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This garment is made in the South of India. The Ikat print on the fabric in this hooded tunic is entirely hand-loomed (apparatus for weaving fabrics, containing harnesses, lay, reed, shuttles, treadles, etc.). It’s an intensely time consuming process. The threads are all hand- dyed in sections first to achieve the correct colours and spacing and then fastened to the loom for weaving. There is over one full day’s work of dying and weaving in each garment. 22440938 Top Tunic Ikat Hooded - $119

This hooded jacket is made in India. This rainbow beanie is handknitted in Nepal. It features a fur trim with front and back embroidery. This garment has unique embroidery that has been developed by several local artists and translated to a panel, positioned on the back of the jacket and around the hood. 22441195 Coat Indian Embroidery - $179 22458810 Beanie Knitted Rainbow - $22.95

This jacket and scarf are both made in India. This scarf is hand-knitted and is available in an assortment of bright yarns. This jacket has fine handbeading work across the shoulder panels and also comes in a mustard base colour with a black trim. 22441096 Coat Contrast Trim - $169 22439789 Scarf Rainbow Knit - $29.95

The poncho, beanie and gloves in this outfit are all hand knitted in Nepal in area surrounding Kathmandu. Women do the knitting and have the choice to work from the factories or in their homes. Each woman is in charge of one section of knitting; for example, she may be allocated the sleeves on a jumper. She will knit all these pieces then a factory representative will collect them all and take them to the main factory where they are sewn together into one garment with all the collected components. 22458612 Poncho Stripe Knit - $69 22458858 Beanie Knitted Woolen $22.95 22458872 Gloves Woolen Nepali Fingerless - $22.95

This hooded poncho comes in two marle mixed colurways charcoal & chocolate. The acid wash leggings are currently in store. All garments are made in Nepal. 22472687 Tunic Self Scarf Wallpaper Print - $55 22430328 Leggings Acid Wash - $29.95 22472847 Top Poncho 2 Colour - $65

This Kimono is made from hand embroidered Indian shawls. All these kimonos will arrive in assorted patterns and colours with unique woollen hand work. The dress underneath is the plain ‘self-scarf tunic’ with purple mixed ‘dip dye leggings’. 22461940 Kimono Shawl Fabric - $99 22429131 Tunic Self Scarf - $55 22429230 Leggings Dip Dye - $20

This flared sleeved ‘blot print dress’ is based on the shape of the best selling deco tunic. It will also be arriving into stores in a grey base colourway. This dress is made in Nepal. The Animal stripe scarf is made in India and comes in assorted colours. 22473073 Dress Blot Print - $59 22439628 Scarf Viscose Animal Stripe $39.95

This ‘sleeveless Geo petal tunic’ comes in a chocolate and pink colourway with button detailing on the collar. The model also wears the purple version of the scarf/ shrug and ‘dip dye leggings’. All garments are made in Nepal. 22472786 Top Scarf Shrug - $24.95 22473356 Tunic Pockets Geo Petal - $55 22429230 Leggings Dip Dye - $20

The Self Scarf Tunic is one of last season’s best sellers. This Winter we will be running with two prints in this style; the tunic pictured and also in a blue base with grey and purple scarf. This garment is made in Nepal. 22429766 - Tunic Self Scarf Circle Print $55 22430328 - Leggings Acid Wash $20

This dress has been entirely hand embroidered and appliquĂŠd in Mumbai. There is over 5 hours of hand work involved in each piece. This dress will also be available in a black base. 22453730 - Tunic Indian Embroidery $129

The front embroidery panel on this dress has been computer generated. The design is hand drawn then scanned into a computer to replicate the design. The fabric is 100% cotton with a satin trim. This dress is available in the one colourway only 22453839 - Tunic Hot Pink Detail $89

This top, vest and skirt have all been made in India. Each skirt has been hand crocheted and can take up to one whole day to completed. The women who knit this product work from their home villages in order to earn an income and keep their home running. Someone from the factory delivers them the yarn and then collects all the knitted components to take back to the factory for the machine finishes. The vest is currently in store and made from 100% recycled silk sari fabrics. 22453617 - Top Panel Embroidery $65 22453518 - Skirt Maxi Crochet $99

This jacket comes in Ikat print. This textile fabric is unique in that it is actually designed for upholstery. It is made in India. 22453891 - Jacket Ikat Bomber $109

This bird dress shape is based on the Self Scarf Tunic and made in a winter weight jersey. This particular style will be a great seller for all shapes & sizes. 22453679 - Dress Decorative Bird Embroidery $79

This skirt has been made in Nepal with a fine ‘wale’ (industry term for thin lined) corduroy. The kimono is made in India from recycled silk sari fabrics sourced from various locations in Delhi & Mumbai. 22440549 - Kimono Butterfly $39.95 22428738 - Skirt Print Cord $44.95

This strapless playsuit is a great Autumn layering piece. It will arrive in store in a number of assorted colours and prints. It is made from recycled saris and produced in Rajasthan, India. 22440761 - Playsuit $59

This round neck stone-wash jersey top is made in Nepal and will be one of the key basics for Autumn. The wide leg pants are made from recycled saris and will come in assorted colours and prints. The shape and cut is based on the wide leg summer paisley print pant. This style is also made in Rajasthan, India 22428530 - Top Acid Wash $29.95 22440846 - Pants Cullote $55

This dress is the Self Scarf Tunic that many of you would be familiar with. The base of the dress is a block colour with a two-toned scarf perfect for this season. The leggings pictured are perfect for layering and have an ombre dye. Both garments are made in Nepal 22429131 - Tunic Self Scarf $55

This knitted vest is reversible making it quite a versatile piece. The size and care labels are tucked into a seam opening and can be found at the base of the garment. 22428639 - Vest Reversible $44.95 22428837 - Tunic Print Cord $55

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