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May 5, 2010

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First you know I have to comment on the weather. You all know how much I hate the cold and the snow, so I was not prepared to see that white stuff this week. I’m sorry but by April 27 I am expecting sunshine and warmer temperatures, not snow and turning on the heat in my house. I guess that is what we get living in the Berkshires. My husband and I were able to start our walks again a few weeks ago. Every Sunday we go for a six-mile walk with Hannah, our German Shepherd. We had to put our other German Shepherd down in August. She got an awful case of vertigo and could not move her head or get up. It was awful to watch her like that, we let it go for four days hoping one of the medications would kick in and help her but it just continued to get worse. Anyway, it was always tough to take them when we had the two so now we take Hannah with us every Sunday. She gets a lot of looks, and comments Renee Tassone, from people driving and walking by. People actually stop their cars to tell General Manager us what a beautiful dog we have. My husband likes to think the people are looking at him but it is the dog that is stopping traffic everywhere we go. My husband is the reason we got German Shepherds to begin with, he always had them growing up. As far as he is concerned there is no other breed. We have had three Shepherds in the 22 years we have been married. I have to say our first one, Krista, was the best babysitter my kids ever had growing up. She never let our daughters out of her sight. The best memory I have of her is every day she and I would go out and meet the little school bus that would pick up and drop

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Yankee Shopper

May 5, 2010

off my oldest daughter for pre-kinthings around; they just need my dergarten. One day the bus driver boy Jacoby Ellsbury back in the opened the bus door and Krista game. He is so cute! Poor guy has actually ran on to the bus, somefour cracked ribs so I think it is thing she had never done before. going to be a while. She went to my daughter’s seat and I hope all of the Moms enjoy blocked her in so she couldn’t get your day on May 9th. Pamper off the bus. None of us had any and treat yourself to something idea what she was doing but after nice, you deserve it! There are about a minute and a half of her some good suggestions for blocking her a dog came walking Mother’s Day inside this publidown the street. Once that dog was cation, so please make sure you totally out of sight, Krista led our tell our advertisers you saw their daughter off the bus. I remember ad here. Hannah sitting with my daughter Amanda Tassone we were all amazed at what we just We hope you enjoy this witnessed. I have a lot of similar publication. As always we memories of Krista, she was a great dog and we all miss her a lot. encourage your feedback. Feel free to send us your press releases to I hope by our next month’s issue I can talk about how the Red Sox or are improving. They really cannot get much worse, but I will save that -Renee Tassone, General Manager until next month. All of my friends and co-workers who are Yankee fans are having a field day giving me a hard time. I know the Sox will turn

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Yankee Shopper


From my Corner — by Susan J. Coons ...count me in... My early childhood was spent in Chicago and its suburbs. Chicago, as is New York City, is a melting pot of cultures, races and religions. The city is broken down into neighborhoods, again, much the same as New York City. Spending my childhood in such a diverse environment was probably one of the greatest opportunities of my lifetime. I learned, with the keen recording device built into a child’s brain, that adults and children who were different from me were kind; ate interesting foods; sometimes dressed differently; didn’t go to the Christian Science Church (where my grandma was a practitioner), but to a Synagogue; their mothers yelled at them, too; and all of us laughed and cried, skinned our knees, and traded our lunches. As a result, I’m not afraid of people who are “different” from me on the outside because

I know that we’re the “same” on the inside. Maybe that’s the reason I’m not afraid of our government. I know that the government is there to help all of us: Keep our country functioning; regulate trade; regulate banking; keep checks and balances between the different branches of government and much more. Representation in government is something kids learn in fourth and fifth grade. It’s reinforced in high school. That’s what the Tea Party was all about. Being taxed without representation! Many areas of our country where residents are refusing to fill out the census form will go underrepresented by the very government they fear and scream about and at! Who are they listening to? When those who are so fearful have an opportunity to participate in


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Yankee Shopper

May 5, 2010

their destiny, they rant and rave and scream that the government is out to get them! Some even want their state to secede! Who are they listening to? Why are they afraid to stand up and be counted? My husband began tracing his heritage in the 1970s. The Mormon Church in Santa Monica has extensive records on file which enabled him to continue his search into the past. From there he went to early census records, all the way back to the first one which I believe was taken in 1790. Sure enough, there he saw names of his ancestors. Female members of families are more difficult to trace. But between birth, death, and marriage certificates and the census records, one is able to put the puzzle together. I filled out my census form in less than a minute and put it in the mail the same day I received it. You better believe I want to be counted! I don’t listen to fear-mongers. I want the government to know I’m here, and I vote. Susanism: Rise early on warm, summer mornings and sip your first cup of coffee outside as you watch the beautiful day begin.

Voices from the Fields: The Family Farms of Sheffield Saturday, May 1—Sunday, June 6, 2010. Voices from the Fields: The Family Farms of Sheffield. In honor of Sheffield Land Trust’s 20th Anniversary, this exhibit will celebrate Sheffield’s current and historic farms as a vital part of our community, culture, beauty, and economy. The exhibit will showcase highlights from a larger collaborative oral history project undertaken by the Society, the Land Trust, and many volunteers who are interviewing families and farmers. Also featured will be many photographs, including from the Society’s archives and from family collections. While the exhibit will only be able to display a small portion of the information and photographs gathered, the full extent of the material will become part of the Society’s archives on our town’s agricultural history. Old Stone Store Gallery hours are: Friday, 3:30-7 p.m., Saturday, 10-2 p.m., and Sunday, 11-3 p.m. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, May 8, 2-5 p.m.

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May 5, 2010

Yankee Shopper


Cantilena Chamber Choir and Berkshire Lyric Theater Present

A Russian Choral Music Weekend LENOX and PITTSFIELD, MA. — The Cantilena Chamber Choir and Berkshire Lyric Theater will present a Russian Choral Music Weekend of concerts and lectures on May 15 and 16. Special guest performers will be New York City Opera tenor Konstantin Stepanov and, from St. Petersburg, Russia, The Konevets Quartet with Igor Dmitriev, Director. Photo: Konstantin The event schedule is as follows: Stepanov currently On Saturday, May 15, at 3 p.m., Cantilena Chamber Choir at the Mount Berkshire Lyric will join with the March 2010 starring in New York City Cantilena Chamber Choir and The Opera’s Madama Butterfly Berkshire Institute for Theology and the event is free and open to the public. Arts for a free lecture and recital at the At 8 p.m. (following a pre-concert lecture at Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, 28 Renne 7:15) the Cantilena Chamber Choir will presAvenue in Pittsfield. Cantilena director and ent a concert featuring the Liturgia Domestica Russian choral scholar Andrea Goodman will for chorus and orchestra by Alexandre be the featured speaker. Selections of Russian Gretchaninov at Trinity Church, 88 Walker art songs will be performed by members of Street, Lenox. This is one of the only works the quartet and Konstantin Stepanov. This

in the Russian sacred music repertoire to be accompanied by an orchestra rather than the usual a cappella setting. The concert will feature Russian-born Konstantin Stepanov and the Northern Berkshire Chorale which will join the choir to complement the large forces required for such a work. The program opens with Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei, a choral version of his Adagio for Strings, as well as selections by Vaughan Williams, Rubbra and Brahms. Tickets: $25 ($20 for students and seniors) are available at the door or in advance by email: satbchoir@yahoo. com. Reservations suggested: 413-637-2440. More information: On Sunday, May 16, at 3 p.m., The Berkshire Lyric Chorus and The Blafield Children’s Chorus directed by Jack Brown will present Rachmaninoff ’s Liturgy of St.

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Yankee Shopper

May 5, 2010

A Russian Choral Music Weekend (continued) John Chrysostom and other masterpieces from the Russian choral tradition at the First Baptist Church on South Street in Pittsfield. The concert features the Konevets Quartet. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Liturgy’s premiere in pre-revolutionary Russia. The program opens with settings of Russian folk songs by Liadov, Gretchaninov and Tchaikovsky. The Konevets will also present selections from their ongoing 2010 North American tour. Tickets are $20 (children free with adult). Further information: 413-499-0258 or visit www.

About the artists:

The Berkshire Lyric Choir, one of the county’s longest-running community music organizations, was founded in 1963 by Robert Blafield. Its program of multi-generational musical performances and education is unique among arts groups in the region. Berkshire Lyric has been led since 2007 by Artistic Director Jack Brown. Now in its sixth season, the Cantilena Chamber Choir, directed by Andrea Goodman, is the Berkshire region’s leading a cappella group and has collab-

orated with the New England Baroque Soloists, Aston Magna and The Empire Brass, and is in residence at Trinity Church in Lenox. Goodman is also the Director of the Northern Berkshire Chorale in Williamstown and the Saratoga (N.Y.) Choral Festival. Konstantin Stepanov will make his debut this season at New York City Opera as B.F. Pinkerton in Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. He made his American debut in 2008 in Carnegie Hall in Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Tsar’s Bride with Eve Queler’s Opera Orchestra of New York. Upcoming engagements include a debut with Lyric Opera of Chicago as Malcolm in Verdi’s Macbeth. The Konevets Quartet was founded in 1992 by four young musicians from the St. Petersburg Glinka Choir College. Trained in the tradition of Russian song, the Konevets Quartet is not just a group of individual soloists, but is in essence a chamber choir dedicated to creating a perfect harmonious ensemble sound. They have participated in leading international festivals in Russia, Great Britain, the U.S., France, Italy, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Did You Know?

One of America’s most famous roadways technically no longer exists. 2010 marks the 25th anniversary that Route 66, which has been mentioned numerous

times in pop culture, was officially removed from the United States Highway System. The reasoning behind the famed route’s decertification was its practical irrelevance, as the road had long (continued on page 15)


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May 5, 2010

Yankee Shopper


Berkshire Theatre Festival Receives Grant From National Endowment For The Arts Grant to Support Children’s Theatre Company Production of Annie

Stockbridge, MA – Berkshire Theatre Festival (BTF) is proud to announce that it has received a 2010 Access to Artistic Excellence grant of $10,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The grant is in support of BTF’s Children’s Theatre Company production, Annie, with book by Thomas Meehan, lyrics by Martin Charnin, and music by Charles Strouse. The musical production, featuring over 120 Berkshire area students and adults, will be directed by E. Gray Simons III and Travis G. Daly and feature technical support from the Berkshire Theatre Festival staff. The production runs from Friday, September 10 through Saturday, September 18, 2010 on the BTF Main Stage. The NEA Access to Artistic Excellence grant “encourages and supports artistic creativity, preserves our diverse cultural heritage, and makes the arts more widely available in communities throughout the country.”

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E. Gray Simons III, co-director of BTF Children’s Theatre Company production of Annie.

Artistic Director/CEO Kate Maguire feels the BTF Children’s Theatre Company is a perfect fit for this award. “From the beginning of these community productions, our goal was to provide local children with the unique opportunity to perform on stage in a professional setting. They enjoy the opportunity to work with the same caliber directors, designers, and staff that work on all of our season production. Their great work culminates in a thrilling opportunity to act on the historic Main Stage. It’s been a joy to watch these kids grow and develop as artists and as people through this program. We’re very grateful to the NEA, as well as the invaluable support of Senators Kerry and Brown and Congressman Olver, for their recognition and support of this important community program.” In addition to this grant, Annie is made possible by a grant from Berkshire Bank Foundation’s Cultural Enrichment Program


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Yankee Shopper

May 5, 2010

Berkshire Theatre Festival Receives Grant (continued) and is sponsored by Arbella Insurance Group. Annie Book by Thomas Meehan, lyrics by Martin Charnin, music by Charles Strouse Directed by E. Gray Simons III and Travis G. Daly With the Berkshire Theatre Festival Children’s Theatre Company To benefit BTF PLAYS! Berkshire Theatre Festival’s year-round education program September 10 at 7:30pm, September 11 at 2pm and 7:30pm, September 12 at 2pm, September 17 and 18 at 7:30pm This show is not open to review Tickets $10-$25 The BTF Children’s Theatre Company returns for our fifth annual production, this time featuring that precocious li’l orphan, Annie. Featuring local children and adults, and under the direction of the Berkshire Theatre Festival staff and technical crew, come see this heartwarming tale of a little girl and her dog who win over the grumpy miser and outwit crooks and cheats in search of a better “Tomorrow”.

With songs that soar and a spirit that can’t be denied, this show has been a crowd favorite for generations. You’ll definitely want to be at the Main Stage to see the wonderful tale of Annie. Tickets Contact the BTF Box Office at 413-2985576 ext. 33 or visit www.berkshiretheatre. org for more information. All plays, schedules, casting, and prices are subject to change. About Berkshire Theatre Festival Founded in 1928, Berkshire Theatre Festival is one of the oldest professional regional theatres in the United States and the longest-running cultural organization in the Berkshires. Now under the helm of Artistic Director and CEO Kate Maguire, BTF presents theatre that matters—world premieres, contemporary works, and classics that speak to who we are in our world today. The Main Stage (408 seats), cataloged by the National Register of Historic Places, was originally designed and built by Stanford White as the Stockbridge Casino in 1888. The mission of BTF’s second stage, the

intimate Unicorn Theatre (122 seats), is to provide a home for emerging artists and new theatrical ideas. BTF’s education program, BTF PLAYS!, reaches over 10,000 children annually through school residencies, touring performances, and summer performance training and writing programs. During the summer months BTF opens its doors to over 75 administrative, acting, and technical interns and apprentices. For more information about Berkshire Theatre Festival, please visit www. berkshirethe���������������

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May 5, 2010

Yankee Shopper


• BERKSHIRE COUNTY CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS • Monday • 9:30 a.m. - Caregiver support group, for those who provide care to a loved one, sponsored by the Lee Regional Visiting Nurse Association, Inc. Phone: 413-243-1212 Lee Regional VNA Offices, 32 Park Street, Lee. • 6p.m. – 7:30 p.m. – Knitting/Crochet North Adams Public Library, 74 Church St., North Adams. For information phone 413-662-3133 or visit Tuesday • 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. - Blood Pressure Clinic: Blood pressure and health counseling sponsored by the Lee Regional Visiting Nurse Association, Inc. and the Becket Board of

Health, at the Becket Town Hall. Information: 413-243-1212 • 9:30 a.m. - Toddler Time. For one to two-and-ahalf years. North Adams Public Library, 74 Church St., North Adams. For information phone 413-662-3133 or visit Wednesday • 9 to10 a.m. - Blood pressure and health counseling sponsored by the Lee Regional Visiting Nurse Association, Inc. and the Lee Board of Health. Phone: 413-243-1212. Lee Regional VNA offices, 32 Park Street, Lee. • 10 a.m. - Preschool Story Time. North Adams Public Library, 74 Church St., North

Adams. For information phone 413-662-3133 or visit • 11 a.m. - 12. - Blood Pressure Clinic: Blood pressure and health counseling sponsored by the Lee Regional Visiting Nurse Association, Inc. and the Chester Board of Health, at the Chester Town Hall, Chester, MA. Information: 413-243-1212 • 6:30 p.m. - Bingo Non-Smoking - Refreshments Available - Progressive Jackpots. Info: 413-443-7135 - ITAM Lodge #564, 22 Waubeek Road, Pittsfield. Thursday • 10 – 11:30 a.m. – Blood Pressure Clinic: Blood pressure and health counseling sponsored

by the Lee Regional Visitng Nurse Association, Inc. at the Stop and Shop, Merrill Road Pittsfield MA. Information: 413-243-1212 Friday • 4:30 p.m. - Bingo with food, Speedball, Horserace and Bingo Nut 2 Tickets. Weekly progressive game prize of $1,199, plus weekly door prize. St. Mary’s School, 115 Orchard St., Lee. • 6:30 p.m. – Bingo every Friday. Doors open at 4:30, games begin at 6:30. St. Mary’s School, 115 Orchard Street, Lee. 413-2431079. • 6:30 p.m. – Bingo every Friday. Doors open at 4:30. Elks Lodge #487 in North Adams, Ma, 413-664-9039



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Yankee Shopper

May 5, 2010

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Yankee Shopper


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Yankee Shopper

May 5, 2010

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May 5, 2010

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Little Family Letters May 1--October 31, 2010. A newly acquired collection of 19th century letters written from Sheffield to Connecticut by members of the Little family will be related to the Sheffield Historical Society’s Dan Raymond House Museum where a later generation of the family lived. A tableau installation of period furnishings provided by local antiques dealers and members of the community will complete the scene. Come

learn how the letters provide a new window into old times and behold the parlors of the museum utterly transformed. The exhibit will be in the Dan Raymond House Museum, 159 Main Street, Sheffield, MA. The Museum hours throughout the season are: Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m.4 p.m., Saturday, 1-4 p.m., or by appointment. For more information, please call 413-229-2694.


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Yankee Shopper

May 5, 2010

Did You Know? (continued)

since been bypassed by travelers for more convenient routes. However, the route’s decertification has not done much to decrease its historical notoriety. In fact, several portions of the road have been designated a National Scenic Byway, including stretches in Missouri, New Mexico and Arizona. What’s more, a handful of Route 66 associations sprouted up shortly after the route’s decertification. These associations were established to preserve and restore the route, while also promoting its rich history. Each state along the route, which spans Illinois, Missouri,

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Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, has its own Route 66 association. Travelers with a love of history can even find “Historic Route 66” signs along the old route, and those traveling through Flagstaff, Arizona, can even travel along Route 66 by driving down Santa Fe Avenue, all but a few blocks of which was renamed Route 66. Perhaps due to its presence in pop culture lore, Route 66 might never be forgotten, as there is even a movement afoot to have the famed roadway returned to road atlases.



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May 5, 2010

Yankee Shopper



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Yankee Shopper

May 5, 2010

Yankee Shopper  

Yankee Shopper, 5/5/10

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