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Information and Communication Technologies for Banking Services

Post-Graduation with Master access Information and Communication Technologies for Banking Services


Overview Information and communication technologies (ICT) are as ubiquitous as they are crucial in today’s economy. ICT changed the way we do business and impacts the economic sector and every industry; the banking industry is no exception. Today, financial services rely heavily on cutting hedge ICT to deliver premium quality services and increase customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.


Why studying ICT in the banking industry?

Through the post-graduation in Information and Communication Technologies for Banking Services, students have an unique learning experience in a pioneer educational model, which bridges the gap between academia and private companies.

The ICT infrastructure is the backbone of modern-day banking industry, thus companies need to address the challenge of managing and developing their ICT talent, the people that design, develop and operate this infrastructure.

Who organizes this ICT challenge?

The best way to become an ICT professional is to develop skills through a mix of theory and practice, in which the fundamental theoretical frameworks are combined with on-the-job training.

ISEGI-NOVA, BNP Paribas Securities Services and Syone established a partnership to develop this post-graduation in order to bring together the best of both worlds: the knowledge provided by a prestigious academic institution, with well established credits in Information Management and Business Intelligence, and the professional experience of both BNP Paribas Securities Services and Syone. 02


Admission Criteria

What are the goals of this academic/professional experience?

ISEGI-NOVA, Syone and BNP Paribas Securities

● To demonstrate how to apply appropriate

technological systems and infrastructures to support a business information systems solution; ● To

understand and apply the technological concepts that enable the day-to-day operations of a market leader like BNP Paribas Securities Services;

● To learn the strategies and methodologies that

allow the governance of all systems involved in the operation of banking services; ● To develop personal and working skills, highly

valued in the market.

Services are searching for exceptional students willing to conjugate an academic experience with an on-the-job experience, conducted by an unique set of teachers and certified trainers, with vast experience in real-life and complex projects. This is the third year of this pioneer initiative, never held in Portugal in this academic-professional outline, requiring students an extreme commitment in order to manage both dimensions of this post-graduate. In addition, and due to the internship, students will receive a monthly salary.

Pre-conditions for applying: ● High potential “fresh graduates”; ● Proficiency in English; ● Free of any employment contract commitment at

Students have the opportunity: ● To start a challenging and highly rewarding career

within a fast-growing world leading company; ● To work in a multicultural environment of highly

motivated young professionals; ● To receive a scholarship while studying.

the beginning of 09/2013.

Information required for applying: ● Completing registration of the form in; ● Curriculum Vitae; ● Motivation letter.

Stages of the selection process: With this consistent partnership we aim to promote an enthusiastic post-graduation that shortens the go to market of students that finish an academic degree, providing them with high quality education and a stimulating professional career.

● Applying in; ● Competence and IT tests; ● Interviews; ● Announcement of the selected candidates.

Students Profile


We are looking for:

This postgraduate will be lectured by a group of teachers, both national and foreign, with prestigious academic profiles, and by a set of reputed professionals in the ICT and banking areas, with vast experience in projects. This combination ensures that students will be given a unique set of skills, knowledge and working experience.

● Talented “fresh graduates” (undergraduate or

graduate); ● Proficiency in English; ● Good at logical thinking; ● Highly motivated and target driven people; ● People with great communication skills; ● Good team players; ● People who look for a challenge.

Study Program Semester 1 Curricular Units

Responsible for the Curricular Unit

Business Excellence

Client Server Programming I

Information Systems Management

Management of Information Projects

Web & Internet Technologies I

The successful conclusion of the program requires the completion of all curricular units, a total of 67,5 ECTS. Success in all curricular units constitutes a fundamental component of evaluation for getting a working contract with the mentioned entities.

Complementary Training Semester 2 Curricular Units

Responsible for the Curricular Unit

Banking Processes

● Summer Camp:

“Foundations of Programming”; ● Workshop Linux.

Business Process Management

Client Server Programming II

Semester 3 (for Master only) Curricular Units Knowledge Management

Research Methodologies

Thesis / Work Project / Internship Report

Responsible for the Curricular Unit

This postgraduate gives access to the Master degree in Information Management, with a specialization in Management System and Information Technology, by conducting a third semester.


Web & Internet Technologies II


Testimonials Filipe Pina

Pedro Rebelo

Rita Franco

Zita Lapina

ICTBS 2011-2012 Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering 31 years old

ICTBS 2012-2013 Degree in Psychology 30 years old

ICTBS 2011-2012 Degree in Sport Science - Exercise Physiology 25 years old

ICTBS 2012-2013 Master in Bioengineering and Nano-Systems 26 years old

"Be part of a well organized

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"For me, this post-graduation

“This post graduation is a

training program where you

the opportunity of learning

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receive highly valued

how to work with databases

change my life. People invest

doors that used to be closed

qualification in the labour

and programming. You'll also

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learn how an IT project is

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chance to work in the

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advantage is that you will be

demanding and

for? Apply!!"

able to apply all this new

international company.”

knowledge in a working environment which will make all the difference.”


Post-Graduation with Master access

Information and Communication Technologies for Banking Services Further information Scientific Coordination


Fernando Bação, PhD

The full details of the internship contract to be celebrated with the students will be given at the interview stage. The general layout is:

Miguel Castro Neto, PhD

● Full-time internship according to Portuguese



This postgraduate is divided into two semesters. Part of the classes will be lectured in packages, during the day (9am - 4pm); other classes will be on-going, and will have a post-labour schedule (6 - 10pm). The on-the-job part of this program will take place from 9am to 5pm.

Tuition fee The subscription of this postgraduate is 3.500€.

● Very competitive remuneration, for a post-graduation

with on-the-job experience; ● Duration of the internship: 11 months.

Though it is intention of the participating entities that all the students enrolled in this postgraduate guarantee a position after the completion of the courses, this internship is by no means an agreement on that matter. Such achievement depends mostly on the students’ performance both on the courses and on-the-job projects.

Please access to or contact ISEGI-NOVA Marketing Department: Ana Paiva – Av . Jo


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How to get to ISEGI-NOVA Carris 701, 713, 742, 756, 758

Metro: São Sebastião (Linha Azul and Linha Vermelha)



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Praça de Espanha (Linha Azul)

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Instituto Superior de Estatística e Gestão de Informação - Universidade Nova de Lisboa Campus de Campolide 1070-312 Lisboa Tel. (+ 351) 21 382 86 10 Fax. (+ 351) 21 382 86 11


Information and Communication Technologies for Banking Services

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