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November 27, 2010

The annual event of Alumni Cell of NMIMS- The Grand Alumni Meet, Mumbai got even bigger and better this year. The event was marked by the presence of around three hundred esteemed alumni and various faculty members from various batches coming together to make the event a grand success. Dr. Debashish Sanyal, Dean School of Business Management, NMIMS, also attended the meet and had direct interaction with the alumni. Dr. Rajan Saxena, Vice Chancellor, NMIMS University also graced the occasion and spoke a few words about the alumni activities and the felicitating batch of 1985-87. This annual event organized by Alumni Cell aims at providing an opportunity to various batches to come together and share their experiences. It gives them an opportunity to meet with old friends, greet the people they haven’t met in a long time, and also bond with new people who share with them the legacy of NMIMS. The event each year is also made special by the felicitation of the batch that completes 25 years of MBA which for this year was the batch of 1985-87. Moreover, this year the event was made even more special as the event this year also saw the formation of the Alumni Association and the launch of Alumni Portal. The Alumni Association with acting president as Mr. Rajesh Bhojani, alumnus 1984 batch, aims to provide a medium for healthy and vibrant interaction between the alumni and the college. The association has its base in Mumbai and is aiming to have activities worldwide. One of the major tasks of the association is to assist alumni in continuous development and to facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute towards institute’s efforts towards achieving excellence. The association has been set up as a charitable/non-profit society and it aims to help in various social causes. All the alumni of NMIMS- full time and part time courses can be a part of the association. The Alumni Portal, on the other hand, is an initiative taken up by NMIMS to facilitate the interaction among various alumni across batches by providing them with a social networking platform solely dedicated for the same. The portal also aims at bridging the gap between the college and the alumni and would help in aiding communication between the same. You can register on the portal by visiting: The annual event was made memorable by the presence of various alumni across batches and by seeing them interact and bond with one another to come together to bring to life the legacy of NMIMS. To update yourself with the pictures of the memorable event you can go to the facebook page of alumni cell available at:

Silver Jubilee NMIMS Batch 85-87

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ALUMINOUS December, 2010

November 19-21, 2010

This month NMIMS saw the three day extravaganza called Paragana!! Paragana is NMIMS’s annual flagship business event which was spread over three days from 19th November to 21st November 2010. Student-Corporate interaction is the premise for Paragana, which year after year, attracts the best brains and management gurus of the Indian industry and Corporates and students from various verticals of business. True to its name 'Paragana' (Sanskrit for pollination i.e. the beginning of new Life) aims to pollinate young minds with seeds of knowledge and to stimulate an independent and holistic thought process in the minds of budding managers. The theme of Paragana’2010 was “The Tree of Life”. It symbolizes the evolution of business through the years & the unification of management ideas across the erstwhile silos of business functions. Commenting on the success of the event, Dr. Mala Srivastava, Faculty Incharge of the festival, NMIMS says: “Our students had worked very hard to put up such a great show, and it feels great to see that their hard work has paid off. Not only has the participation from other colleges from the country and abroad been very encouraging but also the interest shown by the companies has helped take Paragana to new heights.” The invitation for the festival had been sent to all the top B-schools across the country and received participation in huge numbers. The business competitions received a phenomenal response from students nationwide and the prizes worth 20 lakh up for grabs which made Pargana one of the biggest business festivals in the country. The whole event was comprised of various innovative events like case study competitions, quizzes, debates etc. The festival also attracted top-notch personalities for the Corporate Seminars on 20th November where they addressed an audience of future managers. The festival incorporated the fun aspects through professional play , fashion show and the war of the DJ which allowed the participants to let their hair down and enjoy. The excitement in the run-up to the festival had gripped the students on campus and there was a festive mood in the air. Paragana, in the end, lived up to its promise of being one of the biggest B-school festivals in the country with a lot of exciting events, stimulating seminars and a grand show in all!

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ALUMINOUS December, 2010

An interview with Mr. Satish Karandikar...

NMIMS Batch 1991-93, Head— Product & Marketing, International Operation, Mahindra & Mahindra

How has the journey been after NMIMS? The journey after NMIMS has been quite eventful one. I have been able to gain experience across various domains. After NMIMS I joined Crompton Greaves and worked with them in the lighting division for a couple of years after which I shifted to Real Value Appliances which is consumer durable domain. This was followed by my shift to Ramco Systems in the IT domain and did marketing for hardware and network solutions. After this I came back to engineering in the form selling and marketing lighting solution and security solutions at Siemens. And then I landed in Mahindra & Mahindra in the branding domain. And I have been marketing brand marketing and sales and also strategy for Mahindra & Mahindra since then. So it has been a journey that has been across various domains in the last 17 years. How has your studying at NMIMS helped you in your journey? I must say that the stint at NMIMS has helped tremendously. The experience at NMIMS has been truly rewarding in the sense that it gave us an opportunity to learn things about management which we were never exposed to. I see engineering graduates who are brilliant and talented still struggling in the industry because they do not possess the required managerial knowledge. This is the reason why we at Mahindra group have a model to develop talent by putting the bright talent through various managerial courses. So I feel that I have been fortunate to get this experience and knowledge at a younger age when we did our full time MBA from NMIMS. How was your experience at NMIMS? The interesting part about being at NMIMS was the students from different cultures and different backgrounds. I remember that at NMIMS we had people from all different states and different academic backgrounds and it was a diverse mix of individuals. This used to bring different perspectives to the fore front and management is all about getting fresh perspective and looking at things from different angles and then putting forth about a strategy. So what it brought together at NMIMS was a bunch of uniquely talented individuals with varied backgrounds and culture which made it a pleasure to work together as teams and do the assignments. Moreover, being in Mumbai, I think, NMIMS has an advantage of access to managerial talent in industry being easily available. So whenever we had to approach managers from industry for assignments and projects it was far more simpler as Mumbai being financial capital and hub to various industry made it simple to be able to do that. Moreover this ability was combined with the guest lecturers from industry experts and observant faculty with industry experience. So this ready mix of theory coupled with actual experience made things extremely beneficial and excitable for the students. All in all the experience at NMIMS was really amazing. Something about NMIMS that you remember and would like to share... There were many such memories that come to my mind actually not just one. I was the Class Representative at my time NMIMS. So organising great deal of events which we used to do and also developing our own skill set is what I remember. But above this what I remember of NMIMS is the amazing relationship that we had with our faculty and staff. One of the fondest memories at NMIMS was the innovative idea of having a cassette recording of Economic Times daily which we pursued and which resulted in all the economics news of the day being compressed into a 45 minutes clip. Message that you would like to share with the current batch........ I have only one simple message to students who are going to become professionals and managers and that is to try and imbibe as much as possible by reading a lot, talking to people in the industry and by looking at examples which are more practical and looking at things which are being put into practice rather than just focusing on the theory part. I think it is important for students to actually feel and see the market even when they are studying as this understanding is very crucial for their future. So I think assignments should also include the eventuality of them being exposed to the real market itself. I firmly believe that knowledge can be gained not only by books but also interacting with people in the industry, by being out in the market. So, I would like the students to do out of the box thinking and actually go out in the market and understand it.

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