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COVER PICTURE TNG’s Commander Data as portrayed by Brent Spiner in Star Trek: Insurrection. Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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CONTRIBUTORS Mike Calhoun Ishan Broek Hidalgo Dorchester Jonathan Wilson Siobhan Crystal David7 Bravin MilesPrower Dagger Rosine Heinkel Cordova Marabana Jamie Czavicevic Kermie Mistwallow Zania Turner

In 2012, it’s hard to imagine a Star Trek universe that consisted of just one TV series, with one captain, one crew, and one starship. But from 1966 to 1987, that’s exactly what it was. In short, as far as most Trek viewers were concerned, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and their extended family of regular characters were Star Trek. But in 1987, that definition was challenged with the arrival of Star Trek: The Next Generation – and nothing would ever be the same again. So, after the financial catastrophe that was TOS but the financial cash cow that was TOS films, Gene Roddenberry said, you know what? Let's try this again. He knew that no network would pick up an original series resurrection, especially given the aging actors, but if he could breathe fresh life into the show with a new cast and a new century, Star Trek might finally be as much a commercial television hit as it was a critical one. The assumptions Roddenberry was working under turned out to be correct. For TNG was the "correct" show in a number of ways. A lesser show would have simply ignored the vast amount of time that had gone by in the previous 20 years and appealed solely to the old fanbase. A lesser show would have preserved the decidedly retro look of even the films in favour of appealing solely to the old fanbase. Instead, TNG appeals to the next generation of science fiction viewers by boldly going where no science fiction show had gone before. A revitalized, fresh, modern Star Trek was exactly what was needed. TNG went far beyond revitalizing the cast and the setting though as it was a much deeper show than TOS. TNG had its fair share of duds like TOS did, but this time around, there was a great deal less network meddling. There was also a higher budget, although perhaps not so much at the beginning.

So TNG was free to start writing episodes exploring very cerebral concepts right from the start. If something similar to TNG's decidedly ultra cerebral pilot Encounter at Farpoint had been proposed for the pilot of TOS, it would have been rejected. Even in TNG's relatively weak opening seasons, there were a number of truly profound episodes. Both parts of the pilot of course along with Symbiosis, The Neutral Zone, The Measure of a Man, Q Who, and Peak Performance are all stellar examples. Because Star Trek was finally given real freedom to think outside the traditional violence and sex appeal box that so plagued TOS, the next generation of science fiction was truly born. It's no wonder why virtually every other show to follow TNG was almost a near perfect copy of the TNG formula. With such great characters, great writing, and marvellous originality, Star Trek had finally paved its way to success. And successful it was. TNG ran for seven marvellous seasons and continued on long after that in the form of films, producing classic episodes such as Deja Q, The Best of Both Worlds, Family, Data's Day, Darmok, The Inner Light, Relics, Tapestry, and of course my favourite of the series, Chain of Command. Then like the first president of the United States, TNG ended its own critically acclaimed career after seven seasons with a fantastic finale, setting a precedent for all future shows to come, rather than riding the wave until it simply fizzled out. Whilst maybe TNG wasn't the best science fiction show ever created, it is certainly among the top contenders for such a title. A true classic.

As Spock proclaimed in the TOS episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield "Change is the essential process of all existence". All groups and organisations go through periods of change but UFS these days appears to be in a constant state of flux. How much of this is real, and how much of this is perception I guess depends on the individual. Usually the detractors and naysayers become more vocal than those in favour, which in turn tends to muddy the waters and give a false indication of where the support really is. So, for this issue of the DC, I sat down with the guy at the top for a chat to try and get a clearer view directly from the horses mouth so to speak (no offence Hidalgo) of where UFS is right now, and where it's heading...........

DC: Mike, firstly can I say thanks for taking the time out to sit and do this interview. If I can begin by asking about the most recent change, namely UFS in SL The group is now down a sim and without the generous gesture of two members would have been down both and left without a base in Second Life. How tough a decision was it to take the action you did, and how does this sit in the grand plan? MC: It’s my pleasure to be here Ishan and I must say, the DC has turned into a very professional publication these days Basically the decision wasn't really ours to begin with.....As you know, ever since UFS got incorporated, we had the benefit of getting our two sims for a reduced monthly fee from Linden Lab, however two years ago Linden Lab informed us that they would remove the benefit for Not For Profit Organizations, and that time has arrived now, so 400US$ per sim per month was way too much money when the sims weren't bringing in the cash to sustain even one sim. Two years ago, when Linden Labs announced that move, I began working on the UFS Reboot because I didn't want that United Federation Starfleet would be dependable on Linden Labs or Second Life, and the plan was very simple. Since our sims in Second Life would increase the cost on the organization, we needed to find an additional source of income WITHOUT increasing the cost for the organization. So my plan was to expand outside Second Life into other grids and into RL because expanding would mean more members, more publicity, and thus another source of income. Income generated on our Sims outside Second Life by rentals and vendors and also put more effort into our stores such as Zazzle and Amazon, and with that income, combined with what we made in SL, we would be able to at least continue to afford one sim or maybe even both. Sadly enough, it didn't go exactly as planned and rather than be able to spend the little time we had to venture outside SL and focus on actually trying to find solutions for the Linden Labs changes that would affect UFS to the core, we were forced to focus all our attention back into SL to take care of the never ending drama......and that cost us dearly within SL. DC: So even though Rosine and Cordova have stepped in to finance sector001, I’m guessing that any income that sim generates from here will naturally go to them, so whilst it’s great UFS members still have a home sim to go and play it doesn’t really help the UFS cashflow one bit. Granted the need for finance is reduced by not having to support land in SL, but the organisation will still need funds right? MC: The income generated in 001 is of course to finance that sim and basically has nothing to do with UFS Inc anymore. From experience I know that vendors and rentals are not sufficient to cover the cost, especially not now with the normal rates. Everything however depends on the UFS members themselves as they are the ones that determine the fate of the sims. It’s basically simple maths.

A popular sim gives a higher ranking and is thus more attractive to possible vendors. A popular group gives a higher ranking and thus more possible rentals. However, the Second Life Star Trek player is a very inconsistent factor and is easily attracted to the next shiny thing, be that a new Trek group or anything else Second Life has to offer and that basically means it’s very hard to project anything related UFS in SL. So while UFS as a group has no problem that anyone is a member of different groups, it does affect the future of the sim or sims itself, but I guess that’s the nature of any group or sim within Second Life, and I do not want UFS to be dependable on that factor. DC: So, staying with metaverses then for a minute, and in particular UFS Grid, which I have to commend Osky on such a fantastic job... I guess transitioning the group over to there would have been easier without the resurrection of sector001 as it would have kind of forced the issue? MC: On the contrary, the idea behind UFS Grid is not to take members away from Second Life. Second Life is, and will always be a very important part of UFS. UFS Grid or any other grid we are active in is not intended to draw people away from SL but rather attract people who do NOT play Second Life. So to answer the question...a transition to UFS Grid was never on the cards, because we know that a SL player would simply join another group rather than follow the group to a place that is not as advanced as Second Life. However, UFS Headquarters is now located in UFS Grid and for one simple reason: I want UFS members who are working at Fleet level to start to realise that their responsibilities are not in Second Life alone and that their effectiveness to operate within the organization will depend on their ability to see beyond Second Life. So while I cannot and will not force a UFS member to venture outside Second Life, I do have the ability to ask members who want to work on Fleet Level or Sector Level to also take into consideration the UFS members that are not SL players because THAT is part of their job. DC: OK, that makes sense and brings me nicely onto the next point. Without naming names, a few members working at fleet level have come under some considerable criticism on the forums of late from members and in some instances yourself. Do you think the criticism has been warranted and do you feel like you now have the right senior team? MC: That is indeed a very difficult question. Do I think the criticism is warranted? Yes I do, because our non SL members are basically left in the cold regarding almost every aspect of UFS and that's unacceptable. To give you an example, when a new member fills in the registration form, they select what grid they play on, now in the back end of the Google spreadsheet, they are separated between SL and NON SL so while the SL ones receive a welcome packet and been added to the group, none of that happens to NON SL members. They are simply “forgotten” and we have already lost countless members due to that.

According to our Membership Manual, EVERY UFS member has the right to a Welcome Packet and the right to take academy classes, and at this moment we are not honouring that statement at all. So, as long as I can contact any individual member outside SL and they tell me they have not received or even heard anything about UFS, then yes, that criticism is warranted. Working at Fleet Level is a job, and that means one doesn't have time to spend their time playing within Second Life. However, if that is what one wants to do, then one needs to draw their conclusions. Obviously, part of that is my responsibility and yes, I could be a bit harder on people working in the upper echelons of UFS DC: I must admit that is the one thing that always surprises me about you. I mean you are renowned for your straight talking and sometimes if I may say ‘tactlessness’, but you do seem prepared to too often accept mediocrity. Is this something that you struggle with or is this something we are likely to see change? I think it’s more a language issue then being overly tactless, but I suppose that’s open to interpretation. As I always say ”if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”. As for accepting mediocrity.....I don't accept it and I don't want it but sometimes you don't have any other choice. We work with volunteers and that also means that I have to accept what is given OR do it myself, and that becomes harder and harder to do these days. If you receive answers like “You can't expect too much from our members because they are volunteers” then there is not much one can do, and something is seriously wrong with our whole organization. Sure, I can fire at will, but what does that solve? Because to fire someone is very easy, replacing them is a bit harder, and at this moment we are low on active volunteers and thus low on replacements which in turn mean that even fewer people have to work harder to keep even the basics running. But you are right on one point, as long as we continue to accept mediocrity we will never set us apart from other groups and we will continue with this downward spiral. One thing I am working on to help turn this around is a better Promotions Policy for Fleet Promotions (captain and above). So while you can get easy and fast promotions till commander by doing as much or as little as your chapter commanding officer wants, if you want to earn the more important promotions, you will need to step up your game. DC: I think that is a change that will be welcomed with open arms by the majority of members. So, to the reboot.... It’s been about a year I guess, maybe a bit longer since you first floated the reboot idea and you have made quite a few concessions to your original vision...reinstating the Academy etc. Are you happy they were the right decisions and are you happy with the current plan? The Reboot idea was based on years of experience and knowledge and those concessions I made to make the SL members happy.....but I’m not sure they were the right concessions in the long run.....because it creates a difference between SL (or metaverse) members and non metaverse members and from the moment you create a difference within any organization you lay a foundation of problems and as more and more Non metaverse members will join, this difference will become more and more apparent..and issues will come up between members. If we would have stayed on course and through to the initial plan UFS would have been further along the road and avoided many issues that came and will come.....but of course, I could be wrong, and only time will tell.

Question is, will those that pushed for the concessions still be here? I doubt it and THAT is one of the main reasons I have always been reluctant to make concessions in the past. DC: The other big change that happened this past year was of course the break away, and I’m sure you’ll agree it was quite a horrible period for all. Do you have any regrets at the way that all turned out? Do you think anything could have been done to change the course of events? As you know, over the course of our six years in existence we have seen our share of break offs, and anyone can pay a 100L$ to start a group, but that doesn't guarantee a group longevity, or make it a success. No group is managed by Role Play alone, you either manage or you Role Play and having your group and the decisions you make depend on Role Play does not work...not now and not ever. Fact is that in ANY organization built to last, 99% of the members are users while 1% WORK to make sure the other 99% can play. The Reboot was designed to SAVE UFS and to make sure UFS would be able to continue no matter what limitations or difficulties Linden Lab would place on groups and/or organizations. So if one cannot offer any alternatives that would have done just that then what was I supposed to do, just sit and wait and hope nothing would have changed? Fact is, UFS was faced with a very difficult situation that was placed on us by a 3rd party and was totally out of our hands so I did what had to be done and made sure that something like this would never happen again. As a result of that action, UFS is no longer dependant on Linden Labs greed and even if we lost all sims in Second Life, then there will still be a the UFS Reboot did what it was supposed to do. As I stated from the beginning, UFS in SL would not change, and if you look back at it, nothing has really changed; Role Play is still available and more so than ever. UFS has given more freedom and choices to its members and that means that those that left because they thought we wouldn't have Role Play anymore were wrong. It means that those who thought that they were forced out SL were wrong and it means that those who thought that they had to give their RL information were wrong as well. The only big chance that really happened is that we designate ships and stations as chapters now. So, do I think anything could have been done to avoid the course of events? I doubt it. Said person was aware about every aspect of the Reboot from the start and wrote many sections of it as well, and from what I understand was that the break off was because they wanted to focus on Role Play, so I suppose it worked out best for everyone.

That said, it does show that the weakest links within UFS are its members who are always far too quick to pack up and leave when things aren't going exactly how they want. That’s something I have never seen before in other organizations I have been part of and it’s something we seriously need to think about and address as it is an important factor in the day to day management of UFS as an organization. Each member needs to decide for themselves what they want out of UFS; is it pure SL Role Play or something else? But depending on that answer they need to realise that UFS is bigger than SL. DC: So, is there any cool stuff happening behind the scenes? Any cats you want to let out the bag? Anything to solve the world’s problems? Well, the configuration of the Database is taking much of my time at the moment and I hope to have this operational within the next MSR reporting cycle and I’m working with Lynn Resident on the new UFS main website. We are also working on providing more benefits for UFS members and basically starting to recruit in other Sectors and getting chapters running there as well. As for the world’s problems might be a bit too much for me, but I sure can solve UFS`s problems if allowed to focus on important things


DC: Mike, thanks again for your time, and for being so open and frank. Seeing as its TNG’s 25th and all, one final question....what’s your favourite TNG episode? Yesterdays Enterprise......I’m actually lucky, as I have access to SciFi Latin America and have TNG every morning :-)

Welcome to our second instalment of Chapter Watch. In this issue the DC takes a bold leap out of the metaverse into that fabled place known as Real Life, where we stumbled across Jonathan Wilson, the CO of the USS Rodger-Young, a chapter based out of North Carolina in the USA...... DC: So Jonathan, for those members who don't know you that well, can you tell us a little about your Starfleet career to date and how you have wound up where you are? JW: Sure. I actually joined UFS back in July 2009 after finding it while looking on Second Life for different Star Trek Sims. I was looking for something to get back into the Fandom after having spent some time away from STARFLEET International. I was a Chapter CO in STARFLEET who lost his chapter to internal politics and backstabbing. So the discovery of UFS was an interesting change. I liked that we all started off even and did the Academy experience, abet there were some technical difficulties with getting advanced through the "years". I actually graduated into Engineering, even building a properly scaled Galaxy Class Impulse Engine set. But even with my technical knowledge in the Designs of Star Trek, it was not a good fit, so I was talking with some of the Officers in UFS about possible new Branches to get into... And then Mike started talking to me about what he would like to do the the UFS Marines. I was a STARFLEET Marine and I understood the way a fan organization could use the Marines, so I agree with Mike about his plan and transferred to the Marines. I worked my way up through the Marines to serve as DCOTRACOM under Pema, and when she took over as Commandant, I took over as COTRACOM. I worked hard and made several changes to how the UFSMC was structured under TRACOM. When Pema decided to move to other venues I supported the appointment of Miles as Commandant and I stayed on as COTRACOM. It's been a long journey with some times off due to personal reasons, but when Miles asked me to come back and help out with the Marines for the Reboot, I accepted and returned as his Adjunct. The rest has been Reboot history. With the reboot opening up UFS to having Real Life chapters, I started the USS Rodger Young and merged it with my STARFLEET Chapter, the USS McAuliffe, creating a Dual Affiliation chapter. With my some of my crew being in both UFS and SFI, some being just SFI members, and some being just UFS members. DC: OK, so you are obviously a bit of a serial chapter CO, so what is it about running a Chapter that is so appealing, and why did you opt for RL and not SL like the rest? JW: Well running a chapter is about having fun and friendship. To take an idea and turn it into a living, breathing entity is one of the greatest challenges of a Commanding Officer. As for choosing Real Life on Second Life, that was easy, my FiancĂŠe watched an episode of Taboo where they were showing how this guy was having an online affair with people in Second Life and having cybersex with his wife and his "daughter". She asked me to stop messing with Second Life and I agreed.

DC: So I see you do RP on the Rodger-Young but it's post based rp using the Nova system rather than in-world LARP. What's the premise of the roleplay, and is it something that all your members have to get involved in or is it entirely optional? JW: Well the Rodger Young is set in the future of UFS, with a Role Play launch date of 2412. I used the Nova system to replace the old "Newsletter articles" style role play that most Correspondence/Virtual chapters have used in the past. Nova gives a lot of flexibility to really let people write some great mission posts and even groups can collaborate on a single post so at times it feels more like using IM to write the posts than it does the old Play-By-Email type systems. Participation in the Rodger Young's Nova Role Play is not required of any member of the crew, we have chat rooms (#RodgerYoung) on both and IRC networks so members can communicate Out of Character or just "hang out". However since the Rodger Young has a points based rank promotion system, those that make lots of posts or really put their all into the Rodger Young's Nova Role Play system earn advancements. As I tell the crew, you can only expect to get out what you put into the Rodger Young, anyone is free to just sit around and be a number on a monthly report, but if you want all the Rodger Young has to off you have to really put yourself into the role play. DC: I’m a fan of PBF and PbEM roleplay so that all sound neat to me....but the Odyssey-class? Really? I mean she is so fugly with that double neck and stuff... JW: /me chuckles. Well as I recall the Galaxy-class had people complaining that her "neck" was too thin and wobbly for the rest of the ship. Actually I like the Odyssey-class for a number of reasons: 1. The Rodger Young is the only one in either of the Fan Associations. As well as a brand new ship, with specifications open to interpretation by the ASDB's and people like JackJill and other Blueprint companies. 2. The Odyssey-class is HUGE... Lots of room to do things with and to carry out an old school type mission of deep exploration. 3. She's cutting edge, so of course we might get some "technical problems". It is also a clean slate and that gives me the ability to make the Rodger Young into anything we want. DC: How does it work with this hybrid crew of yours, I mean with the mix of SFI and UFS? Are you finding they kinda keep to their own groups or are the mixing it up a bit? JW: Actually, I don't really have an issue with that among my crew, if you think of my crew dynamics as that classic drawing of two circles overlaid so that a major part of both of the circles is together in the "overlaid" part. That is what my crew is, one circle is SFI, the other is UFS, and the ones in the middle are members of both. Those that are not members of both are there for the fun so they just enjoy doing our Role Play and building their own character stories. That is one of the reasons my XO and I decided to make the ranks within our Nova Role Play system purely Role Play based. It is up to my XO, Chief of Ops, and myself to track "behind the scenes" the ranks of the crew that need to be reported back to either SFI or UFS commands.

The importance that Second Life plays in the success of UFS can never be underestimated; in fact many will go so far as to say UFS is Second Life. You can plot the group’s existence in SL back to 2006, and with two sims since early 2009 shortly after the organisation became incorporated. So, when the Commander-in-Chief announced recently that due to increased costs UFS would be forced to close its sims, it drew more than the odd look of horror from the members. However, out of the darkness came a couple of saviours in the form of Cordova Marabana and his wife Rosine Heinkel who have graciously taken on the financial burden of the original sim, Sector001. Recently the DC had the chance to catch up with Cordova to ask him about the situation he finds himself in and the plans for the future. DC: So Cordova, how does it feel to be some member’s very own knight in shining armour? CM: Don't know that I view myself as such. Only that the SL Star Trek has meant a lot to me and Rosine. It is what brought us together. So I found myself in a position in my life that I could lend a hand even if mainly just financially. Wish I could have afforded both 001 and 002 but that would have been unrealistic for us to support. Most people I think know Rosine though I think very few know of me. I just hope we do a bang up job that makes people proud to call it home on SL. DC: Well, I for one am grateful for what you are doing. I guess my only concern is that with the funding of 001 being a sole venture once more, that a few months down the road we find the sky falling in again. So is this something you see as a short-term kind of stand in situation until something more permanent can be arranged, or are you planning on this being a more long-term venture? CM: We are in for the long haul, or at least as long as people feel they want to use the SIM. Of course if we have more renters of the Condos and Vendors it makes the cost burden that much less on us. Donations will always be welcome. It is my hope that someday I get to command a ship, and then I already have a SIM to place it. In the mean time and as far as the future goes, we will have Tranquility and Alexandra here. They will be going through a rebuild soon. We also may have Pathfinder but they are still not completely sure of where their new home will be, though they are more than welcome to stay here. DC: Well I have to say that the start you have made is great. The new Club Latinum and Academy buildings are fantastic and it’s great to hear that both Alexandria and Tranquility will be staying. Obviously due to space and resources some sacrifices will have to be made, so what’s been your decision making process for deciding what stays?

CM: Well a lot is based on the nostalgia stuff people find as a draw to Pinastri, We want people to fill they are truly on a Planet in the future and far away in a different Galaxy that they feel like they have stepped out on to a Star Trek Set. We have a bit of ways to go to get there. So in the mean time, I try to listen to what people want, and what will they use. With only one Sim we have to be careful but with Rezzers and Holo technology there are ways to share the space and have whatever is needed. DC: Excellent....can I have a Bajoran temple on the waterfront please...with a landing pad close by for my Interceptor? CM: I'll add it to the wish list. Chuckles. Seriously we could add one but would likely be putting it into a rezzer to be used as a future Roleplay model. We actually have this Mission. Kaleaon actually has a holo rezzer full of mission sets on the sim that are very nice. Some can be a bit prim heavy so you have to be careful what you rez. I just got a model from Cyril as we are talking that has a double space station link. Will have to talk to the CO's to see if they are ok with them. DC: Regarding rentals and vendors, what’s available and at what price? CM: Currently Rentals are much the same, I've had a look at many of the rooms though you don't get much prim the rooms rez with a nice complement of furniture. What we are hoping to do is be able to modify the rooms to people’s personal taste in the future. Having rezable rooms saves on the whole prim amount on the SIM. If we just gave everyone 100 or 200 Prim we would soon run out of room to have RP props and then create unnecessary Lag. I would be really curious to hear from people that are tenants or past tenants on what they would like for their condo. If we are missing something would be good to address it soon as possible.


By DC Researcher In the spring of 1980, Gene Roddenberry sat down to write a 60-page outline for a sequel to the first Star Trek feature film. Unlike The Motion Picture, the next one, he hoped, would be a Gene Roddenberry script, not, as he saw it, a creative mishmash that went through the hands of countless other writers and studio executives. This would be the film that he wanted to make, and no one could claim co-writer credits or file grievances with the Writers' Guild. Star Trek was his baby, and he was confident that Paramount would welcome his storyline with open arms and open wallets. What was his grand idea? It involved time-travel, Klingons, and a beloved American president: JFK. After losing ships to V'GR, Klingons locate the "Guardian of Forever" (seen in "The City on the Edge of Forever"), and they diabolically use the time portal to travel back to 1963 Earth. These rogue Klingons succeed in stopping the assassination of JFK. Somehow... they keep JFK alive. Only the insiders who've read the unpublished script know the full details. But, apparently, this change in the timeline is extremely detrimental for the future of humanity, and by the 23rd century, the Klingons reign supreme as an unstoppable intergalactic force. Fortunately, Captain Kirk once again saves the universe... by letting someone die. Travelling back in time, the noble captain ensures that JFK gets his head blown off in Dealey Plaza. "The climactic moments of the film," according to William Shatner, "would find Spock standing on a grassy knoll in Dallas, firing that infamous `phantom shot'... thereby guaranteeing a brighter future for all of mankind."

Prior to this cinematic climax, viewers are treated to Captain Kirk and JFK fighting, arguing, and then becoming close friends as the handsome and young commander-in-chief tours the starship Enterprise. According to Trek insider Susan Sackett, this idea wasn't as hokey as it sounds, because the script contained many sensitive and tender moments, as well as interesting scifi concepts. And, in all fairness, was it really that worse than Kirk going back to the 1980s to save whales? Nevertheless, Paramount rejected the idea, and they soon turned to Harve Bennett to produce The Wrath of Khan, which as we all know turned out to be one of, if not the best Trek movie. Roddenberry felt extremely hurt, and he took the rejection and demotion to "executive consultant" personally. But, he didn't give up on the idea. He polished and resubmitted it for Star Trek III. It was immediately rejected without explanation. Roddenberry claimed that they just didn't like the idea of time-travel. So, when he learned that the fourth film would involve time-travel, he submitted yet another draft only to face yet another rejection. Paramount insiders have never spoken publicly about those rejections, but we can guess their reasons. The idea WAS hokey. However nostalgic it may have been to see characters from Star Trek living in the actual sixties, it was not an entertaining premise, especially when audiences would have been asked to applaud the death of JFK, because it safeguarded a future of human spaceflight! It was also not original. Despite Roddenberry's assumption that no one else could claim writing credit, one can imagine an irate Harlan Ellison jumping on every soapbox he could find to denounce yet another bastardization of his original script, "City on the Edge of Forever." Roddenberry was simply combining the plot of "City" with the embarrassingly bad season 3 TOS episode "The Savage Curtain," in which Kirk hobnobs with none-other-than Abraham Lincoln (who calls Uhura "a charming Negress"). Any fan who attacks Harve Bennett's movies as "not in the spirit of TOS" should take a few moments to imagine the Star Trek film that Roddenberry would have made: Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and JFK Sourced from: Susan Sackett's Inside Trek, Robert Justman and Herb Solow's Inside Star Trek, and Joel Engel's The Man and the Myth Behind Star Trek: The unauthorized biography of Gene Roddenberry.



STAR TREK: TITAN: FALLEN GODS By Michael A. Martin Massmarket paperback / ebook – 368 pages PocketBooks – April 2012

Synopsis: Though the United Federation of Planets still reels from Andor’s political decision that will forever affect the coalition, Captain William T. Riker and the crew of the U.S.S. Titan are carrying out Starfleet’s renewed commitment to deep space exploration. While continuing to search the Beta Quadrant’s unknown expanses for an ancient civilization’s long-lost quickterraforming technology— a potential boon to many Borg-ravaged worlds across the Federation and beyond—Titan’s science specialists encounter the planet Ta’ith, home to the remnant of a once-great society that may hold the very secrets they seek. But this quest also takes Titan perilously close to the deadly Vela Pulsar, the galaxy’s most prolific source of lethal radiation, potentially jeopardizing both the ship and what remains of the Ta’ithan civilization. Meanwhile, Will Riker finds himself on a collision course with the Federation Council and the Andorian government, both of which intend to deprive Titan of its Andorian crew members. And one of those Andorians—Lieutenant Pava Ek’Noor sh’Aqaba—has just uncovered a terrible danger, which has been hiding in plain sight for more than two centuries. . . . Review: Now that Andor has left the Federation, Starfleet is trying to pull its Andorian crew from their positions aboard starships to supposedly lower profile postings elsewhere. And Captain Riker has been told to hand over all seven of his Andorian crew. They won’t be forced to repatriate as Andor demands, but Riker and the rest of his crew aren’t happy with Starfleet’s decision. Meanwhile, the Titan has noticed a planet affected by radiation from a nearby pulsar. And it’s ancient technology has deteriorated to the point of near destruction for the remaining inhabitants. But when an ancient artificial intelligence is awoken, it reaches out to two of Titan’s crew members for help in repairing the planet’s defences. This is only the seventh book in the Titan series, but the crew already has a strong bond and camaraderie. The crew is very diverse with fascinating new characters as well as a handful of familiar ones. If you aren’t current in the political climate of the “current” Star Trek universe, don’t let that deter you. Plenty is explained here in regards to the Andorians and as with other series, this is mostly a standalone story. Yet the suspense and mystery builds with the Andorian situation and leaves off in a bit of a cliffhanger ending for several crewmembers. While part of the mystery aboard the Andorian ship is predictable, there is a surprising twist I didn’t see coming in regards to an intriguing alliance. Fast-paced and full of fun adventure, Fallen Gods was an incredibly enjoyable read. Book Review courtesy of

BY COMMODORE ZANIA TURNER Efforts are ramping up within the Office of UF Starfleet Communications, as we do our part in the efforts to build United Federation Starfleet into a much stronger organization for the future. Progress is being made to not only find people to fill certain positions, but also to revitalize UFS in our own ways through a revamp of our events, how word about those events gets out to our members, and much more! This also includes support that will be provided for chapters in the way of recruiting, retention, PR and marketing tools, as well as diplomatic outreach. So, without further adieu, I’d like to update all of you on a few specifics that you should be aware of . . . I would like to personally congratulate Ishan Broek for not only his last edition of the Delta Communicator, but also taking on the role of Head of Public Relations and Marketing in addition to his duties as editor-in-chief of the DC. This is an important position, as it oversees our public “face” of United Federation Starfleet – not just out in the community, but also online as well. Working with Ishan, we will be finishing the PR/Marketing packets for chapters, getting the Greeter and Honor Guard programs at full strength within the metaverses in addition to adapting them for meeting chapters that want to utilize them, plus also seeking a community manager who will handle our online presence. In addition to Ishan’s continued work on the Delta Communicator, I’m very pleased to announce that LeighAnn Mantis is returning to us to take on the role of the editor of a new weekly newsletter, which should make it’s debut shortly! The newsletter will be sent to all current and former members, to help keep you up to date on things going on around UFS, Inc. Andy Drazen has graciously offered to take on the role of manager the new Club Latinum. He comes to us with a tremendous amount of excitement for the position, and a great deal of enthusiasm. He has a lot of ideas, and is interested in not only getting regular events going again at Pinastri, but also eventually doing the same within other grids too. I look forward to working with him, and seeing what we can achieve within the metaverses and beyond. With the new Club Latinum up and running, interest in DJs has also picked up as well. A number of people have started to DJ again, and there is also a possibility – at some point in the future – of adding additional programming beyond live music as well, including podcasts like Dwight Schultz’s Howling Mad Radio. If anyone is interested in becoming a DJ and having access to the stream, I would encourage you to contact Lan Nakajima in Second Life or on the forums. We’re still continuing to look for a new head for our office of Recruiting and Retention. If you are interested in volunteering your time and taking on a position to help UFS as a whole, please contact Zania Tuner ( with your reasons why you’d be a good candidate for the position, and your vision as to what you’d like to do to improve recruiting and retention for UFS. Remember, United Federation Starfleet wouldn’t be what it is without all of you – our members, and our volunteers. If you want to do something worthwhile beyond the boundaries of your chapter, don’t hesitate to get involved! Whether you’re great with events, you’re a DJ, you’re good at art work, writing, etc – we need your help to continue our growth into an organization that transcends the boundaries of the internet and brings fans together like never before! And finally, don’t forget about our fanfic contest! The deadline for the long fanfic is approaching rapidly (September 30th), although we’ll still accept entries for the short fanfic as well! For more information about the contest, please check out the rules on our forums or Facebook fan page, and get those entries in! Until next time... see you around the galaxy!

Hello all and welcome to another round of Roleplay reporting, Over the past few months we have talked about ways people can Roleplay and how they can put that into effect. We have also seen this put into effect with the re-introduction of the Fleet-Wide Missions. El' Dorain Combine Campaign UFS has been at war with the EDC better known as the El'Dorain Combine, this has seen UFS Roleplay go back to the great communication it used to have when "Fleet-Wide" missions where on a regular basis. What we saw in the EDC campaign was UFS face a threat and overcome it, working together with inter-ship communications which in turn showed how much UFS can achieve when it works as part of a team and not segregated from each other. Everyone who got involved in the EDC Campaign will be receiving the "El' Dorain Combine Campaign Ribbon" to thank them for getting involved. We shall now be returning to the individual Chapters roleplays so they may go back to exploring and their usual missions......however come October a new fleet-wide mission will be available to get involved in should you wish to. Ship Inspections One of the highlights....or fears of playing a Starfleet Officer is a member of Command coming over to inspect the ship/station of which you are stationed. Well here we are again; myself and the Director of Strategic Operations Lt Cmdr Mac Gaelyth have begun the Ship inspections. We have completed our first one and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew of the USS Banshee for being such great hosts. As we arrived on the Transporter pad, we were greeted by the senior staff with the sound of the boatswain whistle. After introductions where made we had a tour of the ship and spoke with the crew on duty. Concluding the inspection we were invited to a celebration in the lounge. Over the next few months we will be trying to visit all the ship and stations of the fleet across all metaverses to offer support and get an idea of what sort of roleplays they wish to get involved in fleet-wide. Roleplays One of the biggest forms of taking part in UFS is to get involved in the vast amount of roleplays and story arc's throughout the fleet. If you have any ideas for fleet-wide roleplays or even smaller roleplays then please pass them to me, all roleplays are considered however we do try to keep it within the Star Trek universe. See you in Uniform Be Strong, Be Proud, Be Starfleet Commodore Kermie Mistwallow Chief of UF Starfleet Operations

In familiar guise, Walter Koening as Ensign Pavel Chekov in Star Trek

A smiling Koenig on the Hollywood Walk of Fame flanked by fellow Star Trek colleagues Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) and George Takei (Sulu)

Walter Koenig today will become the final “Star Trek” cast member to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a ceremony in front of the Boardwalk restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard. The star will be the 2,479 on the Walk of Fame and near that of Koenig’s “Star Trek” castmate George Takei. “This is something that you hope and wish for, dream about, but something you never expect to really happen,” Koenig said in 2011 when it was announced he would be receiving a star. “It’s a joyous occasion and I am deeply honored.” The ceremony comes two days after the 46th anniversary of the premiere of “Star Trek,” which Koenig joined in its second season as Ensign Pavel Chekov, a role he also would play in the first seven “Star Trek” movies. Koenig also wrote the 1973 episode “The Infinite Vulcan” of the animated “Star Trek” series.

By Jamie Czavicevic The EDC Conflict has been the main focus aboard the USS Banshee Since her recall to Pinastri in early June. Having Arrived at SS Tranquility stardate 120612 USS Banshee began repairs to her damaged systems and upgrades to prepare for the conflict with the EDC Our first encounter with The El Dorado Combine came shortly after our return to Space port. USS Banshee had been in dry-dock for about a week when she was boarded by an EDC Assault team. They entered the Computer core and copied a large part of our database before being repelled by the UFS Marines. Several members of the crew were injured including the captain herself. As repairs completed the beginning of July USS Banshee was assigned to picket and recon patrols of the immediate sectors coreward-trailing of the Pinastri system, to protect UFS Vital interests in the area of the Excalibur system. On stardate 120710 a Shadow Wolf recon flight picked up signs of an EDC Fleet en-route to Excalibur system. Captain Czavicevic sent an emergency communication to UFS Strategic command informing them of the incoming fleet and the Banshee started back to Excalibur station to assist with evacuation of non essential personnel. Captain Czavicevic also evacuated all civilian families from the Banshee to Tranquility station in preparation for war. USS Banshee took command of the task force at Excalibur to defend against the EDC battle fleet. On Stardate 120717, Task Force One engaged and pushed back the EDC Fleet but at substantial cost, reporting the following losses: USS Kenya - Lost with all hands, USS Odysseus - Stardrive section lost along with her captain. In addition, the following ships were seriously damaged and disabled USS Argus, USS Descartes, and USS P'Jem. The following ships reported heavy damages and are undergoing repairs: USS Agamemnon, USS Amundsen,

USS Banshee, USS Cochrane, and USS Grenadier. The remainder of the fleet remained fully operational with little or no damage. During the battle one of the commanders was able to escape in a shuttle with three UFS Civilian scientists. After the battle, the Banshee completed repairs and began searching for the 3 scientists and their captures. After two weeks of searching, USS Banshee tracked the fleeing shuttle to the Corwin system; specifically an abandoned mining asteroid in the outer ring of the system. Arriving at the asteroid belt the crew determined the ship was too large to go in so they sent and assault team aboard two shuttles with a wing of Valkyrie fighters as escorts. As the assault team made it into the asteroid lab, they discovered automated defence systems were activated but only one life form was present. The entire lab had been filled with a biochemical agent. It appears that one of the scientists released the agent to prevent its use on the UFS, taking the lives of everyone on board in the process. Dr Salimonta’s last heroic effort may have saved the lives of millions of people in UFS held space. When the investigation team went to vent the lab they inadvertently triggered some sort of self-destruct mechanism, and the lab was destroyed before any more information could be gathered. After completing its mission, the USS Banshee returned to Tranquillity station to await new orders. On 120827 the UFS declared a formal ceasefire with the EDC and the Banshee was ordered to resume her mission of deep space exploration. What will the future hold for the USS Banshee? No one knows, but scientific exploration and discovery is the lifeblood of a Starfleet officer, and the USS Banshee is no exception as she heads out to the deepest reaches of the final frontier to fulfil the mission of seeking out new life and new civilizations...the crew excited to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Just in case you have been living in a cave, 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the return of Star Trek to our TV screens. Star Trek the Next Generation is a phenomenon that redefined Star Trek and changed the face of sci-fi television forever. It’s kind of hard to imagine a world that consisted of one Star Trek TV series, one ship, one captain...but from 1966 until the evening of September 28th, 1987 that’s exactly how it was. As far as Trek viewers were concerned, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were Star Trek. Then in 1987, the arrival of The Next Generation challenged that definition and nothing would be the same again... For the most part, TNG was not welcomed with open arms by the Trek community. Many were suspicious of the new series and many were even hostile towards it with the reason being of course that these were not new adventures of Kirk, Spock and McCoy but an entirely new set of characters and even a new Enterprise. After initially declining to be involved, Gene Rodenberry joined the production team of the new show as executive producer. Rodenberry’s involvement went a long way to reassuring fans that the new show would still be Star Trek.

With the passage of time since the demise of the original show, Rodenberry had time to ponder and refine his vision of the Star Trek universe and the future of humanity as he saw it. Whilst not a reboot as we have seen with JJ Abrams Star Trek, The Next Generation would definitely be an evolution of the concept whilst retaining the essence of optimism and selfbetterment. Setting the show some 80 years after the original series allowed Roddenberry to make changes to the universe with contradicting what had gone before. The plan for TNG was to focus on the internal problems of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet with stories revolving around new technologies, politics, and diplomacy, and set on worlds already within the Federation’s boundaries. A much more developed and stable Federation, one that had expanded its borders and was now buffering against the territories of the other known powers. In the 80’s, ‘Soap opera’ series such as Dallas and Dynasty had broken the mould of prime time TV in the U.S. by daring to tell an ongoing story that required the viewer to tune in each week. Although TNG cannot be described as a soap opera, it certainly took a step in that direction. The success of the series proved that the format could work in a scifi setting and the idea has been employed in numerous other shows since. Today, 25 years later, it is the norm for genre shows to have quite complex ongoing ‘story arcs’ and TNG is, at least in part, responsible for this. Star Trek the Next Generation had spectacularly demonstrated that not only was there life in Star Trek but in the science fiction genre as well. To help underline the connection of the Next Generation to the original series, the very first episode – ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ included a one-scene cameo

appearance by Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy. Further crowd-pleasing appearances by the show’s original stars were to follow with Engineer Montgomery Scott appearing in the episode ‘Relics’, while Spock appeared in the two part ‘Unification’ story. History was to repeat itself with the cast of TNG making occasional appearances in the spin-off Trek shows that followed it. Worf became a regular in the latter seasons of DS9, whilst Troi and Barclay became semi-regular characters in Voyager. As well as being popular with us fans, each of these crossovers served to emphasise that Star Trek was now one big interconnected universe. The most recent handover was in the 2009 Star Trek movie, where the Spock of the prime universe appears in an alternate version of his own past. The presence of Spock and the actor who plays him united the origins of Star Trek with its exciting new future, making them one. With no new Star Trek shows having aired since 2005, we have once again entered another comparatively quiet period. However, much as The Next Generation did in 1987, J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek movie has both reinvented the franchise again whilst maintaining a direct connection with its illustrious past. As with TNG it has also caused its own fair share of disenchantment within the fanbase but as Gene Roddenberry once said about the future of Star Trek, “new minds, fresh ideas”. So to the future....Engage!


SHM (Single Human Male) seeks cute and carefree Operations or Medical Officer for witty banter during mission times. Must like Sabre Class Starships and long walks on the beach. Me: Not super tall, but no shorty either. Security Officer, loves random inspections and the occasional Phaser Battle. Has been known to cut a rug or two, and cleans up well when motivated. You: Confident but humble, can take a joke as well as dish one out, and likes cuddling next to a console. If you are interested in possibly filling this billet, IM me in-world and let's see what happens. Lt Laser Rainfall USS Puma

The last few months have been much busier than I ever expected. As most of you know, I married the most wonderful man in the world, at least I think so, and he also happens to be my in-world husband. Yes, it is possible to meet the one online who is perfect for you, although I must say we both went through a lot of failed relationships in world and out before we finally found each other over three years ago. That may be one reason we are both so committed to keeping the Pinastri Colony for UFS in Second Life available for everyone to use. There have been many changes in UFS, and more to come, that’s inevitable. But the one constant every member of UFS has is the love of Star Trek and the joy in being able to, at least for a few hours a week, BE in the stars. First I want to give a special note to thank everyone who works so hard to make the Pinastri Colony fun to be in. Thanks to Cyril Barthelmess for his amazing builds, Davido Herbit and his team for doing an amazing job with the rental responsibilities, Kermie Mistwallow and his team for keeping the UFS-wide role plays going, Zania Turner and her team for planning and hosting events, and all the vendors and condo renters who live and work on Pinastri. And a huge thank you to all who spend time at Pinastri Colony, volunteering your time participating in missions, helping new members, teaching at the Academy, and just hanging out and having fun. Pinastri Colony is still the home to Alexandria Station as well as Tranquility Station, which is hosting the Pathfinder Research Facility (PRF) at this time. You will be seeing some new station designs in the very new future, starting with Alexandria. We want everyone in UFS to feel welcome to use Pinastri Colony for your UFS needs. We only ask that you coordinate the schedule with Kermie Mistwallow and Zania Turner to ensure your event schedule does not conflict with other events. Any requests for builds on Pinastri Colony, temporary or permanent, should go through Cordova Marabana. In addition, I also am excited to be a part of the growth of UFS outside of the metaverses. It is my responsibility to ensure that the UFS manuals all include information on not only the role play aspects, but just as importantly, the meeting chapters that have members who are not in an online environment. Yes, it is possible to role play outside of an online environment, but it is my responsibility to ensure ALL members of UFS are addressed: those who choose to role play in their chapters and those who do not. There are some aspects of every chapter that are the same. Every chapter has a CO and XO and several additional members, every chapter CO and XO must take and pass the COCTS, every chapter must submit MSRs, and many more. So if you’re wondering why the OCTS and COCTS are set up the way they are, it is because they are intended to confirm understanding of UFS the organization, not strictly a preparation for role play. I look forward to continued growth with UFS, both the online chapters and meeting chapters.

VADM Rosine Heinkel Commander Starfleet

INFINITE SPACE CANCELLED The list of cancelled Star Trek video games just got longer. The German publisher Gameforge has made official what has been clear since last fall, their browser game Star Trek: Infinite Space is dead. The company cited problems finding a partner. Gameforge, publisher of many free to play browser based games, originally announced the title in 2010. The game was to be set in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine universe during the Dominion War. Gameforge had hoped to launch the game in the fall of 2011 and much work had been done. The publisher had launched a website and demonstrated the game at E3, Fedcon and other trade shows. Star Trek: Infinite Space was to be the first free browser-based Star Trek RPG. There was also talk about Gameforge developing a Facebook page (ala Farmville), but that seems to be gone as well. Infinite Space joins the pantheon of announced but never-released games such as "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Hunt," "Star Trek: Borg Assimilator," "Star Trek: Voyager – Retribution," and (most famously) "Star Trek: Secrets of Vulcan Fury," which was to feature voice acting from the entire original Star Trek cast.

TREK FAN TO RESTORE ENTERPRISE-D BRIDGE A Star Trek fan is on a mission to restore one of the original sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Rescued from Paramount in late 2011, the fan is in the process of restoring the set and plans to make it open to the public when finished. “Originally created by Gene Roddenberry, the design created by Herman Zimmerman and Michael Okuda for the Paramount TV series, this set was made to be durable, to go on display back in the late 90′s,” said the fan. “By the late 2008, it was forgotten about and was about to be destroyed! After nearly three years of negotiations, and one week before it was about to be permanently ‘decommissioned’ and put into the dumpster, I rescued it. “I am in the process of completely restoring the set to its original splendor,” he said, “and mak[ing] it open to the public for meetings, movie showings, fundraisers, tours, filming, anything!” The fan’s project is a “non-profit” mission. “Eventually, I will be doing a Kickstarter Campaign,” he explained, “but only after I have the estimates of restoration plus the support and Star Trek actors plus famous fans of the show.” The Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge Restoration website is

STAR TREK ONLINE ‘NOT DYING’ Cryptic Executive Producer Dan Stahl made an appearance in the Star Trek Online community to address rumors, including one that the online game is in trouble. One poster started a thread that claimed that “Cryptic is in a really bad place right now,” and that thread drew the attention of Stahl. “Cryptic was sold because it was a profitable business and worth at least $50 million to Perfect World,” said Stahl. “Star Trek Online is not dying by any means and continues to grow stronger. Just last month we took over as the top performing game for Perfect World in North America.” Stahl went on to explain development progress and assured readers that “The Star Trek Online development team continues to grow month over month and we still have several positions open. As the team grows larger our Seasonal plans are getting larger. We expect Season 7 to be bigger than Season 6, and Season 8 to be bigger than Season 7. More content, more fixes, more updates across the board.” There was acknowledgment that there have been issues with various elements of the game, but Stahl assured readers that those performance issues are being addressed, and he encouraged players to keep speaking up. “We do listen to feedback, and while we don’t always address every post, we certainly take note,” he said. “Thank you for continuing to support this game and for continuing to voice opinions. We hear them and are working behind the curtain to improve the game in every way.”

NEW STAR TREK GAME TRAILER For fans eagerly awaiting the forthcoming Star Trek video game, Paramount Pictures and Namco Bandai have released a new trailer - and screenshots from the game.

Star Trek features a story written by Marianne Krawczyk in collaboration with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman in which “players control both Kirk and Spock in a sweeping journey of epic proportions across unexplored planets and enemy battleships with the latest 23rd century weapons and gear.” Kirk and crew will face the Gorn, seen in the original series’ Arena. “Great villains give our favorite characters a chance to become heroes in the process of attempting to eliminate a powerful threat, and Star Trek fans have been eagerly anticipating the moment when the antagonists of the game would be revealed,” said Carlson Choi, VP of Marketing and Namco Bandai Games America Inc. “This is one of those moments and we couldn’t be more excited to give gamers a glimpse at the challenges that lie ahead for Kirk and Spock.” Actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, John Cho and Anton Yelchin will be voicing the characters which they played in 2009′s Star Trek XI.

RODDENBERRY LAUNCHES NEW STAR TREK PODCAST Rod Roddenberry (son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry) has launched a new podcast. Each episode of the new "Mission Log" series will examine a different episode of Star Trek, with the first looking at the pilot ("The Cage").

The goal of the new "Mission Log" podcast from Roddenberry Entertainment is to explore the themes and try to go in depth into each and every episode of Star Trek. The first episode (online now) looks at the unaired pilot "The Cage." The rest of the weekly series will go in release order for all 726 episodes from 30 seasons of televised Star Trek, all exploring the ethical and more philisophy and trying to see if the episodes still ring true today. The show is co-hosted by John Champion of DVD Geeks and Ken Ray of the Mac OS podcast. Rod Roddenberry is the show’s executive producer and he will also be joining in as a guest periodically. More info and the first episodes at

CHEKOV AND TUVOK REPRISE ROLES FOR INDIE ‘STAR TREK: RENEGADES’ The team behind the 2008 independent mini-series Star Trek Of Gods And Men are back with plans for a new web series, again to be directed by Star Trek Voyager’s Tim Russ. Just in time for Star Trek’s anniversary they have released a new trailer featuring Walter Koenig reprising his role of Chekov and Russ as returning as Tuvok. The series promises additional Trek vets as well.

Producer Sky Conway and director Tim Russ are teaming up again, following their 2008 collaboration with Star Trek: Of Gods And Men. This time they are planning a brand new web series called Star Trek: Renegades. The team have kicked off on production of a pilot which they hope will result in a new ongoing web series. In addition to Walter Koenig and Tim Russ, many of those who were on board for Of Gods and Men are back for Renegades including Gary Graham (Alien Nation; Soval, Enterprise), Garrett Wang (Harry Kim, Voyager). Joining them will be Manu Intiraymi (Icheb, Voyager) and Richard Herd (Admiral Paris, Voyager). The team are also promising to add some "hot" and "rising" actors to the cast. For more information and the trailer visit

GROOVY RETRO TOS POSTERS Replica maker QMx is venturing into are of cool Star Trek prints and also moving into creating items for the original series, with their announcement of a series of prints themed around TOS episodes. They have announced a new series of episode posters for TOS, revealing the first four to be released. Eventually they will release posters for all the episodes. The new prints are being done by artist Juan Ortiz who was commissioned by CBS for the series. The plan is to create a retrostyle art print for every episode of the original Star Trek series, including the first pilot (for a total 80). The prints will be released in sets of four over the next 20 months. Episode 9: Dagger of the Mind. "The image is a stylized version of the patch worn by the doctor in the episode," says Ortiz. Episode 53: The Ultimate Computer. Ortiz wanted to be sure to credit not just the lead actors, but the writers and director as well. Episode 75: The Way to Eden. The look here is Grateful Dead-esque. Episode 28: The City on the Edge of Forever. In drawing the character Edith Keeler, Ortiz went with "a ’70s/’Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ approach." You can order yours at

IN MEMORY OF... Biff Elliot, best-known to Star Trek fans for his role in the original series’ The Devil in the Dark, died last week at the age of eighty-nine of natural causes. Elliot played the miner Schmitter in the episode, who met a grisly end courtesy of the Horta. William Windom, the Emmy Award-winning actor best-known to Trek fans for his role of Commodore Decker in the original series episode The Doomsday Machine, died at his home in Woodacre, California at the age of eighty-eight. The cause of death was congestive heart failure. Lance LeGault, the veteran character actor who portrayed the Klingon K’Temoc in the Next Generation episode “The Emissary,” died on September 10 at the age of 77. K'Temoc was the Klingon captain who, freshly out of stasis after 75 years, attacked the Enterprise-D, relenting only when Worf convinced him that the Klingon Empire and the Federation were no longer enemies.

The enduring popularity of the Star Trek science fiction franchise has led to numerous games in many different formats, beginning in 1967 with a board game based on The Original Series and continuing through 2012 with online and DVD games. The history of the Star Trek personal computer game franchise began as early as 1971, with a Star Trek text-only computer game written in BASIC. Many PC titles have since been published, and the franchise was one of the first based on a TV program to break into the young PC gamer market in the 1990s. Interplay, Simon and Schuster, Microprose and Activision released most of the bestknown Star Trek games between 2000 and 2003. Titles like Star Trek: Armada, Star Trek: Elite Force and Star Trek: Bridge Commander were all published during this period, as were over half of all the other major Star Trek PC games. The absence of new titles after 2003 was due in large â&#x20AC;˘ STATE OF THE ART GRAPHICS measure to a split and subsequent lawsuit between Activision and Viacom which ended in 2004. The original Star Trek developed out of a brainstorming session between Mike Mayfield and several high school friends in 1971. The Star Trek television show had only recently ended its original run and was still extremely popular. Mayfield and his "geek friends" wrote down a bunch of ideas for a game, and during the summer holidays he then started writing as many as he could on a SDS Sigma 7 that he had an account on at the University of California, Irvine. Later that summer he purchased an HP-35 calculator and often visited the local Hewlett-Packard sales office looking for help programming it. They mentioned that they would give him time on their HP 2000 minicomputer if he would port his Star Trek game to it, an offer he readily accepted. The game starts with a short text description of the mission, which required the Enterprise to fly through the galaxy and hunt down a number of Klingon ships within a certain time. Each game started with a different number of Klingons, friendly starbases and stars, spread throughout a galaxy that was arranged as an 8 by 8 grid of "quadrants". Each quadrant is further divided into an 8 by 8 grid of "sectors". The number of items in any one quadrant was fixed at the start of the game, but their exact position within it (their sector) was not recorded and would change when the quadrant was left and re-entered. The Enterprise's local surroundings could be displayed by issuing the short-range scan command (SRS), which prints a text-based map of the current quadrant's sectors, including stars represented with a *, Klingon ships as a +K+, starbases as an <*>, and the Enterprise itself with an -E-. The user could also use the long-range scan (LRS) to print out an abbreviated map of the quadrants lying directly around the Enterprise, listing only the number of stars, Klingons and starbases.


Klingon ships could be attacked with either phasers or photon torpedoes. Phasers did not have to be aimed, but their power fell off with distance so the player had to estimate how much power to put into the shot. Torpedoes did not suffer this drop in power and would destroy a Klingon ship with a single hit, but they had to be aimed using polar coordinates, so misses were possible. Klingon ships moved after firing on the Enterprise, making re-aiming after every "turn" a chore. Most versions of the game included a calculator that provided the proper angle, so in spite of the tedium of re-aiming it was commonly the primary weapon used. In most versions of the game, stars would absorb torpedoes and require the user to manoeuvre within the quadrant using the impulse drive (IMP) to get a clear shot. Movement, combat and shields all drained the energy supply of the Enterprise, which could be topped up again by flying to a starbase. The game normally proceeded with the player eliminating Klingons in the opening quadrant, if any. Then they used long-range scanners to look for nearby ships, selecting a new quadrant and moving there using the warp drive (WAR). They continued in this fashion until the Enterprise was low on energy or torpedoes, and then warped to a starbase to refuel and repair. Issuing commands took up some game time, closing on the limit imposed at the start of the game, and the game ended when the Enterprise was destroyed, all Klingons were destroyed, or the time limit ran out. A score in the form of a ranking was presented at the end of the game, based on energy usage, damage taken and inflicted, and any remaining time. Star Trek Online has nothing on this!

‘In Conversation’ features veteran stage and screen actor Marc Alaimo talking about playing the duplicitous Cardassian Gul Dukat in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. “I think when I began playing Dukat their [the show’s producers] objective was to have an aggressive, fairly one-dimensional Cardassian,” explains Alaimo. “However, I eventually got to add to what they gave me in the scripts. I was able to slowly make the character my own and I endowed him with a variety of different characteristics. I think they picked up on the fact that I was more versatile, perhaps, than they had at first thought. So they began writing these wonderful situations for Dukat where he could be seen as being sensitive or irrational or intellectual. All of these things came out in the character through the writing and in my way of playing him. “I like Dukat,” proclaims the actor. “I think he’s the most exciting character on the program simply because the writers can take him in so many different directions. He can be evil, mean, charming, lovable, funny, vulnerable and, yes, even sexy. Our heroes on the show never get to really be bad. We’ve all got a dark side to our nature but in a civilized culture you try to restrain or control that part of your personality. However, Dukat is an opportunist, so he plays both his good and bad sides to get exactly what he wants.” Long before he began menacing the Alpha Quadrant as Gul Dukat on Deep Space Nine Alaimo appeared as not one but four different characters on Star Trek:The Next Generation. The actor made his debut on the series playing the uncredited part of Badar N’D’D, the lead Antican in the episode Lonely Among Us. He went on to portray Romulan Commander Tebok in The Neutral Zone, Cardassian Gul Macet in The Wounded and the high-rolling gambler Frederick LaRouque in Time’s Arrow. Although he knew the Star Trek people were pleased with his work, Alaimo had no idea that it would lead to his recurring role on Deep Space Nine. “I had met [Star Trek casting director] Junie Lowry-Johnson when I was working with her brother, director Dick Lowry, on a made-fortelevision movie called The Gambler, Part III - The Legend Continues. In conversation I mentioned to her that I had a classical theatre background, so she had me come in to read for The Next Generation and I got the job,” says the actor happily. “I ended up playing four different roles, which at the time was very unusual because they didn’t like to use the same actors over and over again. Because of the prosthetics, though, I was fairly unrecognizable, so I just changed my voice to create a new character.” Despite the fact that he had already appeared as a Cardassian on The Next Generation Alaimo was not the first choice when it came time to cast the part of Gul Dukat. “I didn’t even know this until much later on but they brought in someone else to do Gul Dukat. It turned out that he was an incredible friend of mine but didn’t work out, so they called me in. Since then I’ve had this sense that nothing is forever and that you can’t count on anything, particularly in this business. I went in, though, did the audition and got the part and Dukat’s been a marvelous extension for me as an actor.” In Emissary, Gul Dukat has abandoned the space station Terok Nor which had been used by the Cardassians to oversee their occupation of the planet Bajor. Now called Deep Space Nine, it is under the command of Commander Sisko (Avery Brooks) who has been ordered by Starfleet to negotiate with Bajor to become part of the Federation. His task is made no easier by Dukat, who reappears every now and then to upset things. “Dukat has a wonderful entrance in that episode,” says Alaimo. “Wherever he is his presence dominates and he just sort of takes over the proceedings and that’s exactly what happens during his first meeting with Sisko in his [Dukat’s former and Sisko’s current] office. Dukat is already unpredictable. You don’t know what the hell this character is thinking. He’s smiling but at the same time he is planning something else. “I think Dukat has tremendous respect for Sisko because he gets things done the right way. Do you know the Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing? Well, that’s Sisko, but Dukat doesn’t have that sort of patience or moral discipline, I suppose, to try to always do the right thing. Oftentimes he takes the most convenient course and that’s part of the ongoing friction between the two characters. Because Dukat cannot be morally upstanding like Sisko he doesn’t get the respect from him that he believes he deserves, and that bothers the Cardassian.”

When Bajor was under Cardassian occupation many of its citizens joined an underground resistance group in the hopes of driving the aliens from their planet. One such individual is Major Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor), who goes on to become Bajoran liaison to Starfleet and first officer aboard Deep Space Nine. Although the major rejects almost everything that Dukat stands for he cannot help being oddly attracted to her. In the sixth-season episode Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night Kira uses the Bajoran Orb of Time to travel back in time to witness Dukat’s relationship with her mother. According to Alaimo, Dukat may be transferring the feelings he had for Kira Meru to her daughter Nerys. “I think Dukat would love to seduce Kira,” notes the actor. “I don’t know what kind of lover he would make, though. I’m not quite sure what’s on his mind when it comes to Kira. I think she just turns him on, you know, and Nana Visitor, certainly, is behind that. She is a very attractive woman so it’s easy to play those scenes where he comes on to her.” Alaimo is particularly pleased with his performance in the sixth-season episode Waltz. In this story Sisko is injured when a shuttle carrying him and Dukat crash-lands on a deserted planet. Sisko’s attempts to contact Deep Space Nine are thwarted by Dukat whose hallucinations are prodding him to kill the captain. “That is a really terrific piece. Stories like that are usually reserved for the regulars and I was flattered that they wrote it for me. They gave me a lot of responsibility so I was glad to see that everything actually worked when it was all put together. You never know what’s going to happen when you’re doing films or television. You’ll be in your car on the way home and suddenly the key to the scene presents itself, but it’s usually too late. Once it’s on film it’s done. You can’t go back and reshoot it. If you’ve got egg on your face, well, too bad. However, in the theatre if something suddenly hits you after the curtain comes down you can still say to yourself, ‘Hey, I think I’ll try that tomorrow night,’ and it can change everything. In Deep Space Nine’s sixth-season finale Tears of the Prophets, Gul Dukat uses newly acquired knowledge about the Bajoran sacred orbs and the Prophets to set off a series of events which will reverberate throughout the show’s seventh and last season. Although this next year will probably be Dukat’s swan song, Alaimo cannot wait to get back to wreaking havoc on Sisko and company one last time. “On The Next Generation I never felt that I was part of the family,” he says. “I’d just come in, do my job and leave. There really wasn’t an opportunity for me to get particularly close to any of the cast or crew that worked on the series. I didn’t think that it would ever turn into what it has turned into, though. At the time it was just another job. I’ve had a pretty long career in a lot of different areas but Deep Space Nine has become this wonderful little feather in my cap and I’m thankful for that. I’m proud of the series and the whole experience has been a very positive one for me.” Edited from an original Interview by Steve Eramo of

UFS is filled with a lot of creative talent, and now it's time to put the spotlight on those who have the gift of writing through our very own fanfiction contest! There are four possible categories for judging: 1) Short Star Trek fanfiction 2) Short crossover fanfiction 3) Long Star Trek fanfiction 4) Long crossover fanfiction To make things fun and fair for everyone, here are a few guidelines:

STORY BASICS 1) Only your own works, or collaboration with others, that have not been previously published will be accepted (Sorry - no prior to the contest!) 2) Star Trek stories can be set in any series' era 3) Crossover fanfiction will be accepted ONLY if: a) It is a direct crossover between Star Trek and another show b) It is a crossover between two different series that has Star Trek connections (main or regularly recurring cast that appeared in any Star Trek series)

LENGTH 1) Short fanfics are defined as works that are 2500 words or less 2) Long fanfics are defined as works that are 2501 words or more

SUBMISSIONS 1) All fanfics should be typed into a Google Doc or a similar online document system (i.e. ThinkFree, etc), and published 2) URLs for published fanfics should be submitted to 3) Trek connections for crossover fanfics should be specified within the e-mail that provides the link to the published document 4) Fanfics submitted in the wrong category (i.e. length or type) will be automatically adjusted by the office of UF Starfleet Communications into the proper category

WINNERS 1) All fanfics that are submitted as a part of this contest will be voted on by a panel of readers 2) There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place fanfiction selected in each category 3) All fanfics submitted as a part of this contest will appear within future issues of the Delta Communicator 4) Long fanfics may be broken up and appear over several issues of the Delta Communicator 5) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place fanfics will be prominently featured within the Delta Communicator, and include interviews with the authors 6) A certificate will be issued to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each category

DEADLINE 1) The deadline for short fanfic submissions is 120831 (September 30th) 2) The deadline for long fanfic submissions is 120930 (October 31st)

Greetings UF Starfleet. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and when you can expect to see in the near future. I am MilesPrower Dagger, I have been in UFS for just under four years now and started my career as the Dean of Command and Operation College in the Academy. I moved up to become Administrator (Yeomen) to the Vice Commandant, then became the Vice Commandant then the Commandant. I moved to the Marines when I felt my time in the Academy had come to an end to join my friend Tarl and help him rebuild the Corps. I was selected by Mike and Sanstrom to take over as Commandant and held that post for just about 2 years, longer than anyone else to date. I applied for UF Starfleet Chief of Staff when I felt my time in the Marines had come to an end. I plan to bring my extensive administrative experience from the Academy, my command experience from the Marines and my own personnel problem solving skills to this office and make UFS better for all its members, current and future. In the near future we will be moving extensive amounts of the administrative work to the new intranet but while we are running tests to make sure it works I plan to take the time to help trim down more and more of the unnecessary paperwork. One of my first and chief objectives is the creation of a new and meaningful award system for UFS, this program is currently in rough draft and I hope to have it ready by October. I know now some will not be happy with it, you can never please everyone, it is my hope that the members will really look at this new system and what it offers. My other pressing objective is to work on communications with the Chapter Commanders. I want to make sure they all know my door is always open and that I am here to help them.

In Service Brigadier General, MilesPrower Dagger

The 3rd Rock Grid has been holding its first Virtual Games throughout August and September. The Virtual Games feature activities in the form of races, quests, building contests and more. Those attending or participating in the events are able to win or collect rewards that can be exchanged for Geodes (the currency used on 3RG). UF Starfleet Astraios is participating in the Virtual Games by holding special community events, in addition to the regular weekly Starfleet Boogie and Raktajino Hours, including a Star Trek Trivia Quiz and an Alien Hunt. Over the weekend of Friday 31st August to Monday 3rd September, UFS Astraios held a Space Station building contest. There were two categories of builders for the contest â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Beginners and Advanced. The final builds were judged by Fleet Captain Osky Oldrich. The winner of the Beginners category was LT Cmdr Dolfke Barbosa and the runner up was Captain Poison Toocool. The winner of the Advanced category was Cmdr Karl Quar and the runner up was Ensign Saraleah Sands. On Sunday 30th September, the last day of the Virtual Games, UFS Astraios will be holding a special open invitation Starfleet Mission. The purpose the event is to offer civilians and visitors to 3RG the chance to observe or participate in a shipboard roleplay. Participants are asked to be present by 11:30am sharp for assignments, mission to begin no later than 12 noon. All welcome. The Virtual Games are a good reason for a visit to the 3rd Rock Grid to see what is on offer, as well as taking the opportunity to visit UFStarfleet Astraios! Lt. Cmdr. David7 Bravin Astraios Colony Gamma Quadrant

BY COMMODORE ZANIA TURNER After two year absence, Howling Mad Radio is back on the air! Actor Dwight Schultz, known to Star Trek fans as Lieutenant Reginald Barclay from The Next Generation and Voyager, has revived his own radio show into a podcast format. The name of the program actually stems from the call sign of a character, beloved by fans, which made him a household name in the 1980s – Captain H. M. “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock from the A-Team. A versatile actor who was self-trained to invoke various accents and inspired by famed vocal talents like Mel Blanc and Jonathan Winters, Schultz puts his tremendous talents to use as he launches into several impersonations throughout the podcast, including Burt Lars (the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz), among many others. One of his past impressions of the famed Marlon Brando resulted in a personal phone call from Brando, who complimented Schultz on the impression. Schultz, a politically active conservative Republican who has appeared on the Glazov Gang and other radio talk shows, uses the podcast to share his views on things taking place in the world, as well as the current political climate in the United States. His passion about the topics he chooses to discuss is very apparent, but he shares his views in a very articulate matter to where it is reflective of how intellectual he is and even those who have an opposing viewpoint can respect what he is saying. His most recent podcast, Schultz notes that he not only reads the e-mails he receives, but also tries to respond to those who criticize him or have an opposing viewpoint to his own. For one person in particular, he uses the podcast to personally respond to one such individual who not only e-mailed him but also launched into a tirade of personal attacks. He has promised that, as his schedule permits, to try and produce at least one or more of his podcasts per week now that he has gotten the equipment sorted out that kept him from doing so for two years. So far, he has been keeping to that promise, and as the Presidential election draws closer, it’ll be interesting for listeners to hear his continuing viewpoints. To listen to Howling Mad Radio (available in the Howling Mad Notes section), or to even e-mail Dwight Schultz directly, visit his official fan site at

USS Veracruz Type: Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: Kinney Randt, XO: Aryela Dagger

SS Echelon Type: Regula-class space station Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: Galia Iadyl, XO: Gijsjan Broek

SS Pathfinder Type: Planetside research facility Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: AndromedaStJohn Aeon, XO: Izzy Baum

USS Cochrane Type: Oberth-class starship Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: Lan Nakajima, XO: MilesPrower Dagger

USS Menelaus Type: Prometheus-class starship Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: Ezra Sweet, XO: Tedra Llewellyn

SS Tranquility Type: Ournal-class (variant) space station Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th century, Delta Quadrant CO: Thallanor Rasmuson, CoS: Siobhan Crystal

SS Alexandria Type: Jupiter-class space station Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: Morath Landfall, XO: Michel Rosenstrauch

USS Protector Type: Merced-class starship Location: Second Life RP Premise: CO: Benjamin Balan, XO: Miu Miu Zepp

USS Republic Type: Legacy-class starship Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: DDeridex Resident, XO: Yato Jinn

SS Astraios Type: Helenic-class space station Location: 3rd Rock Grid RP Premise: 24th Century, Gamma Quadrant CO: Poison Toocool, XO: Genny7 Markus

USS Banshee Type: Akira-class starship Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO Jamie Czavicevic

USS Puma Type: Saber-class starship Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: Phoenix Finistair, XO: Madadh Magic

USS Sheppard Type: Intrepid-class starship Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: Hanna Kestrel, XO: Krislynn Pennell

Spacedock One Type: Ournal-class space station Location: Island Oasis Grid RP Premise: 24th Century, Alpha Quadrant CO: Gotham Spiritor, XO: Osky Oldrich

USS Taylorholic Durant Type: Luna-class starship Location: Second Life RP Premise: 24th Century, Delta Quadrant CO: Mike Calhoun, SO: Kermie Mistwallow

USS Valkyrie Type: Valkyrie-class starship Location: Real Life (Australia) RP Premise: CO: Scott Sawyer, XO: Thomas Bainbridge

SS Helmut Kohl Type: Xerxes-class space station Location: Second Life RP Premise: Contacts - CO Dinero Outlander, XO Jade Christos

USS Rodger Young Type: Odyssey-class starship Location: Real Life (North Carolina, USA) RP Premise: CO: Jonathan Wilson, XO: Steven Rowley

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understandâ&#x20AC;?

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