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Welcome to ISEG Lisbon!

Get ready to open your mind and grab the future!


Besides being internationally accredited by AACSB, having recently entered the FT rankings with Executive Education and holding the entry for the third year in a row in the FT ranking for the Masters in Finance, ISEG is a world-class school also because of our unique approach to education, fully aware of the global societal challenges and of how each one of us can make a difference.

I am delighted to welcome you @ ISEG Lisbon with the expectation that the time you will spend with us will be the best years of your life!

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The school has a long tradition and experience in teaching Economics and Mana gement-related topics, having graduated many business leaders and well-known decision-makers in the world economy since 1911. Recently, we celebrated 111 years: so many 1s! A School of Firsts, to which you now belong!

In a world full of complex challenges, ISEG Lisbon is aligned with the United Nations’ Global Goals for a sustainable future. Here, you will find knowledge, true diversity, and pluralism; we combine a strong and solid quantitative component in our programs with an open mind when analyzing different theories, points of view, and social contexts. We aim to help you find your own path and develop your full potential—not just as a professional but also as an interesting and positive individual.

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Break 20/05/2023 28/05/2023

Bachelors graduation ceremony 30/09/2022

Carnival holidays 20/02/2023 21/02/2023

Academic Calendar 2022 / 2023

Time / Period

*** Preferential and non-mandatory week, being able to be scheduled on another date and in accordance with the legal deadline.

Special assessment period* 04/09/2023 12/09/2023

Last update: 5 of July 2022. Calendar subject to updates.

Lectures ** 12/09/2022 09/12/2022


Repeat assessment period 30/01/2023 04/02/2023


Discussion of MFW (master´s final work) *** 12/12/2022 16/12/2022

Easter holidays 03/04/2023 09/04/2023

UpSkill Week 22/02/2023 24/02/2023

Break 24/01/2023 29/01/2023

Welcome Week (Bachelors) * 12/09/2022 16/09/2022

Career Forum 26/09/2022 27/09/2022

** Except Master in Management that starts lectures on the 5th September and the 1st year of the Bachelor’s Degrees which is expected to start on September 19 (subject to validation of DGES) and end on the December 16.

Time / Period


Regular assessment period 29/05/2023 20/06/2023 Break 21/06/2023 27/06/2023

Repeat assessment period 28/06/2023 04/07/2023

Interruption 05/07/2023 03/09/2023

From Till

From Till Lectures 13/02/2023 19/05/2023

Christmas holidays 19/12/2022 02/01/2023

Welcome Week (Masters & PhD) * 05/09/2022 09/09/2022

* Subject to confirmation.

Masters & PhD graduation ceremony 09/09/2022

Regular assessment period 03/01/2023 23/01/2023

7 2023/2022GuideWelcome



TheServicesAcademicAcademicServices responsible for the administrative management of all academic matters affecting students


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Discover services the videos prepared for





IfMobilityInternationalOfficeyouwanttostudyabroad,The International Mobility Office, IMO, will to support you, before, during, and after your mobility.

IT Services

ISEG Career Services provides you with information about job opportunities and those companies that best suit your professional goals, and also helps you define a career plan and prepare for recruitment processes.

The IT Division (DSI) provides a service for all matters regarding technology and information systems, and is responsible for the management of all hardware, software, and


Career Services

de Moura library you will find the largest collection of academic works on economic and business sciences in Portugal.

Best student of the Masters in International Economics and European Studies.

Best student of the Masters in Accounting, Tax, and Corporate Finance.

Masters in Finance.

Caixa Geral de


With the support of various institutions and companies, every year ISEG awards prizes to those students who have achieved grades of excellence, both at the time of their initial applicatio a tn and also during their continual assessment.

BestIAPMEIstudent of the Masters in Industrial Strategy and EYManagement.Merit Award


* Note: Subject to confirmation


Willis ThreeWatsonTowersbestFirstYearsstudents of the Masters in Actuarial Science.


Grupo Finantia

course unit in Scientific and Technological Policy of the Masters in Economics and Management of Science, Technology, and Innovation.


ISEG is not just a School. We are in our 111th year and continue to reflect and mature, from half-past eight in the morning to midnight, be it during a finance lecture in the morning, or drinking a coffee, or having lunch at the kiosk. Or it could be when strolling around the Madragoa neighbourhood in Santos, and, indeed, the whole city of Lisbon, or doing an ‘all-nighter’ in the Library with your study group or to revise for an upcoming test.

At ISEG you’ll build lifelong friendships with fellow students who share your passions and interests and help expand your perspectives on the world. If you want to broaden your student life by being involved in extracurricular activities, cultural events, or sports, then you’re at the right place to expand your world.

Life at ISEG

Many say we have the best academic environment in Lisbon, which we do not deny!

Are you ready to get to know ISEG?

Stay tuned to the ISEG Agenda of the Week on the website, in the Newsletter and in the School elevators.

Liveimo@iseg.ulisboa.pttheErasmus 12

If you like to broaden your student life by getting involved in extracurricular activities, you need to be aware that ISEG organises a series of cultural activities over the year on Campus, especially in the Quelhas building (the old ‘Inglesinhas’ convent). This programme has no admission charge and includes musical performances, art exhibitions, book reviews, dance, theatre, cinema, and thematic debates, amongst others. The classical music concerts deserve a special mention, which are performed in partnership with prestigious institutions. Or you can even enrol in an art and design course, where you can learn to paint and draw and develop your artistic side.

Would you like to have an international experience? Live and study for a while abroad? Then we invite you to know the Erasmus program! Erasmus is a unique opportunity to experience other realities, learn about other cultures, learn new languages, travel, make new friends. Deep down enrich your life with this unforgettable experience. At ISEG you have access to several international mobility programs and you can study at one of 180 colleges in over 50 countries worldwide.


Live the Culture

For more information visit our page on the ISEG website or email us at:



At ISEG we believe that playing sport should go hand in hand with a healthy life and in parallel with studies. If you love sport and like to keep fit, then all you have to do is become a member of the Student Association to be eligible to play any sport that AISEG has to offer. ISEG students also have access to the University of Lisbon excellent sports facilities at Estádio Universitário de Lisboa.


For further information about sport at ISEG, contact AE:

Live the Sports

The Alumni Económicas is the ex-students association of ISEG. Currently, it is the largest alumni association amongst the ULisboa Schools. The Alumni provides a way to dynamise the “ISEGian network” and to strengthen the relations of solidarity between former students and ISEG. This association promotes the continuous development of alumni by organising: The annual distinguished alumnus award

• The Alumni Day Degree anniversary reunions The Mentoring Programme

• Conferences and seminars dedicated to alumni

For further information visit the website iseg.ulisboa.pt, or send us an e-mail to: aaa@iseg.ulisboa.pt

When you finish your degree, don’t forget to be part of this elite group and to become a member.


Ajuda Alcântara CampolidEstrelaCampodeOuriqueeAvenidasNovasMisericórdiaSantaMariaMaiorSantoAntónioBenfica São Domingos de Benfica Alvalade Lumiar Carnide Santa Clara Olivais NaçõesParquedas Marvila Areeiro Beato dePenhaFrançaArroios VicSãoente Belém totoHowget ISEG 14

15-18 Av. 24 de Julho 5 minutes by foot

Connection to buses, trams or by foot from the Cais do Sodré Station 15 minutes by foot



Green Line with exit at Cais do Sodré Station 15 minutes by foot

CascaisTRAIN Line with exit at Santos Station 10 minutes by foot

with exit at Rato Station

Av. D. Carlos I 1 minute by foot




Av. 24 de Julho 7 minutes by foot


Largo Conde Barão 5 minutes by foot

ConnectionBOAT to buses, trams or by foot from the Terreiro do Paço 20 minutes by foot

Calçada da Estrela 2 minutes by foot


15 minutes by foot

Rua Borges Carneiro 5 minutes by foot

ISEG Campus


Quelhas 2 Alumni LogisticsResearchFacultyDoctor’sEconomicsAssociationFoundationroomsOfficesCentresandTechnical Support Human EUReadingStudyReceptionLibraryDepartmentalFacultyLectureAuditoriumsMarketingISEGPostgraduationDean’sReceptionQuelhasRestauranUndergroundPhotocopyResearchMeetingFacultyITReceptionJesusBentoAccountsFinanceResourcesDepartmentDepartmentdeCaraçaDepartmentOfficesRoomsCentresCentreCarPark6OfficeOfficeExecutiveEducation&ExternalRelationsRoomsOfficesOfficesAreasRoomsDocumentationCentre Quelhas 4 Faculty FrancesinhasRestaurantsOffices 1 UndergraduateReception Office Mobility of Students Lecture Theatres Lecture Rooms Study TerraceLectureAuditoriumsQuelhasNovoMeetingAreasRoomsRoomsFrancesinhas 2 Lecture Theatres Career PhotocopyUndergroundBookshopCanteenStudentMeetingStudyComputerLectureManagementRoomsLabsAreasRoomsAssociationCarParkCentreCABD GHEF 2023/2022GuideWelcome17

Canteen and Bars

full wireless internet coverage (Eduroam) and also several computer labs which you can use freely. You will also be given an account on our Intranet – Fenix, where you can access all the updates regarding the course units for which you are enrolled, your school CV, updated grades, the calculation of your average grade and also ISEG job offers.


Wireless and Intranet

Francisco Pereira de Moura Library


ISEG has a four-story building with a modern library with ample rooms for reading and study. It has the largest bibliographic collection in Portugal in the areas of Economics and Management. At no charge, you can also consult bibliographic databases and statistical

ISEG Campus

ISEG has a large variety of eating facilities throughout the Campus, at accessible prices, with varied menus.

Rua da Esperança, 925 059

965 € O Tachadas Rua

Largo Santos, 5 966 785 574

Frade dos Mares

Pingo Doce Bento

Sr. Rocha

€€ McDonald’s

878 553 € El Rey D. Carlos

R. Nova da Piedade, 926

Largo Santos, 9 A 927 951 122


Calçada da Estrela, 961 Loja do


833 €€

E ☎


Av. Dom Carlos I, 42 210 502 016

Av. Dom Carlos I, 17-25 213 958 691

da Esperança

Av. Dom Carlos I, 55 A 213 909 418

Jardim 9 de Abril 213 963

Calçada da Estrela, 68 912 625 da Esperança, 213 976

Local - Healthy

056 550 €€ A

178 ☎

Heim Café - Brunch

Largo de Santos, 14 911 819

658 € Café Joyeux

Rua Santos-O-Velho, 2 e 4 935 775

Largo de Santos, 3 A 213 960 920



A Merendeira

551 €

€ Le Chat

8 ☎


Marco - Rest. & Cervejaria

Luzzo Pizzaria

Casa Santi -

668 €€

112 ☎

289 €€

C.O.W. Beef and Cocktails

Rua Do Quelhas, 938 870 000

La Tagliatella

El Cabron -Tacos

64 A ☎

A ☎

Av. Dom Carlos I, 124 213 905

Largo Santos, 14 D 213 950 966

644 €€ Gelateria Nannarella

Rua dos Industriais, 9 213 960 405

€€ Click on the Google Maps Icon to see the location 2023/2022GuideWelcome19

Av. 24 de Julho, 54 218 058

Fauna & Flora


Av. 24 de Julho, 54 B 213 900 072

& Tequilla

Rua da Esperança, 33 961 645 040

689 € Sushisan

Calç. Marquês Abrantes, 15D 213 900 045

Av. 24 de Julho, 50 213 901 641


Popolo Pizza & Burguer



Hamburgueria do Bairro

Gelato Davvero



26 ☎

Around Campus


Av. Dom Carlos I, 39 216 053 054

ISEG Facts and Numbers 111 #1 4500+ 70 3300+ 150+ 50+20%+98%+230+Top5% Top 35 Years of Excellence The first portuguese school of economics and management It is part of Universidade de Lisboa - the no. 1 University in Portugal Students Nationalities Job opportunities Exchange agreements with foreign universities Awards for best students Average employability in all undergraduates’ courses International studentsmembersFacultyAmongthe best business worldwideschools Masters in Finance - Among the best Masters in Finance in the world #1 The Bachelors in MAEG had the highest entry GPA in Economics and Management in the country in 2022: 18,25 20

22 12 10 7 Masters in quantitativemanagementeconomics,andmethods Masters degrees fully taught in English Masters degrees fully taught portuguesein Masters programmes in Best Masters Global Ranking including Financial Times and Eduniversal #1 #1 150+ Largest Alumni Network in Economics and Management for a Portuguese school In scientific production in Economics and Management in Portugal Faculty members with a PhD, integrated in research centers accredited by FCT, the national research council 2023/2022GuideWelcome21

• Office 365

• Outlook

ISEG provides access to various digital platforms for the most varied of purposes:

Here you can access all Microsoft applications on one single platform: PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Excel…

Where you can consult not only your academic path, but also the material made available by each subject’s faculty.



• Microsoft Teams

The platform used for online lectures.

To access all these platforms, all you need to do is memorise your Username and Password!

Username: YourStudentNumber@aln.iseg.ulisboa.pt

• Fenix

Where you receive and send e-mails, as well as newsletters and other important information from the various ISEG offices.

Password: The same password that you use to access Fenix

Undergraduate students: seclic@iseg.ulisboa.pt

• Student Support Office 213gaa@iseg.ulisboa.pt925800

* The scheduling request must be made 24 hours in advance and subject to availability of agenda, through the following emails:

Any question? Please, contact us!

• OMBUDSMAN 213provedoria-aluno@iseg.ulisboa.pt922730

Contact phone: 213 925 900 Monday to friday, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Personal attendance by 2:00Mondayappointment*tofriday,-4:00pm

Personal attendance whitout appointment : Monday to friday, 10:00 - 12:00 am


• Career Services 213careers@iseg.ulisboa.pt925896/7

• International Mobility (+351)imo@iseg.ulisboa.pt213922737

International Mobility: imo@iseg.ulisboa.pt


The preferred means of contact is the email.

• Marketing Office masters@iseg.ulisboa.pt213925813

Public attendance has the following opening hours:

Master and PhD students: smd@iseg.ulisboa.pt



Accreditations and Partnerships: Rankings: Member:


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