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By Dr. James Marocco


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“Then he said, “Take the arrows,” and the king took them. Elisha told him, “Strike the ground.” He struck it three times and stopped. The man of God was angry with him and said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times; then you would have defeated Aram and completely destroyed it. But now you will defeat it only three times.”


ne of the most revolutionary inventions was the clock and even more so the watch, because it changed the concept of time. The ancients were aware of time, with the Sundial, but it was not precise. They saw things in terms of watches (length of time determined by events) and in terms of sunrise and sunsets. You didn’t have to be at a particular place at a particular time, it was a stretch of time of about 4 hours. If they had a party, some would get there earlier and some would get there later, two to three hours after things began. Time was fluid for the ancients. The Greeks were into being extremely precise about words and their meaning. And when they came to the concept of time, they had a number of words for time. But two of the words that I have talked about in past messages give us an interesting insight into time. First is the word kronos, a concept where time was seen as a series of moments. In fact it is interesting Paul the Apostle writes this word “in where the fullness of time was come God sent forth His Son.”(Galatians 4:4). The word used there is kronos. He is saying in a particular moment in time God brought Christ into the world. But there was another word that the Greeks used to try understand

2 Kings 13:14-19 NIV

their concept of time. It was the word kairos. Now kairos is a fascinating word because kairos meant special moments, seasons. You know seasons can last for three or four months; winter, spring, summer and fall. There are also special moments in all of our lives, for example anniversaries and birthdays. When people get married they have huge celebrations. Why is that? Because we have a concept of time that celebrates special moments in our lives. All of us have those, and the Greeks understood that. So they had kronos and kairos. It is also interesting when you look at the Hebrew’s concept of time. Their concepts of time were radically different than the Greeks. The Hebrews understanding of time was locked into linear time. Time is moving because there is God who is the author of time and He is the one who defines time. He can also break into time. At any moment in a person’s life there can be God moments where God breaks in. Time through the Hebrew concept is connected to God’s working in the World. In fact in Psalm 145:15 it says, “the eyes of all look to you and you give them their food at the proper time”. God intervenes at the right time. Isaiah 49:8 “In the time of my favor I will answer you”. God has a moment of favor

on your life. The key to our life is discerning and acting on God moments. Knowing what God is up to and responding. In this text we see that Elisha is dying and he desires to leave a blessing for his nation Israel. The king comes to visit Elisha and He is crying over Elisha knowing Israel’s power was dying, “my father, my father,” he cried “the chariots and the horsemen of Israel” (vs. 14). He knew as long as Elisha stayed alive, Israel had the power of God available to them. It was Elisha who could warn the king when Syria was going to attack. It was Elisha that could capture a whole army of Syrians and many other miracles that was manifested through Elisha. It was at this moment the King realized the trouble that Israel was in. Elijah had someone to pass the anointing on to, Elisha. Elisha had someone to pass the anointing to, Gehazi. Gehazi however blew it. By the very fact that Gehazi’s name is mentioned in Scripture tells us that Gehazi was the person designated to lead after Elisha but he sold out the anointing for a little bit of gold and silver. I have seen that happen time and time again all over this nation and even in this church. People had an anointing

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on their lives and ended up selling out for money. So now Elisha had no one to pass his anointing on to. I want you to imagine for a moment that you were Elisha and you realized that you were dying and this king is crying over you and you wanted to do something to help him. You wanted to leave something of lasting difference for the nation. What would

three times. Now look at the response of Elisha. The man of God in verse 19 was angry with him and said, “you should have struck the ground five or six times then you would have defeated Syria and completely destroyed it but now you will defeat it only three times”. The moment was over and Elisha dies. This is incredible, the reason why Elisha was so angry with the king was that there was no second chance. The very thing Elisha wanted to do was to give Israel victory over Aram (Syria) and never have to deal with them again. The king missed his God moment, not to return. Some have this weird idea about God, that one can do whatever they want to do and whenever they want they can have a second chance to obey God. There is grace, no question about it. God will forgive and God gives second chances to people. However, there are God moments that once you miss it, it is gone, not to return. God is speaking to us very clearly; don’t miss your God moments. How do I not miss my God moments? 1. Realize that there are times and seasons in God. There are moments in God. There are things God wants you to do for a specific moment. 2. We must realize that we are important to God for He responds to what we do. This king hit the ground three times and that is all he had victory over Syria (Aram). If he had understood the significant of those arrows and the God moment He would have just kept going until Elisha said ‘stop’. He could have probably gone on for another ten or twenty times. He didn’t realize how important his actions were to God. I don’t want to miss my God moments, and neither do you. They may only come once. God left the degree of victory in the hands of the king. Think about this for a moment. What if God left the degree of your prosperity in your hands? What if He left the degree of His power displayed through you in your hands? You see we want to blame God for everything. The man of God put his hands upon the hands of the king. There is a merger of the power of God and man’s actions. In this particular case it wasn’t the man who could bring victory, for only God could bring victory. However the man determined how much victory there would be. This is why prayer is so powerful for when you pray God hears and answers. When you persevere in prayer, faith is being exercised and God

“...we are important to God for He responds to what we do.” you do? There is no more passing down the anointing to someone else, so what could he do. The King and Elisha enter a God moment. You see Elisha knew that the biggest problem Israel had was their enemy Syria. If Israel was going to last for very long they would have to deal with Syria. So he decided to give the king an opportunity to defeat Syria. If the king entered into the God moment with Elisha, what would take place in those few moments could change the course of history. Elisha says in verse 15, “‘get a bow and some arrows’ and the King did so. ‘Take the bow in your hand,’ he said to the king of Israel and when he had taken it Elisha put his hands on the king’s hands”. What’s that all about? Elisha is suggesting to the king what you are about to do is extremely important. It is something that is going to merge the power of God and the power of man in one moment’s time. Since Elisha represented the power of God and the king represented man’s power, when Elisha put his hands on the king’s hand he was saying, now king this moment is a prophetic moment. It’s a God moment. Elisha commands the king and defines the action the king is doing and the meaning of the arrow. He said, “take a bow in your hands” to the king of Israel, “open the east window”(vs. 17) and he opens it. “shoot” Elisha says and he shot. Now look at the next verse because it is crucial, “the Lord’s arrow of victory, the arrow of victory over Aram”. What did the arrow mean? It meant victory over Aram or Syria. Elisha clearly defines the significance of the arrow. He is in a God moment now. God’s power is going to be released for this king in a dramatic way. Elisha says to the king “the Lord’s arrow of victory. The arrow of victory over Aram”. He says it twice. “You will completely destroy the Arameans at Aphek”. He will be victorious in a battle over Aram (Syria). Now look at the next verse 18 Then he said “take the arrows” and the king took them. Elisha told him “strike the ground”. He struck it three times and stopped. Now when Elisha commands the king to take the arrows and strike the ground, what did the arrows mean? Victory over Aram. For some reason the king didn’t grab that. For some reason the king nonchalantly strikes the ground

2 The King’s Call January 2013

responds. Please don’t get into the concept that if you can just get to heaven by the skin of your teeth that is the only thing that counts. I am thankful you are on your way to heaven. I am thankful that you have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. I am thankful that you love Jesus. I am thankful that you come to church. You have made this a marvelous church because you are here. But PLEASE, please don’t miss your God moments. Don’t miss things God wants to birth

through you in great measure. Don’t settle for so little. The King settled for three victories when he could have

completely destroyed his enemies. 3. If we are to walk in our God moment we must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and desire more of God’s working in our lives. There has to be a hunger for God that comes from within us. If you have no appetite for God, or when you come to church it is out of duty but there is no real hunger for God, then friend I grieve that you may miss your God moments. You may not forfeit heaven but you are going to miss your God moments. God wants to use you to make a profound difference in all history. There’s got to be that appetite for God. I am here to stroke the fire of hunger in your life because that hunger for God begins to

prepare you to receive the moments that God has for you. Another aspect of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit is to be in

worship. You see the church is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Yes, personally we are temples of the Holy Spirit but Paul in his letter to the Corinthians also mentioned that the gathered church is the temple of the Holy Spirit. So when you are in worship as the church you are positioning yourself for a God moment. Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 4:30 says, “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.” The Holy Spirit is a person and we can be insensitive and grieve Him, thereby missing our God moment. When you look at the verse before this text and then the one after, it makes this a kind of spiritual sandwich with verse 30 in the middle. The bread on one side is verse 29 which says “don’t let any unwholesome word come out of your mouth but only that which is fitting for edification.” Watch your speech. Then verse 31 says “get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, brawling and slander.” We must watch what we say and watch our attitude otherwise we can grieve the Holy Spirit. We can end up not being sensitive to the Holy Spirit because we haven’t had enough sleep or we are emotionally wrecked. At times we allow anger to grab us. Therefore we must repent and deal with things in our life that grieve the Holy Spirit. To be sensitive to the Holy Spirit we need to pray and commune with Him. Paul talks about this in 2 Corinthians 13:14 when he says, “may the grace of the Lord Jesus and the love of God and the fellowship of the Spirit be with you.” That brings us to the forth way of not missing our God moments, we have to take enthusiastic and bold actions. The problem with the king was that he was nonchalant about the prophetic act. Some of you reading this article are doing the same thing. You are not prepared to teach that Sunday school class and nonchalantly walk in, believing that you can wing it. You show up at prayer once in a blue moon. When you come to church you look like you have been sucking on a sour pickle, or as if you haven’t had any sleep. If we are not going to miss our God moments we have to be enthusiastic. If the king had been enthusiastic about hitting the ground Syria would have been history. Finally the last way to not miss your God moments is to persevere. Don’t stop unless God tells you to stop. Keep doing what He has called you to do. God has victory for you. Some of you are in and out of ministries all the time, saying “I got offended and I am out”. STOP IT! When did God say you are supposed to stop? You stop when God says stop. “Well, I’m tired.” What if God said that about you? “I’m tired

of you.” God is speaking to us. God has God moments for us as a church and we must grab hold of those God moments. One of the God moments for this church was the opening of the Oahu extension. God opened a moment just after the Prophetic Conference. Two of the prophets had specifically prophesied about Oahu and what God was going to do. We were sitting here having to make a decision if we were going to expend ourselves for a shopping center we didn’t have a dime to buy. I had to figure out how I was going to get over there on Sunday mornings and be here for the Maui services. The congregation on Maui would have to come to church earlier so that I could get to Honolulu to preach there. There were dramatic changes that took place on Maui in order to have a work on Oahu, but we weren’t going to miss our God moment. Here’s what interesting. If we had missed that God moment we would have missed all those people’s lives we have touched in Honolulu throughout the years. You say God would have brought it back again. Are you sure? Do you have a guaranteed on that? I don’t think so. God would have given the harvest to someone else. Today a vibrant, growing, body of believers is on Oahu because we didn’t miss God’s moment of growth for our church. Personally be open to the God moments. It may come in opening a small group in your home or attending a small group. It may come through being involved in a ministry. It may come through sharing your faith with someone else. It may come by being at a prayer meeting. It may come by responding to the Lord through your giving. God has a God moment for us as a church and for us personally that will usher us into a greater level of effectiveness and blessing. May we not miss it.

Dr. James Marocco Senior Pastor

King’s Cathedral & Chapels

January 2013 The King’s Call


HAWAII What’s Happening In

King’s Chapel Kula: House of New Life

Alton & Lynda Shimodoi


hen we came back to Maui in 2003, we believed God wanted to use us to help the hurting, but we weren’t quite sure how. It was later that year when God spoke to me at a men’s encounter that He had brought us back to Maui to open a home for troubled teenagers. Soon after that House of New Life began to form. God gave us this verse: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed.” (Luke 4:18) We learned that no Christian residential programs for boys were in operation on Maui. That grieved us because we had previously worked for Teen Challenge, and saw the transforming power of God change many young people’s lives. Soon we started providing community training, drug prevention, parenting classes, individual and family counseling and support groups. All along the ultimate goal was opening an inter-denominational,

Christ-centered residential home for troubled teenagers, ages 13-18, a refuge from a life of degradation and exploitation. Over the next 6 years we were in negotiations for several houses that would have been able to house the program for boys, but none of the deals were able to go through. Because of the opposition, there were many times when we wanted to give up, but we kept thinking about how God can heal people, and how some people need more of an “intensive” environment to walk out that healing. Early this year Pastor Colleen began asking how KC could help us see this part of the vision come about. God had placed on her heart a desire to help those who were struggling with addictions and she started Transformation Ministry. She and Dr. Marocco offered an affordable lease on the Kula Church property. After the lease was finalized, work began on the building to make it ready to take in teenagers. God has been providing every step of the way, even bringing us five staff members and two volunteers to open the program. We were blessed by a mission team from Indiana who came to work on the building. We’ve

King’s Chapel Lana‘i Pastor Kevin McNamara In October, we took a team of seven from KC Lanai to KC Philippines. Pastor Estrella Nakama filled our schedule with as many as six events daily. Ministering in the park, high schools, colleges, KC Davao, KC Tagum, KC Pantukan, and KC Makati. It was a powerful time of ministry and sharing our KC DNA through preaching, hula, testimonies and music. We also performed Pastor Chris’ illustrated sermon “True Love” in Tagum City and at KC Makati. KC Lanai and KC Philippines teamed up to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Many lives were touched by God’s power and

4 The King’s Call January 2013

been blessed by many volunteers from our church as well as other Christian churches in Maui. A mainland organization donated $3,000 and later a check for $5,000 arrived in the mail. We are reminded constantly how much God cares about the hurting. As we have prayed for the needs, he has been providing. There are many little miracles we could share that have happened along the way, but our hope is that by the time you read this article, boys will be living at Kula and starting a life of freedom that only Jesus can provide. A life transformed by HIM is the greatest miracle!

House of New Life was created to bring hope and a future to adolescents and adults whose lives have been wrecked by drugs, alcohol, abuse and more. We, along with a group of Christian board members, wanted to create a safe place for people who are hurting; a place to rebuild a new life. Through education, Christian counseling, and spiritual guidance administered in a loving, home-style environment, efforts will be made to heal the hurts of individuals as well as their families; bringing about family reconciliation and restoration.

many people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Being able to minister there has truly opened all of our eyes and enlarged our vision to see what God has in store not only for KC Lanai, but all of our extension churches. Our team would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support.

King’s Chapel Honoka‘a Pastor Dan and Ku‘ulei Akau

Aloha from King’s Chapel Honokaa, Hawaii We have been a part of King’s Cathedral and Chapels since December 1999. We served at our Kauai extensions under great Pastors; Sr. Pastors Dr. James and Colleen Marocco, Pastor Phil Marocco, Pastor Daniel Bracken, Pastor Robert Sahagun , Pastor Vince Venson and Minister Monica, all have been used by God to impart the DNA of KC leadership into my wife

nokaa’s landmark Tex Drive-in, our church building, prayer gazebo, and radio station [The Voice 107.3 FM.] antenna make us easy to find. It encouraged us to find that one of our members travels from Captain Cook, which is an hour and forty-five minute drive to our services every Sunday. I asked Adele Marques, “What is it that makes you drive the distance from Captain Cook to Honokaa

daughters back into His house and bringing new families to our church. Our goal is to continue to build His people and His house, to win the Island for Jesus Christ, to disciple and send them out to make disciples. Pray we will continue the work God has called us to and

and me. We were asked to seek the Lord in regards to continuing the work in Honokaa by Dr. Marocco. In May of 2011, my wife, Ku’ulei, and I moved from our homeland of Kauai to the Big Island to continue the work of building and pastoring King’s Chapel Honokaa, which means “a place to stand”. It is located at the 43 mile marker along the Hamakua Coast which means “Breath of God”. Directly across the highway from Ho-

to come to church every week?” She replied, “With the God that we serve, how can I not want to be here?” It reminds me how far our Lord went for us, all the way to the cross… just for us. While we are closing in on completing the building project, we are excited to see a continual move of God in restoring families on the Big Island. An outpouring of His Spirit is drawing wayward sons and

begin new extensions in other areas of the island as the Lord leads us. We too can become one church in many locations right here on the Big Island. Hawaii will hear the word of the Lord and the Big Island will be saved! We seek to know Him--to know who we are and whose we are. We covet your prayers for us and for KC Honokaa and Big Island, Hawaii. Jesus is… Au’Rai’teous! [… All Righteous]

“Our goal is to continue to build His people and His house, to win the Island for Jesus Christ”

What’s Happening In The

Continental USA King’s Chapel Arkansas Minister Scott Stewart


es, there really is a King’s Chapel in Fayetteville. We call this area Northwest Arkansas. It is the top left corner of the state when you are looking at a map. Missouri is close by. So are Oklahoma and Kansas. And there is a lot going on here. Perhaps you have heard of a little business whose world headquarters is about 25 miles north of Fayetteville--it goes by the name of ”Wal-Mart”. Fayetteville itself is home to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Over 20,000 students attend the university. Many different cultures and ethnicities are represented in Northwest Arkansas. Of course, there are those born and raised here, whose parents and grandparents are also Arkansans. Many others have come to the area, lured by the opportunity to work and raise their families. People are here from Central America, Mexico, India,

Southeast Asia, and the Marshall Islands, for example. The opportunities are great for reaching a wide variety of people. May “every culture, every race, find expression within this place.”(Chris Davis, Un2one records) A Vacation Bible School was held in June. This five-day event was hosted by KC Fayetteville and supported by many workers from KC Springdale. About 40 children attended each day. Our Olympics-oriented theme “Beyond the Gold” inspired the children to “Run in such a way as to get the prize.” (1 Cor. 9:24-25 NIV) Our focus for ministry and outreach has been to the neighborhoods that surround the church building we are leasing, on Willow Avenue. Across the street is an apartment complex that houses many single moms and a variety of other households. The Lord has given us a way to build relationships with

these neighbors and with others through our twice monthly Food Pantry Outreach. This outreach is a team effort and headed up by Barb Stewart and many KC moms. Auntie Barb’s most dedicated helpers are several children who regularly spend part of their Saturday helping. Working together is fun! Over the past 12 months, our not-bigyet King’s Chapel has distributed food to 118 separate households. (Many of these have received food multiple times.) A number of these have shared prayer requests with us, which we bring to the Lord at early morning prayer. Please help us with your prayers. Pray that many of our neighbors will visit the Sunday morning service at KC and become committed disciples of the Lord Jesus. Ask the Lord for children’s workers. Pray that He will do such a work among us that a wider spectrum of the Fayetteville community can be reached.

King’s Chapel Oregon

Pastor Kelley Reynolds


he miracle in this family can be traced back to a praying mom, a response to God for KC to expand to Lebanon Oregon, an Easter Egg Hunt and a follow up visit. Daryl Engeseth came into KC Lebanon on a Sunday morning in March 2012. He was 104 pounds, had dark circles around his eyes and would not look at me. I asked him and his girlfriend to fill out a visitor card, however he would not. The third Sunday he came, he was starting to look different and handed me his filled in visitor card. I then asked him where his girlfriend was and he replied that he wants to serve God and she was not good for him. Daryl started coming to early morning prayer every day, attended every service, small group, joined the choir and joined the weekly visitation team. His life was so changed that it impacted his

6 The King’s Call January 2013

family. Soon his mom visited on a Sunday morning, but said she normally works on Sundays. I was glad to tell her about our mid-week small groups and she started coming. She also joined the choir. Soon she was coming every Sunday. I asked her, “how is it that you are able to come on Sundays now”? She said “I prayed all these years for my family to be in church. My son is radically changed and I want to be in church with him. I have worked at my job for 12 years, so I asked for Sunday off and to my surprise my boss said, ‘You can have it off, but I’m not going to give

you another day, you’ll be cut back to four days a week’. I heard myself say that was fine as long as I can have Sunday off. Normally I would be worried about the money, but I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I feel free from the fear of not enough finances!” It gets even better! Pastor Brian had the privilege of baptizing in water; Daryl, his mom Tammy, dad Wayne and his sister Jessica. All are so changed by the power and love of the Lord! Daryl is now 140 pounds. Faithful to all his ministries and has a gift of evangelism. His aunt, cousins and friends are all coming faithfully now. The Engeseth family is a living testimony of God’s grace and love. Tammy says with tears in her eyes, “Thank you so much for coming to Oregon. Our lives are so changed”. Their changed lives are just the beginning of the great awakening that is coming to the Willamette Valley, to Oregon, and to our Nation.

King’s Chapel Antioch


e met in 2002 not knowing that 10 years later we would be married with two wonderful kids, praising the Lord together. Our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend started out like most, always happy, talking on the phone until our ears turned fire red or until one fell asleep and always wanting to be together any chance we had for as long as we could. But as a few years past by and we went through so much together we felt it was time to tie the knot. About three years into our marriage and one child, things started to crumble. Drugs and alcohol took a big role in our life. There

A Testimony From Ivan and Liz Medina

was so much arguing and verbal abuse that it felt at the time like we had made a mistake and we were not meant for each other. We decided that we would get a divorce. I would go back to my home town in Chicago to be with my family and Liz would stay in the San Francisco Bay area with her family. At that time is when God started to move in our lives in a radical way. I started feeling like there was a better life out there for us and that things didn’t have to be so ugly, but I didn’t know what it was or how to get it. Almost immediately God started to show me the way through scriptures that I had stumbled upon while watching YouTube videos that had nothing to do with God. Somehow I just came across some very interesting videos that had so many bible verses and scriptures that I had never seen or read in my life. Until this time I had no knowledge on bible verses or almost anything about God but only the few things that I had learned as a little boy being raised in the Catholic Church. Then one day Liz

and I got invited to Kings Chapel Antioch and for the first time God spoke deep into my heart and I knew exactly what I needed to do. My wife and I gave our lives to the Lord that day. It seemed like every time we would go to church Pastor would answer all the questions that we had, one service after another. We have been walking with the Lord for almost two years now and life is great! My wife and I just celebrated our fifth year anniversary and have grown into a family of four. It’s so amazing to see our daughter already loving Jesus, Praise God!

January 2013 The King’s Call



What’s Happening In The

King’s Chapel Spain From my Journal:

for me. I have stomach cancer and I need you to pray.” So, at the mall, I prayed for this man. Never found out who he was, nor why he chose me to pray for him. DAY 8: Came back late at night from a service. Carmelo, the hotel chief chef is by the door, smoking. I went over to talk to him. “How are you doing?” “Not too good. I have worked in this hotel for several years but they will not give me a permanent contract. I do not get my benefits and I am 54 years old. Further more, now I have to wash all the dishes and clean the kitchen before I can go home. I have no help and I cannot complain because there is 30% unemployment and many want

Trip to Spain

Pastor Italo and Sharon Frigoli

DAY 3: Dedicated a 65.000 sq feet church in the Canary Islands. It’s the largest church property in Spain. DAY 5: While waiting for Sharon in a shopping mall, a man came up to me and asked if I could help him. “What do you need?” I asked him. “I need you to pray for me”. “Do you know me?”. “No, I just felt that you could pray

8 The King’s Call January 2013

...Continued from pg. 8

my job. Not only that,” he said, “three years ago I went to the hospital for a routine operation. The doctor made a mistake and damaged me for ever. I cannot fulfill my duties as a husband. That drove me to alcohol. I have no hope.” “Can we pray for you?” “Well, ok.” I touched his shoulder and Sharon and I prayed. He begun to weep and ran away from us. I went after him. He was too ashamed and hid in the kitchen. The next day he called my room and he thanked us. “First time I have hope in my heart. I slept like a baby all night.” We stayed two more days in that hotel and every day he sent up food to our room and never charged us! DAY 9: Sharing with leaders from the church we started in 1975. Juan Leon Rodriguez came to talk to me and related that in 1976 I stopped him in the street

and witnessed to him and gave him a Gospel tract. He cursed me and pushed me aside. Yet several years later he found that Gospel tract in his closet and he read it. He found a church and now he is a leader in one of their small groups. DAY 12: A young man jumps off a building. Lands face first, in a pool of blood. A person that saw that happen was able to keep him alive until the ambulance reached there. Sharon prayed for him. We got an email letting us know that 4 days later he left the hospital and all he had was a broken tooth! We had the most blessed trip to Spain ever. This is the time for Spain.

King’s Chapel Africa Minister Kaulana Correa


ing’s Chapel Mozambique celebrated our first anniversary on Sunday, September 16, 2012 in the city of Beira in Mozambique, Africa. We began a little over a year ago as a fellowship in June of 2011, but have been meeting as home groups since 2008. KC Mozambique gathers every Sunday at 9-11 am at the home of Naldo and Masriska Devilliers, in Beira. Their residence, the former Russian consulate, now serves the people of God for King’s Chapel Mozambique. The special message on Increase from Dr. Marocco’s state of the church address provided the vision for our people to be connected to King’s Cathedral and Chapels. The message also encouraged us that God’s desire is to increase us in every facet of life. This message was the first telecast of Dr. Marocco and we thoroughly enjoyed the message. A festive celebration followed the service with lunch poolside. The Hawaiian style menu included Chinese roast chicken, fried rice (with Spam!), lomi tomatoes, onions and bacallau (salted cod fish—no salmon to be found anywhere), fresh haupia, pineapple cake, and POG (Passion, Orange & Guava juice). But sadly we had no kalua pork as most people in this area are Muslims and practice hallal (similar to the Jewish practice of kosher preparation of meat, and do they do not eat much pork). As part of our Outreach ministry,

we support House of Blessing Orphanage. Several girls come and minister to our children and we get the opportunity to bless them and make an impact in their lives, spiritually and financially. A special presentation from our Kid’s Church, demonstrated our dedication to raising the next generation to be grounded in the Word of God and ministered greatly to our community. Since I arrived to Beira in mid-August, KC Mozambique has begun a Sunday night prayer and worship service and early morning prayer, Monday through Saturday. The need is great here in this very transient community. Leadership and ministry training have already begun. We hope to open a marriage home group on Wednesday evenings as most of the husbands have jobs that take them from their families during the weekdays but return on the weekends. It’s the nature of this developing third world country. Mozambique is in sub-Saharan Africa and is entering the spring season (we are opposite of the northern hemisphere). Our outreach focus for this season is to reach the native Mozambiquens in their local communities. We covet your prayers and are very thankful for your prayers. Blessings to all our KC ‘Ohana and mahalo for your loving support. Contact us at: ekaulana@gmail. com or fb (ekaulana). Ate approxima! (A hui hou! / Until we meet again!)

January 2013 The King’s Call


King’s Chapel Tahiti


Pastor Pascal Hardy

ur first Tahitian extention is in Papeari. When looking at a map of the island, I like to say it’s located in the “waiste” of the island. It’s interesting to know that Papeari is one of the oldest and villages to Tahiti. It is said to have a “foundational rock” placed there as a symbol of origin to the Polynesian people. I believe this is a confirmation of God declaring His plan for the islands of the sea. In Isaiah 42:10. ‘The islands will sing a new song of praise!’ The work of the Holy Spirit has been so gracious to Plein Evangile filling both

Papeari and Faaa extentions with artists, song composers and many talents that express God’s greatness! Minister Freida Tehei is one of those talented people. She has lead our Papeari extention and is great mentor to the saints. Amidst every trial she has met it with grace and mercy! Pastor Joel and his wife Belona Takaio have also been members since the beginning in 1999. He and his whole family have given every moment of their lives to seeing the church grow, it is only fitting to see him become a pastor. French Polynesia is more than just a place where beautiful pearls are coveted, but the Tahitian people have such passion for God... which is so much more precious and rare.

King’s Chapel Japan Pastor Mayumi Nakaue


ing’s Chapel Iwakuni, Japan started December 17th, 2000 in a house with 4 people. In 2003, God miraculously provided a building for us (KC Iwakuni). In 2005, our Buddhist landlord sold us a piece of prime property in a very historical area in our city to build KC Yokoyama. The land and building cost was originally $300,000, but the landlord gave us a $50,000 discount. He is a Buddhist and has been like a Cyrus to our church. We finished paying off that building miraculously in 2 years. In 2008, we were offered the use of a building in Tokyo to start KC Tokyo at no cost. The normal rent would have been $3,000 per month, but the Lord provided that building for 4 years rent free!!! In 2009, when the bank wouldn’t give us a loan, the same landlord loaned us money to buy 1.4 acres of land in Kuroiso Iwakuni . Also, in 2009, we opened King’s Café in our main church building (KC Iwakuni). Our next project will be building KC Kuroiso on our new land. Please pray that we will build the church just like a smaller version of the Maui Cathedral.

10 The King’s Call January 2013

We are targeting a new building for our growing downtown extention and prophetically look to establish more works in the surrounding motus. Jesus is the Rock of Tahiti and the islands of the sea!! We thank God for our Tahitian family that continually bring Him praise!

In these 12 years, we’ve had so many miracles. A lady came to our church with an unknown disease. The doctor couldn’t do anything for her. We prayed for her salvation and healing and God did both! In the worship service she said she would see Jesus among us walking in the sanctuary. One young girl in our congregation suddenly got several blisters all over her body. Her parents took her to the doctor, but they didn’t know what it was and couldn’t do anything for her. So, they brought her to the church. We prayed for her and she was completely healed!! Praise God!! A man in our congregation, who had just gotten saved and baptized, was dying from lung cancer. We went to visit him in the hospital to pray for him. When we got there he was visibly talking to God as if they were face to face. We were all shocked!! We all began to pray for him and suddenly, he said, “I can hear”. He had been deaf in his right ear for more than 40 years and the Lord healed him in that moment. He did go on to be with the Lord, but we praise God for HIS miraculous works. Please continue to pray for revival in Japan.


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B i b l i c a l Stewardship Tom Revelle


hen you hear the word “stewardship” what comes to mind? Many think of how we manage our finances and whether we are faithful in tithing. While good financial management and tithing are a part of being a faithful steward, there is more. We too often allow what we’ve heard from others or what we’ve heard in the media to affect what we think, feel and believe in this area. But the only standard we should use is the word of God. Many of us have developed bad habits, but even more serious are the attitudes and values that are established as a result of our misunderstandings. Stewardship is defined as the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. To discover what the Bible says about stewardship, we start with the very first verse: Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...” As Creator, God owns it all and has absolute rights of ownership over ALL things. To miss here is like mismatching the top button on a shirt or blouse-nothing else will ever line up. The Biblical view of stewardship defines a man’s relationship with God. God is owner and man is the manager. If we grasp this, we are then able to accurately view and correctly value not just our possessions, but even life itself. Stewardship defines our purpose in life as assigned to us by God. What has God entrusted to you? What talents and gifts have you been given by God? Take an inventory and you will see that each of us has been given gifts that God has entrusted to our care. Are you using your gifts to further the Kingdom of God? If not, why not? Are you too busy with the cares of life? Too busy with other responsibilities? Now is the time to make changes in your life and your daily schedule and become that “good manager” that God has called you to be. As a CPA and financial adviser, I am able to see a multitude of ways that people handle their finances and talents--both Christians and non-Christians. I’ve witnessed families that have started with very little and have been obedient to the principles of Biblical finances and stewardship and have seen their financial situations dramat-

12 The King’s Call January 2013

ically change for the good. I’ve also seen those who have had a sizable net worth and were “successful” by the world’s standard lose it all because of a few bad decisions. I marvel at some of the decisions that people make related to their finances. Pray God’s will over your finances. If you are married, pray with your spouse and seek the counsel of a godly wife or husband. Ask God to direct you in all of your financial decisions. 1. Transfer ownership to God: this means that every decision as to how your money will be earned or used is based on Scriptural principles. By giving God the ownership of your money, you will allow Him to work supernaturally through your finances. When we give God control of our possessions, we die emotionally to them. 2. Identify False Financial Concepts: Enroll in a class that teaches Biblical principles related to finances. Or get a good study book on Biblical finances. Know the difference between what the media hype is saying and what God’s Word says. Resist the pressure of advertising and social influences that contradict how God wants you to handle your finances. Learn how to put material things in the right perspective. Understand the concepts of being rich vs. being poor and what the Bible says about it. 3. Be a tither and a giver. Tithing was seen in the Old Testament before the law was given. Jesus reaffirmed our need to tithe in Matthew 23:23. Malachi 3:8 equates withholding the tithe to stealing. But beyond the tithe, learn to be a giver. This goes against the norm today where hoarding is becoming more and more common. We should give in two ways: a. We are to give out of our abundance with love. When we have much, we should be willing to share it with someone who needs much. Giving out of love is one of the greatest blessings that we can have. Not only should we give our money (which is a representation of ourselves) we should give of all of our time and our talents. b. We should also give out of obedience. The next spiritual step is to recognize the danger of riches. Those who give out of obedience sacrifice personal luxuries for the needs of others. This is almost unknown to us in America.

4. Track where your money goes and also what you have and what you owe! Make a budget and stick to it! You must commit to an effective accounting system for your personal finances. There are many options available today from a simple manual system to a computerized tracking system on your computer or other media device. This is not just my advice as an accountant. In Ezra 8:34, an accurate accounting was done of all of the precious metals and items in the temple. I Corinthians 4:2 says that “ required in stewards, that a man be found faithful..” Here are a few reasons why we must have an effective accounting system:

your life.) Then map out a plan on how you can use those gifts. Start small. Find a need and commit to helping in a ministry or in the community for a three month period. You can always continue after the three months are up. Pray and ask God to open doors for you to use your gift.

a. It lets us see what God has entrusted to us! b. It helps us to live within our means. c. It prepares us to give an account to God. d. It establishes our character before men. One of the most revealing tests of a person’s character is their attitude toward the use of money. e. It qualifies us for true riches: growth in wisdom and the things of the Kingdom. If God can’t trust us with our finances why would He trust us with spiritual things?

One of my favorite questions is “If I only had six months to live, I would...” I think we would live our lives a bit differently than we do now if we knew we only had six months to live. I think the things that are truly important to us (serving God, time with family, seeking God’s will, etc.) would rise to the surface.

One of the things I often have people do is complete a written exercise called “The Roadmap--What is Most Important.” “The Roadmap” is a series of questions and simple exercises that cause you to think about why God put you on this earth and how to fulfill your calling in life. Then you map out a plan to fulfill that mission.

If God CAN’T trust us with our finances, why would He trust us with spiritual things?

5. Set goals greater than money. Make a list of the talents and gifts you believe God has entrusted to you. (If you don’t think you have any, ask yourself “what do I enjoy doing for others that gives me a sense of fulfillment?” Often, you’ll see the gifting and calling of God in

So stewardship is really more than just dealing with our finances. We really need to take a look at what God has placed in our hand, our skills, our talents, our money and recognize that He is our source. He wants to bless us but too often we are not in a place where He can trust us with more. How are you doing as a manager of what you have in your hand?

January 2013 The King’s Call 13

The enemy has set a plan to change our thinking about what a family is, a counterfeit, if you will. The word counterfeit, means; made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud. Doesn’t that sound just like him! Our children have been and are being taught to think that family can be

We can have functional families with the Lord’s help. He is our hope, the lifter of our heads, our healer of the past and giver of vision for the future. How does a Family become Functional? Deuteronomy 6: 4 – 13 gives us a clear structure of how to create and maintain a functional family. Your family needs to: Hear the Word continually: stay in it, get wisdom, have the mind of Christ. Parents, read the bible to your children at home. Make sure you and your children go to church. (v 4) Love the Lord Fervently: model that Love, not partial,


he Lord created the family structure. He created Adam and Eve to have children; to lead, guide and train. He told Noah, his wife, three sons and their wives to; be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it. - Genesis 9:7.

We can have functional families with the Lord’s help. He is our hope, the lifter of our heads, our healer of the past and giver of vision for the future.

all kinds of people who live together as long as they all love each other. They are also being taught that morals are relative. This thinking has greatly affected our families and our nation. Causing our families to become dysfunctional. What is shaping our kids thinking? Television, movies, books, school curriculum, all telling and showing us families that are not structured like the Bible says. Signs of Dysfunction in Families: Favoritism (Joseph) Lack of restraint (Eli’s sons) Generational Sin (Never dealt with) Lack or trust in God (Taking things into our own hands; Sarah/Ishmael) Not treating wife properly (Nabal with Abigail) Not giving husband respect (Michal) “I came from dysfunction, now what???” Be willing to pay the price to be different!!! Read: Eph. 4:22-24. First: You must change your thinking, wrong thinking produces wrong action. Second: Re-adjust priorities. Pick one thing at a time from the list above to start doing. Third: Know what you believe and run from evil. Always remember; Prov. 18:10, The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

14 The King’s Call January 2013

not casual, speak life to each other, bless your spouse, and your kids! (v.5,6) Teach diligently: be deliberate, intentional, set goals! (v.7-9) Fear the Lord: hold Him in highest regard. God is Almighty, Holy. He means what He says. We respect Him too much to disobey His ways and His will. Show respect for his name. (v 13) Discipline your children: (Eli did not) Be quick to repent: (Eli did nothing about the report of sons) Tithe: (financial blessing) Pray: (keeping aligned to hear God)

“ W Leadership” Thoughts on -

e as members of King’s Cathedral and Chapels are blessed over and over again by Dick Schaller the leadership training that is available to each of us. Leadership started with God. In fact we see His leadership style and structure throughout the Old Testament. He created a covenant with man, in spite the people’s sins and short comings he never reneged on His part of the covenant. One of the first and foremost signs of an outstanding leader is to never back down from a promise. As a leader in this generation our goal should be to emulate our father God and try with an utmost ability to fulfill our promises, letting our “Yes be yes and our no, no”(James 5:12). Sticking to our promises allows those following us to trust what we have said. A second principle found in the New Testament, comes from the leadership of our savior Jesus Christ. Can you ever find a more inspirational leader? A man of no sin, who was willing to die on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven. There has never been and will never be a more perfect person or a better example than our supreme leader Jesus Christ. He expressly shows us the sacrifice it takes to be a leader. To not think of our own

needs but rather the needs of those around us. His leadership shows us that the sacrifice of one may be needed for the betterment of the whole. Our local, national, and international churches are further blessed by our own Dr. Marocco. He came to Maui to pastor a small church, serve the congregation and the people of Maui. In my perspective he is Leadership at its best. He leads us daily in many numerous ways. One of the qualities that are essential to success as a leader as I have seen is one of his creeds, he never asks us to do anything he isn’t doing. For example: tithing, early morning prayer, giving to the daily seed, and constantly bringing more people into God’s Kingdom. A s our leader he is responsible to train our pastors at all of KC’s locations. He leads spiritually as well as in the business world, real estate, finances, and family. The principle of leadership Dr. Marocco exudes is to live as an example in every aspect of life. King’s Cathedral and Chapels reveals the last principle of leadership: a continued passion to learn and grow. Here in Maui, Dr. Marocco has encouraged Gerald Tom to present seminars on the teachings of John Maxwell. These seminars, taught in our Real Life Seminar Classes which Gerald has facilitated thru the years are offered to not only the congregation here on Maui, but also on Oahu and other neighbor Islands. It gives everyone an opportunity to grow in Leadership. To close I would invite each one who wishes to be a better communicator, influencer, and leader to attend these classes during the next season, starting in February.


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