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How Can You Easily Repair Your iPhone Screen At Home? If your iPhone screen gets cracked, you can easily and cheaply repair at home. Simple tools can easily repair your screen at home. You can power off your phone before disassembling your phone. You can use small star-shaped (Pantalone) screwdriver to open the back panel of the phone. A Pantalone screwdriver has five points, remove the two 3.4mm by using Pantalone screw on the bottom edge of the iPhone. Apply Suction Cup On The Screen: Take a suction cup and directly apply on the bottom half of the screen. Press down firmly sticks to the broken stick. The suction cup has a metal ring and easy to handle. If the suction cup has trouble sticking to the screen, slightly moisten the suction cup and press it against the screen. The Isclack is designed to safely open your iPhone and separate the pieces Cover The Screen With The Packing Tape : If the suction cup is not able to stick to the iPhone LCD digitizer, and glass is broken in several places, the packing tape covers your screen with a smooth way. Pull Up The Suction Cup: You can hold the phone down and gently pull the suction cup, it starts to come away from the frame. You can move the suction cup to the corner of the screen, you can give them greater leverage when pulling it away, 

Need to remember, try to avoid using the suction cup on the home button, If you do it, the cup would not suction the cup away,

Insert A Pry Tool Underneath The Screen: Once the screen is starting to lift away from the bottom corner, you can use the thin pry tool and gently insert it below the screen. You can gently take the pry tool and slide it at the bottom of the screen to loosen the screen. The repair kit comes with the plastic slider, you can insert once, and you can easily prying up the screen. Do not push them too far and otherwise, you could get stuck. Slide The Pry Tool All Around The Edges Carefully slide the pry tool each side of the screen, so that you can loosen it eventually. Avoid to pull up a lot at one side, otherwise, it could damage your screen and home button. The main purpose of using the pry tool just to loosen the screen and remove the screen from the edges, you can also use the thin guitar pick tool to loosen the edges of the screen. Lift Up The Screen: 

Hold the bottom of the iPhone by placing the fingertips on the one side of the phone, and hold the other hand on the one side of the screen, index and middle finger are placed at the opposite side. Gently lift the screen with the 90 degree You can use the screw for the battery connector Bracket such as 2.2mm screw, 3.2mm screw. You can keep track of each screw and make sure, it exactly goes back, where it came from to avoid the damage from the phone.

Disconnect The Battery Connector You can use the plastic opening tool and pry the battery connector from its socket on the logic board. Remove the metal battery connector bracket from the iPhone.

Remove The Front Panel Assembly Cable Bracket          

Use a spudger and fingernail to disconnect the front-facing camera and sensor cable connector and disconnect the home button, and data cable connector Disconnect the digitizer cable by prying it straight from the socket on the logic board. When you reassembling your phone, the display data cable pop off its connector. During the reassembly, you replace the adhesive around the edges of the display. Lift the lower edge of the home Button Bracket, until it removes the small Peg on the right side, slides the bracket from the EMI shield and gently removes it. Spudger is used to disconnect the home button connector and pops it out from the socket on the back side of the display panel Apply the mild heat with the heat gun, opened and a hair dryer to soften the adhesive and secure the home button gasket. Use the fingertips to gently press the home button from the front side of the display, use the firm constant pressure to separate the home button from the front panel. Use the pointed tip spudger to carefully separate the home button and flex cable from the back of the display panel. Remove the home button assembly

Install The New Screen And Home Button Get the new screen and place the home screen button. Set the metal home button plate and use the Pantalone to secure the new screen, make sure, the sticker of the home button sticks down. Reattach the top connector find the small metal tip of the connector that goes back into the top of the phone. The camera should be set into the exposed hole. The metal back plate set over the phone and screw it back on each side.  

The screw at the different sizes and get the correct screw back into place. Set the earpiece back into the right corner of the phone. The earpiece is secure on the phone You have three ribbon connector coming out the new screen. Set the metal plate back and screw it back. When you replaced the screen, and make sure the connectors are installed are correctly and completely. Remove the screen and check the connector

Once the screen and phone are loosely connected, lower the screen into place on the phone, no gaps should be existed at the top side and firmly press the screen. Screw the bottom of the phone, and turn on the phone and use your phone. iShine offers a wide variety of iPhone Parts. All Genuine Mobile Phone Parts available at the market competitive prices. IShine Mobile Accessories Wholesale Dealer in UK. The company also offers the iPhone LCD UK at the wholesale prices.

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If your iPhone screen gets cracked, you can easily and cheaply repair at home. Simple tools can easily repair your screen at home.


If your iPhone screen gets cracked, you can easily and cheaply repair at home. Simple tools can easily repair your screen at home.