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Mar/Apr 2014

Paperless magazine S O U T H


Robin Sharma -


- Exclusive Interview with Radio Jock

Shemara Ramnarian - Biphasha Basu - Visit Canary Island - India Street Food - Brake Village Temple Annual Kavady Dr Akashni Maharaj

Taming the Inner Tiger SPICE Mag


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Biphasha Basu

Robin Sharma


Reed Dancing Ceremoney

Tame your Inner Tiger

Mar/Apr 2014

Paperless magazine S O U T H




Robin Sharma -

Canary Islands


- Exclusive Interview with Radio Jock

Shemara Ramnarian Visit Canary Island - India Street Food -

- Brake Village Temple Annual Kavady Tongaat Dr Akashni Maharaj

Taming the Inner Tiger SPICE Mag

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India Street Food

From the Grindstone... Greetings Friends...its a part of the year where everything is kicking off, SPICE is gaining its momentum, rapidly in the market place with phenominal response received from various organisations and readers locally and few internationally (hoping to get more interest abroad). We are in branding stages, currently and wanting the SPICE brand to roll of people tongues. Having spent many years in the media world, and established and grown brands, we forsee a bright future for SPICE, as the medium used aligns itself well with present marketing trends. In this edition we carefully selected a good spread of interesting reads. SPICE’s bright colour visual approach makes us different. and unique. SPICE is a local product, with a vision to be an informative, news vehicle, and platform to serve the different communities, with news, views and entertainment. Simply click and read. The compilation is very selective and views are non bias and purely a collaboration of news feeds and reports on the net, beautifully put together in a hip, fun and funky designed magazine, for you to enjoy. Share SPICE with family friends. We have created a page for SPICE Mag on on facebook, post your views and suggestions. The magazine can be launched from the active button on this page, making your browsing experience more streamlined. We have a SPICE Magazine Group on facebook which is an open forum platform. Feel free to join open room. SPICE will be establishing social pages, send us social pictures. (Wedding Pics / Corporate Functions / Parties etc etc etc). - Sit back and enjoy SPICE on your smartphone, anaroid, tablet, notebook and desktops infact any internet based device‌..share the site with friends and family. Post comments on our homepage on Facebook.


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Mar/Apr 2014

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Robin Sharma

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Paperless magazine


- Exclusive Interview with Radio Jock

Shemara Ramnarian Biphasha Basu - Visit Canary Island - India Street Food -

- Brake Village Temple Annual Kavady Dr Akashni Maharaj

Taming the Inner Tiger SPICE Mag


SPICE Biography

NAME: Beyoncé Knowles OCCUPATION: Film Actress, Entrepreneur, Singer BIRTH DATE: September 04, 1981 (Age: 32) DID YOU KNOW?: Beyoncé is the first female artist to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with her first five studio albums. DID YOU KNOW?: Beyoncé’s self-titled fifth studio album was the fastest-selling album distributed in iTunes history, having sold more than 80,000 copies in three hours. EDUCATION: St. Mary’s Elementary School, Parker Elementary School, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts PLACE OF BIRTH: Houston, Texas FULL NAME: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles AKA: Beyoncé AKA: Beyoncé Knowles ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo Beyoncé Knowles is a multiplatinum, Grammy Award-winning recording artist who’s acclaimed for her thrilling vocals, videos and live shows.

Sexy Beyoncé

Canary Islands

Canary Islands

Canary Islands are a beautiful place with a beach so amazing and the population of the Canaries is very much here. Canary Islands consist of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the nearest Island to 108 km South-West of mainland Africa. Canaries consist of Spain (provinces) of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as well as the island of Gran Canary, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and Ferro. The autonomous community was established by the Statute of autonomy of 10 August 1982. The capital is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Area of 487 square km. Canary Islands have a subtropical climate. Warm temperatures and shows a bit of seasonal variations. In the city of Las Palmas, in the afternoon, for example, the average temperature in August is in the high about 28째C, while in January it drops to about 21째C. Annual rainfall, which is concentrated in November and December, low, rarely exceeding 250 mm anywhere except in the north-eastern side of the Windward Islands, where it can reach 750 mm. See more at:

Canary Islands

SPICE Biography

Born On: I965 Born In: Canada Career: Leadership Expert Nationality: Canada Robin Sharma is a personal management expert and his leadership style is a source of inspiration for individuals and organizations all over the world as he influences them to live as leaders and realize their potentials. He is also a highly in demand speaker and seminar leader. In a world which is over populated with self-help experts, Robin carved his own way out which made organizations/institutions like NASA and the Harvard Business School pay attention to his words. Through innovative ideas and ground breaking concepts, Robin Sharma showed how to take on challenges and make better decisions. Robin’s scholarly interest in self improvement also led him to a ten year quest through the philosophies of eastern religions and modern gurus of the west. The quest for self improvement made him one of the most in-demand speakers in the world. He has frequently shared a stage with the likes of Bill Clinton, Jack Welch, Stephen Covey and Deepak Chopra. Early Life Robin Sharma was born in Canada in 1965 and was raised in a family of traditional Indian values. He holds two law degrees, one of which includes a Masters in Law. This degree was done at the Dalhousie Law School. Career Robin Sharma is an internationally acclaimed author of 11 international bestselling books and is a distinguished litigation lawyer. After quitting his profession, he self published his first book. His mother was the editor of this book. The second book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ was also self-published. The book is about creating a safe work place where leaders live and work with high moral values and show excellence in both work and in their personal lives. In order to get his book to a larger audience, Robin Sharma approached the owners of some book stores to enable him to

hold book signings. At one such signing event, he was approached by Ed Carson who was the President of the publishing company ‘Harper Collins’. The book was then published in 1997 and 3 million copies were sold in over 50 countries. The book and the series became one of the most successful publishing franchises in the world. All of Robin Sharma’s books have been published in 60 countries and in 70 languages. This makes him one of the most widely read authors in the world. His books have been highly successful in Japan, Spain, England, Dubai, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, and Puerto Rico and throughout South America. His website ‘’ is one of the most popular personal development destinations in internet. Robin Sharma is the founder, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of Sharma Leadership International Inc. (SLI) which is a global consultancy that helps people in various organizations to realize their potential. His clients constitute most of the FORTUNE 500 companies such as Microsoft, GE, NIKE, FedEx and IBM. Organisations like NASA, Harvard Business School and Yale University are clients of SLI. Contributions In the list of leadership experts in the world, Robin Sharma is ranked 2nd and is the founder of the ‘Robin Sharma Foundation for Children’ which intends to create leaders out of underprivileged children. Robin Sharma’s Sharma Leadership International Inc. (SLI) is a global

training organisation which focuses on helping people in various organisations to ‘Lead Without a Title’. It offers coaching programs, speaking services and digital learning tools that increases productivity, generates creativity and helps achieve true success. Robin Sharma is also in constant demand all over the world as an orator for organizations that are into developing leaders at all levels. He also works as an executive coach for people who aspire to reach extraordinary heights in their career and personal lives. SLI runs a highly distinguished ‘Robin Sharma Life Coaching Program’ which shows individuals how to create a successful personal life even while becoming a star at work. The organization also offers a monthly coaching program in which a CD or a book will be sent to enrolled individuals once every thirty days. Robin is also the co-founder of which is an online support facility that was put together to help American veterans successfully re-integrate into civilian life. Awards And Accolades The Brand Laureate Brand Personality Award, 2009 Timeline 1965: Robin Sharma was born in Canada 1997: Published ‘The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari’ 2009: Received the Brand Laureate Brand Personality Award



RAMNARIAN SPICE Mag, interviewed lovely Shemara, Durbans talented DJ, presenter on Radio Hindvani Extremely down to earth, and cultrally driven Shemara, shares her views... Read overleaf

1. Tell me about yourself - I am a self motivated individual residing in the greater Durban area of Kwa-zulu Natal. My family originated in Kharwastan and now living in Malvern. My dad has passed on, my mom Yashica Ramnarain has been my strength in every way. I could have not asked for another mom. I have an elder brother who is also a DJ in Johannesburg and 2 awesome, supporting, beautiful elder sisters. I love interacting with people, going out to new places, meeting new people. I started my radio career 15 years ago, being a receptionist then Librarian then a technician and then a presenter, as u see I have climbed the ladder to get where I am….it just didn’t happen overnight. Even though I have had late nights (still do) and early mornings …., My inspiration to become a radio presenter comes from my parents especially my Dad (VIJAY RAMNARAIN) who loved his Bollywood and chutney music and has always encouraged me to follow my passion. My mom is the back bone to my presentations that I do. I am currently managing an Engen site and volunteer as a Radio jock at a local radio station, I am always busy on the weekends, doing Mc or Dj for all types of events. It keeps me on my feet yet I love and enjoy every moment as it is passion. 2. Are you easy to talk to? - Yes I would say that I am easy to talk to as I am a very social person. 3. How do you handle stress and pressure? - Whenever I am stressed out, I meditate and this eases out any challenges of the day. I have strong self confidence and am able to handle pressure efficiently. 4. What motivates you? - My motivation in life comes from my parents, especially my late Dad who has installed great values in me. My Mom is an inspirations as well as she is always right on the advice she gives me. My motivation as a dj comes from my love for indian film and devotional music, not forgetting my listeners.

5. How do you evaluate success? Success is evaluated by ones commitment and dedication on achieving goals in life. The more you put in, the more you get out. I believe that Failure is part of learning, we should never give up the struggle in life. 6. What has been the greatest disappointment in your life? - Losing my Dad at a point in my life when I really needed him was my greatest disappointment in life. 7. What are you passionate about? - I am passionate about life, living it to the fullest and most importantly being a Dj 8. Tell us about the radio shows you present - On a Monday night i Present the Golden oldie segment ‘taking you down memory lane”. Music selections are strictly from yesteryear, smoothly unwinding one for the week ahead. Music for this show is compiled by Mum Yashica Ramnarain. On a Friday night I bring to you a “remix” show where i show case remixed music around the world. I also do a live mix in studio. Pumping up the tunes for a Friday night. Mixing trax means... dj Shemara explains...”Basically it is the smooth transition between two songs, done in a way that the audience does not notice that the songs have changed and just the beat gets better! 8.1 Did you ever see yourself as a radio jock/dj - As a child I wanted to be a dj/model because the love of music and fashion. I never imagined being a radio jockey until I really stepped into it. I was the only female bhangra dj thereafter years later i am proud to say other females have followed in my footsteps.. There is not much FEMALE BHANGRA DJ’s out there and there is always room for more 8.2 Support received from celebrities - Its great receiving support from other celebrities such as Rajesh Gopie,

Krishan Nair, Jayloshni Naidoo, Jack Devnarain , who are ever willing to turn anything into a success. 8.3 One word to describe myself? - The one word that I would use to describe myself will be AMBITIOUS. i am always willing to learn and better myself in every way I can. 9. What do people most often criticize about you? - Criticism can be good to improve one’s self yet I do not like it when people judge you without knowing your background. 10. Are you good at saying “No?” - My self confidence is strong which allows me to say no easily. 11. How have you handled previous conflicts? - Being trained in customer relations, I normally handle conflicts calmly yet sternly. Main thing is to not leave a conflict unresolved 12. What is your idea of the “perfect” job? - A perfect job is being in an environment where you make a difference. Uplift the company and grow yourself in the process. 13. How would your best friend describe you? - “Shemara is a beautiful young lady filled with passion for life and love of others. She presents and carries herself very respectfully, hence gaining the respect of others in return. She is independent, self motivated and a family person. She is easy to talk to and a good role model for many youngsters out there. Shemara is one in a few today that embraces life as it is and maintains her self respect, most importantly her culture as well as appearance. Being her friend is a privilege.” 14. How do you keep organized? Being organized is very important for me. Keeping a daily and weekly planner as well as a set place for all my stuff. A place

for everything, and everything in its place is my motto 15. What are your interests /hobbies - I enjoy reading devotional and inspiring books, movies, social life. 16. How are you involved in the community? - Radio Hindvani is a community radio station and i have been offering and being involved with the community for years passed and i continue to keep the Dharama flying high. I am also an active participant in many activities of the ISKON movement I am a Hare Krishna devotee and also volunteer at the SSRR (Sri Sri Radha Radhnath) in Chatsworth with their garland making and I am now part of the Harinama Durban.... All Glories to the Harinam Sankirtan of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Harinam is the congregational street chanting of the holy names of Krishna . 17. Give me an example of one success and one failure. - I succeed in everything I do everyday….failure well there is no failure….I better myself to avoid failure. Life has challenges but never one to fail on. 18. How do you stay up to date on the latest industry trends? - I am updated by the industry trends through radio media, local newspapers, social media and cultural magazines like SPICE Mag which is very informative. 19. Whats your fav Food? - PANNER AND NAAN 20. Do you cook? - I do cook but only when I have to. My mom is my amazing chef 21. Your fav Colour? - BLACK, BLUE, RED 22. Your Star Sign? - CAPRICON

23. Your fav car? - BMW

have more culture installed at home.

24. Country you will like to holiday and reason? - Love to visit India and see the place where our unique culture originated.

29. Whats your goals and aims for the future - I would one day be a successful business woman, with my dream BMW and be in a position to promote our unique culture as the youth of today are losing touch with this

25. Your message to youth of today? - The real world is very challenging and your choices now determine who you are in the future and where you stand out there. Never give up, never regret anything and be the best you can be. To the youth, the world is a tough place and has many diversions yet maintaining respect in all (especially parents) and focusing on your goals are vital to be the best that you can be. The choices you make today are vital in determining who you are tomorrow. Be wise and always stay motivated. “every day you meet someone that knows something you don’t ...learn from them. Get involved in your community to better it like I have. It has proven itself.” 26. Whats your view on teenage pregnancies - In my view, youth should be more educated on sexual pleasures as in our culture it is restricted to an extent. Hence if these values are installed at home at the right time, teenage pregnancy will be reduced. 27.Your view on dating? Refer to indian conventional families? Gone are the days where the conventional match making works as then youngsters married with no choice and created love in the relationship. Today dating is compulsory as each person has their own mind and choice where one has to get to know the qualities of the other compared to previously grooming qualities to suit a relationship. 28. Are our education system equipping youth of today enough for the real world? I think our education system is good yet not as strong as it should be. I also think that kids should

30. Whats your opinion of SPICE Mag and its role play in society as a communication vehicle? - Spice Mag, in my opinion, is not just a magazine but a medium of communication to promote the lessons and teachings of our amazing culture and religion. Society should use this tool for its purpose in helping them improve their lifestyles. SPICE Magazine’s amazing concept of being able to be browsed and viewed throught all platforms, from a basic internet compatible cellphone through to ipads / anaroids / notebooks / desktops in fact almost any internet based device. I encourage you to log on to the website www.spicemag. - Also you can find SPICE Mag on Facebook, simply click on magazine active icon and you will be directed to the magazine website....its mindblowing, stunning colour and modern design. Its absolutely FREE!!!. No apps. No subscriptions. Website- or find us on Facebook - SPICE Mag

Re-inventing the woman in you No 4 Piccadilly Centre, Shannon Drive, Reservoir Hills, Durban, South Africa Tel: +27 262 9487 Cell: +27 794 8484 Email:

We also specialise in make-overs, beauty and skincare consults and makeup lessons.

We have brought world famous Lakme to you... The Powder Room are proud to announce that we are sole importers and South African agents for Lakme products

Re-inventing the woman in you

Contact Malini Singh • • Cell: 083 794 84 84 • Fax: +27 32 945 1214

We have brought world famous Lakme to you... The Powder Room are proud to announce that we are sole importers and South African agents for Lakme products

Re-inventing the woman in you

Contact Malini Singh • • Cell: 083 794 84 84 • Fax: +27 32 945 1214

The Powder Room are proud to announce that we are sole importers and South African agents for Girlactik Beauty products

Re-inventing the woman in you


For further information and full details call

GREG BAKER Cell: 061 077 6480

Bollywood Diva

Bipasha Basu

Name: Bipasha Basu Birthday: 7th January, 1979 Zodiac: Capricorn Marital status: Single. Awards: Filmfare Best Debut Award Trivia: Bipasha Basu actually wanted to be a doctor. She appeared in Sonu Nigam’s Video Tu from his album Kismat. Bipasha Basu dated some of the hunkiest men like Milind Soman, Dino Morea and John Abraham. Bipasha Basu Biography Bipasha Basu, the dusky dazzler started out as a supermodel before scorching the big screen with her sultry sensuality. Bipasha was born in New Delhi to a Bengali Hindu family. She is the second of three daughters to her parents, the elder being Bidisha, and the younger, Vijayeta. Although she was born in New Delhi, her family later moved to Kolkata. Bipasha studied science. Her repulsion towards dissecting animals, prompted her to move away from medicine to commerce. In her spare time, she took up some modelling assignments. After winning the Ford Godrej Cinthol contest, Basu also was flown to New York by the Ford, where she had a successful modelling career at the age of 17. Bipasha made her film debut in Abbas Mustan’s Ajnabee (2001), with Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol and Kareena Kapoor. It was followed next year by the success of Raaz, a thriller directed by Vikram Bhatt. The following year she again made waves in Jism, in which she played a scheming seductress, opposite her boyfriend, John Abraham. The year 2004 could be easily called Bipasha’s worst year as she had string of films that sunk at the box-office. Next year though her films No Entry and Phir Hera Pheri did well at the box-office. 2006 was Bipasha’s year all the way with good films like Corporate, Omkara, and Dhoom 2 to her credit. Her brilliant portrayal of Nishigandha Dasgupta in Madhur

Bhandarkar’s Corporate won her a nomination for the Filmfare Best Actress Award. She sizzled in the item number ‘Beedi’ in Omkara. In 2008, Bipasha had another hit in her kitty with Race while her performance in Bachna Ae Haseeno was appreciated. In 2009, her first release of the year was, Aa Dekhen Zara, with Neil Nitin Mukesh. The film was a flop. She was next seen in All The Best along with Ajay Devgan. 2010 saw Bipasha in the experimental film, Pankh, the Bengali film Shob Charitro Kalponik, and Lamhaa with Sanjay Dutt. Bipasha was seen opposite Abhishek Bachchan in Dum Maaro Dum (2011) and Players (2012). Both these films failed at the box-office. She was last seen in Jodi Breakers opposite R. Madhavan. Her upcoming films include Race 2 and Raaz 3.


elcome to Bellair Psychology Centre (BPC)
BPC is nestled in a tranquil garden stetting in Bellair. It provides the client with a safe place to escape temporarily from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The surroundings are calm, peaceful and serene. With only the sounds of the birds chirping, one can easily slip into a deep sense of relaxation, almost as like taking a short meditative break in the day. It is a place that nourishes the mind, the soul and takes good care of the spirit.

Bellair Psychology Centre Durban Practice Number: 0256749 HPCSA: 0098809

031 459 1940 076 694 3661 203 Wakesleigh Drive Bellair Durban South Africa

I am Dr. Akashni, counselling psychologist and hypnotherapist in private practice. My work as a therapist focuses on issues that affect adults, adolescents and children. I also work closely with many EAP programmes and find that my knowledge and experience as an Industrial psychologist stands me in good stead to understand the complex problems faced by employees. I am able to do management coaching and training of employees in various areas of work development. I lecture part time at UNISA and I find the balance between a therapy practice and lecturing helps me get a better grounding in working with clients and gives me greater perspective.

My approach to therapy, is non-traditional. Some may call it ecclectic but it’s really only applying a holistic approach to therapy. So in many respects I am an alternate therapist. I combine alternate methods (Hypnosis) of treatment with traditional (CBT, Psychodynamic, Solution focused) psychotherapeutic approaches. My PhD delved into the areas of combining alternative therapies with traditional psychotherapies through the use of Cognitive behavioural therapy and Reiki. This proved to be effective and enhanced the therapeutic process. Many more alternate approaches were added on as time passed by and now each session is tailor made to suit each individual client/patient. Focusing on the mind-body-spirit is more effective than working with only the mind. Most of today’s imbalances come from the mal- alignment of the mind, body and the spirit. Through adopting a holistic approach to therapy, I am able to successfully address many psychological problems which an individual brings to my rooms.

My Philosophy
“My belief is that every person has the inherent ability to find the courage to search for meaning and purpose in their life. Meaning and purpose is what life’s journey is all about. All the obstacles and hurdles we find along are only roadblocks on our journey to enlightenment.” Bellair Psychology Centre is nestled in a tranquil garden stetting in Bellair.


Dr. Akashni Maharaj (PHD) Counselling Psychologist - Bellair Psychology Centre, Durban Akashni Maharaj is a therapist in private practice. She works with adults, adolescents and children. She adopts various modalities in her approach to therapy. She has completed her PhD in alternative therapies and has married the area of alternative therapies with traditional psychotherapies. She specifically looked at how these modalities can be used in unison with one another to maximize the therapeutic process. She has found that the mindbody-spirit connection is an amazing tool to work with. Most of today’s imbalances come from the mal- alignment of the mind, body and the spirit. She utilizes this approach to therapy and finds that she is able to work successfully to address most psychological problems that an individual brings to her rooms. She therefore provides the patient/client a diverse approach when they come in for therapy. Akashni regularly contributes to the local media, both print and electronic. In the print media she is a regular columnist and shares her knowledge with many people. Her articles are well searched and insightful and easy to understand. She has appeared on various talk shows and has contributed to both national as well as international magazines.
She has her own website: Practice Number: 0256749
 HPCSA: 0098809
 031 459 1940 076 694 3661 Bellair Psychology Centre

“The tiger in my opinion represents our inner core being, the inner being that is made up of our emotions, the emotions that drive our decisions on how we should react, behave and think.” - Akashni

Taming your Inner Tiger I am always on the lookout for great inspiration for my blogs and late last year I came across a movie and a book that both inspired me to write something along those lines. The movie called Life of Pi and the book Taming the Tiger Within got me to thinking about the tiger within all of us. I asked myself the question, what would I do if I was stuck with a Tiger in the middle of the ocean? Would I scream in fear till I fainted in exhaustion, or would I try and fend the beast off with the mast of the boat or would I sit there and stare him down? What would I do? This was a tough one. For me the greatest Tiger would not be outside it would the one that roamed my head, heart and soul, the one who acts without thinking, the one who wants to get above the rest and the one who wants emotion as a basis to work from. The tiger in my opinion represents our inner core being, the inner being that is made up of our emotions, the emotions that drive our decisions on how we should react, behave and think. If we all had the ability to tame the tiger within, we would all be free of anger, hostility, ill feelings and negativity. But how many of us actually have the ability to do that? I know it takes a lot to get to a place were one can actually reason with one self through self talk to look at the flip side of the coin. When we are in the thick of anger and rage, we lose all perspective and we act without thinking. When in hindsight we reflect we almost always say “I should have or I could have”. But by then it is too late and we already are the victims to the tiger running wild and loose. So what then is the answer to this burning question of “how to tame the Tiger?” The answer I found lies in introspection. What is introspection you may ask? Introspection is looking within yourself, digging deep and finding what

makes you who you are. One of the ways to do this is through the practice of “Meditation”. Meditation is the process of getting to know yourself completely, both who you are inside and how you react to what is outside. Through this process you discover a very different “you” from the person who may be stressed or troubled and who may seem superficially to be the real “you”. It is here you begin to realize that your true nature, the real you is actually very positive. Meditation can simply be looked at as a healing process, both emotionally and mentally and to some extent physically. Most forms of meditation involve two processes; concentration exercise, i.e. focusing on a flower or burning candle and the second is the chanting of a mantra. A mantra is a sacred word, phrase or sound that is repeated constantly, either loudly, silently or in thoughts only. It translates literally as man (mind) and tra (to free), so a mantra is that which frees the mind. That’s the long and short simplicity of the practice of meditation, a simple act with powerful results. If you as an individual acknowledge that your mind is like a tiger roaming wild, don’t know think it’s time to invest in some techniques to tame your inner tiger? A prolific writer (Thich Nhat Hanh) once wrote from his book Taming the Tiger Within, “To meditate means to be invited on a journey of looking deeply in order to touch our true nature and to recognize that nothing is lost.” Dr. Akashni Maharaj is a psychologist in private practice and can be contacted on 076 694 3661 or 031 459 1940 or visit her website on or like her on facebook on Bellair Psychology Centre- Dr Akashni Maharaj.


Submit your tried and tasted recipes to Send a pic of your dish and pic of the “chef� too.

100% Home-made

Milk Tart Ingredients:

Crust 1 packet of Tennis Biscuits, crushed 125 g Butter, melted Filling 500 ml (2 cups) Milk Piece of Cinnamon Stick 60–100 ml White Sugar, or to suit taste 2 Eggs 45 ml (3 tbsp) Cornflour 45 ml (3 tbsp) Flour 3 ml ( ½ tsp) Vanilla Essence 30 ml (2 tbsp) Butter Cinnamon and Sugar, for sprinkling Method: Crust 1. Combine the crushed Tennis biscuits and melted butter, and press into a pie dish. Filling 1. Heat the milk with the piece of stick cinnamon to just under boiling point. 2. Meanwhile, lightly beat the eggs with the sugar, then add the cornflour and flour. 3. Pour the hot milk onto this mixture, stirring rapidly. Return the mixture to the heat and cook, stirring until the mixture becomes very thick. Thorough stirring is important to prevent the mix ture from catching on the bottom of the pan and to prevent lumps. 4. Off the heat, add the vanilla essence and the butter. Stir well until the butter is melted. 5. Pour the mixture into the prepared tart crust. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

The Brake Village Temple Annual Kavady Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa The Brake Village Temple annual Kavady is one of the highlights of the Tongaat events calendar. The ten-day affair sees throngs of devotees from all over the world flock to be a part of one of the largest Kavady festivals in the southern hemisphere. The Kavady festival originated in Tamil Nadu, India in honour of the Hindu God, Lord Muruga, and continues to be celebrated in South Africa today because of perseverance by our indentured forefathers and mothers. It is quite interesting to note that the very first Kavady festival held at the Brake Village Temple in 1901 consisted of around five Kavady structures with several devotees. Nearly a thousand Kavady structures carried today with devotees numbering more then 30 000. It is quite difficult to point out one particular reason why the over hundred year age old temple hosts such successful kavady festivals every year. Others say it’s because of the dedication of the temple devotees and the sincerity of those carrying their Kavady. Perhaps it’s a combination of all these and more but there is no doubt that there is plenty of hard work involved in organising such a massive event. Main: Tongaat resident Rishi Rajcoomar, displays, faith and dedication it takes to withstand these piecings. Its amazing. Inset: The Temple chariot is thoroughly adorned with 200 carnations, 200 marigolds, peacock feathers and other arrangements. It houses a picture of Lord Muruga, His icon, as well as those of His consorts. The Gaythree Peedam devotees started their chariot procession from Verulam and made their way to Outspan Grounds in Tongaat.

Idumban carrying the Temple Kavady leads the procession of bare-footed devotees. The crowd grows as more devotees with chariots and Kavady structures join the show-stopping procession to the Outspan grounds. At the ground, the Temple chariot halts at the very centre and devotees with their Kavady structures encircle it.

ABOVE - While devotional songs dedicated to Lord Muruga fills the air, devotees enter into a trance-like state. Many display their agility and movement by keeping pace with the tempo of the melody. Devotees are pierced in various parts of their body, including the cheek and tongue, thus preventing them from talking, which is seen as a greater opportunity to fully concentrate on Lord Muruga. The enthusiasm and devotion of the procession permeates a charged and ethereal atmosphere throughout the area. LEFT - Perhaps the secret to the exceptionally-divine meals is that there is clearly no skimping on the ingredients. Or another reason for the great taste, as the Temple officials insist, is that the food is prepared with plenty of love. The meals require volunteers to work from 8pm until 6am the following morning.

India Street Food

Street Food of India-Street Food Stall Street food is simply food that is prepared, sold and served along the side of a road, or on the street, and thus has become known as street food. It is often cooked and served from portable stalls. Street food is common in many countries, including India. Indian street food is something that foreign travelers to India shouldn’t miss, for several reasons. First of all, street food is simply a way of life in India, and partaking of it is a great way to experience a bit of Indian life in the same way that the locals do. Secondly, Indian street food is delicious, and easy to find. Simply walk up any busy street in India (as well as some not so busy ones) and you’ll be sure to find local vendors cooking up delicious food. Finally, Indian street food is very inexpensive, and so it’s a great thing for budget travelers, or anyone who wants to tight wad on a meal here or there. Read on to learn about common Indian street foods and how to stay safe while buying food from street vendors in India.

Some Popular Indian Street Food Pakora Vegetables that have been dipped in a batter made with chickpea flour, and deep fried. Pakora is often served with cilantro chutney. Dosas Dosas are a very thin, crepe-like pancake that are stuffed with a spicy potato mixture. Samosas Samosas are pastries that are stuffed with vegetables, dal or in some cases meat. They are shaped like a cone, and as is the case with a lot of Indian street food, deep fried. Jalebis Jalebis are deep fried, Indian sweets. From a looks perspective, they remind me of funnel cakes, but have a distinctly Indian taste.

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outh Africa may not yet rival France and Italy for world’s greatest gourmet treats, but it does have some stunningly good restaurants. With such magnificent scenery, you are also spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing somewhere for a romantic night out. I have only picked a couple of the fabulously romantic restaurants in country house hotels, on the coast and in game lodges for this list - there are many many more. Enjoy exploring PLACES TO WINE & DINE South Africa’s finest culinary offerings..

La Colombe, Cape Town bro Executive chef Luke Dale-Roberts, has been soaring high, winning national and international accolades. In 2010, La Colombe was listed as 12th in the San Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants of the World. Set within one of the region’s most famous vineyards, overlooking a fountain courtyard, the food is based on classic French cuisine with an Asian twist. Tel: +27 21 794 2390 Address: Spaanschemat River Road, Constantia Uitsig Estate, Cape Town, Western Cape Open daily, lunch:12.30-14.30 Dinner: 19.30-21.30. restaurants/la-colombe.php Salt, Cape Town Newmark Hotels Book ahead to ensure you get one of the tables by the floor to ceiling picture windows with their breathtaking views and get there for early evening tapas and fizz while you watch the sun set across the Atlantic Ocean while the waves crash on the rocks beneath. Modern, sleek and very sexy with a South African/French inspire menu, Salt has all the ingredients for seduction. Tel: +27 21 439 7258 Address: Ambassador Hotel, 34 Victoria Road, Bantry Bay, Cape Town, Western Cape Open daily for lunch (12:00 - 15:00) and from 19:00 for dinner, with pre-dinner drinks served in the SALT bar lounge. Buitenverwachting Restaurant, Cape Town A stunning historic winery with a CapeDutch mansion, rolling parklands and shady oaks, a gourmet chef who loves to experiment and create magical combinations such as quail saltimbocca with green asparus, truffle vinaigrette and carbonara parfait or pan-fried crayfish with a minted ricotta ravioli and lemongrass-ginger foam. Although romantic at night, this is one of few places where it may be better to come for lunch – or come on a Sunday when there is a brunch buffet. Tel: +27 21 794 3522 Address: Buitenverwachting, Klein Constantia Road, Constantia, Cape Town Open Monday – Saturday Lunch: 12.00 – 15.00, Dinner: 19.00 – 21.30; The Courtyard: Monday – Sunday Lunch: 12.00 – 15.00 Monday – Saturday Tapas: 15:00 - 17:00.

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Firefly Eating House, Knysna, Garden Route It’s quirky and shabby chic, housed in an old tin mining house with red walls and draped in fairy lights. This entertaining little Garden Route restaurant has bucketloads of individual personality provided by mother and daughter team, Dell and Sanchia Hadlow. They love spice, drawing their inspiration from any cuisine that uses it Indian, Malay, Thai and African cuisine. Even the occasional Mexican dish makes the menu. Everything is graded from 1–10 in order of hotness so you can choose exactly what you like or can cope with. There’s a great selection of interesting cocktails, teas and coffees, but be warned, it’s cash only. Tel: +27 44 382 1490 Address: 152a Old Cape Road, Knysna Open Tuesday–Sunday 6.30–22.00. Zinzi’s, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route Part of the Tsala Treetop Lodge, set amidst lush coastal forest, partway between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route, Zinzi’s typifies the best of African chic, with its opulent use of organic earthy tones, lush textures – suede and leather, velvet and metal – while the food takes simple favourites such as the hamburger to gourmet heights. It has more than earned its coveted Relais & Chateaux badge. Comfortable, plush and sophisticated, all the senses are in for a treat. Tel: +27 44 532 8228 Address: Pear Tree Farm, Harkerville, Plettenberg Bay Open daily for lunch and dinner plodge/?c=231&d=At+Zinzi Roma Revolving Restaurant, Durban The only revolving restaurant in the southern hemisphere, the Roma sits on the 32nd floor of John Ross House, 105m up in the air, with breathtaking panoramic views across the city and harbour of Durban. Under Italian ownership, the food is classic Italian, with both seafood and game on the menu. They also pride themselves on having one of the finest dessert trolleys in the Durban area with some real show-off spectaculars, such as Baked Alaska and Crêpes Suzette alongside Italian favourites like cassata.

South Africa

Tel: +27 31 368 2275 Address: Margaret Mncadi Street, 32nd Floor John Ross House, Esplanade, Durban Open Mon–Sat 12.00–14.30, 18.00– 12.30, closed Sun. Ile Maurice, Umhlanga This well-established local landmark is a family affair, run by brothers Robert and Jean Dauvis while mother Elsie reigns supreme in the kitchen. They have been creating magnificent classic French food, with touches of Creole and Mauritian sunshine for nearly 20 years. However it is more recently that they moved out of Durban to this restored mansion with an outdoor terrace for a perfect seaview. Advance booking advised, particularly if you want to sit outside. Tel: +27 31 561 7609 Address: 9 McCausland Crescent, Umhlanga Rocks, Kwazulu-Natal Open Tuesday - Sunday: Lunch 12.00 – 15.00, Dinner 18.30 – 22.15 details-MemberID-1379.html Roots, near Johannesburg Forum Homini Hotel Roots, near Johannesburg Set in a private game park, about 40 mins drive from Sandton, near the Cradle of Humankind, Roots has become a true destination restaurant for Gauteng foodies. Regularly listed as one of the top 10 restaurants in the country, prepare for gourmet fourcourse lunch or six-course dinner with serene views across the African bush. Head chef Allistair Lawrence uses French, African and Asian influences. You also have the option of carefully selected wine teasers to match each dish. If you want a drink, spend a night in the sumptuous Forum Homini boutique hotel, and try the three course breakfast or Saturday brunch. Tel: +27 11 668 7000 Address: Letamo Game Estate, Bartlet Road, Kromdraai, Mogale City Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.


very year in September about thirty thousand Zulu Maidens gather at King Goodwill Zwelithini’s royal palace for the Zulu Reed Dance (uMkhosi woMhlanga). The Reed dance is a colourful and cultural celebration that promotes respect for young women, and preserves the custom of keeping girls as virgins until marriage. Led by two of the king’s daughters, maidens from KwaZulu-Natal, other parts of South Africa and beyond the borders, resplendent in their traditional best, gathered to celebrate their status as virgins - by presenting a reed to the king at his Enyokeni Palace.



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For more information on how you can register to become a donor, please visit or contact our toll free number

0800 12 10 82.

Every year thousands of South Africans, 75% of whom are children, teenagers and young adults under the age of 25, are diagnosed with life-threatening blood disorders such a leukaemia, marrow failure and aplasia. However there is hope. A diagnosis of this kind is not always life-threatening as a chance exists of the patient having a successful bone marrow stem cell transplant from a healthy bone marrow stem cell donor. Started in 1999, The Sunflower Fund, with the help of committed funders, and the general South African public, is increasing this hope every year. Together they are building a national asset, by educating and recruiting donors for the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR) to help future generations of leukaemia sufferers. As a result, leukaemia is no longer the death sentence that it was 20 years ago. In 1999 there were only 800 donors on the Registry. The Sunflower Fund has assisted to increase this number to just over 65 500 donors. The Sunflower Fund aims to educate and recruit a viable source of well-informed potential bone marrow stem cell donors who are ethnically diverse, in an effort to save the lives of those needing a bone marrow stem cell transplant when suffering from life-threatening blood disorders. It strives to maintain the associated donor records of the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR). It is critical that donors and patients are well matched in order for the transplant to be a success and this is the reason that the tissue typing test is so important. If we were lucky enough to have an identical twin, we would have a perfect match. There is a 1 in 4 chance of having a sibling that matches. But 75% of patients are not this fortunate and have to look to the bone marrow registry for an unrelated matched donor. Ethnic origins are also of importance when matching donors

and patients. The “markers” that are tested when searching for a match are genetically inherited and often unique to a particular race. Currently there are not enough donors on the Registry from 211 ethnic groups, amongst them African, Asian, Chinese, Jewish, Eastern European, and mixed ethnic backgrounds. YOU can make a difference. A small blood sample – two test tubes – is all that is needed to register you as a donor. Your blood sample is then analysed and put on the South African Bone Marrow Registry. If you are ever a match for a patient, the procedure is a simple one. Donating bone marrow stem cells is not a surgical procedure; it is much like donating blood or platelets. We would like to appeal to you to consider becoming a bone marrow stem cell donor. We need healthy, committed donors, who are between 1845 years old and weigh over 50kgs. By joining the Registry, you may be able to save the life of someone within your community who may otherwise be unable to find a match.

For many this is just unthinkable, but each year thousands of South Africans (mostly children and teenagers) have to face this terrifying reality. Fortunately, life-threatening blood disorders such as leukaemia, aplasia, immune deficiencies, inborn errors of metabolism, and other new indications such as auto-immune disorders can now be treated. Treatment, however, entails a bone marrow/stem cell transplant from a willing donor and although it is sometimes possible for relatives to offer the closest matches, 75% of patients will not have a suitable sibling and will have to start their search for a matching non-related donor. Where to start? To facilitate this daunting search, bone marrow registers in different countries hold tissue type information

of volunteers who have provided small blood samples for testing and recording. Sadly, the chance of finding a matching donor is just 1 in 100 000! The odds are even more against South African sufferers due to the fact that our rainbow nation has more unique combinations of tissue types. Ethnic origin is important when matching donors and patients. The “markers� that are tested when searching for a match are genetically inherited and often unique to a particular race. It is therefore very important that South Africa has its own bone marrow registry and the larger that registry, the greater and faster the chance of finding a perfect match.

Website: Freephone: 0800 12 10 82

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Recycling is the third of the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). So before we list the four reasons to recycle, we need to remind you that …

The first step is to try to reduce the amount you consume – if you don’t need it, don’t buy it – and you’ll reduce the amount of waste you generate. When you do buy something, choose a brand that has the least amount of packaging or the kind that can be reused, recycled or composted. And look for products that are as Earth-friendly as possible. Look also for products that are made from recycled material, if there’s a demand for recycled plastic products, for example, more plastic will be recycled and less will end up in landfill or polluting the oceans. Also less virgin material will have to be mined or grown. Remember, what you buy influences what’s made. Before you throw something away, think first if there’s any way it can be reused. Can you grow seedlings in it or use it to hold paper clips or wrap a birthday present? Can it be given to a charity shop or a children’s home? This may sound obvious, but we’ve been living in a disposable culture for so long that some of us forget to ask these kinds of questions.

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Save the environment, make a difference, print pages only if necessary. We can make a difference, starting today...

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