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Research into exsiting Magazine Adverts Here is a typical Pop punk magazine advert for Blink-182 found in a Kerrang Magazine. The basic colour theme of black and white is presented throughout, following its theme. The album cover its self is the main topic as we see it presented in large at the top of the page, this is the main image and takes up most of the space. Underneath follows information about the album all lined up in symmetry as it follows down in a chunky pattern so your eyes are drawn following each line as you read down. There is not an overwhelming amount of information, but just the basic facts about when the album is released, name of the album, and where you can find it. They have kept the same typography throughout the advert, linking it in with its album theme, this produces a sense of consistency throughout, making it look professional and eye catching to their audience. I have noticed that on a lot of pop punk adverts, the album is the main focus of it, this is because to the audience the album is the main thing they will be familiar with and also associate with the band, seeing the album cover on the poster then straight away relates the audiences to know what it is advertising.

Here we have You Me At Six, who have done a landscape advertisement of their new single and also album. This one is more different and basic than the other ones. Because this was their first album as a band and first single, image was important. Not being well known, they have used a picture of themself on the advertisement which is hardly seen in pop punk advertisings. This interests me as I can relate with my band not being as well known, therefor the image of them would help sell their album and also promote the band. The basic layout is well thought out, as it just follows a basic line, the main thing that grips you to this advertisement is their name which is at the top in large capital letters, making a statement. Underneath follows the two pictures of the albums, along with a short description about them, as to release dates which is stereotypically found. Another thing I have noticed is that there are not any rating, or reviews from other famous magazines on here yet, their record label and management have their logo presented at the bottom. Again another basic colour theme of showing a lot of white space, this advertisement is simple yet affective as less is more in this case. This is a more recent advertisement for the same band, as this is now their second debut album release. Now the main focus is on the picture, as it takes up almost the whole page. Following the symmetrical pattern as seen before, yours eyes starts at the top, focusing on the picture which then draws you down slowly to the band’s name, album name then down to the release dates and extra information below. The layout again, is simple and not over packed with images which works, as three is a basic theme which follows throughout, they have kept with the typography of YOU ME AT SIX and OUT 11TH JAN, following this long, typewriter style the advert looks like it is advertising an album. I like this album the most, purely because it’s so simple, yet it’s so effective, by using the image which is on the album, but blowing this out to fill the whole page makes it even more clear for the audiences as well as appealing and eye catching because it is so interesting.

Another simple album advertisement found in Kerrang. Each one follows the conventional layout and themes, as the artist name is present clear, capitals and in bold right at the top. However this one is slightly different as it is advertising heir greatest hits, which is a mash up of songs taken from different albums. Nevertheless they have used the album picture as the main focus here, placed right in the middle. This is probably the simplest layout you can find but works so well. As Kerrang is a leading rock magazine, it is important for their audience to know that Kerrang has already rated it with top stars, but putting this near the main focus, the audiences will be even more motivated to go and get this album. A lot of themes do explore black and white as it is simple and effective, here there is much more information presented at the bottom, seeing as this band is well known worldwide.

Research into Exsisting Magazine Adverts  
Research into Exsisting Magazine Adverts