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The 7 Best Waterproof Phone Cases of 2019 1. Ounne iPhone waterproof case: It is available in the black and translucent case, Ounne waterproof is an ideal for the protection, price and positive customer feedback. peace eliminates the air bubbles and seals the entire phone for the maximum protection against the water, dust, and snow. One can stand with to the six feet, up to the 30 minutes without giving any damage to the device.

2. Vansky floatable waterproof phone case: Enough space is available to support Apple sized iPhones and similarity for the android devices up to 5.7 inches screen size, Vansky floatable waterproof case is the worth budget choice, come with the iPX8 certification. It has capacity withstanding the depth of the 100 feet for 30 minutes while maintaining the full touch screen functionality including taking the photos. Vansky comes with the external audio jack for listening to the music, a secure strap is attached with it, made of the TPU materials, survive a tough situation. The locking system ensures complete protection against every type of water activity.

3. Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 7/8 case : Waterproof cases can survive up to 33c feet below for the 30 minutes. Catalyst iPhone is a superb choice for I Phone owners. Beyond the waterproofing, the catalyst adds the MIL-STD 810G military standards to drop against the 6.6 feet in the air. It is anti-scratch-proof polycarbonate and siliconebased built quality and non- slippery grip. The inclusion of the IP68 added the extra level of the protection, by increasing the case resistant against dust, dirt, snow. It provides 100% access all the buttons, cameras and sensors. With the true sound acoustic technology, that maintains the clear audio.

4. Kona submariner universal waterproof phone case: It is capable of fitting smartphone up to 6.3 inches in length, the Kona submariner waterproof case is the heavy-duty option. It can withstand 100n percent feet water without any intrusion and boost by the manufacturing, that added 30 percent stronger. It is clear both front and back. Kona offers a touch and talk design that allows nearly any function to be used. The Kona excels as a uni8versal option by adding the protection against dirt snow and drops.

5. Joto universal waterproof case: It is capable of fitting any smartphone up to six inches, joto universal waterproof case is a smartphone choice for a smartphone. There is plenty for credit cards, cash or slim wallet. The clear window is both on the front and back allow the easy access to take pictures, video, check an Email and answer a call. The simple snap and lock access points are to resist the entry of dust, snow, sand, dirt and especially water.

6. Calicase universal waterproof floating case: It is available more than a dozen colors, the calicase universal waterproof floating case and submerged in 100 feet for long the 30 minutes. The dual-layer of premium PVC plastic helps to ensure longevity and maximum protection against water intrusion and build in foam padding. Calicase is universally sized to fit nearly every available smartphone.

7. PunkcaseGalaxy S8 plus waterproof case The dozens of waterproof cases do a fine, by adding the excessive bulk to the smartphones. That is not the case. It is specifically designed for the Galaxy S8 smartphone line-up. The Pun case adds just millimeters of bulk to your smartphone and IP68 certification for protecting the submersed phone. The Pancake has MIL-STD military-grade protection against the dust, dirt, and drops from up to 6.6 feet.

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The 7 Best Waterproof Phone Cases Of 2019  

Save your Mobile Phone From Water By Best WaterProof Cases of 2019

The 7 Best Waterproof Phone Cases Of 2019  

Save your Mobile Phone From Water By Best WaterProof Cases of 2019