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OVERVIEW \\\\\\\\

There are 182 million people that watch over 4.7 billion hours of action sports videos each year online through thousands of different fragmented websites.

OUR VISION // To drive the progression of action sports by building a platform to watch, share, and discover the highest quality action sports videos from the web.


182M people watch over 4.7B hours of action sports video each year. $56B is spent online each year in the action sports market on travel, products, and advertisements. ishBowl looks to capture a portion of that market through an affiliate and advertising model.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES // TEAM We have complimentary skill sets and deep ties within the action sports industry. ADVISORS We have a group of respected action sports industry insiders, startup founders, and successful business minds that have our back. POSITIONING We have developed a technology to organize and showcase the most relevant action sports videos first. AGILITY We have the advantage of moving quicker than more established companies to adjust to the current trends in online video.



Previous Experience // CEO and Founder of a 25-person team at Walu International. He’s the ish because he has deep ties in action sports and the tech industry.

Previous Experience // Co-Founder of a social networking site for the airline industry. He’s the ish because he has 15 years development experience and he has built a social media platform from scratch.

Specialties // Networking, Business Strategy, and Brand Development.


Specialties // Back-End Engineering and Database Technology

ishBowl Executive Summary 2012



Previous Experience // Creative Director for Walu International. He’s the ish because he developed a top 25 awareness campaign by a charity in the USA called “Give A Crap.” Specialties // Branding, User Interface, User Experience, and Front-End Design

MARKET \\\\\\\\

Capturing content has never been easier in the history of action sports.


182,000,000 people

ishBowl’s target market is 182 million people.





182 M




e m ill pl o e i o np 35 le 0m i l l io n p e o p


Capturing content has never been easier in the history of action sports.


The amount of smart phone use has increased by 50% this year.


1,000,000+ The amount of GoPro cameras sold in the last year.

The days of buying action sports DVD’s are coming to an end. There is so much content that is readily available online that the issue is about how to consolidate the content in a useful way that makes it easier to discover. Over 2010 and 2011 the amount of video content being viewed online has increased by 45% and 38%, respectively. ishBowl is seeking to be the dominant player in the action sports online video market.


The amount of video content viewed has increased by 45% over the last year.


The invention of personalized video cameras (GoPro, Contour, Sony Action Cam, Jakks Action Shot, etc.) has increased the number of action sports video content creators. Last year, GoPro sold over 800,000 cameras and now have plans to take the company public next year raising between $300-$500M. Content creators no longer need expensive video cameras to capture action sports content. More and more people are relying on their smartphones to capture content from the device that comes with them everywhere. Smartphone usage is now above 50% in the USA.

STRATEGY \\\\\\\\

ishBowl’s marketing strategy is to tap into existing distribution channels

BRANDS // CURRENT PARTNERS: ishBowl is working closely with these partners to build a platform for the brands, agents, and athletes to use.

Curl’s brand and 40+ athletes have a combined social 2.2M Rip media reach of 2.2 million people.

850,000 reach of 850,000 people.

Osiris’ brand and 40 athletes have a combined social media


4,000,000+ Combined social media reach DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS // IN DISCUSSION WITH: ishBowl is working with key distribution partners in order to capitalize on existing networks rather than building our entire network from scratch. The partnership will also provide a ton of great press and public relations for ishBowl within the action sports and tech industries. Also, partnering with YouTube provides leverage going into any future relationships with any other partners or buyers. Lastly, it will put us on Google’s radar for an acquisition. Partnering with Grind Media will allow ishBowl to gain access to the distribution channels of 7 major action sports magazines and 20 action sports related websites. Grind Media also owns GrindTV which is in association with Yahoo and received over 50M viewers every month.

ATHLETES // IN DISCUSSION WITH: ishBowl has a unique opportunity to be connected to very influential athletes in action sports.

Ricky Carmichael Bubba Stewart Matt Wilkinson Nat Young Paul Rodriguez Mikey Taylor ishBowl Executive Summary 2012

OUR PRODUCT \\\\\\\\ ishBowl took a complex problem and made it simple.


Follow athletes, brands, filmers, and interests.


The newest and most relevant videos are delivered to your feed based on who you follow.

COMPETITION // The ishBowl team grew up in the action sports industry and watching action sports videos, so the team was already aware of the major competition. However, with a bit more research we realized that there were some social video companies that we needed to both emulate and be on the look out for.

ishBowl has used YouTube’s and Vimeo’s APIs to build a social video site based around action sports. ishBowl is at the vortex of our 3 different competitors and substitutes.

SUMMARY \\\\\\\\

ishBowl’s marketing strategy is to tap into existing distribution channels

PREVIOUS MILESTONES \\ \\ Recruited a top-tier developer with 15 years experience. \\ Recruited a top-tier designer with experience designing websites for professional athletes. \\ Met and surveyed 53 people in our target market. \\ Developed and tested our alpha product with 20+ technical developers and designers. \\ Developed a fully functional beta product. \\ Gained feedback from 100+ beta users . \\ Built relationships with top-tier athletes, sports agents, filmers, and brands. \\ Developed partnerships with Rip Curl and Osiris that have a combined social media reach of over 3 million people. \\ Raised $25K in funding from an ex-Facebook engineer. \\ Built a support staff of action sports and tech advisors. \\ Made key connections at YouTube, Red Bull, Nike and Oakley. \\ Developed a technology to pull in videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other major action sports websites.

MILESTONES TO BE ACHIEVED BY THIS FUNDING // This investment will allow ishBowl to develop their mobile site, mobile apps, Scout technology, as well as begin charging for the Scout feature. \\ Launch a beta version of Scout. \\ Gain feedback and iterate on Scout’s features and functionality. \\ Work directly with athletes, brands and agents to develop Scout to be mutually beneficial. \\ Begin to charge $$$ for Scout as our first revenue stream. \\ Open up the site to a public beta. \\ Design mobile site and mobile apps. \\ Develop a mobile site available on all devices. \\ Test and iterate on mobile site. \\ Develop an iOS app. \\ Develop an Android app.

$200K INVESTMENT ALLOCATION // $132K Technology

$53K Sales

Marketing and Business Development

$15 Overhead

(Legal + Amazon Web Services)

ishBowl Executive Summary 2012



Zack Parker 1.(831).234.4372

Investment Summary  

Business Strategy

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