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INTEGRATED SYSTEMS EUROPE 1-3 February 2011 AMSTERDAM RAI, THE NETHERLANDS Produced and managed by: Integrated System Events, LLC (ISE)

Integrated Systems Europe BV Barbara Strozzilaan 201 1083 HN Amsterdam, The Netherlands Phone:+ 31 20 240 24 20 Fax: +31 20 240 24 25

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A pod in the Digital Signage Showcase entails: - White wooden wall of 150 cm wide x 275 cm high - 1 red counter top including cable hole - 1 blue cupboard underneath the red counter top including door and shelf spots on arm - Wall sockets - Main connection - Logo on pod - Mention in the Show guide - Usage of the common storage space - Usage of the common lounge areas - Marketing of the Digital Signage Showcase - Monitor 21”-24”

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REQUIRED DEPOSIT Exhibitors reserving exhibit space on the DS Showcase will have to pay the full amount before the 30st of November 2010. For all contract received after the 30st of November 2010, payment is due within 2 weeks after receiving the invoice. CANCELLATION POLICY Cancellations of Exhibit Booth space must be in writing: Upon ISE receiving written notice, the exhibitor may cancel or withdraw from the Exposition subject to the following conditions and restrictions: If cancellation occurs on or before March 31, 2010 no administrative charges will be assessed. If cancellation occurs after March 31, 2010, but on or before August 31, 2010, the full amount of payment received less the required initial down payment of 20 %, will be refunded. If cancellation occurs after August 31, 2010 and on or before November 1, 2010, the full amount of the payment received, less the required 70 % deposit, will be refunded. After November 1, 2010, NO REFUNDS will be made whatsoever. In such case, the exhibitor will become obligated to make immediate payment of any unpaid portion of the total cost of the assigned exhibit space. In the event the exhibitor fails to make such immediate payment, the exhibitor will also be liable for the costs of collection (including court costs and reasonable attorney fees) and interest at the highest legal rate. Furthermore, until said obligation is satisfied in full, the exhibitor will be prohibited from participating in future ISE Expositions, any other ISE sponsored expositions and any ISE special events. Upon cancellation of exhibit space, ISE reserves the right to release all exhibitor housing requests, sleeping rooms, hospitality suites and function space within all official ISE hotels. In the event of cancellation, ISE will have the right to use the cancelled space to suit its own convenience, including sale of such space to another exhibitor without any rebate or allowances to the exhibitor who has cancelled. A cancellation is not accepted or approved until written confirmation is submitted and Show Management provides confirmation of the cancellation.