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1 Rupee Per Day

Welcome to ishare “Share as little as 1 Rupee every day. It helps to form a good habit, support social causes and the needs of our less privileged friends, and you will be a friend in deed!�

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. - Buddha

Greetings !. Character Development

Habit Formation

Social Activities

‘ishare’ means I AM SHARING

The programme thus :

The vision of ‘ishare’ is to lead our children to experience the joy of sharing so that SHARING becomes a natural impulse a HABIT in their lives.

a) Develops the HABIT of SHARING in our children in a practical manner

‘ishare’ is conceived to bring the concept of social responsibility into the mental makeup of our children. ‘ishare’ enables our children to become alive to needs of our present so that they will be sensitive to those of the future. Through the ‘ishare’ programme, our children pledge to contribute as little as 1Rupee every day during the 10 months of the academic year. The contribution collected is utilized by the children themselves to do activities of their choice outside their school campus benefiting the society.

b) Develops their leadership qualities c) Enable our children to do activities benefitting the society All necessary printed materials and stationary for implementation of the programme are provided to the School. The School will not incur any expense for implementation and functioning of the programme.

The programme also supports the students and school with the following: A. ‘ishare’ SCHOLARSHIPS:

1 Rupee Per Day

The scholarship programme is aimed to develop quality reading habit in children and is worth up to Rs.33,333/- Per academic year for each school . Student winners in the school in Academics, Arts, Sports, Co-curricular..etc. are awarded One Year subscription of ‘National Geographic Magazine’ for students of Std. VIII and above; ‘Brainwave Science’ Magazine for Std. IV to VII; and Reading Books for Std. 111 and below.

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B. GRANT Students are also entitled for a grant of up to Rs. 33,333/- Per academic year, in appreciation and to motivate them for their good gesture in involving actively in the ‘ishare’ programme . The grant amount received is to be added to the contribution raised by the students while they do social activities. C. SCHOOL LIBRARY SUPPORT Libraries are reservoirs of knowledge. Each School is entitled to get financial support of up to Rs.33,333/- Per academic year for procuring books for the school library. The aim is to develop well stocked libraries in all schools where the ‘ishare’ programme is functioning.



School Library Support

1 Rupee Per Day

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STUDENTS CONTRIBUTION 1. Every child in the school is expected (but not compulsory) to share one rupee every day, excluding the summer holiday months of April & May. 2. Maximum amount a student must be encouraged to contribute shall be only Rs.304/- @ Rs.1/- per day and not more. Habit formation is the primary motive and objective of the ‘ishare’ programme. 3. The contribution amount will be collected in 3 periods / terms in the academic year as shown in the chart below. 4. The contribution by students will be managed by the school in an exclusive ‘ishare’ bank account. 5. No amount is to be sent to ‘ishare’ programme office.

Teaching Schedule Term

1st Term (Jun, Jul, Aug)

2nd Term (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)

3rd Term (Jan , Feb, Mar)

Children to


Contribution to be collected before


30th July

Rs. 92/-

30th November

Rs. 122/-

30th January

Rs. 90/-

Social Activity to be done before 25th August

Onam 15th December

Christmas 15th February

Annual Day

Report to be uploaded in the website by 30th August

20th December

25th February

Giving is Receiving ACTIVITES: 1. The students, teachers, school management and the parent volunteers / PTA may collectively decide on the 3 activities to be done during the 3 Academic Terms.

1 Rupee Per Day

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2. It will be highly appreciated and productive if the activity / activities to be done for the term is/are decided in advance and students are informed prior to collection. 3. Activities shall be any cause which is done outside the school campus and benefitting the society at large. 4. The activities / projects shall be touching different areas such as Children’s & Public Health Care, School Infrastructure, Humanitarian Support, Children’s education, Public Infrastructure, Environment etc:.

The report of activities done by students along with photographs are uploaded in the web site

‘ishare’, which started in a single school in 2009 is presently adopted by 22 schools involving above 25000 students. Apart from helping them to develop a good habit the students have done socially beneficial activities in excess of Rs. 1 crore through their small contributions under the slogan ‘I share one rupee every day’.

Support worth

Rs. 1,00,000/- every year

Igniting minds Scolarships Rs.33,333/1. The School is entitled for Scholarships for students of up to Rs.33,333/- per academic year in the following ratio : 1st Term

2nd term

3rd term

Rs. 10,087/-

Rs. 13,377/-

Rs. 9869/-

2. Amount eligible for Scholarships in the relevant term will be based / equal to the % of involvement of students / contribution made by the students of the school for doing social activities through the ‘ishare’ programme, in each term. (% of involvement is explained later) 3. Scholarships are given as One year subscription of : Scholarships

National Geographic Magazine

Brain Wave Magazine

Reading Books of School’s choice


VIII & above


III & below

Eligible Rs. In each term




4. Scholarship winners will be decided by the schools in the area of Academics, Arts, Sports, Cocurricular … Etc. 5. A recipient of ‘Scholarship’ shall not be selected again for the same Magazine in another year. 6. The details of the winners shall be forwarded to ‘ishare’ programme office for arranging subscriptions. 7. The school shall arrange reading books for students from Std. III and below. Funds will be transferred to the school’s ‘ishare’ account.

Let us

Join hands

Grant: Rs. 33,333/-

Students Contribution

1. The school is entitled for a grant of Rs.33,333/- per academic year in the ratio of up to Rs. 10,087/- for the 1st Term; Rs. 13,377/- for the 2nd Term; & Rs. 9,869/- in the 3rd Term.


2. Amount eligible for the school in the relevant term will be based / equal to the % of involvement of students / contribution made by the students of the school for doing social activities through the ‘ishare’ programme, in each term.


3. Grant amount will be sent through bank transfer/ online to the ‘ishare’ account maintained by the school.

Social Activity

4. The contribution by the students and the grant received in each collection period will form the corpus fund for the social activity to be done by the students.


Reading is dreaming with open eyes

School Library Support: Rs. 33,333/1 Under this the School is entitled to get financial support of up to Rs. 33,333/- Per academic year for procuring books of their choice for the school library, in the ratio of up to Rs. 10,087/- for the 1st Term; Rs. 13,377/for the 2nd Term; & Rs. 9,869/- in the 3rd Term. 2 Eligible support amount in the relevant term will be based /equal to the % of involvement 3 The aim is for all the schools under the ‘ishare’ programme to have well stocked libraries.

When the involvement % of students is good: A) The students can do better social activities. B) The school and the students stand to gain more from i) SCHOLARSHIPS ii) GRANT & iii) SCHOOL LIBRARY SUPPORT

Being Involved = Being Eligible % Of students involvement is illustrated :

Eligibility Total eligible support amount, under the 3 heads “ Scholarships” ; “Grant” ; & School Library Support” for each school per academic year is INR Rs.1,00,000-00. Ishare Scholarships


School Library Support

Rs. 33,333/-

Rs. 33,333/-

Rs. 33,333/-

The receivable amount out of the eligible amount will be based / equal to the % of involvement of students / contribution made by the students of the school for doing social activities through the ‘ishare’ programme, in each term.

Students involvement is assessed as below School strength


Students Contribution A

Contributable Amount B

% of Involvement


Ist 92 days

Rs. 25000

1000X 92 = Rs. 92000

A __ B

% = 27.17%


2nd 122 days

Rs. 32000

1000X 123 = Rs. 123000

A __ B

% = 26.23%


3rd 90 days

Rs. 43000

1000X 90 = Rs. 90000

A __ B

% = 47.78%

Whole year

304 days

Rs. 100000

Rs. 304000

A __ B

% = 32.89%

Maximum contributable amount per student 1st Term

2nd Term

3rd Term

Rs. 92/-

Rs. 122/-

Rs. 122/-

Total Rs. 304/- for 10 months.

Contribution from students shall always be voluntary and not compulsory. The school, teachers and ‘ishare’ leaders must motivate the students to get involved more inorder to do better social activities and to become fully eligible for Scholarships, Grant and School Library Support.

Reaching Out To get informed AWARENESS: Awareness of the programme will be given through: 1. ‘ishare’ Posters are to be exhibited in the campus. 2. Class teachers are expected to motivate and inspire the children. 3. Senior student volunteers will address the lower classes and explain the programme. 4. Introductory letter from the school to parents explaining the ‘ishare’ programme. 5. News Letters. 6. Articles written by eminent persons in News Letters. 7. ‘ishare’ concept movies. 8. Class Planner 9. Reporting ‘ishare’ activities and progress during school events involving Parents, Students & Teachers. 10. Web site common for all schools.

Let us get

Organized, Systematic, &

Transparent STATIONERY The following stationery & materials are provided for implementing the programme in the school:

1. Contribution slips for students. (From 2nd year onwards the contribution slip / schedule will form part of the school Diary). 2. Contribution Record to be maintained by the ‘ishare’ leader of the class. 3. Contribution Record to be maintained by the class teacher & ‘ishare’ office.

7. ‘ishare’ manual for easy reference about the programme. 8. Plastic pouch for keeping the contribution slips of each class. 9. ‘ishare’ News letter 3 volumes yearly - highlighting the school activities. 10. Posters for programme awareness - for exhibiting in the school.

4. ‘ishare Programme’ yearly planner for all classes / divisions.

11. Certificate of Appreciation for ‘ishare’ School Leaders & Class Leaders.

5. ‘ishare Programme’ yearly planner for the School.

12. Certificate of Excellence for Scholarship Winners.

6. Consolidated Contribution chart for exhibiting in the school notice board.

Voice to the world NEWS LETTER 1. News Letters are published three times in an year for each school to bring to the parents attention the activities done by the students and to cover related ‘ishare’ News. 2. The detailed report of the activity done along with Photographs are to be uploaded in the ‘ishare’ website. 3. The details uploaded will be used by ‘ishare’ office for preparing and printing the News Letter in August for the 1st term, in December for the 2nd term, in February for the 3rd term. 4. The report shall be written by school ‘ishare’ leaders under guidance of teachers. The report shall be in detail with minimum 200 words and in the format given in the web site.

5. News letters will be printed and given to the school for distributing among all the students in the school. 6. Articles by eminent persons will be on the front side and the back side will cover the activities done by the students during the relevant term. 7. Since the back side is for highlighting activities , it is important that the school does an activity every term, without which the newsletter cannot be prepared and published.

Volunteering is mentoring ‘ishare’ COORDINATORS & VOLUNTEER TEACHERS 1. One or more teacher to head & coordinate the programme depending on students strength. 2. 2 teachers to coordinate contribution collection with the class teachers and ‘ishare’ leaders. 3. They shall collectively coordinate the activity implementation, and uploading / sending reports for preparing the News Letter. 4. Details (mobile No. & Email Id) of the above teachers shall be given to ‘ishare’ programme office for coordination.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS It will be highly productive and encouraging for the children if the PTA or 4-5 parent volunteers are involved in the programme. ‘ishare’ SCHOOL LEADERS & CLASS LEADERS 1. There shall be 5 ‘ishare’ leaders for the school in each academic year. The leaders may be senior students capable of addressing School assemblies and meetings involving parents and outside dignitaries. 2. There shall be ‘ishare’ class leaders for each class. 3. The above leaders may be selected during the School reopening month itself. 4. It will be duty of the ‘ishare’ class leader to assist the teacher in the contribution collection from his/ her class. 5. The Class leader has to maintain the class leader Record on class contributions.

Mould them


One Picture speaks thousand words Web Site: The web site will cover the programme and highlight the activities done by each school.

Students have used the ishare fund to build science labs and libraries for underprivileged schools, to build bus stands, to support the education of Adivasi children, to support health care by providing improved facilities for Cancer and Haemophilia afflicted patients, to help aged people, to aid the education of deaf and mute children and so on. The list is not complete, and is still being written… Arshad Muhammed

ishare A Beacon to our Children 1 Rupee Per Day

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Being a character formation programme ‘ishare’ is a continuous programme. The assistance and support offered herein will be received by the school every year.

Let us conduct ‘ishare’ in the school in its true spirit and with enthusiasm.Without doubt, its aim and result will be reflected in our children and through them in our society.

1 Rupee Per Day

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