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This documentation is about the knowledge that the students had to gained during their period of learning and understand of the subject Fashion Forecasting. Working with the tools of forecasting has enabled us to undersatnd better how trends function and how their variables work around them. With The help of our teacher Radhika, these task has become a lot simplier to understand and evaluate. Deeper understanding of what, who and how under fashion is obtained


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WWAbout Call it Spring

The ultimate destination for shoes, handbags and accessories, Call It Spring is your go-to for coveted trends with accessible price-tags. It’s about discovery, freedom and making your fashion a show-andtell for who you are. Playful, unique and never predictable, it’s about wanting to stand out while still fitting in. The Call It Spring Identity Home to the latest footwear and accessories Call It Spring reflects up to the minute trends that are easy on the pocket. They engage clientele with the latest trends at incredibly approachable prices. Created for original thinkers Call It Spring is the perfect place to experiment with personal style, to debut a new look, to figure out the meeting point between individuality and discovery. The Call It Spring Recipe Drawing inspiration from the streets, the culture and of course, the trade and runway shows. The product developers delve into the world’s fashion capitals and their individual fashion trends wholeheartedly. The Call It Spring Promise To make people feel good, through the products and the service provided every day. Dedicated to providing Total Customer Service.

Aim and Objective

Aim is to predict the trend/theme for the upcoming season i.e. Spring/Summer 18’ with respect to the brand. Objective of this assignment was to study the Psychological, Demographical and Behavioural segmentation of the brand. And use this study to further understand the brand and it’s customers, which will help in predicting the trend/theme for the upcoming season, with respect to the brand. Process Understanding the brand, Understanding it’s market segmentation. Learning about the ongoing trend in the brand and the ongoing trends in general. Referring Trend forecasting books and sites. Trend spotting, Trend watch, Ongoing themes and Colour palette trends. Analysing the trends as per the brand and manipulating the data, which we can use with respect to our brand.


Psychographic Personality: Youthful, Playful, experimental, Fashion forward, Trendy, Image conscious, Technologically advanced. Groomed. Lifestyle: Lavish, Fashion enthusiasts, Urban, More leisure time. Social Class: Bottom Upper and Top Middle. Demographic Age: 18-30 ( young adults and middle youth ) Gender: Female Income level: 2,00,000 and more p.m. Education level: Graduate, Post Graduates, etc. Occupation: college students, working females, bloggers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, housewives etc. Location: Metropolitans. Family size: Single, married or living with parents, 2 - 4 members.


Current trend The ongoing theme trend that is running in the stores of call it spring is Sporty Chic, very casual and comfortable with a ting of feminine embellishments Like: bows, wraps, frills, fur etc. Trends is Kickers, Sneakers, Loafers Mostly in muted colours and neutral shades; colours like black, white, brown, baby pink, nude, silver and golden made majority. In order to add the glamour a few footwear have blingy options. Result and Analysis Seeing the customers, which are mostly professionals and young adults with a certain amount of inclination towards fashion; Call it Spring has launched mostly comfortable, casual shillouettes which keeps a modern day girl on the move.


KORAMANGALA Call it Spring STORE pictures.


Upcoming trend prediction The brand mostly caters to a crowd who is a professional yet fashion conscious. Hence comfortable shillouhettes has to be kept in mind. The brand doesn’t experiment much in terms of colours or prints besides a few pieces. The trend would be Asymmetric shillouhettes in colour pop with respect to the brands colour palette. Combining modern angular lines with bold ethnic prints would make it upbeat and fashionable. Soft, Retro, Rural Chic, 60’s theme. Trend will be Rope ties and Wedges or block heels and Mary Jane shoes would be the style of the brand with new cuts and wraps in new shillouhettes. Synergy between the contemporary and rustic style will bring out the ultra lady like aura. They won’t deviate from their palette but they might introduce a few colours. Colours that will be in trend are Scarlet, Pink, Lavender, Camel, Beige, Turquoise in more neutral shades and tints. But, some pieces will have more glamours options with subtle embelishements or pop neon colours or mettalics. Prints the brand mostly has solid colours but few options might have boho prints or floral prints to bring out the vibe of the season.


This is to conclude that the brand follows its culture and integrates the latest trends which appeal the customers. They don’t experiment a lot and try to play safe with colours but on the other hand they play with silhouettes to make it trendy. They provide colour options for all the types of people. Trends that are possibly coming for spring summer 18’ won’t have any major change, because the customers are very comfortable with the type of footwear they get. But; They will pick trend elements and incorporate it in terms of silhouettes and colours to bring out the season vibe. This assignment proved to be very helpful in understanding the tools of forecasting and how it should be used to make predictions of the upcoming trends for specific brands.

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Submitted by - Ishita Srivastava FC VII Department of Fashion Communication

Forecasting pdf  
Forecasting pdf