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Thank You To Our Sponsors Diamond Sponsors Carbone Honda Toyota • E-Z Way Rental • Family & Friends of Karen Crawford Hemmings Motor News • NSK Steering Systems America, Inc. • Plasan USA, Inc. Radiology Associates of Bennington • TD Banknorth • TriState Pennysaver News Vermont Composites • The Vermont Country Store • WCAX-TV Silver Sponsors Chittenden Bank • Energizer • Jerome Construction • Martin’s Exxon & Laser Wash Rifenburg Construction Inc. • Sarah Dahl, M.D. & Charles Salem, M.D • Southwestern Vermont Medical Center Southwestern Vermont Regional Cancer Center • Suburban Propane • Vishay Tansitor Bronze & In-Kind Sponsors Bear Construction • The Bank of Bennington • Bennington Health & Rehab Center • Bennington Banner Bennington Rural Fire Department • Bennington Sports & Graphics • Bennington Subaru • Burger King Carmody’s • CLS Transportation • Curves of Bennington • D.B. McKenna & Co., Inc. • Fisk Reed & Love, PC Gimme Pizza • Hannaford Superstore • Hanson-Walbridge/Shea Family Funeral Home • Irene Goyette Photography Jacobs, McClintock, & Scanlon • Junque • Lonergan & Thomas, Inc. • MacDonald-Secor Associates, Inc. Mahar, Edward P. & Son Funeral Home • McDonald’s • Michael Algus, M.D. • Missionary Alliance Church Moose Lodge #1233 • North Hoosick Fire Company • Peppermills • The Pharmacy, Inc. • Seagroatts • Synergy Gas Taconic Orthopaedics • TAM, Inc. • Wal-Mart • Wendy’s • Wills Insurance • Wings of Love • Your Belly’s Deli


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Relay For Life 2008

Thank You To Our Teams

Poe’s Annabel Lee and Wordsworth’s My Eye Is On The Sparrow said it all far better than any bereavement literature could possibly hope to analyze the process of death and its far reaching consequences. The shadows of your smile and the shadows of my life bear witness to the pain and suffering of my beloved wife who passed away after four years of medical treatment, emotional apprehension and the final release that occupied a myriad of designated truths. Caregiving is a unique experience that requires significant patience and intelligent decision making. To reason whether the correct protocols were employed by physicians and cancer center is to reason why futility was so close to the horizon, yet unseen by its mentors. The days and the months melt together for me. Wherever I go I see her smile and warmth permeating my very existence. I did everything possible as her caregiver to bring her illness into focus with her strength and noble fortitude.

Bear Construction • Bennington Health & Rehab Center Bennington Rural Fire Department Bennington County Law Enforcement • Bennington Subaru Berlin Bears • Charles’ Dahls • Curves of Bennington Dream Team • Earth’s Angels • F.A.C.E. • Fighting Irish Flutterbies • Gail’s Tastefully Simple Gang Grande Family & Friends • H.E.R.O.S. • Hannaford Healers From Here • Hemmings Motor News • Hoosier Hopefuls Hopeful Stars • J&S Construction • Just Lovely Karen’s Angels • Kelly’s Heroes • Laps for Laura MAU Interact Club • Missionary Alliance Church Missy’s Wild Ones • Myra’s Hearts • NSK Steering Systems OK Corral • Peppermills • Plasan USA • Riptides Rockin’ For Robin • Sanders Soldiers • Shear Jazz

Goodnight, Sweet Princess!

Southwestern Vermont Regional Cancer Center • Team Tata’s

- Anonymous

Team USA • The Vermont Country Store • Valarie’s Team Spirit Vermont Composites • Wal-Mart Wanderers Whippen’s Over the Top Roofing, Inc.

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Relay For Life 2008

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Relay Tidbits • Please do not walk on the playing field • No dogs, smoking or alcohol • No vehicles on the track • No open fires or fire pits • No gas generators • No running during the luminaria ceremony • No loud music between the hours of midnight and 6:00am • At least one team member must be on the track at all times • The inside lane of the track is reserved for runners • Track direction will be changed every four hours

My dad, Edward F. Knight, died on December 15, 2007 after a battle with Multiple Myeloma. He had a lot of pain through it all, but kept his spirits hopeful. Spent a lot of time trying different chemo treatments, but nothing ever really worked. But he never seemed to give up. Shortly after his diagnosis he moved from his home state of Vermont, and headed all the way across the country out to Oregon. I won’t ever understand why, perhaps he wanted to spare us all from seeing him suffer. He wanted us all to remember the great outdoorsman that he was. The hunter, who would hike through the Vermont mountains from dawn until dusk. I think it was more about being with nature than the hunt. My favorite memories of camping with him will always be held closely in my heart.

• Restrooms are available in the booster club building and in the building by the school

Sadly, what he didn’t realize was it was more difficult not having him near. Not being able to sit with him, nurture him with love and comfort in his times of pain and suffering. My heart is still saddened that I will never feel that strong hug, or see those beautiful sparkling blue eyes smiling back at me.

• In the event of a thunderstorm, please take cover in your vehicles or in the school cafeteria

I find peace in knowing that he is with Him in a beautiful, peaceful place. He is Home! I love you Dad!

• The concession stand will be open throughout the event • Water and coffee will be free throughout the event

• Youths under 18 staying overnight on a team must be yellow banded by 12am and have a chaperone sheet signed and on file at the registration tent

- Kathy

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A Hersam Acorn Newspapers Publication

Relay For Life 2008

On November 9, 2006, just seven months and eleven days after our grandmother Florence lost her courageous battle with Alzheimer’s, our grandfather, Robert J. Kalinowski, Sr. was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. While still reeling from the loss of a wonderful woman, we were once again facing a battle, with a disease. We were mad, we were confused, and we were determined, we as a family were going to fight back. Our grandfather had been on a typical trip to visit our aunt and cousins in Florida, and returned with a cough that would not go away. After much prodding, he visited the doctor and was back and forth to the doctors for several weeks prior to his diagnosis. Shortly, after the initial diagnosis, chemotherapy began, and the once strong, strapping man that was our grandfather began transforming into an old man with thinning hair (which we refer to as duck down). While our whole life our grandfather had stayed to us eternally young, the effects of cancer began to show. No longer was he attending his beloved Mount Anthony Patriots games and matches or partaking in his love of dining in local restaurants. The man who took us on a hike to Sucker Pond in the middle of winter, or swam out in the ocean until we were only tiny dots from shore, was

losing his ability to do the things he loved. Between his diminished lung capacity from the cancer, and his reactions from the chemo, he was sick a lot. The grandfather, who could eat anybody under the table, and then grow what we called his famous dessert stomach, was no longer enjoying food. Many nights we would sit for hours naming food after food, restaurant after restaurant, and nothing would sound good to him. Do not get us wrong on his good days, we would get that lunchtime call at work, to let us know he might just be hungry for a Reuben from the Belly’s Deli, or one of his many favorite meals from Carmody’s. We were lucky that we both work with great people who understand, that we were going out for our lunch breaks as soon as we were able to. When he was hungry, we wanted to get him what he wanted. Going to the cancer center was a hard experience for both of us. When our parents or aunts and uncles were not available to go to chemo appointments with him, we as adult grandchildren were asked to step in. The thought of taking care of a man who has always been your protector somehow reverts you back to being a child again and that feeling of helplessness. When the fight against


cancer began, we had small roles as caregivers, but as the battle continued, our roles changed into more. Our grandfather was able to stay at home, except for some hospitalizations throughout his fight with cancer. We spent hours on the very comfy sofa my grandmother was so proud of, watching movies or endless Yankee games (which is torture for a Red Sox fan) on the big screen television my grandfather was so proud of. We would not give those hours back for anything. Those hours of just hanging out with my grandfather, on the good days hanging out and eating hot fudge sundaes, or the bad days making sure he had his inhalers and medications that he needed. We learned a lot about our grandfather that summer and fall. We learned that in his eyes Derek Jeter walked on water, that once you are a Clay Hiller you are always a Clay Hiller and that there is no such thing as a bad Western movie. We also learned how many people care about our grandfather. He was hospitalized last year, several hours before Relay for Life began. He was not able to see the over one hundred luminaries people had bought to honor him in his fight. We were awestruck by the staggering number of people who came to celebrate his seventy-fifth birthday with us at Willow Park in July.

We learned how awesome Dr. Witham is by making a couple of house calls, even on Thanksgiving, just to see how he and we were doing. We also learned how awesome Dr. Witham’s staff is when we would have questions, or needed an opinion. We learned that my grandfather had wonderful friends and neighbors, who were there to lend an ear, give a hug or make a meal. Just three days after Thanksgiving, our grandfather lost his fight with cancer on November 25, 2007. Our and his battle had lasted a little over a year. His legacy did not stop there. People came by the hundreds to pay tribute to him. As his family, it was a great feeling knowing that people cared about him as much as we did. His beloved Mount Anthony Patriots paid tribute to him with moments of silence at basketball games and wrestling matches. We can see our grandfather’s smile spread ear to ear, his fist pumping in the air, when we think about that. This family is continuing his fight by raising money for cancer research and participating in Relay for Life. - Katie & Sara Brunell


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For a Wide Selection of Oils, Acrylics,������������������������������ ��������������������������������������� Watercolors by Famous Name Brands... ������������������������������������ ����������������������������� And for all your artistic needs. �������������������������������� ���������������������� ������� ������� �������������������������������� ������������������� �����������������������������������������������

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��������������������������������������� For a Wide Selection of Oils, Acrylics, ������������������������������������ Watercolors by Famous Name Brands... �������������������������������� And for all your artistic needs. ������������������� �����������������������������������������������

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������������ Relay For Life 2008

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2008 Bennington County Relay For Life

Relay Store Hours 3:00pm - 6:00pm 6:30pm - 8:30pm 10:00pm - 12 Midnight


MAU HIGH SCHOOL TRACK JUNE 21 - JUNE 22, 2008 6:00PM - 8:00AM Relay For Life is a Team Event to Fight Cancer Relay For Life really is a community event and there have been so many individuals and businesses that have contributed that we are unable to list them all. We appreciate each and every person’s involvement. Thank you for your contribution of time, money and energy. Because of your continued support and teamwork, we are making progress each day to our ultimate goal of eliminating cancer!

Check Out the Main & Activities Tents • Registration for Teams & Activities • American Cancer Society Resources & Cancer Education Materials • Kid’s Pack Activities Available • Sunscreen Available • Luminaria Sales • Relay Store

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Relay For Life 2008

Celebrate • Remember • Fight Back COME JOIN THE FUN! Relay for Life is over 13 hours of fun for a great cause - joining the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer. Teams of 8-15 people take turns walking around a track for a full day and night. Families, corporations, clubs, hospitals, churches, temples, and schools all organize Relay teams! Entire communities come together through Relay to step up the fight against cancer.

ORGANIZE A TEAM! Recruit 8-15 family members, friends or co-workers to join you. Choose a team name or theme. Be creative! Working together, raise your team’s goal and additional contributions from sponsors. Find creative ways to raise pledges at Set up your team and individual web pages at http:// Send emails to friends near and far to raise money! Get ready to camp out! Teams meet, cook out, and catch some sleep at their campsites for this overnight event. Campsite decorating adds to the

fun of music, entertainment, and camaraderie. Bring tents, sleeping bags, and food to cook on the grill. (No pets, please) Come to the track and get ready for fun! And remember, in the interest of health, all American Cancer Society events are smoke-free. For more information, call your local American Cancer Society office at 802-775-7557.

CANCER SURVIVORS: THIS IS FOR YOU It’s been said that the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is a huge community support group for cancer survivors. Survivors and caregivers receive special recognition by walking the first lap around the track to begin the Relay. Show that cancer survivors in our community are living life to the fullest!

LUMINARIAS LIGHT THE WAY WITH HOPE You can light the way to the future without cancer, and honor loved ones who have had the disease, by joining the luminaria ceremony at Relay. During the ceremony, candles are placed in bags bearing

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Relay For Life 2008

Luminarias can be purchased for $5 each prior to the Relay, or at the event. The Relay luminaria ceremony in Bennington will take place at 9:00pm.

FIGHT BACK CEREMONY The Fight Back ceremony is an emotionally powerful ceremony whose purpose is to inspire Relay participants to take action. It symbolizes the emotional commitment we each make to the fight against cancer. The action we take represents what we are willing to do for ourselves, for our loved ones and for our community year round as we commit to saving lives. We are here so that those who face cancer will be supported, that those who have lost their battle will not be forgotten and that, one day, cancer will be eliminated. It is a 365 day fight! The ceremony will take place prior to the closing ceremony on Sunday morning.




������������������������ ��������������� ��������������

the names of those who have, or had, cancer. When lit, hundreds of luminarias brighten the way for Relay walkers throughout the night in the heartfelt reminder of how cancer touches all of us.

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A Hersam Acorn Newspapers Publication

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A Hersam Acorn Newspapers Publication

Relay For Life 2008

I am honored to have the opportunity to say a few words about cancer. Definition: “An abnormal cell growth” sounds so simple. It can happen to any one of us, young and old alike. When cancer does come into our life, it affects not only the patient, but reaches far into the lives around us, our family, friends, etc. But it is also something we can fight, and win - with support, love and the latest in medical treatments. I personally had a bout with Melanoma, a scary time for me and those that care about me. Luckily I showed it to my doctor as soon as I noticed it, so I was able to have a “cure” (11 years now). If I had waited just a few months, it might have taken my life. Early detection is so important to prognosis, as are the relationships you have with your doctors and healthcare providers. You must be an advocate for your own health care. You can prevent or detect early enough to treat or cure cancer and other ailments if you are pro-active. Regular doctor visits, screenings - so important are your yearly exams - mammogram, skin checks, colon screening, etc. Being proactive and having good communication with your health providers can save your life. Many of us are afraid to go, including me. Go anyway. Have hope, always. Ask God for his help. He will be there for you. I also write as a loving mother. I lost my 8 year old son, Eric, to Leukemia, 20 years ago now. He fought through 6 years of chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant, but lost the battle as he had a relapse following the transplant. They were the worst, hardest years for us as a family. Yet Eric’s life was not a sad one...he loved and really lived life. He lived happily every day. He even accepted his fate in the end, with his belief and love of God. His life was not the tragedy - losing him to the disease was. I am so thankful for the support of our family, friends and health providers that were so good to us. It made such a difference. The wonderful news is that they are curing 9 to 10 cases of this disease now, thanks to research and effective treatments. Leukemia was virtually a death sentence back then. Two of Eric’s doctors went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize for developing a successful bone marrow transplant using patients own marrow, and eliminating the need for a donor. The research didn’t come in time for Eric, but it is here now treating and curing many others. This should encourage us to support the critically important research for new understanding of disease, new treatments, new meds and so on. We CAN and ARE finding and developing treatments and cures all the time. Keep hope, always. Please be compassionate and support each other.

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Lastly, I would like to share with all of you some Divine wisdom that I have come to believe. The bottom line of life is LOVE. I am always much more blessed than I am at a loss. The LOVE makes it worth it. Endure it again? You bet, in a second. Just for one more minute with him. Blessed is any time that we can be with those we love.

���������������� ���������������� ��������������������������

So please keep hope alive, never give up. I am truly blessed, and may God bless you and be with you on your path too.

����� ��������������������� �����������������

- Sincerely, Deborah (Hoyt) Ernst

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Relay For Life 2008

A Hersam Acorn Newspapers Publication


Schedule of Events 10:00am - 6:00pm

Teams Set Up

3:00pm - 6:00pm

Team Registration, Final Money Collection, Registration for Scavenger Hunt, Casino Poker, Team Cheer, Most laps walked and run by an individual.


Relay Store is open under the Main Tent. Check out Relay items for sale


Survivor Reception & Registration All Cancer Survivers are invited to come join us under the Survivor Tent. Cancer Survivors will receive their t-shirts and medals at this time.


Luminaria will be on sale under the Main Tent


Children’s Activities:

When I was 35 I asked my doctor for a baseline mammogram. I knew I should have one because my friend had one at 35, for a baseline. My doctor told me no it wasn’t necessary, no family history, and the insurance company wouldn’t pay for it at that age. By age 36 it was too late for me...I was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER. I had to have a radical mastectomy, followed by 6 1/2 weeks of daily radiation treatments, followed by skin grafts to replace my skin that was ruined by the radiation. ...Wouldn’t it have been a lot cheaper for the insurance company to pay for a mammogram?

No activities will take place during the opening ceremony


- Melody Niles

Opening Ceremonies: Welcome by Opening & Closing Ceremonies Chair - Sandy O’Neill Guest Speaker: Cindy Tilley - Cancer Survivor Opening Song by Noble & Ryan Levesque Survivor Lap - Girl Scouts will lead survivors around the track Caregiver/Survivor Lap *All team members and guests, please suspend activities and line the outside of the track until these 2 laps are complete* School Teams Lap - Schools will present their donations and each team will be announced


Advocacy - Smoking Cessation Survivor Torchbearers: Linda Devlin & Kiara Tifft Caregiver Torchbearers: Ron Barnard & Hap Colbath Song by: Lynn Sweet

*All team members and guests are invited to walk the track during the lap of silence. Please no running at this time.*


Relay Store is open under the Main Tent


Scavenger Hunt - Need to register for this activity under the Main Tent by 7:25pm. Teams must report to the Cancer Education part of the Main Tent for the Scavenger Hunt lists.


Pizza will be available for team members at the concession stand


Relay Store is open under the Main Tent


Fight Back Ceremony


Casino Poker! Collect your cards as you walk around the track. Best two poker hands turned in win a prize.


Team Cheer Ice Cream Social for team members will be available at the concession stand.


Breast & Colon Cancer Bingo under the Survivor’s Tent


Reverse Lap Direction - Education Lap


The Moose Club will be serving breakfast available for team members at the concession stand


Reverse Lap Direction Music resumes with Spencer Sweet All team votes for superlative awards must be turned in by this time to the registration table under the Main Tent

Reverse Lap Direction


Please take your final lap


Closing Ceremonies: Words of Thanks - Sandy O’Neill Recognition of Sponsors & Teams Superlative Awards Announced Contest Winners


Thank You to All of the Committee Members Lynn Leibe - Event Co-Chair Vicki Corey - Sponsorship Chair Mary Thibodeau - Team’s Chair Dani Fager - Activities Chair Cindy Tifft & Kelly Lewin - Food Co-Chairs Gail Harwood & Paige Kwasniak - Survivors Co-Chairs Sandy O’Neill - Opening & Closing Ceremonies Jennifer Kern & Rhonda Levin - Luminaries Co-Chairs Erica Rogers - Event Co-Chair & Public Co-Chair Sue Gallina & Mary Morrissey - Publicity Co-Chairs Lynn & Spencer Sweet - Entertainment Co-Chairs Kalen DeRoo - On-Line Chair Russell Farbiars - Teams Accounting Chair Cindy Watson - Advocacy Chair Betsy Ratelle - Mission Education Chair Gary Briggs & Steven Bushee - Logistics Co-Chairs Lisa Whitman & Kayla Whitman - Team Recruitment Co-Chairs Connie Smith - Relay Store Chair Cindy Maroney - Relay Secretary Lynda Armstrong - Luminary Committee They have been instrumental in coordinating this year’s event. Their hard work and dedication should be recognized and celebrated as they made this event possible. Thank you for your outstanding job! Thank you to all of the volunteers. We greatly appreciate your help. Thank you to our torchbearers: Linda Devlin, Kiara Tifft, Ron Barnard, Hap Colbath Thank you to our wonderful singers: Katie Beck, Noble & Ryan Levesque Thank you to our guest speaker: Cindy Tilley

A Hersam Acorn Newspapers Publication

Relay For Life 2008

2008 Relay for Life  
2008 Relay for Life  

2008 Relay for Life