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Our  international  students   studying  at  the  Institute  for  Social   &  European  Studies  (ISES),   together  with  participants  in  the   International  Summer  University   program  have  come  from  countries   all  around  the  world  including:     Albania,  Austria,  Azerbaijan,   Belarus,  Canada,  Cameroon,   Hungary,  India,  Italy,  Lithuania,   Philippines,  Russia,  South  Korea,   Turkey,  USA  and  many  more.  

Friday July  8   Kőszeg,  Hungary  

About XVI  International  Summer  University   Since  1996,  the  Institute  for  Social  &  European  Studies  (ISES)  has   organized  the  International  Summer  University  in  Kőszeg.  The   annual  topic  has  always  been  constructed  around  contemporary   European  and  global  issues.     This  year,  the  XVI  International  Summer  University  will  focus  on:   Reinventing  the  Future  -­‐  New  Strategies  in  Global  Management   and  The  Role  of  Europe,  25  June  -­‐  9  July  2011.   Institute  for  Social  &  European  Studies  Foundation   14  Chernel  Utca,  9730  Kőszeg   W:   E:     T:  +36  94  563  055    


Institute for  Social  &  European  Studies  (ISES)  Foundation  

Closing Ceremony  Invitation:     Inauguration  of  the  UNESCO  Chair  

Closing Ceremony  Schedule  

UNESCO Chair  


UNESCO Chair  in  Cultural  Heritage   Management  &  Sustainable  Development  


Sgraffitto-­‐House,   7  Jurisics  Square,  9730  Kőszeg     Friday  8  July  2011  

17:00 Registration   17:15   Inauguration  of  the  UNESCO  Chair  and  ISES  Library    

H. E.  Katalin  Bogyay  (Hungarian  Ambassador  to  UNESCO)   László  Huber  (Mayor  of  Kőszeg)   Tamás  Mészáros  (rector,  Corvinus  University  of  Budapest)   László  Trautmann  (dean,  Corvinus  University  of  Budapest)   Iván  Bába  (State  Secretariate  of  the  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs)     Ferenc  Miszlivetz  (Director  of  ISES)    

19:00 Opera  Concert  

We are  extremely  pleased  to  announce  that  the  Institute  for  Social  &   European  Studies  (ISES)  Foundation,  already  a  Jean  Monnet   European  Centre  of  Excellence,  was  recently  awarded  a  UNESCO   Chair  in  Cultural  Heritage  Management.   The  UNESCO  Chair  will  complement  the  ISES-­‐Corvinus   postgraduate  programme  in  Cultural  Heritage  Management  &   Sustainable  Development,  a  unique  program  that  is  the  first  of  its   kind  in  Hungary.   This  postgraduate  programme  offers  students  the  opportunity  to   become  trained  professionals  with  the  skills  needed  to  preserve  and   protect  cultural  heritage  for  future  generations.  The  programme   provides  a  solid,  interdisciplinary  foundation  for  specialization  in   cultural  heritage,  management  and  sustainable  development.   We  are  also  pleased  to  announce  that  we  will  be  opening  our  new   Advanced  Studies  Centre  and  Library  in  Kőszeg,  intended  for  MA   and  PhD  student  researchers,  as  well  as  professors  in  the  social   sciences.   For  more  information,  please  visit    

Location: Miklós  Jurisich  Grammar  School  

20:00 Reception      

Location: Taverna  Flórián    

The historic  medieval  city  of  Kőszeg  is   situated  at  the  foot  of  the  Austrian  Alps   on  the  border  of  Austria  and  Hungary.       It  was  established  in  the  mid-­‐13th   century,  the  only  free  royal  town  in  the   historical  garrison  county  of  Vas.  

Closing Ceremony XVI International Summer University  
Closing Ceremony XVI International Summer University  

Friday 8 July 2011