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CINEAK press release 23/12/2009

At ISEurope, CINEAK will introduce its eco-friendly acoustic design panels. Our environmentally friendly sheep wool acoustic panels are produced without emitting formaldehyde or other toxic gases. Sheep’s wool is a sustainable and functional complex fibre with unparalleled insulating properties, designed by nature to insulate sheep in the harvest of environments, making wool the ideal natural fibre to use for acoustic insulation. They will even act in sympathy with your property absorbing many indoor air pollutants and helping control humidity levels. Further, the wool fibres absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere helping reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas levels and making them on of the most sustainable acoustic materials currently available. Safe for the environment, safe for us! When using these panels, no protective equipment is necessary. It does not scratch or abraid when handling and does not cause any itching of the skin. In fact it is a joy to handle, and once used, you will never want to use anything else. Its acoustic qualities are excellent, and are better for home cinema use tan your standard fibre glass acoustic panels. Their overall Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is 0,75 when placed directly against the wall (panels of 25mm thick). Together with these new eco-friendly acoustic panels, CINEAK will introduce a new installation method. Annodized or RAL colored aluminium profiles will help you install the panels more easily. Come and visit our booth to see all these innovations for home theater acoustics and decoration.

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