Research, Allahabad 162 Shambhunath Institute of Engineering & Technology, Allahabad

[Kaushambi] 467 Madhu Vachaspati Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kaushambi



141 Sagar Institute of Technology & Management, Barabanki 545 Jahangirabad Educational Trust Group of Institutions , Faculty Engineering , Barabanki

[Bareilly] 486 A.N.A. College of Engineering & Management, Bareilly

[Bijnor] 017 Veera College of Engineering, Bijnor

052 Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow 053 Azad Institute of Engine & Technology, Lucknow 054 Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow 056 Northern India Engineering College, Lucknow 359 Institute of Technology Lucknow, Lucknow

[Mathura] 065 B.S.A. College of Engineering & Technology, Mathura 289 Institute of Engineering & Management, Mathura

[Gorakhpur] 042 M.M.M. Engineering College, Gorakhpur

[Meerut] 069 Radha Govind Engineering College, Meerut

[Greater Noida] 090 I.E.C. College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida 132 Greater Noida Institute of Technology, Greater Noida

[Jaunpur] 144 Prasad Institute of Technology, Jaunpur

[Jhansi] 043 Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jhansi

[Modinagar] 077 Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Modinagar

[Noida] 091 J.S.S. Academy of Technical Education, Noida

[Sultanpur] 104 Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Part B All About

Counselling What is Counselling? Selecting the right course Selecting the appropriate college The Superstition of College Ranking The Counselling Procedure


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

What is Counselling ? The word counselling literally means direction or helpful suggestions regarding a decision or future course of action. In the context of engineering entrance examinations, the process of counselling involves the selection of the course of study and college depending on the rank secured.

Select the right course of study according to your interests, inclinations & career aspirations

Select the college suiting your personal socioeconomiclocational constraints

After having qualified in the Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination [UPSEE] and secured a respectable rank in the same, the next course of action is to select an appropriate course of study meeting your career aspirations & selecting the right college suiting your personal socio-economic parameters. During counselling one has to fill in a number of options (course, college) which are subsequently allotted as per one’s rank. The higher the rank, the higher is the possibility of landing up at your very first chosen options. The selection of an appropriate course of study always poses a dilemma to the students and even more to their parents. Whenever called upon, everyone wants to make the best choice. Interestingly, what is best for me may not be best for others. This age-old wisdom has somehow got lost in the modern day myths, stereotypes & superstitions which have little bearing on the successful advancement of one’s career.

Suggestive Process The following is a suggestive process through which one can make an optimal use of one’s rank and land

up at the right course & college. In the context of UPTU system, the affiliated colleges are more or less of the same genre. Almost all the major courses of study are available in all colleges. Therefore choosing the right course of study is of primary importance. Eventually, colleges are merely a platform for learning. The onus of reaping optimal dividends from the same certainly lies on the students to a great extent. Once the course of study has been selected, one can choose the right college from the list of colleges offering that course. The profiles of all UPTU Colleges is compiled in PART C of this guide. Part D carries extensive featured profiles of some select colleges on the parameters of Governance, Infrastructure, Intellectual Capital and Interface of the institution. While selecting a college, a consideration should be given to the city of its location. It’s advisable to choose a college closer to your hometown as it bring in many indirect advantages and easens the burden on the purse of your parents.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

The Superstition of

College Ranking * Article published in UPTU WATCH April Issue

ICC has a rating system for the top Test teams, ODI teams based on their on-field performance. Similarly IPL teams can be rated based on their performance in each season. When teams and clubs can be rated then why not educational institutions? The logic seems simple and the argument quite valid only that it’s a myth to think that a fair and simple methodology can be applied to gauge the institutions. That is our superstition we have accepted as Vedic truth. In India various magazines of repute come out with annual survey/ratings of the top colleges across the country. The engineering colleges surveyed are either clubbed into public and private colleges or are ranked together. Rankings are based on subjectively perceived “quality” by methodology which is not only complex but changes from year to year without informing the readers.

Rankings as a Marketing Tool

College Rankings are consulted by prospective students and their parents before the admission process. These rankings then become a marketing tool for the institutions quoting their rank in each and every advertisement. With education becoming a booming business and students being treated as customers the usefulness and political correctness of college rankings come under great scrutiny and doubt. Kevin Carey of Education Sector has argued that such a ranking system is merely a list of criteria that mirrors the superficial characteristics of elite colleges and universities. According to Carey, "The ranking system is deeply flawed. Instead of focusing on the fundamental issues of how well colleges and universities educate their students and how well

they prepare them to be successful after college, the magazine’s rankings are almost entirely a function of three factors: fame, wealth & exclusivity.”

Data Types: College Generated & Opinion Polls

Most rankings rely on two types of data— data given by institutions that is accepted, often without a reliable validation process and data obtained from opinion polls in the name of 'expert opinion’. With both components on shaky grounds, the use by the media groups of complex formulae with weights and indicators only helps to project a pseudo image of being 'scientific’ to outcomes that may be statistically irrelevant.

The Dichotomy: Reputation as a factor in ranking

Rankings are largely based on what can be measured rather than what is relevant and important. Conversely, reputation is used too often as a measure of academic quality in media ranking. Some media rankings give as much as 50% weight to reputation which is a very subjective and inaccurate measure to denote quality.

Changing Ranking Formulae: Market Ploy or Scientific Need


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 Critics argue that yearly formula changes indicate a dangerous tendency to exploit the public. The US News produced its first national rankings in 1983, basing its results on the composite scores of an opinion survey of college and university presidents. Over the next two decades, the magazine continuously refined and made more complex its methodology, adding quantifiable variables and shifting the weights assigned to items. Every year, the resulting methodology, by its very construct, resulted in wide swings in the rankings even without a significant change in the quality of the institutions. It became almost impossible to interpret shifts in an institution’s rank in terms of change in its relative academic quality. A college that is ranked fourth one year and seventh the next may have had no change in its performance relative to other institutions, yet may still have moved because of changes in the ranking method. Changing the method and giving new rankings are seen as market ploys by the media to sell the publications. Jumbling the rankings in this way leads to increased sales of the ratings publication, compared to a listing that remains relatively static from year to year. For example, a leading magazine of India in its 2004 ranking declared that a host of institutions made a comeback on the 2004 national list pushing aside previous leaders. It considered that the moral, if there was one, was that the level of competition among these institutions was so high that there was no room for ordinary performances, even for one year. However, it was not clear how expert opinion could have captured institutional developments within such a short pe-

riod. According to this leading magazine of India, staying on top, as the eight years of polling has shown, is never an easy process. For those who did not figure in that year’s roll of honour, it is a comfort to know that there is always next year.

The European Commission’s Approach

The European Commission also weighed in on the issue, when it compiled a list of the 22 universities in the EU with the highest scientific impact, measuring universities in terms of the impact of their scientific output. Being an official document of the European Union, which took several years of specialist effort to compile, it can be regarded as a highly reliable source (the full report, containing almost 500 pages of statistics is available for download free from the EU website). Unlike the other rankings, it only explicitly considers the top institutions in the EU, but ample comparison statistics with the rest of the world are provided in the full report. In this ranking, the top two universities in the EU are also Oxford and Cambridge. This ranking, however, stresses more the scientific quality of the institution, as opposed to its size or perceived prestige. Thus smaller, technical universities, such as Eindhoven (Netherlands) is ranked third, behind Cambridge, and followed by University of Edinburgh in the UK.

The Bottomline

Colleges like individuals cannot be ranked on the basis of few parameters inserted into complex ranking formulae.

Institutions have a personality and a thinking of their own. It’s a superstition to think of rankings as a system of gauging the potential of all the institutions with their own individuality unique features.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Utilizing your UPTU RANK The rank in any entrance examination is the ticket for a preferred entry. The better the rank, the more options and choices you have to choose from. A good rank is also a symbol of your academic profoundness.

The Categories OP - Open - General Category - In this all categories fit in FF - Dependents of Freedom Fighters from UP

GL - Girl Category In the bygone era, when the avenues for higher technical education were meagre and limited, ranking in AF - Sons / Daughters of ‘defence personnel of UPeither retired (superannuated) or killed / disabled in the entrance examination made a lot of difference. action’ or ‘defence personnel posted in UP’ However, with the wider expanse of the higher educational system, rank is just one of the many crite- SC - Schedule Caste ria for selection of a particular course or college of BC - OBC Category study. ST - ST Category

What does a rank in UPTU means?

PH - Physically Challenged * To know more about the categories, the benefits

What is the meaning of rank in various cat- available to them, refer to the UPSEE-2010 Brochure egories like General, Girls etc. ? and also to the Counselling Process Section in the The concept of rank in an entrance examination is subsequent pages. fairly simple. The examination body, in our case the UPTU makes a single list of all students who have appeared in the examination and depending on their The opening & closing ranks in a particular stream of performance provides a merit list. engineering/management/pharmacy, under various For example: An OBC girl having a rank in general categories at a particular college is a mere indica(open) list as 20,000 and in OBC list as 4000 means tion of the preferences & choices of the candidates that out of 20,000 general candidates 4000 are OBC within the confines of the opening & closing ranks in and her rank in OBC category is 4000. Now, applying the past counsellings. the girls quota, if her rank is 700, it means that out of 4000 OBC candidates there are 700 girls and her Preferences of the past are largely indicative & suggestive in nature and should not become your sole rank in OBC girls category is 700. criteria is opting for a particular course or college just because someone else of similar ranks did so in the past.

Opening & Closing Ranks

How rank is used for admissions during counselling. Every college participating in the counselling process for the intake of students divides its available seats for each quota as per state government rules. Now, these seats are filled as per the rank & preference of the candidates in that particular quota.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

The Counselling Procedure The counselling procedure is divided in two phases: Phase-I: Off-Campus On-Line Counselling [Schedule would be declared by UPTU] Phase-II: On-Campus On-line Counselling [Schedule would be declared by UPTU] Through computer screen, the counselees will have access to category-wise information regarding: (a) Number of candidates with higher merit who would have already exercised their choices. (b) Number of higher merit holders yet to exercise their choices. (c) Current status of course-wise and institution-wise available seats. The detailed procedure is described below.

Phase-I : Off-Campus On-Line Counselling 1. Soon after declaration of SEE- UPTU- 2010 results, candidates found eligible for counselling are required to exercise their initial choices of branches and institutions through Internet ( from places of their convenience. The candidates may contact the nearby Counselling Centres (CC) for availing the Internet facility free of charge. 2. A candidate has to log on to the website and click ‘off-campus’ counselling button on the home page. 3. Login and password prompts will appear on the computer screen. Using the instructions given on the screen, candidates are to enter the login ID and password for which admit card would be required. 4. The procedure for exercising choices or seeking other information is menu driven. It guides the candidates through appropriate messages on the computer screen. 5. Information relating to institutions, disciplines (Engineering / Technology, Pharmacy, Architecture, Hotel Management, MBA and MCA, Bio-Tech, BFAD), branches (e.g. Electronics Engineering or Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering etc.) and categories (UPGE or UPSC or UPBC or UPST etc.) will be available through each relevant drop-down menu for the purpose of exercising choices as well as for a feel of their competitive standing for their preferred choices among the logged-in candidates. 6. The name of counselling centre will be displayed on computer screen during Phase-I. 7. The candidates are permitted, if they so desire, to change their choices, delete earlier choices and add new choices any number of times, based on the information which will appear on the computer screen. The candidates are free to consult their parents, teachers, friends and others for advice during Phase-I. The off-campus counselling will facilitate the selection of the most appropriate discipline, institution and branches / programme at candidates’ rank and in their categories for submitting their final choices during on-campus counselling. 8. Choices will be processed and indicative seat allocation will be put on the website at frequent intervals. The dates of next update of indicative seat allocation will be specified on the website. 9. OFF CAMPUS COUNSELLING IS ONLY A REHEARSAL.

Phase- II : Part I - On-Campus On-Line Counselling- First Counselling Eligible candidates will be required to report at only one counselling centre, which will be displayed on computer screen during Phase-I. They will have to stay there for two days. A list of counselling centres is also given in this section in the following pages.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

"The Engineers of UPTU are significantly better than the National Average" MeritTrac-UPTU WATCH Dipstick Study - 2010


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Part C Snapshot of

Engineering Colleges


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Engineering Colleges City Wise Index S.No. Name of the City

Page No.


Agra ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 100


Aligarh -------------------------------------------------------------------- 103


Allahabad ---------------------------------------------------------------- 105


Baghpat ------------------------------------------------------------------ 109


Banda -------------------------------------------------------------------- 110


Barabanki ---------------------------------------------------------------- 111

10. Bareilly ------------------------------------------------------------------- 113 11. Bijnor -------------------------------------------------------------------- 116 12. Bulandshahar ------------------------------------------------------------ 118 13. Firozabad ----------------------------------------------------------------- 119 14. Ghaziabad ---------------------------------------------------------------- 120 15. Gorakhpur ---------------------------------------------------------------- 129 16. Greater Noida ------------------------------------------------------------- 131 17. Jaunpur ------------------------------------------------------------------- 137 18. Jhansi --------------------------------------------------------------------- 138 19. Jyotiba Phule Nagar ------------------------------------------------------ 139 20. Kanpur -------------------------------------------------------------------- 140


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

21. Kanshiram Nagar -------------------------------------------------------- 146 22. Kaushambi --------------------------------------------------------------- 147 23. Lucknow ------------------------------------------------------------------ 148 24. Mayamaya Nagar -------------------------------------------------------- 156 25. Maharajganj ------------------------------------------------------------- 157 26. Mathura ------------------------------------------------------------------ 158 27. Meerut -------------------------------------------------------------------- 163 28. Modinagar ---------------------------------------------------------------- 172 29. Moradabad --------------------------------------------------------------- 174 30. Muzaffarnagar ------------------------------------------------------------ 176 31. Noida --------------------------------------------------------------------- 178 32. Raibareilly --------------------------------------------------------------- 179 33. Rampur ------------------------------------------------------------------- 180 34. Saharanpur --------------------------------------------------------------- 181 35. Shikohabad -------------------------------------------------------------- 183 36. Sitapur -------------------------------------------------------------------- 184 37. Sultanpur ----------------------------------------------------------------- 185 38. Unnao -------------------------------------------------------------------- 186 39. Varanasi ------------------------------------------------------------------ 187


Engineering Admission Guide 2010


AGRA Founded in 1504 by Sikandar Lodi Most populous city in Uttar Pradesh,19th most populous city in India

Known as Akbarabad in the reign of Mughals and remained the capital of the Mughal Empire under the Emperors Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan. Attractions Tāj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpūr Sikrī, I’ti mād-Ud-Daulah - The Baby Taj, Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandra, Swāmī Bāgh Samādhi Mankameshwar Temple, Gurū kā Tal, Jamā Masjid, Chīnī kā Rauza, Rām Bāgh, Mariam’s Tomb, Mehtāb Bāgh, Keetham Lake Mughal Heritage Walk, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Concepti on


Tourism contributes to a large extent in the economy of Agra. Agra has some of the fi nest Hotels and Spas in India. Agra is home to Asia’s largest spa called Kaya Kalp — The Royal Spa, at the Hotel Mughal in Agra. Agra has a good number of apparel and garment manufacturers and exporters. Agra has also an important market for the automobile industry. Anil Diesels, Harvest Group of Industries, Indian Agriculture & Automobile Corporati on (IAAC) and Malloys India are some of the major players of the automobile industry in Agra. Over 7200 Small Scale Industrial Units are spared all over the district. Agra city is famous for the Leather Goods, Handicraft s, Zari Zardozi, Marvel and Stone carving & inlay work. Agra is also wellknown for its sweets (Petha & Gajak) and Snacks (Dalmoth). The leather industry is among the most traditi onal and original industries of Agra. Some of the leading manufacturers, exporter and sellers of leather in Agra are

Dawar Footware Company, Polyplast Industries, Royal Internati onal, Eskay Sales Corporati on, Best Buy, Bandejjia Traders and Expomore. Agra has a number of big and small Transformer manufacturers. The Shah Market area is a thriving Electronics market while Sanjay Place is the Trade center of Agra.

Education Agra has always been a centre for educati on and learning. It was during the advent of Mughal era that Agra grew as a centre of Islamic educati on. In the coming decades Agra saw great literary fi gures come from the city like Abul Fazl. Mir Taqi “Mir” and Mirza Asadullah Beg “Ghalib” were the icons produced by the city. Briti sh people introduced the western concept of educati on in Agra. In the year 1823, Agra College, one of the oldest colleges in India was formed out of a Sanskrit school established by the Scindia rulers. In the Briti sh era, Agra became a great center of Hindi literature with people like Babu Gulab Rai at the helm.

Anand Engineering College


A: Agra-Delhi Highway, Kheetam, Agra-282007 T: (05613) - 271024/26/27,272113 F: (05613) - 272113,272027 W:, E: Programme : B.Tech, MCA Courses Offered


Engineering Admission Guide 2010


VARANASI The Capital of Knowledge “Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together” Mark Twain “From the looms of Benaras went forth the most delicate silks that adorned the halls of St. James and of Versailles. In wealth, population, dignity and sanctity Varanasi is amongst the foremost in Asia” Macaulay. Society of Advanced Management Studies, Institute of Hotel Management


A: D-58/51, Shori Lal Estate, Rathyatra, Varanasi-221003 T: (0542)-451966, 6451899, F: (0542)-451966 W:, E: Programme : B.HMCT Courses Offered Hotel Management (HM)


: Mr. U. K. Singh

Saraswati Higher Education & Technical College of Engineering


A: 23 Km Mile Stone, Varanasi - Allahabad Road, Mirzamurad, Varanasi T: (0542)-2637777, 2637778 F: (0542)-2637681 W: E: Programme : B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering (CS)


Information Technology (IT)


Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC) 60 Mechanical Engineering (ME)



Kashi Institute of Technology



A: NH-54, Bahatpur Road, Village – Gahani, P. O. Ayer, Varanasi – 221210 T: 0542-2500343, 262301, 2623018, F: 0542-2623018 W:, E: Programme : B.Tech Courses Offered


: Dr. B.B. Bansal

M. P. School of Engineering


A: Vill-Bhagatua, Post-Amauli, Dist. Varanasi - 221001 T: (0542)-2619246,2619343 F: (0542)- 2619246 W:, E: Programme : B. Tech Courses Offered

Computer Science & Engineering (CS)


Computer Science & Engineering (CS)


Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EN)


Electrical and Electronics (EN)


Information Technology (IT)


Information Technology (IT)


Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC) 60

: Saraswati Trust : Sri Virendra Singh : Dr. Akshaivhat Singh

Society/Trust : Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Shikshan Samiti ed Featurge* Chairman : Sri Maya Shankar Pathak e l l o C Director : Prof. R P Pandey

SMS UPTU 633 to 56767


Society/Trust Chairman Director

Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC) 60


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

Parameters Defining an Ideal Institution Institutional Governance * Eminent Governing Body * Academic Advisory Council * Experienced & Well Qualified Executives

Educational Infrastructure * Well Equipped Laboratories * Seminar Halls & Auditoriums * Sprawling & Well Managed Campus

Intellectual Capital * Well stacked Library * Internet Connectivity * Avenues for Higher Studies

Multi-pronged Interface * Training & Placement Activities * Tie-ups with Industry * Academia-Industry Interactions

189 189

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

Part D Featured

Engineering Colleges


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

Featured Engineering Colleges Exclusive Profiles Aligarh [007] Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology & Management, [340] Vivekanand College of Technology & Management


[010] United College of Engineering & Research, [284] United Institute of Technology, [342] United College of Engineering & Management

Banda [139] Kalicharan Nigam Institute of Technology

Bareilly [475] Shri Jeet Ram Smarak Institute of Engineering & Technology

Bijnor [481] KLS Institute of Engineering & Technology

Bulandshahar [018] Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Engineering Technology & Research Center


[027] Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, [028] Ideal Institute of Technology, [032] Academy of Business & Engineering Sciences, [035] Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Technology, [240] Sunderdeep Engineering College, [327] Sunderdeep College of Architecture, [328] Sunderdeep College of Engineering & Technology, [329] Ghaziabad Institute of Management & Technology,

191 191

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

[331] Devender Singh Institute of Technology & Management, [477] Sunderdeep Girl’s Engineering College, [500] Faculty of Engineering, Trident Education Trust Group of Institutions

Greater Noida

[090] IEC College of Engineering & Technology, [092] Priyadarshini College of Computer Sciences, [097] Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology, [132] Greater Noida Institute of Technology, [133] Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, [153] Skyline Institute of Engineering & Technology, [193] United College of Engineering & Research, [216] IIMT College of Engineering, [225] Accurate Institute of Management & Technology, [270] IEC Institute of Hotel Management, [416] GNIT Girls Institute of Technology, [528] Ram-Eesh Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women,


[145] College of Science & Engineering

Jyotiba Phule Nagar

[256] DNS College of Engineering & Technology, [493] Maharaja Agarsen College of Engineering & Technology


[531] Rama Institute of Technology


[364] S P Memorial Institute of Technology


[123] Saroj Instittue of Technology & Management, [431] BN College of Engineering & Technology, [529] Lucknow Institute of Technology & Management, [473] Faculty of Engineering, GCRG Memorial Trust Group of Institutions


[065] BSA College of Engineering & Technology, [367] Bon Maharaj Engineering College,


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

[471] Eshan College of Engineering


[070] College of Engineering & Rural Technology, [127] IIMT Engineering College, [128] Bharat Institute of Technology, [159] JP Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, [185] IIMT Hotel Management College, [229] Vidya College of Engineering, [282] JP Institute of Engineering & Technology, [318] Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology, [371] IIMT Institute of Engineering & Technology, [488] Shri Nath ji Institute of Technical Education


[226] D J College of Engineering & Technology, [449] K S Jain Institute of Engineering & Technology


[084] Bhagwant Institute of Technology, [336] Roorkee Engineering & Management Technology Institute


[091] JSS Academy of Technical Education, [095] Mahatma Gandhi Missions College of Engineering & Technology

Rampur [480] Apex Institute of Technology


[633] MP School of Engineering

193 193

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

Featured Engineering Colleges Index Name of the College

Page No.

1. Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad


2. Academy of Business & Engineering Sciences,Ghaziabad


3. Accurate Institute of Management & Technology,Greater Noida


4. Apex Institute of Technology,Rampur


5. Babu Banarasi Das Group Of Institutions


Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad [035] Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Engineering Technology & Research Center,Bulandshahar [018]

6. BSA College of Engineering & Technology, Mathura [065]


7. Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut [128]


8. Bhagwant Institute of Technology,Muzaffarnagar [084]


9. Bon Maharaj Engineering College, Mathura [367]


10. BN College of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow [431]


11. College of Engineering & Rural Technology, Meerut [070]


12. College of Science & Engineering,Jhansi [145] 31 13. Devender Singh Institute of Technology & Management, Ghaziabad [331]


14. D J College of Engineering & Technology, Modinagar [226] 36


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

15. DNS College of Engineering & Technology, Jyotiba Phule Nagar [256]


16. Eshan College of Engineering ,Mathura [471]


17. Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida [097]


18. GCRG Memorial Trust Group of Institutions,Lucknow [473]


19. Ghaziabad Institute of Management & Technology, Ghaziabad [329]


20. GNIT Group of Institutions


Greater Noida Institute of Technology, Greater Noida [132] GNIT Girls Institute of Technology, Greater Noida [416]

21. Ideal Institute of Technology,Ghaziabad [028]


22. IEC Group of Institutions


IEC College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida [090] IEC Institute of Hotel Management, Greater Noida [270]

23. IIMT Group of Institutions


IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida [216] IIMT Engineering College, Meerut [127] IIMT Institute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut [371] IIMT Hotel Management College, Meerut [185]

24. JSS Academy of Technical Education,Noida [091]


25. JP Institute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut [282]



Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

26. Kalicharan Nigam Institute of Technology,Banda [139]


27. KLS Institute of Engineering & Technology ,Bijnor [481]


28. K S Jain Institute of Engineering & Technology,Modinagar [449]


29. Maharaja Agarsen College of Engineering & Technology ,Jyotiba Phule Nagar [493] 71 30. Mahatma Gandhi Missions College of Engineering & Noida Technology,Noida [095] 73 31. MP School of Engineering Varanasi [633]


32. Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida [133]


33. Priyadarshini College of Computer Sciences, Greater Noida [092]


34. Rama Group of Institutions


Rama Institute of Engineering and Technology [293] Rama Institute of Technology,Kanpur [531]

35. Ram-Eesh Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Greater Noida [528] 81 36. Roorkee Engineering & Management Technology Institute,Muzaffarnagar [336]


37. Saroj Educational Group 84 Saroj Instittue of Technology & Management, Lucknow [123] Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology & Management, Aligarh [007] Lucknow Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow [529]

38. Shri Jeet Ram Smarak Institute of Engineering & Technology ,Bareilly [475]


39. Skyline Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida [153]



Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

40. Sri Nath ji Institute of Technical Education,Meerut [488]


41. Sunder Deep Group of Institutions


Sunderdeep Engineering College, Ghaziabad [240] Sunderdeep College of Architecture, Ghaziabad [327] Sunderdeep College of Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad [328] Sunderdeep Girl’s Engineering College, Ghaziabad[477]

42. S P Memorial Institute of Technology ,Kaushambi [364]


43. Trident Education Trust Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad [500]


44. United Group Of Institutions


United College of Engineering & Research, Allahabad [010] United Institute of Technology, Allahabad [284] United College of Engineering & Management, Allahabad [342] United College of Engineering & Research, Greater Noida [193]

45. Vidya Knowledge Park


Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut [229] Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology, Meerut [318]

46. Vivekanand College of Technology & Management,Aligarh [340]


47. ihndI




Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges


Address: 27th Km Stone, Delhi-Hapur Bypass Road, Adhyatmik Nagar, Ghaziabad Phone: 0120-2762841 – 51, Fax : 0120-2761844, 2761845, 2762170 E-mail :, Website :

SMS027 to UPTU 56767

Acedemic Excellence Award-2009 Largest number of students (4) in UPTU merit list (2008-09) 99% MCA and 95% B.Tech Students graduated with 1st Division. HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • • • • •


Recipient of Academic Excellence Award for Best Engineering College (2009) Highly qualifi ed and experienced faculty Over 500 students placed in reputed companies during 2009. Infosys Campus Connect, CAD and PDP Programs World class Training & Research facility in Industrial Automati on and Roboti cs Soft ware Development Centre managed by Students Library with over 38000 books, E-journals and digital library 750 Networked computers and Wi-Fi for 24x7 internet with 10 Mbps fi ber connecti vity EDUSAT Interacti ve Satellite Terminal Modern Hostels having accommodati on for 1200 boys and girls

Academic Excellence Award-2009

“The Indian Institute of Management and Engineering Society was established in 1998 by the 12 founding members who are eminent educationists, industrialists and philanthropists having a vision to create professional institutions of excellence with high academic standards comparable to the best in the country. The primary objective of the society had been to spread higher technical/ professional education, through the establishment of Engineering and Management Institutions, in the state of Uttar Pradesh.” Sri Ashok Pal, Chairman. “At AKGEC besides imparting education we aim at promoting and supporting Research & Development activities in selected emerging fields of Science and Technology directly or through collaboration with other Government and Private organizations.” Dr. R K Agarwal, Director


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges


trainers etc.

Robotic Laboratory The college also has a very modern Roboti c Lab equipped with CNC machines, six-axes robot and Modular Automati on Producti on System (MAPS).

Two Way Video Conferencing

The college has a sprawling campus spread over 40 acres having excellent infrastructure with all mod- The college also has a satellite (EDUSAT) terminal ern ameniti es. The main campus has six academic with interacti ve classroom having two way video blocks including a unique Lecture Theatre Complex conferencing. with 27 auditorium type lecture halls. The campus Hostel has hostels for boys and girls, faculty residences and also a well equipped 50 bedded hospital adjacent to the hostel complex. The campus, including hostels, has Wi-Fi for 24 x 7 internet facility with 10 Mbps fi bre opti c connecti vity. The campus has an ATM, a modern hygienic canteen, a Nestle snack counter and has adequate power generati on (DG sets) capacity for uninterrupted power back up. The college has three boys and two girls hostels on campus to accommodate over 1200 students. The modern and well furnished hostels here 24 hrs. water and power supply, TV room, general store, canteen, solar water heati ng system, washing machines / laundry facility, and Wi-Fi for round the clock internet facility. In additi on to the recreati on centre with all indoor and outdoor sports faciliti es the hostels have a well equipped gymnasium.


Amenites • • The college has state-of-the-art laboratories in each • of its departments. The computi ng facility includes • over 750 Networked computers with necessary soft - • wares and round the clock internet facility. • Departmental Laboratories have latest equipment • that include stati c and microprocessor based relays, • programmable logic controller based units, industrial AC and DC drives, CAD/CAM Lab with Soft ware •

Separate Mess & Dining Solar Water Heaters Gymnasium TV Room Library Table Tennis , Carrom , Chess Football , Volleyball , Basketball ,Badminton Canteen & Tea / Coff ee Vending Machine General Store

like Pro-E, Klystron bench, antenna and opti cal fi ber


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL Courses Offered B.Tech • Computer Science and Engineering • Electronics and Communicati on Engineering • Electrical and Electronics Engineering • Electronics and Instrumentati on • Mechanical Engineering • Informati on Technology M.Tech. • Automati on & Roboti cs • Electronics and Communicati on Engineering • Electrical Power & Energy System MCA

Library • Edusat Interacti ve Terminal • Titles: 5087; Volumes 23073 • E- Journals IEEE: 241; ASME: 22; ACM: 44 • Digital Library • Automated Issue / Return - Opac • Memberships Delnet; Briti sh Council Library • Departmental Libraries Titles 250; Journals 10 • Book Bank R & D Initiatives Centre of Relevance & Excellence on Automation & Robotics

5) Hyper Altair Ltd.., Bangalore. 6) SIEMENS PLM Ltd., Gurgaon. 7) Jacksons Ltd., Noida

The proposed CORE is expected to have following in house laboratories: 1. Flexible Manufacturing System 2. Automati on Product Design Lab 3. Hydraulic & Pneumati cs Lab 4. Roboti cs Lab 5. Industrial Automati on Lab 6. Virtual Instrumentati on & Sensorics Lab

Software Incubator: Soft ware incubator is an independent body of AKGEC which incorporates the path of innovati ons, technology and conti nuity.

Consultancy Projects Computer Aided Design of Grinding Machine Company Name: Kaison Hydromati c Machine Tools, Ghaziabad , Utt ar Pradesh Reverse Engineering of Grinding Machine Company Name : Kaison Hydromati c Machine Tools, Ghaziabad , Utt ar Pradesh Advanced Training in Pro/Engineer for Industrial Professional Company Name: CADD Centre Ghaziabad . Fast Track Training Course in Pro/Engineer Insti tute Name: Lord Krishna Engg. College, Ghaziabad Short Term Training Programme in Auto CAD for Industrial Perssional Company Name:Shiv-Vani-Oil-Gas-Explorati on-Services-Ltd, Faridabad , Haryana FEM Analysis of pressure vessel component Company Name: Altair Hyder Works

A Project of Technology Informati on Forecasti ng & Assessment Council- An Autonomous Society Of Other Initiatives D.S.T. CORE as technology partner: AKGEC Journal Of Technology 1) BOSCH Rexroth Ltd., Bangalore. Faculty Development Programmes 2) Rockwell Automati on., Noida. 3) Nati onal Instrument Systems Ltd, Bangalore. 4) KUKA Roboti cs, Gurgaon.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

INTERFACE Training & Placement Activities

Student Activities

In the short span of a decade since its incepti on, AKGEC has established itself as an insti tuti on par excellence, dedicated to provide students with a strong scienti fi c, technical and humanisti c foundati on and encourage them to develop creati vity in defi ning problems and seeking soluti ons.

The college encourages all students to develop their talents through parti cipati on in various sports, cultural, literary, fi ne arts and social acti viti es. In additi on to the very acti ve departmental societi es, the students have various other vibrant societi es dealing in music, dramati cs, moral values etc are: Euphony, Goonj, Tal, Foot Prints, Horizon, Parivridhi Renaissance

Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

No. of companies 15 21 25 28 40 62 46 30

Major Recruiters • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Student’s Placed 99 126 103 113 175 311 439 504

Events Convocation Vibration-The annual Cultural fest of AKGEC, Saksham-The Annual Sports Meet, TT Tournament, Tech-Trishna-Annual Technology Fest, Scrolls- a paper presentati on contest in VLSI AKGEC Memorial Table Tennis Tournament Anti Ragging Marathon AKGEC Alumni Associati on off ers a healthy platf orm where the pass out students can reunite, search out for their lost friends.

Social Initiatives

Adarsh Vikas Kendra: In this world of selfi shness, AKGEC donates money to ADARSH VIKAS KENDRA- a school which helps to fulfi ll the dreams of the students who are fi nancially weak. Blood Donation Camp: AKGEC organizes blood donati on camp every year. Donation Of Computers: AKGEC donates nearly 100 computers every year to the various schools and to Industry Interaction the poor children. The College has collaborated with Computer Sci- Donation Of Blankets By Students: The girls of ences Corporati on (CSC) For ‘Mentorship Program’. AKGEC girls hostel contribute every year to donate This Program has been initi ated by UPTU- Nasscom. blankets to poor people living in slums. Infosys Campus Connect Program Health & Education Camps: Every year AKGEC raises Under this programme, Infosys has designed and funds for the organisati on of camps which aware provided a 100 hours module, for teaching which, people regarding health issues as well as educate the faculty at AKGEC has been especially trained by people. the fi rm. This module Is taught to top 120 students of Third Year as an Extra Course on weekends.


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Featured Colleges

[032] ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad

Contact Details: 19 Km stone Delhi -Hapur By Pass Road NH-24 Ghaziabad Phone: 0120-2840112,113 Fax : 0120-2840114,2840115 Email : Web

SMS032 to UPTU 56767

BEST ENGINEERING COLLEGE IN DELHI-NCR - Times Research Excellence Award 2010 Top Institute in Delhi/NCR with Excellent Academic Result & R&D at International Level: Business Sphere Programmes Offered


1st in MCA and 3rd in B-tech amongst Technical Insti tuti ons of UPTU based in average theory B.Tech marks in 1st year result 2008-2009. 1.Computer Science & Engineering

ABES won 2 million Korean Won in Internati onal UAV COMPETITION-2009, at South Korea.

Ranked 4 positi on in competeti on of Mini BAJA, 09 in the fi nal round under the SAE Project.

2.Electronics & Communicati on Engineering 3.Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4.Informati on Technology 5.Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech 1.Computer Science & Engineering . ABES is the only college from India, of which 2.Electronics & Communicati on Engineering two projects are selected for parti cipati on in 3.VLSI- Modular the Semi Final round of (internaMBA MCA ti onal competi ti on by Microsoft ). NASSCOM selected ABES as one of the Six Key Executives Technical Academic Insti tuti ons in the NCR reDirector(Admin): Prof. Surendra Kr.Kansal gion for industry partnership programe. Ph.D. (IITR), M.E. (IITR), B.Tech. (Civil Engg) MOU with Nati onal Entrepreneurship Network Formerly Sr. Scienti st CBRI Roorkee & LGA Germany (NEN) for Entrepreneurship awareness amongst Director(Academics): Dr. R.G.Mendiratta faculty & students. Ph.D. (USA) Formerly Sr. Scienti st NASA (USA) Fully functi onal Entrepreneurship Development Faculty Member Virginia State Univ. (USA) Cell funded by AICTE. Prof. & Deputy Director IIT Delhi

Director (Career): Prof. P.N. Koul Ph.D. (IITB) Formerly Director (Career Planning & Devlopment Div.), Galgoti a College of Engineering Technology, Gr. Noida


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Intellectual Capital Faculty Strength • • • • • • • • • • • •

Prof. Dinesh, Dy. Director, Ph.D. (IITK) Formerly Prof. Delhi Univ. & NSIT, Delhi Prof. Rakesh Passi MBA (Delhi Univ.), B.Tech. (Electrical), Formerly CEO, Vice President in diff erent companies Prof. S.S.S.Govil, Dean (Students Welfare) M.E. (IITR) , Formerly Prof. IIT R Prof. A.K.Sinha, Dean(CRAP) Ph.D.(IITD), M.Tech (IITD), Formerly Prof. MIT,Muzaff arpur&Director, MACET Patna Prof. C. L. Mittal, Dean (UG Studies) M.E.(IITR),B.E.(IITR), Formerly Prof. TITS Bhiwani & Director, BITS Bhiwani Prof. U.S.Gupta, Dean (PG Studies)Ph.D. (IITR), Formerly Prof. Emeritus IITR Prof. M.R.Bansal,M.A., M.Com, LL.B, Ph.D., D.Litt . Formerly Director MBA,Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Univ. Agra Prof. H.O. Upadhyay, Director MCA Ph.D. (IT- B.H.U), Formerly Programmer & Analyst,New Jersey, USA Prof. Brahm Prakash Ph.D. (Delhi Univ.), Formerly Prof. NCERT, New Delhi Prof. D.Nath, HOD (EEE) BE (Jodhpur University) Formerly Dy. Manager, UPPCL, Jodhpur Prof. Roop Narayan, Dean (Admin), PGDM (AIMA), M.Tech. (AMU), B.Sc. (Engg.), BHU, Formerly Dy. GM, UPPCL Sqn. Ldr. Maheswar Tripathy Controller of Examinati on, Formerly Indian Air Force

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Mini Baja As we all know mechanical 3rd & 4th year students design the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) as their project, which they presented in main event of “Mini Baja” held from 29th to 31st January in Pethampore, Indore, where they won the fourth positi on in the North Zone. This event was held under the “Society of Automoti ve Engineers of designing and manufacturing of ATV”.

Career Planning & Development “An individual att enti on has to be paid to young mind to make him/her to learn stress and ti me management, develop leadership & managerial qualiti es, be arti culate, infl uence the interacti ng people and groom them into a composite individual to impress and be part of highly competi ti ve and demanding corporate world ”To achieve this goal: Aims & objecti ves •Promote close industry-insti tuti on relati onship. •To generate Entrepreneurship awareness amongst the students and also in the faculty •Focus on “Train the Trainers” program by conducting faculty enablement program with the industry •Arrange industry visits, guest lectures, soft skills training programs, in campus and off campus placement procedures. • To interact with Alumni


1.Transport Facilities : ABES has its own fl eet of cars and buses that ply in and Electronic eye for the blind using image processing- around Ghaziabad. These cater to the needs of day scholars, faculty and staff .. This project is a small step in providing blind peo- 2.Cafeteria : ple with a gadget based on embedded system EBOX The favourite of students of ABES is the large and welldesigned cafeteria with a huge carpet area and loaded 4300 and a video camera) which would help them in identi fying and with mouth-watering delicacies at reasonable price. locati ng item based 3. Students Clubs : ABES encourages its students to organize and parti cipate on embedded sys- in various acti viti es in and outside the college. These are tem EBOX 4300 and planned and practi ces under various clubs formed by the a video camera) students under the guidance of faculty members. Some which would help of the acti ve clubs are : Demands club, Technical & Literthem in identi fying ary club, Sports club, Yoga club and Cultural club.. 4. Health Care (Medicare) : and locati ng item. ABES has its own fi rst-aid health center with experienced physician on roll, who visits the campus daily. Additi onally, to cater emergencies. 203 Projects

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

[225] Accurate Institute of Management & Technology Greater Noida

CONTACT DETAILS : Plot No. 49, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida Phone: 0120-2328234/35,Fax : 0120-2320355 Email : Web :

SMS225 to UPTU 56767

Promoted by the Accurate Group - Leading Manufacturer of Electrical & Electronics Products Research & Case Driven Engineering & Management College

Courses Offered

About Accurate Group Accurate Group is one of the leading manufacturer of Electrical/Electronics products especially of Distributi on & Power transformers in the country. Mr. C. L. Sharma, the Chairman started with a small company in 1986 with a vision, to be one of the leading engineering enterprises in India and today is amongest the top few in the line of business.

Graduation Programmes B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics & Communicati on Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering B.Tech(2nd Year Lateral Admission)

Accurate Educati on & Research Society was established in 2005 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Post Graduation Programmes C. L. Sharma, Chairman- Accurate Group. The aim of MBA the Society is to provide educati on in various fi elds MCA of Engineering, Technology & Management and creEligibility: ati ng a pool of professionally qualifi ed and skilled 85% seats are fi lled by SEE-UPTU conducted by managers and entrepreneurs of world class standards. UPTU Lucknow and remaining 15% seats as management quota. For B.Tech. I Year, candidate must Accurate is emerging as a research and case driven have minimum 50% (45% for SC/ST) marks in PCM at residenti al Engineering College & B-School, att empts 10+2 level and for MBA/MCA I Year, minimum 50% to synergise what is best in India with the best of the (45% for SC/ST) marks in aggregate in graduati on. world on an on-going basis through intertwining and For MCA, candidate must have Mathemati cs at 10+2 networking. or Bachelor degree level. For lateral entry in B.Tech. Second year, minimum 60% marks in B.Sc. or in three Key Executives years diploma is a must. Chairman Mr. C. L. Sharma Application Procedure Group Director Ms. Poonam Sharma The prospectus and applicati on forms will be availDirector (Academics) Dr.R.N. Singh able from the admission offi ce during the working Director (Admin) Mr.S.K. Sharma hours. Forms can also be downloaded from the Dy. Director Dr.M.K.Agarwal website or the students can also Registrar Mr.A.C. Sharma apply online.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 Library Well stocked library with more than 18000 volumes of books, subscribes over 120 nati onal and internati onal journals besides ejournals, magazines and newspapers. Reading room facility is available for faculty, staff and the students. The students can also use it as a place for quiet self-study. Class Room The spacious class rooms provide the most conducti ve environment for dynamic and focused discussion. The classrooms are designed as auditi oriums with step-up seati ng of facilitate discussions and equipped with OHP’s, Computer & LCD for eff ecti ve learning. The air-conditi oning in the labs creates pleasent atmosphere for long hours of teaching and learning. Computer Centre:

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Seminar and Conference Hall:

The academic life at Accurate goes beyond the curriculum. For cultural and social functi ons, the auditorium att he campus provides an ideal platf orm for students to express themselves in public speech, theatres, plays and general entrainment. Faculty We have highly qualifi ed and experienced faculty members from IITs/NITs and other renowned insti tuti ons/universiti es in India/abroad in all of the CSE, ECE, IT, ME, MBA and MCA departments who are committ ed to provide high quality educati on with the value additi on in the respecti ve fi elds.

Each of the department is centre of excellence and endeavor to contribute signifi cantly towards meetThe campus is interconnected with intranet & inter- ing the growing demands of competent professional net with broadband connecti on. The state-of-the-art in cutti ng edge technology. Acti viti es like quiz, workcomputer lab provides computi ng faciliti es comprising shop, seminar etc. are organized in various thrust of the latest confi gurati on machines linked to a wide areas. range of Soft ware communicati on & print services. It comprises of large no. of P-IV, Dual Core and Core Training & Placement 2 duo machines with world class servers. 24x7 dedicated broadband internet connecti vity using RF link In house training to the young trainers and studentservices. The students enjoy the wi-fi internet facili- sare conduted in emerging areas to enhance techniti es round the clock. The budding technocrats manag- cal skills oft he students. Industrial visits are organized to the surrounding ers derive technical skills using computer faciliti es. core and corporate sectors. Lab-academia industry, Laboratories: R & D programmes have also been incorporated with academic programmes. Soft skills, personality development, group discussion programmes, consti tute regular feature of the academic curricula. 100% assistance is provided forplacement in reputed companies in India/abroad. All the eligible students of MBA & B.Tech have already been placed in reputed companies. The departments of CSE, ECE, IT, ME, EEE, MBA and MCA are equipped with various Laboratories having advanced technologies and latest equipments, machines, kits, materials etc. complying with the AICTE and U.P.Technical University norms. Outstanding students are encouraged to work on research projects of industrial and corporate current uses.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

[280] APEX Institute of Technology Rampur SMS to 80 UPTU 7267 6 5

CONTACT DETAILS : Kaushalganj, Teh: Bilaspur, Dist Rampur Phone: 0595-2461779/80/81,9837211255,9837500205 Fax : 0595-2461778 Email, Web :

“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already within man” - Guiding Philosophy

Centre of excellence in Education, Training , Consultancy & Research in Engineering Strategically located near SIDCUL, Pantnagar - a hub of over 350 industries 6 Kms from Rudrapur towards Bilaspur on NH-87



• • • • • • • • • •

Liberal fi nancial grants in terms of Scholarships/ full freeships to poor and outstanding students. Students Advisory System for the personal att enti on and counselling of the students to deal with their academic, personal and emoti onal problems. Book Bank Service Well equipped laboratories. Reasonable and aff ordable fee structure. Students Welfare and Placement Cell. Highly moti vated, well qualifi ed and ever cooperati ve faculty. Computer labs with 24 hour internet facility Language lab to improve upon communicati on skills. Well equipped Library with Nati onal-Internati onal Journals. Indoor and Outdoor games & sports. Proximity to SIDCUL Pantnagar, (about 8 km far from the insti tute) with more than 350 industries, is an added advantage for training & placement. Proximity to G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar (15 km from the insti tute) for all possible help including guest faculty.

Courses Offered Computer Science & Engg. Informati on Technology Electronics & Communicati on Engg. Mechanical Engg. Electrical Engg. MBA MCA

Dr Deepak Chhabra Chairman

Dr R C S Mehta Director

About Institute The APEX insti tute of technology is located on the Delhi Nainital Nati onal Highway No. 87 about just 6 k.m away from Rudrapur towards Bilaspur, on a piece of 19 acres of land with well manicured green lawns and aestheti cally planned buildings. The insti tute is surrounded by tall poplar trees from two sides which gives a picturesque panorama. “Educati on is


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 the manifestati on of the divine perfecti on already within man” (Swami Vivekanand) is the philosophy of APEX insti tute of technology. The insti tute aims to be a centre of excellence in Educati on, Training , Consultancy and Research in Engineering, Management & other related emerging areas of advance professional studies.

Featured Colleges

Visiting Faculty Guest speaker and visiti ng faculty from George Meson University, Virginia (USA), IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, NTPC, G.B.P.U.A & Tech., Pantnagar, S.B.M.IMSR Rohtak,IIT Kanpur , Kumaon Engg. College,Dwarahat Hostel & Transport Facilities

ISO Certification

Well furnished hostel accommodati on is available Within the short spam of ti me of Existance, the insti - separately for boys and girls with a morden well tute already obtained ISO 9001:2008 as a mark of qual- equipped mess. A regular bus service is available to ity insti tute in the area of Engineering,Management the local day scholars and the staff members. and computer applicati on. Extra Curricular Activities Infrastructure The students are encouraged to pati cipate in variThe infrastructure of the campus includes Acaous extra cularacdemic Complex, Library, Computer Centre, Labotivities.Engineerratories, Hostels, Central Canteen, Administrati ve , ing Society ,literary account wings , necessary faciliti es for indoor and society & cultural outdoor games & cultural acti viti es. The Insti tute is society have been well equipped with full- fl edged laboratories in all consti tuted for streams. A representati ve list of the existi ng labs is this purpose. given below. A representati ve list of the existi ng labs is given below Industry Academia Interactions • Fluid Mechanics • Applied Thermodynamics Regular interacti ons are • Materials Science and Testing done with reputed indus• Machine Drawing tries in the neighboring • Measurement & Metrology SIDCUL. Pantnagar & Si• Manufacturing Science targanj. The response the • Engineering Mechanics industry has been over• Electrical Machines wheliming in this regard. • Communications Training & Placement • Computer Ample emphasis is given to the T&P acti vies. The • Analog Integrated Circuits close proximity to a major industrial hubs enable the • Microprocessor insti tute to groom its students in tune with industry • Control Systems demands. • Digital Signal Processing • CAD • Microwave Engineering • Electronics • E.M.I.& P.C.B.Design & • Work Shop


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Babu Banarsi Das Group of Institutions Ghaziabad


[018] BBDIET & Research Center

[035] Babu Banarsi Das Institute of Technology Delhi-Meerut Road, 7th KM, Duhai, Ghaziabad Phone: (0120) 2675912, 2679017 / 18 / 19 Fax : 0120-2759408, Email :, Web

Approx. 25 Km Bulandshahr- Anoopshahr Road, Near Jhangirabad Phone: 05734-261879, Fax : 05734- 261718 Email : Web :

Dedicated to Babu Banarasi Das - an eminent political figure of Uttar Pradesh Prominent personalities on the Board of Advisors SMS to 5 3 0 U T UP 767 One of the leading and most sought after institution in Northern India 56 Capacity to house around 2000 students at a time in Intitute’s Central Library





As a dynamic and gallant youngster hailing from Bulandshahar, Babu Banarasi Das joined the struggle for freedom and was jailed several ti mes by the Briti sh Government for his parti cipati on in the non-violence movement. During his long politi cal career, he worked as Minister, Speaker, Member of Parliament (Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) and Chief Minister of Utt ar Pradesh.

•Computer Science & Engineering •Electronics & Communicati on Engineering •Informati on Technology • Mechanical Engineering •Electronics & Instrumentati on Engineering

Key Executives


• •

• • Mr. Harendra Aggrawal Chairman BBDIET&RC Bulandshahar



Mrs. Veena Agrawal Chairperson BBDIT Ghaziabad


• •

Prof. Dr. D. S. Chauhan, Ex- Vice Chancellor, UPTU, Lucknow Prof. Dr. N.K. Govil, Prof. University of Auburn, Auburn, U.S.A. Prof. Dr. D.P. Agarwal, Ex Director, IIIT, Gwalior, Member, Union Public Service Commission Shri Sanjay Govil, Chairman & President, Infi nite Computer Soluti on Inc, U.S.A. Shri Devi Dayal (I.A.S. Retd.), Former Secretary Banking Shri V.K. Mittal, Chief Executive, Flex Engineering Ltd. Shri Harendra Agarwal, Chairman, BBDIET & RC


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10 Years of Excellence 39th in India Among top Technical Schools including IITs, NITs, Govt. and Self Financed Institutes. 2nd Rank among all the Private Engineering Colleges in U.P. Awarded “Best Upcoming Engineering College in NCR” by “BusinessSphere”

A well equipped library is heart of any acedemic insti tuti on and BBDIT Library has a very acti ve learning ambience. It has about 616.83 Sq Meter of carpet area and is capable of accommodati ng 1856 Babu Banarsi Das Insti tute of Technology, one of the students at a ti me to carry out any kind academic fast-developing Insti tutes in the fi eld of Engineering acti vity such as reading books and journals, Digital , Informati on Technology and Management, was es- Library secti on, computer programming, soft ware tablished in the year 2000, under the aegis of Rajiv development etc. Educati onal Trust, with a vision and avowed objec- Hostels ti ve to provide contemporary and quality educati on in the areas of Engineering , Management and IT. The Insti tute is now emerging as one of the leading and sought aft er Insti tutes in the North Indian region. The Insti tute is affi liated to state university and is recognized by the A.I.C.T.E. New Delhi and profes- BBDIT has in-campus hostel for boys with a capacsionally affi liated to IETE (Insti tuti on of Electronics ity of 400 students intake and is well equipped with and Telecommunicati on Engineers, India), IEI (Insti - Power Backup, Water Supply and has an excellent tuti on of Engineers, India) & CSI (Computer Society Mess facility. 24 hours Wi-Fi internet connecti vity through lease line. of India). Indoor Sports & Recreati onal faciliti es, Table Tennis, Computer Labs Badminton, Chess etc. The Insti tute’s Central Computer Centre is a full fl edged & centrally air-conditi oned equipped with latest Penti um-4 clients and IBM Series Servers. All these computi ng machines are networked through the college backbone network and have the access over the internet. Communication Lab The Insti tute has a fully computerized air-conditi oned professional Communicati on Lab that caters to enhance the communicati on skills of the students. In the labs, student-teacher interacti on sessions are conducted to wipe of the inhabitati ons of every student and to teach them the nuances of speech with great felicity and versati lity.

Outdoor Sports Facility : Cricket , Volleyball, Football etc, Gymnasium,Common Room with Dish TV Sports Sports have been an integral part of the insti tute, students here take an acti ve parti cipati on in all kind of sports acti viti es in and out of college. Events like Inter-departmental Cricket , Volleyball and table tennis matches are conducted in which faculty members and students take an acti ve parti cipati on. Cultural Activities ENCORE Anual CulturalTechnical FEST


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Featured Colleges

Computer Labs

Fully air-conditi oned, state-of-the-art comBabu Banarasi Das Insti tute of Engineering Technol- puter centre with equipment ogy & Research Centre is one or the best develop- latest & soft ware. There ing insti tute in the fi eld of Engineering, Informati on are 182 computers Technology and Management. It was established in including Penti um 1998 under the aegis of Akhil Bharati ya Babu Ba- IV series running at narasi Das Smarak Sewa Sansthan which now has 1.7 GHz, 800 MHz., become a centre of excellence in the annals of Engi- Celeron 667 MHz nodes with colour monitors. There neering, Management and IT Educati on. are seven networks with ready of operati ng systems The Insti tute provides ample opportuniti es to the & soft ware. Internet facility for all with ISDN line is students for overall development besides paying available. full att enti on to studies & academic excellence. Library & Information System Faculty member and the supporti ng staff are not only brilliant but also very supporti ve. They involve Fully air-conditi oned Insti tute library is wellthemselves in all the student acti viti es whether on equipped with wide collecti on of text books & refercampus or off campus. The visiti ng and guest faculty ence books. Total number of books are over 8000 comprises of eternal experts from leading insti tutes with about 900 ti tles. Text Book Loan Scheme (TBLS) like IIT Roorkee, AMU, Delhi College of Engineering is available to all those who apply for it, in which all the text books are issued to students for the enti re & other IITs. semester. Labs Academics Laboratories are housed in the big airy & well lighted halls. They have all modern instruments and supported by The faculty at the Insti tute comprises academicians trained staff . having rich experience and those who have disti nMechnical Engineering Labs guished themselves in their respecti ve professional Electronics,Communicati on &Instrumentati on Labs fi elds. The core faculty is further strengthened by Electrical Engineering Labs a host of disti nguished visiti ng faculty members drawn from Insti tutes of repute & other professional areas.

12 Years of Excellence

Co-Curricular Activities For the enhancement of students’ knowledge, Socio-Technical lectures are arranged. Various kinds of functi ons and sports events are organized by students. Cultural programmes like Annual day, Republic day, Diwali Celebrati on, Holi Milan, Cricket matches, Badminton tournaments, Quizzes & Debates etc are organized by the students. Students also take part in Inter college seminars, paper presentati on & cultural programmes, This year The Insti tute has on-campus hostel for boys with a our student’s performance in academic competi capacity of 400 students and is equipped with 24hrs. ti ons of high level has been excellent. power backup and 24 hrs. water supply. In winter Medical Facilities hot water facility is also available. The hostel has 24 hrs. Internet connecti vity and for Girls, off -campus Adequate medical faciliti es are provided to all stuaccommodati on is also provided in peaceful and dents by Akhil Bharti ya Babu Banarsi Das Memorial Trust, Bulandshahr. safe environment. 210 Hostel

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INTERFACE Training & Placement Cell Bbdit Gzb The insti tute has a wellplanned, systemati c and acti ve cell has been set up under a Senior Professor with rich industrial experience, who directly guides the students in planning their career & facilitates their entry into the job market. The cell regularly arranges Industrial tours; guest lectures from the top notch of the corporate professionals. The Insti tute is having excellent rapport with leading Multi nati onal Companies, renowned Corporate Houses and Public Ltd. Companies. The placement cell of the Insti tute conti nuously renders assistance to students in getti ng the gainful employment. In additi on to the eff orts of placement cell including those of acti ve students, necessary assistance is availed of the alumni, faculty members and industrialists. Vigorous steps are taken to arrange for Training/ Placement of students in good and reputed organizati ons. In many cases, our students have got employment in course of their Training period itself. BBDIT also provides an enabling environment to the students, which helps them not only to achieve the command on their academic subjects but also bring out innate talents or soft skills of the students. It moti vates its students to parti cipate in various academic and extra-curricular acti viti es for an all-round development of their personality. BBDIT-Zensar Centre of Excellence

We at BBDIT assists our alumni to achieve their professional and personal goals even years after they have left the institution. Training & Placement Cell BBDIET-RC The Placement cell is making conti nuous efforts for placement of our students in various leading companies in India and abroad, we also help the students to explore and gear-up for their carrier during their studies. So as to enable them to face the challenges of real life perfectly. It is due to perfect guidance provided by our placement cell that our students have been placed with various leading companies in India & abroad. Companies Participated for Placements Our passed on students are with presti gious industrial houses like L&T , Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Infi nite Computer Soluti on, Satyam, I-fl ex, Flex Tronic, India Today Group, Thomson Digital, Infoage, Air Vision, GE capital, Acenture, R.P.S., Pioneer Sol (p) Ltd., HCl Technologies, Patni Computers, L.G., Samsung, Nutek Technologies, Crompton Greave, Sterling Resorts, HDFC Bank, Metlife, Kotak Mahindra, Mutherson Sumi Wires Ltd., Spark Engineering, Matrix Communicati on Spectranet, Schncider Electi c, Convergys, IBM Daksh, Essar Infotech, Vertusa, Keane India Ltd., Millennium Networks, Sonalika Tractors, and more‌ Experts from M/s Nutek India (P) Ltd. Gurgaon, Visited our campus for placement. Corporate Office

Training Partner

Address: C-358, Lohia Nagar, Ghaziabad Tel : (0120) -2700751, 2701217, 2759356, 2756249, 2759408 Fax : (0120) 2759408


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[065] B.S.A. College of Engineering & Technology Mathura

Campus: Near New Bus Stand, Mathura-281004 Phone: 0565-2460980, Fax : 0565-2460983 Email : Web :

SMS065 to P U TU 56767

Governed by a Public Charitable Educational Trust Agrawal Shiksha Mandal - A 90 year old organization One of the oldest private engineering college of UP About College Courses offered The Agrawal Shiksha Mandal, a philanthropic organizati on of Mathura, founded the B.S.A. College B.Tech of Engineering & Technology in 1997, when it was Computer Science & Engineering realized that Mathura urgently needed an Engineer- Informati on Technology ing College to cater to the technological needs of the region. The College is recognized by the AICTE. Electronics & Communicati on Affi liated to the Utt ar Pradesh Technical University, Mechanical Engineering certi fi ed by the ISO 9001:2000, the college is also an Electrical Engineering Insti tuti onal Member of the Indian Society for Tech- MBA MCA nical Educati on (ISTE), New Delhi. “We firmly believe that stu- Amenities dents are likely clay which can 1.Hostel Accommodati on be given desired shape by experienced craftsman in form of 2.Cafeteria the teacher. We at BSACET are 3.Campus Banking & PCO committed to produce techno- 4.Medical Facility crats with rich blend of morale 5.Railway Concession values inculcated among them. 6.24 Hours Internet Access It is our endeavour to provide human face to technological innovation so that moral fabric of society Photo Gallery remains intact.Our motto explains the reason why many of our students have found place not only in big names among private and public sector but research establishments like NASA & ISRO also.� Madhava Sharan Agrawala, Chairman Academic Accomplishment


Mr. Aditya Kumar 2007 Batch from Electrical Branch got 5th position in UP Technical University.

Key Executives Director : Prof.R.K Jain Registrar: Mr. Bhagwan Singh

Computer lab


Mechanical Lab 212

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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[128] Bharat Institute of Technology Meerut

CONTACT DETAILS : Bharat Insti tute of Technology, Bypass Road, Partapur, Meerut Phone: (0121) 6531892,6533991,326372, Fax : 0121-2967001 Email : Web :

SMS128 to UPTU 56767

NBA Accredited Programmes in 4 branches of Engineering Nodal Center for UPTU Semester Examinations One of the UPTU Counselling Centers



• • •

Highly experienced & enlightened Faculty members. “The students from BIT, Meerut are adaptable to any working Aestheti cally designed Ultra modern Laboratories. conditions making them EMCentral & departmental Libraries with E-library PLOYABLE. Here, the students concept. receive education relevant to • Fully air-conditi oned Seminar Hall/Conference hall. the needs of the local and global industries. We aim at building • Fully furnished accommodati on equipped with confi dent eff ecti ve personalities who can accept a 24x7 electricity, water supply, telephone, water highly charged competitive environment in a global coolers, refrigerators, and recreati onal faciliti es. work scenario.”Mr. Sharad Jain, Chairman • Wi-fi Connecti vity & computer savvy environment. • Corporate & industry interface with frequent lectures & experience sharing by visiti ng dignitaries. • Dedicated teams of Training & Placement Department to address issue related to communicati on, soft skills, apti tude & technical skills. • Round the year literary, cultural & sports events Prof. A.K. Vasishtha facilitati ng expressions of budding talents. Ex-director of HBTI, Kanpur • Lush green Campus spread over 100 Acres. Director General & Advisor • Regular conduct of seminars, workshops & symProf. A.K. Vasishtha has been conferred upon Disti nposia on multi farious subjects. guished Alumnous Award 1995 by IT, Banaras Hindu University & Life ti me Achievement Award by InternaProgrammes Offered ti onal Conference OTAT, N. Delhi in 2009. MBA MCA B.Tech He has been the Chairman and the member of various committ ees of AICTE and the Government of India.


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Lecture Halls & Seminar Hall

Bharat Insti tute of Technology – a premier insti tute of the Nati onal capital region, located 8 km from Meerut city & 45 km from the capital is a decade old acknowledged educati on hub center equipped with the stateof-the-art infrastructure comprising of multifaceted facilities towards holistic social, intellectual, emotional & spiritual development of its members. Bharat Insti tute of Technology, Meerut has registered phenomenal growth in terms of imparti ng quality educati on in Engineering and Management studies.

At BIT, lecture halls are thoughtf ully designed to induce high quality learning atmosphere. These lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like overhead projector, multi media aids, LCD, etc. Hostels

Computer Labs

The Insti tute has centralized computi ng faciliti es for high-end programming and Internet surfi ng. CAD tools, word processing applicati ons, audio- visual NPTEL streaming of renowned IIT Professors and Printi ng/scanning faciliti es are some of the striking features that makes the computer centre a class apart. Availability of 4Mbps Internet connecti on along with Wi-Fi connecti vity makes a signifi cant contributi on to the usability of the computer centre.

At BIT, boarding faciliti es are available for boy and girl students separately. Each of these hostels off ers a unique experience in community living. The hostels are well-equipped with: • 24 hours electricity, • water supply, • necessary furniture, • telephone, • water coolers, • refrigerators, • recreati onal faciliti es like TV and • indoor games such as table tennis, gymnasium, chess, carrom board, etc. • Wi-Fi Internet connecti vity in hostel rooms is also available. Amenities Center

The computer centre stays open ti ll late in the night, thereby facilitati ng the students & the faculty to stay updated and connected with the latest break through in the technology and related fi elds of interest.


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INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL Courses Offered in B.Tech •

Computer Science & Engineering

Informati on Technology

Electronics & Communicati on Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

The insti tute has highly qualifi ed and excellent faculty, reputed for their academic achievements and performance.

• Instrumentati on & Control Engineering Programme Highlights


At BIT, special emphasis is placed on developing an environment-highly conducive to build a solid foundati on of knowledge, personality, confidence, excellence, self-discipline and creativity through moti vati on and drive. Other than regular full stream courses, the institute has arranged the training of certain courses in an outsourced fashion: • EC & EN - MATLAB & Embedded Systems under the aegis of HPES. (Hewlett Packard Educati on Services) • ME, CH, CE - AUTOCAD • CS, IT, MCA - Advanced C Data Structures under the aegis of HPES. (Hewlett Packard Educati on Services) • ORACLE WORK FORCE DEVELOPMENT PARTNER ORACLE 10 G & 9 i. Faculty:

The faculty members are highly dedicated and at the same ti me, busy in academic pursuits. It is a unique insti tute for teachers and students who share a passion for academic excellence, outdoor adventure and personal challenge.

E-Library Inaugurated by Prof Prem Vrat, Ex-VC , UPTU

Central Library

The library is committ ed to off er rapid response with greater fl exibility to meet the needs of a growing student and faculty community. The library ensures that students have not only their relevant course books, journals and reference books but also have reading material that increases knowledge for an over-all development of their personality. The library has a collecti on of over 70,000 books and 200 Nati onal and Internati onal Journals. The library also prides itself with a rich collecti on of all prominent magazines in the area of business as well as general awareness. The Insti tute has excellent E-library faciliti es providing 30 terminals with on-line journals. The Insti tute also has a DELNET, which provides ready access to libraries of leading Insti tuti ons from Nati onal Capital Region. The Insti tute is also the member of AICTE – INDEST consorti um.


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INTERFACE Training & Placement Activities

The objecti ve of BIT is to ensure that all the students are placed in presti gious organizati ons. To achieve this objecti ve the Insti tute has established a fullfl edged training and placement cell. The emphasis is on to enable the students to think beyond the boundaries of contemporary textbooks & be able to click on to out of the box approach. Special programmes are conducted to enhance the Communication Skills Soft skills Aptitude skills Technical skills of students. The students are taught to make interesting presentations, prepare for an interview, manage time & stress to face the world with confidence.

Companies that have recruited from BIT • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aiwa NIIT Tata Infotech Infosys Mahindra LG ICICI Bank Reliance Communicati ons Sony Maruti Airtel Accenture BirlaSoft Adobe Philips Patni Hindustan Petroleum etc.

The placement record has seen a steady rise throughout the years. Last year 52 companies visited our campus with the highest pay package of 4 lacs per annum.

Academic Interfaces with Industry

The Training Department grooms and develops the students for the On-campus, Off -campus and Poolcampus Placement drives; and the placement department interacts with the corporate world in different ways so that the companies will arrange for placement drives for our students.


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[084] Bhagawant Institute of Technology Muzzafarnagar

CONTACT DETAILS: 18th Mile Stone, Bijnor-Delhi Highway, Muzzafarnagar -251315 SMS084 to Phone: 01342-265341, 9359991451,9897543135.Fax:001342-265410 UPTU Email: bhagwant_society@rediff Web: 56767

Promoted by a group of NRIs and Engineers AICTE sponsored Entrepreneurship Development Cell IEEE Student Chapter NBA Accreditated Streams in Computer Science, Electronics & Communication and Mechanical Engineering


HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • • •

Educati onal behemoth comprising of 1 University at Rajasthan, 8 Colleges, 8 Campus, 300 Acres of Land, 12,000 Students, 700 Employees. Director & Faculty from premeire insti tuti ons like IITs NBA Accredited & ISO Certi fi ed State of Art Laboratories, Fully Wi-Fi Campus 24x7 Internet, Electricty facility Team of dedicated NRIs, Professionals & Engineers MOU with Nati onal & Internati onal Companies for training and Placement. Economical Fee & Ragging free campus

B.Tech Computer Science And Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics And Communicati on Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electronics & Instrumentati on Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Civil Engineering


One among a few ISO 9001: 2000 certi fi ed insti tute in India and also among the top 29 technical insti tute Infrastructure. College has smart card faciliti es ,library,Laboratory and Canteen. No educati on is complete if it College provides multi level placement service for ignores the challenges and deensuring the bett er career of student Intellectual mands of the ti me. The concept Capital Excellent faculty with a judicious mix of acof educati on has undergone sea ademic depth and wisdom of enough experience. changes in the new millennium.


Er. Anil Singh Chairman

Dr. V.K.Sharma Principal

Educati on is an inward journey that gives a clear mind to face the world outside. To unfold this mystery of life, the graduates must grow in intelligence and sensiti vity through meaningful experiences in classroom and outside.


College has 9 diff erent dynamic clubs to make all the aspirants multi dimensional personality.College invites Guest faculty ti me to ti me. Infosys, HCL, Satyam, L&T, Reliance, BPL, LG, BSNL, ICICI, World Bank in Dubai etc


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[367] Bon Maharaj Engineering College Mathura

CONTACT DETAILS : Raman Reti , Vrindavan (Mathura) Phone: (0565) 2540250, 2540492, 9837788227 Fax : (0565) 2540380 Email,, Web :

SMS367 to UPTU 56767

Inspired by Tridandi Swami Bon Maharaj - the great seer of Braj region Modern Learning in the bosom of Spiritual Heartland


ABOUT INSTITUTE Bon Maharaj Engineering College, Vrindavan has been named in memory of his holiness Tridandi Swami Bon Maharaj, the great seer of the Braj region. It is an ideal icon of his golden dreams. His most devoted disciples are engrossed in immortalizing the name of Bhakti Hridaya Bon Maharaj, the founder President of Bon Maharaj group of Insti tuti ons who founded Vaishnava Theological University, Vrindavan in 1948 thereaft er Insti tute of Oriental Philosophy in the year 1952. In 1997 Bon Maharaj Insti tute of Management and Technology (B.I.M.T.) was established, which is certainly a tribute to Late Saint B.H. Bon Maharaj (D.Litt , I. Ph.D., D.D., D.D., D.Theos. & D.A.E.H.) the light that merged in divinity on the 7th of July 1982. HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • •

Located in the heart of Vrindavan city. 30 acres vast green campus. Wi-fi enabled campus. Intensive study modules. Individual care and soft skill development. Personality enhancement programs. Industrial visits, seminars & group discussions.

B.Tech • • • • •

Computer Science Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics & Communicati on Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering

M.B.A (Dual Specialization) Placement The college has a separate training and placement cell headed by persons of diverse industrial experience; the aim is to develop industrial relati on from the beginning for fi nal placement of its students in concerns of nati onal and internati onal repute. The students are inducted in pre-placement training programmed on regular basis at equal ti me intervals. Amenities • • • •

Hostel Facility Cafeteria Medical Facility Bank & Transport


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[431] B.N. College of Engineering & Technology Lucknow SMS to 31 UPTU 7467 6 5

CONTACT DETAILS : N.H. -24, Before Bakshi Ka Talaab, Sitapur Road, Lucknow Phone: 0522-2994707, 09839193958 Fax: 0522-4074051 Email:, Web:

Established under the aegis of Baij Nath Charitable & Educational Trust in 2008

Providing highly committed and quality conscious engineering workforce Inculcating a deep sense of discipline & integrity among students

A dedicated squad of teaching faculty inpires the students out of his or her leadership, high intellectual capabilities and excellent moral values Courses Offered

ABOUT BNCET B. N. College of Engineering & Technology has been established by the Baij Nath Charitable & Educati onal Trust in 2008. This insti tuti on is a part of the presti gious BNCET group. The insti tuti ons on the BNCET Campus are known for quality educati on they impart and their stringent levels of discipline. The insti tute has consistently outshone all its peers, not only in academics, but in co-curricular acti viti es as well.



1.Computer Science & Engineering. 2.Informati on Technology 3. Electronics & Communicati on Engineering 4.Electronics & Instrumentati on Engineering 5.Mechanical Engineering 6.Civil Engineering* Proposed Branch Amenities

“Our predominant aim is to ensure that you build the foundation of your successful career in this institution” Mr. Mahesh Singh Patel, President “You will find cutting-edge technology,state-of-theart equipment and minds that push the envelope of theory and experimentation.” Mr. R P Pandey, Managing Trustee “Besides grooming and reinforcing the existi ng faculty the students are revamped from ti me to ti me to cope with the requirement of industries and other organizati ons”,

1.Computer Lab




Placement In the mean while our placement cell is working extensively to make sure that the campus selecti ons form our college are the best.

Prof. (Dr.) Upama Mishra, Director. A gold medalist in Chemistry from University of Lucknow and a widely acclaimed academician.


Meritorious students are off ered scholarship by waving off their 50 % of Fees and many other allurements. 219

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[070] College of Engineering & Rural Technology Meerut SMS to 70 UPTU 7067 56

CONTACT DETAILS : Partapur Bye-Pass Road (Delhi-Haridwar Highway) Meerut Phone: 0121-2440262, 2440263, 2440821, 3243537 ,Fax : 0121-2440257 Email : cert_9@rediff,, Web :,

11 Years of Excellent Academic Results Blend of Academic & Professional Excellence Developing Curiosity & Empowering Creativity of Techno-Managers HIGHLIGHTS • •

• • • • •

Ragging free campus A proctorial board comprising the senior faculty members and elected students to observe the maintenance of the laid down code of conduct Good Administrati on Good academic Record A 4 year scholarship for the students who obtained more than 85% in Exam Lush Green Campus Academic Assistance from various IIT, and NIT

“Technical/ professional education is becoming very costly year by year. A very hard financial burden is coming on the parents to provide a good technical education to theirs wards. It is thus a very sincere duty of the students to be quite serious, disciplined and sincere themselves for their own studies.” Prof. Dr. R. C. Yadav, Director General “The course curriculum is so designed that various programs become perfect blend of Academic and Professional Excellence. The integrated structure generates a spiri ted atmosphere where participants from wide range of industries can interact.” Dr. L M Singh, Director

Board of Advisors • • • •

GOVERNANCE Name of the Society or Trust Chitragupt Social Welfare & Educati onal Society “College of Engineering and Rural Technology one of the leading institutes of higher technical education in India stands for top notch undergraduate & PG programs in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. We offer a spectrum of degree programs in domains like Engineering, Computer Application and Management.” Mr. Rajendra Yadav, Secretary

Prof. R.C Yadav, Director General, CERT, Meerut Prof. V.K Singh, Dept. Of Electronics, IET, Lucknow Prof. Onkar Singh, Mechanical Dept. HBTI Kanpur. Dr. Atvir Singh, Reader, Economics Dept, C.C.S.University.

PROGRAMMES AFFILATED TO UPTU B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics and Communicati on Engineering Electronics and Instrumentati on Engineering Mechanical Engineering MBA


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About Campus The campus has been aestheti cally planned and designed in a sprawling polluti on free area with lush green landscape lawns surrounded by exoti c trees and fl owering plants. The campus is majesti c about 50,000 sq. mtr. airy, well illuminated and cheerful area with several academic blocks housing the lecture rooms, laboratories, library, conference halls, etc. Computer Labs

Management is committ ed to provide a pleasant high-spirited environment to the students, where they can develop team spirit, co-ordinati on and can move one step ahead of the latest requirements of civilizati on. CERT hostel is provided with a pleasant and polluti on free environment, so that students can feel and enhance their creati ve skills and can concentrate upon their studies in a bett er way.

The department is equipped with various laboratories including the compuTransportation ter center, which provide all the computati onal faciliti es ranging from computi ng area to high-end programming and internet access at all the ti mes round the clock.The computer center CERT provides conveyance/bus facility to students has the large number of latest Penti um-4 computand faculty coming from various parts of the city. ers all extensively networked with a rich collecti on The college bus also runs from Anand Vihar, Delhi up to the College & vice-versa. of soft ware.Faculty members are committ ed to educate and equip the students with latest informati on Amenities Center technology in the world, and various programming languages meeti ng the requirements of global En- The insti tute has a cafeteria which is kept opened for trepreneurs and industry. 16 hrs. a day . It has a wide range of eatables includLaboratories ing Tea, Coff ee, Samosaas, Burger, Chowmein, Dosa etc. and some essenti al stati onery items too. The students may refresh themselves by coming here. It is especially useful for the hostellers as it is opened for the whole night during the examinati on period. Playgrounds and Other Sporting Facilities Chemistry Lab

Mechanical Lab

Electronics Lab

Electrical Lab

Insti tute as well as hostel has several playgrounds and sports material inventory for overall and healthy development of students personality. Management encourages both outdoors and indoor games with the support of play grounds for cricket, football, badminton, hockey, lawn-tennis etc. For indoor games table tennis, chess, carom-boards etc. are also provided.


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class. Students are advised to make best use of opportuniti es. The insti tute has a proctorial board comprising the senior faculty members and elected students to observe the maintenance of the laid down code of conduct.

The library of CERT contains over 50,000 books, which include not only the relevant engineering course books, journals and reference books, but also the reading material that enhances the knowledge for overall personality development of students. The library issues books to students for a certain ti me period, aft er which it can be reissued. Book bank facility is also provided.

Linkages In Technical Education

Highly qualifi ed people play vita role in the development of technical insti tute. We have good collaborati on with industries with industries and academies Linkages with Industry We invite diff erent industries for campus recruitments and seminars. Linkages with the Community We have good linkage with various educati onal comSpecial purpose facilities available muniti es. Linkages with other Technical Institutions in the region Games and sports facilities – Indoor Games- TT, Chess, Carrum, etc. Outdoor We have good linkage with other technical insti tuti on of the region and we share our resources comGames - Athleti cs, Cricket, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, monly. Basket Ball Linkages with institutions of excellence such as the IITs Extra Curriculum Activities – NSS, Cultural Acti viti es, and IISc., Bangalore Soft Skill Development Facilities- Seminar Room, We are associated with IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee & NIIT Professional Comm. Lab, Diff erent Brain Storming Allahabad. Programmes. Linkages with R&D Laboratories Our students use R & D laboratories for their project Scholarship work. The college off ers merit scholarship at present Our Top Rankers Students to most deserving students, obtaining minimum of 85% marks. The scholarship remains --Gold Medalist (Mr. tenable ti ll the end of 8th semester, provided Gaurav Singhal) in UPTU, in Electronthe student conti nues to secure a minimum ics & Instrumentati on of 80% marks. Each scholarship is of Rs.6,000 Engineering (2003per annum. A committ ee decides the award of 2004). scholarship. --9th positi on (Mr. Rahul Bhatt ) in UPTU, in Student Teacher Counduct Mechanical Engineering (2003-2004). The college encourages students to come in close --Mr. Gaurav Singhal was placed in Gas Authority of contact with teachers. Course committ ee and class India Ltd. (GAIL) during session 2004-2005. committ ees are consti tuted from among the teach- --Mr. Vishwadeep Asthana and Mr. Prashant Gupta ers and the faculty to discuss academic matt ers with were placed in SSB Army Base during session 2005the students in relati on to the course of studies in a 2006.


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INTERFACE Training and Placement Insti tute also has an acti ve placement cell. Placement cell has very good relati ons with a number of good companies/industries, which are known to provide good employment opportuniti es. The cell organizes campus interviews, Industrial visit & visits of senior executi ves from potenti al employers for interacti on with students in advance.

The cell also helps the students, who are desirous of becoming entrepreneurs, to identi fy their fi elds and help prepare them for the same.

The cell also provides assistance to the students to improve their overall personality which is of utmost need to grab the job and to have an edge over others. It includes training of good manners, how to use the body language, manners related to making and receiving the calls, email correspondence, keeping The cell also organizes vocati onal and summer training the moral upward by giving the Moti vati ng Talks. for the students with good companies/industries and Group Discussions, how to face an interview? Tips organizati ons, so that they can leave their mark on them to crack the Apti tude Test, etc. and also complete their curriculum requirements.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES Management encourages both outdoors and indoor games with the support of play grounds for cricket, football, badminton, hockey, lawn-tennis etc. For indoor games table tennis, chess, caromboards etc. are also provided. The insti tute also organizes sports and athleti cs meet from ti me to ti me.


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[145] College of Science & Engineering Jhansi

SMS to 45 T P U U 7167 56

CONTACT DETAILS : 16 Km, Gwalior Road, Jhansi - 284002 Phone: 0510-6532847, 6452650, 2730195, 9935597721, 9889032621 Email :, Web :

At CSE management education is not about earning another degree or a diploma. It is about broadening the scope of thinking to identify possible challenges and deepening understanding of various issues surrounding any given situation. Strategic tie-ups with educational corporates Student Committees for Placements, Corporate Relations, Professional Devleopment, Alumni, R&D, Cultural & Sports Activities CSE has ti e-ups with a number of educati noal corporates for co-administering certain porti ons of the academic curricula, and someti mes beyond the World Class Education course curriculum. This is done with a view to enrich This ISO certi fi ed insti tute, not only ensures academic ex- the practi cal knowledge of students with respect to cellence, but also assures a fulfi lling and enjoyable quality current business trends and practi ces in their domain of life to its students. areas, apart from imparti ng specialized academic knowledge. Some of these collaborati ons are: Experienced Faculty


CSE’s 100-plus faculty - tap an ocean of experience and years of research which have created a vast reservoir of knowledge for you to learn and leverage.


College of Science & Engineering (CSE), established in 2002, is an important landmark in the educati onal map of northern India. Approved by All India Council of Technical Educati on and affi liated to UP Technical University, the largest technical university of India Corporate Academic Tie-ups liate engineering and management colleges, CSE has joined hands with some of the industry leaders to affi to keep students well-versed with current business trends the college off ers varied ranges of technical, and and practi ces in their domain, apart from imparti ng spe- management & science courses at undergraduate & cialized academic knowledge. post-graduate levels. In an eff ort to achieve its aim Training and Placement to set a milestone for the future generati on, the inTraining & Placement Cell makes constant eff orts to get sti tute off ers various courses like B.Tech (CS, IT, EC, our students the best training, summer internship and the IC, ME & CE), B.Pharm, B.Sc. (Hons), MBA & MCA. fi nal placement, that are in line with their skill set. Over Interactive Methodology

Series of guest lectures, conferences and seminars are organized, where a common platf orm is given to students to interact with industry leaders.

the years, CSE has made strong associati on with industry, which has resulted into quality placements.

Scholarship Scheme “Prayas” - Scholarships & Financial Assistance which brings smiles on many faces. CSE is very pleased to off er generous scholarships to students with strong academic background. Scholarship awards are based on academic merit. All courses fall within the scheme and all students are, therefore, eligible to apply.

Mr. Surendra Rai Chairman

Prof. V. K. Verma Director 224

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About Campus An outstanding sprawling green 65 acres of campus, passable number of sports fi elds, a well-planned beauti ful lake, a modern cafeteria, state-of-the-art labs, huge online library and a totally Wi-Fi environment are the physical features of this college. Proper living arrangement is an important part of academic success. Keeping this in mind, the Insti tute has fi ve separate, spacious and aestheti cally designed hostels for boys and girls. An Amphitheatre & Auditorium are in the making, with many more new projects in the pipeline. Rapid growth and development are synonymous with CSE. Computer Labs Computer center/labs fi tt ed with state-of-the-art computi ng faciliti es are prized possession of CSE. Computer Laboratories are equipped with more than 500 Intel Penti um - 4, HCL branded computers. The labs are spacious and well maintained to give students a valuable learning experience. In additi on, the Computer Labs are equipped with high speed internet access, so that students can maintain a constant link with the world’s online academic and research related knowledge.. Workshop To create something with one’s own hands and to understand exactly what it takes to make it work, is an important and integral part of modern educati on. The workshops at CSE, provide for this purpose, an excellent collecti on of tools and implements to facilitate even intensive project work are there. In additi on, CSE conti nuously procures new tools, implements and other equipment as and when necessary.

The insti tute has two state-of-the-art centrally cooled seminar halls with a seati ng capacity of three hundred people. The Seminar hall is equipped with the latest acousti c technology and sound systems. The seminar hall is the venue for various seminars, symposia and lectures by eminent personaliti es sharing their knowledge and views with the students of the Insti tute. Hostel & Cafeteria A multi -cuisine cafeteria, managed by reputed professional caterers is the highlight of campus life with a serene academic ambience. Cafeteria off ers a variety of food items, in natural surroundings, at subsidized rates. The Cafeteria has been specially designed and furnished, so as to give students and faculty members a chance to interact in an informal setti ng. CSE has fi ve separate hostel blocks; one for the girls and four for the boys. They are equipped with all the ameniti es to make students’ life comfortable. A mess facility is available in a clean and hygienic environment. The menu is premeditated with the help of students and att empts to cater to the preferences of students. Language Lab Our college has a blend of students from all around the country with ranges of dialects and MTI (Mother Tongue Infl uence). Keeping this in mind the Language centre has been developed with a module called the “7 E Skills” LabEquipped with the latest language soft ware, audio-video clips, recorders and headphones, the lab also enriches itself with a wide screen television to run constant inspirati onal videos that leave eff ecti ve impact on our students.


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Industrial visit This year the college is sending its meritorious students for industrial visit to Singapore. Needless to say, the purpose of this foreign educati onal tour is bound to be benefi cial to these students by broadening their vision and outlook, giving them a bett er perspecti ve and opening their eyes to new areas of studies and research

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics & Communicati on Engg. Instrumentati on and Controls B.Sc Biotechnology MCA

Students Research


Library Beyond the huge collecti on of books and journals, the CSE library today has repository of voluminous informati on with special digital feature of speedy & easy access. Over twenty fi ve thousand text books, large number of internati onal & nati onal journals , both print and electronic, an array of multi media tools, CD’s, reprographic audio visuals and searchable data base—all this make learning not only satisfying but joyful also. References are available to the students and faculty with the latest informati on in all forms: text and reference books, encyclopedias, periodicals, magazines, journals, CDs and video facility, for their intellectual nourishment. The Library also has an audio-video secti on, which contains educati onal soft ware on CDs and lectures of eminent educati onists on video cassett es.An ambiti ous plan to make the library fully computerized is under process. A computer catalogue system, CD ROM’s latest audiovisual equipment and an increased reading stock are some of the features of the CSE modernizati on plan to be implemented in the coming year. Student Committees Placements, Alumni, R&D, Cultural, Sports, Magazine

The college pays special att enti on to research and innovati ve techniques. Many students of this college have shown their apti tude for new inventi ons and innovati ons. A student of Mechanical Engineering Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh won the prize from I. I. T. Delhi for his inventi on—“Refrigerator Without Electricity.” Godrej company has off ered him a place on a package of Rs 10 lacs. The same company is also launching soon this product in the market. Another student of the same class Mr. Abhishek Pandeya has been given an award for his inventi on—“Solar Car” by I. I. T., Roorkee. A third year student of Civil Engineering Department, Ms Ekta Tripathi in collaborati on with Mr. Abhishek Singh of Mechanical Engineering Department has been awarded an amount of Rs 40 lacs by B.H.U.I.T., Varanasi to give a practi cal shape to their project— “Wind-based Automobile Engine.” Students of Electronics and Communicati on Department have been awarded for their inventi on in Vellore (Bangalore). Other Initiatives CSE has gone one more step forward by announcing fi nancial aid in the form of scholarship “PRAYAS”, up to Rs. 11 lacs, which is an endeavour to provide a good platf orm to meritorious but fi nancially deprived students. The mott o behind the scheme is to provide fi nancial assistance, so that those students, who are very keen to pursue technical educati on but cannot do it in the absence of adequate fi nances, can realize the dreams of their lifeti me through our initi ati ve.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010


INTERFACE Key Strategy For Overall Development

Training & Placement Activities The Training & Placement Cell of CSE functi ons independently and is instrumental in arranging campus interviews for placements of students. The Cell makes constant eff orts to get our students the best training, summer internship and the fi nal placement, that are in line with their skill set. Over the years, CSE has made strong associati on with reputed industries, which has resulted into quality placements. Every year, various companies of global and nati onal existence, visit CSE for campus recruitment. Our students have secured placements in reputed organizati ons like TATA, Wipro, Infosys, and TCS and so on…..

STEP-1 To identi fy their strength and make them confi dent with their communicati on • Paper Presentati ons • Seminars • Communicati on Development programs • Personality Development class STEP-2 To Prepare them for corporate environment • Outbound training Program • Industrial visits • Guest Lectures from Corporate • Circulate arti cles of various industries STEP-3 To mold them to face the forthcoming placement • Regular apti tude training • Group Discussions • Mock Interviews • Career Development Programmes STEP-4 To map the organizati onal expectati on with the existi ng competencies • Student-Corporate Interacti ons • Final Placement



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[331] Devender Singh Institute of Technology & Management Ghaziabad

CONTACT DETAILS : 5 Km Mile Stone, NH-58, Opp. ITC Meerut Road, Ghaziabad Phone: 0120-2788284, 09310623039, 09811311547, Fax : 0120-2788720, Email, Web:

SMS331 to UPTU 56767

Integrated course curriculum Diverse set of Technical Courses, Interdisciplinary Research Projects Entrepreneurship, Personality Development About DSITM

Courses offered

Established by Devender Singh Educati onal Trust, Ghaziabad, in the year 2008-09 with seed support from the AICTE, New Delhi and Utt ar Pradesh Technical University Lucknow (UPTU), DSITM has chalked out an ambiti ous growth chart for itself.

B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics & Communicati on Mechanical Engineering Electrical & Elctronics

A major goal of DSITM is to impart a uniquely broad Library and interdisciplinary technical educati on of the highest academic quality. Highlights • • • • •

Highly diverse set of technical courses, Interdisciplinary technical research projects, Day-to-day interacti on with industry, Preparati on in entrepreneurship Personality development courses

Computer Lab

Key Executives Chairman : Shri Devender Singh Vice Chairman: Shri Shailesh Pal Singh Director/Principal: Prof(Dr) B.Tiwari Secretary: Mrs Neeta Singh Dean: Prof Surendra Baboo

Amenities • • • • •

Hostel Cafeteria Sports Transport Medical Facility


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Featured Colleges

[226] DJ College of Engineering & Technology Modinagar

CONTACT DETAILS : Ajit Mahal, Niwari Road, Modinagar-201204 Phone: 01232-252882,83,84 ,9219562333,Fax : 01232-220287 Email : Web :

SMS226 to UPTU 56767

Motivate students to experiment with New ideas, New thoughts and New systems Aesthetically designed pollution free self-contained academic township - DJ Universe

Reputed, Experienced, & Seasoned faculty of great repute & caliber

HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • • • • •

Ragging free campus. Well furnished hostel for boys and girls. Computer lab. Various educati onal and sports clubs. Lush green campus. Spacious campus with high speed internet connection. Digital library lashed with thousand of ebooks for download. Time to time charity work like blood donation camp. Proper medical assitance for all students. Have colleborati on with various NGOs.


jecti ves is to become a beacon of hope and self reliance for the poor, needy and deserving secti ons of the society alongwith commitment to provide technical as well as medical educati on. In this endeavour, it has established the D.J College of Dental Sciences & Research in the year 1999 and now it is regarded as a centre of Excellence in dental studies.

ABOUT INSTITUTE D.J College of Engineering & Technology and D.J College of Pharmacy were founded in 2005 to become “Insti tuti on of Excellence“ in that area .However,academeic acti viti es in the engineering college commenced in 2006,with the admission of its maiden batch.Since then ,both the colleges are growing phenomenally and are fast emerging as unique centres of learing. Course Offered

B.Tech Mr Ajit Singh Jassar Chairman About Society

Prof.G.S. Sandhu Director

Computer Science & Engineering

Informati on Technology

Electronics and Communicati on

• Electrical and Electronics D.J College of Engineering & Technology and D.J • Mechanical Engineering College of Pharmacy were established by Jassar Dental Medical Education Health Foundation ; a B.Pharma MBA registered public charitable society whose main


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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Amenities Center

A sprawling campus of more than 70 acres has been meti culously planned in number of functi onal building blocks separated by lush green grass lawns. The campus has been aestheti cally designed in a polluti on free complex to become a self-contained academic township. All basic ameniti es have been provided and the academic complex provides for complete requirements of Lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, drawing hall, faculty offi ces, offi ces of H.O.Ds, Laboratories, and Workshops. lati ng learning experience,well furnish hostel for boys and girls ,computer lab,mess ,Atm and 24 hours medical assistance . Computer Labs

•Computer Networking Lab •Operati ng system Lab •Soft ware Engineeing Lab •Arti fi cial Intelligence lab •Internet Lab •Java Programming Lab •Numerical Tech.Lab •Data structure Lab •C & C++ Lab •Compiler Design Lab •Compiler Design Lab


Mechanical Lab

Chemistry Lab

Electrical Lab

Insti tute provides the following ameniti es to the enrolled students. 1.Transportati on 2.Well furnished computer lab with high speed internet. 3.24X365hours Medical Assistance 4.ATM, and also a ragging free atmosphere Hostels D.J. provides excellent faciliti es to the students in hostels to ensure that their minds are always at peace and is free to concentrate on learning process.,The college has a boys hostel to accommodate more than 400 students. A separate hostel for girls exists for about 250 girls. The hostel rooms are spacious, well venti lated and are fully furnished with necessary requirements to provide environment for comfortable staying and learning outside the classrooms.

Library Insti tute has its own digital library and has a good collecti on of digital book and are on the local area network from where students can download the e-book with great ease .College digital library have a band of text book in accordance with the respecti ve branches . Faculty DJ is proud to have a constellati on of reputed ,experienced and seasoned faculty of rare repute and caliber to guide and train young students .

Placement The college has a placement cell that arranges summer trainning ,projects studies and placement of students by establishing links with reputed industries corporate houses etc.A dedicated team of faculty members and students are engaged in pursing placement acti viti es with assurance of 100% placeElectronics Lab ments. 230

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

[256] D.N.S College of Engineering & Technology

CONTACT DETAILS : NH-24, Didauli, Amroha, J.P. Nagar Phone: (05922)-293939, 09810045790, Fax : (05922)-293940 Email : dns_tech@rediff, Web

SMS256 to P U TU 56767

Promoted & endorsed by ex-cricketers Techno-Managerial Education at the doorstep of rural population Located in close vicinity to Gajraula and Moradabad - the industrial hubs Professionally developed Cricket & Football playground


DNS College of Engineering & Technology was established under the umbrella of the Rafi q Ahmad Memorial Trust. Several factors infl uenced the locati on of the insti tute at Didauli, NH-24, Amroha (Distt . J.P. Nagar). Prominent amongst them were availability of plenty of landscape; a polluti on free cool environment; a concept of providing technical educati on at the doorsteps of the rural populati on in the western part of the province and the traditi on of GURUKULS being located at a distance from the citi es.

Courses Offered B.Tech

• • • • •

Computer Science & Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics & Communicati on Engineering Mechanical Engineering

MBA MCA Library The Library plays an important and quite signifi cant role in students knowlwdge gaining by imparti ng “India is a land full of young talent and unbridled bett er educati on ,both formal and informal..library potential.There are thousand of young working ex- membership is granted for one academic year. ecutives who are moving this nation forward with tremendous energy and vision. At DNS we are com- Cafeteria mitted to contribute to this growth of the nation by The cafeteria at DNS serves luxurious food and a large providing competent techno-managers” Mr. Saleem number of opti ons at subsidized rates for the stuAhmed, Chairman, DNS College & Ex-Cricketer dents .the students are required to keep the area of cafeteria neat and clean. “Salim has been a friend and a cricket colleague for more than three decades .It’s a real pleasure to know Sports that he is coming up with an engineering college in The playground and infrastructure for the outdoor amroha ,district J.P nagar.I wish him all the success ganes like basketball,volleyball,cricket and badminand hope that his good work gives back to the soci- ton have been made available in the campus ety.” Kapil Dev(Former Indian Cricket Captain) Placements “It’s a real pleasure to know that my good friend DNS has up a separate trainning and placement cell. Salim is coming up with an engineering college in This cell remains in constant touch with corporate Amroha .I congratulate the efforts of Mr.Salim ,the world by organizing industrial visits ,guest lecture faculty members and the students of the institute. and managimg summer trainning of students in top I wish the management, faculty & students all notch companies.The cell has strong connecti ons the best for a bright and prosperous future.” Ajay with top recruiters.We are confi dent in achieving Jadeja(Former Indian Crickter) 100% placements for our bright students. 231

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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[471] Eshan College of Engineering Mathura

CONTACT DETAILS : 28 Km. Mile Stone NH-2, Farah, Mathura Phone: 0565-2961484/86 Fax : 0565-2961484 Email : lordshiva_trust@rediff, eshancollege@rediff Admission Helpline: 9258057740, 9219667700, 9258011656 Web :

SMS471 to P U TU 56767

A citadel for emerging students of substance who can serve great causes Creating intellectuals having an innate ability to achieve excellence through perseverance and hard work

Competent & Comprehensive Counselling Services



A unit of lord Shiva Trust Eshan college of engineering (ECE) was established in the year 2009 with the view to create competent and enduring technocrats of the twenty fi rst century by providing them with the quality technical educati on and specialized professional training at bachelor’s level. “To enhance potential of students by enriching the curriculum with emphasis on human values is the trademark of Eshan’s stratagem. ECE instructs its students to retort rapidly, productively, and efficiently to the constantly changing needs of the worldwide industry. ECE conveys need-based education of relevance that can contribute to societal and industrial expansion of the area.” Smt. Manjari Agarwal, Managing Trustee “The accomplishment of any educational institute is not measured by the number of degrees, certificates & diplomas, but by the quality of its students. At Eshan we impart quality, vocational & scientific education through basic & applied research, and improve the quality & value of students to achieve academic excellence. ECE aims to raise and maintain scholastic excellence to promote innovation, scholarship and abilities to analyze,experiment and amalgamate. ” Sri Anoop Singh, Chairman

• Totally safe and secure campus • Sound and air polluti on free environment • Spacious,airyand highly venti lated infrastructure • Transport and security • State of art teaching faciliti es • Separate hostels for boys and girls • Dedicated core faculty and visiti ng faculty. • Regular sessions • Timely exams, declarati on of results • Overall Personality Development • Moti vati onal classes • Extra lectures for weaker ones • Personality conditi oning • Communicati on classes • Grooming and Eti quett es classes • Counselling lectures. • Capsule courses available in various subjects • Mock interview session • GD classes • PPT practi se for all subjects • Exposure to the real life situati on. • Scholarship to all deserving students. • Ragging Free Campus • Economical Fee Structure • Co-curricular acti viti es with special emphasis on

the improvement of communicati on skills. • Training and placement cell • Alliance with Top Class Industries


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Chemistry Lab

College is located on a lush and serene campus stretching over 25 acres. Being situated in the centre of Educational hub, ECE provides excellent and ample opportunities for the academic growth of the students.The atmosphere is conducive for calm and peaceful academic pursuit as it is situated in the centre of educational hub. It offers the flexibility of a private college and the resources equivalent to a leading academic research institute. The college premise itself is a proper blending of infrastructural and architectural amenities to foster better learning and living. ECE is situated in the lap of nature yet it is full of all the metro life style facilities. College has advanced System Development, Computing, Programming and CAD laboratories. Round the clock internet facilities, well stocked library, language lab with latest equipment are provided to the students to develop their skills.

The Chemistry laboratory has been well equipped with sophisti cated equipments like Spectrophotometer and Digital pH meter.

Computer Labs The department has well developed laboratories with their modernized software and flawlessly working hardware like core 2 Duo.The department has one computer lab with the total 60 Computers. Salient features of the lab are well-run programming like VISUAL C++ 2005 Lab, DELPHI C++ for C & C++ , latest windows like WINDOWS 7 / BETA – (X-86), WINDOWS VISTA, WINDOWS XP – SP1,SP2,SP3, up to the minute techniques and latest anti virus scanners etc. Centre for Communication & Soft Skills Our hi-tech and state-of-the-art Digital Language Lab with the relevant software and competent faculty meets the urgent demand for effective communication and prepare our growing technocrats to address the linguistic challenges effectively. It is well equipped with 32 workstations for students which are inter connected and monitored simultaneously by the instructor.

Physics Lab This prime Physics lab is well equipped with sophisti cated apparatus i.e. Spectrometer, Polarimeter, Fresnel’s Bi-prism, Ballisti c Constant, Nodal slide, Newton’s Ring etc. (In dark’s room lab.- experiments), Hall eff ect assembly, Potenti ometer, Four Probe method, B-H Curve, Stefan’s Law, Stewart Gee’s ,Carey- Foster’s Bridge etc

Workshop ECE’s workshop is completely set with lath machine, shaper machine, radial drill machine, tool grinder machine power hack show machine and coal furnace etc. Library


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 The library is fully equipped to cater student’s require¬ments. The library subscribes to various National & International Journals & Magazines every year. Apart from the Main Library, departmental libraries are also maintained by the concerned Heads of the Departments. Each de¬partment has books for ready reference to the faculty/research scholars. The library is upgraded on the lines of accreditation and standard is maintained accordingly with the main highlights of current awareness service, a circulation service, a reference service, a selective distribution of information service, a separate display section announcing new arrivals, Reprography facility, DELNET service, E-Journals in bulk, Lectures available in CDs.Digital library, Online lectures and Inter library loan facility etc. Playgrounds and Other Sporting Facilities Cricket, Football, basketball, volleyball etc. and indoor games such as table tennis, carom, chess and badminton are also available to beat the stress of the students. Amenities

Featured Colleges


The college has well furnished separate air cooled and highly ventilated hostels for boys and girls within the campus. Internet facility through wireless local area network has also been planned for the hostel residents, such that they can access to internet from their room if their computer have Bluetooth communication interface.

Each hostel has its own mess, round the clock electricity, RO water supply, indoor and outdoor games facilities. The library, Computer Lab and Faciliti es available for the students and staff s are: -Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls, Bus faciliti es Internet facilities are also provided to the hostel which cover all routes in Agra and some routes in residents beyond normal working hours and on Mathura, Mess/Canteen, Medical Facility within the holidays. PCO facility is also available within the campus, Water treatment Plant, Banking Facility and campus. well urbanized Cafeteria.



B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Electronics and Communicati on Engineering Instrumentati on and Control Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering

• Get admission through SEE-UPTU counselling. • For direct admission in session 2010-11 through management quota: Admission in fi rst year of B.Tech, candidate must have passed intermediate examinati on of UP board/any board or 10+2 level examinati on. Minimum 50% (45% for SC, ST) marks in required subjects combinati on (two compulsory and one opti onal). Minimum 40% (35% for SC, ST) marks in each compulsory and opti onal subject of this combinati on. The merit shall be decided based on total marks in qualifying examinati on.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 Faculty In any academic Insti tuti on, the quality of faculty is the most important. At ECE, we pride ourselves in having some of the most capable and committed thought leaders in the country who come from the best insti tuti ons. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standards of moral and ethical values, so that they can be true role models. Training & placement Activities Being associated with the highly established promoters ECE provides ample placement opportuniti es to its stu-dents. Students will be given assurance of the bett er placement opportuniti es by its esteemed promoters as they are all associated with the gamut of multi nati onal and internati onal brands. Being a part of big-ti me professionally managed organizati on ECE creates immense opportuniti es and lucrati ve career opti ons for the students

Featured Colleges

Hobby Club

ECE provides ample opportunities to its students by involving them in various hobby clubs, where their interests and liking are cautiously monitored and ameliorated. Provision of yoga clubs and gymnasium is also taken into consideration with the view to reduce the load and strain of the students.

Student Support Services ECE has set up various support centres for guiding the students. Some of the key support services are: Counselling Centre, Career Advisory Services, Hostel Affairs Committee, Anti Ragging Committee, Academic Committee, Discipline Committee, Co-Curricular Committee, NSS Committee, etc. Counselling Services @ Eshan ECE off ers competent counselling services to the enrolled students as well as to the aspiring candidates pertaining to choice of subjects, career goals, adjustment to the environment, learning deficiencies, lack of concentration, exam related issues and time management.

Student Activities Students are encouraged to participate in indoor and outdoor activities. They will be provided with good facilities for games and sports. We have a full-time sports officer apart from the faculty to train the students in the sports of their own choice. The members of the staff guide the students in the activities such as debates, quizzes, dance drama, Group discussion, Seminar to help them in organizing and managing their functions. Outdoor games such as cricket, football, basketball, volleyball etc. and indoor games such as table tennis, carom, chess,badminton and gymnasium etc. are available for the students (boys and girls) and faculty.


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Featured Colleges

[097] Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology Greater Noida

CONTACT DETAILS : 1, Knowledge Park -II,Greater Noida-201306 Phone: 0120-4513800, 4513830, Fax : 0120-4513855, 4513888, 4513880 Email : director@galgoti Web : www.galgoti

Ranked amongst top institutions of India for 3rd successive year DATAQUEST-IDC T-School Survey Dec’09 Amongst top colleges for 100% Placements Open C-Fore survey Accredited by National Board of Accreditation SMS097 to GEI ranked among ‘Top Choice’ by Mail Today. UPTU 56767 Career Planning & Development Division GOVERNANCE


Key Executives Director: Dr. Suprakash Biswas Director Administration: Mr. Rajan Suri Registrar: Mr. H. O. Sharma Career Planning Division: Ms Manisha Chaudhary Assam Chief Minister visits Galgotias

Board of Governors

Name of Society Smt. Shakuntla Educati onal & Welfare Society Academic Excellence Awards • •

Times Research Educati on Excellence Award insti tuted by one of India’s leading Market Research companies. Adjudged among top engineering colleges with world class infrastructure and faculty by a leading business magazine. The presti gious Academic Excellence award presented by Hon’ble Former Minister of State for Home Aff airs Shri Shri Sriprakash Jaiswal.

Shri Suneel Galgoti a Chairman Mrs. Padmini Galgoti a Vice Chairman Mrs. Chandrika Mathur Member Mr. Dhruv Galgoti a Member Mr. Raghuvash Mathur Member Mr. S. Vijaygopal Member Dr. Harivansh Member Academic Advisory Council In order to reach its goals of excellence, the college is advised and guided in academic matt ers by the best academicians and the fi nest academic administrators of the country: * Prof. K.L. Chopra, Ex-Director, IIT Kharagpur * Prof. M.N. Faruqui, Ex-VC, AMU * Prof. R.C. Malhotra, Ex-Director, IIT Kanpur * Prof. J.Nanda, Ex-Professor, IIT Delhi


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State-of-Art Infrastructure

Galgoti as College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) has established itself as among the best in technical educati on in the UP Technical University. It att racts the best students at admission ti me and the students att ain merit positi ons in UPTU regularly. The Placement record is exemplary with students fi nding jobs with organizati ons such as HCL, Infosys, Satyam, TCS, and Wipro etc. GCET is now moving strongly into post graduate and Doctoral programmes and supporti ng faculty for carrying out their research. It has started M.Tech, Programmes in Computer Science and Engineering, Informati on Technology, and Electronics and Communicati on Engineering. About 10 doctoral students are registered with various faculty members.

• •

Computer Labs

• •

• • • • • • • •

Number of computers: 1200 Number of Computers in Library e. books and online journals: 23 Number of Computers in departmental offi ces and staff rooms: 180 Reseach and Development Center Number of servers: 5 Connecti vity: Opti cal Fiber, UTP and Wireless Campus Connecti vity: Opti cal Fiber & Wi-Fi Power Conditi oner : 165 KVA with 1 Hr backup License Soft ware: 21 Internet Connecti vity: 14 MBPS 24 Hrs connecti vity

Playgrounds and Other Sporting Facilities

• • • • • • •

Wi-Fi Campus State-of-the-art computer labs with over 1200 computers and servers. 24 hours Internet connectivity with 14 mbps band width Well-endowed library with around 55,000 volumes with 6,100 ti tles Hostels for boys & girls with adequate safety arrangements for girl’s hostel Dedicated and well-connected bus service Professionally managed mess and canteen facilities Tie-up with nearby hospital for OPD and emergencies Well laid play-fi elds and faciliti es for indoor/outdoor games and sports acti viti es Student acti vity center for co-curricular and extracurricular acti viti es Informati on and student counseling service.

Hostel The campus has a hostel facility for around 334 boys. The hostel stretches to a built-up area of 8000 sqm. It has 110 rooms, a common room equipped with T.V. and other electronic gadgets; a modern Gymnasium supervised by trained instructor; faciliti es for indoor games like TT, Carom, and Chess etc. The campus hostel is surrounded by lush green lawns and play fi elds. Library and computer faciliti es are provided in the college campus ti ll late hours to facilitate hostel students and students staying nearby. Hygienic and quality food prepared by professionally qualifi ed cooks is provided to the students in the hostel canteen. A complete society building has been hired to accommodate 264 girl students nearby the college campus.

The campus has well laid play-fi elds and faciliti es for indoor/outdoor games and sports acti viti es like as Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Table Tennis


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PROGRAMMES AFFILATED TO UPTU B.Tech Civil Engineering (CE) Computer Science and Engg (CSE) Electrical & Electronics Engg (EEE) Electrical Engineering (EE) Electronics & Communicati on Engineering (ECE) Electronics & Instrumentati on Engg. (EIE) Informati on Technology (IT) Instrumentati on and Control Engg (ICE) Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Special reading Room for researchers and teachers Member of AICTE – INDEST Consorti um subscriber of IEEE, IEL, Springer, ASME, ASCE Journals online. Indian Standards are also subscribed online.

Career Planning & Development Division Career Planning & Development Division has been working on training module which gives corporate training to its B.Tech, MBA and MCA students in soft skills and recent technological developments necessary for corporate world.

M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Electronics & Communicati on Engineering (ECE) Informati on Technology (IT) MBA


The training modules start from third semester onwards and are carried through the enti re academic program. This has resulted in excellent performance by our students to be recruited by top corporates. Career Planning & Development Division, CPDD, is headed by eminent professionals from the industry and academia.


A well-equipped and well-managed Library is the foundati on of modern educati onal structure. The library is a source of learning to any insti tuti on. The GCET library caters adequately to the needs of B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA & MBA students, Research students as well as all the staff members.

CPDD looks aft er Corporate Relati ons, Training, development and Placement of GCET & GIMT. CPDD, not only lay stress on the corporate training of the students once they join the insti tuti on, but also guide them to be self-confi dent and be bett er human beings.

Salient Features • • • • •

6100 Titles 55,000 Volumes 137 Nati onal Journals 83 Internati onal Journals Reading Hall for more than 200 students.

Infosys Campus Recruitment 2009


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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INTERFACE Training & Placement Activities

Companies for Recruitments

There can not be anything more overwhelming for Career Planning and Development Division of Galgoti as College of Engineering & Technology then securing up to 100% placements for its students. The appreciati on comes in tow with GCET securing 100% placements for MBA and 96% placements for B.Tech. & MCA of 2009 passed out batch.Recession in global economy certainly has no eff ect on the placement off ers to Galgoti ans who outshine with recordbreaking results and raise the bar of professional experti se.Industry and the enti re educati onal fraternity are bestowing honors to the Galgoti as’ spirit to excel in its respecti ve fi elds. Infosys Technologies Ltd. is highly impressed by the recruits from Galgoti as as amongst its performers. HR North & West Region, Campus Hiring, Infosys Technologies Ltd., informed us that aft er rigorous evaluati on, 85% of the students of GCET who have joined Infosys since last three years are rated amongst the top trainees during and aft er their training period.

1.TCS 2. Infosys 3. Birlasoft 4. Ericsson India Ltd. 5.Hewitt Associates 6.Satyam 7. HCL Technologies 8.NIIT Technologies 9.L&T Infotech 10. R-Systems 11 Nucleus Soft ware 12.Escorts Ltd.

13.L&T Ltd. 14.Accenture 15. Sapient 16. i-fl ex 17.Grapecity 18. CSC 19.Capgemini 20. L&T(S&L) 21.Sunbios Soft ware 22.Etatt va and many more........

Students committee for Training and Placement The Center assists Organizati ons to recruit students for the summer training and the fi nal placement. The Center has an acti ve placement Committ ee with representati on from the students and the faculty, who work together as a team to make the process seamless for the interested companies. Entrepreneurship Development Programme Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) and Industry Insti tuti on Partnership Cell (IIPC) are established at Galgoti as College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) are being funded by AICTE. The Advisory Committ ees, as desired by AICTE, have been set up to advise and monitor the acti viti es of the programmes.


Fresher’s Party

Annual Functi on


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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[473] GCRG Memorial Trusts Group of Institutions, Faculty of Engineering Lucknow SMS to 73 UPTU 7467 56

CONTACT DETAILS :Parvatpaur, Chandrika devi Road, Bakshi Ka Talab ,Lucknow Phone: 0522 3295680,2290115 Email :, Web :

Focus on Comprehensive Education: Academics, Welfare, Placement, Personality, Health & Sports Experienced Faculty, Pro-Active Management, Quality Infrastructure, Industry Interface, Modern Campus, Safety & Security

Young Institution promoted by spirited yougsters

“I am highly impressed by the futuristic and clear vision of the promoters”, Prof. A K Khare

Course Offered

ABOUT GCRG GROUP GCRG Group of insti tuti ons (AICTE, New delhi approved and UPTU, Lucknow recognized insti tute) was setup by the GCRG Group of Insti tuti ons in 2008 with a vision of delivering educati on of Internati onally recognised standards - an Insti tuti on that would go on to serve as an intellectual resource base in India and the subconti nent. “More often than not, it is our fear of failure rather than a love of success that drives us. It makes us content with staying at par. To be equal, to be average. But that is not what I desire.Abhishek Yadav, Chairman

“The cup of success rests on the four pillars of education, exposure, training and hardwork. Providing the first three is our job and we will do it well.” Mohit Yadav, Secretary “Creative mindset, balanced and precise vision and passionate hunger to acquire modern and latest knowledge are the need of today’s world. We, here at GCRG promise you all this.” Prof. D.C.Rupainwar, Dean, M.Sc, Ph.D (Lko), Ph.D (Leeds, U.K.)

B.Tech • Civil Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Computer Science & Engineering • Electronics & Communicati on Engineering B.Arch


Board of Governors Mr. Abhishek Yadav (Alumni Purdue University), Chairman Mr. Mohit Yadav (Alumni KIET), Secretary Prof. D C Rupainwar (Ex IT BHU), Dean Prof. Pradeep Kumar (IIM Lucknow), Member Prof. A K Khare (ex PVC UPTU), Member Mr. R S Yadav (ex CGM SBI), Member Prof. H B Singh (IIT Bombay), Member Mr. Balkrishan Gupta (Industrialist), Member Mission To develop professionals who are competent and committ ed to their personal and professional endeavors with a vision, courage and dedicati on to initi ate and manage CHANGE. To improve the industry practi ces through research, training and consultancy programmes thereby making a meaningful contributi on to the socio-economic development of the nati on. To become a ``role model” for newly emerging centers of quality educati on. To provide our students, faculty and staff members a healthy and safe enviornment to work in.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 About Campus The insti tute is spread over a vast expanse of 35 acres. The enti re campus was a mango orchard before constructi on began, and the promoters took full care in retaining that natural wealth. The campus is planned to be fully developed in 5 phases over a period of 4 years. The currently complete phase 2 consists of two four story air-conditi oned academic blocks with a total carpret area of 12000 sqm, a workshop of 1000 sqm, a beauti fuly designed and air-conditi oned canteen, two on-campus hostels with a capacity of 80 students each and 2 km of incampus paved roads for effi cient connecti vity. GCRG campus is the greenest campus of Lucknow Hostels There are two on-campus hostel blocks with a capacity of 80 students each. each hostel has been beauti fully rendered to provide a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere for students. The mess faciliti es are within the hostels. Hostels have 24hr internet acess through the Wi-Fi system installed on campus.

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3. ENGINEERING PHYSICS LAB Modern instruments and equipments from recognized and standard companies have been installed and set in working conditi ons. There is the spacious dark room containing experiments in opti cs for a clear under¬standing of the basics and mysteries of nature. 4. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LAB The insti tute has a well equipped and well set electrical engineering lab. In which the equipments are based on the latest syllabus of UPTU.. 5. ENGINEERING WORKSHOP The college has a 1000 square meter of well equipped workshop with a modern mechanics laboratory and faciliti es for all the required shops viz, the carpentry shop, the welding shop, the smithy shop, the machine shop, the fi tti ng ship and the sheet metal shop.

Regular Corporate & cultural events: 1.Industry-Student Interaction (ISI) seminar GCRG Group organizes this event every semester to off er a one of a kind opportunity to all its students to interact with their future corporate employers. The event is an interacti ve session between students and corporate representati ves about the best opportuniti es and ways to fi nd the right placement. ISI 2009 invitees (30 August 2009): Mahindra Pvt Ltd, Erricson, Maruti Pvt Ltd Sports GCRG campus includes a 3 acres Cricket/football ISI 2010 invitees (10 June 2010): Reliance Mobile, Airtel, Future Generali fi eld. the volleyball and Badminton courts 2.Global Village: Laboratories GCRG Group in Partnership with its exclusive Intern1.COMPUTER LAB :ship partner AIESEC Lucknow, organizes India’s only The Insti tute is equipped with 2 fully air-conditi oned Global Village in which internati onal students and labs containing 60 interns working in India are invited to interact with and 25 computers Lucknow Students. It’s a two day event that emp each, with 19 inch sizes upon cross-cultural interacti on and exposure. TFT monitors and DMP/LAZER Print- Placement ers with scanners. 1. GCRG Group is the only college in UP that proThe lab has 24 hrs of vides internati onal Internships and training to all its students from all programmes. Through its student 2Mbps broadband internet connecti vity. partner AIESEC Internati onal, currently 17 GCRG stu2. ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY LAB dents are on summer internship to countries like: Well equipped chemistry lab with modern, analyti cal instruments and glass wares. The Chemistry labora- Indonesia; Singapore; Poland. tory has faciliti es to carry out the analysis of organic 2. We provide 100% training to all our students. The com¬pounds and waste water. Good instrumental list of companies are both Indian and global. Curfacility is also available for the determinati on of wa- rently all GCRG MBA students are undergoing trainter and coal quality and specifi cati on and properti es ing in companies like: Coca Cola; Idea Mobile; Karvy Financials. of the lubri¬cants.


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[329] Ghaziabad Institute of Management & Technology Ghaziabad SMS329 to UPTU 56767 CONTACT DETAILS : GIMTECH Road, Kushaliya,Dasna, Ghaziabad Phone: 0120-2809600 upto 609, Fax : 0120-2809632, Email : gimtech@rediff ,, Web: ADMISSION Cell: 09313435282,0120-2809614

ABOUT INSTITUTE Ghaziabad Insti tute of Management Technology has been approved by AICTE and has been affi liated to UPTU for conducti ng Engineering programme. The insti tute is spread over lush Green campus of more than 12 acres.The insti tute has the academic block and lab block separately. The Acdemic block is well airy with natural light in all lecture theaters, tutorial rooms. All rooms are well designed with comfortable furniture.The latest teaching aides are provied in the class rooms. Campus has 24 hours power backup, RO Drinking water. Campus give reach out door games like Badminton, Volley ball & Basket ball.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Courses Offered B.Tech * Computer Science Engineering * Informati on Technology * Electronics & Communicati on Engineering * Electrical & Electronics Engineering * Mechanical Engineering MCA Amenities

GIMTECH provides the following faciliti es to their students like: * SPORTS * TRANSPORT FACILITY * MEDICAL CARE * HOSTEL * DRESS CODE * CAFETERIA HIGHLIGHTS * CANTEEN * General Faciliti es: S.T.D booth, Separate Hostel facility available for Boys & Stati onery Shop, Photocopier etc. Girls Transport Facility available throughout Ghaziabad Seminars on latest technological advancements Regular Insti tute industry Interface Personalized Guidance of experienced faculty Faculty developement Computer Labs Library Industry interacti on Programmes Rich Library Support Key Executives Rich team of Intellectuals Chairman: Er. V.K.Agarwal Personality Development programmes Director General : Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Gupta Director: Prof.(Dr.) Sanjeev Goyal Well equipped labs with latest instruments Admission Coordinator: Er.Sunil Yadav Individual Counselling Classes 242

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[132] Greater Noida Institute of Technology Greater Noida SMS to 32 T UP U 7167 56

CONTACT DETAILS : Plot No. 7, Knowledge Park -II, Greater Noida Phone: 0120-2320210, 2320211, 2320212, Fax: 0120-2326653 Email :,, Web :

NBA Accreditation in 5 branches of Engineering Unique Student Counselling & Guidance Cell

Teaching-Learning Process Suited to Individual Student Needs


• • • •

Prof. B.N. Roy, Ex. Director, IT-BHU Varanasi Prof. Raj Senani, Head (ECE, NSIT) Prof. D.R. Bhaskar Prof. S.B. Srivastava

Greater Noida Insti tute Of Technology was established by Sri Ram Educati onal Trust which was Personality Development and Soft Skills formed in 2000. Sri K. L. Gupta, an industrialist is the Conti nued personality and chief patron. soft skill promoti on is carried Greater Noida Insti tute of Technology (GNIT) is one out covering the following arof the premier Insti tuti ons in the fi eld of Technical eas: Presentati onsbystudents and Management Educati on. It has been formed by ,Publicspeaking,Group discusShri Ram Educati onal Trust, Noida on no profi t basis sion and mock interviews, The with a fi rm determinati on and commitment to fosrelati onship between, ‘input’ ter a holisti c approach towards the development of ‘throughput’ & ‘output’,Guests Lecture, Industry Engineering and Management Educati on. The Trust Visits,Business Games etc. was formed in the year 2000 and the Insti tute was Pedagogy established in the year 2001. The syllabus approved by univeristy is followed in Key Executives lett er and spirit. However, the pedagogy is dynamic Mr. Krishan Lal Gupta and in sync with the fast Chairman GNIT Group of Insti tuti ons changing scenario in the Mr. Bishan Lal Gupta corporate world. Focus is Vice Chairman GNIT Group of Insti tuti ons on applicati on of knowlProf. S.N. Sharan edge. Rote learning is Director GNIT Ph.D, IIT Delhi avoided. Eff ort is assiduAcademic Advisory Body ously made to insure that there is a proper blend of theory and practi ce. To • Prof. D.P. Kohari, Ex. Director, IIT Delhi achieve this, emphasis is laid on presen • Prof. L.K. Maheshwari, Vice - Chancellor, BITS Pilani


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Lecture Halls

Spread over 14 acres of land the college campus is located at Knowledge Park-II of Greater Noida, very close to 6 lane Express Highway joining from the capital region of Delhi.

Lecture halls are thoughtf ully designed to inculcate a sense of discipline and induce high quality learning. They are equipped with teaching aids such as overhead projectors. A very comfortable environment in the lecture halls makes learning a unique experience. Students regularly conduct various formal & informal acti viti es in the lecture halls to make it the most convenient joint.

Transport Transport facility is provided to students, faculty and staff residing in the NCR region from Noida, Ghaziabad etc.



There are more than 20 spacious computer labs equipped with about 870 computer sets with latest confi gurati on and the state-of-the-art soft ware. The computer systems are connected through LAN and a 24x7 internet connecti vity is available Conference Room and Auditorium

The college has hostel facility for 800 boys and 600 girls separately. The hostel has 2 and 3 seater A/C, Air cooled and non- A/C rooms with att ached toilet and bathrooms. Water and Electricity 24 x 7 water and electricity suppy is ensured within the campus. In case of load shedding or power interrupti ons, the stand-by generators give the power backup. R.O. water fi lter systems have been installed on every fl oor, in the academic blocks and the hostels. Medical Facilities Medical (OPD) facility is available to all the students, staff and faculty within the campus. GNIT has a ti e-up with a local hospital (which is only 1 km away from the campus) for both OPD and hospitalizati on faciliti es. In case of emergency, the college van is used to transfer the sick person to the hospital or the hospital ambulance is called for. Doctors visit the college every day in the morning and ambulance is also kept for emergency. All hostel boarders are covered under a medical insurance policy.

The Insti tute houses a huge Seminar Hall in the main academic block with a seati ng capacity of over 250. It’s used extensively by Students & faculty, for meetings, seminars, conferences, and extra-curricular acti viti es. There is a conference room in the college whereby both hostelers as well as day-scholars hold small group discussions and other acti viti es. An open-air Auditorium has recently been constructed for college functi ons and events. Cafeteria A favourite haunt of the students during off hours in the large and well designed Cafeteria with a huge carpet and open area. The cafeteria is fully-equipped with necessary appliences to provide both indian and conti nental cnacks, fruit juice, milk, tea, coff ee, working meals, sandwich, pizza, burgers, noodles , curd, lassi etc.


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NBA accreditated Courses • Computer Science & Engineering • Electronic & Communicati on • Informati on Technology • Electrical Engineering • Mechanical Engineering Non-NBA Accredited Courses • Civil Engineering • Electronics & Instrumentati on Engineering M.Tech

2. 3. 4.

To conti nuously strive for excellence of global standards in the teaching and research acti viti es as well as in the fi eld of non-formal educati on Be accountable to core functi ons through the process of self-evaluati on and conti nuous improvement. Imbibe cardinal values of life and develop human resources in order to eff ecti vely server the society by fostering unity, and integrity. To moti vate our students to experiment with new ideas, new thoughts, new systems and to make these easily accessible and conducive to the growth of the society.

Student Participation

• Mechanical Engineering • VLSI and Embedded System Library It has rich collecti on of quality publicati ons of text books, foundati on books and books for supplementary reading. It has a respectable collecti on of more than 52,500 volumes running in to 5,375 ti tles. With a seati ng capacity of 265 students, the library is spread over an area of approx. 650 square meters. The library subscribes to 60 popular magazines and 20 reputed nati onal dailies. Most importantly, the library subscribes to the ejournals namely INDEST (IEL), EBSCO as approved by AICTE which includes both nati onal and internati onal journal of repute.

• • • • •

Placement Co-ordinators. Captains of various games. Counselors to junior students. NSS acti viti es. Members of the mess committ ee

Students Counseling & Guidance Cell To help students sort out their academic, personal and cultural, emoti onal and phychologial problems, a Students Counseling and Guidance Cell has been formed and put into operati on. The main task of the Cell is to acclamati ze freshers to the insti tuti onal and academic ambience of GNIT. One of the unique features of the Counseling and Guidance Cell, under the supervision of the Dean, Students Welfare, is its mentorship programme, whereby each faculty member virtually adopts a batch of students and looks aft er their all-round development. SUPW

Teaching Pedagogy The Teaching Pedagogy of the college has been designed to create a proper symbiosis between the theory and the practi cal applicati on of knowledge. The teaching-learning process is interacti ve and learner centric.

A unique feature of GNIT’s teaching-learning methodology is the identification of advanced and slow learners through diagnostic tests in the first semester itself.

Socially Useful Producti vity Work (SUPW) is an important fetaure of technical and management educati on. It develops the practi cal skills of students, relates them to people, broadens their mental horizons and makes them socially responsible citi zens of the nati on.


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INTERFACE Industry-Academia Interface

Training & Placement Activities

Industrial contacts are regular feature to pro- A Placement cell headed by an energeti c and industry-linked individual is functi oning at the college unmote industry-academia interacti on. • Educati onal tours of the students to industry der the direct supervision of the Director. Despite global melt down and a bleak employment scenario and projects. world-wide, a large number of students have been • Lectures by eminent personaliti es from the in- placed in fruitf ul positi ons. dustry and the academia. • Organizing training workshops in collaborati on with the industry. • Organizing seminars, conferences and presentati ons in associati on with industry. • Inviti ng experienced personaliti es from the corporate world to provide practi cal ti ps to the stuPlacement Cell Features dents to face the interviews. • Conduct inter department competi ti ons to en- The placement cell conducts support programmes that enhance their chances for a smooth transiti on hance the confi dence level of the students. from a student to an executi ve. Student Participation Below are the few opportuniti es, in placement cell which helps in building the structure of a well formed concrete genti ans. •

Placement coordinators.

Captains of various games.

Counselor to junior students.

NSS activities.

Members of the mess committee.

Literacy Club

GK Club

Mental Math’s Club

Eco Club

Philately Club


Hire ME cell


Recruitment Interviews


Career Resource Library


Career Counseling


Job Posti ngs


Resume Referral Service






Cooperati ve Educati on


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[028] Ideal Institute of Technology Ghaziabad

Ideal Nagar, Ghaziabad-Hapur Road , Govindpuram Ghaziabad Phone: 0120-2767816, 2767351, 2768481 Fax : 0120-2767352 Email : info@idealinsti, Web : www.idealinsti City Office : 46, Navyug Market Ghaziabad -20101 (U.P.) Fax : 0120-2793413, 2791109

SMS028 to UPTU 56767

Receipient of UPTU Academic Excellence Award 2008 Rendering yeomen service in the field of education for more than a decade An IDEAL institution for Techno-Managerial Education


• • • • • • • •

Associati on With NASSCOM. Regular Workshops on new technology and trends “Future Trends in RF And Microwave Technolgies” and Ethical Hacking. On campus Short Term Courses Ideal Roboti cs Club Entrepreneurship Development Cell Insti tuti on of Engineers(India) Student Chapter Internet facility Spacious areas for sports Intellectually sti mulati ng library, Cafeteria

Sr. Vice Chairman: Shri Anil K. Mitt al Vice Chairman: Dr. Atul Kumar Jain Joint Secretary: Shri Vinod Kumar Gupta Treasurer: Shri Pramod Kumar Gupta Joint Treasurer: Shri Madnesh Garg Jain Key Executive


Director: Dr. G. P. Govil, B. E. (Mech.), Punjab University, M.Tech from IIT Delhi,Ph.D.

He has 38 years of experience in teaching, research & industry. He has taught in India & abroad and Ideal Insti tute of Technology Society, is a non profi t has made various projects for Government, Semimaking educati onal body, comprising of philanthropic Government and Private organizati ons. He has worked in BEL Ghaziabad on a RADAR project which industry captains. is presently known as “INDRA RADAR”. His papers Board of Governors have been published in various journals and magazines of repute. He has parti cipated and presented Chairman: Shri Subhash Chand Gupta his research papers in many Internati onal and NaSecretary: Shri Gyan P. Goel ti onal conferences. About Society/Trust


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The Ideal Insti tute of Technology provides students access and exposure to the modern faciliti es and opportuniti es in an conducti ve environment. Each facility provided, be it educati onal or recreati onal may be compared with the best in the world. Internal processes are monitored closely and are subjected to the most stringent quality criteria. Our future plans are based on our basic goal to incorporate all the latest, advanced systems and technologies prevalent in the developed countries of the world in our curriculum. Consequently, curriculum has the potenti al to facilitate technical skill development of a very high degree.

The Insti tute has a rich collecti on of books and Journals in the Central library laid out in an area of over 795 sq.m. with a seati ng capacity of 250 students. The library has a total of rich set of volumes and ti tles of books on various subjects. In additi on, the book bank also has a good number of books and ti tles. Each of the department also has exclusive library meeti ng the specifi c needs of the departments. The library also subscribes to online journals, Nati onal and Internati onal journals, besides 11 newspapers and 14 magazines. It has a fully automated facility including search, reservati on, issue and receipt, etc and 1700 CD ROMs.

Laboratories In this technology driven world, fostering the spirit of innovati on, modernizati on and student centric teachinglearning to shape the desti ny of future engineers is of paramount importance. The Ideal Insti tute of Technology, strives hard to fulfi ll the dreams, aspirati ons and hopes of the students who enter the campus to make a mark in their lives.


Separate Boys Hostel for 400 students and girls hostel for 250 students with all ameniti es in the campus. The Campus as well as the Hostel is wi-fi enabled.Indor Game and 24 hrs Electricity are also provided.


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INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL Department of Computer Science & Engineering

future.cater to the needs of students who nurture The Department has a team of qualifi ed, experienced hopes of becoming world class engineers. Well qualand talented faculty members. The Department has ifi ed faculty members impart quality educati on with 12 well maintained computer Labs equipped with a vision to produce great Civil Engineers who will belatest soft wares, Printers, Scanners and latest digital come assets to our nati on in the near future. equipments. All the computers are on LAN, which is Ideal Robotics Club connected to Internet, having advanced servers and The I-Roboti cs Club was established in October, 2009 10 Mbps opti cal fi bre connecti vity. for initi ati on of multi disciplinary technical acti viti es. Department of Information Technology The club organized a Workshop on “Embedded SysThe Department of possesses well qualifi ed and ex- tem and th thRoboti cs Design”, from 4 -6 November, perienced faculty members from various reputed 2009, in which 58 parti cipants from various colleges technical Insti tuti ons. It has four well equipped of UPTU parti cipated. The aim of the workshop was computer labs supported by 10 Mbps Internet on to make the students aware of roboti cs and embedopti cal fi ber backbone with advanced servers. ded system design and also to develop a mobile Teaching Learning process is interacti ve supported phone controlled roboti c vehicle. Aft er the successby LCD and OH Projectors. The Department has a ful completi on of thworkshop, the club organized a separate Library. The Project Lab has various new roboti c event “Robo-Mania 2009”, on 13 November, soft wares for live projects. 2009. In this event diff erent types of roboti c races/ Department of Electronics and Communication fi ghts competi ti ons were held. The club members The Department comprises 14 state-of-the art labo- recently developed an unmanned wireless operated ratories which fulfi ll the practi cal needs of the cur- surveillance vehicle (Maruti - Omni Van). riculum. The CAD LAB off ers students unlimited op- Other Initiatives portuniti es to create and simulate circuits of their In this technology driven world, fostering the spirit fancy. of innovati on, modernizati on and student centric Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering teaching-learning to shape the desti ny of future enThe Department comprises 13 state-of-the art labo- gineers is of paramount importance. We, at Ideal Inratories which fulfi ll the intellectual aspirati ons of sti tute of Technology, strive hard to fulfi ll the dreams, the students. The electrical simulati on lab equipped aspirati ons and hopes of the students who enter the with the latest version of CAD, PSPICE, MATLAB and campus to make a mark in their lives. The students Lab VIEW which encourages students to innovate. are our assets and we work earnestly to sharpen The Department also provides training to the stu- their creati vity and leadership skills to meet the glodents based on PLC & SCADA with the cooperati on bal challenges of this technology driven world. of SOFCON India Pvt. Ltd., Noida for bett er pros- Faculty Ideal Insti tute of Technology, in its domain of effi pects. cient departments, comprises of qualifi ed, experiDepartment of Civil Engineering enced and highly acclaimed faculty members from Well qualifi ed faculty members impart quality edu- IITs, NITs, and other renowned Universiti es. A recati on with a vision to produce great Civil Engineers markable strength of 127 faculty members exists at who will become assets to our nati on in the near IIT Ghaziabad.


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INTERFACE Industry Institute Interface

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Regular workshops, seminars and guest lectures are arranged to make the students aware of the Industry expectati ons. The has an R & D Cell where a diesel engine has been converted to operate in three modes i.e. 100% gas, 100% diesel and dual fuel mode which are very relevant for rural applicati on and its patent has been applied.

An Entrepreneurship Development Cell has been established in the Insti tute with the primary objecti ve of developing entrepreneurial skills in the students and make them self dependent. With these objecti ves, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell organized a three day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp in the insti tute th thfrom 24 to 26 February, 2009, with technical and fi nancial support of Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. Further in order to Promote the acti viti es of the Cell, the Insti tute has already applied for fi nancial support from AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India under the EDC scheme.

Training & Placement Activities

The T&P Cell at Ideal Insti tute of Technology makes earnest eff orts to make the students land up in their dream jobs, before they pass out of the college. PDP classes, Mock tests, Group Discussions, Technical quizes, Apti tude tests etc. are regularly conducted to create a cordial atmosphere for the students Convocation to fi netune their inherent talents. The Cell is ably supported by experienced personnel from the Industry and Marketi ng fi eld who play a pivotal role in helping the students to acquire necessary skills for securing their dream jobs. Regular industrial visits are organized for giving practi cal exposure to the students. As a result, the students gain The Fourth Convocati on of Ideal Insti tute of Technot only competence but also confi dence which are nology thwas held on Feb 20 , 2010 . absolutely vital for clinching the fi nal placement. The students have been placed in reputed organizaInstitution of Engineers ti ons like: L&T Infotech, Mahindra Satyam Computers, Infosys Tech., Cummins Ltd., Wipro, The Insti tute has created an Internati onal platf orm UFlex Ltd., for its students by starti ng the Insti tuti on of Engi- Petron Engineers, neers (India) Students’ Chapter and the students Mphasis Ltd., from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIIT Technologies, Department of Electronics & Communicati on . Omega Clerotor, HCL Tech. etc.


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IEC Group of Institutions Greater Noida, Alwar, Baddi, Nanowal SMS to 06 UPTU 7267 56

[206] IEC College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida Plot No. 4, Insti tuti onal Area, Surajpur Kasna Road, Knowledge Park 1, Greater Noida Phone: 0120-2326665, 2326537/2321943 Fax :0120-2326529 Email :, Web :,

Experienced and dedicated faculty from IITs, IIMs, XLRI and other reputed institutions An exhaustive and intensive educational audit system which ensures sequentially progressive assessment 4000 Students - 500 Foreign Nationals from 32 countries Venture of IEC Education Ltd. with a market capitalization of over 50 crore rupees Courses Offered



Learning Resources Class Rooms, Computi on Facility, Digital Library, Advanced Laboratory, Auditorium

Campus Facilities

Residenti al Accommodati ons, Medical facility Sports Facility, Cafeteria & mess

Hi-Tech Campus

Wireless Campus, 8 MBPS 24X7 Internet Connecti on, Fiber Opti c & Lan Backbone Structures, Latest Core 2 Duo Computer, Latest hi-end Server

Residential Accommodation

Separate Hostel for Boys & Girls, Fully Wi-Fi enable Campus, Transportati on Facility, Indoor Sports Facility, 24 Hours Guards & Patrolling “IEC follows the most effective teaching pedagogies. This is the reason why students choose to study in IEC. A blend of high quality teaching & research activities ensures that the students are imbued with the complete nuances of the knack in their chosen fields,” Mr. R. L. Gupta, Chairman “IEC has a team of talented and dedicated people working on cutting edge of technology, working hand in hand with international community toying with new developments in different disciplines more so in Science and Technology. IEC Group of Institutions is a catalyst Institution between all stake holders including the students, the academia and the Industry.” Prof. A K Khare, Vice-President, Former Pro-VC, UPTU

1. Computer Science & Engineering 2..Informati on Technology 3.Electronics & Communicati on Engineering 4.Mechanical Engineering 5.Electrical Engineering 6.Civil Engineering 7.Electronics Instrumentati on 8. Electrical & Electronics Engineering MBA


M.Tech Life at IEC -> Beyond Academics The prominent events & activities at the college are: • RAZZMATAZZ • Conferences & Seminars • KONKURRENZ • Confl uence • Sports Meet • Fresher’s Party • Farewell Party


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IIMT Group of Institutions Meerut

Greater Noida

IIMT Nagar, ‘O’ Pocket, Ganga Nagar Colony, Mawana Road, Meerut Phone: (0121)-2620353, 262028, Fax: 4029802 Email:mail@iimti, Web:www.iimti

20-A, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida Phone: (0120) 2931880, 2323860, 2322655, 09911009144, Email : iimtgnoida@iimti Web : www.iimti

Inspiring Intellects, Inculcating Valued Standards, Methodical Job Oriented Education, Temptation to Excel through Total Quality Management 17 years of excellence in professional education, ISO 9001-2008 certified, North India Largest Educational Group Five Education Campus, 15 Colleges and 1 school under the IIMT Flagship


SMS to 72 UPTU 7067 56

Group Institutions

Seven Rotarians in the Year 1994, formed a registered society called “Associati on of Management Studies”, with Rotarian Yogesh Mohanji Gupta, as its chairman, with on aim of imparti ng quality Management and Technical Educati on. The society since incepti on has played a pioneer role in catering the requirement of 21st Century. It’s strong ti es with the Business Community makes it an eff ecti ve mechanism for the promoti on of Professional Management and Technical Practi ces in India Organisati ons.

072 IIMT Management College,Meerut 127 IIMT Engineering College, Meerut 185 IIMT Hotel Management College, Meerut 198 IIMT College of Medical Sciences, Meerut 371 IIMT Insti tute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut 216 IIMT College of Engineering, Gr. Noida 247 IIMT College of Pharmacy, Gr. Noida PROGRAMMES AFFILATED TO UPTU



IIMT Group of Colleges has a cluster of Administrati ve Staff , Faculty, Offi ce Blocks, Fully Equipped Classrooms, Computer Labs, Central and Departmental Libraries, Seminar Conference Halls, Residenti al Accommodati on for Students and Staff , Bank facility etc. The biggest strength of the Insti tute is in its renowned faculty members having disti nguished academic achievements in diff erent areas of management and the related basic disciplines. In order to have progressive outlook and to introduce innovati ve teaching-learning process, the faculty plans to carry out consultancy assignments to keep in touch with the Real-Life Management Problems in Public and Private Corporati ons, Financial Insti tuti on, Government and Internati onal Agencies.

Key Executives


B.Tech M.Tech B.HMCT

Mr. Y M Gupta Chairman

Mr. Mayank Agarwal Managing Director

Goal Main goal at IIMT College is to strive relentlessly for providing highest quality of educati on and training in the fi eld of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, computer science and informati on technology so as to empower our student to develop coputer based soluti on that are aimed at solving real life problems. 252

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Banking & Transport Services

The lush green polluti on The Insti tute has a ti e free beauti ful campuses up with Nati onalized of IIMT are one of the Bank. This allows openmost fascinati ng element ing and operati ng of acthat gives an environcounts for every student ment for free thoughts through cheque book or and creati ve spirit. debit cards. The bank is operati ng its own ATM MaThe architectural beauty chine and with extension counter at the Campus. of these campuses are IIMT, has its own fl eet of buses for students and at par with any educati onal campuses of the World. staff to commute, at a very nominal yearly charges. The spiritual atmosphere of these campuses is matchless, in comparison to any other educati onal Hostels campus of India. Boarding faciliti es at IIMT, for students of residenti al Lecture Halls programmes consists of the At IIMT, Lecture halls are lofi ve Hostel Blocks available gisti cally designed to impart for boys and girls - sepahigh quality educati on and to rately in twin sharing forhave a dynamic learning procmats, with more than 350 rooms in total having the ess. These lecture halls are well capacity of 700 students. These rooms are spacious, equipped with modern teaching aids like over head projectors, Multi media aids, hygienic, well - venti lated and full furnished for its residents. Round the clock LAN connecti vity is availLCD etc. able in each room for the student comfort, providing Computer Labs access the resources like the local Network and the Internet. The facility of physician is also available for The Insti tute is equipped with 24 hrs will the availability of ambulance. state-of-the-art computi ng facility with Penti um Class ComSports puters connected through the Local Area Network having 8 In ti me with the objecti ve servers with more than 2000 of all round development in numbers to beverage the of the students, various power of Informati on Techsporti ng and physical denology to make learning more velopment acti viti es are informati ve and entertaining. encouraged amongst students. To enable students Medical Facilities to enjoy sports, the camTo ensure total well - bepus is equipped with a separate court for badminton, basketball, tennis, volleyball and playgrounds ing of students, the college for hockey, football, cricket etc. provides First Aid Medical Faciliti es with a full ti me Cafeteria Doctor available within the At IIMT, mess is provided for its residents which ofcampus. Special faciliti es fers variety of Indian, Chinese, Conti nental snacks, are also provided at the Vegetarian food and Non-Vegetarian meals on deti me of emergency 24 hrs, mand, to cater to the multi ethnic tastes of the stuambulance facility is also available in the campus. dents.


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B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics and Communicati on Electronics & Intrumentati on Mechanical Engineering MCA

I Inspiring Intellects

MBA B.Pharma

I Inculcati ng Valued Standars


M Methodical Job Oriented Educati on

Library Library is always known as the heat of any Insti tuti on and acts as the centre for the well balanced collecti on of Books, Journals, Research Papers and Periodicals in various fi elds of Management and Technology. Each library is housed in spacious hall comprising of the reference hall and stack area with spacious reading room. The library of IIMT have total strength of more than 2,00,000 of publicati ons and more than 300 Nati onals & Internati onal Journals in Computer, Engineering, Management, Law, Educati on and Pharma etc. The Libraries also contain audio - visual faciliti es. Academic Values •

Quality Educati on

Skill Developement with human values

Videos session and professional course trainning

Customized programemes and Inhouse Trainning.

Team Oriented Working

Excelling in research consultancyand other industry based acti viti es

Encourage Experimentati on and Innvoati on

T Temptation to excelthrough total Quality Management Corporate Views “It has indeed exhilarated me to look at IIMT disciplined students. And the way students are trained to take up the challenges in the corporate arena. In fact I feel fortunate to contribute up to some extent through my experienti al learning, which will help them to become a right professional.” Mr. Rajesh Tripathi, DGM – Corporate Human Resources, Panacea Biotech Ltd “My visit here has provided an opportunity to interact with a dynamic team that is energized by power vision. The prospects of forging links between this excellent insti tute IIMT and counterparts in Zimbabwe are an exiti ng one.” Mr. Y. Wutanwunashe, (Ambassador of Zimbabwe) “It was a great experience to be associated with IIMT Meerut. The quality of the technical Graduates in the Insti tute is indeed the best in the region. We found the best talent in IIMT Meerut. The administrati ve support inovided avel hospitality extended by the management was laudable.” Mr. Prem Goswami, Head HR, R System International Ltd


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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INTERFACE Companies for Recruitments

Corporate Cell

• Accenture • Advent In Fosoft • Dynamati c Technologies Ltd • Airtel • Almerich Tech • Acienture Accel Frontline • American Express Bank • Asian Paints Internship The Training Cell of the Insti tute is responsible for • Ansal Housing & arranging training of the students to meet their de- Constructi on Ltd gree requirement to the undergraduate and post- • Bajaj Allianz graduate students. Great rapport is maintained with • Apna Technologies most of the reputed companies, which facilitates in • Barco Electronics the industrial training of students. Also, conti nuous • Bharti AXA Life Insurance eff orts are made to stay in touch with the industry • Birla Sun Life Insurance and be aware of the latest trends and demands of • Blue Dart Express Ltd diff erent fi elds. The practi cal training to our stu• Bluestar dents during summer vacati on is very much rel-

The dynamics of market have gone higher in terms of expectati ons and only those survive and sustain who have the right knack for accepti ng challenges. Hard work is no more the key to success alone but the profi les expect individuals to work smarter and consistent without failure. We at IIMT are dedicated to groom future managers & Technocrats who are business enablers and our proacti ve in facing the market challenges.

• Bose Corporati on • Brick Red Pvt Ltd • Infosys. • WIPRO Technologies Ltd. • Aditi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. • I-Flex. • Birla Tyres • Business Mentors • Cadbury • Carborundum Universal Ltd • Caritor • Carrier Aircon Ltd • Cello Plasti cs • Cipla Ltd • Coca Cola • Core Data Base • Crompton Greaves Ltd and many more......

evant for inculcati ng the professional culture and exposing the students to the work environment of Indian industries. Placement Our candidates are provided practi cal inputs and simulati ons that facilitates an actual understanding about the dynamics of business environment. We are committ ed towards maintaining an opti mum level of relati onships with quality corporates so as to visualize and achieve our objecti ves.



Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

[091] JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida

SMS to CONTACT DETAILS :C-20/1, Sector-62, NOIDA-201301 91 T UP U 7067 Phone: 0120-2769661, 2769662, 2769663 56 Email :, Web :

A unit of Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara Mahavidyapeetha One of the very few institutions amongst the private ones governed by a public charitable trust International Linkages, Science & Technology Entrepreneur’s Park


ABOUT JSSATE The Academy is situated on a sprawling campus of 28 acres in the Insti tuti onal area of NOIDA and aims to be a value-based Centre of Excellence in Technical Educati on. Backed by the rich experience of managing engineering educati on, JSSATE, NOIDA ranked as one of the best Technical Insti tuti ons in the state of Utt ar Pradesh, is approved by the Government of Utt ar Pradesh and All India Council for Technical Educati on and affi liated to the Utt ar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) at Lucknow. The students of the insti tuti on have been invariably placed in the Roll of Honour of top ten rankers in UPTU. "Each Student is special and we must develop them to their fullest potential", Prof. Narendra Kumar, Principal Key Executives Advisor: Prof. M. L. Gupta Chief Administrative Officer:Cmde B. K. Gupta( Retd) Registrar: Dr. Shiddayya S. Shirur Infrastructure

Amenities Center


Computer Science & Engineering Informati on & Technology Electronics & Communicati ons Engineering Instrumentati on & Control Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Technology Civil Engineering MCA MBA M.Tech Key Executives Advisor : Prof. M. L. Gupta Principal/ Director:-Dr. Narendra Kumar Chief Administrative Officer.:Cmde B. K. Gupta( Retd) Registrar.:-Dr. Shiddayya S. Shirur Placements Training and Placement Centre in JSSATE, NOIDA is very vibrant and is instrumental in providing jobs to the students and arranging their summer training. Ever its incepti on, the Centre is putti ng on relentless eff orts to invite as many companies as possible to the campus for selecti on of our pre-fi nal and fi nal year students.


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[282] J P Institue of Engineering & Technology Meerut

SMS282 to UPTU 56767

CONTACT DETAILS : J.P Insti tute of Engineering & Technology , Mavana Road P.O. RAJPURA, MEERUT Phone: 91-121-2623009, 2622499 Fax : +91-121-2623007 Email, Web

Latest infrastructure & Lush green ambience Growing with the ideologies of Total Quality Education (TQE) & Total Quality Management (TQM) Courses offered



a) Computer-aided Design Center at JPIET Meerut b) Student Development Program(SDP) c) Personality Development Program Cell (collaborator: Advait Life-Educati on (P), Noida) d) Corporate Interacti on Event e) Industrial Visit f) Students Clubs. Debati ng Club – Publicati ons Club – Dramati cs Club – Quizzing and Knowledge Club – Dance and Music Club

Key Executives

Computer Science & Engineering Information Technology Electronics & Communication Mechanical Engineering MCA MBA About JPIET The JPIET came into being in the year 2007 for the purpose of meeti ng the ever growing demand of techno-engineers for Industries in India and abroad. The ever expanding global market and open gates of world economy have opened up new vistas of jobopportuniti es for well trained engineers in almost all the fi elds of engineering branches. The students, girls’ as well as boys’, preferred choice aft er passing class XII is to go in for Engineering. The lack of accredited colleges of Engineering moti vated the JP Educati onal Trust Society to open JPIET.

Mr. J.P Agarwal Mr. Hari Om Agarwal Dr. B.C Sharma Chairman President Director Dierctor Admin:- Dr. N.S Gupta Manager PR:-Akansha Chauhan

Computer Lab

Sports 257

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[139] Kalicharan Nigam Institute of Technology Banda SMS to 139 UPTU 767 56

CONTACT DETAILS : Near Nawab Tank, Naraini Road, Banda -210001 Phone: (05192) 227584, 225375, 9415171563, 9415143567 Fax : (05192) 225372 Email : kcnit2002@rediff,, Web :

Collaboration with HCL, IBM, Red Hat & Microsoft for in-campus training Air-conditioned Conference Hall, Seminar Rooms, Lecture Theatres & Computer Centre with Multimedia Projector & OHP facilities Beyond Conventional Learning Training methodology HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • • • • • •

Air-conditioned Conference Hall, Seminar Rooms, Lecture Theatres & Computer Centre with Multimedia Projector & OHP facilities. Well stacked Air-conditioned Digital Library with seating capacity for more than 500 students. Collaboration with HCL, IBM, Red Hat & Microsoft for incampus training leading to guaranteed placement. Well equipped laboratories with precision instrument and apparatus. State-of-the-art Air-conditioned Computer Centre with 551 computers. Access to Internet browsing through VSAT and leased line from BSNL 2 MBPS. Well furnished in campus hostels for boys and girls with 24 hour power backup. Spacious Canteen that serves hygienically cooked quality / homely food, snacks etc. Sufficient indoor and outdoor games and sports facilities. In campus P.C.O., Xerox machine etc. In campus banking facility

“We do not merely believe in conventional methods of classroom study of prescribed syllabus or merely passing prescribed examinations but besides, we arrange seminars, symposiums, workshops and lectures by eminent scholars for students to develop an innovative vision and original approach in them.” Mr. Arun Kumar Nigam, Chairman

Interactive Lectures, Presentations & Seminars, Laboratories, Brain Storming Sessions, Industry Interaction, Case Studies, Business Quiz, Management Games, Projects & Term Papers, On the Job Training

Training Partner Collaborati on with HCL, IBM, Red Hat & Microsoft for in-campus training leading to guaranteed placements.

Industrial Tour to Rudrapur, HCL Manufacturing Plant Foreign Visits For bett er industrial exposure, the insti tute arrange foreign visit for their students.

Director:- Prof. Bishram Sharma Dean:-Mr. Rakesh Srivastava

Industrial tour to Singapore HCL Technologies


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& Air Conditi oning,Automobile Engineering,CAD/CAM lab

The insti tute is housed in its own self contained air conditi oned campus covering an huge area of prime land on an state highway. It is a blend of architectural innovati on, interior and functi onal convenience. It has multi storied academic, administrati ve and hostel blocks. It is coming up as a most presti gious set up and provides perfect learning environment to it’s students. Class Room

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Network and Analysis, Circuit and Measurement, AC Network,Electronics, Control System, Power System, Communicati on, Electro Mechanical energy Conversati on, Telemetry, Numerical Technique, Electrical measurement

Electronics Engineering: Electronics, Electronic Circuit Design, Electronics Workshop & PCB, Digital Electronics, Microwave Engineering, Control System, Communicati on, CAD of electronics ckt, Micro Processor Lab, Electrical Measurement & Instrumentati on, Electronic Measurement, Analog Electronics Lab.

All the theatres, class rooms and tutorial rooms are spaciously designed as per the norms prescribed by All India Council for Technical Educati on, New Delhi. These are also very well naturally lighted and airy. Faciliti es of L.C.D. & Over Head Projectors and Slide Projectors are available as part of teaching aids during lecturers, seminars and conferences.

Civil Engineering

Computer Centre

Hostels The Insti tute complex has separate hostels for boys and girls. Spacious and well furnished rooms provide the students a homely, comfortable and hassle-free living atmosphere. • Hostels provide double-seated and single-seated accommodati on. • Suffi cient arrangements for safety and security of hostellers have been made. • Telephone facility is also available to the hostellers.

The air conditi oned/ state-of-the-art Computer Centre spread over an area of about 10,000 square feet, is well equipped with 551 modern computers and WIPRO/ IBM/ COMPAQ servers in perfect network environment on windows 2003 NT and LINUX/ UNIX. Internet facility is available to the students in the Centre through VSAT and Leased Line. Departments Lab Computer Science & Engineering and IT C’ Programming,UNIX ,Numerical Technique,Data Base Management System,Web Technology,Distributed System Lab,Operati ng System,Informati on System,E-Commerce,Multi media System ,Soft ware Project Management,Data Structure,Design and Analysis of Algorithm Lab (DAA)

Mechanical Engineering Workshop Practi ce,Mechanical Engineering,Material Science & Testi ng, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery,Machine Drawing,Manufacturing,Metrology & Instrumentati on,Advanced Thermodynamics,Machine Design,Heat & Mass Transfer,Refrigerati on

Surveying, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic & Hydraulic M/C, CBSNT, Structural Analysis, Building Material, Building Planning & Drawing,Geoinformati c,Hydraulic & Machine, Geotechnical Engg., CAD, Quanti ty Surveying & Esti mati on, Environmental Engg., Structural Detailing Lab

Sports The insti tute provide the faciliti es for outdoor and indoor games such as cricket ,volleyball,chess ,carom etc. Medical Facility Apart from the appropriate fi rst aid faciliti es and promary health care provide by the qualifi ed physician,students taken to district goverment hoaspital if required.


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INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL PROGRAMMES AFFILATED TO UPTU B.Tech * Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) * Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) * Electronics & Communicati on Engineering (ECE) * Mechanical Engineering (ME) * Informati on Technology (IT) * Civil Engineering (CE) MBA Library The air conditi oned digital library has a wide variety of about 20,000 books of Indian as well as foreign origins. Books on various branches of Engineering, Computer Science & Applicati on, Informati on Systems, Humaniti es, Professional Communicati on, Management, Finance and other subjects of general interest are available in insti tute library for reading, reference, and issuance as well as photocopying. About 100 numbers of relevant journals & periodical and about 1100 soft CDs are also available for updati ng the technical knowledge of faculty members and students. Covering an area of over 10,000 square feet, the insti tute library provides seati ng facility for about 500 students. CD ROM facility is available for latest reference in various fi elds in engineering, computer science and management. It is the intension of the management to encourage the students to take maximum benefi t of library faciliti es. Book bank facility is also available to students. E-book & E-journals facility is also provided by DELNET. Faculty KCNIT has a galaxy of highly qualifi ed and experience core faculty members. The faculty is also involved in

various consultancy programmers, training and MDPs. Guest faculty and eminent professional and also visited from ti me to ti me for the benefi t of students. Group Discussion Group discussion is a crucial step of the selecti on procedureofany organizati on. Regular sessions are conducted, wherein students are encouraged to express their viewpoints on any given topic. Also, to enhance complete personality and make students job ready, sessions. The following are organized: * Presentati on Skills * Resume Writi ng * Business Eti quett e * Infl uencing Others Teaching Methdology The insti tute follows the semester systems of educati on. Total durati on of the B.Tech. Course shall be 4 years, each year comprising of two semesters. Each semester shall normally have teaching for the 90 working days or as prescribed by A.I.C.T.E. from ti me to ti me. The silent features are conti nuous evaluati on of the student’s performance, course-wise promoti on and fl exibility to allow the students to select courses and move at an opti mum pace suited to their ability, capacity and interes. Industries Visit To impart the practi cal knowledge insti tute organize industrial visit for diff erent companies. The students of KCNIT visit to various industries as part of the industrial visit component of the programs off ered. These are excellent opportuniti es for the students to gain exposure to real-life work environment and culture. Industrial visit cover all major industries including manufactures of diff erent goods and service providers. Industries Trainning Industrial Training is the best way to explore the practi caldimension of classroom learning and gain exposure in the corporate world. It is compulsory for all our students to undergo industrial training in a real professional environment.


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INTERFACE Training & Placement Activities

HCL The insti tute has ti ed up with HCL and the later has declared us a HCL Accredited Insti tuti on. This encompasses regular training by HCL experts to the students of the insti tute in our campus and their absorpti on in HCL aft er successful completi on of training.

Industrial training is the best way to explore the practi cal dimension of classroom learning and gain exposure in the corporate world. It is compulsory for all our students to undergo industrial training in a real professional environment. The insti tute is in touch with various nati onal as well as internati onal organizati ons for summer training and with large Indian and foreign industrial houses, business establishments, commercial ventures & service industries for full ti me employment.

Red Hat Academy The programmes of Red Hat Academy are designed for choice: a choice of curriculum, a choice for diff erent school programs, a choice for teaching, a choice for providing industry Linux certi fi cati ons a choice to be unique

Strategic Partnerships Microsoft IT Academy Students to fi nd skilled employment. Real world training Cutti ng-edge skills “Top of the stack” credenti als Microsoft brand presence

CEIS It brings together existi ng IBM Soft ware Educati on courses into a simple and coherent program targeted for specifi c career paths. Choose a suitable career path for yourself by following the courses on off er that are designed to launch your “Global Career”.



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Featured Colleges

[481] KLS Institute of Engineering & Technology BIJNOR

20th Milestone, Village Khuda-Heri, Bijnor Haridwar Road, Dist. Bijnor Phone: 9259734501, 9259737084, 9258072852, Fax : 0120-4106958 Email :, Web :

SMS481 to UPTU 56767

25% Scholorship for Girls and Tution Fee waiver for SC/ST students, Free Hostel for Meritous Students

English Speaking, Personality Development and Computer Classes Training and Placement Cell from very first year

Integrating knowledge across different disciplines, skills of adaptation and sensitivity to core human values

HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • • • • • •


Wi-Fi enabled Campus spreaded over 20 acres of land Dedicated and experienced faculty Top priority on Security & Discipline Fully A.C. Professional Communicati on Lab Teaching through modern aids like LCD, Ove head Projectors Facility for indoor and outdoor games available within the Campus Computer Laboratories with latest technology 24 hours power and water backup Digital Library with suffi cient books/volumes/ journals 24 hrs. Medical faciliti es with ambulance Hostels Separate hostels for boys and girls., Basic ameniti es like telephone, water coolers with aqua guard purifi er, 24 hours power/water supply, news paper and magazines, television room, guest rooms etc,

Medical Faciliti es

The College has ti e-up with the reputed hospitals of the area. Moreover, visiti ng doctors will visit the hostels frequently.

Key Executives Chairman: Shri S.K. Sharma Secretary: Smt. Suman Sharma Director: Dr. A. K. Singh

B.Tech 1.Computer Science & Engineering 2.Electronics and Communicati on Engg. 3.Electrical Engineering 4.Mechanical Engineering 5.Civil Engineering i-CLASS KLSIET is one of the leading insti tute of the UPTU adopti ng the smart learning package i-class (Engineer) in their regular teaching learning process. i-class is a digital initi ati ve of KLSIT, which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in insti tuti ons with innovati ve and meaningful use of technology. Powered by the Blue Ink Infotech (P) Ltd. (www. to engineering colleges, i-class brings in technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classrooms. Students learn diffi cult and abstract curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animati ons. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performance in college. Extra Curricular Activity Students are encouraged to parti cipate in co-curricular and extra curricular acti viti es which are to be organized round the year. Students of the College are also encouraged to parti cipate in various sports and cultural acti viti es.


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Featured Colleges

[449] KS Jain Institute of Engineering & Technology Modinagar

CONTACT DETAILS : 5th KM. Stone Modinagar-Hapur Road , Modinagar Phone: 01232-322777, 9358400623, 919368226031, Fax : 01232-242826 Email :, Web :

SMS449 to UPTU 56767

Creating technically qualified world-class competent engineers, embedded with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship

HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • •


State of the art laboratories, moden workshops, lecture halls. Language lab, digital library, video conferencing, and auditorium. Fiber leased line (2Mbps) for high speed internet connecti vity (24*7). Competent and committ ed faculty dedicated to develop Professional Engineers. Cafeteria. Regular workshops on personal enhancement and soft skills development. Project based learning through Multi media.

“Our endeavor is to provide not only professional knowledge and experti se, but also opportuniti es of grooming and orienti ng young professionals for igniti ng their latest spark of creati vity and inculcati ng, humanized values of life.” Sri K S Jain, Chairman “The academic calendar has been strictly implemented as per schedule and entire student community had been on their toes to follow the academic rigor. At the same time students have expressed that they have been really enjoying our Joyful Learning Model." Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Director

B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Electronics & Communicati on Engineering Informati on Technology Mechanical Engineering Committed Faculty Committ ed faculty for the themselves to the pursuit of excellence in technical educati on through discovery, disseminati on of knowledge, development of technical & social skills and inculcati on of values that defi ne professional conduct. Amenities

Computer Labs


Culture Event



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Featured Colleges

[493] Maharaja Agrasen College of Engineering & Technology J P Nagar

CONTACT DETAILS : 10 k.m. From Gajraula,on Delhi-Moradabad N.H. 24, J.P Nagar Phone: : 9639001780/81/82/83/84/85, Email :, Web:

SMS493 to UPTU 56767

Ranked 4th in Moradabad Division and 14th amongst the college opened in 2009-10 HIGHLIGHTS • • • • •

• •

• •

Approved by AICTE and Affi liated with UPTU. Scholarship & Special concession in fees to Meritorious Students. Tie-up with various industry forums for summer training and placements. Well experienced faculty and renowned professors as visiti ng faculty. Special Scholarship scheme for SC/ST/OBC/ Weaker Secti on Candidates from Social Welfar e Department (Govt. of U.P.) Bus Service from Moradabad Railway Stati on, Joya, Amroha, Dhanaura, Garh, Brajghat, Gajraula,Hasanpur and other parts of J.P. Nagar 12 acres of peaceful and lush green environment suitable for pursuing academic and technical excellence. Strategic Locati on It is 20 Km. from Garh Ganga; about 90Km. from Ghaziabad, 110 Km. from Delhi, 70 Km. from Meerut and 40Km from Moradabad. Gajraula is an Industrial hub which is 10Km. from the Insti tute and is stoppage for most of the trains coming and going to Delhi connecti ng Eastern, central part of U.P. Mobile hotspots in green/open areas and wireless access points in administrati ve and academic blocks. All the hostels and staff quarters are connected to

• • • • •

the internet. Sports and recreation Co-curricular Acti viti es, Intercollegiate athleti cs, nati onal level sports competi ti ons, and recreati on faciliti es. Student Affairs Grooming and culti vate the personality traits of undergraduate students. Housing & Dining Student Organizations & Activities Cultural acti viti es, Celebrati on of festi vals and Annual functi on.

Key Executives Chairman: Mr. C M Agarwal Director: Dr. J.P Garg Registrar: Lalit Sharma Modern Teaching Methodology Heavy reliance on technology for conducting classroom lectures, tutorials and lab work. The insti tute also plans to deploy the latest in college management soft ware to expedite diff erent workfl ows in academic life. Experienced faculty from IITs and NITs Experienced Academicians have been pain stakingly picked up from the best insti tutes in the country to nurture the talent at MACET. The experience of the acclaimed faculty will help prepare technocrats of the future.


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Computer Center Well maintained Computer Center with 120 best confi gure PCS with latest Technology CD2 through in LAN, and also Provide Internet facility of 02Mbps Broadband connecti ons. Internet facility is used not in the lab but other places as Administrati ve offi ce and Hostel

PROGRAMMES B.Tech Civil Engineering (CE) Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Electrical Engineering (EE) Electronics & Communicati on Engg. (ECE) nformati on Technology (IT) Mechanical Engineering (ME



Chemistry Lab Every Lab is Established in a separate room with best Equipment.

The Library is rich with resources and has a sitti ng capacity of more than 200 students, which remain open for 12 Hours. There is a big collecti on of diff erent books numbering around 10000 with 1636 Titles, including E-Journal, 47 and 28 Internati onal Journal. Hostel Furnished, Spacious and Air-conditi oned & non air Conditi oned hostel rooms, separate for Girls and Boys with att ached bathrooms & Toilets. Canteen Canteen and mess facility to the student, faculty and staff most of daily need items and refreshment

Class Room Spacious Class Rooms, Tutorial Rooms and Reading Room

Co-Curricular Activity The college Provide sports facility in the campus so that students are able to keep themselves physical fi t for the rigorous academic program. Cricket, Table Tennis Volley Ball are some the games which are extremely

Scholarships Offer to Meritorious Students S.No.

% of 10+2 Exam

U.P. SEE Rank


Scholarship (in Tuti on Fees)
































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Featured Colleges

[095] Mahatama Gandhi Missions College of Engineering & Technology NOIDA

CONTACT DETAILS : A-09,Sector - 62, Noida,Gautam Budh Nagar,Utt ar Pradesh SMS 095 to Phone: (0120) - 2401764 Fax : (0120)-2401764 UPTU Email: Web: 56767

Imparting value based quality Engineering education by combining Academics with exposure to Industry MGM Group has chain of Engineering, Medical, Nursing, Journalism, Management and Fine Arts colleges spread over four educational centers- Navi Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nanded, and Noida.


Courses Offered

• • •

One of the Oldest College in Noida College has a e-journal Portal for the students Director of MGM is the member of Insti tute of engineers, Computer Society of hardware Society and other professional organizati on. • Lush green campus loaded with a good facility of laboratory, well equipped class room. • College has various clubs to ensure the bett er pace in the competi ti ve world • Experienced Faculty • Ragging Free Campus with economical fee structure Name of the Society or Trust

B.Tech Informati on technology Computer Science Electronics & Telecommunicati on Mechanical Engineering About Institute Mahatma Gandhi Mission has developed in an excellent Educati onal Group and is totally committ ed to human resource development. MGM has now a chain of Engineering, Medical, Nursing, Journalism, Management and Fine Arts colleges spread over four educati onal centers- Navi Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nanded, and Noida.

Mahatma Gandhi Mission Charitable Trust

Kamal Kishore Kadam Chairman

Mrs Geeta S Latkar Director


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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Computer Labs 1. Air Conditi oned Computer Labs 2. Penti um IV Computers 3. LCD Projectors 4. Licensed Soft wares 5. Excellent Peripherals 6. High Speed Internets

MGMCoET, bases it traditi onal teaching excellence for the ‘Over All Persona Development‘ of students by developing strong domain knowledge, contemporary skill sets and positi ve atti tude in them. The Educati onal Methodlogy adoprted includes:

Class Room Instruction Laboratory Assignments Directed Independent Study IT Training Continuous Evaluations Industry Institute Interaction Co-Curricular Acivities Extra Curricular Activities

Labs Labs are the important part of any Insti tuti on. For proper knowledge of the subject practi cal experiences are must.

CLUBS / Sports

Physics Lab

Electronics Lab Library

Graphics Lab

1.PARAM : PARAM held its fi rst members selecti on test on 27th January 2005, for fi nding aspiring and enthusiasti c members to carry the club ahead. This test resulted in a new team of 15 students, in which 10 students belonged to 3rd and 2nd year and the remaining 5 students were from 1st year. 2.SYNERGY: SYNERY the Electronics & Telecommunicati on Club a concept that was in offi ng for a long ti me was translated into reality on 11th February 2004. 3.Srijan

Mechanical Lab Training and Placement

The insti tute has a well stocked library with a selected collecti on of over 6000 volumes. The insti tute has a rich collecti on of books and periodicals, which mainly focuses on the course prescribed by Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow. Apart from this, the college also subscribes to more than 20 Indian and foreign journals and periodicals to keep up with the pace at which the technology is advancing.

A full fl edge placement cell is develped under the guidence of Mr Nishant Gupta head of T&P Department .The main objecti ve of the T&P dept is to make strong Placement Network among the companies of various industrical anf manufacturing background TOP Recruiters Wipro HCL U-Flex Infosys Simens HP Indian Army Air Force Satyam L&T Infotech NIIT Perot System TCS CSC MPhasis Nokia


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[633] M. P. School of Engineering Varanasi

CONTACT DETAILS : Vill- Bhagtua, PO-Amoli, Varanasi-221001 Phone: 0542-2619246,2619343,2619245 Fax : 0542-2619246 Email : thisisabhishek123@rediff, Web :

SMS633 to P U TU 56767

Equal importance to the Extra curricular Activities and Sports Education of the highest quality at the least Monetary Consideration Library

GOVERNANCE Name of the Society or Trust

Deen Dayal Upadhyay Shikshan Samiti (DDUSS) Chairman Shri Maya Shankar Pathak Managing Director : Mr. Abhishek Pathak Director Prof. R. P. Pandey

INFRASTRUCTURE About Campus The new fi ve storey building of MP School of Engineering is under constructi on. It boasts of a huge auditorium, conference hall, library, modern cafeteria, sports & games hall, laboratories, workshop, classrooms, hi-tech computi ng labs, workshops. The college is connected to the rest of the world with 2 Mbps internet connecti on. B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics and Communicati on Electrical Engineering

Personality and Skill Development Workshops MP Insti tute having the mott o of “creati ng bett er human beings” lays emphasis on the overall development of students. Soft skills being equally important as that of technical skills, the insti tute lays ample emphasis on personality development programmes. The students are encouraged to express themselves, their ideas and accomplish their fullest. Training & Placement Activities

Computer Labs


The Library collecti on consists of more than 5,000 volumes of books, periodicals, and AV materials in the fi eld of management and technical related topics. In the acquisiti on process, ti tles with parti cular relevance to the Asian region are prioriti zed. Donati ons from other sources also beef up Library resources from ti me to ti me. The acquisiti on program is undertaken in consultati on with the faculty.

Even being a fairly new insti tute, the college has put training & placement acti viti es on a strategic roadmap by addressing the questi on of employability from fi rst year onward. Student Activities MP Insti tute celebrates its Annual Technical, Sports, Literary and Cultural events fest under the name “CHALLENGE”.


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Campus: 19, Knowledge Park-II, Greater Noida Phone: 0120-2320062, 2320132,09358438588, Fax: 0120-2320062 Email ,Web:, Admissions Cell: 09412225853, 09358438588

SMS133 to UPTU 56767

Unique Career Management Centre Organizing Pool Campus

First NanoTechnology Simulation Laboratory amongst UPTU Colleges Accredited by National Board of Accreditation & TCS “A tie has been arranged between NIET & HEAD STRONG (a $200 million company) under the umbrella of NASCOM for proper Corporate exposure to CS/IT students” HIGHLIGHTS • • • • •

About Managing Director

Strong Industry- Insti tute interface. Best result in University Examinati on Leading in Co- curricular & Extra -curricular activities. Wi-Fi enabled campus Ranked 41st best among best Technical Schools in India by IDC-India. Organizes regular conferences & seminars. Some of the key speakers in recent ti mes included Shri Ashok Thakur, IAS, Additi onal Secretary, MHRD, GoI; Dr V. N. R. Pillai, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, IGNOU; Prof. N. R. Shetty, President ISTE; Prof A.K. Khare, Ex-Pro Vice Chancellor, UPTU Lucknow; Shri Ashok Singh, Vice President, INTUC; Strong emphasis on Research & Development acti viti es.


Dr. Om Prakash Agarwal, was born on 17th of October, 1942 at Pipalikhera, a small village in Meerut District of Utt ar Pradesh. He obtained his M.B.B.S. degree in 1967 from Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College, A.M.U., Aligarh and M.D. (Medicine) in 1971 from the same University. Later, he was appointed as Clinic Registrar of Medical College by the Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. He has always served the society very duti fully, be it in the fi eld of medicine, educati on or social welfare. He always says “To treat the pati ents and to impart educati on both are divine works.”


Computer Science & Engineering Electronics & Communicati on Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Informati on Technology Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Electronics & Communicati on Engineering (VLSI) Mechanical Engineering(CAD) MCA MBA B.Pharma M.Pharma 269

NIET is a self-fi nanced Insti tute having a sprawling campus spread over an area of 13.90 acres with a lush green ambience all around. It has been developed into a Centre of Excellence imparti ng technical educati on and generati ng competent professionals with a high degree of credibility, integrity and ethical standards. The enti re NIET fraternity aims at recognizing, respecti ng and nurturing the creati ve potenti al of each student. The insti tute excels in all the parameters earmarked by AICTE and UP Technical University, Lucknow.

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NIET-HP Excellence Centre

INFRASTRUCTURE The state of art infrastructure faciliti es such as Wi-Fi enabled internet facility in insti tute premises & hostels, internet ready computer labs, fully equipped lecture halls, well stacked library with 63,132 volumes and e-journals, well established Mechanical, Electronics, Pharmacy, language labs, and Workstati on based HP certi fi ed CAD Lab are developed. The computer centre is self driven proacti ve nerve centre catering to the ever-growing technology in the area of academics, research and training. The centre is well equipped to provide advanced technologies, keeping pace with the rapidly changing environment of informati on technology. The Insti tute maintains well managed student ameniti es like: Cafeteria, Medical Aids, Xerox facility, Union Bank/ATM facility, Gym, Indoor & Outdoor games etc.

These days most of the soft ware & electronics industries desire to get trained professionals. NIET has taken a proper note of this problem and an Excellence Centre is developed in collaborati on with Hewlett Packard (HP) to train the students from NCR region on these desired technologies. This Excellence Centre bridges the gap between academic curriculum and industrial needs. The students from any insti tute can come to join vocati onal training in this Excellence Centre.

INTERFACE Career & Placement

NIET has gained disti nct image as an educati onal colossal among technical insti tutes because of its placement commitments. An unique Career Management Centre (CMC) is developed to have an Hostel interface between the Insti tute and Industries. In Two hostels for Boys (capacity 650 students) and this centre mentorship programmes are arranged one separate hostel for Girls (capacity 300 girls) to provide most creati ve brains to the industries. on the campus off er well venti lated, comfortable These programmes are conducted by highly experirooms. Students are provided with the facility of air- enced people from industries to develop students’ conditi oned common reading rooms in their respec- functi onal capabiliti es, leadership skills and strateti ve hostels. Common recreati onal areas develop a gic and cogniti ve thinking. CMC centrally handles sense of camaraderie and foster long-term bonds. campus placement of the graduati ng students of all departments. Because of these eff orts NIETians are Transport Facility working with Presently the BUS facility is being provided from New Delhi, all parts of Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad. From this session it may be available from several other places provided enough number of students are available.Students are charged on basis of actuals.

INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL NIET-Carlsys Center of Excellence in NanoTechnology Center of Excellence for Nanotechnology (CoEN) at NIET has been established with an objecti ve to amalgamate technical educati on and research in Nanotechnology area. In this eff ort, it has collaborated with Carlsys Technologies, Singapore to create a platf orm and accelerate this learning process and create essenti al faciliti es for research in the various streams of Nanotechnology. The center has been sucessfully running under the guidance of eminent faculty of NIET and Dr. Anish Priyadarshi (Phd NTU Singapore ,Director Carlsys Technologies). Students from all across India are parti cipati ng in the programs run by the center.


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[092] Priyadarshini College of Computer Sciences Greater Noida

CONTACT DETAILS: Plot No. 6A & 7,Knowledge Park-I, Greater Noida Phone: 0120-2322761,2322763,2322764 Fax 0120-2322762 SMS092 to Email :, UPTU Web : 56767

Strongest Alumni Base Phenomenal Placement Records



Established in 1990, on the eve of 75th birthday of late Smt. Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi, Priyadarshini College of Computer Sciences, has been imparti ng educati on in the fi eld of Engineering & Technology and Management for the last two decades. It happens to be one of the oldest technical insti tuti ons.

PCCS off ers some of the fi nest placement opportuniti es to its students. The illustrious past of our students is a result of synergies obtained by integrati ng eff orts of PCCS’s Academic Advisory Bord Members, Governing Council Members, Well placed Alumni, Placement Cell and the students that are comprehensively networked with the who’s who of the industry. • • • •

Mr. Khwaja Kahleelulla President

Prof. Shamama Ahmed Principal

Course Offered B.Tech • Computer Science & Engineering • Informati on Technology • Electronics & Communicati on Engineering • Electronics & Instrumentati on MBA Key Executives

Acti viti es undertaken keeping placements in view: Personality Developments through workshops. Resume Writi ng Sessions. Interview Tips Session Workshops on Industry Expectati ons from students

PCCS has a well organized in-house placement cell, appropriately staff ed with people having a vast experience. Recruiters for the 2007-2009 batches are: Reliance communications; ICICI Prudential; D i r e c t InfoTech; Mobiinformatics; Ontrack; HDFC Bank; Tata Indicom; L&T; Accenture; Kkrisp Tech; Vishal Retail; India Bulls; INFOSYS; Aryan; Tata Communication; Quantum Solution; Airtel; Cease fire; Info way; Fortune Tech. Media; Smadurk Infotech(P) Ltd.; Usha; Axis Bank Ltd.; Siscon; Tabric Lab; Mortin


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Rama Group of Institutions Kanpur

CONTACT DETAILS: Rama City, GT Road,Near Mandhana Railway Stati on,Kanpur Phone: 0512-2780891, 2780892, Fax: 0512-2780094 SMS to 293 T Email :, Web : P U U 67 567

Sprawling 60 acre campus A multi-speciality diverse educational group Medical - Dental - Nursing & Paramedical - Engineering - Business Studies - Clinical Research “The youth of this country is the key to its success ,and mentoring The insti tute’s campus is spread over a sprawling 60 them is the only way”, No acres of land on the nati onal highway and is archi- doubt when he says so tecturally planned and provides a perfect learning he is talking about technical educati on.A degree environment to students. that matt ers, an educa• Spacious and well lit venti lated digital study ti on that caters not just one but to numortheaters. ous other lives. • Well the equipped labo- ratorie with latest instru- Mr. B S Kushwaha, Chairman


ments and apparatus.

Key Executives

State of the art compter centre with 400 comput- ers.

Fastspeed Interne brow-sing through VSAT and dedicated lease line from BSNL.

Director : Dr N.P Singh DeputyRegistrar: Mr Srikant Mishra

Suffi cient games/ sports faciliti es

Well stosked digital li brary with seati ng capacity for 200 students

Well furnished in-cam pus hostels for boys and girls with 24 hours power back up..

Mess-cum-canteen that food, snacks

• •

serves hygienically

Group Institutions [293] Rama Insti tute of Engineering & Technology [531] Rama Insti tute of Technology Other Colleges 1. Rama Medical College 2. Rama Dental College 3. Rama Nursing & Paramedical Science 4. Rama Insti tute of Business Studies 5. Rama Insti tute of Clinical Research & Development

The aim of RAMA group is to provide quality education and serve the country. The group plays a sigIn-campus P.C.O, photo copier and fax faciliti es. nificant ammount of stress in Industry related curIncampus banking facity. riculum. 272

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COURSE OFFERED B.Tech 1.Computer Science & Engineering. 2.Informati on Technology 3.Mechanical Engineering 4.Electrical & Electronics Engineering. 5.Electronics & Communicati on Engineering


Specializations Offered Marketi ng, Human Resource Management, Finance, Informati on Technology,



Seminar Hall

The library is the heart, soul and mind of an academic insti tuti on. Our library is housed in a spacious air-conditi oned building and is completely computerized. The library contains over 12,000 books on various disciplines of Engineering,Humaniti es, Physics, Chemistry, Mathemati cs and English. In additi on, the library also stocks nati onal and internati onal journals in diff erent disciplines of engineering and science. The library is digitalized as well. Computer Labs The air-conditi oned/state-ofthe-art Computer Centre is spread over an area of 450 m2 and is well equipped with 400 latest questi on and IBM/COMPAQ Servers in perfect network environment on Windows 2000 NT and LINUX/Unix. Effi cient Internet facility is available to the students in the Center through VSAT and Leased Line. The Center has the following laboratories: •System Software Lab • Database Lab •Application Software Lab • Internet Lab •Advance Software Lab • Networks Lab

Hostels The RIET & RIT is sensiti ve to providing a homely environment to the students. It has separate hostels for boys and girls within the campus, and is well venti lated, furnished with modern ameniti es. Each fl oor of the hostel has 28 spacious rooms, accommodati ng two students in each room. The hostel has a common room where newspapers, magazines are available with 24-hours internet and telephone faciliti es. Placements The Insti tute has a well organized placement cell which works 24X7 for bett er future of our students, we at Rama, acknowledge that our responsibility is not just providing quality educati on to our students but to ensure their placement also into various corporate sectors according to their interest and knowledge.The placement team is comprised of well diversifi ed, educated and experienced group of individuals who are constantly in touch with diff erent organizati ons and organizes various placement opportuniti es for our students.


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[528] Ram-Eesh Institution of Engineering & Technology for Women (RIET) Greater Noida

CONTACT DETAILS: Plot No. 3, Knowledge Park –I, Kasna Road, Greater Noida Phone: 0120 -2322657, 2322658, 2322659, Fax: 0120- 2322656 SMS528 to Email: info@rameeshinsti tuti; Web: UPTU 56767 Contact Person: Prof. R.A.Malik [M:9810306614]

Ram-Eesh has a focus on academic excellence, discipline and human values. ABOUT RIET


RIET had been established in the year 1999 to proB.Tech vide excellence in technical educati on while developing ethics and values in students towards their Computer Science & Engineering - 90 Seats profession and society. The Insti tute has well ex- Electronics & Communicati on Engineering - 90 Seats perienced faculty and excellent infrastructure and Informati on Technology - 90 Seats faciliti es. The Insti tute has been set up to empower Awards & Recognitions woman through professional educati on. Ram-Eesh Group Insti tuti ons consist of Insti tute of Educati on providing B.Ed., B. P.Ed. & M.Ed.; Insti tute of Vocati onal & Technical Educati on providing B.Pharm and M. Pharm.; Insti tute of Engineering and Technology for Women providing B. Tech. and Internati onal School. Ram-Eesh Insti tute of Vocati onal and Technical Educati on the sister insituti on of RIET has been awarded the Star Performer Award for Academic Excellence by UPTU for 2007 and 2008 by his excellency Governer of Utt ar Pradesh.

About Chairman

HIGHLIGHTS Dr. R.C. Sharma Chairman Born on 21st June, 1937 in a village in Himachal Pradesh Dr. Sharma did his undergraduati on from Punjab University, M.Sc. (Botany) from B.R. College, Agra, M.Ed. and Ph.D. in educati on from Vikram University, Ujjain and ED.D. (Doctorate in Educati on) from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A. He worked as Senior Advisor in UNESCO, Paris for over 20 years.”

Founded by educati onist Dr. R. C. Sharma, Former Senior Advisor, UNESCO, Paris • Set up on a 14 acres lush green campus with beauti ful landscape. • Excellent infrastructure and labs. • Experienced and well qualifi ed faculty. • Hostel facility in campus. • Fee concession/scholarship for meritorious students. • No Donati ons Accepted. 274

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[336] Roorkee Engineering & Management Technology Institute Muzaffarnagar

SMS336 to P U TU 56767 CONTACT DETAILS :8 KM, Shamli Panipat Road, State Highway-12. Dist. Muzaff arnagar Phone: 01398-268606/268615 , 09910057294, 09756798387 Fax : 01398-268615 Email : rem.techinsti, Web :

Tie up for placements & summer training with WIPRO 17th Rank among UPTU Insti tutes

Situated amidst abundant greenery and an ambience conducive for studies Mr. Subhash Jain, Chairman of REMTech, has been one of the founder trustees of College of Engineering Roorkee(COER), one of the top ranked engineer• Located at the best of Locals and well connect- ing colleges of northern region. His acti ve involveed from DELHI, NOIDA, GHAZIABAD, PANIPAT ment in the fi eld of educati on is the guiding spirit and MEERUT and source of inspirati on behind the all- round de• Highly Qualifi ed & Experienced Faculty • State of the art Computer Centre, Library and velopment of REMTech. Laboratories Dr. R.K.Jatley, Director of REMTech, did M.Tech. • Wi-Fi Campus • Hostel Faciliti es separate for Boys and girls with- and Ph.D. from Pant University and was the head of University’s Instrumentati on Centre ti ll 1999. Then, in campus he became the head of the Department of Electri• Transport facility available for students cal and Electronics Engineering in Arba Minch University, Ethiopia. Aft er his return home , he served engineering colleges in Greater Noida and Dehradun Established by Shri Salek Chand Inder Sain Jain before moving to REMTech. (SALIN) Foundati on with the vision “Empowering through Education” by providing quality educati on Courses Offered in engineering, technology and in various related B.Tech MBA fi elds like M.B.A.



• • • • •

Mr.Subhash Jain Mr. J.P. Jain Dr. R K Jaitley Chairman Director Vice-Chairman Mrs. Babita Jain, Mr. Sanjay Jain, Mr. Pankaj Jain and Mr. Naman Jain are the other trustees behind REMTech.

Informati on Technology(IT) Computer Science & Engineering(CS) Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EE) Electronics&Communicati onEngineering (EC) MechanicalEngineering (*Applied For)

REMTech aims to develop world- class technical and managerial man power in engineering and management technology who will become leaders and innovators of tomorrow having concern for the community and fellow beings, and for those who can contribute in creation, application and adaptation of knowledge.


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Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

INFRASTRUCTURE Hexagonal Classrooms The academic block houses Lecture rooms, Tutorial rooms and a faculty room. REMTech has specifi cally designed classrooms in hexagonal shapes and aestheti cally created seating arrangement for a clear view black-board from Interactions with Industry every corner. Every class room depicts a diff erent Summer training for the students of REMTech academic tone with inspiring colors. is arranged with industrial giants like ‘Star PaHostels per Mills’, ‘Kotak Finance, ‘Bajaj Allianz’, ‘Vishal There are separate hostels for both Boys and Girls Mega Mart’, ‘ONGC’, ‘ITC’, ‘TATA ANG’, ‘ING Bank’ within the campus. Each room has triple occupancy. Each hostel block is equipped with Wi-Fi facility. A 24x7 etc. HR and Senior Executives of well known software companies like ‘AppNetix Techno’, ‘Utopian library facility is being provided in the hostel itself. Softwares’ etc. have been visiting REMTech camLibrary pus to develop their soft-skills to enable them to fetch jobs in industry. Placements


The library subscribes to a large number of technical nati onal & internati onal journals, newspapers and a wide range of magazines. It also has a large number of online technical journals, magazines and course materials. Computer Labs

REMTech is committ ed to provide placement opportuniti es to all the REMTIANS. It has a placement & internship ti e-up with WIPRO. Personality development educati on consti tutes a core area which is imparted through the VSAT terminals installed in the Campus. Extra-curricular activities:

Modern facilities both for outdoor and indoor games have been developed in the Campus. Apart Equipped with Core 2 Duo systems with latest con- from Sports, Yoga and Meditation have been orfi gurati on and 19” TFT, and soft ware at par with best technologies. REMTech boasts of broadband servic- ganized to enhance mental alertness. Cultural es and Wi-Fi campus so the students are free to surf Programmes under aegis of SPICMACAY, debate Competitions, industrial visits and training are oranywhere on 24x7 basis. ganized at regular intervals . Laboratories & Workshops The Laboratory block consists of a huge Drawing hall and Electrical, Mechanical, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Measurement Lab, Electronics Workshop, PCB Lab, Microprocessor, Electronic Circuit, Digital Lab, Network & System Lab etc. All the labs are well equipped with latest and sophisti cated equipments, keeping in mind the training for the fundamentals of the subjects, research and the industrial requirements.


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Saroj Educational Group SMS 7 00 UPTU 767 to 56



10th KM Stone, Aligarh – Mathura Road, Phone: 05722-257280, Fax: 05722-257280 Email, pavan_ssitm@ Web :

SMS 3 12 P U TU 767 6 5 o t

12th KM Stone, Lucknow – Sultanpur Road Phone: 0522 - 6460723 Email :chairmanseg@rediff,, Web :

13 years & 3 Generations of Educational Excellence

Distinction of having Engineering, Management & Pharmacy disciplines on the same campus 125 business groups selected SEG Students in 2008-09. 7 of Saroj Educational Group Courses are N.B.A Accredited



Saroj Educati onal Group (SEG) is self fi nanced educati onal group off ering highest standard of quality educati on of students across India. it was established in 1997 as a single engineering college, and today it has converted into group (SEG), running in insti tutes at Aligarh (Shivdan Singh insti tute of technology & management, Aligarh established-1997) at Aligarh Mathura road, Aligarh, and at lucknow two insti tutes by the name of (Saroj Insti tute of technology & management, Lucknow established -2001 & Lucknow insti tute of technology & management, Lucknow established-2009) at sultanpur road lucknow. Saroj Educati onal Group (SEG) has a rich history more than half a century, and was found to provide high quality educati on in the stream of engineering, pharmacy & management.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

N.B.A Accreditation-rewarding Excellence Locations - Aligarh and Lucknow Reputed faculty Excellence Infrastructure Facility Available: Eco-friendly Campus, High tech facility,A/C Computer labs, Resources Centre,Wi-Fi Campus,Separate Boys/Girls Hostels Within the Campus, Placement Cell,Library & Information Service,Book Bank, Modern Gymnasium & Healthclub within the campus, Transportation facility

Group Institutions

Three Generation in Education

[007] Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology and Management, Aligarh [573] Shivdan Singh Inst. of Hotel Management, Aligarh Late Thakur Shivdan Singh

Late Shri Rajendra Singh

Mr. Sunil Singh (Chairman)

SEG is not just a cluster of educati onal insti tuti ons. It is a movement to train our youths in such a way that they become assets not only to themselves and to their families but to the nati on as well.

[123] Saroj Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow [529] Lucknow Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow [572] Lucknow Institute of Pharmacy, Lucknow


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INFRASTRUCTURE About Campus The campuses are opulently equipped with classrooms, laboratories, computer centre, library, hostel, sports ground, cafeteria and a mini shopping centre. High moral, language profi ciency and dedicated approach are some of the qualiti es nurtured so that our students can face their problems both at personal and professional levels with opti mism. The campus has lush green lawns, a polluti on free environment which makes your visit to the insti tute memorable and leaves an unforgettable learning experience. Computer Laboratories The insti tute has a large number of computer systems network for high-end programming, internet surfi ng and communicati on building skills that increase effi ciency. All relevant licensed soft ware packages are installed in these computers that facilitate the students to become conversant with the latest soft ware technologies. Laboratories Laboratories are an integral and important consti tuent of any educati onal setup. With this fi rm belief, Insti tute has invested generously in all laboratories making them well lit, airy and aestheti cally designed from ground up. All laboratories have the latest equipments, instruments required for academic and research purposes Lecture Halls At SITM, lecture halls are thoughtf ully designed to induce high quality learning atmosphere. These lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like overhead projectors, multi media aids, LCD, etc.

necessary furniture, telephone, water coolers, refrigerators, recreati onal faciliti es like TV and indoor games such as table tennis, gymnasium, chess, carom board, etc. Wi-fi internet connecti vity in hostel rooms is also available. Mess/Cafeteria A separate multi purpose complex in the campus provides excellent messing faciliti es for all students, staff , faculti es and visitors. The mess can cater up to 200 persons at a ti me.Food preparati on and catering are on contract basis but under the direct supervision of the messing committee comprising of faculti es and students representati ves. The added facility of cafeteria is also functi oning providing snacks, tea, coff ee & sold drinks, etc. to students and visitors. Common Rooms

Girls Hostel Room

Boys Hostel Room

Transport The college has ten deluxe buses to provide transportati on facility to its students and faculti es throughout Lucknow. Boys & Girls staying outside campus hostels are allowed to use transport faciliti es on payment basis. Sports

Having concept of compulsory evening acti viti es and healthy Hostels parti cipati on of the students. At SEG, boarding faciliti es are available for boys and SEG provides extra ordinary girls separately. Each of these hostels off ers a unique sports faciliti es to its studetns. experience in community living. The hostels are will- The sports faciliti es include both equipped with 24 hours electricity/ water supply, indoor and outdoor sports.


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Computer Science & Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics & Communicati on Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bio-Technology Bio-Medical Civil Engineering Agriculture Engineering







R&D and Research Activities SEG faculty and students have been involved in various research projects and received many awards and reorganizati on in last many years. Industrial Meet SEG not only works to promote interacti on among faculty members , technical staff and students, this also works to establish interacti on with industries. Industrial meeti ng is proposed program in this directi on. This meet enhances the infl ow of knowledge and improves job scenario. Educational Trip

The trip is also a part of industrial meet program. This trip is organized every year to various industries. During trip, the student get an opportunity Library to apply their skills practi cally and learn industrial The library is committ ed to off er rapid response with processes at the producti on level. greater fl exibility to meet the needs of a growing student and faculty Seminars community. The library ensures that Seminar & paper presentati on are held on regular students have not basis and are regular feature of life at SEG. The semionly their relevant nars are supervised by the faculti es related to the course books, jourManagement.Department on STO, Financial Awarenals and reference ness, Poverty, Strategies of Rural Marketi ng.Potenbooks but also have ti al Market. The seminars like-Sambanth, New Core, reading material Smriti , Yaqdgar, etc, held at SEG. that increase knowledge for an over-all development of their personalN.B.A Accreditation ity. The library has a collecti on of over 35,000 ti tles of books and 200 internati onal and reputed Indian Today at SEG 7 of our Courses are N.B.A Accreditedjournals. The library also prides itself with a rich col- assure evidence of the quality of professional Edulecti on of all prominent magazines in the area of cati on for all those who study at SEG enhances their business as well as general awareness. capabiliti es.“Accreditati on of our courses means Internati onal Stamp of Approval and recogniti on of Book Bank our commitment to impart quality educati on” In additi on to this, liReputed faculty brary off ers BOOK Bank faciliti es, where in stuCore Faculty:-comprises disti nct which academidents can get one book cians from the best insti tuti ons/leading Professionper subject issued to him als and cooperate with which industry experience. for all semester against Most of the faculty is M.Tech or P.hD’s. The faculti es a nominal charge. The have been drawn from all over country to usher in reference secti on is in a cosmopolitan culture.Visiti ng Faculty:-In Additi on the library. The staff of to permanent faulty leading professional with which library is constantly updati ng the lists of books and industry Experience & courage the Students to look journals in the library. The atmosphere in the library beyond the books and explore the subject with Exis peaceful and disturbing element are strongly dis- perimental Learning. couraged and banned.


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INTERFACE Management Students’ Activity Cell (MSAC)

Industrial Training &Tours Our students have gone under vocati onal and summer training programs in high profi le industries and organizati on . We also organize industrial tours to workshop of leading industries from ti me to ti me to enable students to co-relate their theoreti cal knowledge with their practi cal experience. Some of the Industries where our students have undergone vocati onal training are HAL, Lucknow , Kanpur and Korwa , RDSO, BSNL, CMC, Tata Moters , ICICI, Biotech Park ,CDRI DR. Reddy Lab, CETPA etc.

Management Students’ Acti vity Cell regularly conducts various Management Acti viti es. The acti viti es are for the students and organized by the students under the supervision of the faculti es. The moti ve behind these acti viti es is to develop creati ve skills as well as managerial atti tude in the students • Business Quiz • Case Analysis In this highly competi ti ve era, our insti tuti on is dedi- • Ad-Mad Show cated to providing assistance and guidance to the • Mock-Sessions students in getti ng employment in the industries. • Business Presentati ons A fully equipped Training and Placement cell of the • Vocabulary Quiz insti tuti on is regularly interacti ng with various in- • General-Awareness Quiz dustries to identi fy the opportuniti es of training and • Role- Plays avenues of placement for students The cell main- • Seminars tains regular correspondence with the executi ves • Group Discussions of corporate world with an objecti ve to provide as- • Extempore sistance and guidance to their students in getti ng training and suitable employment. During last few Students Activities years our students have been successfully placed in reputed organizati ons during campus selecti ons held at SITM. Some of the Companies Names are Dell, Elli Lilly, Prologix Soft , Accenture , Wipro , L&T , I- Flex , Torri Haries , Pfi zer, Novariti s , Nestle, ICICI Pru. Share Khan , , Envisage Infotech. PLACEMENT HIGHLIGHTS 2008-09 1. 125 business groups selected SEG Students in 2008-09. 2. 95 were MNC’s and the rest Nati onal front running companies 3. 6 of the top 10 Indian Soft ware companies recruited SEG Students 4. Internati onal Placements Higher Educati on Training & Placement Activities

Magazine: The annual student magazine is a forum to help develop the creati ve abiliti es of students and staff . It refl ects the atti tude, ambiti ons and dreams of the enti re generati on of college students through the arti cles it contains. The magazine also gives an overall view of the social-cultural interacti on and inter-personal interacti on amongst students, faculty and staff . Srijan: The Insti tute celebrates its cultural Festi val called ‘Srijan’ each year, which is a three day programmed packed with a number of cultural, technical and literary competi ti ons. It includes a host of events like Debates, Group Discussions, Antakshari Competi ti ons, Fashion Show, Quiz Programmes, Poetry Recitati on, Singing Competi ti on, Musical Performance by popular arti sts, JAM Sessions, dramatics, indoor and outdoor sports, dance competi ti ons and much more.

Lucknow Head Office: 8, Mall Avenue, Lucknow Ph: 0522-2239810, 2236455 Delhi Office: L5, First Floor, Lajpat Nagar, Part II New Delhi- 110024 Admissions Cell: 09837045731, 09690927631


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[475] Shri Jeet Ram Smarak Institute of Engineering & Technology Bareilly

CONTACT DETAILS :Village Khata, Rithura Bareilly, Utt ar Pradesh Phone:0581- 2602201/03/04, 9452035778 Fax : 0581-454810 SMS475 to Email :, P U TU 56767 Web :

Developing Inquisitive thinkers Founder, K.K. Gupta, has a vision “To educate the whole person – ‘head, hand and heart’ “ Courses Offered


Shri Jeet Ram Smarak College of Engineering & Tech- B.Tech nology, popularly known as SJRSIET, is a self fi nanced 1. Computer Science & Engineering 2. Informati on Technology insti tute founded by Mr. K.K. Gupta. 3. Electronics & Communicati on 4. Mechincal Engineering Key Executives 5. Electrical & Electronics Vice Chairman 6. Civil Mr. Saurabh Gupta Amenities Technical Advisor Wi-fi Campus Dr. O.P.Gupta, Prof. (Retd.),Mechanical Engg. Air conditi onal Library and computer labs I.I.T., Kharagpur Structured Labs with Latest Equipment Director Well maintained Cafeteria and Transport Facility Dr. P.K.Agarwal Mr. K K Gupta Former Prof. N.I.S., Kanpur Chairman Aim of SJRSIET 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

To develop inquisiti ve thinkers with a love of learning who cherish independent thought. To enable students’ talents to develop through doing and making. To foster individuality and encourage initi ati ve, creati vity and the appreciati on of the beauti ful. To enable students and staff to take pride in the community’s disti ncti veness to feel valued and nourished by the community. To foster interest beyond the school and engaging with the local community and developing an intenati onal awareness.


Computer Lab

Class Room

Cafeteria 282

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[153] Skyline Institute of Engineering & Technology Greater Noiada

CONTACT DETAILS : Plot no. 3, Knowledge Park-2, Greater Noida Phone: (0120) 2326203, 2320206 Fax : (0120) 2320207 SMS153 to Email : UPTU Web :-www.skylineinsti 6767

Developing Inquisitive thinkers A premiere NBA accredited & ISO 9001:2000 Certified Institution About Society/Trust


Group Institutions

Sati lila Charitable Society established in the year 2001 under Societi es Act, 1860 , is headed by the well known industrialist and Philanthropist, Shri S.L. Vaswani and supported by the management committ ee of eminent scienti sts, technocrats, and Industrialist, the Society has already, in the span of less than 8 years, carved out a niche of disti ncti on for itself. It can confi dently claim to be able to outscore, in terms of infrastructure, academic acti vity, student ameniti es and overall academic ambience, any college of its ilk.


Key Executives

“The engineering graduates from this institute are individuals with an urge to keep them growing continuously in life and then be among the change agents, policy makers and result oriented individuals capable of giving positive direction in various events of life. We at Skyline not only concentrate on knowledge development but also on personal, spiritual and social development. We endeavour to offer the students a wholesome enjoyable and fulfilling experience of learning.” Sh. S.L. Vaswani, Chairman Director: Prof Jagdish Singh

• • • •

• •

Dr. A.M.Michael , Ex Vice Chancellor KAU Trichur Prof .Yogesh Singh, Dean, School of Info. Tech. Prof V.D. Vankar, (IIT, Delhi) Deptt . of Physics Prof. R.R. Das, (I.T BHU, Varanasi), Dept. Of Electronics & Instrumentati on Prof. A. Tripathi, Dept. Of Mathemati cs, IIT Delhi Prof. A.K.Singh, Dept. Of Chemistry, IIT Delhi 7. Dr. Udai Pareekh ,Ex Prof. (IIM, Ahemdabad)

Courses Offered B.Tech Electronics & Communicati on Engineering Mechanical Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Civil Engineering MBA

MCA 283

Engineering Admission Guide 2010 Hostel The College has both Boy’s and Girl’s hostels separately with 400 – seat boys and 200 – seat girls in the college campus. Both the hostels have common rooms, Television, indoor and outdoor and outdoor games faciliti es like table tennis , carom, volleyball , badminton , football and cricket etc. A gym is also provided for the students. The hostel mess provides hygienic and nutriti ous breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner to the students. Wi-fi Campus The Insti tute has most modern, multi -storeyed, fully air-conditi oned Wi-Fi Campus with State of the art IT centre having 24hrs internet connecti vity.

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Students Activity


Training & Placement

Seminar Hall Nicely designed semi- circular seminar hall is fully Air -Conditi oner a multi purpose area of 4000 sq. feet used for seminars . Large assembly’s functi ons, extension lectures, rehearsals and presentati on of cultural programs by students. CCNA Lab On-line Curriculum and Interacti on Tools from CISCO. Placement Assistance. Value Additi on to Students on no Profi t Basis. 80% Discount on CCNA Examinati on Fees Course Completi on Certi fi cate of CCNA to Parti cipants Library The SIET Central Library is located at the fi rst fl oor & second fl oor of administrati ve block and it is fully Air Conditi oned. The Central Library has a modern collecti on of knowledge resource and innovati ve informati on services . It is well –stocked library spread over 750 sq,m with a capacity of more than 100 readers at a ti me and with well design seati ng . It has over 20,000 books in a various discipline with book bank facility. It also subscribe to more than 151 periodicals ( Indian & Foreign). The Transacti ons of books is fully automated.



Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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[488] Srinathji Education for Technical Education Meerut

SMS488 to UPTU 56767

CONTACT DETAILS : Ghat Insti tuti onal Area, Partapur Bypass( NH-58), Meerut Phone: 9639006500/501/502 Fax : 0121-2401620 Email :, SMS: ENGG to 54242 Web

IT Assocaite Parter of Wipro Infotech Focused on Innovative Teaching Methodology for Overall Development of Student Courses Offered

HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • •

Highly qualifi ed and dedicated faculty. Well equipped labs & workshop with modernteaching aids. Well stocked, fully automated, centrally airconditi oned library with book bank facility. Wi-Fi campus with fully air-conditi oned Classrooms & Labs. In campus hostel, separate hostel for boys & girls. Own transport facility, in and around the city. Scholarships/fee concessions to meritorious and deserving students.

About Institute The insti tute has an excellent infrastructure with independent departmental and laboratory blocks having adequate equipment and machinery att ached for the practi cal purposes. Round the clock internet connecti vity with wi-fi enabled, campus with airconditi oned classrooms and laboratories provides excellent environment, conducive for learning.

B.Tech Civil Engineering Electronics & Communicati on Engg. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Computer science & Engineering Informati on Technology Mechnical Engineering Labs,Workshops & Library

Electrical Lab

Computer Lab

Mechanical Workshop


Key Executives Chairman:- Sharad Garg Vice Chairman:-Tarun Kumar Gupta Director:- Dr.Preeti Mishra Dedicated faculty SRITECH has a set of dedicated, enthusiasti c individuals having adequate experience in academics and Industry.

Placement SRITECH’s placement cell enjoy close relati onship with the industry provide best opportuniti es to its technocrats through campus interviews .


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Sunder Deep Group of Institutions Ghaziabad SMS 0 24 UPTU 767 6 5 to

CONTACT DETAILS : NH-24, Sunder Deep Nagar Delhi-Hapur Road, Dasna, Ghaziabad Phone: 0120- 2768492, 2766554,9717395330 Fax : 0120-2765254 Email :,, Web :

An ISO 9001: 2000 certified Institute Equipped with all modern facility Experiential learning, Emphasizing values, Leadership skills and Decision-making abilities HIGHLIGHTS

Group Colleges

• • • • • • • • •

Separate Hostel facility available for Boys & Girls. Transport Facility available throughout Ghaziabad. Seminars and workshop. Foreign Language at no extra cost Faculty development program Rich Library Support Hi-Tech Computer Lab English Development Classes A/C Class Rooms with LCD & OHP Projectors

34th Rank in UPTU

Chaiman: Mr. S. C. Gupta

Chief Executive: Sh. Subhash Gupta (IPS)

Advisor Dr. K.K. Agarwal Ex-VC, GGSIP University Sh. Subhash Gupta IPS Sri K.B. Agarwal,IAS Prof. R.K.Arora Former HOD, Comp. Sc. IIT Delhi Prof. K.D.Benwat HOD, Dept. of Mgmt. Sc. IIT Delhi Ms. Shobha Dixit Honble Ex-Justi ce, Alld HighCourt

[240] Sunder Deep Engineering College [328] Sunderdeep College of Engineering & Technology [326] Sunderdeep College of Hotel Management [327] Sunderdeep College of Architecture [477] Sunderdeep Girls Engineering College Sunderdeep College of Management Technology[PGDM] About Group Sunder Deep Group of Insti tuti oans (SDGI) was established in 2004 with a vision of becoming center of excellence for professional educati on in all its realms. A group of noted academicians and eminent industrialists with high social acceptance had joined hands to establish SDGI. Within a short span of ti me, SDGI has assumed a credible positi on among most progressing professional educati on insti tuti ons of Nati onal Capital Region. This exponenti al growth itself is a testi mony of sincere eff orts being put in by faculty and staff members of SDGI. Key Executives Chairman: Mr. S. C. Gupta Gen. Secy. : Sh. Mahendra Aggarwal Treasurer/ Secy. Finance : Sh. Manoj Gupta Director SDEC: Dr. Anju Saxena Director SDCET: Dr. O. P. Chaudhary Director SDGEC: Dr. M.K. Diwan Director SDCA: Ar. S.K. Goel Director SDHM: Prof CDN Sinha


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Well Eqipped Modern Labs

A sprawling campus of more than 30 acres has been meti culously planned in number of functi onal building blocks separated by lush green grass lawns .The academic complex provide for complete requirements of lecture rooms, Tutorial rooms , Drawing hall , Faculty offi ces , offi ce of HODs . laboratories and workshop . Elegantly designed comfortable furniture in the spacious well – venti lated and well –lit Classrooms provides the students the comfort needed for a sti mulati ng learning experience .All basic ameniti es like safe drinking water , medical aid , canteen , electricity , power back – up and communicati on faciliti es , etc. have been provided. Campus Facilities

Computer Labs The computer dome is ably supported with 10 fully equipped computer labs having state-of-the-art computi ng resources providing one-to-one access to students. The dome is ably powered with latest soft ware applicati ons on engineering, medicine, hospitality, architecture and informati on technology. The computer centre is centrally air-conditi oned and is backed up by high caliber UPS to ensure uninterrupted operati ons. Class Rooms The classrooms are ably aided with comfortable seati ng and latest teaching audio/visual tools to facilitate smooth transfer of knowledge. The classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for the dynamic and focused discussions.

--Sports Faciliti es for Cricket, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton etc. --Well equipped Gym facility with trainer facility --Nescafe Cafeteria for refreshment of students --Own fl eet of buses which connects the campus with all major locati ons in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad Greater Noida and Hapur. --Tie up with a major hospital to provide medical faciliti es in and out of campus. --Well-equiped conference hall for conducti ng seminars and workshops.

Hostels SDGI provides the best hostel faciliti es in campus for girls and boys separately. The well-appointed hostel rooms provide a comfortable stay to provide much-needed break from hecti c acti viti es. Hostels have faciliti es like adequate (hot and cold) water supply, medical aid, electricity backup, security, Internet access and recreati onal faciliti es etc.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL Courses offered B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Electronics and Communicati on Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Informati on Technology B.Pharma MBA



lous success by organizing “Whole Brain Creati vity “ programme for their students and Faculty on Monday by their Chairman Mr. S.C. Gupta .This functi on was organized in associati on with “wow factor” India whose sole aim is self actualizati on and development of individuals , giving details about this functi on the Country head of wow factors Mr. Shankar told that this programme is being run in more than 30 countries in 18 languages. This programme has also won noble prize in 1981 for “SPLIT BRAIN THEROY” Personality and Skill Development Workshops


The Insti tute organizes diff erent acti viti es for the student development ti me to ti me. It includes Internati onal Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Quiz/ Debates, PDP Sessions, Mock Interviews, Expert/ Guest Lectures, etc. and moti vates students to parti cipate in various programmes like Microsoft Go AA well stocked library with more than 50000 lat- Live Challenge, Technical Training Programme, etc. est reference ti tles on technical, Management and We are following the diff erent educati onal trips orrelated subject as wall as 60 professional journals ganized by the Insti tute. (both nati onal & internati onal) help the students Faculty Development Programmes and faculty to keep abreast with world wide advancement. The diff erent secti ons of library fully auThere is a strong link between the conti nuing develtomated through e-insti tute Management system. opment of the insti tute’s staff and the development The online web journal facility to provide access to of the insti tuti on. One of the undoubted strengths tables of contents. Abstracts and full text version of of the Insti tute is the skill and knowledge of our staff major nati onal and internati onal journal in the fi eld and we encourage them to develop both professionof Engineering, Medicine, Hospitality industry, Aral and personal skills as well as knowledge approprichitecture & Management. Through digital library ate to their role. to students and faculti es access multi -media based study material, live video lecture by eminent profesLearning Resources Group sors from the world class insti tuti on and computer The group has an internati onally accepted class of based tutorial. infrastructure faciliti es to provide excellent academSpecial Feature ic environment for the future leaders. The group is committ ed to provide every facility to their students “Whole Brain Creati vity “ Program: Sunderdeep which help them to groom their personality and Group of Insti tuti ons Ghaziabad marked a marve- analyti cal skills.


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INTERFACE Training & Placement Activities

International Linkages

SDEC consider industry as our regular partner for enrichment of curriculum, providing training & placement opportuniti es and updati ng the students about the necessary skills of industry. SDEC follow a multi faceted approach to ensure regular transfer of knowledge and ideas from industry. Our Industry Interface Cell conducts rigorous contact exercises with industry. The Insti tute interface initi ates with invitati on to industry leaders for guest lectures. Industry leaders regularly update students about industry requirements and provide them with valuable inputs regarding the industry of choice.

Companies Recruiting from Sunderdeep

STUDENT ACTIVITIES 1.Co-Curricular acti viti es of SDGI provide the necessary impetus for all round growth of students while bringing out the hidden talents of the student to the fore. Diff erent societi es plan year round acti viti es through an annual calendar. Co- Curricular acti viti es of SDGI bring out the hidden talents of the students to the fore. These acti viti es provide a plate form to the exhibit their potenti al and excel extracurricular passion. Various acti viti es are performed by various independent societi es. 2. A blood donati on camp was conducted by Rotary Club of Ghaziabad in SDGI Campus on 16 th Septem-

ber 2008. The event was a huge success with over 85 donati ons and saw an acti ve parti cipati on from the students and the faculty alike. Mr. Mahendra Aggarwal , General Secretary , SDGI Ghaziabad inaugurated the event with the lighti ng of the lamp ceremony. The campaign involved a series o posters and banners which were put up all over the campus. Presentati ons and audio – video aids were also used to create awareness. The event started at 9:00 am in the morning and throughout the day there was huge crowd waiti ng eagerly to donate blood.


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[364] S P Memorial Institute of Technology Kaushambi SMS 4 36 P U TU 767 6 5 o t

City Office: Vinayak Complex, Elgin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad. Contact: 9792421302 Campus: GT Road, Bhiti Mahgaon, Kaushambi Phone: (0532)-2766000, 9795114307, 9794524947 Email:; Web:

Academic Adoption by Indian Institute of Information Technology [IIIT] Allahabad ISO 9002 certified, with state of the art infrastructure and facilities HIGHLIGHTS

• • • • • •

Infrastucture • Laboratories and workshops: -The main labs in IIIT Allahabad extends all possible academic rethe campus are Mechanics Lab, Electrical lab, sources, support and guidance to SPMIT in its Physics lab, PC lab, workshop, Digital Electronics eff orts to impart best technical educati on, relab, Computer lab, EMEC lab and many more. search & development to minimize the techno• Computer Centre: The Computer Centre of logical imbalance. the insti tute is one of the best designed and Highly Experienced and well Qualifi ed Faculty equipped labs in this fi eld. Rich Library more than 15000 Books • Library:- The library of SPMIT has a meti culously State of Art Computer Centre with broadband. chosen secti on of more than 10,000 books unConference Hall, Audio-Visual Centre der more than 1500 ti tles. Students are also Sports Hub given book bank faciliti es. Transport Facility Hostel & Other Amenities Separate hostel faciliti es are available for boys and girls. Hostel provides recreati onal room, mess with variety of nourishing, hygienic & good food at subsidized rate. Cafeteria, Medical Support, Pickups, 24 hrs Power Backup, Postal Service, Departmental Store are other faciliti es on the campus. Placements

Key executives Chairman:-Mr.Pramod Tewari Managing Director :-Ms.Vijayshri Tiwari Director :- Prof. S. K. Tewari GM(Admn):- Mr. Amitabh Gour Registrar:-Lt.Col.L.M.Swain Courses offered B.Tech • • • • •


Computer Science Engineering Informati on Technology Electrical & Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electronics & Communicati on

Guest Lectures The Insti tutes conducts various guest lectures by eminent speakers from Industry and Renowned Insti tutes in order to expose our students to the corporate world.

The Insti tute provides Training & Placement Assistance. All students have been absorbed by renowned companies like: ING Vysya Bank, HDFC Life Insurance, Met-Life, Reliance Money, Reliance Communicati ons, Areva, HDFC Mutual Funds, Kajaria Ceramics, for their Summer Training Programme. Apart from the summer training the Insti tute also conducts Industrial tours on regular basis.

Admission Helpline 9794524947 Management Quota Seats Available As per Norms


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[500] Trident ET Group of Institutions, Faculty of Engineering


CONTACT DETAILS : NH-58, Delhi - Meerut Road, Morta, Ghaziabad Phone: 0120-2800600, 01, Mob:-09650595485/88 Fax: 0120-2800602 Email : tridenti, Web :

SMS 0 50 UPTU 767 to 56

Awarded the “Best Upcoming Engineering Institution in NCR, Ghaziabad” Governed & Promoted by Visionary, Commited

IITians, Educationalists and Industrialists COURSE OFFERED

HIGHLIGHTS • Highly Qualified & Competent Faculty (from IIT, IT-BHU, Allahabad University) • Approachable locati on on Nati onal Highway - 58 • Air Conditi oned Computer & Communicati on Labs • Integrated State of Art Faciliti es • Separate Hostel faciliti es for Boys and Girls. • Library with modern collecti on of knowledge resources. • Well Equipped Laborataries, Lecture Threatres and seminar halls • Campus wide Wi-Fi connecti vity • 12.5 Acre sprawling lush green campus

B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering [CS] Informati on Technology [IT] Electronics & Communicati on Engineering [EC] Mechanical Engineering [ME] Civil Engineering [CE] (*Applied For) The Sister Institution, Faculty of Management Sciences [UPTU CODE: 510] offers the 2 year MBA programme as well Performance in the First Year In B.Tech fi rst year the result in 3 subjects has been above 93%, while that in other four it has been between 80-92%. Similarly, in MBA programme the insti tuti on produced an excellent 100% while that in other 3 the result varied between 92-99%. Academic Excellence of Trident Group has been established in its very first year of inception. About Trident Group Inspired by a philanthropic urge and moti vated by social concern, the Trident Educati onal Trust has established two colleges in the domain of engineering & management having UPTU Codes 500 and 510 respecti vely.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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United Group of Institutions

SMS 0 01 P U TU 767 6 5 o t

Greater Noida


A-31, UPSIDC Industrial Area, Naini, Allahabad Phone:-0532-2686070, Fax : 0532-2687142 Email : Web : [010] United College of Engineering & Research, [011] United Insti tute of Management [284] United Insti tute of Technology [342] United College of Engineering & Management

50, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida Phone:- 0120-3230169, 2322208/9 Fax :-0120-2322209 Email : Web : [193] United College of Engineering & Research [212] United Insti tute of Management

“I am amazed to see the college and also charmed to see the objectives of the institute.” Swami (Dr.) Parthasarathy Member, Prime Minister’s National Advisory Council on Education Chairman, RKV International Foundation

“Our batch is indebted to United for the excellent placement opportunities provided in 2006-07“ Richa Pandey, Satyam “The training and placement cell at UCER is excellent. The motivated placement officers have been a constant source of inspiration for me.” Gagan Deep Singh, Computer Science & Engineering, HCL Technologies “We at United Group of Institutions, aim at creating a workforce of professionals with analytical skills who can dream a better world and transform the dream into reality.” Mr. G.G. Gulati, Chairman, United Group of Institutions

HIGHLIGHTS Fastest Growing Educati onal Groups Strategic Industry Tie-ups Well Recognized Courses Excellent Student -Teacher Relati ons Strong interpersonal communication between the students and the teachers so that teachers know the students personally.

Impressive Infrastructure Experienced Faculty

“State of the art facilities which are augmented by an immaculate environment make our campus a perfect haven for studies and recreational activities.” Mr. Satpal Gulati, ViceChairman

Highly qualified faculty who are encouraged by the institute to further their studies.

Scholarships for the needy Shiv Jyoti Scholarship for deserving students and Kalpana Chawla scholarship for deserving female candidates.

Multi farious Development Programmes

“The United Institutions is laying the foundation stone for academics par excellence. We are dedicated in providing superior quality education and the holistic growth of the students.” Dr. Jagdish Gulati, Director


Engineering Admission Guide 2010 Library


An enviable collecti on of nati onally and internati onally acclaimed books of over 65,000 volumes are shelved at the library of Allahabad campuses, although in the initi al years, already has more than 30,000 books. Moreover, the college library is a member of INDEST, DELNET (Developing Library Network) through which the students have access to & can issue books, arti cles, periodicals, etc from premier insti tutes of the country including all IITs.

B.Tech • Computer Science Engineering • Informati on Technology • Electrical & Electronics Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Electronics & Communicati on • Civil Engineering • Producati on Engineering • Electronics and Instrumentati on M.Tech




Featured Colleges


Digital Library

Faculty United group is proud to possess a blend of experienced and qualifi ed senior academicians and young highly talent teachers. The Insti tute also invites people from the corporate sector and academic fi eld as visiti ng and guest faculty to share their experiences with the students. Workshops & laboratories Advanced and state-of-the-art laboratories with calibrated and accurate equipments have been set up for imparti ng practi cal training to the students. All the Laboratories are equipped with sophisti cated and advanced technology which help students to attain clarity of the concepts through practi cals. Personality Development Programmes The chief ingredient of a successful career is oft en more than mere academic qualifi cati on. United Group of Insti tuti ons realized the same. It support s the development of communicati on and interpersonal interacti ve skills of the students. Programs including group discussion, apti tude tests and technical presentati ons are held every semester. In additi on, mock technical and HR interviews are conducted to keep the students at their superlati ve form during their placement procedures and subsequent careers.

Moving with the ti mes, United has established a well equipped Digital Library which has thousands of books stored in electronic form. Online subscripti on to over 400 Internati onal Journals (IEEE & IEE) which are accessible, for faculty members and students from any PC within the Campus including Hostels. Students are also given Book Bank facility in which one book of each subject is lent for a whole semester. This helps in having regular availability of books for student perusal. Placement At United, the endeavor for perfecti on does not end at the completi on of student’s course. We strive to ensure that a student is well sett led once he/ she is out of the insti tute. Hence placement process is given paramount importance. The consti tuent of successful placements is not only the scholasti c achievements but also auxiliary factors like communicati on skill, dicti on, vocabulary and apti tude. Therefore, to groom our students, we facilitate them with: • Mock Interview • Group discussions with both general and technical topics • Mock Aptitude Tests • Special monitoring for the summer training pro-grams • Industrial tours in order to understand the real requirements of the industry.


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Vidya Knowledge Park [229] Vidya College of Engineering


CONTACT DETAILS:Vidya Knowledge Park, Baghpat Road, Meerut Phone: 0121-2439188/89/92 Fax : 0121-2439166 Email,, Web :

SMS 9 22 UPTU 767 to 56

Promoted by Vidya Prakashan Mandir

A national award winner renowned educational publishing house

Scholarships to meritorious students Unparallel Career Management Services & Corporate Interface HIGHLIGHTS Excellent Placement Ranked First Engineering College in Meerut ISO 9001-2008 certi fi cati on was awarded The College maintains close ti es with the alumni who have been winning laurels nati onally and internati onally NIRVANA is the annual functi on organized by VKP. College has a excellent Linkage with various internati onal educati onal Insti tute like Cambridge University Students are kept busy in various educati onal and industrial tours Scholarship is provided to meritorious and deserving students under ‘Vidya-Dan’ Scheme. “The creation of new knowledge that will benefit society is at the heart of our mission. A “Putting Knowledge to Work” philosophy is manifested in the extension tradition of infusing campus discoveries into practice.” Mr. S K Jain, Chairman

Vidya Knowledge Park Vidya knowledge Park is the brain-child of national award winner renowned educational publishing house i.e. Vidya Prakashan Mandir Ltd., Meerut, and is nurtured by Vidya Bal Mandali Society. Its founder Chairman Mr. Surendra Kumar Jain, and Managing Director Mr. Pradeep Kumar Jain, dynamic industrialists, are committed to the quality Technical and Professional education • Vidya College of Engineering ( • Vidya School of Business ( • Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology ( • Vidya Institute of Creative Teaching ( • Vidya Institute of Training and Development ( • Vidya International School of Business ( • Vidya Finishing School ( • Vidya Global School (

Vidya Knowledge Park has benchmarked Global standards in terms of teaching pedagogy and certifications. Vidya Knowledge Park has dedicated relentless efforts in making International Education more accessible and that too at a very affordable cost. Vidya has been awarded as International Centre status by University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). CIE qualifications are taken in 150 countries which makes it the World’s largest provider of international Board of Advisors qualifications for all age groups. Dr. K.K. Agarwal Prof. Kamal Jain Former Vice Chancellor,(Chairman) Head, Deptt Geometrics, IIT Roorkee GGS Indraprastha University , New Delhi Prof L.K. Das Dr. Anil Joshi, Former Professor MIT ( USA ) Head, IDDC, IIT Delhi 294

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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Amenities Center Vidya Knowledge Park is located on Baghpat Road in Wi-Fi Campus Meerut and has a large, open, panoramic campus that • State-of-the-art computer labs with over 800 Core combines the beauti es of unclutt ered land matched 2 Duo personal with towering trees and well mowed lawns full of fracomputers and grance fl owery bushes and seasonal greenery. servers. To step into Vidya Knowledge Park is to face “a brave • 24 hours Internew world” of an expanded campus of 85 acres net connecti vwhere the calm surroundings and congenial atmosity with 4 mbps phere stately grace and convenience of the traditi ons bandwidth with high-tech modernity suited to the contemporary • Well-endowed needs. library with around 25,299 volumes with 3216 ti tles • Hostels for boys & girls with adequate safety arComputer Labs rangements for girl’s hostel VKP has a state-of-the-art • Dedicated and well-connected bus service Computi ng facility consisti ng • Professionally managed mess and canteen faciliof 800 Nodes with the latest ti es Core 2 Duo processors and • Tie-up with nearby hospital for OPD and emergenTFT’s on high speed opti c fi cies bre based network in a dis• Well laid play-fi elds and faciliti es for indoor/outtributed Windows/ Linux endoor games and sports acti viti es vironment. The 4 mbps bandwidth lease line circuit • Student acti vity center for co-curricular and extrafrom BSNL is creeping all over the campus including curricular acti viti es all academic building to student & faulty accommo- • Informati on and student counseling service dati on. Wi-Fi facility is also available in the campus. Hostels All the users are provided individual login and password to use the networked computers. Hostels for boys & girls with adequate safety arrangements for girl’s hostel

Computer Lab

Class Room

Playgrounds and Other Sporting Facilities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Half Olympic size swimming pool with change room facility 100 m running track of Internati onal standards State- of- the- art multi gymnasium Mini Golf course Horse-riding rink with stables Cricket and Football fi eld of Internati onal standards Squash, Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis court of Internati onal standards Meditati on and Yoga centre Large landscape for miscellaneous acti viti es


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INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL Personality and Skill Development Workshops

PROGRAMMES AFFILATED TO UPTU B.Tech Computer Science & Engg. Electrical & Electronic Electronic & Communicati ons Electronic & instrumentati on Informati on Technology MCA MBA Library 3216 Titles 25299 Volumes • 51 Nati onal Journals • 26 Internati onal Journals • 45 magazines • Reading Hall for more than 240 students • Special reading Room for researchers and teachers • Member of AICTE – INDEST Consorti um subscriber of IEL online, DEL(Digital Engineering Library) • Computerized Library management system • Online Internati onal Journal Workstati ons • 08 Online Journal workstati ons connected with 4 Mbps Internet Line . Internati onal journals are also available on campus network • Audio-Visual library Secti on with 2000 CDs • Career Guidance Secti on • Magazines and periodicals secti on • Timings (9 AM to 10 PM) • Book Bank (with 3216 Titles and 25299 volumes) • Reprographic faciliti es A separate Reference Secti on is maintained for important and rare books. All the books of the library are computerized with Bar Code system and are being used for the operati on of library procedures.

1.The focus is to develop candidates as per their individual capaciti es so that they can look up to decent job prepositi ons and stand a good chance of qualifying the selecti on criteria of the prospecti ve employers. 2.The eff orts are to be channelized so as to develop the intra personal skills of the candidates and try and bring them on homogenous platf orm so that they stand a justi fi ed chance of gaining good opportuniti es in the corporate arena. 3.To organize the regular Insti tute Industry Interacti on Programme wherein high dignitaries are invited fromthe esteemed Corporates to interact with our students fraternity so that students are well informed about the corporate challenges. The Teaching Pedagogy

At Vidya School of Business (VSB), our goal is to develop leaders, who breathe business through a framework we call “leadership in Action”. Rigorous and challenging, fulltime, two-Year program is based on innovative approach. As a Vidya MBA student, you will test your limits. You will break through the boundaries of your comfort zone and understand the value of intense learning first-hand as you further refine your skills.

The best leaders learn by doing, observing and working with others. At VSB, you will benefit from the teamwork and intellectual strength of your peers and the faculty. Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to realize your potential and achieve your goal. The Teaching Philosophy

Attitude Approaching life with a positi ve atti tude Balance Creati ng balance in all aspects of your life, both personal and professional

Commitment Staying committ ed to your goal


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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INTERFACE International Linkage

Training & Placement Activities • • • • • • • • • • • •

Matrix Cellular IndiaMart InterMesh Bharti Axa Life Ins. Max New York Life HCL Info Systems Eli Lilly And Company Future Generalli Arihant Publicati ons Modi Mundi Pharma Lupin Pharma Alchemy Corporate Communicati ons Anand Pulp Impex Private Ltd.

Microsoft IT Academy: This Program is a comprehensive IT learning soluti on designed to help students master technology skills that prepare them for today’s workplace, and to provide workers with additi onal training opportuniti es that can advance their current career. Cisco Networking Academy: Cisco Networking Academy helps students develop valuable informati on and communicati on technology to increase access to opportuniti es for career advancement, educati on, and economic parti cipati on in communiti es around the world. Career Management Services & Corporate Interface Cambridge International Center: Vidya has been awarded as Internati onal Centre status by UniverCareer Management Services & Corporate Interface sity of Cambridge Internati onal Examinati ons (CIE). is focused to pave a way to a successful career for CIE qualifi cati ons are taken in 150 countries which the Technical & Management Graduates of Vidya makes it the world’s largest provider of internati onal Knowledge Park. The cell takes care of fi nal place- qualifi cati ons for all age groups. ments as well as training in renowned industries, industrial visits, and guest lectures from eminent NIS Sparta: NIS Sparta is a division of Mudra Communicati on Pvt. Ltd., a Reliance ADA Group organisapersonaliti es. Vidya Knowledge Park has a crystal clear vision of ti on. NIS Sparta is Asia’s leading training, educati on developing empowered and employable quality re- and learning soluti ons provider. NIS Sparta at Vidya sources for the corporate world. In pursuit of excel- Knowledge Park shall be working towards acahieving lence VKP has unfolded numerous career possibili- students’ mission and criti cal goal through their enti es to the students during their courses of study. hanced eff ecti veness by using proven methodologies.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES VKP organizes the annual festi val ‘NIRVANA’ and events are as follows 1. Kavyanjali (Poetry) 2. Solo Singing and Duet Singing 3. Solo and Folf Dance 4. Laughter Challenge and Mimicry 5. Sports(20-20 Cricket for Boys)(Tug of War for Girls)

Fashion Show

6. Fusion Dance and Quawwali 7. Dance (Theme Based) 8. Face Painti ng 9. Street Play 10. Anchoring for NIRVANA Along with this college also organises various sports meets, many nati onal and internati onal seminars .

International Conference By MR Juan

Students Performance 297

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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[340] Vivekananda College of Technology & Management ALIGARH SMS 0 34 UPTU 767 to 56

Campus: Mathura Bye pass, Near Khair road, 500m from Nada Pul, Aligarh-202002 Phone: 0571-2513913, 2513914, 2513915, 09259395007, Fax : 0571-2513914 Email:, Web:

Inspired by Late Shri N.L. Saraswat

A highly educated landlord and social worker who strived to impart knowledge to the underprivileged

Located strategically on the periphery of Aligarh city

Very close to the Khair Road crossing at Mathura Bye pass, 3 Km from AMU campus and not more than 100 km from NCR Zone

Excellent Educational Infrastructure Language Laboratory, Library, Computer Center

About VCTM

Courses Offered

Vivekananda College of Technology & Management, Aligarh (VCTM) was established in 2008 under the aegis of N. L. Educati onal Society. VCTM is situated on the periphery of Aligarh city at stone throw distance from the crossing of Khair Road at Mathura Bye pass. It is about 3 km from AMU campus and not more than 100 km from NCR Zone. VCTM contains all necessary infrastructure required for any good academic insti tuti on.

MBA B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Informati on Technology Electronics and Communicati on Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering

Key Executives Chairman Mr. Anil Saraswat A successful and renowned advocate of Aligarh and a member of the Executi ve Committ ee of Aligarh Bar Associati on.

Library Huge collecti on of books of Indian and Foreign authors, covering variety of subjects. Well furnished Seminar Hall with multi media tools, CD’s and reprographic audio visuals.

Director General : Prof. Rajendra Prasad

Computer Labs Computer labs, equipped with more Director: Prof. Subhash Chandra than 200 Intel Penti um 4 / Dual Infrastructure Core HCL Computers and server. Equipped with high speed, round • State-of-the-art labs equipped with latest equipments. the clock Internet access for link with • Huge Workshop with excepti onal assortment of tools world online academic knowledge. and implements. M. Sc., Ph.D., MIPA, MIARP, LMNTSI

• • • • • •

Professional Communicati on Lab equipped with latest language soft wares and training materials. Separate Hostels for girls and boys. 100% placement. Highly qualifi ed and experienced faculty. Hygienic and well equipped cafeteria. 24 hours power backup facility.


Electronics Lab 298

Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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ihndI piriSaYT

ApnaI yaUpITIyaU rOMk ka savaa-iQak ]pyaaoga kOsao kroM ka]MsailaMga ko maayanao AiBa$ica ko Anausaar kaosa- ka cayana kOsao kroM ka^laoja ka maUlyaaMkna kOsao kroM


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

ka]MsailaMga ko maayanao ivaiBanna [MjaIinayairMga p`vaoSa prIxaaAaoM ko pirNaama Aa cauko hO. M maOirT ilasT ko $p maoM saBaI kI tkdIroM BaI lagaBaga saIla hao caukI hO. M kaOna haoiSayaar hO AaOr kaOna kma haoiSayaar rOk M aoM ko makDjaala maoM Aabaw hao cauka hO. saBaI Aaor ek hI p`Sna pUCa jaa rha hO “[sa rOk M pr @yaa imalaogaa”. Saayad hI iksaI nao pUCa haogaa ik mauJao yah caaihe.ApnaI vyai@tgat $ica kao jaananao va jaa^cM akr jaInao kI prmpra kao hma BaUlato jaa rho hO. M jaba caaht hI AspYT hO tao ]sakI p`aiPt maoM ikyaa jaanao vaalaa p`yaasa iktnaa saaqa-k isaw haogaa yah ivacaarNaIya hO. ka]MsailaMga p`ik`yaa ka maUla ]d\dS o ya [saI jaiTla prntu mah%vapUNainaNa-ya hotu idSaainadoS - ana p`dana krnaa hO. ha^lM aaik p`cailat p`ik`yaa ka ]d\dS o ya p`aPt rOk M ko AaQaar pr kaosava ka^laoja ka AavaMTna maa~ rh gayaa hO. ipClao dSak maoM tknaIik va p`baMQakIya iSaxaa ko xao~ maoM Ap`itma vaRiw hu[- hO. Akolao ]<ar p`dS o a maoM hI 46 saMsqaanaaoM sao baZ,kr 600 sao jyaada [MjaIinayairMga va p`baMQakIya saMsqaana Aist%va maoM Aa cauko hO. M [sa sabako calato Aaja lagaBaga hr Ca~

ApnaI AiBa$ica ko Anausaar tknaIik va p`baMQakIya iSaxaa p`aPt kr sakta hO. p`vaoSa prIxaa maoM p`aPt rOk M AapkI varIyata ka _aotk tao hO prntu Aapko inaNa-ya ka inaQaa-rk nahIM. ka]MsailaMga p`ik`yaa ka savaa-iQak laaBa laonao kI dRiYT sao inamna p`ik`yaa ApnaayaI jaa saktI hO:

1. sava-pq` ama ApnaI vyai@tgat AiBa$ica ko Anausaar [MjaIinayairMga ko kaosa- ka cayana 2.Apnao inavaasa va Anya pirisqaityaaoM ko Anau$p AQyayana sqala ka cayana 3.t%pScaat ka^laoja ka cayana yaUpITIyaU p`vaoSa prIxaa maoM p`aPt rOk M Aapkao ]pya-@ u t p`ik`yaa ko pScaat AapkI vyai@tgat varIyata saUcaI caunanao ka AaQaar va saaQana maa~ hO. yaUpITIyaU kI AaiQakairk ka]MsailaMga soa phlao Apnao [YT ima~aoM sagao sambainQayaaoM va Anya ivaSaoYa&aoM sao salaah laokr ApnaI AiBa$ica ka inaQaa-rNa AvaSya kr lao. M


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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ApnaI AiBa$ica ko Anausaar kaosa- ka cayana kOsao kroM p`cailat AvaQaarNaaAaoM sao sava-qaa ivalaga tqya yah hO ik [MjaIinayairMga kI iksaI BaI ivaQaa maoM ek saMtaoYap`d kOiryar inamaa-Na krnao kI Apar saMBaavanaae^M hOM baSato- vah ivaQaa AapkI AiBa$ica sao maola KatI hao AaOr Aap ]sa ivaQaa ko puraoQaa bana sako. M sava-pq` ama yah AavaSyak hO ik Aap ApnaI AiBa$ica ka inaQaa-rNa kro. M [MjaIinayairMga kI kaOna saI ivaQaa Aapkao BaatI hO. inaNaya kI sahUilayat ko ilae [MjaIinayairMga kI 48 ba`ancaaoM kao caar @lasTsa- maoM baa^T M a gayaa hO jaao ivaYaya vastu va kOiryar ga`af ko maanakaoM pr Aapsa maoM inakTta rKto hO. M Baaga1: [laOi@T/kla [laO@T/aiO na@sa va kmPyaUTsaBaaga 2 : yaa^iM ~kI Baaga 3 : rasaayainakI Baaga 4 : isaivala va AakI-T@ o car p`%yaok @lasTr ko Antga-t Anaokanaok kaya-km` a ]plabQa hO. M [MjaIinayairMga kI [na ivaiBanna ivaQaaAaoM ko ivaYaya maoM ivastRt jaanakarI [sa gaa[D ko p`qama Baaga maoM dI ga[- hO. [sa jaanakarI ko Aitir@t [MTrnaoT Aaid sa`at o aoM ka BaI sahara ilayaa jaa sakta hO.

ApnaI $ica ko [MjaIinayairMga @lasTr ka inaNa-ya krnao ko pScaat ba`anca ka cayana sahja va sarla hao jaata hO. ]dahrNa ko ilae kmPyaUTsa- yaa Aa[TI maoM kao[- ivaSaoYa Antr nahIM hO. Aapkao ApnaI $ica ko iksaI ka^laoja maoM [namaoM sao kao[- BaI kaya-km` a maoM p`vaoSa imalao, Aap cayana kr sakto hO. M ka^laoja ko cayana sao khIM jyaada vyai@tgat AiBa$ica ko Anausaar kaosaka cayana khIM jyaada mah%vapUNa- hO. saUcanaa p`a_ O aoigakI ko Aaja ko [sa yauga maoM pznaIya saamaga`I sava-~ saulaBa hO. ka^laoja tao kovalamaa~ ek maMca p`dana krnao ko ilae hO. M vaastivak AQyayana tao svamaova hI krnaa pD,ta hO. ivaiBanna ba`ancaaoM ko tulanaa%mak AQyayana kao laxya kr saBaI p`mauK ba`ancaaoM maoM pZ,ae jaanao vaalao ivaYayaaoM ka saMklana BaI ikyaa gayaa hO. yaid yah ivaYaya Aapkao $icakr lagato hO\M AaOr Aapko Andr ek AakYaNa pOda krto hOM tao vah ba`anca Aapko AnauklU a hO.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

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ka^laoja ka maUlyaaMkna kOsao kroM p`baMQana [nf`asT/@car baaOiwk sampda bahuivaQa Antsa-mbanQa paz\yak`ma va prIxaa ko kond`Iya inaQaa-rNa va inayamana ko karNa yaUpITIyaU sao sambaw lagaBaga saBaI ka^laojaaoM kao ek str pr Aa^k M a jaa sakta hO. [sa sabako baavajaUd p`%yaok ka^laoja kI ApnaI ivaiSaYTta haotI hO jaao ]sako cayana ka inaQaa-rk banatI hO. jaba Aapnao ApnaI AiBa$ica ko ivaYaya ivaSaoYa ka cayana kr ilayaa hao tba ivaYayaanausaar ka^laoja saUcaI ko maaQyama sao ApnaI $ica ko ka^laoja ka cayana krnao ka ]pk`ma kro. M ivaYayaanausaar ka^laoja saUcaI Sahrvaar k`mabaw kI ga[- hO ijasasao inaNa-ya krnao maoM AaOr AiQak sahUilayat imala sako. Apnao inavaasa sqala ko inakT hI ka^laoja cayana krnaa bahuivaQa karNaaoM sao sahyaaogaI rhta hO. [MjaIinayairMga kI tnaavapUNa- va KcaI-laI iSaxaa maoM pirvaarIjanaaoM ka inakT sahyaaoga A%yant p`BaavaI rhta hO. ka^laoja ivaSaoYa ko baaro maoM jaananao hotu Baaga K maoM saMkilat saUcanaaAaoM ka ]pyaaoga ikyaa jaa sakta hO. kuC ivaiSaYT ka^laojaaoM kI ivastRt Aa#yaa Baaga ga maoM inaiht hO.

iksaI BaI maUlyaaMkna

SaOxaiNak saMsqaana ka caar p`mauK maanaka-

Mo ko AaQaar pr ikyaa jaa sakta hO:

saMsqaana ka p` b aM Q ana saMsqaana ka svaamaI kaOna hO. saMsqaana ko baaoD- Aa^f gavana-r ka @yaa p`a$p hO. saMsqaana ko salaahkar maNDla maoM kaOna kaOna ivaiSaYT laaoga maaOjaUd hO. M iksaI BaI saMsqaana ka BaivaYya ]sakao saMcaailat krnao vaalao vyai@tyaaoM pr inaBa-r krta hO. yaid vao saxama va sampnna hOM AaOr iSaxaa ko p`it kiTbaw hOM tao ifr Anya saBaI Avayava gaaONa hao jaato hO. M

SaOxaiNak [nf`asT/@car

iksaI BaI ka^laoja ka cayana krnao sao pUva]sako p`maaoTraoM ko ivaYaya maoM pUNa- $poNa jaanakarI kr laonaa laaBap`d rhta hO. tknaIik iSaxaa maoM saMsaaQanaaoM ka BarpUr AavaSyakta haotI hO. p`yaaogaa%mak Baaga kI pUit- ko ilae saMsqaana maoM p`yaaogaSaalaaAaoM kI ]pisqait AinavaayahO.kxaae^‚M saOimanaar ha^la‚ Aa^iDTaoiryama‚


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

ha^sTla‚ kOfT o Iiryaa‚ Kola ko maOdana Aaid Anya maUlaBaUt sauivaQaaAaoM ka haonaa samaga` vyai@t%va ivakasa ko ilae AavaSyak haota hO. [nTrnaoT va kmPyaUTr Aaid Aaja kI AavaSyakta bana cauko hOM AaOr Aanao vaalao samaya maoM tknaIik iSaxaa ko AaQaarBaUt Avayava bana jaae^g M ao. pyaa-Pt maa~a maoM [nTrnaoT baOnDivaD\qa va iDjaITla laa[baor ` I jaOsao AvayavaaoM ka haonaa ka^laojaaoM ko p`gaitSaIla haonao ka p`maaNa hO.

baaOiwk sampda

saxama va inaYzavaana iSaxak iksaI BaI saMsqaana kI rIZ, haoto hO. M ek saaQaarNa va AcCo ka^laoja ko baIca ka Antr ]sa saMsqaana ko iSaxakaoM kI gauNava<aa sao inaQaairt haota hO. At: AQyaapkaoM ko ivaYaya maoM pyaa-Pt jaanakarI jauTa laonaa AitAavaSyak hO. Aa[- Aa[- TI jaOsao p`itiYzt saMsqaanaaoM ko iSaxakaoM ko vaIiDyaao lao@car va naaoT\ sa enapITola jaOsao kaya-km` aaoM ko Antga-t ka^laojaaoM kao p`dana ike jaato hO. M jaao saM-

Featured Colleges

sqaana [sa p`kar ko p`gaitSaIla SaOxaiNak kaya-km` aaoM ka ]pyaaoga krto hOM vaao inaScaya hI baohtr iSaxaa p`dana kr panao maoM saxama hO. M

bahuivaQa Antsa-mbanQa

kao[- BaI iSaxaNa saMsqaana ekakI Baava sao ]%kRYTta kao p`aPt nahIM hao saka. tknaIik iSaxaa ko ]nnayana hotu ivaiBanna saMsqaanaaoM jaOsao ]_aoga jagat‚ sarkar‚ ivakasa eojaoinsayaa^M Aaid sao bahuAayaamaI AntsambanQaaoM kI AavaSyakta haotIhO. ijasa saMsqaana ka ]_aoga jagat kI ivaiBanna kmpinayaaoM sao ijatnaa p`gaaZ, sambanQa haota hO ]sa saMsqaana ko Ca~ ]tnaI hI AasaanaI sao AcCI naaOkiryaa^M p`aPt kr pato hO. M ka^laoja ko T/io naMga va PlaosamaonT ivaBaaga ko irkaD- kI vyaapk puiYT saMsqaana ko cayana maoM sahayak isaw haotI hO.


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges


Scholarships Bringing Means to the Needy Meritorious Students


Engineering Admission Guide 2010

Featured Colleges

UPTU WATCH SCHOLARSHIPS Bringing Means to the Needy Meritorious students

* The soft copy of the form can be downloaded from

To apply for the limited scholarships available, Fill the form given below and send to UPTU WATCH, Post Box No. 9107, New Delhi - 110091 latest by 31.7.2010 Email: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Full name : SEE 2010 Roll No: Mother’s name: Father’s/husband’s name: Domicile State: Address for correspondence:


Permanent address:

8. E-mail ID: 9. Mobile No.: Landline No: 10. Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY): 11. Whether Male or Female: 12. Details of educati onal qualifi cati ons from matriculati on/SSLC/SSC onwards (Please enclose self- att ested certi fi cates) Examinati on passed

University/ Board/Insti tuti on/Council of Examinati on

Main subjects

Year of Passing

Percentage of marks

Division/ Class/Grade


Name of course for which scholarship is being sought (B.Tech MBA, MCA, B.Pharma):

14. 15.

Annual Income of parent/guardian of the student: Rs Documents enclosed with the applicati on: * High School Certi fi cate, * Class 12th Marksheet * UPSEE/AIEEE Rank Card

Declaration: I do hereby agree that the discretion of UPTU WATCH would be final and binding in the awarding of these scholarships. Signature:.....................................................Date: ....................................Place...................................


UPTU WATCH Engineering Admission Guide - 2010  

An exhaustive guide to engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

UPTU WATCH Engineering Admission Guide - 2010  

An exhaustive guide to engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh.