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Third Quarter 2012-2013 A quarterly publication for the community, parents, students, and staff of Eveleth-Gilbert Public Schools.

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Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High Band Travels to Florida

The Eveleth-Gilbert High School Band recently traveled to Orlando, Florida in March. While in Orlando, the band was one of 85 groups who participated in Festival Disney, an adjudicated music contest, where they were awarded an Excellent rating. In addition to Festival Disney, the band took part in Disney’s Performing Arts “You’re Instrumental” workshop, where they got the opportunity to work with a professional Disney musician. During the workshop, students learned what it is like to be a professional musician, learned skills attitudes and priorities essential to musical excellence, and learned how music gets from the composer to the movie screen. Concluding the workshop was a recording session where the students recorded the music for a scene from ‘Aladdin’ and received a DVD of their performance. Other musical highlights during the trip were marching performances through Future World at Disney World’s Epcot, and through the main street of Universal Studios Florida. In addition to the performances, the band also had the opportunity to discover the parks at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, and swim in the ocean at Cocoa Beach. “The students behaved well, were respectful and on-time, and performed beautifully,” said Kevin Szumal, Band Director at Eveleth-Gilbert. “I’m extremely proud of the way that they represented themselves, their communities, and their school. We received compliments everywhere we went about how polite and respectful our students were.” Szumal added. The band travels every four years to give each student the opportunity to take part once during their high school career. The Florida tour is a tradition that has been a part of Eveleth-Gilbert’s band program for decades, and will continue to be in the future. See page 2 for additional photos.

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UPCOMING EVENTS April 19 State Speech Contest April 27 Prom April 30 School Readiness Spring Sing April 30 Band Concert May 1 Grade 5 LEC Trip May 2 Choir Concert May 6 Orchestra Concert May 10 Franklin Music Concert May 15 DARE Graduation Nelle Shean Music Concert Senior High Scholarship Awards May 17 Jr. High Awards Program May 23 Memorial Day Program May 24 Last Day for Seniors May 27 Memorial Day-No School May 28 Senior Class Trip May 29 Franklin Awards Ceremony May 30 Last day of Classes Nelle Shean Awards Program Graduation at 7:00 p.m.

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Senior High Band Florida Photos

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Boudreau Advances in Speech Competition Becky Boudreau, a senior at EvelethGilbert High School has advanced to the section 7A State Speech Competition to be held on April 20, 2013. This will be her second time competing in the state competition. Becky has been on the school speech team since seventh grade and has had the honor of being team captain since tenth grade.

Disney Performing Arts Workshop

When Becky is not involved in speech, one can find her participating in National Honor Society and helping out in the EGHS Drama Guild. This year, Becky has had the pleasure of bringing Grandma Kurnitz to life in the fall production of Lost in Yonkers, stage managing for the OneAct Play, Third and Oak: The Laundromat, and house managing and prop managing for EGHS Drama’s recent production, The History of America (Abridged) which was performed April 11-13 at the Boardman Auditorium. After graduation,, Becky is planning to study at the University of Minnesota. She will be majoring in Sociology of Law, Criminology and Deviance. Congratulations Becky. Good Luck at State!

Disneyworld Concert Performance

Stay Informed! Video broadcasts of the Eveleth-Gilbert Board of Education meetings are now available on our website

Enjoying some time at the beach.

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Board of Education Recognizes Students for Athletic Achievements At their regular meeting on April 9th, the Eveleth-Gilbert School Board recognized several students from the Senior High School for Athletic and Academic Achievement: Iron Range Conference All Conference Basketball-Charley Kennedy and Zach Wood, Iron Range Conference all Defensive Basketball-Austin Hujanen, All Arrowhead Conference Basketball- Charley Kennedy, Zach Wood and William Olson, All state Academic Award-Charley Kennedy, All Iron Range Conference Basketball-Megan Preiner, All Arrowhead Conference Honorable Mention-Megan Preiner, All State Academic Award Girls Basketball-Amy Terrio, Iron Range Conference All Conference Hockey-Brett Kivela, Iron Range Conference All Conference Hockey-Brett Kivela, Iron Range Conference All Conference Swimming-Jack Harvey and Matt Muhich, All State Academic Award Hockey-Heather Schilling.

Jack Harvey

Austin Hujanen

Charley Kennedy

Brett Kivela

Matt Muhich

William Olson

Megan Preiner

Heather Schilling

Amy Terrio

Zach Wood

Gritzmacher Named Finalist in Writing Contest Alec Gritzmacher, a sixth grader in Mr. Thompson’s class, was recently named a finalist in the B.J. Rolfzen Memorial Dylan Days Creative Writing Contest. Alec’s narrative, “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” was written about his relationship with his grandfather and will be published as an honorable mention in the literary review “Talkin’ Blues”.

Alec Gritzmacher

Dylan Days is an event celebrating the work of Bob Dylan and the arts and culture of his hometown . The winners of this writing contest will be invited to read their work at Dylan Days 2013 which will be held May 23-26 in Hibbing.

Alec is the son of English teacher, Jack Gritzmacher and former Eveleth-Gilbert School Board member, Kathryn Gritzmacher. Congratulations Alec!

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Nelle Shean Students Attend Inventor’s Fair Grade five and six students at Nelle Shean Elementary participated Earth Day Inventor’s Fair at the Iron Range Earth Fest which was held on April 6th at the Merritt Elementary School. The Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability hosts this annual Earth Fest in celebration of local traditions and practical resources for sustainable living on the Iron Range. Eveleth-Gilbert students competed with other Iron Range schools to come up with inventions that would lead to sustainable living. It was another successful year for our group of inventors! Zach Lindseth and Nick Beaudette came in third place with their Alime Clock which was “juiced” by limes instead of electricity. Reese Benda won the People’s Choice award for his GPS Arrows to help hunters track their deer. Mollie Albrecht and Liz Moe invented Alarm Buddies that keep out the snoring but wirelessly connect to an iPhone, so one never misses their alarm. A big thanks to Jim DeVries and Moe Benda for their help in guiding these inventors through the process.

Third Place Winners “Alime Clock” Zach Lindseth and Nick Beaudette

People’s Choice Winner “GPS Arrows” Reese Benda

Mollie Albrecht “Alarm Buddies” Not Pictured: Liz Moe

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Fourth Grade Experiences Laurentian Environmental Center This past winter, the four-4th grade classes at Franklin Elementary were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to visit the Laurentian Environmental Center at Arrowhead Lake near Britt, Minnesota. Many students had not visited the LEC before, and were not sure what to expect. Everyone was curious, yet very excited. Before the trip could be made, Mother Nature had to cooperate. The excursion had been scheduled and rescheduled three times before the weather was good enough to go. Some students started to believe that “well never get to go!” But finally, on a sunny day in March, the conditions were perfect for the outdoor adventure! Each student got to enjoy three different activities or “classes” that were instructed by the friendly staff at the Laurentian Environmental Center. One Activity was snowshoeing. It included a short lesson on how to size, put on, and properly use wooden woven snowshoes. Students then hiked throughout the woods, finding may different animal tracks, different plant life, and of course spending a lot of fourth grade energy! Many spent more time on their backs than on their feet, but the smiles were evidence enough of a fantastic time. Another activity the students participated in was cross country skiing. The instructor again taught students how to properly find the right size of shoe, the right size of ski, and more importantly, how to stay on your feet which was a difficult task once again. Skiing required the most energy and a lot of patience, which served as a good lesson in perseverance and determination. Students also had the opportunity to go ice fishing right on Arrowhead Lake, and they definitely looked forward to it. The staff at the LEC gave a quick and informative lesson on ice fishing. The instructor talked about being safe on the ice, choosing a good fishing spot, and most importantly, playing the waiting game. The students had a look of excitement on their faces as they hurriedly pulled in their fishing line, hand over hand, yelling frantically, in order to pull up a fish about the size of your thumb. Another class involved using GPS units to find hidden areas around the LEC. Geocaching is growing in popularity among those who love the outdoors and the integration of technology is a sure way to get younger generations involved. It is also an excellent way to incorporate lessons in navigation, coordinates, and map reading. By the end of the day, the 94 fourth graders and a handful of courageous adults were very tired, yet glad to have spent time learning in some of the most beautiful woods that Minnesota has to offer. It was energy well spent. The Laurentian Environmental Center is a facility that should not be taken for granted as it holds a wealth of knowledge and experience. It is a resource that every school should take advantage of year round.

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E-G Junior High Performs “Name of Shame Club” The Eveleth-Gilbert Junior High Play, Name of Shame Club, is a comedy directed by Sharyn Boudreau. Anna (whose real name is Lettice Spray), Barb Dwyer, Carrie Oakey, Les Plack, Paige Turner and Jed I. Knight have been selected at random to participate in a name study by Dr. Burr at Yale University. Carrie Oakey can’t stop singing the lyrics to popular songs, while Barb Dwyer can’t help getting under people’s skin. Les Plack’s mouth has no filter as he makes wisecracks punning everyone's names, especially “Let us pray”-Lettice Spray! Paige Turner has probably done nothing of the sort, except to make it through a “scary” Dr. Seuss book. Jed I. Knight uses his mind-control to convince Dr. Burr that he was not late. So what reasons did their parents give for subjecting them to such ridiculed names? The truth collapses into the clear as Dr. Tim Burr is revealed not to be from Yale at all, and the parents of the subjects all attended the same college. Dr. Burr had paid them to give their children these names. The jokes and puns about as the characters portray or parody the names they have been forced to live with. The Name of Shame Club was embraced with so much enthusiasm during the auditions that two different casts were created: Dr. Burrplayed by Brody Buatala and Chris Muster, Anna-played by Justine Jam and Morgan Schuchard, Barb-played by Jenna Kilpela and Autumn Jarvela, Carrie-played by Marjorie Thompson and Hannah Adams, Les was portrayed by Andrew Rask, and Paige was portrayed by Shaina Garman. Jed was played by Caleb Klander and Zach Dusek and the announcer was Anthony Dusek. Christian Moore, a very talented 8th grader, designed the t-shirt for Les and the show program. He also learned to do stage make-up. Stage managers included Kailee Grahek and Hannah Adams. Kailee also doubled as an announcer.

Upcoming District Assessment Dates April 23-25:

Grade 3 Reading Grade 4 Math Grade 5 Math April 30-May 2: Grade 6 Math Grade 7-8 Math Grade 10 Reading May 7-9: Grade 3 Math Grade 4 Reading May 14-16: Grade 5 Science Grade 8 Science Grade 10 Science

ATTENTION E-G JUNIOR HIGH! Reserve your copy of the 2012-2013 Junior High Yearbook. Order forms are available in the office and the cost is $25.00 Don’t miss out on the fun and memories!

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First Graders Present “The Knee High Man” The Knee-High Man, a short play from the first grade reading book, was performed at the Franklin Elementary by students in Ms. Jam’s class. Prior to the April show, students had to audition for the five character parts. They showed such great enthusiasm and talent that they were asked to do “call-backs!” Once the play was cast, actors “ran their lines” for days and days while other students teamed up to perform the tasks of set design, prop and costume creation, as well as layout and production of posters and programs. Actors included: Alec Troutwine as Sam the KneeHigh Man, Tucker Pasch as Jack, Conner Hermanson as Max Mule, Tate Jackson as Bob Bull and Alex Gunderson as Kate Owl. Also participating were: Props– Yasmin Alvarez, Eli Kehn, Kirsten Coy, PostersGavin Myers, Alexandra Flannigan, Matt Larsen, Costumes-Katlyn Coy, Dominic Haverkamp, Sulvoris Wallace. The cooperation and effort put forth by the students was incredible! Special thanks to Mrs. Leoni for all of her support with the preparations and a big shoutout to all who attended as this was the most exciting part for the students. It meant so much to them to see their friends, teachers, staff, and families come out to see the performance.

Kindergarten Round-Up Set Kindergarten Roundup at Eveleth-Gilbert Schools has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Call 218-744-7709 to register for one of the two scheduled informational sessions. Our Kindergarteners excel in our small class setting staffed by teachers who are committed to develop independence, decision-making, problem-solving and social skills in each child.

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Technology Integration at Eveleth-Gilbert

Raise Media Smart KidsFive Things Parents Can Do

At Eveleth-Gilbert Public Schools we are currently in our first year of a planned three-year technology integration and expansion project. This project is intended to transform our curriculum delivery to a model that is increasingly digital in nature—incorporating iPads, utilizing the cloud for assignment delivery and submission, doing real-time assessment—a model that is more reflective of the world our students live in now and will work in after graduation. Our district and our teachers have been using this year to prepare for the main phase—the 1:1 student iPad rollout scheduled to launch this fall!

Internet safety tips from

Sumdog Winners Announced


Set Limits On time and place, and choose age-appropriate TV, movies, music and games.


Make Rules Cell phones belong outside the classroom and away from the dinner table. If your kids wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, they shouldn’t text it either. And IM? Not during homework.


Discuss Safety Tell them what kid of photos, videos and information are okay to post online.


Be a Media Critic Teach your kids not to believe everything they see or hear online, in the movies, or on TV. Talk to them about media messages, what you agree with and what you don’t.


Join the Fun Watch, listen and play with your kids. Ask their opinions and embrace their world!

Megan Larsen, Natalie Fultz, Chloe Lessard, Avery Straughter

Elementary students participated in the Sumdog Northeast Minnesota Contest during Mrs. Wiegman's Computer Resource Class the week of February 1st through 7th along with seven other schools in our region. Nelle Shean Elementary was the Sumdog Daily winner on February 1st and the Franklin Elementary was the Sumdog Daily Winner on February 4th. Congratulations as well to Megan Larsen, Natalie Fultz, Chloe Lessard and Avery Straughter at the Nelle Shean and to Karli Yourczek at the Franklin for winning the Top 10 Students Award. Karli Yourczek

For more information about Sumdog math contests visit

Mrs. Johnson’s first graders had the opportunity practice using iPads during Computer Resource Class. Teachers have been integrating the iPads into their daily curriculum for hands-on learning.

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Now Accepting Enrollments for the 2013-2014 School Year!

Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High Grades 9-12 EVELETH-GILBERT SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL is a unique learning community. We are small enough that teachers are able to develop personal relationships with students, yet large enough to offer an impressive variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities! “Eveleth-Gilbert is like one big family.” - Taylor ‘The atmosphere (at EGHS) is awesome. The teachers make learning fun and all of the kids are super friendly. There’s nothing negative here.” - Heather “Eveleth—Gilbert’s staff is amazing. They really focus on the individual when needed and I can talk to them about anything.” Lyndsay Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High offers a wide variety of electives to prepare our students for graduation and beyond. Some of these electives include: Blogging and Reporting in the Digital Age, Cartoon Animation, Fashion and Interior Design, Personal Wellness, Videography and Broadcast Journalism, Psychology, Small Engines, Welding, Marketing, Child Development. Visit our website and view our 2013-2014 Course Catalog for a complete listing of electives. At Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High we are proud of the fact that we have college credit courses available to our students who have successfully passes a college placement test. CEP courses include: College Algebra/Trigonometry, Calculus, Forensics, Genetics, Chemistry, Physics, Human Biology, American Government, College Writing I and II, Nursing, Healthcare Technology, Medical Fields I and II, Introduction to Industrial Maintenance. Opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities are available to ALL students at Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High. Our students are encouraged to participate in one or more of the following: Speech, Drama, One-Act-Play, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Knowledge Bowl, Math Team, Close-up, Student Council, National Honor Society, Yearbook, Cheerleading & Poms, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Swimming, Track, Cross Country, Skiing, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling, Golf, Tennis, Soccer

The Gilbert Campus Grades 5-8 The GILBERT CAMPUS is home to the Nelle Shean Elementary and the Eveleth-Gilbert Junior High School. Our team of highly qualified teachers are dedicated to ongoing professional and curriculum development. Our mission is to develop students academically, physically, emotionally and socially, enabling them to realize their potential. Although we are one campus, we have separate Elementary and Junior High areas and provide Art and Science Lab facilities for our elementary students. Our students are offered a wide variety of electives and resources to prepare them for high school and beyond. Electives at Eveleth-Gilbert Junior High: BAND, ORCHESTRA, CHOIR, & GENERAL MUSIC, FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE & INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY, ART, COMPUTERS & SPEECH, MATH SKILL REMEDIATION. Resources at Nelle Shean Elementary: GRADES 5-6: Computer Skills, Physical Education, Music, Orchestra, Band, GRADE 6: Science Specialist, GRADE 5: Foreign Language, Swimming, DARE Opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities are available to ALL students at the Gilbert Campus. Our students are encouraged to participate in one or more of the following: GRADES 5-8: Fall Play, Spring Play, Knowledge Bowl, Spelling Bee, Student Council, Swimming, Chess Club, GRADES 6-8: Speech, Football, Tennis, Golf, Track & Field, Baseball, Softball, Cross Country, GRADES 7-8: Yearbook Volleyball, Basketball, Skiing

Franklin Elementary Grades K-4 At FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY we offer a friendly, nurturing, safe atmosphere with solid academics, a focus on character, and a push for excellence. Students are our primary focus and our qualified staff work diligently to create an optimal learning environment for all. Our goal is to actively work together to achieve success for all students. All students at Franklin Elementary receive instruction in the core curricular areas of Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. We integrate the use of technology in all classrooms and have iPads carts available in every grade. Students in Kindergarten through grade four also receive a wide variety of resource instruction on a weekly basis. This resource instruction includes: MEDIA INSTRUCTION, VOCAL MUSIC, PHYSICAL EDUCATION. SWIMMING (grades 3-4), COMPUTER and iPAD INSTRUCTION. Franklin Elementary offers an All-Day-Every-Day Kindergarten program. Our Kindergarteners excel in our small class setting staffed by teachers who are committed to develop independence, decision-making, problem-solving, and social skills in each child. Students enrolling in Kindergarten must be five (5) years of age on or before September 1, 2013, have received Early Childhood Screening.

ENROLLING AT EVELETH-GILBERT IS EASY! 1. Receive a registration packet by mail—call 218-744-7774 2. Receive a registration packet by email—contact 3. Download a registration packet from our website— 4. Use your device and scan to pre-register!

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Third Quarter Photo Spotlight

Casey Aro performs for Franklin students. This concert was funded through a grant received by the Eveleth Public Library

Senior High students learn about the Humvee made possible via the Army National Guard

Gilbert Campus Student Council members challenge staff to see if they are “Smarter than a 5th Grader”

UMD Voyageurs Theater presents bullying play to Kindergarten through fifth grade students

Back in the Day…….

Eveleth High School Speech Team circa 1938: M. Masucci, G. Ruud, M. Moline, E. Holmes, J. Eddy, D. Molander, A. Minelli, M. Usenik, B. Kaner, M. Martinson, W. Dorway

Independent School District 2154

Gilbert High School Speech Team circa 1928: A. Elson, W. Strathern, G. Culbert, M. Komatar

Eveleth-Gilbert Quarter Connections Newsletter 3rd Quarter  

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Eveleth-Gilbert Quarter Connections Newsletter 3rd Quarter  

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