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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Founder/CEO – Dr. Sheary D. Johnson Vice President – Dr. Michelle Early Secretary – Felicia Carter Treasurer – Loretta Woodson Member - Dr. Shirley McCoy Member - Ruth Mason Member – Patricia Braxton

Founder/CEO Dr. Sheary D. Johnson Sheary D. Johnson, Ed.D., C.Ed.D. is dedicated  to  helping  people  reach  their  next  level  through  various  nonprofit entities founded by her along with working in  her church (Church of God in Christ, Inc.) on the local,  district, state, and national levels. Her professional career began after becoming the first  Black  to  graduate  from  James  Madison  University  in  1970.  She was a librarian in the public school system  for  19  years.    After  receiving  her  doctorate  from  the  University of Virginia in 1988, she became a professor  in the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth  University.    In  1995  she  began  working  fulltime  in  ministry  by  founding  an  Academy  and  heading  the  outreach ministry of her local church.  In 2008 she was  awarded the Doctorate in Christian Education degree.

Dr. Johnson is the mother of one daughter and 3 grandchildren. Ministry Gifts:  Teaching, Administration, Apostle, Writer Available for workshops, conference speaker, special service speaker, revivals

Vice President Dr. Michelle Early

Michele Jacques  Early  is  a  native  of  Los  Angeles,  California.    She  obtained  a  Bachelor’s  Degree  in  Public  Administration,  Urban  Studies  from  San  Diego  State  University  and  completed  the  Master  of  Divinity  in  Ethics  and  Theology  from  the  C.  H.  Mason  Seminary,  Interdenominational  Theological  Center  in  Atlanta,  Georgia.    In  2003,  she  received  the  Ph.D.  from  Emory  University  in  Atlanta,  Georgia  in  Theological Studies. It was at St. Stephen’s Church of  God  in  Christ  where  she  came  to  know  the  Lord  and  worked  in  the  ministry  in  various  capacities  until  leaving  for  Seminary  in  Atlanta,  where  she  met  and  married  Dr. Pianapue K. Early, a native of  Monrovia,  Liberia-West  Africa,  who  is  an  Elder  in  the  United  Methodist  Church.    They  relocated  from  Alabama  to  Richmond,  Virginia  in  2004  and  both  teach  at  the  Samuel  DeWitt  Proctor  School  of  Theology,  Virginia  Union University.  Dr. Jacques Early directs the Doctor  of  Ministry  program  and  teaches  intro  courses  in  Theology.    Dissertation  research  and  interests  are  around  the  topic  of  women  in  the  Church  of  God  in  Christ.

Secretary Felicia Carter

Felecia Carter  was  reared  up  in  a  Christian  Home  baptized at the age of 1O.  After joining the Military in  1977  she  faithfully  continued  serving  God  attending  Church,  Bible  studies  and  teaching  Sunday  School.    Her  first  job  assignment  was  located  at  Fort  Bragg,  NC. where she attended a Holiness Church which laid  the  foundation  for  her  to  find  out  the  true  meaning  of  being  saved  and  born  again.      Felicia  has  been  a  member  of  Faith  &  Hope  Temple  COGIC    in  Petersburg, Virginia for 17  years under the leadership  of  Dr.  Herman  Crockett  Jr.,  where  she  serves  as  a  Trustee and Executive Team Leader (over Hospitality,  Ushers,  Greeters,  Married  Couples  Ministry  and  Historian Ministry).

Treasurer Loretta Woodson

Loretta Jean Woodson, M.S. in Christian Ministry and  Advanced Biblical Studies began ministering at the  age of 12.  She utilizes the gifts of helps and  organization in her personal ministry for the elderly  and individuals in the areas of counseling,  bookkeeping, and cooking.   As a retired Sergeant  First Class from the United States Army, Loretta is  focused on doing her best to strive for excellence in  everything she does. Ms. Woodson is the mother of one son and has one  grandson. Ministry Gifts:  Helps, Organization Available for workshops, seminars, speaker for special  services .

Board Member Patricia Braxton

Patricia A. Braxton, B.S.   is  dedicated  to  helping  creating  a  better  quality  of  life  by  empowering  the  family.      A  member  of  Faith  Landmarks  Ministries,  serves  as  an  altar  worker  and  intercessor  and  a  member  of  various  outreach  ministries.    As  a  retired  school  teacher  from  Richmond  Public  Schools,  Ms.  Braxton works with children and their families to bring  the type of communication in the home that results in  improved  academic  performance  of  children  in  school.    She  is  the  author  of  the  life  changing  book,  The Peaceful Home. Ms.  Braxton  has  served  as  a  teacher,  National  Trainer  for  Joseph  P.  Kennedy  FoundationCommunity  of  Caring,  and  seminar  instructor.    She  has  been  listed  in  Who’s  Who  in  Elementary  Education and has received an award for Teachers of  Excellence.   Ms.  Braxton  is  the  mother  of  one  daughter  and  2  grandchildren. Ministry Gifts:  Teaching, Intercessory Prayer Available for workshops and training.

Board Member Ruth Mason

Evangelist Ruth Mason was raised in Waverly, Virginia.   She is the fourth child of nine children born to Deacon  Edward and Missionary Viola Taylor.  She attended  Sussex County Public Schools and after graduation she  continued her post education at St. Paul’s College  where she received a B.S. Degree in English.  Recently,  she was accepted into the Master’s Program in  Counseling at Central Michigan University, Richmond  Center.  She will be receiving a MA Degree in  Counseling.   She currently works in the Richmond Public School  System as a secondary English teacher at Huguenot  High School.  She is a member of Tower of Deliverance  Church of God in Christ.  She serves as the Dean of  Christian Education, Intercessory Prayer Leader, and  the Coordinator of Seminars for the local Women’s  Department.   Evangelist Mason serves on many committees in the  church and professional organizations on her job, but  her main love is for God, her husband, Elder James  Mason, her daughter Candace, her students, and for  people in general.  

Board Member Dr. Shirley McCoy

Dr. Shirley McCoy is the pastor of Jerusalem Holy  Community Church, 200 E. 12th Street, Richmond, VA   23224.  Dr. McCoy is a graduate of Virginia Union  University with a BA in Christian Education and a Master  of Divinity degree.  She also has a Masters in Special  Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and  an honorary Doctorate in Ministry from The Spirit of  Truth Institute. Pastor McCoy is nationally known for her melodious  singing as a lyric soprano.  She has performed in  concerts, theaters, plays, etc.    She has also sung in  Cuba and at the capital of Richmond, VA.  Dr. McCoy’s  considers it a pleasure to serve God through serving His  people in prayer and by ministering to the hurting and  wounded.  

Trainers & Mentors

Dr. Ezreaonne Jackson

Ezreaonne Jackson was born in Jackson, Mississippi. At age 19, she received Christ as her personal savior because of the street ministry of a young preacher who is now known as Bishop Curtis A. Timmons headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. She attended Charles Harrison Mason Bible College as well as Shiloh Christian Academy. She has served as Pastor's Aide, President of Missionary Department, Bulletin Coordinator, choir member, Local and Assistant District YWCC President, Jr. High Sunday school teacher and Sunday School Superintendent. As an active member David Wilkerson's (author of the Sword and the Switchblade), she ministered in the prisons, held outreach services, and managed a 24-hour telephone prayer tower in Sacramento, California. Her evangelic mantle has caused her to travel extensively as she has preached in 24 states and many of the cities therein. Internationally she has spoken in Kingston, St. Catherine, Ocho Rios in Jamaica, West Indies to congregations of thousands. In the year 2002, the Apostolic Regent (College of consecrated Bishops and Apostles orchestrated by Dr. Garner Trafton) officially affirmed her 5-fold ministry as an Apostle. Her first founded work was The Evangelistic Deliverance Center in San Francisco/ Oakland, California. She is also founder of the "Touch of Compassion Outreach", which was birthed in Oakland, California and is now an active ministry in Richmond, VA. Apostle Jackson is CEO of Ezreaonne Jackson Ministries which serves as an outreach for Evangelism and the education and empowerment for leaders in ministry. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theological Studies from the Regency Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida and recently received an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry from Trinity Bible College in Richmond, VA. She is the natural mother of one daughter and grandmother of four wonderful babies.

Dr. LuVonia Whittley

Dr. LuVonia Whittley

Mother LuVonia Whittley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Chicago Teacher’s College, a Master’s Degree in Language Arts from Chicago State University, and a Doctorate Degree in Theological Studies from Midwest College and Theological Seminary. Married to Elder Robert Whittley, Sr. for 49 years, they are the proud parents of two anointed sons and six adorable grandchildren. Mother LuVonia Whittley has been a member of the Corinthian Temple Church of God in Christ for nearly 60 years, where she served faithfully under her father, the late Bishop Bennie Allison, as Minister of Music and Administrative Assistant. She now serves as Director of Christian Education, under her youngest son - Superintendent David Todd Whittley. Mother LuVonia Whittley (noted author, anointed speaker and gifted organizer) is the recipient of numerous awards and citations for excellence in education, administration, Christian education, and music ministry. Whether serving her local church, her jurisdiction, or the national church; ministering in revivals, conferences, churches and educational institutions throughout the United States; or hosting her anointed radio program, (now in its 25th year), “Saturday Morning Inspiration”, which airs every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon (WGRB, Inspiration 1390), Mother Dr. LuVonia Whittley has touched and continues to touch literally thousands, her purpose ever being to win souls for Christ, and to inspire and edify the people of God.

Jamila Joy

It almost seems as though, Jamila Joy was born with the microphone in her crib. For 15 years, Joy has played a trail blazing role in the gospel radio industry as a Gospel radio announcer, and leader in the industry, throughout her career Joy has served gospel music listeners with a professional commitment unsurpassed. Joy is currently still on air weekly 3PM – 5PM, hosting The Jamila Joy Show on Joy’s love for the advancement of gospel music, landed her in her second love, Television. Joy began hosting and producing Rejoice TV, a weekly variety show featuring national and local gospel artists and community leaders. In 2002, Joy launched The Joy Television Network dedicated to providing diverse programming to the entire family. Joy’s creativity and bold initiative has garnered her numerous awards, such as Radio Announcer of the Year, UCLA Music Department’s Gospel Trail Blazer Award, Black History Award, Going Global Award and recipient of RAB’s Fast Track Scholarship for Radio Professionals. Other endeavors include the Joy Media Group, Founder of Purpose for Living Ministries and, a Christian Online Social Network which includes internet radio, television and more. Joy received a Stellar Award for Best Internet Station of the Year 2010 and recently was nominated for Internet Station of the Year for the GMWA Gospel Announcer's Guild Crystal Mic Media Awards. In Addition to Joy’s media experience, she is also an empowering minister, who is often requested to speak at area churches, conferences and workshops. Joy’s diverse media background range from Radio, TV, Print, and Internet. With all achievements, both past, present and future, Jamila will continue to keep God first.

Debra Ann Stokes White

Debra Stokes White was born to Sidney and Magnolia Stokes in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She received her early Christian education and training at the Memorial Church of God in Christ in Haverford, Pennsylvania. While under excellent teaching at Memorial, Debra accepted the Lord early in her teen years. In 1981, Debra, a Human Resources professional, accepted an offer to relocate to Richmond, Virginia to further her career. She received her formal Christian education through the Richmond extension of the C.H. Mason Bible College. Debra is the proud mother of 3 young adults who have blessed her with 5 grandchildren. Sister White accepted the Lord’s call into a teaching ministry with a special word for the emotionally wounded. She was licensed as an evangelist in 1985 under Bishop L.E. Willis in the New Frontier Churches of God in Christ. Past and current ministry roles include conference and retreat speaker, Sunday School teacher, Bible study instructor, administrative assistant to the Pastor, and Director of Hadassah Women’s Ministry. Her ministry theme of inner healing, wholeness and her personal testimony of emotional healing have touched the lives of many. Sister White’s life rhema is found in Psalm 107:20 – He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

Thomas B. Campbell, Jr.

Elder Thomas b. Campbell, Jr. is a graduate of Norfolk State University and received a Masters degree from Virginia Union University. Tom Campbell’s education and training ensures thorough client consultation and instruction. Elder Campbell is the founder of Living Word Ministries in Virginia Beach, VA. Elder Campbell is affiliated with several professional and community organizations in the Tidewater area of Virginia. His memberships in various organizations project his concern and belief in the interaction of spiritual, industrial and social communities. Tom’s energy and qualifications exerted in these areas articulates his professional concern. Tom’s qualifications also include expertise in Estate planning, Risk Management, Pension Planning, Life Insurance, Investment, Taxes, Accounting and Credit Repair.

Evangelist Jimmie Gyemerah

Evangelist Mademoiselle Jimmie Gyamerah, CEO& Founder of Jonique Design, Inc. (JDI), JDI Publisher, JDI Ministry and talk show host is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. She is a self-taught Abstract Expressionism Prophetic artist/author who has been creating art in a variety of arts and crafts mediums for over three decades. Mademoiselle is also know for creating unique jewelry, which she sold in home shows and military bases. She holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Her love for art was inspired by her mother, but the inspiration for her artistic style comes from the Holy Spirit. During the late 1990's after raising her two children, Mademoiselle began exhibiting her abstract artwork nationwide while writing an autobiographic journal. She is now inspired to reveal to the world her anointed work, in abstract prophetic art , writing and ministry with in the arts. God is using all our gifts for the kingdom. Being an African American woman from the south, she is looking forward to teaching her unique artistic flare in the " We Are Family" Workshop by partnering with community organizations. Mademoiselle's vision is to promote her work as a cross-cultural vehicle to educate and expose the depths of abstract art that everyone posses. It is through this venue that she believes abstract expressionism art reveals the love, music, color, and spirituality of the African American southern culture as well as all culture.

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