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U-19 Girls Basketball Scrimmage @ JPGS 28 February, 2013 U-16 Girls Basketball Scrimmage @ AISJ 7 March, 2013

U-19 Girls Basketball Tournament @ KAUST 19-21 March, 2013 U-14 Girls Basketball Scrimmage @ KAUST 9 May, 2013 World Education Games (5-7 March, 2013) World Literacy Day (5 March, 2013) World Maths Day (6 March, 2013) World Science Day (7 March, 2013)


Stallion voice



By: Khawer Murad and Yusra Tasneem

By: Alyssa Alea

Sparks flew and young minds worked hard this month as students prepared for the science fair. This spectacular event took place on February 18, 2013, in the YIS gym and was organized by Mrs. Modi, Mrs. ElMahgoub, and Mr. Nannen. Due to a lack of space, organizers decided to only allow students from grades 7, 9, and 11 to participate. However, many students from across the school attended the science fair to support the participants and learn from the different projects. All that attended were delighted with the numerous experiments demonstrated. One spectator, Usman Khan (8B), thought the experiments were “engaging.” And a participant, Aimar Diaz (9B), found “it fun to interact with the audience and share [her] knowledge of science.” Teachers and staff that attended also enjoyed the science fair, and like the organizers, were quite impressed. Mr. Nick found it “very educational,” and Mrs. Modi liked it as well. Mrs. El-Mahgoub believed “it was the right way to learn science.” HS English teacher and attendee, Mrs. Winterfeld, said that the science fair was “incredible.”

Due to an excessive amount of tardies in the first semester, there will be an updated tardy policy implemented for the second half of the school year. According to Mrs. El-Mahgoub, “students miss important instructions in the beginning of class, which is not beneficial for them in their learning.” For the time being, teachers are enjoying the opportunity to test out a variety of methods to ensure students arrive to class on time. In Mr. Nannen’s room, for example, students are asked to do pushups when late to class. Akshay (12) believes that the tardy policy will be good for the students, expressing that “school is not a place where students can just hang out.” The policy has been confirmed and will be put into practice as soon as possible. The policy is as follows:

In addition to the science fair, a fundraising bake sale was set up by the senior students in order to raise money for their graduation. Nikita Patil said that “it was good” and “gave [the senior class] a lot of money to help with graduation costs. The science fair was a success, as students, parents, and staff alike had fun. Congratulations to all the hard workers!

“Step 1. Two tardies in a quarter, and a note will go home to parents explaining that their child has been late to class and the importance of coming to class on time. . Step 2. On the 4th tardy, an afterschool detention will be assigned to that student. Step 3. Students who seem to be consistently tardy (more than 4 in a quarter) Mr. Lasater will call a meeting with their parents and discuss the appropriateness of them remaining in this school as well as suspension from after school activities that week.”

PDA POLICY By: Nurafiqah Yusof Public displays of affection are not encouraged in our school. The policy states that “people of opposite gender can have no romantic forms of physical contact.” If a couple is caught, they will be sent to the office, and the principal, counselor, and students’ parents will have a meeting. Possible other consequences include suspension. Supervising teachers will report any students found violating the PDA policy to the principal. According to Mr. Caldwell, displays of affection should be minimal and not make other people uncomfortable. “It’s okay to show how you feel, but you should be sensitive to your environment,” says Ms. Lam. As an alternative, Ms. Lam believes a couple should bond on an emotional and mental level, “After all, actions speak louder than words.”

Staff Of The Month




By: Mary Claudette A. Berina

By: Tazeen Murad

For the past weeks, basketball players from both girls and boys teams started training for the upcoming U-14, U-16, and U-19 tournaments and scrimmages.

Mrs. Winterfeld, high school English teacher, joined the YIS staff this year. The Winterfelds were led to Yanbu after conducting a thorough search for open teaching positions in the Middle East. They previously worked in the USA, China, and Korea. The Winterfelds have always enjoyed living internationally and Mrs. Winterfeld believes that the best thing about teaching abroad is, “learning from all the different students and cultures.” She went on to say, “There’s richness in these schools, and you can learn a lot by working with students and parents.” She loves to travel and has toured various countries around the world. Her future plans include exploring a few more places such as New Zealand and more of Europe. Although she loves getting to know new people and places, Mrs. Winterfeld finds the different lifestyle in Yanbu to be an adjustment from Korea.

Coaches and teams have been harnessing their skills to bring home the gold. To be able to do this, players will use the scrimmages to further enhancement of their skills. The following is the scrimmage schedule for the 2012-2013 season:

Throughout her teaching career, Mrs. Winterfeld has taught almost every subject from K-12. In addition to being an English teacher, she has also been an ESL and instructional coordinator. Mrs. Winterfeld is planning on using her previous experiences to introduce positive changes to the English department at YIS by looking “to bring in 6-Trait Writing,, and seeing if there’s a possibility of starting an honors English class sometime in the future.” Currently, she is helping students prepare for the upcoming SATs. She also led the Drama Club in a production of the play, After Hours. Student enthusiasm was high, and Mrs. Winterfeld is proud of the hard work the students put in for a “fantastic performance.” We hope she has a fabulous time teaching here at YIS.

Student Of The Month By: Dania Hussaini

Team coaches are helping our basketball players work as a team and focus on specific skills such as individual ball handling skills. The teams’ captains for the girls’ teams have not yet been decided. Ms. Lam said, “The girls will vote on their captains closer to the dates of their scrimmages and tournaments.” However, the U-16 and U-19 boys’ teams have chosen their captains. Kaustub Mallapragada is leading the team for the U-16 boys and Humeid Khan is captain for the U-19. The U-14 boys team captain will be chosen in April, according Mr. Nannen. All in all, their training is going well. Several players are standing out as they continue to enhance their skills. “From the U19 team, Nikita Patil, Afnan Sultan and Christine Ceñidoza stand out as leaders with a great sense of what the game is about. Hanisah Zuraili, Yusir MohammadAli and the Safawi twins (Nur Irdina, Nur Liyana) from the U14 team prove to be the up and coming leaders as well, with their craft improving every practice. We are excited to see these girls lead their teams to a great season ahead,” said Ms. Lam. Well, these girls are doing great. Keep up the good work guys! As for the boys, several players stand out as well. According to Mr. Nannen, “There are no real star players but Danial Jalali, Humeid Khan, and Ammar Khan could be good leaders if they keep working hard and setting good examples. Fahad Hussein, Ashraf Wan, and Awad Chishty could provide good size and rebounding as well.” Carry on the great job boys! The coach’s goal for the girls teams is “To ensure that our girls have all the resources they need in order to play a successful game.” The coaches want the players to be able to play smart, cohesively, and conserve energy to last the scrimmage or tournament. In terms of strategies to win, coaches try to help players communicate on the court and be a more efficient team. According to Mr. Nannen, “spacing and moving on the court will be key factors to our success.” Also, he adds, our basketball players “need to be smarter than the other team and execute when the opportunities present themselves.”

Kamal Omer, age 16, is one of the many new students who have joined our school this year. Kamal, now a part of 11th grade, likes Yanbu “just fine.” He is originally from Palestine and has a younger brother in 4th grade, Majd, and a 2 year old sister, Maya. Kamal enjoys learning about history and English and playing Call of Duty (CoD). When asked if he plays any musical instruments, Kamal replied, “Yes, I play the guitar and drums.” Those who attended the Performing Arts Night, which took place on February 13, witnessed Kamal playing the guitar with the other choir members to “You Raise Me Up” and “A Moment in Time.” We hope he enjoys his time in Yanbu!

Kamal Omer

Mrs. Bev Winterfeld

THE FAHAD ERA!! By: Sujitha Kumar With new leadership, excitement and changes are inevitable. This year, known by some as The Fahad Era, led by the President Fahad Hussain and Student Advisor, Mr. Caldwell, offers no less than the previous years. Although there have been fewer events this year, the entertainment, profit, and attendance has increased from previous years. For example, ninety students attended the horror movie night, resulting in a profit for student council which will help to fund future Student Council events. The council is taking student feedback before and after finalizing events, a very successful technique so far. The students who are part of student council express feeling pride and enjoyment in putting the events together for their classmates. Hania Mir (10A) expressed her delight when she exclaimed, “I can feel the council progressing by the day.” Overall, the students seem to be satisfied, because of all the enjoyable events taking place.

Compiled by: Journalism Club Editor in chief: Yusra Tasneem Ahmed

Yanbu International School

Red Sea Knowledge Bowl By: Misha Hashmi

After eight years, YIS HS students finally gained the opportunity to participate in the Red Sea Knowledge Bowl. The students, who had been preparing for the event since January by meeting afterschool on Saturdays and during lunch on Tuesdays, travelled to AISJ with their coach, Mr. Jarvis, on February 16. Teams included four students and an extra student who rotated in during rounds. The tournament comprised of teams from AISJ, BISJ, and YIS. Earlier in 2013, Mr. Jarvis compiled a list of interested students from grades 9-12 and then chose the two students from each grade with the highest GPA. With the exception of captains, every member of the team rotated for at least one round. The tournament lasted for an hour and a half. Each round lasted for the duration of six questions, excluding bonus questions. Teams began with a silent round, where they were given three minutes to fill out three sheets. Afterwards, the teams participated in toss-up questions, which the teams buzzed in to answer. By answering correctly, each tream gained five points and a bonus question for an additional two points. While the scores were being calculated to determine which teams would enter the semi-finals, captains answered questions to win a Rubik’s Cube. Afterwards, four teams competed for the titles of first, second, and third place.

Welcome Back, Ms. Avee!


By: Misha Hashmi

Aimée Díaz For session three, the clubs are limited depending on the number of people who originally sign up for them. One club that students are finding engaging is the Advanced Piano Class, available for grades 2-12. This club is sponsored by Mrs. Carino, who tells us that “when you learn how to play the piano, it not only makes you popular but helps you concentrate and have better listening skills.” She would also love it if more MS/HS students joined in because “it is highly flexible and we can use it to play different types of music. Many chords can be keyed at once and takes less effort and force to play. That's why it is the instrument that is usually used to compose music. Anyone can use it with various styles and techniques from beginners to piano experts.” The goal is to be able to read the notes and learn to play two musical pieces by heart in 6 to 7 meetings. Learning that will allow you to be able to play any song of your choice. After the completion of the afterschool activity, Mrs. Carino would like to pick the two best students to perform in the End of the Year Talent Show! Some students were asked of the afterschool clubs in session 3. At first most students were unaware of the offered activities. Many thought that there should be a larger variety for the MS/HS students. “It is unfair how the younger kids have so many more clubs than us!” Alyssa Alea (9B) expresses. Many students believe that if there were more options available, such as photography, French classes, crosscountry, swimming, and guitar, etc., people would join the clubs they

After ten weeks of maternity leave, YIS nurse, Ms. Avee Baldoz, has returned with her baby boy, Sean Nathaniel Balais. During her absence, Ms. Daisy and Ms. Ruby took over Ms. Avee’s many roles and responsibilities. Little Sean was born on November 24, 2012 in Yanbu National Hospital. Ms. Avee shared that she and her husband named their boy Sean, meaning God is gracious, and Nathaniel, meaning gift of God, because they “wanted to show that God had been gracious to give [them] this baby boy.” Had her baby been a girl, Ms. Avee revealed she would have fulfilled her childhood dream of naming her baby Zoe or Chloe. Other than Sean’s first Christmas celebration, Ms. Avee did not recall any other special events that occurred during her leave. However, she is currently planning to start a table tennis afterschool activity for elementary students and badminton for MS/HS students. She expressed much joy in her return saying, “I was more than excited to get back to work because I missed working.” Welcome back to YIS, Ms. Avee, we missed you!

Two YIS teams travelled to AISJ. Yanbu 1 consisted of Fahad Hussain, Hania Mir, Alyssa Alea, Luzanne Jadkarim, and Captain Nikita Patil. Yanbu 2, led by Captain Akshay Anantharaman, included Bakhtiar Sait, Hani Zaheer, Misha Hashmi, and Nurafiqah Yusof. Yanbu 1 came in fifth place and Yanbu 2 came in fourth place. The Knowledge Bowl teams would like to thank Mr. Cooke for his support of their activity and Mr. Jarvis for the time and energy he put into making this opportunity possible. Congratulations to both Yanbu teams! From left to right: Yanbu 2 team consisting of Akshay Anantharaman, Nurafiqah Yusof, Bakhtiar Sait, Misha Hashmi, Hani Zaheer and coach Mr. Jarvis (on the right).

Compiled by: Journalism Club Editor in chief: Yusra Tasneem Ahmed

Yanbu International School

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