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A Newsletter Published by the Eighth Grade Students of International School Heiligenhaus November 11, 2011 Interview with Science Teacher, Camilla Shakarchi, Our Trip to Kefeld: Last Monday through Wednesday, ISH secondary students took a few days to reflect and examine their lives from a new perspective. Mr. Passo helped students reflect on three things: •

How students see themselves.

How they think others see them

How they would like to be

Students worked alone, had time for reflection, Then played together and built a big bonfire that evening. A good time was had by all.

by: Jesper Spanenberg Ms. Shakarchi is the Science Teacher in the secondary school at International School Heiligenhaus. I met with her on Monday afternoon to find out a little more about her. Ms. Shakarchi attended Saint Mark’s high school in 2003. She also graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2010. Her favorite subject was Ancient History and her favorite country is the Netherlands. Her impressions on Germany are that is is colder than Canada, smaller than Canada and that Germans smoke and drink more. Camilla’s favorite sport is hockey, her favorite food is Thai, she likes the color red and if she had not been a teacher, she might have become a doctor or an actress. Her hobbies are: cooking and horseback riding. She has a mother named Helen and a father named Rudi. She has two cats, one brother named Jay and she especially enjoys holidays in Cuba, where she enjoys waterfalls, swimming and rock climbing. On a more personal note, Ms. Shakarchi has had two boyfriends, one when she was 19 and the next when she was 25. Thanks, Ms. Shakarchi, for all you do and for taking time out of your busy schedule! •

How they think others see them

“I liked having so much free time on the class trip!” Felicia Tamby “I liked getting a letter from my family member at the school retreat. I thought that was a good idea!” Niklas Geier

Filipina Garcia-Kohn

Betül Barman

International School Heiligenhaus’ Secondary School Principal By: Dylan Schiemann and Alex Hausmann

International School Heiligenhaus’ Eighth Grade Student By: Ms. Wrightson Betül Barman has just returned from a trip to Turkey where she visited the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, and Aydin. She stayed in the Caprice Hotel and went on a banana boat in the Aegean Sea.

Mrs. Garcia Kohn has been a teacher for fourteen years and loves doing this job. She likes International School Heiligenhaus most because it is a small building and there are friendly and nice students here. Mrs. Garcia Kohn likes going to work at International School Heiligenhaus and she is married to the primary German teacher Mr. Kohn. We think all students would like to say a big “thank you” Mrs. Garcia Kohn for all her hard

Betül also visited the Great Half-Mosque Church and Museum in Istanbul, which is half church and half mosque. Betül also went fishing and visited her great-aunt in Izmir. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Betül!

work and concern for our students!

Newsletter Edition 1  

First edition of the student generated newsletter for the Secondary School. November 2011