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we believe in quality services

The Well Services Group As a leading participant in Continental Europe of Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen, Stimulation, Capillary and Slickline Services, the Well Services Group is determent to service the petroleum industry with a fresh approach towards Customer objectives and business models focusing and planning for a maximum return of Investment (ROI). From Oil-wells to Brine-wells our well intervention Engineering Team supports our valued customers with enhanced well recovery or additional stimulation support, Engineering backup, job modelling, real time pipe fatigue monitoring, data and well profile engineering, data acquisition including well and operating parameters and live time data streaming.

Process Industry Services Pipeline Industry Services Boltworking Services Onsite Machining Services LNG Industry Services Coil Tubing Services Slickline Services

Coil Services on a regular basis provide support to all of the commonly used applications for Coiled Tubing – including Well Cleaning and Gas lifting, Enhanced and Matrix Stimulation, Production Logging for production optimization, High pressure Jetting and Squeezing, Plug Setting for zonal isolation, Water Control, Velocity and Parasite production strings, Abrasive Perforating to open un-drained production zones, Tubing Cutting using abrasive Jetting tools, Under Balanced Drilling , Ultra Heavy Duty Fishing Services and Coiled Tubing Thru tubing tools.

Slickline providing standard Wire-line well-bore intervention solutions, providing Capillary Coiled Tubing deployment, Capillary Radial Drilling and Flat-Pak Services – being our combined efforts for services in depleted formations, liquid loading (and unloading), artificial lifting, micro coiled tubing, reverse circulation possibilities (without jeopardizing well integrity and injection), gas lifting and tool application all possible during the same run. PNS is offering related services for the mid & downstream market; pre-commissioning and shutdown services, joint integrity services, pipeline services, chemical cleaning and nitrogen related services, helium leak testing including internal cleaning of furnaces and reactor cool downs.

We operate a fleet of equipment that is second to none in Europe, most of it is under 5 years old and ultra-reliable and perhaps most importantly “we are proud of it” We believe that it is our job to deliver innovation and find better, quicker and more cost effective solutions for our customers. We build relationships with our customers, not contracts, and we believe that only through really understanding each other we can truly add value to each other’s business.

Personnel is our Strength Management and staff have a wealth of experience in upstream, midstream and downstream pipeline and process services all having worked for various service companies. They therefore contribute years of knowledge about job preparation, job execution, safety and quality.

At PNS, COIL and Slickline we fully understand above situation and have setup an extensive training program for Process, Pipeline and Well services. This training programme is for new employees who just joint this industry but also for our existing staff to strengthen their knowledge and expertise.

We rely on good staff. All our employees are dedicated, trained and retrained according to our Safety and Quality Management System.

It is not only theory practice in a classroom but real hands-on at our in-house test-loop facility. This test-loop is not only for internal use. We believe it is important that our business partners can fully understand and discuss problems and solutions with us on a high quality level. Therefore we also invite our customers and partners to register for a practical training course.

Besides executing a pre-job and post-job meeting after every job, regular brainstorm sessions are held with all personnel in order to find out where we can improve on preparation, safety, training, equipment, design and organizational performance. By doing this we are collecting all (operational) knowledge and experience and this is shared with all other operations within our company and obviously our clients. A structured way of collecting lessons learned, but also by the creation of a platform, where these lessons are learned (out of other jobs and/or other branches), this is shared with the operational staff. Our people are highly motivated and committed to respond quickly to customer requirements without compromising safety. The versatile staff is able to work in a wide range of disciplines. Demonstrating why our company group is the best choice in selecting a service provider.

Recruitment and Training Organizations in the Oil and Gas sector are realigning on good people in the field to meet their core business objectives. It’s a truism that the best asset that most organizations have are their people.

PNS - Process Industry Services The processing industry demands specialized nitrogen services in order to optimize plant and pipe operations, reduce shutdown times and save costs. PNS is providing a broad range of services that ensure a high operation quality during the whole life cycle of a process plant. Integrated precommissioning Services Prior to the start-up of any new process plant or module there are certain requirements that must be met before hydrocarbons or product can be introduced safely. PNS provides procedures and risk assessments based on industry knowledge and experience for each service offered. Nitrogen purging, drying & product displacement The hydrocarbon processing industry deals with many hazardous products which need to be removed from the facilities before any maintenance or cleaning work can be executed. Nitrogen / Helium leak testing Experience proves that LEAKS do occur, mostly during plant start-up, after commissioning of new facilities or after the execution of maintenance on existing facilities. Enhanced nitrogen reactor cooldown The use of catalysts has increased as the quality of crude has decreased. This increasing use of catalysts has focused more attention on catalyst turnaround and handling and the time associated with these activities. Enhanced nitrogen reactor cooldowns are executed to speed up the reactor cooldown process. They minimise downtime, lower cost over conventional methods and increase safety and controlled operation

Nitrogen pumping & vaporisation Nitrogen Pumping is used in numerous applications to solve many industrial problems. PNS pump units are of the latest design and manufacture and have the versatility to meet various pressure, flow and temperature requirements. PNS vaporisation unit types include N2 HP pump unit, steam vaporiser and ambient vaporiser Hydrostatic & pneumatic testing Hydrostatic testing of pipelines and vessels is performed to expose defective materials that have missed prior detection, ensure that any remaining defects are insignificant enough to allow operation at design pressures, expose possible leaks and serve as a final validation of the integrity of the constructed system. For pneumatic test PNS use compressed air or nitrogen as a media, in case of hydrostatic testing we use either water or client’s product as media.

PNS - Pipeline Industry Services Maintenance, support and inspection are becoming more and more important to extend the life cycle of the pipelines. Pipelines always involve work to be executed under the most difficult circumstances due to the lay out, location, age, and variations and non-pig ability. It is vital that pipelines are tested upon strength, are leak tight and cleaned and inspected regularly to secure the pipeline integrity. PNS has a complete pipeline service program from commissioning maintenance and decommissioning package to safeguard safe and smooth pipeline operation during the whole life cycle of this valuable asset. Pipeline (pre) commissioning

Pipeline product and gas filtering

PNS has all the services, equipment and experiences to carry out a complete Pre-commissioning program of; Pipeline cleaning, gauging, filling (flooding) and Hydrostatic testing

During online pipeline pigging or process cleaning dust and debris can get lose but needed to be separated from the rest of the installation. PNS has a professional designed mobile twin filter unit for online pipeline pigging operations.

Pipeline mechanical and chemical cleaning Pipeline hydrostatic and strength testing It is important to clean the line from debris or condensate what can affect other installations. We have years of experience in pipeline cleaning, mechanical and with chemical solutions, with the right designed PIG for it purpose.

PNS has many years of experiences in hydrostatic testing from small to large diameter long lines, for Onshore and Offshore clients. Together with our cleaning and pigging services we can combine into a complete service package for our clients,

Pipeline geometry and location (xyz) surveys Pipeline air or nitrogen drying The tool for pipeline geometry or pig survey is purpose built to measure any deformations in the pipeline, which could cause deformation and coating loss resulting into corrosion. Also the pipeline pig ability needs to be maintained for Inline Inspection programs.

Pipeline drying follows upon hydrostatic testing, dewatering and the run. Injection of super dry air at a dew point of much lower than 40˚C shall be continued up to the moment that the target dew-point is reached; In case lower dew points of - 65˚C.have to be achieved PNS offers nitrogen drying.

Pipeline inspection services (with ILI suppliers)

Pipe freezing

PNS can offer a complete inspection program from Traps, spools, pumps, tanks, cleaning programs and ILI inspection with one of our selected ILI suppliers.

To provide a temporary isolation of pipeline sections PNS provides the “direct freeze method”. The freeze plug is generated by filling a purpose built temporary jacket with liquid nitrogen. The system is ideally applicable on stainless steel and carbon steel pipelines.

Pipeline decommissioning and abandonment

Pipeline & tank leak testing (above and underground)

The first step in abandonment of a pipeline is decommissioning. With our offshore experience and equipment PNS is able to engineer, setup and execute a decommissioning program for every individual project.

The portability and light weight of the PNS Heli-test equipment (Varian PHD-4) plays a major role in this application. Underground pipelines and storage tanks are pressurized with helium which can escape through small leaks and migrate to the surface. There it can be easily detected by the PHD-4.

PNS - LNG Industry Services PNS has an experienced team of specialists who have successfully engineered the commissioning and cool-down on some of the largest LNG installations across Europe. Our early involvement through construction and into start-up has enabled us to tailor our service offerings to improve safety, efficiency and quality during the complete project.


Start Up

PNS engineers have assisted with design reviews of LNG terminals in order to assess the constructability, testing philosophy and future maintenance requirements. A good up front understanding of the project requirements is the first step to achieving a clean start up.

The most critical time of any oil & gas project is the start-up phase, even more so on an LNG terminal as the first cargo can be waiting to be unloaded. Using our cool down systems which are designed to supply only cold Nitrogen gas, PNS is able to reduce the wall temperature of the terminal unloading header to temperatures down to -140˚C in a short period of time. This can allow the first cargo to be discharged straight into the unloading system with less concern worry of pipe work movement due to temperature difference across the pipe wall.

Construction One of the most important activities during the construction phase is the pneumatic pressure testing. Tried and tested procedures and safety systems ensure that every precaution is in place prior to these operations. It is essential to work towards the start-up of the facility from day one. Systems can have all critical joints torque/tensioned and tagged, be camera inspected, pressure tested, high velocity blown and even dried to a certain extent. This can drastically reduce pre-commissioning time.

Pre-Commissioning Prior to the start-up of any LNG terminal certain requirements must be met, these can include: All Critical joints correctly assembled and tightened, all spades and spacers in the correct position, all cryogenic systems dried (-60˚C Dewpoint), all Non-cryogenic gas systems dried (-25˚C Dewpoint), all Hydrocarbon systems leak tested, all Hydrocarbon systems Oxygen free (Less than 2%).

LNG Tanks PNS have had great success with LNG tank testing and commissioning. We carry out hydro testing using our Hydro cyclone which filters the testing water to ensure minimum residue is left behind. For the pneumatic testing we supply clean, dry and oil free air at high flow rates, it is often beneficial to carry out the tank drying at this stage. The final stage is the oxygen freeing, PNS has a large selection of Nitrogen supply equipment to achieve this in the shortest possible timescale. During all activities PNS ensures accurate measurement and record keeping by supplying monitoring and data logging facilities.

PNS - Boltworking & Onsite Machining Services The principle of a bolted joint is based on the induced bolt load delivering sufficient joint compression and gasket seating stress to withstand maximum service pressure and forces. This is when the bolting is under tensile load. A minimum level of operational gasket seating stress must be maintained throughout joint service, therefore the design bolt load/compression target on installation should allow for creep, relaxation, uncertainty over service loadings and the tolerances of components and tools used. This load can be applied by various different methods but there are certain constants that must always be in place to ensure a leak free joint. All of our Bolting Technicians have full ECITB accreditation, CCNSG (Contractor Safety Passport), OPITO UK Offshore Survival & Medicals.

Torque Tightening (Hand & Hydraulic) The accurate tightening of awkward and straightforward flanges alike and requires no specialist bolting (e.g. longer studs as required with Tensioning).

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning With this method of tightening the load is applied direct through axial extension of the bolts. Bolt Tensioning is often specified as being the preferred method of tightening throughout the Oil & Gas Industry for all fasteners of 1 1/8ӯ and above.

Flange Spreading Enable our clients to gain quick and safe access to flange faces to assess their condition and clean prior to assembly and subsequent retightening.

Nut Splitting A full range of Nut splitters enable the fast/safe and controlled removal of seized fasteners.

Ultra-Sonic Bolt Measurement Enable our clients to achieve “Fully Controlled Tightening” of threaded fasteners. This method is especially popular on safety critical (Reactor Tops etc.) and problematic bolted connections.

Joint Integrity / Flange Management We have a proven track record in our management of Joint Integrity Services on major construction projects in Europe and abroad. The management of these projects can range from individual Joint Completion Certificates, to a simple Flange Break and all the way through to “Asset Integrity Management Software”.

Onsite Machining Services At PNS we have the capability to provide our clients with a multitude of machining services ranging from a simple pipe cut to Heat Exchanger Tube repairs. Performing the machining activities on-site reduces “Asset Downtime”, the need for costly removal and shipping of pipework/equipment is reduced. Our capabilities include

l l l l l l l l

Pipe Cutting/Prepping Flange Facing Raised Face Hub Machining Ring Type Joint SPO (Compact Flanges) Line Boring Milling & Cold Tapping


Heat Exchange (Tube Bundle) Repairs l Tube Weld Removal l Tube Pulling l Tube Expanding l Flange Face Machining l Pass Bar Milling

Coil Tubing Services As a leading participant in Continental Europe of Coiled Tubing, Pumping, Nitrogen Stimulation services, Capillary and Slickline Services. Coil Services is determent to service the petroleum industry with a fresh approach towards Customer objectives and business models focusing and planning for a maximum Return of Investment (ROI). Our range of services offered to the oil & gas industry include l l l

Coiled Tubing Services Pumping Services Stimulation Services

l l

Nitrogen Services Engineering Services

Coil Tubing Services Our Coiled Tubing equipment is designed for on- and offshore use. This equipment is build according to the newest specifications and conforms to the latest requirements. Due to this our equipment is safer, more reliable and has a better working environment for our operators. Our Coil units are suitable to run 1¼” up to 3½” Coil Tubing.

Pumping / Stimulation Services Our Pumping equipment is designed for on- and offshore use. The pumping services enhance the delivery of pump units up to 400 HHP each, storage facilities for fluids, chemicals for stimulation services and lab testing facilities for treatments.

Nitrogen Services Our Nitrogen equipment is designed for on- and offshore use. Nitrogen can be used for all services where an inert gas is required and where non-explosive gas mixtures are preferable for safety reasons.

Well Testing Coil Services has developed and assembled special “bleed off” or “clean up” packages in addition to their coil tubing operations. For each individual operation a dedicated package will be composited by well services specialists. This results in a perfect adjustment of the clean-up equipment to alternating reservoir data with the warranty of absolute safety and transparency throughout the operations. The Coil Services dedicated packages does not distinguish themselves only by meeting the highest customer design specifications. Based on an accurate study of all relevant well data alternative solutions, when required, can be offered as an answer to questions with various complexity from the well engineers, considering environmental safety with high priority. The flexibility of design of individual items enables our specialist to think always in terms of the best possible solution for the customer while composing a clean-up package. Unique material details and easy handling of the equipment enables the operator to anticipate to the alternating actual practice in an accurate way. Coil Services clean-up packages are built in a modular way and can be easily surveyed on safety and efficiency prior and during the operations, even at detail level. National and international standards are met, safety at high level and with large margins. Unique is that well control under all conceivable conditions, while using these carefully and well thought composited packages, appears to be very cost effective.

Capillary Slickline Services & Radial Drilling Services The unique combination providing 3 services by use of only 1 unit shows the company’s innovative and cost controlling solutions to the every changing and demanding market providing sound solution opportunities to our customers with proven cost reductions to their actual OPEX cost. These units are capable or running Slickline services (wireline), capillary services as well gas lift services by use of a combination of 0,125” wire, the use of 0.25”, 0.375” for capillary strings & 0.5” capillary string for gas lift or Radial Drilling Services.

Slickline Services offers well maintenance, remediation, control and safety solutions including crane services: l

l l





Compact equipment is spread for easy and quick access to perform Slickline Operations Slickline Unit and workshop are placed on a low loader chassis. Trailer will be put in line with the wellhead and disconnected from the Crane truck Crane will be placed outside the Ex-Area around wellhead and risers will be rigged-up for the operation A foldable working platform will be taken by the Slickline crew for easy operator access to wellhead EX- lights are mounted in engine compartment and inside the Slickline Unit Unit is self-supporting and does not need electricity nor air to operate

What can Radial Drilling do for your well? l l l l l


With Jet Drilling, create extended lateral perforations. Penetration up to 100 meter with 50mm ID each. Controllable direction and proven performance. Field tested for over 350 wells. Increased reserves and enhanced production from existing wells. Fast operation with small footprint equipment.

How does it work? Rig or work over rig has to be on site to run a deflector shoe on drill pipe or tubing to the desired depth. ½” Capillary tubing is used to drill a hole in the Casing by running it to the desired depth and is used to bring the Jetting BHA down to jet the laterals. Jet Forces are calculated and Jet Nozzle designed for the operation based on Jetting Forces and Direction of acceleration. Slickline offers a complete range of borehole surveying services. These services are offered in conjunction with Radial Drilling or as a standalone service.

Coil Tubing & Slickline Services We Offer:

Common used Applications Coiled Tubing



l l






Equipment: Built to the latest and highest specifications Approved and accepted by major certifying bodies such as DNV Designed to be ergonomic and operator friendly That uses the latest communication & data acquisition software That is laid out with sympathy to the Environment With inbuilt Operator Failure preventing systems That incorporates enhanced rig-up solutions that save time, such as; l Depth and weight accuracy systems l Coil detector on riser possibilities l Drop in drum split lift reels l Mechanical pipe stabbing system l Hydraulic and self erecting support towers

l l l l l l

l l l

Common used Applications Stimulation l l l l l l

Coiled Tubing and Stimulation Services l






With enhanced well recovery or additional stimulation support Engineering teams readily available to support our Customer needs With job modelling and 'real time' pipe fatigue monitoring Incorporating job objectives and data and well profile engineering for optimum job design With 'full' data acquisition including well and operating parameters located in control cabin and customer office With live time data stream

Slick-line, Capillary, Radial Drilling and Flat-Pack Services l





With well services support, combined efforts for services in depleted formations Incorporating liquid loading (and unloading) and artificial lifting Incorporating Micro Coiled Tubing effectiveness for low budget fields That include reverse circulation possibilities without jeopardising well integrity With injection, gas lifting and tool application all possible during the same run

Well cleaning and Gas lifting Enhanced and Matrix Stimulation Production logging for production optimisation High pressure jetting and squeezing Plug setting for zonal isolation, water control Velocity and parasite production strings Perforation to open undrained production zone Cutting of tubing using abrasive cutting tools Ultra Heavy Duty Fishing Services Under Balanced Drilling


Pumping services Scale inhibition pumping Stimulation and cementing services Mud pumping / cuttings injection Support to all other service lines Subsea Well Intervention Well Engineering

We strive to offer YOU our customer l l l l l

Safe performance of our services Our commitment to deliver a Quality service Our Knowledge and Experience Our promise to Learn and always be flexible That we will apply Innovation and ultimately stay focussed on Performance

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statement The QHSE policy of Well Services BV, together with its subsidiary companies Coil Services, PNS and Slickline, is - within the framework of legal obligations and company regulations - aimed at providing services to the agreed requirements and specifications of its customers in the best possible way to assure continuous customer satisfaction. The management of Well Services BV hereby declares that with the preparation, development and execution of the general company policy, it has taken the following considerations with regard to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality assurance into account: l comply with all applicable laws and regulations l make available provisions necessary for setting up, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the management system l establish standards, in consultation with clients, suppliers and external specialists, with regard to safety and environmental requirements l assign (financial) resources and trained personnel for execution of procedures and verification activities such as internal and external audits l involve employees and inform them about the objectives and resources for health, safety, environmental and quality management l deal with and assess health, safety, environmental and quality issues on an equal footing with financial, economic, social, technical and commercial decisions l ensure a competent workforce l create a work environment in which we prevent personal injuries as well as material and environmental damage l make provisions to limit any damage to the environment in the event of accidents and incidents l ensure the safety of third parties l in consultation with specialists, provide suitable work for personnel returning to work after an accident or long-term absence l review the policy at least annually and adjust it as a result of internal and/or external developments whenever necessary Well Services group of companies is actively working towards OHSAS 18001, Achilles and FPAL accreditation. High environmental performance is delivered by developing, implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) that applies to services provided by its permanent offices to its pipeline testing activities. Well Services group of companies is proud to be accredited with ISO 9001 and see this as the minimum requirement, with the intention of exceeding all Quality Control Standards throughout every level and department.

we believe in quality services

Well Services Group

Wordwide services Head office Well Services Group: PNS Nitrogen Services B.V. Coil Services B.V. Slickline B.V.


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