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…signage gets serious! 1-2 February, 2010 Amsterdam RAI

INTRODUCTION – THE DOOH BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2010 Now in its second year, the DOOH Business Conference has already established itself as a premier networking and discussion summit for Europe’s out-of-home advertising industry. Co-located with the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) tradeshow which features more than 250 digital signage companies, the DOOH Business Conference is a unique event that is simply not to be missed!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE CONFERENCE? If you are in any way ‘connected’ to the Digital Out Of Home advertising business, or are considering entering it, then the DOOH Business Conference 2010 is a ‘must-attend’ event. Our key target groups include the following:

· Creative agencies · Specialised agencies · Communications specialists · Brand managers and marketers · Digital signage industry players In addition, the Conference is also sure to attract network operators and site managers from a wide variety of location types, including:

· Banking and Financial · Casinos and Hotels · Entertainment / Theme Parks · Conference Centres, Exhibition Halls · Hospitals · Restaurants/Bars · Private Networks · Public Buildings · Retail · Transportation

MORE THAN JUST A CONFERENCE – A HUGE TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION, TOO! The DOOH Business Conference will be a one-and-half day event starting on Monday 1 February 2010. After the first day’s proceedings, all delegates will be invited to a VIP networking reception in Hall 12 of the adjoining Integrated Systems Europe tradeshow, where dozens of digital signage companies will offer an exclusive preview of their wares. On the afternoon of Tuesday 2 February, after the Conference has ended, delegates will be free to wander through all the halls ISE 2010. Here, over 500 exhibitors will be exhibiting a huge range of technologies relevant to the digital signage business, including:

· Flat-screen displays · Large-scale projection and LED walls · Signal management and distribution networks · AV content creation and delivery systems · Remote asset management and control solutions · Single- and multi-channel audio products · Mounting, furniture and ruggedisation hardware

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LEARN FROM THE PAST, PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE The DOOH Business Conference 2010 has been conceived with a clear set of goals and objectives in mind. Comprising three distinct ‘blocks’, the Conference will be the first of its kind to consider first-generation digital advertising rollouts and what can be learned from them.

Block 1: Status Quo & Evolution Monday 1 February 2010, 9:00-12:00 10:00-10:15

The Digital Signage Market in Europe

Oliver Schwede, senior analyst, Invidis Consulting, presents an overview of the DOOH industry today, looking at the latest figures and trends.


Preparing the Ground for a European DOOH Industry

Dirk Hülsermann, president, OVAB Europe, offers an out look for the business climate in 2010, and how the industry can lobby effectively.

Brian Dusho

Etienne Reignoux

Gabriel Faflei

Chris Heap


The Value & Effectiveness of Digital Signage

Robert Winston of Arbitron USA looks at current methods of measuring the effectiveness of DOOH advertising, and how these might lead to the implementation of new standards.


Coffee Break


The Evolution of DOOH

Eric Penot of JC Decaux presents an overview of how DOOH networks, media sales channels and clients are working together, and how DOOH compares with traditional media in this respect.


DOOH Networks – The Time Has Come

Suzanne La Forgia, president, OVAB USA, looks at how DOOH advertising has become more accepted as time has gone by, and at the challenges the industry still faces.



Dirk HĂźlsermann

Eric Penot

Oliver Schwede

Martin Strohbach

Block 2: Past & Present Monday 1 February 2010, 14:00-18:00 14:00-14:30

Learning from the Past – Up-to-date Strategies for Success

Chris Heap, Managing Director, Imperative Group, analyses some of the first DOOH networks and how their success (or otherwise) will influence future network design and implementation trends.


Diversification – The Key to Success

Gabriel Faflei, director of Romania’s Monopoly Media, looks at how diversification and news media sales concepts have underpinned the biggest DOOH network in Eastern Europe.


LED Billboard Networks for DOOH

Jan Huisman of NarComm (Netherlands) examines the effectiveness of digital billboards, the legal restrictions to their implementation in Europe, and technological challenges.




Aggregating Networks – a Boost for Media Sales?

Etienne Reignoux, chief development officer, Neo Media Group, looks at how aggregating networks can streamline media planning and enable networks to be sold more effectively.


Media Planning in the DOOH Era

Rob Gorrie, founder and president, Adcentricity, examines some recent DOOH campaigns, and suggests a new business model for the relationship between agencies and advertisers


Meeting the Needs of Clients and Agencies

Dennis Kuperus of Kinetic (Netherlands) offers an insight into how DOOH networks can build brands, create synergies with key audiences, and provide an effective way to communicate with people on the move.


A Decade of DOOH – Changes in Technology and Business Models

Brian Dusho of OVAB USA provides an overview of how the industry has evolved and why new technologies will drive new business models in the future.


Meet the Industry – an Exclusive VIP Reception

Delegates are invited to tour the Digital Signage Hall of the Integrated Systems Europe 2010 trade show. Refreshments will be provided.

Block 3: Visions of the Future Tuesday 2 February 2010, 9:00-12:00 09:00-09:30

Best Practice – Digital Signage at the Amsterdam RAI

Bret Baas of the RAI analyses the rationale behind setting up a digital signage information network at a convention centre, the ROI considerations, and the levels of customer satisfaction.




New Technologies to Change the Future of DOOH

Martin Strohbach of NEC Labs (Germany) looks forward to an age of pervasive display networks, real-world internet services for public displays, and context-aware service platforms.


Future of the Media Industry – the CMO’s Dilemma

An overview from Boston Consulting Group on how dramatic changes in the media landscape will influence the way advertisers try to reach mass audiences.


The Future of Communication – Microsoft’s Industry Innovations Group

Ian Sands, director of envisioning at Microsoft, looks at future store concepts based on modern communications technologies, and media on the move.

12:00-13:00 Behind the Scenes – a Guided Tour through the Digital Signage installation at Amsterdam RAI

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