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==== ==== Save Money When Shopping Online Using This Secret Source Provide in the link below, Know by Just a Few ==== ====

You're Internet savvy and consider yourself very "modern." Nowadays you let your "fingers do the walking," and you do your shopping online while still wearing your pajamas. You don't waste any of your precious time dealing with the crowds at the mall, hassling over parking spaces or dragging packages to your car. Great! Congratulations on shopping the 21st century way. However, before you pat yourself on the back for how smart you are when it comes to time management and saving money ask yourself this question: Am I REALLY saving all the money I can possibly save while shopping online? If you're like most people you put item after item in your "shopping cart," go to the checkout, choose your form of payment, and pay your bill. Stop!! Before you whip out that credit or debit card to pay did you notice that most checkout pages have a little box labeled "promo code"? This "magical" little box can save you money. You can save anywhere from a few cents to 50% or more off your purchase. So, before you finish your transaction take a few moments to open up another window on your computer. In this new window do a search for promo codes. My favorite search engine is Google. I'll go there, put in the name of the merchant I'm shopping with and the words promo codes. Just the other day, I was renewing some domains I have with a company (we'll call them XYZ domains). Before I completed my transaction I did a search by keying in the words "XYZ Domain promo codes." This pulled up a list of sites showing known promo codes for "XYZ Domains." I chose the promo code that would save me the most money. In my case that code took my bill from $56.00 to $46.00. Resulting in a savings of nearly a 20%. All for just for doing a few extra key strokes. Now wouldn't you rather have that $10.00 in YOUR pocket rather than in the merchant's pocket? I thought so. You can learn more money saving tips by clicking HERE.

Theresa O'Keefe is known for being the "Discount Queen." She has a blog dedicated to ways to save money and her motto is "Have fun shopping, but Shop Smart"! You can learn more about her money saving tips by visiting her blog at:

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==== ==== Save Money When Shopping Online Using This Secret Source Provide in the link below, Know by Just a Few ==== ====

An Easy Way to Save Money When Shopping Online